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  1. What's the worst SummerSlam you have ever seen?
  2. Do you think Storage Box #9 actually watches WWE's shows every week?
  3. When will the Daniel Bryan obssesion end?
  4. How to start a Wrestling Federation?
  5. Why is cm drunk so jealous of our legend?
  6. Why is evry cm punk fan so jealous of cena?
  7. Cena fans and anti Cena's. which one of them are extra?
  8. your favorite childhood wrestlers?
  9. Cena fans and anti Cena's. which one of them are extra?
  10. Would like AJ Lee to call you her "best friend"?
  11. What was your reaction when AJ Lee said Big E.Langston is her best friend on MizTv?
  12. Was Big E.Langston "friend-zoned" when AJ Lee said on MizTv that Langston was her best friend?
  13. Would you like AJ Lee to call you her "best friend"?
  14. why do so many people like a pretend fighter like cm punk at least brock was in a real mans sport?
  15. So we have 2 dead Superstars in WWE, Undertaker and Bray Wyatt?
  16. how bad would a real man like Anderson silva beat a $I$$y like cm punk in a real fight?
  17. Why hasn't Booker T been on Smackdown the last few weeks?
  18. do cm punk fans cry when they realize a scrawny guy like him could never make it in a real sport?
  19. Before tonight, did you think Brock Lesnar was jealous of CM Punk?
  20. why did you watch crapdown tonight when you knew it was still going to be fake?
  21. Does CM Punk feel tough just because he goes to his local gym and learns MMA?
  22. will you join the revolution to finally put a stop to the fake sport called pro wrestling?
  24. Did RVD's age show in his match with Randy Orton on Smackdown?
  25. Did anyone else see how strong Kaitlyn did her spear on AJ Lee?
  26. Is the problem in AJ Lee's relationships her, not the men?
  27. If Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler date each other, what would be their name?
  28. would batista be very, very, afraid of brock lesnar in match now?
  29. What brand is that trimmer that Wade Barrett had on Smackdown?
  30. A good segment of Miz TV????
  31. What would you say was the best televised WWE match in 2013?
  32. would you like to see Chris Jericho Vs Daniel Bryan SUBMISSION MATCH at WRESTLEMANIA?
  33. Is Their Any Point In WWE ?
  34. Who else cant wait till sucka slam?
  35. Do you remember when we were kids and thought that WWE was real and not scripted?
  36. Who does the theme song for Total Diva's?
  37. If you were the writer for the WWE, what would you change + best WWE superstar ever?
  38. How do i get wrestling scholarship?
  39. Do you believe Big E. Langston is AJ Lee's best friend?
  40. Why can you tna haters understand?
  41. What do you think about AJ Lee saying Kane wore a mask for everything?
  42. Who do you think would win between the Shield and the Wyatt Family?
  43. What do you think of Brock Lesnar saying it is personal between him and CM Punk?
  44. Is Fandango a cross between Bojangles and Randy Coulture?
  45. Does AJ Lee has as many talents as she does mood swings?
  46. Question for The Vital Witness?
  47. How do you feel about the wwe diva paige controversy?
  48. Who is our legend santino going to face at sucka slam?
  49. I think cody rhodes is gonna loose at summer slam?
  50. How many redneck gimmicks can you count in WWE?
  51. How to become a wwe superstar?
  52. Would it be possible for me to become a wwe superstar?
  53. Why doesn't Pepsi choose CM Punk as their representative?
  54. TMZ lies so why do these guys believe them?
  55. Wwe talk comment.? wyatt family(where here)?
  56. Wwe talk 90z wrestler?
  57. Wwe talk comment.?? share ya opinion?
  58. Can you do any Wrestler impressions?
  59. Was CM Punk's straight edge gimmick made to show hate towards Jeff Hardy?
  60. Why has Kane been in so many of the worst rivalries in WWE history?
  61. did you know randy savage really didnt like hulk hogan?
  62. Am I the aj lee of the ws?
  63. Big D? you are ugly!!!!!?
  64. Wyatt vs Kane at Summerslam? Kane obviously will lose (spoiler - not really, you already knew that)?
  65. Is Cm Pepsi a tough guy?
  66. WWE is real and UFC is scripted ?
  67. what is this wrestling term?
  68. Wrestlemania 30 Top Row Seats?
  69. Is Bully Ray "all talk, little action"?
  70. The best vs the beast?
  71. Why doesn't Dixie Carter or Brooke Hogan tell Mike Tenay to go back to the arena and commentate?
  72. True/false: is it true that wwe marks have no lives?
  73. Should Eric Young worry about ODB and the fact that she may like James Storm or Gunner?
  74. What do think is Triple H's reaction when he saw Wade Barrett without his beard?
  75. Do you follow any superstars or divas on Twitter?
  76. How badly do you think Ziggler wants to touch AJ?
  77. WS, are you a face or a heel user outside of the WS?
  78. Who's the face and heel in the Taylor - Vital Witness feud?
  79. Was Shawn Michaels Better as a Heel or a Face?
  80. Do you think Kurt Angle or Batista or even Jeff Hardy ever return to the WWE?
  81. What do you think about Robbie E and Jesse kicking out Tara because of "bromance before romance"?
  82. Do you think Jeremy Borash has downloaded the Jeff Hardy fitness app?
  83. What do you think about Taz saying Kurt Angle bought his sunglasses at 711?
  84. What are your thoughts on Bully Ray having no respect for Tito Ortiz or Kurt Angle?
  85. Did anyone feel for Mike Tenay when Aces and Eights told him to leave and not commentate tonight?
  86. Why does the Summerslam commercial have AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler smiling at each other?
  87. Does Taz realize that Mike Tenay was in TNA long before Taz?
  88. Ugh, anyone else hate that Taz and Mr. Andersen are doing TNA commentary right now?
  89. If Hulk Hogan was in the arena, do you think Taz would've kicked Hulk Hogan in his rear end?
  90. Tell me all your WWE DVDs ?
  91. Do you remember when Sheamus ate a potato on Smackdown?
  92. WS, Name at least three reasons why the PG era is better than the Ruthless Aggresive Era?
  93. Am I the only one who think's this?
  94. Am I Strong For A 13 Year Old?
  95. What has Kevin Steen been up to of lately in ROH?is he in any storylines?
  96. Do you know any cars that WWE Superstars own?
  97. Who holds the record for youngest WWE Champion? is it still Randy Orton?
  98. Will Owen Hart ever be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  101. If you had a chance to go out with AJ (WWE) or Mickie James (TNA), who would you choose and why.?
  102. WWE needs to push Justin Gabriel! Agree?
  103. Can anyone please help me find a picture of Shawn Michaels' Kliq-Cam entrance?
  104. Has anyone been added to the Alumni section this week?
  105. How would you rate this Seth Rollins VS Evan Bourne match?
  106. Did Tito Ortiz cut his hair because people were comparing him to Daniel Puder?
  107. Who do you think is a better wrestler: Chris Benoit or Ric Flair?
  108. Besides John Cena turning heel, who do you want to see turn heel?
  109. What is your favorite match of all time?
  110. Does anyone else find the shield really boring now?
  111. blah blah blah tell me he just didn't say that?
  112. Do you think Triple H goes to yahoo answers?
  113. Who's the best psycho diva in WWE?
  114. What were some good shoots in wrestling history?
  115. When will the big show return?
  116. Is Kurt Angle being an American hero hogwash + BQ?
  117. Do you think Jeremy Borash has a Magnus shirt?
  118. Who was the most influential wrestler of all time?
  119. Do you agree with Taz, has TNA's commentary sucked without Taz?
  120. Has TNA forgot about Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy Steel Cage match?
  121. When chris jericho returns will he be face or heel?
  122. why did edge copy our legend?
  123. when is our legend santino going to be in the hall of fame?
  124. who cant wait till santino beats the streak?
  125. Do you think Pro Wrestling lost it touch nowadays?
  126. WWE Wrestling Question.....?
  127. WWE Dream Team Wrestling .....?
  128. WWE Wrestling Match ups ...?
  129. Will Bromance and Mickie James beat ODB,James Storm,and Gunner?
  130. 3MB is ridiculous innit?
  131. WWE 2013 Titantron meaning?
  132. who is the guy pulling funny faces in NXT?
  133. Does Anyone Else Like How Brock Lesnar Has Destroyed CM Punk Every Time They've Been Face To...
  134. Could Wrestlemainia ever be in Portland Oregon?
  135. What would Ryback do if he ordered a pizza from pizzahut, it was,...?l?
  136. What channel is WCW nowadays?
  137. Who is this wwe wrestler?
  138. What does it take to get into WWE?
  139. Wrestling : Why don't the WWE promote the King Of The Ring PPV anymore?
  140. Wrestling : Prime Kane vs Prime Lesnar?
  141. Would an Orton-Lesnar feud work?
  142. Breaking News CM Punk is a.......?
  143. What is this type of wrestling called?
  144. Do you agree with the Miz when he told Josh Matthews he was the "little engine that never could"?
  145. why are all the cena haters taking cena for granted?
  146. am i the only one sad that cena did not sucesfully win when he lost becuse of big show?
  147. am i the only one excited about cody rhodes vs damieon sandow?
  148. Where did John Cena come from?
  149. Wrestling : If one superstar had to leave the WWE who would you choose (BETWEEN)?
  150. WWE Friendships Now??
  151. John Cena's Elbow?
  152. Is Mark Henry a good guy now?
  153. How can the Shield say their match with Mark Henry and the Usos was a "walk in the park"?
  154. Should Josh Matthews shut up and keep his feeling of Paul Heyman to himself?
  155. Does anyone think Terry Taylor and Steve Keirn aka skinner look alike(pictures)?
  156. Who is already tired of me?
  157. Is it true only rednecks and children watch WWE?
  158. Has john cena ever tapped out?
  159. The funniest john cena sucks chant please watch?
  160. What WWE superstars have the best theme song?
  161. What would you do for a WWE ice cream bar?
  162. am i the only one that thinks someone is going to get screwed in summerslam?
  163. Would you describe yourself as a face or a heel user in the WS?
  164. What's the Difference Between Top Billing and the Main Event?
  165. why is the jobber stone cold botch austin most famous for his stunner?
  166. Did any member of 3MB have any martial arts training?
  167. Why are so many wrestling "fans" so ignorant?
  168. If you were to form a new TAG TEAM in the WWE (WHO)?
  169. Whats your prediction on the CENA vs BRYAN match at SUMMER SLAM 2013?
  170. Does anybody else here think that ROH is awesome?
  171. Which WWE superstar do you think is the funniest and really makes you laugh?
  172. Did Ryback edit his theme song?
  173. Need help coming up with a name for my wrasslin move?
  174. Why do these idiots say that the WWE is fake.?
  175. why are they making jobbers like cm drunk and daneil cryin main eventers?
  176. Will Daniel Bryan beat John Cena at Summerslam?
  177. Brock Lesnar debuted as heel, how he turned face?
  178. Will ryback ever become successful in the WWE?
  179. Do you like or dislike aj lee?
  180. should wwe have done this with miz instead?
  181. What's Your Favorite Rock Moment?
  182. How are WWE events such as Raw?
  183. Whats WWE battleground?
  184. Does WWE own the rights to Drowning Pool "Rise Up"?
  185. Breaking new: hulk hogan movie?
  186. who Bellas have the bigger jugs, The john cena or Daniel Brayan girl freind?
  187. withaout the use of any nuck bomb, still an united european nations can invade the US?
  188. 3MB VS Fabulous Free Birds who wins?
  189. Rate this WrestleMania 30 card?
  190. Rate this WrestleMania 30 card?
  191. who had more satisfaction on the bed Brie or niki Bella ?
  192. When do you think Shane McMahon will return to WWE on TV?
  193. who is ypur favourite WWE champion?
  194. What was HHH's reaction when Brock said, Paul, say something stupid?
  195. in WWE, what if people write bad things on their signs?
  196. Sheamus out for up to 6 months?
  197. Who is/was your top 10 favorite NWA, WCW, and WWE World Heavyweight Championship?
  198. Which girl would you rather notch? Summer Rae or Layla?
  199. Who's hotter miss fandango <3 or Kelly Kellly?
  200. Do you think the same...?
  201. what does selling and botch mean in wwe?
  202. did you ever mistake shannon moore for some random blonde diva?
  203. why is the jobber alberto boring del rio champion?
  204. would you like to see brock lesnar face chris jericho?
  205. after the feud with kane ends will john cena bury the wyatt family?
  206. WQAM radio Bill Goldberg stated he is Open to return to wrestling to the WWE?
  207. Have you been to a wwe live event?
  208. That moment when you realize that....?
  209. Why is Dean Ambrose the leader of the Shield?
  210. Reason why Paige isn't in the main roster yet?
  211. What do you was Maria's reaction when she saw a raw replay of Brie Bella getting slapped by Natalya?
  212. Is the shield the best tag team on the earth?
  213. What would happen if Vince McMahon bought tna and ring of honor?
  214. Is wwe wrestling fake?
  215. What was the first match in TNA history?
  216. Nooooooooooooooooo?!?!?
  217. Why did Batista walk out on the WWE?
  218. How do i become a pro wrestler for wwe, tna or roh?
  219. Why do people what the Attitude/Ruthless Aggression era back when......?
  220. What do you think was Triple H's reaction when he heard that Sheamus will be out of action months?
  221. Which wrestling game had the worst servers of the two in your opinion?
  222. Is anyone else hoping for a Johnny Cash performance at Summerslam?
  223. Is LAyla and AJ Lee a couple now?
  224. How funny was it watching Alberto Del Rio beating up his husband on Raw?
  225. True or False: Alberto Del Rio will be the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion?
  226. Do any of you remember Brock Lesner's face run in 2003?
  227. What do you think was Maria's reaction when she saw Brie Bella slapped by Natalya?
  228. Fondango VS The Wyatt Family in a 3 on 1 match? WWE?
  229. Layla El is really lesbian..?
  230. Do you think Edge was a little overrated?
  231. When do you think cm punk will get Paul heyman?
  232. which 3MB member you like the most?
  233. why are wretling fans mad at tito ortiz in tna?
  234. Wouldn't it be great if WWE separated Smackdown and Raw like in the past?
  235. Does Renee Young look like a better version of Natalya?
  236. Do you think if Vince McMahon gave time off to both Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, they would
  237. Face Mark Henry or Heel?
  238. Do you think Hulk Hogan and John Cena would be a great match?
  239. has reported that Sheamus has been injured and he will be out for 4-6 months?
  240. Why did WWE let Brock Lesnar speak last Raw?
  241. why did lawler refer to the anti cena fans last night as a vocal minority when clearly they
  242. What would I have to do to become a WWE Wrestler?
  243. who agrees the pg era is coming to an end and a new ruthless aggression era is coming?
  244. Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan?
  245. Kofi Kingston or Justin Gabriel?
  246. Wade Barrett or Antonio Cesaro?
  247. Chris Sabin or Austin Aries?
  248. What do you think was Triple H's reaction when he saw Daniel Bryan's new shirt?
  249. Should Main Event have a general manager?
  250. What do think was Nikki Bella's reaction when she saw Cena speared by Roman Reigns?
  251. Push one, keep one, fire one?
  252. AJ Lee vs Victoria vs Mickie James?
  253. If you watched total divas last week?
  254. why do people hate john cena?
  255. How do i start my WWE career ?
  256. Will Orton cash in tonight?
  257. Not that I care, but why did the Shield get DQed?
  258. Does anyone know how BigShow hurt his knee?
  259. is an inferno match even allowed in pg wwe?
  260. Is John Morrison ever coming back to the WWE ?
  261. Best Match Types (Round 1)?
  262. who wins real fistfight? goldberg or ryback?
  263. When people compare past stars with current, why do they say the past star is copying current star?
  264. Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  265. what does selling and botch mean in wwe?
  266. Do you think Rener Gracie should be proud or disappointed of the fight CM Punk gave Brock
  267. Who had the Best and Worst Night- Raw?
  268. I love my gf eva marie of 2 years alot?
  269. Whats the blondies name that interviewd Pauly?
  270. Did Aj just hump Kaitlyn?
  271. Does anybody else think the Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow feud is one of the worst in recent memory?
  272. Wrestling : Who would you love to see return to WWE after RVD?
  273. Wrestling : Who do you find as a better well skilled wrestler with these 3 legends?
  274. Are there any face users in the wrestling section?
  275. Does Paul Heyman really want to fight CM Punk?
  276. Should AJ Lee and Layla change their theme songs?
  277. What do you think was Triple H's reaction when he didn't saw Randy Orton helping Cena and
  278. What do you think of WWE's show "Total Divas'?
  279. Does anyone else think john cena has to lose to daniel bryan?
  280. Best and worst WWE divas and superstars of all time?
  281. Cm punk fanboys: why can't you take an opinion?
  282. Do you think Seņor Booker and Guest Commentator is the same person?
  283. Haha, Luke Gallows or D.O.C was in the Straight Edge Society but he drank a lot of beer...
  284. What do you think of JBL being asked to join 3MB?
  285. Do you agree with Triple H, is Vince McMahon no longer a creative genius?
  286. Is JBL the first man to use the word courage when describing Paul Heyman?
  287. Why did JBL keep saying crazy is contagious on commentary?
  288. Did Paul Heyman allow his alligator mouth to overload his Walrus rear end?
  289. Do you believe John Cena really won't wrestle another match if he gets fired tomorrow?
  290. Do you think the reason people betray Kaitlyn is because of her?
  291. Do you think Kaitlyn is going to end up going out with Dolph Ziggler?
  292. Are you going to watch USA's "Summer Camp" competition show?
  293. What do you think of Layla wanting to get more attention?
  294. Is Total Divas really TV 14?But RAW isn't?
  295. What was the storyline reason for Kofi Kingston no longer being Jamaican?
  296. How has Damien Sandow STOLE the brief case from Cody Rhodes?
  297. And when is Evan Bourne going to be on the main roster again?
  298. Is it sad that CM Punk is the best in the world if he gets beaten up every time by Brock Lesnar?
  299. How stupid was that Divas segment with some of the cast from Total Divas?
  300. Do you think Alberto Del Rio attacking Ricardo Rodriguez was justified?
  301. When do you think randy orton will cash in his MITB contract?
  302. Why is Cody Rhodes not arrested?
  303. Should Jerry Lawler try wearing a suit one time?
  304. When will Ryback become the WWE champion that was unjustly robbed from him in Extreme Rules 2013?
  305. Ricardo Rodriguez is BACK!!!!!?
  306. Why do most people hate the PG era?
  307. Does Vince know what all you people want?
  308. Do you like Bryan's new shirt?
  309. Is it the fans job on RAW programs?
  310. Will Ricardo Rodriguez spend some quality time with his family?
  311. Will CM Punk be in 100% by next week?
  312. Do you think that it would take 3 consecutive F-5's for Brock Lesnar?
  313. Why is RAW making CM Punk look tougher and meaner then HHH?
  314. Should have Daniel Bryan just went ahead and shoved a pair of scissors?
  315. Why can't the wrestlers pick up their opponent's shoulders off the mat on a two-count?
  316. Is Ricardo Rodriguez a FACE manager now?
  317. What did Cody Rhoades do to become a 'face' wrestler, and confusing me?
  318. Which one is Jimmy Uso?
  319. What happened to John Cenas elbow its like a tennis ball?
  321. What would your reaction be if......?
  322. What re the chances randy Orton cashes in tonight?
  323. Good bye Ricardo Rodriguez forever LOL who was happ del rio did that?
  324. Why do people say cm punk wouldn't last I'm the UFC?
  325. When will Paul Heyman turn on Curtis Axel?
  326. Who is the hottest WWE diva?
  327. What is your honest opinion on CM Punk?
  328. Wanna bet some cash that Michael Cole can't go one Shield match without saying Hounds of Justice?
  329. Does Wwe send scouts to new London high school wrestling matches or how bout heavy hitters
  330. What did I miss on Raw?
  331. How can you get a picture off the WWE App?
  332. Is tonight the long-awaited return of the one, the only...?
  333. Do you think Paul Heyman shouldve brought Brock Lesnar with him?
  334. what do you think of chris jericho?
  335. Why is Seņor Booker so awesome?
  336. Do you think Daniel Bryan is looking for Natalya?
  337. Do you think Paul Heyman has bad breath?
  338. When the Usos say "U" Do you say "so"?
  339. Do you think Stephanie and Triple H's kids are scared that theyll probably never see their...
  340. Do you think Big E Langstons outfit is too revealing?
  341. Anyone else pre-ordered WWE 2K14?
  342. Anyone else is still impressed with CM Punk almost destroying Lesnar?
  343. Is anyone else pissed off that John Cena basically shit on the indies tonight?
  344. wrestling wwe what do the usos say before they enter the ring?
  345. Do you think RVD will be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match to make it a triple...
  346. How hard was that slap?
  347. Raise your hand if your bored of Cena's boring speech?
  348. Does it put a smile on your face to see the little kids in the front row?
  349. What do you do when it's commercial break?
  350. Will this be the BEST Summerslam of the pg era!?
  351. Why does John cena think he is great?
  352. Why happened just after Bray Wyatt attacked Brodus,?
  353. If Cena and Bryan dont get along soon, will the bellas have to break up with them?
  354. Who do you want The Undertaker to next face at Wrestle Mania?
  355. Today is Seņor Booker Appreciation Day!!!!!!!?
  356. Who will the Wyatt Family attack next?
  357. Do you think both Brie Bella and Nikki Bella had sex in other people's house?
  358. What do you think was Summer Rae's reaction when she saw Eva Marie liking Fandango on Total Divas?
  359. Did anyone else see Big Show on Total Divas tonight?
  360. Do you think Daniel Bryan's home fits 2 kids?
  361. Do you think Eva Marie's boyfriend, Jonathan, will want to break-up with Eva after watching
  362. Were you impressed by the way Fandango talks to the Divas?
  363. Do you think it was rude for Cameron to go behind Sandra's back and wear someone else's attire?
  364. If you pulled over Nikki Bella and she showed you her boobs would you not write her a speeding...
  365. Do you think John Cena and Nikki Bella had "fun" in Daniel Bryan's house?
  366. Were you surprised John Cena reached for Nikki Bella's butt?
  367. Do you think Brie Bella should sacrifice the things she loves to live with Daniel Bryan in...
  368. Does Eva Marie taking off her engagement ring make you see her less attractive?
  369. What do you think about Eva Marie blushing when she saw Fandango?
  370. Would you feel like you were in a rap video if you were in John Cena's house?
  371. Are The Bella's experts in chopping wood?
  372. What do you think about John Cena saying Eva Marie is "bold" and he likes the red hair?
  373. Are The Bella Twins and Eva Marie slutty?
  374. What do you think of Fandango saying he'll be thinking of Eva Marie in the shower?
  375. If Fandango had Eva Marie as his partner would he not want anybody else?
  376. Looking for context of story that involved Owen Hart pretending to fall asleep during match?
  377. Should I Wrestle This Guy?
  378. Best technical wrestler in WWE history?
  379. Is there a way to make a belt like in the Wwe but really cheap?
  380. Is wwe summerslam 2013 going to have a bikini match?
  381. What do think of Daniel Bryan's push in wwe ?
  382. Has Cena ever been involved in an interesting storyline/fued?
  383. Should Paul Birchell The Pirate face the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX?
  384. why has not the legend santino won a royal rumble yet?
  385. Why did the WWE pick the Rock to face John Cena at Wrestlemana 28 & 29 and not someone better?
  386. Can I tryout for the Wwe in new London when Im 17 or 16 to be a Wwe superstar?
  387. Pro Wrestling Gimmick and Name for Myself?
  388. What was indie wrestling like in the 90s(excluding ECW)?
  389. Has there ever been a wrestler in the WWE who has held the Tag Titles on their own at one point?
  390. Hulk hogan = john cena?
  391. Who are the top 10 hardest working wrestlers, you've ever seen?
  392. Does anyone no cm punk or triple h like for real I really have wanted to be in the Wwe
  393. Do you miss how wwe was back in the day or you like it this way?
  394. who knows a Wwe superstar who can help a 14 yearold make it to the Wwe like know them really?
  395. Why isn't Heath Slater WWE Champion?
  396. Is a Spinebuster illegal in Middle School Wrestling?
  397. What is Jeff Hardy doing in a mediocre company like TNA?
  398. Is Eve Marie hotter then the Bellas?
  399. What could be my wrestling name and gimmick?
  400. does anyone know me i make alot of wwe questions?
  401. am i the only guy who watches total divas?
  402. how can i make the miz haircut?
  403. Why does ROH have most of their major shows in canada?
  404. Is My Ring Name Ok Or Not?
  405. Who the fuq is seņor booker?
  406. Can Anybody Help Me with This Shawn Michaels Question from 1997?
  407. who thinks kane was scaryer back then than now?
  408. Are the WWE superstars happy to have Rob Van Damn back?
  409. Am i the only on who thinks kaitlyn should have won on smackdown?
  410. Will TNA gutcheck ever come back?
  411. Is WWE total divas FAKE? ?
  412. To people who says ratings matters?
  413. What do you think Eva Marie did to keep her Job in WWE?
  414. What are Kurt Angle's catchphrases?
  415. Who should v.s. John cena since he just beat the rock?
  416. Please pick one correct t answer?
  417. Dolph Ziggler the future of WWE do you agree or not with a reason?
  418. So on total divas bri bella said her and daniel beyan have been together three year but
  419. Was Brock lesnar ever with TNA?
  420. All total divas is showing me is...?
  421. Do you think the Bellas are really that Clingy?
  422. How do you think Evas husband feels now that he's watching this episode?
  423. what would be the best wrestling move ?
  424. How awkward would it be?
  425. Who is the greatest superstar ever ?
  426. If total divas is so great, why doesnt it have better ratings like raw?
  427. Do you know the concept of a reality show?
  428. Is this years Summerslam predictable?
  429. Total Divas is better them Impact Wrestling...Agree or No?
  430. Was Tito Ortiz's 2013 TNA return the WORST debut in Wrestling history?
  431. Were you surprised Layla had it in her to befriend Kaitlyn + BQ?
  432. Has the value of the World Heavyweight Championship depreciated?
  433. Cody Rhodes is the future of WWE?
  434. Who in your opinion is the Worst WWE/WH Champion of all time?
  435. Did randy orton really injure vince mcmahon in january of 09?
  436. Is it wrong that I'm a girl wrestling fan?
  437. What do you think of these YWC Youtubers?
  438. Name of Sign The Undertaker Makes Before Tombstone Piledriver?
  439. What are Kurt Angle's nicknames?
  440. John Cena or Randy Orton who's better?
  441. Who is currently the best Irish Wrestler?
  442. Do you think Randy Orton has forgiven Triple H...?
  443. Does Alex Riley look like Michael Cole's son?
  444. Wrestling question wwe lighting and sin cara?
  445. Are you pumped for Total Divas tonight?
  446. Layla Turning HEEL On Kaitlyn?
  447. Does anyone have a link to the NXT shield promo?
  448. What do the ladies think about the sheild fan fics?
  449. Your favorite matches from 2013?
  450. Who looks better in your opinion: Candice Michelle or Mickie James?
  451. WWE.what do you think of these comparisons?
  452. Is It Worth It To Have A Body Like Kaitlyn-WWE?
  453. WOW! That Triple Threat No.1 Contender's match has been the best match of 2013 yet?
  454. Who would win this dream match?
  455. Do I look like any WWE diva?
  456. How long does it take to become a top contributor in wrestling?
  457. What happend last nights smackdown?
  458. I know I'm late but what happened on the last Monday night raw?
  459. Are all of the good wrestlers from texas?
  460. Why is wwe is over rated?
  461. who is the dirtiest player in the game?
  462. Is Great Khali Actually Strongest?
  463. Any wrestling moves I should learn before I wrestle my friend?
  464. Are they going to shave Daniel Bryans beard for his "Corporate Makeover"?
  465. Few questions about wwe?
  466. What would be the best new wrestling finisher ?
  467. When did WWE release Yoshi Tatsu?
  468. Please help me out with this wrestler?
  469. Do you think WWE could have lesbian storyline between AJ Lee and Layla?
  471. Are all the captain charisma christian haters like 10 year old kids?
  472. Cant wait till captain charisma wins the whc at summerslam.?
  473. Is aj lee is dating trent barretta?
  474. What are some feuds you would like to see on wwe?
  475. At the wwe world tour in the arena there was a shop that said official merchandise?
  476. Can anybody help me with this WWE13 story?
  477. Are wresling fans sport fans?
  478. CM Punk vs. AJ Styles who would win?
  479. Has josh matthews got demotted?
  480. Alex riley as a commentary>?
  481. Was WCW the same brand as NWA but renamed?
  482. Will Christian beat Alberto at Summer Slam in the Canada V.S Mexico match?
  483. Who is the tallest wwf/wwe wrestler of all time?
  484. Would you rather????
  485. How many victories did ryback rack up?
  486. Is Randy Orton ok from that fan attacking him?
  487. Should Dwayne Johnson The Rock get into the music industry? make CDs? live concert?
  488. In the WWE 13 game for Wii , how can I do Randy ortons mid air RKO move? is it possible?
  489. Goldberg vs ryback? '?
  490. What do you think of Alex Riley saying he has dated crazy chicks and that they are fun?
  491. Anyone disappointed Christian is going to face Alberto Del Rio at Summerslam?
  492. What do you think of JBL saying Jay-Z have a hotter looking wife than R-Truth?
  493. Why does JBL think the wives of WWE Superstars have the most bizarre names?
  494. What do you think of Alex Riley finding AJ Lee cute?
  495. What do you think of Alex Riley telling JBL to take more time off?
  496. Not trending TNA Impact?
  497. Is there a snakey reason why nikki bella is dating cena?
  498. Impact wrestling August1 warning revealed as Tito Ortiz?
  499. So is Bo Dallas pretty much the only person who gets booed in NXT lol?
  500. Is cmpunk just meat on the table for Ryback?