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  1. Should WWE bring back Fully loaded?
  2. Is the reason Dolph Ziggler is not getting push because WWE didn't think he was a good World...
  3. Who agrees that Smackdown was better when it had it on roster?
  4. Is John Cena about to feud with Demon Kane again?
  5. Does this Betrayal Rank up there with Shawn Michaels and Marty Janetty?
  6. WWSE Main Event Week 1: Who do you want to win?
  7. Do You WANT Daniel Bryan To Wrestle At MITB .. !?
  8. who are your favorite WWE couple in WWE History?
  9. Is Seth Rollins in Evolution now or did he just leave the Shield?
  10. Total Nonstop Action: Will New York City, New York Taping live up to the hype?
  11. Which WWE Diva in WWE history slept her way to the top?
  12. what is wrong with tna?
  13. Who is the best WWE Mexican Wrestler of all time?
  14. WRESTLING : If you were to re-create the SHIELD.....which 3 superstars would you choose?
  15. When will Dean Ambrose betray Roman Reigns?
  16. Fans who want the Attitude Era back?
  17. When will TNA go out of business in 2014?
  18. What is your favorite Money In The Bank cash in moment?
  19. batista quit?
  20. Professional Wrestling Creative Corner: Write a Storyline/Angle for each of these current...
  21. why when i listen to frank sinatra i day dream & think happy thoughts & put happy mental pictures...
  22. highley unlikley but would you wanna see CM PUNK whoop on Triple H?
  23. The most applause Brie Bella ever got is when she told Stephanie McMahon that she quit. T or F?
  24. Would Stone Cold make a great RAW GM why or why not?
  25. Professional Wrestling: Why do people refuse to admit "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock had
  26. Do you guys agree that The Rock and Stone Cold were above the belt while guys like HHH...
  27. Who was more over with the crowd during Ruthless Aggression Era: Stacy Keibler or Trish Stratus?
  28. Did Stephanie Mcmahon admit he has a breast job?
  29. who's better: Tito Santana, Fernando, or Diego?
  30. Am I the only one that likes the old Hornswoggle more?
  31. Yes or no? Bad News Barret has the best gimmick in wrestling as of right now?
  32. On a scale of 1/10, what would rate Triple H's overall wrestling ability?
  33. Who would you rather join the shield?
  34. Is it just me or are IWC smart marks stupid?
  35. jeff the killer vs chucky?
  36. Would you buy this game if Damien was on it?
  37. WRESTLING : Which tag team do you think is the best currently in the wwe roster?
  38. Name 3 Top Underrated WWE Midcarder who you think could beat 3 top WWE Main eventers?
  39. WRESTLING : mean to tell me all this STING vs TAKER was all a host?
  40. Bo dallas or adam rose??? who is better?
  41. Wrestling section who is your favorite all time underrated wrestler?
  42. Why do people think John Cena fans should kill themselves?
  43. WRESTLING : Who was your first ever favorite DIVA when you became a fan of pro wresling in the
  44. If the Sheild add a new third member, who will it be?
  45. What just happened? No more Shield?
  46. I have a scenario. Tell me if you think its possible?
  47. Wrestling section True or False DB is a Chris Benoit Rip off?
  48. What is the big hype about Roman Reigns?
  49. wwe raw seats at America airlines area row 8 section 7 (floor) any good?
  50. Professional Wrestling: Is this what the IWC has come down to, obsessing over if Stephanie...
  51. Don't you guys think that people forgot how great he is?
  52. Who agrees that Chris Jericho is a much better Wrestler than overrated DB?
  53. Professional Wrestling: Is Daniel Bryan(Bryan Danielson) a poor version of Chris
  54. why were fans chanting you sold out to Seth Rollins?
  55. WRESTLING : Do any of you own's and plays PS3, I one day want to play some of you in WWE 12?
  56. Professional Wrestling: Why are Professional Wrestling Fans still acting like World
  57. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of Professional Wrestling Fans saying a company...
  58. Professional Wrestling: Name a non-Caucasianwho had Microphone Skills, In-Ring ability and...
  59. I predicted Seth leaving, your thoughts on Seth leaving?
  60. Wrestling: In your opinion, who has the best entrance music?
  61. WRESTLING : Which few wwe superstars of this generation can you name that would've been
  62. Why Black wrestlers will never be WWE champion?
  63. Are you as pissed off as I am about the shield, and how wwe screwed up again?
  64. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : There is nothing left for KANE in the wwe?
  65. Money In The Bank Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  66. Wrestling: So i missed the last 2 hours of Raw tonight...?
  67. When will AJ Lee return to take her Divas Title?
  68. What is John Cena's problem?
  69. WRESTLING : As of 2014....what are the top 3 most shocking moment in the wwe this year (SO FAR)?
  70. Did you see Luke Harper pulling his shirt down after one of the Uso's did a dive attack outside the
  71. What do you think of Michael Cole saying you told us that already and you laugh at your own...
  72. Did Rusev scare away the black superstars which is why none of them came?
  73. What do you think of JBL saying he and Ron Simmons used to run the Exotic Express and didn't
  74. What do you think of Alicia Fox thinking she was married to JBL?
  75. Were you surprised that Triple H didn't come out to defend his wife Stephanie McMahon
  76. Did Stephanie McMahon show restraint and respect by not firing Brie after she slapped
  77. Why isn't the crowd chanting "U suck" instead of "Uso" like they did at Payback?
  78. Professional Wrestling: Who Predicts Brittany will screw Madison Rayne joining The
  79. Did you find it funny that as soon as JBL saw Kane coming over to the Announcer's table he
  80. Did Stephanie McMahon had surgeries that put her back in action?
  81. Are TNA wrestlers more tough than WWE since WWE Superstars quit?
  82. Professional Wrestling: What do people find so attractive about Lana?
  83. Do you blame Seth Rollins for leaving The Shield since Triple H could make him big?
  84. WRESTLING : How do you expect the WYATTS to break up?
  85. What's next for the shield and evolution?
  86. Professional Wrestling: Do you think it's about time John Cena become the Corporate Puppet?
  87. Do you think Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins should tell Batista to join them?
  88. What are some good dream matches that you think WWE missed out on?
  89. WRESTLING : Did BATISTA quit officially.....or is this just part of the story?
  90. WRESTLING : DO you think SETH ROLLINS joining HHH was a real bad move for the wwe to do?
  91. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Cesaro, Bad News Barrett Vs Sheamus,RVD should
  92. Professional Wrestling: Which two Professional Wrestlers do people refuse to even fathom...
  93. Professional Wrestling: How many times do you think the cast of Law & Order practices
  94. Why did Rollins betray the Shield? Is he apart of Evolution?
  95. Pro Wrestling: Why do people get offended when John Cena 'Doesn't take his opponents
  96. Can Reigns and Ambrose recruit Batista into the Shield , to get even?
  97. Professional Wrestling: Who would win each of these Pure Technical Professional Wrestling...
  98. Is the WWE divas champ Paige single? Do I have a chance?
  99. Professional Wrestling: Should World Wrestling Entertainment use Friday Night Smackdown! as the
  100. Professional Wrestling: Should 'Somebody's Watching Me' from the Geico be World Wrestling...
  101. whos sick of cena always ruins promos?
  102. Professional Wrestling: When did every single loss become a burial in Professional Wrestling?
  103. Did you like Heel or Face Doink the Clown Better & BQ Will he be in the WWE HOF?
  104. Did Seth Rollins betray the Shield because he was sick of Roman needing help to do his Batista Bomb?
  105. How will Dean Ambrose get back at Seth Rollins on Raw next week?
  106. Could anyone find a footage of Stephanie McMahon using the pedigree for me?
  107. How shocked were you about Seth Rollins betrayal?
  108. Restart the WWE!!!?
  109. okay so After Delrio can anyone predict the other 7 of the bankers?
  110. What has changed between Daniel Bryan's two championship runs?
  111. Should the WWE drug test the creative team?
  112. Is anyone else close to tears watching Raw this week?
  113. Paige's next challenger? possible spoiler in question.?
  114. I don't understand whether or not wwe ( or any other proffesional wrestling) is staged or not?
  115. Name any current WWE Superstar that is more muscular than the Ultimate Warrior of the 80's?
  116. Now that The bella's are no longer a tag team . what will nikki do?
  117. So Vince pushed Seth instead of Roman cuz he's white?
  118. What would the story be like if Punk stayed in?
  119. So seth rollins has turned on the sheild?
  120. What do you think Seth Rollins will say regarding turning on The Shield and possibly joining
  121. How would you rate tonight's episode?
  122. Is Chris Benoit overrated?
  123. Do you think Bray Wyatt is burried?
  124. Who is the true Anti-Cena?
  125. is Jim Ross knocking down the current generation?
  126. why do the divas matches always get the deathslot?
  127. Christian and John Cena comparision?
  128. best and worst thing from WWE payback?
  129. End of a new another WWE PPV... and nothing new, nothing shocking.?
  130. Cody Rhodes And Goldust Story?
  131. When will WWE hire Less Hollywood Writers, More Wrestling Writers?
  132. will WWE Bring Back The Women?s Championship?
  133. is Alicia Fox back to irrelevance again?
  134. What was the order of elimination in the Shield Vs. Evolution match?
  135. are you tired of the Stephanie/Bryan angle?
  136. Wrestling section what is even the point of this lame party gimmick?
  137. Why does michael Cole and Jerry lawler not believe Cena is in 100% condition?
  138. Why do some people not like dirty wins?
  139. Should WWE call up Mason Ryan so he can Join Evolution?
  140. WRESTLING : Do you agree with me for the fact that golddust needs to cut out his current
  141. Professional Wrestling: Does World Wrestling Entertainment give the fans exactly what they want?
  142. Professional Wrestling: Is The lack of blood in World Wrestling Entertainment because of the...
  143. How much do you love your favourite wrestler. What does he/she mean to you?
  144. Where are they now?
  145. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1991?
  146. Did Brie Bella slap Stephanie so hard that Stephanie peed herself?
  147. Will WWE's financial bubble pop soon?
  148. who else thinks paige is not the same anymore??
  149. how hard did you laugh when you saw this last night?
  150. Professional Wrestling: How would turning John Cena Heel be a 'Major Success'?
  151. now that he is gone, will you miss Bluetista?
  152. WRESTLING : Don't you think both BO DALLS & BRAY WYATT have something in common?
  153. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1990?
  154. should Stephanie McMahon threaten to fire Nikki Bella if Bryan doesn't give up the title?
  155. Professional Wrestling: Why aren't there any direct Headshots or Blood in World Wrestling...
  156. Professional Wrestling: Why has the 'Super' Status became such a Big Thing?
  157. Was John Cena responsible for building up The Wyatts?
  158. WWE has no big time heels and future doesn't look good for one reason?
  159. Will Goldust win Money In The Bank?
  160. Was that the most predictable WWE PPV ever?
  161. WRESTLING : NOW...Is the CENA and BRAY WYATT crap finally over?
  162. who else hopes bryan is stripped of his title tonight?
  163. Can WWE Fans Shut The Hell Up Now About Triple H Burying People .. !?
  164. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else glad Professional Wrestling doesn't take the Internet...
  165. what was your reaction when Steph mentioned CM Punk?
  166. John Cena wins again?
  167. Am I the only one who still has hopes on Bray Wyatt?
  168. Has anyone else noticed that Roman Reigns is really starting to be outshone by Seth Rollins?
  169. Why can't John Cena fans understand that we don't like him?
  170. Daniel Bryan's Push?
  171. Who else thinks the Chicago crowd ruined the PPV?
  172. Who do you think is the best member of The Shield?
  173. Will Paige turn?
  174. wrestling question?
  175. WS: Rate Bray Wyatt on 10?
  176. Total Nonstop Action: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Samoa Joe Vs Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, MVP?
  177. TNA: What do you think about Bobby Lashley, Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III, Kenny King, MVP
  178. Total Nonstop Action: Who do you want to see GO THROUGH A TABLE!?
  179. Why Are NXT Announcers Better Than Raw and Smackdowns?
  180. Was it very disrespectful of MVP to pin Davey Richards with just one finger?
  181. Cruiserweight Title?
  182. Kofi Kingston, can he step up?
  183. What do you think of Madison Rayne saying it took her years to figure out people like The...
  184. Your thoughts on NXT tag champs the Ascension?
  185. Adrian Neville needed on main roster?
  186. Professional Wrestling: Who else is a Lemon and doesn't like Adam Rose?
  187. Did you think The Wolves and Austin Aries Wouldn't had spot Rockstar Spud in that turquoise suit?
  188. What do you think of Ethan Carter 3 crying when Rockstar Spud got put through a table?
  189. Professional Wrestling: Whose running World Wrestling Entertainment better Vince McMahon or Triple
  190. Did Charlie Haas compete in college? Or just Shelton Benjamin?
  191. Professional Wrestling: Is World Wrestling Entertainment Professional Wrestling Legend...
  192. Professional Wrestling: Did you know Zack Ryder is better then Total Nonstop Action's entire...
  193. Professional Wrestling: Chris Kanyon Vs Darren Young Vs Orlando Jordan Vs Pat Patterson?
  194. Professional Wrestling: Should World Wrestling Entertainment bank on a risk and give David
  195. What do you think about the return of Somoa Joe?
  196. Professional Wrestling: What are your thoughts on Ric Flair's retirement?
  197. What do you guys think of me as a user on in the WS & could i be better?
  198. does anyone else like Jack Swagger & Bad News Barrett?
  199. Rate these promotions in order of preference and why?
  200. Do you like the Wrestling Movie from 2000 Ready to Rumble?
  201. Professional Wrestling: Why do people act like Kofi Kingston is being 'Held back'?
  202. When does Wrestlemania 31 tickets go on sale?
  203. is what just happened on impact between Brittney and Madison like a remake of Micky james and...
  204. Who agrees that Booker T is better than Triple H?
  205. Total Nonstop Action: Bully Ray, Eric Young, Samoa Joe Vs Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, MVP?
  206. Total Nonstop Action: What do you think about Angelina Love, Brittany, Madision rayne and...
  207. TNA: What do you think about Bobby Lashley, Dixie Carter, Ethan Carter III, Kenny King, MVP
  208. Total Nonstop Action: What is your opinion on The Menagerie?
  209. Total Nonstop Action: Who else see John Cena Vs Bray Wyatt in Magnus Vs Bram?
  210. Professional Wrestling: Is Total Nonstop Action banking on to many surprise appearances?
  211. Professional Wrestling: Is Total Nonstop Action banking on to many surprise appearances?
  212. Total Nonstop Action: Who do you want to see GO THROUGH A TABLE!?
  213. What is your favourite WWE theme?
  214. what would your reaction be if wwe finds some else that eats worms?
  215. Professional Wrestling: Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista Vs MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Lashley Vs Hulk
  216. When Shawn Michals will come back for make a participation in RAW or Smackdown?
  217. How to prepare for a wrestling meet?
  218. top 5 misused wwe superstars?
  219. Could you see Big E Langston as WWE Champion in the Future?
  220. While in WWE, who had the larger "pop" Trish Stratus or Lita?
  221. Who is better wrestlerKurt Angle Bray Wyatt,DB or Roman reigns?
  222. Professional Wrestling: Why do people act like there was nothing like Hornswoggle or...
  223. Do you believe Bray Wyatt will still be Ok in WWE regard less of the result come Sunday?
  224. What wrestler has the biggest streak in history of WWE or other league pro wrestling?
  225. WS: Pick one RAW General Manager out of these options?
  226. Do you remember Mr. T and Jesse Ventura in WWE or other league pro wrestling?
  227. Who is really better to you Steve Austin or Kane?
  228. Who is the "real american"? who would win in an all american brawl?
  229. Will Big E Langston be the frist one to beat Alexander Rusev?
  230. Who Has More Followers, The Wyatt Family Or The Shield .. !?
  231. Wrestling Hollywood Hogan vs Steve austin?
  232. Why must Triple H make almost every countdown show on WWE NETWORK?
  233. Who is better in your opinion?
  234. what is the best thing going in WWE right now?
  235. Professional Wrestling: Did you even realize Darren Young tore his ACL in his left knee
  236. Professional Wrestling: Why can't Professional Wrestling fans accept that there comes a
  237. Was the Kliqs MSG curtain call at a Monday Night Raw or PPV? Why is the only footage on a...
  238. Professional Wrestling: Who would you want to see as General Manager for Monday Night RAW! out...
  239. Professional Wrestling: Kofi Kingston Vs Zack Ryder Vs JTG for World Wrestling Entertainment's
  240. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment's Adam Rose Vs Total Nonstop Action's...
  241. Why there aren't any good factions in Pro Wrestling?
  242. Why there aren't any good factions in Pro Wrestling?
  243. WS: Do you think The Shield will re-unite many years later, just like Evolution did?
  244. Rumors have that Goldberg is coming back to WWE who do you want to see him feud with?
  245. Does wwe make any sense nowadays?
  246. How long do you think Rusev will go undefeated?
  247. Who will be WWE Brock lesnar next Opponent?
  248. Professional Wrestling: What is this myth that Booker T. was 'Buried' once coming to World...
  249. Professional Wrestling: Was most of The Attitude Era aimed at Casual Fans?
  250. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about #NXTTakeover and #WWENetwork being top
  251. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Monday Night RAW! only pulling in a 2.64...
  252. So Hornswoggles getting the biggest push of his career (hard work and time pays off)?
  253. Do the fans like Bo Dallas so far? Is his gimmick good? Or will he be released?
  254. Professional Wrestling: Bruno Sammartino Vs Hulk Hogan Vs Bret Hart Vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Vs
  255. is undertaker done w/ wwe now?
  256. Does anyone get annoyed how new comer Wrestlers win matches and then suddenly become jobbers?
  257. Should Stone Cold Become the Next General Manager of Monday Night Raw?
  258. Star Wars tattoo ideas?
  259. Who do you think would win Mark Henry,R truth and Big E vs MVP,Kenny King and Bobby Lashley?
  260. Summerslam custom match card please rate?
  261. Do You Remember when almost every PPV seemed important?
  262. Will Giant Gonzalez be indcuted in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  263. Would Mark Henry,Big E and R truth be a good heel faction?
  264. WRESTLING : Whats the best FACE vs FACE match that you've ever seen?
  265. reports say WWE is Considering Three Huge Main Events for SummerSlam?
  266. Wrestling why didn't HHH want to put booker T over?
  267. Storylines Where the Bad Guy Wins?
  268. WRESTLING : Who do you consider as a better skilled wrestler, performer in the ring between :...
  269. Do you like this custom match card for Money In The Bank?
  270. When Brock Lesnar and Undertaker will come back to RAW or Smackdown?
  271. would the Bully Ray gimmick had worked in WWE?
  272. guess my 3 favorite wrestlers: first correct answer gets 10 points?
  273. who played the politics more?
  274. Who's most ready for the main event?
  275. true or false: Raw Has Been Below Average In May?
  276. What are the chances TNA's Taped shows in New York City will be as successful as they hype with how
  277. Professional Wrestling: What is wrong with World Wrestling Entertainment's Tag-Team Scene?
  278. Wrestling section why do some people think HHH have never juiced?
  279. Professional Wrestling: Is 350 Million Dollars that much for a Professional Wrestling
  280. WWE Fans: Are you a Boliever or a Rosebud?
  281. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Total Nonstop Action's Samuel Shaw?
  282. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Total Nonstop Action's 'Cowboy' James Storm?
  283. Who do you want to win each match at Payback?
  284. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about World Wrestling Entertainment's Adam Rose?
  285. Vince McMahon and Randy Savage?
  286. When did you start watching professional wrestling?
  287. WS: Does this idea sound great or terrible?
  288. What are your thoughts on (Bret the Hitman Hart) saying HHH has is a good wrestler but he is not
  289. Professional Wrestling: Whose excited The BroMans will be in Action this Thursday on
  290. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it Hysterical how people at the top suddenly have to have juiced
  291. Professional Wrestling: Whose one jobber in World Wrestling Entertainment you've never bought
  292. Do you think Triple h vs Stone Cold will happen at WM31?
  293. Professional Wrestling: Why do these World Wrestling Entertainment Professional
  294. Professional Wrestling: Was Bret 'Hitman' Hart truly 'The Best There Is, The Best There
  295. Professional Wrestling: Are Managers truly 'Dead' in Professional Wrestling?
  296. WRESTLING : Tell me something....who do you think is the #1 best GM ever for raw or smack down?
  297. What is the average price for a ticket to see a WWE event?
  298. True or False Bret hart is a jerk and is full of himself?
  299. True or False the WWE Network is a fail?
  300. Who would you like to see Rusev Feud with?
  301. Wrestling section other than Big E being big what is the big deal about him?
  302. who is your all time fav mid carder?
  303. Who was better in Ring Performer?
  304. What current Wrestler Has Evolved the Most?
  305. Can you please rank these 10 best to worst based on how well they talk on the mic as a
  306. What's the difference between Ryback, Big E, and Rusev?
  307. This has to be one of the most unintentionally funny moment in WWE history?
  308. WRESTLING : GUY'S....SERIOUSLY, What must I do to be part of the wwe creative team?
  309. How did WWF afford to pay Mike Tyson when they couldn't afford Bret Hart?
  310. Professional Wrestling: bobby Lashley Vs Bill Goldberg?
  311. WCW was better than WWE?
  312. WRESTLING : Which top 3 WWE superstars would you love to meet and hang with?
  313. Will WWE keep trying with Big E or is he going to fade away?
  314. if you took today's in ring wrestling and the attitude eras storylines would you have the...
  315. Things you hated about the Attitude Era?
  316. WRESTLING Imagine the prime ULTIMATE WARRIOR debuting on you think the character would...
  317. Things you hated about ECW?
  318. who else is tired of daniel bryan?
  319. Professional Wrestling: What was or is so special about 'The Icon' Sting, specifically...
  320. I don't believe WCW's last days was all bad?
  321. who are your top five wwf wrestlers?
  322. WWE Evolution Stable?
  323. Things You Hated or Hate About WWE?
  324. Things You Hated About WCW?
  325. Professional Wrestling: Does anyone actually recall the build up to the Vince McMahon's...
  326. one word to describe Cena/Wyatt feud?
  327. Damien Sandow Vs Zack Ryder for Jobber Championship.Who would win?
  328. Professional Wrestling: Rico Vs Fandango?
  329. Professional Wrestling: So. Total Nonstop Action isn't even hyping matches this week, just MVP,...
  330. Professional Wrestling: Is Judy Bagwell on a Pole Match in World Championship Wrestling the best...
  331. professional Wrestling: True Or False: World Championship Wrestling's War Games was
  332. Its official Drew McIntyre has been buried to the Earths core?
  333. Thoughts about WWF Attitude era and WWE today?
  334. How Cringeworthy Was That Match Between Drew McIntyre And El Torito .. !?
  335. Professional Wrestling: So, Why the hell aren't Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins in the
  336. Who would benefit from having Ric Flair as a manager the most?
  337. Who is the best female heel in WWE history?
  338. are there any current WWE performers that remind of older pro wrestlers?
  339. List the top 10 best divas on the roster(current only)?
  340. Is Triple H going to fire that pen for botching against Dean Ambrose?
  341. WRESTLING : Do you accept how the wwe is pushing BRYAN?
  342. Professional Wrestling: What would the purpose be to 'Put Over' The Usos?
  343. WRESTLING : Does it even matter to you wether a superstar OVER or UNDERRATED?
  344. Best thing from Raw and Worst thing from Raw?
  345. Will you be annoyed if Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get eliminated first and Roman Reigns...
  346. Does Amateur Wrestling Background, Combat Sports Skills Training, Olympic Training, Ect actually...
  347. Professional Wrestling: How many people do The Snapmare Drive/Headlock Driver as their
  348. Who is better and Why?! (Undertaker or Kane?!)(HBK or HHH?!)?
  349. Who are your top 5 WCW wrestler's?
  350. Do you agree that Goldust is underated?
  351. Why does WWE have fake contract signings?
  352. Professional Wrestling: Do you give credit to Randy Orton for making 'Out of Nowhere'
  353. Pro Wrestling: What was the entire point of 'The Big Red Machine' Kane putting on his mask if...
  354. Professional Wrestling: Why do people get behind Alicia Fox?
  355. Professional Wrestling: 'Nobody touches my lemon' Why doesn't World Wrestling...
  356. Professional Wrestling: Why doesn't WWE Realize Los Matador w/ El Torito is a failed early
  357. Professional Wrestling: I don't Bolieve Bo Dallas has a gimmick?
  358. whos is that girl form that guy from bulgira whats her name?
  359. do you remember the old days when matches lasted longer than 2 minutes.?
  360. So they released Brad Maddoxx from the GM area?
  361. Professional Wrestling: Rank these WWE Professional Wrestler by Marketability, In-Ring,...
  362. What's a comic gimmick in WWE, examples?
  363. Professional Wrestling: Why do people still claim Jeff Hardy is simple a 'Spot Monkey'?
  364. Anyone on here actually a fan of Eva Marie?
  365. What should be the Payback pre-show match?
  366. Why is this section full of bullies?
  367. would it be cool to see Paige on Total Divas?
  368. what would have been your reaction if Summer Rae kissed Layla?
  369. Who would you say is the most hated wrestler ever?
  370. Would you wanna see a Kane vs Brock Lesnar Fued & Kane Get Retribution for taker?
  371. What the best match "I quit" in WWE or other league pro wrestling?
  372. would you agree with this wwe theory?
  373. Is it true Dean Ambrose grew up on the streets with a prostitute mother?
  374. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Survivor Series 2006?
  375. Do you think people are too hard on Triple H?
  376. Who is your favorite Wrestler who names start with a M?
  377. Should WWE do a tournament that ends in a Fatal Four Way Ladder Match at Money In The Bank for
  378. Wrestling Section: How do you guys rate me as a user?
  379. How was life before you started watching fake wrestling?
  380. Is Dwayne Johnson and Rikishi related in real life or just in WWE?
  381. When is The Rock gonna be full-time again?
  382. What do you think of Daniel Bryan saying it's Brie's wedding not their's?
  383. Do you think Natalya was jealous that Summer Rae was the first diva to be featured in a WWE
  384. Is Daniel Bryan's beard what he is known for to the WWE Universe?
  385. Do you think the real reason Summer Rae didn't go to Brie's wedding was because she was going to...
  386. What do you think of Daniel Bryan saying Brie Bella is looking at wedding porn?
  387. who is the 2nd in command of 3MB?
  388. WWE fan, i need help?
  389. Should WWE start a storyline about wrestlers who feel they are held back?
  390. True or False WWE and WCW are the two best wrestling promotions ever?
  391. Who are your top 50 Wrestlers?
  392. HBK vs DB vs Cesaro vs Undertaker in a Ladder match?
  393. Undertaker or Kane, who's better?
  394. Professional Wrestling: Don't you think its hysterical when people claim all these
  395. Why is Cena hanging out with the Usos?
  396. Professional Wrestling: What is the appeal of 'The Boom Squad General' Kofi Kingston?
  397. Professional Wrestling: When will World Wrestling Entertainment team up with Google to
  398. Professional Wrestling: What Evidence is there that supports people's claims of 'Professional...
  399. Are you a lemon or a rosebud?
  400. Who believes in the shield?
  401. Is every ppv going to be on the wwe network?
  402. Why do some Lemons think that the Adam Rose gimmick is not good?
  403. Who are the 5 hottest divas to you? Put them in order?
  404. WRESTLING : Did you know that big E Langston is stronger than lesnar?
  405. Crazy idea for a new Evan Bourne gimmick, what do you think?
  406. Do you agree that WWE has too many lemons in the audience?
  407. Professional Wrestling: Why do people like 'Long Island Iced-Z' Zack Ryder?
  408. Which divas would you fap to?
  409. If Jeff Hardy ever returned to the WWE, what would you like to see him doing?
  410. What match are you most looking forward to watch at NXT Takeover?
  411. Imagine you're in WWE as a wrestler, and you can choose any Diva to be your manager, who would...
  412. Does WWE know how to use their older talents?
  413. What are some major changes you want to see in WWE 2K15?
  414. Agree or Disagree,Wrestling Section? Jacqueline was a better wrestler than Trish Stratus?
  415. what hot thing has aj lee done in the last two months?
  416. Do you agree that Kane is the best wrestler to never win the WWE title?
  417. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Survivor Series 2005?
  418. WWE Who's better:?
  419. Should WWE create a tournament to decide a temporary WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  420. does it show Owen Hart dying on the WWE Network?
  421. Wrestling section for people who claim WWE don't steal gimmicks or storylines?
  422. Do some people complain to much about Batista?
  423. Wrestling section why did WWE Hype up Hulk Hogan so much just for him to come to the
  424. What do you think is next for Kane if he dosen't become the next WWE HeavyWeight Champion?
  425. Would you say Sid Vicious was better in WWF or WCW?
  426. Wrestling section Alberto Del Rio or DB?
  427. is Batista staying or leaving WWE for a while?
  428. do you think Evolution will win since Batista didn't want to job to Daniel Bryan?
  429. Do you like Bo Dallas's gimmick?
  430. Do you like WSM Mark Henry or Sexual Chocolate better?
  431. Can Cena make a rap right off the top of his head?
  432. When will Chris Jericho return to WWE AND when do you'll think he will return?
  433. Am I a true wrestling fan?
  434. If Stone Cold was in wrestling shape & no past injuries would you wanna see Austin vs Rock 1
  435. What was Goldberg's best ever match?
  436. AJ Styles makes his WWE Debut. What do you think about this video?
  437. What the best wrestlers (men and women) never worked in WWE?
  438. What if... Sthepanie McMahon cheat HHH?
  439. Does anybody know what Bray Wyatt was even saying last night on Smackdown?
  440. WS: Do you think these wrestlers could pull off a Face/Heel turn?
  441. Why do people on here say John Cena is underrated?
  442. Which wrestler is the most arousing for you in the WWE?
  443. Whys Batista the only evolution member wrestling singles matches on Raw and Smackdown?
  444. Which wrestler now a days is overrated?
  445. Was that guy in a straitjacket behind the penguin Samuel Shaw?
  446. So why are the USOS even being pushed as they are overrated?
  447. Do you think Dolph Ziggler now knows Batista isn't the weak link?
  448. What is the best titan-tron in wrestling history?
  449. Fantasy jello wrestling match: Richard Simmons VS Rosie O'Donnell, who wins?
  450. does Paul Heyman look like Tony Soprano?
  451. Wrestling section Cesaro or Roman Reigns and which is more overrated?
  452. Is Michael Cole a grumpy old man who doesn't think young kids paid their dues?
  453. Do you think Vickie Guerreo is a rosebud or a lemon?
  454. what is all tna wrestlers numbers?
  455. Was Summer Rae a good referee in the Divas match?
  456. should WWE just do away with the womens division?
  457. When will the Divas who matter start getting more airtime than the Total Divas, like Paige and AJ...
  458. WRESTLING : Which finisher do you find more effective : NEUTRALIZER vs BIG ENDING?
  459. Disgruntled WWE stars faction?
  460. Do you think John Cena should become a rosebud?
  461. Is the term "Submition" only used in MMA or can it also be used in regular wrestling?
  462. Stone Cold is the Man,The Icon do you miss watching him wrestle & cut promos?
  463. Who's More Iconic & Why Stone Cold or Undertaker?
  464. Wrestling section are the policemans and the paramedics who appear on WWE and TNA real
  465. WRESTLING : IYO...Do you think CESARO really needs paul heyman by his side?
  466. What would be your reaction if Batista was awarded the WWE World heavyweight Championship?
  467. What do you think of JBL saying The Divas pretend to like each other like JBL pretends to...
  468. who thinks rockstar spud is funnny?
  469. WRESTLING : Since its a MEMORIAL weekend....whats your throwback match that brings you memories?
  470. Smackdown : Whatcha goonaaa dooo Brother?
  471. why has WWE ruined any career Adam Rose could have had?
  472. The diva match was joke, how r they better?
  473. Have you been a fan of wrestler that you first hated?
  474. WS: Did you like Team Hell No?
  475. does Bo Dallas know he has stupid intro music & that he looks & sounds like a clean
  476. Why Do Hot Tags In WWE Only Work For The Baby Faces .. !?
  477. WRESTLING : Why is it that everytime a superstar debut....they have to win?
  478. John Cena Is Going To DEFEAT Bray Wyatt At WWE Payback .. !?
  479. Can Adam rose finally wrestle?!!!!?
  480. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE.....The WYATTS joining forces with KANE would be a perfect chemistry?
  481. Besides John Cena, what is one wrestler that people rate as "overrated"?
  482. Would You Rather Be A John Cena Fan Or Stop Watching WWE .. !?
  483. should The Rock have a match with Roman Reigns and put him over?
  484. Do you think a John Cena vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Feud would have be worth watching?
  485. WS: Do you think we'll ever see the return of the Cruserweight Championship?
  486. How many WS Users out there say Bray Wyatt has the most entertaining gimmick in WWE currently?
  487. WRESTLING : Can you rap.....lets see who can diss JOHN CENA with some poetic rhymes?
  488. Do you miss this John Cena?
  489. Triple H or Daniel Bryan?
  490. Most useless WWE diva of all time?
  491. Does Anyone Else Think The Uso's Are Annoying .. !?
  492. Was goldberg overrated in WWE?
  493. What are your 5 favorite gimmicks in the WWE at the moment?
  494. I'm not impress with bray wyatt, he's boring like cena. Anyone else?
  495. What do you think of JBL's advice to Heath Slater after losing to El Torito?
  496. If The Rhodes brothers were more bizarre would they be in Adam Rose's express?
  497. Would you had liked Heath Slater to throw the red towel to Michael Cole so El Torito would had gone
  498. Wha do you think of Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the baby that was born are Bo-liever?
  499. WRESTLING : Would TNA be a better place with CENA as their champion (WHAT IF)?
  500. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of Jeff Hardy's Alter Ego Willow O'The Wisp?