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  1. do you agree that Ryback is the best heel of the past decade and his promos generate A Lot of Heat?
  2. The wwe universe makes smackdown pathetic?
  3. Is Randy orton now hearing voices in his head?
  4. If John cena is superman is ryback doomsday?
  6. Do you think turning Layla heel was a smart move?
  7. Is WWE2K14 Coming to PC ?
  8. Why shouldn't Chris Benoit's ever be mentioned in wrestling ever again?
  9. Wwe realiy era........?
  10. Is sable brock lesnar wife?
  11. Who didn't see that coming???????
  12. Which Current WWE Diva has the most beautiful Smile?
  13. R.I.P WWE 1952-2008. who agrees?
  14. Whta happened with brooke hogan and bully ray backstage ?
  15. What do they do during commercial when....?
  16. Vicki is Alberto's Mamacita?
  17. Was tonight the first time you heard Sin Cara speak?
  18. Randy Orton could have a chance to win both titles?!?
  19. What would be the best wrestling finisher ?
  20. Do you think it was fair for John Cena to pick his Summerslam opponent...?
  21. Who do you prefer: The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar?
  22. Wrestling: Why does Bray Wyatt remind me of Mick Foley?
  23. I hereby declare Monday as Seņor Booker Appreciation Day!?
  24. Whats your guys opinion on this latest WWE 2K14 announcement?
  25. How is my review of raw 7/29/13?
  26. Should we throw a surprise party for Seņor Booker on Y!A on Monday?
  27. Does TNADixie realize that TNA is a wrestling company, not an MMA organization?
  28. The best looking muscular body for a wrestler?
  29. Who is the Michael Jordan of the WWE?
  30. How come no one uses the Indian dead lock anymore?
  31. Fondango VS The Sheild in a handycap match. WWE?
  32. Who would win in a fight? A shed and a lawn mower or a tree house and a tire swing?
  33. Who would win in a fight? An air conditioner or a boombox?
  34. Who has what is takes to replace cena as face of wwe?
  35. Who was the Tag Team Champions in your opinion?
  36. What is your favorite Wrestlemana?
  37. Who was the Tag Team Champions in your opinion?
  38. Do you ever copy Vince McMahon's walk?
  39. Does ODB have legs like tree-trunks?
  40. Were you surprised at how worried and scared everyone in the ring and Aces and Eights reacted
  41. Do you think any TNA Knockouts saw Total Divas?
  42. Which current/former MMA fighter is the best right now: Tito Ortiz, Rampage Jackson, or...
  43. If Taz feels like he is in the African heat, why doesn't he take off his leather jacket?
  44. If you were a TNA wrestler, would you want to carry TNA for the next decade?
  45. Did Mr. Anderson have the best response to Tito Ortiz joining TNA?
  46. Since a laptop was in the limo, were the August 1 warnings for the Raw Ananymous Raw GM?
  47. Did you know ODB played Ice Hockey in Minnesota?
  48. Does Jay-Z have anything on R-Truth's rap skills?
  49. What do you think of Tito Ortiz joining TNA?
  50. Which Knockout would you want to go Back To School with?
  51. Designing My Wrestling Costume?
  52. Do you feel sorry for Taz looking like an idiot standing outside with African heat?
  53. After studying the TNA August 1 warnings nonstop for 2 consecutive days, I think the videos are
  54. Does AJ Lee never have to go on vacation because she's always on an ego trip?
  55. In the wrestling industry is Hernandez the strongest?
  56. What do you think about Eric Young having his plate full with Joseph Park?
  57. Which clubhouse would you rather visit Aces And Eights or Main Event Mafia's?
  58. Rate my WrestleMania XXX Card?
  59. Why did Hulk Hogan tell the security not to let Taz in the arena?
  60. What was Main Event Mafia's deal for Aces and 8s last night?
  61. Who are your top 3 favorite WWE divas?
  62. What is your favorite Rivalrie of all time?
  63. Best wwe diva of the PG era?
  64. Why has TNA failed to really take off? + DCW sign ups?
  65. Its ok for wwe to do it but not tna?
  66. Who was/is the best tweener in wrestling?
  67. TNA-Was anyone else disappointed?
  68. Is Joseph parks going to win bound for glory?
  69. Don't you think Kaitlyn is over-rated & This is getting more rediculous week by week + more ?
  70. WWE 2K14: The Phenom Edition?
  71. Who do u respect more: HBK or Undertaker?
  72. who are the main faces and heels in wwe today?
  73. How good is RoH and where can I watch it?
  74. Does the Ruthless Aggression Era ended in 2005 or 2008?
  75. WWE 13 Purchase Help?
  76. Wwe models(divas) vs tnas mma stars?
  77. Do you think that "Total Divas" would hurt or help the careers of some of the wrestlers?
  78. why did the WWE pick such a retarded song for Summerslam this year?
  79. Is wwe leaving the PG era?
  80. WWE new PPV BattleGround!?
  81. Does Mr. McMahon really care about the wwe fans?
  82. How to get into the WWE?
  83. What does NXT stand for? Does it mean something?
  84. POLL: WWE or TNA and why? 10 pts?
  85. Is it true that the wrestling legend ryback beat Goldbotch at WCW?
  86. I would be a great storywriter for wwe?
  87. Will sponge.-bobbb be the wwe champion at survivor series?
  88. Who wishes wwe would stop having events on pay-per-view?
  89. TLC Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  90. Survivor Series Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  91. WWE 2K14- They should make "ShowStopper's Edition"?
  92. I have a question about TNA?
  93. is John Cena the new face of WWE?
  94. What is the best stable in the world currently?
  95. How many times has a wrestler been attacked by fans and didn't make the news?
  96. What happen to everyone in the wrestling section?
  97. Hell In A Cell Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  98. Do you think D.O.C aka Luke Gallows will go to WWE now that he got fired?
  99. Should I Be A WWE Diva Or Just Give Up?
  100. Are John Cena and Nikki Bella like "The Notebook"?
  101. Should Nikki Bella have had a conversation with John Cena about marriage after he's already been
  102. Total divas couples (wwe)?
  103. If you had to choose either Josh Matthews or Hornswoggle as your opponent for Summerslam, who
  104. Does Jay-Z have anything on R-Truth's rap skills?
  105. why cant i get a six pac WHY!!!!?
  106. HELP! I need ideas for a sign to support John Cena on Raw?
  107. Who was the closest to end the undertaker streak?
  108. Do you think Sheamus should have put more points into his Charisma skill in fallout 3?
  109. Wrestler theme stings that get you the most hyped up. (BQ)?
  110. is CM Punk the Best In The World?
  111. Are you a fan of martial arts?
  112. What would happen if WWE hired Delirious?
  113. Who are the top 5 best female wrestlers in WWE history?
  114. WRESTLING : So far, what do you think is the most shocking moment of 2013 in the WWE?
  115. If Eddie Guerrero Were Alive Today?
  116. Why are brad maddox clothes so tight?
  117. will old WWE wrestlers EVER be coming back?
  118. What are some good moves for high school wrestling?
  119. is WWE becoming boring?
  120. Why doesn't anybody want Sheamus to be WWE Champion?
  121. What is the professional diet for a wwe wrestler?
  122. Did you ever notice that Ryback's muscles look inflated?
  123. Improperly used wrestlers tournament?
  124. How much is wwe classics on demand?
  125. How much is wwe classics on demand?
  126. Will WWE ever go back to PG-13 or will I stay at PG?
  127. Improperly used wrestlers part 2?
  128. Night Of Champions Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  129. was floyd mayweather actually suppose to hit big show?
  130. when is the undertaker?
  131. Your thoughts on Cameron's boyfriend wanting to fight Brodus Clay?
  132. Should cm punk be in the divas division?
  133. List these wrestler theme songs from best to least?
  134. Are tna's one night only pay-per-views worth watching?
  135. Who do you think is behind the August 1st warning?
  136. Why can't WWE assemble a roster full of the best talents like they did back in the Attitude Era?
  137. WWE:who's better HBK or Randy Orton?
  138. Why is Wrestling considered a sport? It's pretty much all staged?
  139. When and how will RyBack Change back to a good guy?
  140. Why do people like CM Job so much when Rybacks more talented in promos similar to a 90s Austin?
  141. Are WWE PPV Kickoffs available on RedTune and Brazzers?
  142. Why does maria kanellis hate the bella twins?
  143. Who is your favourite WWE Superstar ?
  144. Results and I will be doing another tournament in a while?
  145. Who had better promos The Rock or Chris Jericho during the attitude era?
  146. Do you think Nikki and Brie Bella will ever do a twin issue of Playboy?
  147. Could John Cena kick out of an Owen Hart piledriver?
  148. Does anyone else feeel the Undertaker's mic work is underrated?
  149. WWE: Ryback > Cm Punk?
  150. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he learned how to swim when his dad threw him in the water?
  151. Did anybody notice that AJ did the black widow-?
  152. Just saw a little of total divas disgusted, you?
  153. My brothers don't have my back?
  154. Does Naomi have the biggest booty in the divas division?
  155. Who do you think will?
  156. The Usos and roman reigns are cousins?
  157. With the exception of Cena. Why do crowds at WWE events flat out cheer all the faces and boo all
  158. Improperly used wrestlers tournament part 3?
  159. Does Ryback remind you of a 90s Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  160. does anyone no what Muhammad Hassan is doing these days?
  161. Improperly used wrestlers tournament part 2?
  162. randy orton vs john cena vs daniel bryan at night of champions?
  163. Wwe match of the year of 2013 candidates what was the best match so far?
  164. do u prefer 2010 drew mcintyre or 2013 drew mcintyre?
  165. Who is The Toughest WWE Diva of All Time?
  166. how many random rosters in fire pro wrestling returns have you made?
  167. Dean Ambrose of the shield or Wes Brisco of aces & eights?
  168. Is Ryback the only major threat undertaker has at losing his Wrestlemania streak?
  169. Help me make #PushBigE trend on Twitter?
  170. Which one would you like to get a lap dance from?
  171. Which is the best wrestler?
  172. Wwe 13 for playstation3?
  173. Are these Summerslam matches possible?
  174. Who needs to turn heel in WWE?
  175. A tournament to get underused wrestlers and jobbers more tv time?
  176. Did Rvd steal Rybacks tights to get over with the crowd with his return at MITB 2013?
  177. Who do you think is Underrated in WWE ?
  178. Did some fan really try to attack Randy Orton in South Africa?
  179. How can total divas be successful?
  180. Why were there like 15 tables on the head of the ramp yet they got nearly every one of
  181. So the bellas have success because one is dating John Cena right?
  182. Is $100,000-$200,000 alot of money?
  183. How much longer is this vanilla midget Bryan going to pushed?
  184. Could John Cena kick out of death?
  185. do you want to know who the real best n the world is?
  186. Should I face the Undertaker and Michael Cole in a streak match?
  187. I missed raw what happend?
  188. What do you think is a reasonable price for wwe pay-per-views?
  189. What's that new male models name in nxt?
  190. Should this be Eva Marie's gimmick in WWE?
  191. Should this have been The Shore in TNA?
  192. Does that loss show that Kane is the weak link?
  193. How would you book a John Cena heel turn?
  194. HHH king of kings theme not in wwe 13? why? also John Laurinaitis 2nd attire not available?
  195. Who's the better wrestler between Cm Punk and The Rock?
  196. Why can't the IWC be satisfied with anything WWE does?
  197. Would a wwe superstar win a Table Match if he put another wwe superstar through the announce table?
  198. Is anyone else going to watch Total Divas for the first time after Raw?
  199. Why did the Bellas decide to comes back? To bully Divas?
  200. Anyone else hoping Kane beats Daniel Bryan up for not helping Kane against the Wyatt Family weeks...
  201. Since John Cena doesn't believe a word Vince says, what if Vince said "WWE is the best company"?
  202. WHAT THE DUCK!!! Did anyone else see Natalya embarrassed that Bellas made quacking
  203. Do you think Natalya is an "ugly duckling"?
  204. Who had the Worst Night-Raw?
  205. If your back was against Ryback and he was making you nervous, what would you have done or said?
  206. Did you like Kane's strategy of going straight to Bray Wyatt instead of attacking the other members?
  207. Fun Wresting Fact: Did you know Cm punk never takes showers?
  208. Where to watch monday night raw?
  209. Is Tyler Breeze the next Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel?
  210. Mark Henry already a face as quick as he was a heel?
  211. Is aj lee from wwe married and is she puertorican?
  212. In your personal opinion which one do You like TNA OR WWE?
  213. What do you think of Jerry Lawler wanting one slow dance with Summer Rae?
  214. Every time you see AJ Lee come out do you expect her attire to be a straitjacket?
  215. do y remember johnny the bull stamboli from wwe?
  216. If Natalya doesn't make it in Total Divas should she go to Duck Dynasty?
  217. What do you think of Jerry Lawler wanting to climb a mountain starting with climbing Mark Henry?
  218. What do you think about Jerry Lawler getting a text message from John Laurenitus about Summer Rae?
  219. If your a Paul Heyman guy are you one of the top tier superstars?
  220. If Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Championship would it be the biggest embarrassment in the...
  221. Who is the hottest WWE diva?
  222. Does Brock Lesnar have a weird physique?
  223. Will I get pregnant if a mosquito stings me?
  224. Do you think Booker T is going to get his jerb back from vickie?
  225. Dow the WS have a red hair fetish?
  226. When do you think JoJo and Eva Marie will make their in-ring debuts?
  227. How stupid do ryback and Cena look in the main event?
  228. How did Husky Harris go from mediocre jobber to dominant heel?
  229. Should WWE rename Wrestlemania to Walkermania?
  230. Why did Vince talk about ruthless aggression when he no longer has it?
  231. Are the 13 year old boys jealous that Big E is going to give AJ the Big D?
  232. If you hate CM Punk say "Aye".?
  233. Who is my number #1 fan?
  234. Did you know that Gail Kim is better than Lita and Trish combined?
  235. I have officially became a Ryback fan?
  236. My name is not Amanda Bynes?
  237. If you like me say "TCW" and if you hate me say "Amanda"?
  238. Why is Alberto Del Rio such a Mexican aristocrat?
  239. Where is JBL tonight on RAW?
  240. When I say Us y'all say O,...US!?
  241. Wait, Raw was taped before smackdown?
  242. Should Big Show come back as Captain Insano?
  243. Do you agree that Ryback sucks?
  244. is the Wyatt Family ''Broken out in Love''?
  245. Should Dean Ambrose get out of the shield?
  246. Is Raw sponsored by Chili's?
  247. Who looks the cutest as a kid in the summerslam commercial?
  248. does Bray wyatt's finisher look like Cody rhodes cross rhodes?
  249. The Wyatt family are here?
  250. Where's CM Puny On Raw?
  251. Who's that Jobber that Ryback put through a table last week?
  252. I cant believe these marks on Wrestling section support Ryback?
  253. 5 reasons why CM Punk sucks?
  254. Do you think the Kane and Daniel bryan friendship rivalry is similar to Kane and X-Pac rivalry?
  255. What do you think of R Truth's hair?
  256. Where is Curtis Axel tonight?
  257. Adam pierce is behind the august 1 tna video?
  258. why is Ryback Heel more Hyper than Ryback Face?
  259. Doesnt dolph ziggler?
  260. Wow does Stephanie McMahon look super hot tonight or what?
  261. How does Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler know what happened pn Total Divas?
  262. Will Seņor Booker stay for Total Divas tonight after RAW since he stood us up last night?
  263. My Prediction for this match.?
  264. Do you really think Ryback will beat Cena?
  265. Who would win: Floyd Mayweather vs John Cena?
  266. Can TNA do anything to turn thing around at this point?
  267. Goldberg vs Ryback who would win?
  268. Ryback isn't a legend, is he?
  269. Will Kane finally turn into a monster again after the constant beatings by the Wyatts?
  270. Where is Curtis Axel?
  271. Did you notice this???????
  272. Did Zack Ryder end Fandango's career?
  273. Shocked at that result?
  274. Wrestling : What are 5 things you like about the UNDERTAKER?
  275. If you could describe the WWE App in one world,what would it be?
  276. What is this Reality era? I keep hearing it here in the wrestling section?
  277. Should WWE Icon Ryback take over the nick name 3:16?
  278. Is this considered as wrestling/fighting for the ball?
  279. Does it seem like Natayla was a bit pissed off at WWE on Total Divas?
  280. Watching a replay of Total Divas...why did that guy want to fight Brodus Clay?
  281. Why did Michael Cole say they were chanting for Kaitlyn when they were clearly chanting for AJ Lee?
  282. Are Laila and ROHPunk the Y!A version of the Bella Twins?
  283. Was Ryback putting that guy through a table uncalled for?
  284. Any girls out there wwe?
  285. What is the likely Summerslam card?
  286. Who's the hottest wwe diva?
  287. Who will steal The show tonight(RAW)?
  288. Doesn't Mark Henry Get A Rematch For The Wwe Championship .. !?
  289. Do you hate the WWE Fans that only love wrestlers when they're Faces and not Heels?
  290. Was AAL the best Y!A stable of all time?
  291. Lana Del Rey? 10 points.?
  292. I hate Eva Marie bandwagonners?
  293. who is hotter kelly kelly or aj?
  294. Why won't wwe bring " wwe superstars" back to wgn America?
  295. Why people hate Curtis Axel?
  296. who has better UpperCuts Cesaro or Orton or Daniel Bryan?
  297. Randy Orton heel turn?
  298. Not only was Chris Benoit the one hanging?
  299. What is Ryback's real name?
  300. WWE: Fandango > Cm punk?
  301. 10 reasons why ryback is a wwe legend?
  302. Do you think Gaytista, Oldberg and Rob Van Dank are Ryback rip offs?
  303. is Total divas decent so far?
  304. what kind of name is JoJo #TotalDivas?
  305. Is Colt Cabana jealous of CM Punk?
  306. Hasnt the diva division becom boring?
  307. why this vincent guy acting like he can beat Brodus clay?
  308. Anyone else think it kind of sucks we didn't really get to see much of Dolph Ziggler as WHC?
  309. Who is your favorite WWE wrestler?
  310. How many people watch Eric Young's Fishing Show?
  311. who is looking forward to monday night raw?
  312. Is there a WWE wrestler that you hated when they first came but now like?
  313. Isn't Jim Ross one of the most intelligent minds in pro-wrestling?
  314. Is this true, A growing company like TNA, can't afford to make mistakes?
  315. Does Ryback really seem like a WWE guy?
  316. 20 reasons daniel bryan is a legend!?
  317. First wrestler that comes to mind that?
  318. When did WCW confirm they were ending?
  319. If Stone Cold vs CM Punk takes place! Who will you root for?
  320. WWE? What happen to the Wade Barrett/Bo Dallas feud?
  321. What seats are these if I buy these Tickets to watch WWE RAW?
  322. why sting didnt sign to WWE?
  323. Do you see Jack Swagger leaving WWE again?
  324. Who is the John Cena of TNA?
  325. Any WWE Fans on here?
  326. Will randy orton rivalry again be against john cena?
  327. Can somebody help me out with a wrestling name please?
  328. Who is the best WWE champion ?
  329. Is Kane going to change his appearance or just his character?
  330. Why arent the total divas on
  331. Is Daniel Bryan popular because of sheamus?
  332. It's such a coincidence how cena and bryan are both dating the bellas?
  333. what is the real reson u hate john cena?
  334. Do you think Vincent and Brodus Clay had a fight?
  335. Do you think John Cena and Daniel Bryan have to look at the twins' breasts to tell them apart?
  336. I thought the Funkadactyls names were Cameron and Naomi?
  337. Wresting : What do you think are the top 3 best WWE PPV shows besides WM & RR?
  338. Is Seņor Booker's #1 fan the Y!A Version of the "Amanda Please" Girl from the Amanda show?
  339. What are you expecting from E!'s Total Divas tonight?
  340. Why is wwe's gain from the bully campaign?
  341. What was your reaction to hearing the legendary cm punk pipe bomb?
  342. Who do you wanna see Chris Jericho face at SummerSlam?
  343. WWE Family Feud Question?
  344. has anybody ever got the kind of reaction from WWE fans like john cena gets boo's cheers love...
  345. Do you think ''The Real Americans'' should recruit other international wrestlers?
  346. Does curtis axel have the best WWE theme song right now?
  347. Was big Johnny unfairly fired?
  348. Is cm punk our intellectual savior of the masses?
  349. Why am I better than all of you WS users?
  350. Aj lee is the best wwe diva in history isn't she?
  351. Is it obvious that cm punk is going to beat Brock lesnar?
  352. Why does Big Show lose his way so frequently?
  353. What is your favorite match of the pg era +bq?
  354. When was a table first used in wwf/wwwf?
  355. what would it take besides a heel turn for fans in all arenas around the world to cheer and love...
  356. Will AJ Lee be forced to see a psychiatrist like she forced Daniel Bryan to do when she was GM?
  357. This is how I think Kane and The Undertaker Should retire.?
  358. Dang, the irony of one of the Real Americans being an immigrant makes the team better right?
  359. Will Orton get his cockkiness back when he turns heel?
  360. Do you agree that these are the 10 best wrestlers in the WWE?
  362. SummerSlam Fan Axxess Question?
  363. Who is Jaw Chena and why is he WWE Champion?
  364. Would you get in trouble if you slapped a wrestlers b u m as they were walking down the runway?
  365. Should Boxing and Wrestling be banned?
  366. Are you wrestling fans looking forward to all the action tonight?
  367. Ring of Honor-- Wrestling?
  368. Who will win the 2014 Royal Rumble match?
  369. Who has better pay-per-views? wwe or tna?
  370. Do you think Randy Orton will cash in his Money in the bank contract at SummerSlam ?
  371. Will Daniel Bryan beat John Cena at Summerslam?
  372. Batista vs The Ultimate Warrior?
  373. In what year did the pg era started in the wwe?
  374. Why do people think that Bret Hart is "bitter"?
  375. How could professional wrestlers communicate so they can run a match for so long?
  376. Can some please give me a educated answer proving that John Cena is abetter in ring
  377. If there was a show similar to Total Divas 9-10 years ago, which Divas would you have liked to...
  378. Why are wwe pay-per-views so expensive?
  380. who agrees that wwe should only be for at least 12 and up?
  381. How would you react if you met The Undertaker?
  382. How much longer does john cena have left?
  383. Should I start wrestling at age 14?
  384. Dont you feel like cody rhodes took it too far?
  385. Which one you liked better the old wwe title or New wwe title?
  386. Who do you think could end the streak at wrestlemania?
  387. Why doesn't The Rassling Critic use proper capitalization?
  388. Let's all hop on the Eva Marie bandwagon!?
  389. How are all the little 13 year old males doing with the AJ situation?
  390. Is TNA ever going to be bought out?
  391. How is wwe Layla el a American citizen?
  392. Do you think Vince McMahon Sr. would be proud of his son?
  393. What is the lamest WWE Finisher in history in your opinion?
  394. whcih did you enjoy more in the 90s WCW or WWF and who was your favorite wrestler there and why?
  395. Are people now liking cm punk in WS now that he's a face?
  396. Am I the only one that thinks CM Punk heel is better than CM Punk Face?
  397. What's the problem with Kassius Ohno's physique?
  398. Who is your favorite tag team from each WWE era?
  399. since john cena gets both boos and cheers from WWE fans does that mean he is a complete...
  400. Wrestling : TRUE/FALSE : Cody Rhodes will never be successful in the WWE?
  401. How can you not like CM PUNK!?
  403. Can someone please explain the different positions of status in pro wrestling?
  404. Is this true? Stacy Keibler returning to WWE?
  405. What ever happened to Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch?
  406. Cody Rhodes is a jealous idiot?
  407. who do u think is better and hotter?
  408. How impressive was Fandango's mic skills tonight?
  409. I'm so excited first ever wwe event?
  410. Why isn't Richie Steamboat on WWE's main roster?
  411. who do u think is better and hotter?
  412. WWE and TNA present Night of Honor pick winners and rate?
  413. What is the best WWE t-shirt of the PG era so far?
  414. WWE Wrestling : Tag Team War 1...?
  415. what do these superstars do at summerslam?
  416. WWE Wrestling : Saturday morning 7:56 am ..?
  417. We are going to have ws championship match?
  418. So the intellectual savior of the masses cant swim?
  419. I had to walk out on RVD vs ADR match. Who won?
  420. Would Christian be more marketable if he went by Christian Cage again?
  421. Would it be great if Cole and JBL mention Christian and Swaggers feud over the ECW World Title?
  422. What is your weekly wrestling TV schedule?
  423. why you hick rasslin fans like to rassle your sister so much?
  424. Do you think Kurt Angle or Batista or even Jeff Hardy ever return to the WWE?
  425. Who will be the next new guy to debut?
  426. these are my prediction card for wwe summerslam what do u guys think?
  427. What happens in the Kane vs Daniel Bryan match?
  428. Do you think JBL went to the ring and picked up the money that AJ Lee threw out of
  429. Do you think Cody Rhodes is going to get a fine for littering in the Gulf Of Mexico?
  430. Does Rikishi not know who Michael Cole is?
  431. Is everything in the ring easily replacable by Dolph Ziggler?
  432. When Dolph Ziggler said he's already ridden that crazy train was he talking about AJ Lee?
  433. Do you think Cody Rhodes carried Damian Sandow?
  434. What is Booker T doing backstage if he was fired last week?
  435. Is spending a day at the DMV better than spending a day with AJ Lee doing anything...
  436. Which one of the things that AJ Lee destroyed in the ring is Dolph Ziggler going to be hard to
  437. Do you think Dolph Ziggler actually has hundreds of women going to his house?
  438. Do you think Big E. Langston is worried AJ Lee might rip his stuff if he leaves AJ Lee?
  439. Is Paul Heyman's biggest weakness his ego?
  440. What are your thoughts about these four wrestling video games on Nintendo GameCube?
  441. Did Fandango sell the gts well?
  442. Wrestling : Would you be a good GM for raw, lets see?
  443. Is Brock Lesnar's biggest weakness Paul Heyman?
  444. Wrestling : Which show do you enjoy more SMACK DOWN or RAW?
  445. Help a wrestling fan out(and a wrestling legend) 10 points best answer?
  446. WWE : Smackdown.. if i were GM lol?
  447. Cm punk fan accounts vs ryback fan accounts?
  448. Had you tried on the John Cena underwear?
  449. Do you think Christian overstayed his welcome as an immigrant from Canada?
  450. Should Smackdown be 3 hours?
  451. Where has Curtis Axel been?
  452. Do you know who i am?
  453. Why is it so rare for WWE to have a black WWE champion?
  454. hi babe jericho tcw i got a question about raw?
  455. Why do you WWE marks call me Amanda?
  456. Did anyone in the wrestling section notice this?
  457. Just like cena, orton has five moves of doom?
  458. OMG Rumors about LITA RETURNING TO RAW!!!!?
  459. Who is behind august 1 video sent to tna?
  460. Anyone else on here have dreams of being a pro wrestler?
  461. did FanNemo Really Interrupt CM Punk?
  462. Rise and stand up in a loud voice and say ''WEED THE PEOPLE?
  463. Who are Reid Flair and daniel Benoit?
  464. What was ziggler gonna say that wasn't PG?
  465. This is to the FAKE Jericho TCW!?
  466. Who is the worst user in this section?
  467. who had the worst night on smackdown?
  468. Where was the ''Legend'' Ryback tonight , ryback trolls?
  469. Who had the best night on smackdown?
  470. DUDE,I didn't know you could Beat RVD that easily?
  471. Where is CM Punk when you need him?
  472. are you happy that AJ Lee is on smackdown?
  473. Oh god I hate Jericho TCW?
  474. Dear Wrestling Section?
  475. Why is AJ Lee Flawless?
  476. So now that Cody Rhodes threw the WHC MITB contract into the drink, what does this mean...
  477. will Damien get back his BriefCase?
  478. If bryan loses we RIOT? # SUMMERSLAM?
  479. Why did Damien Sandow jump into the water if he can't swim?
  480. Why do people hate TNA?
  481. Do you guys hate ham?
  482. Who would u like to see go from tna to wwe?
  483. Who's your favorite heel?
  484. why would you watch fake wrasslin when you could watch real rasslin?
  485. rasslin isn't fake but pro rasslin is?
  486. Is WWE no longer watchable now that they are no longer sponsored by Hardee's?
  487. Is the wrestler Manik the wrestler suicide?
  488. Is Fandango Vs CM Punk a match tonight?
  489. What just flew out of Fandango's mouth?
  490. What happened to Taz?
  491. Will the muppets face the shield at wwe summerslam?
  492. What do you like better, WWE or UFC ?
  493. real rasslin is tougher than ufc?
  494. real rasslin is better rasslin?
  495. why would you watch fake WWE?
  496. you better stop watching fake rasslin?
  497. wwe is fake but real rasslin isnt?
  498. Which Attitude Era diva could kick which PG Era superstar's ass?
  499. In your opinion, what was the best Wrestlemania of the PG Era so far?
  500. Which wrestlers need a push in WWE?