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  1. Do you think The Rock........?
  2. Wrestling : What are your top 3 most shocking moments in the WWE since the past 3 years?
  3. What do you guys think on Darren Young assuming? Do You guys think that will be bad for his carrer?
  4. Does Ted DiBiase Jr still wrestle on TV?
  5. Where are these WWE Superstars?
  6. Why doesn't the divas legend Ke$ha have a match for SummerSlam?
  7. Is CM Sucks really the cause of cancer and aids?
  8. Why doesn't the legend Ryback have a match for SummerSlam?
  9. Why is Kurt Angle not in WWE's 2k14 roster?
  10. Can't CM Punk Lift Brock Lesnar Up For The Gts ..?
  11. Is Curtis Axle facing anyone at summerslam?
  12. Who do you find well more skilled as a wrestler CESARO or SWAGGER?
  13. WS: what would you do?
  14. why does everyone here hate on cm punk?
  15. Is EDGE officially working in the WWE?
  16. Is it true that Brooke Hogan is off the TNA roster?
  17. Who agrees with me that Daniel Bryan is over rated?
  18. WS: Would you rather have Cody Rhodes or Damien Sandow be the WHC?
  19. Wrestling : ATTENTION : Did you know the jeriKE$H stable has a mentor named DARREN YOUNG?
  20. Who's better Randy Orton or CM Punk?
  21. If you play any of WWE video games on Nintendo GameCube, Which of these are your favorite WWE
  22. What's a good way to build stamina for wrestling?
  23. Will The Jerike$h stable slowly disband just like other WS stables?
  24. Hey guys, I have a question for you?
  25. Why do people get mad at John Cena haters?
  26. what are your opinions on new wwe diva eva marie?
  27. What the hell is wrong with Kevin Nash?
  28. Was CM Punk's 434 day title reign impressive?
  29. How weird did Triple H look when he did the Yes! Yes! Yes! chant with Daniel Bryan?
  30. Is Zeb Coulter awesome or what?
  31. What do you think of Zeb Coulter's new song "Do you know the way out"?
  32. Which top 5 superstars in the WWE do you think has the worst gimmick?
  33. Should Mike Tenay had thanked Taz for letting him commentate on Hardcore Justice?
  34. Is CM Punk the most Attitude Era Superstar in the modern era?
  35. What happen to that one guy that was on the most recent ecw with the Afro and the rally towels?
  36. Did you know that GOLDBERG is BIG E LANGSTONS icon?
  37. WWE- Do they still sell WWF Ice Cream Bars?
  38. Who is the REAL parody of wrestling?
  39. @Old Beard: Bro I just woke up and it's 4AM, I couldn't sleep, what about you?
  40. Where the hell is Yoshi Tatsu?
  41. Why are anti CM Punk fans so annoying?
  42. Do you like CM Punk.?
  43. WS:Now that those stupid immature stables have come back,I'm leaving WS?
  44. Daniel Bryan vs John cena at wwe summer slam, who gonna win?
  45. Is CM Punk a Straight edge B*stard?
  46. Darren young coming out is looking suspicious to me?
  47. TNA: Now that Brooke has been fired: Will her father and Eric Bischoff leave?
  48. Who would win between these guys?
  49. why doesn't Drew McIntyre have his own WWE biography DVD?
  50. Is Micheal Cole a former UFC fighter?
  51. I need help creating a wrestler in WWE 13?
  52. What's your Summerslam's predictions?
  53. Did you know that Darren Young is pretending to be gay?
  54. Is The Entire Wwe Locker Room Scared Of Ryback .. !?
  55. Have The CM Punk Fans Finally Been Outnumbered On This Section .. !?
  56. why did you watch crapdown tonight when you knew it was going to be fake,gay and boring?
  57. If wrestlers didn't get old, who would be the WWE champion right now?
  58. how will you feel when my client brock lesnar obliterates cm punk this sunday at summerslam?
  59. who should be my next client now that i dropped cm skunk?
  60. @ROHPunk, so you don't want me to pass the torch to you, instead to Ryback #1 Fan?
  61. would you like to enter a contest to spend a night alone with my client brock lesnar?
  62. Am I getting jobbed.?
  63. Guys let's block these trolls!?
  64. Who is the hottest WWE diva right now?
  65. Who is a true better wrestler (BETWEEN)?
  66. Which current WWE superstar on the roster would be able to play the undertaker gimmick?
  67. Why are we doing stables?
  68. Are you happy that brooke hogan has been fired from tna?
  69. Which is better: Pro Wrestling Illustrated or Wrestling Observer Newsletter?
  70. Would you mark out if this happened?
  71. Is JOHN CENA going to turn heel after SUMMER SLAM?
  72. Was Joey Ryan on Smackdown tonight?
  73. Do you think it's RIGHT for the wwe to completely erase Chris Benoit's legacy?
  74. Are you happy that brooke hogan has been fired from tna?
  75. Who wants to joim my stable called The Resistance?
  76. Can WWE come up with better name than Battleground?
  77. How does that hurt the referee?
  78. Wheres Chris Jericho at?
  79. Who was better The Rock or Stone Cold?
  80. Is cm punk the greatest?
  81. Isn't it sad that Michael cole has?
  82. Were they booing randy orton?
  83. Did john cena and randy orton?
  84. Can Everybody stand up in a loud voice and say Weed the People?
  85. Will Cena Vs Bryan be like Punk Vs Cena Summerslam 2011?
  86. Who wants to join my?
  87. How ugly is that Suit Vince Mcmahon is wearing?
  88. Does cm punk have the?
  89. Why does Randy orton always come out at the end?
  90. What Happened to The Miz?
  91. who had the best night on Smackdown?
  92. Will AJ Lee save us from Boredom?
  93. 3 reasons why Cm Punk will lose at SS?
  94. Should WWE try to get Syfy to air SmackDown on Thursday nights?
  95. Where is TNA headed and what will happen to recently released wrestlers from TNA and the WWE?
  96. ROHPunk I am NOT siding with you, Wrestling Section tard.?
  97. Wrestling Section, JeriKe$ha is becoming better than The Shield?
  98. ryback fan or rohpunk?
  99. Is ryback a wannabe ?????
  100. He's Arriving Soon........?
  101. Is this one of Goldberg best ever matches?
  102. WWE and CM Punk fans, you shall fear the wrath of JeriKe$h?
  103. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay?
  104. OMG CM Pubes is so bad and doesn't deserve the wwe title?
  105. I was told CM Punk was screwed for losing the wwe title to the rock?
  106. 10 Reasons Why Cm punk is a wwe legend?
  107. who will turn heel at summerslam randy orton or triple h?
  108. Does poise make Superstars/wrestlers champions?
  109. Hey Ms. Ke$ha would you like to start a wrestling section tag partner?
  110. Did santino get the boot?
  111. Is John Cena mentally challenged?
  112. Has Kurt Angle let down Main Event Mafia?
  113. Do you think Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are celebrating right now after Bully Ray won
  114. Why didn't Chris Sabin leave the cage while the referee was down?
  115. Are Ezekiel Jackson and Rampage Jackson brothers?
  116. Anyone else think Main Event Mafia should get Brock Lesnar so he can beat Tito Ortiz up?
  117. Does Aces and Eights beating up Main Event Mafia with Rampage Jackson prove Aces and Eights...
  119. What are your predictions for WWE Summerslam 2013 +ROHPunk?
  120. Since Darren Young announced he is gay, will he feel more relaxed and now focus more on winning
  121. WWE- Triple H Saves Daniel Bryan On SmackDown?
  122. Were you surprised Taz agreed with the TNA fans when they chanted "This is awesome"?
  123. In 3 words, how would you describe The Wyatt Family?
  124. WWE- Would this be a good Summer Slam Match?
  125. My Dream Matches. What do you think?
  126. I have a question about TNA?
  127. What would happen if The Shield tried to Attack Brock Lesnar?
  128. Who loses the MEM - A&E match?
  129. this is the best wwe move in history?
  130. Anyone else tired of hearing mr. young being gay?
  131. Did former wcw star???
  132. Is Bully Ray a Mustang, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale horse?
  133. What do you think of Bully Ray spitting on Mike Tenay during his cage match with Chris Sabin?
  134. What do you think of Taz complaining there was no Aces And Eights members in the ladder match?
  135. Anyone disapointed Chris Sabin lost the World Heavyweight Championship against Bully Ray?
  136. What do you think of Mike Tenay saying last week on Impact was his last time being in charge...
  137. Do you agree with Taz should Hulk Hogan fly to Guam?
  138. How do you think Bully Ray likes to celebrate?
  139. Is Mike Tenay bickering like a little girl on commentary?
  140. What do you think of John Cena saying Miz TV is usually a train wreck of a show?
  141. Have you ever dream of being a pro wrestler?
  142. WWE- Did Goldust even do the "Shattered Dreams" corner Finisher to anyone?
  143. WWE- RyBack made Samoan drop his finisher?
  144. Wrestling : When ryback says "FEED ME MORE"?
  145. Will WWE be part of the movie Crossface?
  146. Spoilers for tna....?
  147. whats up with the beard in WWE?
  148. How to make wwe diva kaitlyn marry me?please read details.?
  149. Do you think the prime tyme players will get a push now that Darren young Is gay?
  150. Can u lift a heavy wrestler?why?
  151. How often do you watch wwe wrestling?
  152. Why was Velvet Sky not part of the Knockouts match at HCJ tonight?
  153. does anyone has a good stream of tna?
  154. Why are these weird WWE CM Punk fans confused into whether or not i'm a girl or guy?
  155. TNA: Thoughts on the end of Hard Core Justice tonight?
  156. Who are the hbk and Marty Jannetty of these teams?
  157. Why did TMZ ask Darren Young if a gay wrestler could make it in the WWE?
  158. Did Magnus just call Virginia an country?
  159. Did you know Darren Young is gay?
  160. Now that Darren Young has come out,long before he's released (+2BQ)?
  161. WWE "Did you know" song Wrestleman NY/NJ song, for Monday night raw?
  162. Is Triple H gonna play a big role in the WWE Championship match?
  163. Who will leave TNA next Thursday?
  164. I want to watch wwe pay-per-view summer slam 2013. It says pre order pay-per-view on the wwe...
  165. Guess my favourite wrestler and get 20 POINTS!!?
  166. When do you see Undertaker finally retiring?
  167. You think it will affect me getting into wwe or tna?
  168. Is Daniel Bryan the future of the WWE?
  169. Is taz a great singer???
  170. Where is MASON RYAN is he still officially working for the WWE?
  171. Who else knew Bully was going to win?
  172. Did you know April Mendez and I are in bed right now?
  173. How many fake wrestlers are not juiced?
  174. What songs are good for wrestling someone?
  175. Brock Lesnar or Goldberg? who's better?
  176. Are Big E langston and Rampage Jackson brothers?
  177. will you be watching the real best in the world Austin aries tonight me and punk will
  178. what hard liquor should me and cm punk try next?
  180. How does Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray like to celebrate?
  181. Is Jeff Hardy a ''Charismatic Enabler''?
  182. Are the TNA crowds drunk?
  183. Is this how CM PUNKS theme should sound like on his way to the ring to face BROCK LESNAR?
  184. Who do think is the?????
  185. Why does the wwe fake and not real?
  186. Is cm punk going to win?
  187. Which wrestling superstar do you think puts the best performance with these moves?
  188. Making brock lesnar wwe?
  189. Which matches would be better?
  190. Is brock lesnar a beast?
  191. Do you believe Kharma will come back to the WWE?
  192. Proof most WWE fans and wrestlers are homosexual?
  193. What do you think of John Cena being Proud of Darren Young for being Honest?
  194. Anyone sick of Total Divas getting shoved down our throats?
  195. Did Darren Young ''Move Get it Get it in'' On his Guy Friend?
  196. Russo Mania thinks I am that idiot ROHPunk?
  197. YO Wrestling Section?
  198. Why am I hated by the WWE Universe for talking about CM Punk?
  199. I can't believe I had a WS Stable with a loser who likes CM Punk?
  200. Do you agree with bully ray claiming he & devon are the most success in tag team history?
  201. Wrestling : Who would win in a SURVIVER SERIES match (BETWEEN)?
  202. What's your reaction on Darren Young finally coming out of the closet?
  203. Are you in the closet?
  204. are you ready for Best vs The Beast?
  205. Isn't this a great day for the WWE Fans?
  206. Why Jericho TCW such a Attention Whore?
  207. Does anybody know the name of this Wrestler?
  208. Do you find the WWE US title as a very valueable gift to earn?
  209. is Vince Mcmahon is the greatest heel of all time?
  210. Besides DARREN YOUNG, who else in the WWE do you think is GEE-AYY?
  211. Wrestling : Are you fans of the game STREET FIGHTER ll?
  212. Do you think Darren young will get fired from WWE like orlando jordan since he announced he was gay?
  213. Do you own John Cena cologne?
  214. Not only did Darren Young come out of the closet to WWE fans?
  215. Does anybody know the name of this superstar?
  216. Which of these are your favorite WWF/E In Your House matches?
  217. Did Edge and Christian ever face each other?
  218. Who do you want to win each match at Summer Slam?
  219. Will WWE Fans Chant ''Gay'' at Darren Young?
  220. Which of these are your favorite List of World Tag Team Champions (WWE)?
  221. Wwe fans are a joke...?
  222. Wwe/wwf specific matches?
  223. Tna: which match are u looking forward to tonight?
  224. Will Darren young be the 1st gay wwe champion?
  225. Who would win in a tag team match with USOS vs PRIME TIME G@YERS?
  226. how much they are charged on the czw?
  227. ECW vs WCW vs WWF/WWE. in your opinion which wrestling company is better and why?
  228. Hulk Hogan vs Hollywood Hogan (which Hogan gimmick is better)?
  229. What do you think is currently going through the minds of DARRENS partner TITUS O'NEAL?
  230. Which WWE superstars do you think will or will not have a successful future (BETWEEN)?
  231. Anyone sick of the Curt Hawkins being shoved down our throats!?
  232. September... The Return of "Did I Do Dat" The Grestest Heel in WS History...?
  233. is cena going to turn heel after summerslam?
  234. Rate my WM 30 match card + BQ?
  235. Has anyone worked for all the big 4?
  236. Whats your favorite Summerslam moment?
  237. Do you think this will be the theme song for Wrestlemania 30?
  238. Why does everyone say Sting is so great?
  239. Here is what the members of the nexus are doing now?
  240. Does anybody know where I can watch some old wwe matches?
  241. What happened to the WWE?
  242. Questions about the UNDERTAKER!!?
  243. What do you think is the most underrated title belt in the WWE?
  244. Does Chris Jericho's codebreaker hurt?
  245. what wwe related product should i buy with my allowance?
  246. Should jack swagger and antonio cesaro team up with zack ryder to form the new job squad?
  247. Is Trish Stratus pregnant?
  248. What will others want at Wrestlemania when Undertaker retires?
  249. Is there anybody else that's undefeated at Wrestlemania?
  250. Should Stone cold used this as his theme song when he returns?
  251. Are you on team Daniel Beardan?
  252. Don't know if I should change my Y/A username or not? (Serious!)?
  253. Anyone else sick of Lesnar yet?
  254. WrestleMania XXX Fan Card. Yes or No?
  255. how bad will brock lesnar whip cm punk?
  256. Does Randy orton Burn in his light or have voices in his head?
  257. The undisputed champion where is my lollipop?
  258. How come most Ryback fans are attracted to other males?
  259. Which of these are your favorite WWE Champion(s)?
  260. Could Ryback whip Brock Lesnar's a$$?
  261. Are there any similarities between Eddie Guerrero and Alberto Del Rio?
  262. Who do you think is better between these wrestlers?
  263. Is it ok to be a WWE pervert?
  264. WWE WS Fued of the year? WS Rapper vs (Fake) WS Rapper?
  265. Is WWE 2k14 30 Years of Wrestlemania real?
  266. Is Daniel Bryan A More Valuable Asset To The Wwe Than CM Punk .. !?
  267. what would you do if kaitlyn speared you and ripped all of your clothes off?
  268. how would you rate these legendary pro wrestlers?
  269. A Question To Fans Of CM Punk .. !?
  270. What would you do if you came back home and kaitlyn was tied to your bed?
  271. Which Match Are You Most Looking Forward To At Summerslam 2013 .. !?
  272. What are your thoughts on professional wrestler Maria Menounos returning to the WWE for Summerslam?
  273. How come WWE fans get their feelings hurt by me trolling?
  274. Do you think Ryback is strong enough to give Giant Gonzalez & Yokozuna a Shell Shock?
  275. Would you agree with me that Shawn Michaels is a very good looking man for his age?
  276. Why haven't Lesnar used Kimura Lock on CM Punk?
  277. John cena is the greatest superstar ever?
  278. What are all the types of WWE wrestlers?
  279. Anyone else sick of Titus O'neil Dog Bark getting shoved down our throats?
  280. Anyone else sick of the audience being shoved down our throats?
  281. Why did WWE changed the theme song for SummerSlam?
  282. Anyone sick of Mason Ryan getting shoved down our throats?
  283. Did you know Ryback was a Maid in late 2012 that's why he screamed ''Feed Me Chores''?
  284. Is CM Punk a Jerk a real life?
  285. Anyone sick of the WWE ring being shoved down our throats!?
  286. Join my anti cm punk club?
  287. Why am I better than all of you WS users?
  288. Is William Regal's regal stretch submission finishing move in the wwe 13 game for Wii? where
  289. Anyone sick of Mitchell Cole getting shoved down our throats?
  290. Will the wwe ever have a triple threat last man standing match?
  291. At Summerslam will Mr. Cena turn heel?
  292. Anyone sick of Yoshi Tatsu getting shoved down our throats?
  293. Anyone else sick of Tyson Kidd being shoved down our throats?
  294. Anyone sick of Daniel Bryan being shoved down our throats?
  295. Did you like Eddie Guerrero as a heel or a face?
  296. Smackdown possibly becoming 3 hours?
  297. who else thinks it was an insult to cm punk and real wrestlers and fans by giving the rock the...
  298. Who's Had the Better Career Shawn Michaels or Hulk Hogan?
  299. Which feud you enjoyed the most in WWE?
  300. Will you riot if Cena or Orton wins at summerslam?
  301. Has anyone watched WWE live if yes is it true that they get blood and all while fighting?
  302. Is Ryback is a? joke compared to Goldberg?
  303. Can CM Punk Only Take Out Brock Lesnar When His Back Is Turned .. !?
  304. What are your thoughts with GOLDBERG being a heel if he returns to WWE?
  305. Isn't It Great That Aj Lee Doesn't Have To Defend The Divas Title At Summerslam .. !?
  306. Why wouldn't TNA place IMPACT on Friday nights?
  307. Do You Want Randy Orton To Cash In At Summerslam .. !?
  308. Does Jericho TCW only hate CM Punk because CM Punk buried Y2J?
  309. Will Nikki and John get married?
  310. When will WWE Make ''the ***** is here '' shirt?
  311. What are your thought on RVD as the #1 contender for the US title?
  312. Can Goldberg destroy Ryback with one spear?
  313. Wrestling : What is your top 2 favorite UNDERTAKER moments in his carreer?
  314. Why can't I find the video , Vince McMahon and candice michelle go personal backstage?
  315. Who do you think is the biggest running mouth in the WWE (BETWEEN)?
  316. Do you think the Bella Twins are betting over who's gonna win between Cena And Bryan?
  317. does anybody care about TNA?
  319. Was the Wrestling Section dead without me?
  320. What do you think will happen at Summer Slam?
  321. Which woukd u like to see after ss ppv?
  322. GUYS ONLY!!!!!!! Problems!?
  323. When was the last time The Rock appeared on WWE?
  324. What are the best cheap seats for wwe raw?
  325. Who should the Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 30?
  326. How do you feel if goldberg returns and attack ryback?
  327. John Cena, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk or Zack Ryder?
  328. Does?????????????!?!!?
  329. My name is Christopher Medina and I am now a member of the WS!?
  330. Who else thinks R-Truth's elimination shouldn't have counted?
  331. WWE- Is anyone watching Summer Slam Conference live?
  332. im a girl and i want to be a wrestler?
  333. John Cena Vs Stone Cold?
  334. What do you think of HHH vs The Rock at WM?
  335. Andre The Giant Vs UnderTaker?
  336. What do you think of HHH possibly turning heel and facing Stone Cold at WM?
  337. What do you think of my top 10 wrestlers?
  338. Breaking new in tna...?
  339. Is the reason why Natalya released her sharpshooter on AJ Lee early was because she got too cocky?
  340. Are wwe electric chair matches are illegal?
  341. Who had the Best and Worst Night-Raw?
  342. Is John Cena grossly overpaid?
  343. Does anyone else think Randy Orton is extremely overated?
  344. Who are the top 5 superstars you would choose to kickout of the WWE (AND)?
  345. Wrestling : Does size always matters in the ring?
  346. Wrestling : Whats your #1 dream match of all time?
  347. Which WWE ppv did The Big Show knock out John Cena helping John Laurinaitis beat John Cena?
  348. Poll:do you ever get turned on while watching anime?
  349. my girlfriend farted while we were kissing should I break up with her?
  350. Do you think Seņor Booker will use that Zeb Colter rage face as his next picture?
  351. why do the other kids at school laugh at me when I say ric flair in his prime was better than...
  352. Is Eva Marie the worst actor ever?
  353. How was that was more entertaining that Paul Heyman vs CM Punk?
  354. Do you have any idea to create barbed wire bat in wwe'13?
  355. Do you think John Cena slapped Daniel Bryan because what he said was true?
  356. How do i put my opponent through the barricade in Raw vs. Smackdown?
  357. Who in the WS needs a heel turn?
  358. Do you think Rollins & Reigns vs Henry & Big Show could happen at Summerslam?
  359. Anyone know who this girl is with Kaitlyn?
  360. summerslam 2013 predictions?
  361. why does cena thin hes better than punk?
  362. Why didn't Triple H get charged for breaking and entering when he invaded Ortons house?
  363. This may sound foolish, but do you get a Scooby Doo villain feel whenever the Wyatt family appears?
  364. What happened in the first hour of Raw?
  365. Does the WWE seem more interesting at the moment?
  366. What NJPW invasion was NWO based off of?
  367. By vs Rollins and Reigns?
  368. Wrestling : Who do you think would be a perfect tag team partner with brock lesnar?
  369. Is Shane McMahon Going to buy Ring of Honor?
  370. so will brooke hogan help bully ray win back his title thursday in the cage?
  371. So why is Cesaro wearing a yellow cape?
  372. Do you think JBL is jealous that both AJ Lee and the Bella Twins have liked him?
  373. Is the reason Natalya doesn't wrestle because she botches and can't do The Sharpshooter correctly?
  374. Do you think the crowd was feeding Triple H's ego?
  375. Tag team match at summerslam?
  376. Do you think John Cena was more intense tonight because Nikki said Josh Matthews was cute?
  377. What do you think of Big E. Langston saying Dolph Ziggler would beg to have him on his Corner?
  378. How funny was it when Jerry lawler said if you want to dance with Summer Rae dil 1-800-uwish?
  379. Is Brad Maddox counting fast the only way he know how to count?
  380. Is John Cena a parody of wrestling?
  381. Were you surprised Zeb Coulter said that he wished 2.5 people would die in an earthquake?
  382. who's better eric bischoff or paul heyman?
  383. When will Paul White ( The Big Show ) be back?
  384. Who is better between Kobashi and Kawada?
  385. Ryback vs. Goldberg? hell in the cell match?
  386. Wrestling : SUMMER SLAM 2013 will be better than WM 29?
  387. Howd you feel if Vince cancelled WM30?
  388. Why does Paul keep flappin his mouth?
  389. Will their be a Beard Champion belt?
  390. Battle of the cruiserweight,and light heavyweight wrestlers?
  391. If Daniel Bryan doesn't win at summerslam will you riot?
  392. when the lights go out at the arena.....?
  393. Does the wwe 2k14 30 years of wrestlemania mode replace the wwe`13 attitude era mode?
  394. Can I be a WWE referee I'm 5'4 120 lbs and get knocked out when a fly touches my head?
  395. If you get eliminated twice should you not even be allowed to go to Summerslam?
  396. What are your predictions on UFC 162 Silva vs Weidman rematch ? + BQ?
  397. The wrestling section is ugly:-P?
  398. why so many people hate john cena ?
  399. why do you watch fake wwe when you know ufc is better and real?
  400. Would you find a 69 year old, 23 lbs, 16'3 woman attractive?
  401. Eminem and John Cena callaboration, what do you think?
  402. Good news for fans of the Attitude Era?
  403. WWFs Razor Ramon or WCWs Scott Hall?
  404. Is wrestling scripted throughout the whole match or is there improvisation?
  405. WWE Universe i need your votes!!?
  406. So Ryback is bigger than Brock Lesnar?
  407. Who is more overrated, Wife Beater 3:16 or Wife Killer Cross Faced?
  408. Why do people complain about the name "ring of fire"?
  409. What do you think of Kofi's new ring attire?
  410. Will Ryback finally claim his tights from RVD?
  411. Does anybody else think that a special referee will ruin the match?
  412. Does anybody ever school Little Jimmys about the real greats?
  413. Is Jimmy Uso the next SCSA?
  414. Youtube's CmPuke love him or hate?
  415. Rvd is going to win...?
  416. Undertaker Wrestlemania XXX opponent?
  417. It didn't take long for Kofi to start jobbing again did it?
  418. Man, that MIz TV segment was actually pretty good.?
  419. why was i mid card jobber in the wwf?
  420. Your predictions on who wins the Battle Royal?
  421. did we almost see a heel john cena?
  422. Why are they trying to make the U.S title seem important?
  423. Anybody else surprised Natalya and Khali won?
  424. Tell the truth you enjoyed watching total divas more than that fake wrestling cr@p?
  425. Does anybody get the feeling we're going into a new era?
  426. Wow. Even I feel embarrassed for those divas after that match.?
  427. Oh my god. Kane actually won. How weird is that?
  428. Total Divas Love it or Hate it?
  429. How do I follow the buzzards?
  430. Is anyone in the WS not getting SummerSlam?
  431. In honor of Hulk Hogan's 60th birthday can you list his 60 greatest matches?
  432. is wwf to wcw like he-man to she-ra land?
  433. Why WWE's Women's Division Sucks?
  434. Do you think it's pathetic that Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are moving to Phoenix for a dog?
  435. Anyone else happy that Jo-Jo chose her dream instead of her boyfriend?
  436. Is tonight's RAW predictable?
  437. If Cena wins we complain online?
  438. Does Brie Bella act as a "grown a** woman"?
  439. Was it messed up that Sebastien, Jo-Jo's boyfriend, broke up with her after she had a concussion?
  440. Is Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella moving to Phoenix "all Daniel Bryan"?
  441. If you were Sebastien,Jo-Jo's boyfriend, would you make her choose between you or her job?
  442. Who will Job Van Dam loose to tonight?
  443. Is John Cena The best W.W.E superstar ever?
  444. Do you think TNA would be better wrestling company if paul heyman was the chairman?
  445. Bray Wyatt is the Morgan Freeman of WWE?
  446. What is this big Summer Slam news? (details inside)?
  447. will WWE 2K14 have TNA wrestlers on the roster (who are legends in wwe)?
  448. Bryan Danielson Vs Nigel Mcguinnes ROH 2007?
  449. who will face undertaker a wrestlemania 30?
  450. Your predictions on what's going to happen on Raw tonight?
  451. Who are your favorite 5 wrestlers in WWE history?
  452. Does anybody know a link I can go to on mediafire that has WWE/TNA titantrons and matches I can...
  453. What do you think of Naomi saying WWE wants their woman to appear single?
  454. What do you think of John Cena saying he has nasty toes?
  455. What do you think of Brie Bella saying she's good at getting physical?
  456. When Naomi was on her knees did you think Jimmy Uso was going to get something from her?
  457. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying she worked her butt last night with John Cena on...
  458. Some fans may disagree on this?
  459. What do you think about WWE's new divas?
  460. Why is mma fighter in pro wrestling a big deal?
  461. WWE .. Interesting Wrestling match ups?
  462. why are punk fans jeaolus of our legend?
  463. Who has the best facial hair in the WWE?
  464. Was michaels a bad guy?
  465. What event in WWE was the most cray cray?
  466. WWE wrestling schools in South Yorkshire?
  467. Is jeff the killer real and all of the statements in the creepypasta?
  468. Do you think Randy Orton should go back to his old theme from 2004?
  469. What's Ryback gonna do at Summerslam?
  470. Who should be the next WWE Divas Champion?
  471. Has Kane always been played by Glenn Jacobs?
  472. Which of these are your favorite WWE matches of 2000's (2000-2009)?
  473. Is there any wrestler who has been champion in TNA, ROH and WWE?
  474. Wrestlemania 30 tickets?
  475. Where did our wwe legend go?
  476. Do You Agree with My Greatest Stars of the 90s List?
  477. Breaking Kayfabe, good or bad?
  478. If Brock Lesnar doesn't like CM Punk calling himself Best in the World, why doesn't he go after Y2J?
  479. Do you think AJPW will fold now that their major wrestlers have left?
  480. will you be watching total divas tomorrow since it's real unlike there pretend job called pro...
  481. What are your thoughts on Shawn Michaels' beard?
  482. are all pro wrestling fans trailer park trash hicks with no life waiting on food stamps?
  483. Hey WS: Do you think they should make Marvel and Capcom vs DC Universe and Mortal Kombat videogame?
  484. Really?Really?Really?
  485. Smackdown here comes the pain question?
  486. I don't need real friends when I have Yahoo Answers WS?
  487. Has WWE become less childish?
  488. How do you think Triple H feels about being called a corporate idiot by Brock Lesnar?
  489. What do you think of Brock Lesnar saying he's never liked CM Punk?
  490. Does wrestlers keep their personal life from wrestling?
  491. Which do you like better?
  492. What type of Puerto Rican Aj Lee is!?
  493. Is Khali a huge movie star in Bollywood?
  494. what do u all think of wwe total divas?
  495. how to become a wwe wrestler?
  496. Did you read this...?
  497. Why dont you compare wwe shows agianst each other, instead of with tna?
  498. Who cant wait till john cena beats daniel cryin?
  499. Since when did Big Show turn into the No Show?
  500. Who else cant wait till cm punk beats brock lesner?