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  1. Is Bully Ray's finger the only thing Brooke Tessmacher is going to be sucking on tonight?
  2. What do you think of Brooke Tessmacher kissing Bully Ray?
  3. Should ODB wrestle in the man's division?
  4. Is today a good day to be Bully Ray?
  5. Do you think Mike Tenay should stop using a pencil and paper when adding and instead use...
  6. Do you believe Mike Tenay when he said he never wore a mask?
  7. Did you like Mike Tenay's response when Taz asked him why he was so mean to him?
  8. Do you think the only thing James Storm is jealous of is a person with a six pack and he
  9. Rumors has it that Lesnar will face at WM30?
  10. Does TNA Impact use Kodak film?
  11. let me check my math?
  12. Do you think John Cena is going to return at Royal Rumble?
  13. Who is your favourite wwe wrestler in history?
  14. Are there any WWE Superstars/Divas from where you hale from?
  15. When was the last time undertaker was a member of raw?
  16. Opinions on edge and christian? (as a tag team)?
  17. Why is Cm Punk so angry all the time?
  18. What ever happen to mvp?
  19. Who would you most like to see back in the WWE? Goldberg, Batista, Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy?
  20. WWE Night Of Champions Match Card?
  21. Who has biggest Boobs in WWE?
  22. Do you think Christian will retire soon since he keeps getting injured or jobbed?
  23. is this how Aj Lee and Layla started teaming together?
  24. Greatest ECW star of all time?
  25. If Ric Flair is the 16 times World Heavyweight Champion, give me the list of Ric Flair's opponents?
  26. I am pretty fed up! I can't take this anymore!!!!!?
  27. Wrestling: Who do you think would win in a real life/street fight between Brock Lesnar and Samoa...
  28. Do you think there was contreversy over WCW?
  29. Some WWE fans are never satisfied?
  30. Did he really just so the spinnaroni LOL?
  31. Will you still go to a Wrestling show,even if your favorite Wrestler isn't going to be there?
  32. Will The Wyatt Family Feud with Undertaker and Kane?
  33. When will Bill Goldberg return to the WWE?
  34. Results for WS Smackdown + Match Card for WS Night of Champions + Wrestling Questions?
  35. Matches for WS Raw Supershow + Wrestling Questions?
  36. What happen if Ryback slap Goldberg the way he's done to other people?
  37. Is There Any Old Forgotten Subissions That I Can Use?
  38. Will the Shield be working for Triple H now?
  39. Who should aj styles past the torch to in tna?
  40. Why does Cm Punk act like a pimp?
  41. Should we make CM Punk t-shirts and wear them and paint our face with "CM"?
  42. does cm drunk know he is not the best in the world?
  43. My schools having another fundraiser tomorrow, can you record Smackdown for me?
  44. How long do you think JoJo and Eva Marie will be in WWE?
  45. If Triple H is the 8 time WWE Champion, give me the list of Triple H's opponents?
  46. Is the Cesaro vs Zayn full match on Youtube?
  47. Why do CM Punk fans claim to have followed him since FCW?
  48. Kurt Angle WWE Theme one of the best ever?
  49. How and what eras were your favourite?WWE?
  50. Who would you most like to see back in the WWE? Goldberg, Batista, Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy?
  51. Why does Cm Punk have skinny muscles?
  52. How come you dont like Ryback vs Goldberg match at WM30?
  53. Why didnt Cm Punk play Wolverine in the new movie?
  54. If John Cena is the 11 time WWE Champion, give me the list of John Cena's opponents?
  55. Why does Cm Punk hate his fans?
  56. who is better Dean ambrose or Roy wyatt?
  57. should damien sandow cash in mitb soon or save it for wrestlefest?
  58. would cm punk vs roy wyatt and his family be a good feud?
  59. Goldberg with possible role at WrestleMania XXX?
  60. Poll:have you ever ate something out of the trash?
  61. Who would you rather have return to the WWE? Batista or Goldberg?
  62. Are CM Punk haters secretly butthurt Jeff Hardy fans?
  63. Isn't john cena the greatest of all time?
  64. WS, which of these WWE superstars should get release first?
  65. when will the kane return for revenge at roy wyatt?
  66. Was This Worse Than CM Punk Calling That Guy Fat On Monday Night Raw ..?
  67. Who is the greatest athlete alive?
  68. What does Joh Cena have in common with an Xbox?
  69. What religion is justin gabriel of wwe?
  70. On SummerSlam 2004, for the World Heavyweight Championship, who did Randy Orton beat?
  71. Four Horsemen or Evolution: Which wrestling fraction/stable do you prefer better and why?
  72. Which of these are your favorite NWA/WCW World Tag Team Champion(s)?
  73. Why is there a weird guy sending weird emails to me about how he meet AJ Lee and took
  74. WS, Do you think Daniel Bryan still looks at Brie Bella's nip slip?
  75. I'm thinking bout making a face turn, but I feel as if I'm better as a heel, what should I do?
  76. WS, if you were owner of the WWE for a day, what would be the first 3 things you'll do?
  77. How long do you think Daniel Bryan's yes no chants will last?
  78. Do you think Randy Orton is a good technical wrestler?
  79. Wwe summerslam 2014 at Madison Square Garden in NYC and WrestleMania future at Los Angeles
  80. Wrestling : What are few things you have to do to be claimed as the "BEST IN THE WORLD"?
  81. Daniel Bryan or Cm Punk?
  82. Which match was better?
  83. What is your favorite WWE match of all time?
  84. What happened to these WWE wrestles/Divas:?
  85. Aren't the Divas (women wrestler) afraid of assault by the guy wrestlers?
  86. Will Dave Batista ever return to the WWE?
  87. Your top 15 wwe theme songs?
  88. 10 point for anyone who can briefly document all of Big Show's heel and face turns?
  89. Your top 15 wwe theme songs?
  90. Do you think that The Real Americans should get a push?
  91. When was the last time a WWE superstar botch a move?
  92. What were your 3 favorite WWE matches so far in 2013?
  93. Has Daniel Brian become your favorite WWE star now?
  94. Is Rybackmania running wild on WWE?
  95. Why hasnt Cm Punk won a UFC match?
  96. Do You Remember When CM Punk Fans Thought He Would Beat The Rock .. !?
  97. Did Chris Benett scare you?
  98. Whats your fave MITB cash in and why?
  99. Wasn't Brock Lesnar suppose to be gone didn't he lose that i quit match to Triple H at wrestlemaina?
  100. Why are CM Punk haters so annoying?
  101. Where is John Cena going for real? Also, where is the Undertaker?
  102. why do you watch grown men in tights pretend to punch each other when you could watch a
  103. what would you do if AJ and Layla made out in the middle of the ring?
  104. diffrence between now john cena and old john cena?
  106. Who is better Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins?
  107. Do you think Cody Rhodes deserve's a WWE title shot +BQ?
  108. which wwe wrestler is my favourite that is not in my pic?
  109. Why doesnt Micheal Cole join the NFL?
  110. How can anyone say William Regal isn't a great wrestler?
  111. why does people like aj lee so much?
  112. Anyone know the complete PWI 500 for 2013?
  113. Who is the most "worst word champion of all time" in wwe?
  114. Did getting busted for pot kill Swagger's career?
  115. Who would you most like to see back in the WWE? Goldberg, Batista, Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy?
  117. Which of these are your favorite WWF/E Raw Year(s.)?
  118. Who thinks that Randy Orton's best year ever was 2004?
  119. Guys, Roman Reigns just got hurt?
  120. Dear God could somebody put the divas division out of its misery?
  121. WWE Bullying / Ryback. Anyone notice hypocrisy?
  122. Which WWE diva do you find the most unattractive in the current roster?
  123. The Shield or The Wyatt Familly, which do you like better?
  124. When Sheamus returns do you think he will feud with Ryback since Ryback is bullying people...
  125. How out of whack are the morals of WWE fans?
  126. who would win these wrestling matches ?
  127. Who is the bigger draw: HBK or Undertaker?
  128. Who Is More Of A Fan Favourite, Daniel Bryan Or CM Punk .. !?
  129. Does the Wrestling Section belong in the Entertainment section?
  130. is vince mcmahon greatest wrestler in history of smack?
  131. What does Ryback mean by ''Meat on the table''?
  132. Would Cesaro Vs CM Punk be a good match?
  133. guess which superstar is my favorite?
  134. Ryback is doing bullying segment?
  135. John Cena going to return royal rumble 2014?
  136. Who would u most like to see back in the WWE? Batista, Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy?
  137. Agree or Disagree: CM Punk is the best performer in the WWE right now?
  138. Which Ending Was Better, Summerslam 2013 Or Money In The Bank 2011 .. !?
  139. This is my first time in this section, and I wonder...?
  140. Who's the better troll?
  141. What wrestler do you think had/has the perfect entrance?
  142. ARE you pissed off at how triple h, stephanie, vince, treated daniel bryant?
  143. Of these choices, who played the best underdog WWE Champion?
  144. Coolest/Best Finisher in WWE right now?
  145. When will The Undertaker retire?
  146. Do you have a crush on any WWE superstars/Divas?
  147. is Daniel bryan up against a machine to strong?
  148. Why does Cm Punk love picking fights?
  149. is this a glitch in wwe 13?
  150. Which heel will lose their championship first?
  151. I'm the reason Rassling Critic and "Jim Crockett Promotions" left the WS because I invented..?
  152. Lets Vote: Should I leave the wrestling section? Or just stay?
  153. Wrestling : What top 3 questions would you like to ask KANE if you met him in person?
  154. Predict my favorite WWE Wrestler and get 10 points?!?
  155. I'm gonna be a wwe superstar, your thoughts?
  156. Who is The best WWE superstar?
  157. If you were married to Natalya would you want people to know you're not having sex with her?
  158. Do you miss Jerry Lawler saying "PUPPIES!" every time the divas came out to the ring?
  159. Does the AJ/Kaitlyn feud need to end +BQ?
  160. What current superstars do you see going into the Hall of Fame?
  161. What do you think of Tyson Kidd not having sex with Natalya?
  162. What was your reaction when Cena announced that he would be out for 4-6 months?
  163. total divas? best show showing how wrestlers live there life's?
  164. Whats your top 10 best "wrestlers" in the WWE today?
  165. did you know the black john cena?
  166. Was Sin Cara's injury scripted or real?
  167. Who did you like better Trish or Lita?
  168. Why are Idiots Saying WWE is boring when UFC is boring?
  169. Is this what Michael Cole wanted to say when Sin Cara got injured?
  170. How long was cm punks wwe title reign? i know it was long but from what date to what date and how
  171. Who win the match on summer slam between Rob Van Dam and Deyamrose?
  172. This doesn't make sense, what do you think?
  173. Did Randy Orton and Triple H turn heel?
  174. Will I make it to the WWE?
  175. I'm joining the WWE, (in NXT first then get signed)?
  176. why did sin cara pu$$y out and quit the match just because he dislocated his finger?
  177. referee told del rio to get the*** out did anyone hear it?
  178. So, how come Aj Lee hasn't had a baby yet?
  179. Do you think Fandango will come out of the closet too?
  180. Should i do wrestling?
  181. If you could bring back one old WCW pay-per-view what would it be?
  182. Would Michael Cole still be a heel commentator if Jerry had not had his heart attack?
  183. Do You Like The Yes/No Chants In The Wwe .. !?
  184. Do you think CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be better off in TNA?
  185. Does It Sicken Anyone Else How Brock Lesnar Gets No Reaction From The Wwe Universe ..?
  186. Who is a better heel Randy Orton or Cm Punk?
  187. Is daniel bryan wwe champion?
  188. Are their any Indian wrestlers?
  189. Does anybody else miss Chris Jericho?
  190. Why was Ryback being a bully?
  191. Could Batista be the new Pauls Heyman's client?
  192. Do you have a favorite WWE Diva?
  193. Who were the Original members of The Ministry Of Darkness?
  194. Sheamus never saves my day?
  195. Is Randy Orton dating JoJo the new wwe diva?
  196. Do you think The Shield should face The Wyatt Family in a 6 man tag team elimination match?
  197. What face wrestler do you cheer if any?
  198. What in the blue HELL does everyone see in the Shield?
  199. When will we see Paige debut in the main roster?
  200. ROHPunk do you have a problem or something?
  201. What do you think was John Cena's reaction when he saw the Shield and the McMahons attacking...
  202. Does Randy Orton need a new theme song?
  203. Top 10 WWE Theme Songs of 2013?
  204. Who am i............?
  205. Which is Better Punk says a WWE fan has a Vag*na or CM Punk hitting a WWE Fan?
  206. Is anyone glad that Brock Lesnar Defeated Triple H in steel cage now?
  207. How would you Rate raw last night?
  208. What are the 25 Greatest Summerslam matches ever?
  209. WS, do you see anybody else that can join The New Corporation?
  210. Does Nikki Bella have breast implants?
  211. Top 10 WWE Hottest Divas?
  212. John Cena tops PWI 500 List for third time. Thoughts?
  213. What is the name of the new WWE stable?
  214. What's your opinion of Brad Maddox as gm for WWE RAW?
  215. The Corporation or The McMahon-Helmsley Faction: Which WWF/E Fraction/Stable do you prefer better?
  216. If you had to make a TLC match, who would you include?
  217. WWE Summerslam 2014 Location ?
  218. Whats better the current TNA or the current WWE?
  219. September, the return of "Did I Do Dat" huge pop, insane crowd going wild for him?
  220. Who do you like aj with like dating?
  221. Is John Cena The Face of The WWE?
  222. Wrestling : Whats your predictions with the PRIME TIME G@YERS (I MEAN) PLAYERS?
  223. Why does Curtis axel have no merchandise available?
  224. Do you think that the raw after summerslam was the best raw we've had in a very long time?
  225. Whats the history between Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara?
  226. Which match would b better punk vs stone cold or brock vs stone cold?
  227. Is matt morgan signed back to WWE?
  228. Wrestling : Did you know that both LESNAR and RYBACK hates each other in real life?
  229. Paul Heyman is going to have a new client?
  230. So if cm punk couldnt do it, who will end the undertakers streak?
  231. Wrestling : Do you think the WWE TITLE is not so valueable as it used to be?
  232. Anyone else think John Cena is more classier than CM Punk?
  233. Do you think Triple H liked doing that with that guy?
  234. Did you like The Footlocker promo with Zack Ryder,Drew Mcintyre, Fandango and Summer Rae?
  235. I thought CM Punk was supposed to Be A Star, he's a hypocrite?
  236. Are Wade Barretts ears picking up satelite signals?
  237. what did you think of raw last night?
  238. What happened to Sheamus?
  239. Did sin cara really get hurt?
  240. Do you think it was about time Randy Orton had a heel turn?
  241. do you think WWE is getting interesting again?
  242. What if fatso becomes the new heyman guy?
  243. So anyone wanna bet that cenas gonna return at the royal rumble at #30?
  244. Anyone else think stone cold in his prime vs randy orton would be a good match?
  245. Could ke$ha make cm pussy tap out?
  246. Anyone else enjoy that segment ?
  247. Wwe night of champions predictions?
  248. Do you think Vickie Guerrero is glad that she doesn't have to deal with the McMahons anymore?
  249. So the Mcmahons all of a sudden like randy Orton? The same guy that punted all of them in...
  250. Best Raw ever! Two shield matches in one night?
  251. anyone else think it should be big show vs the wyatt family instead?
  252. Well this most definitely blows! WWE intending to replace the shield with the Wyatt family?
  253. So Stephanie McMahon forgives what Randy Orton did to her over the years?
  254. When you look at Heath Slater, do you think of the Wendy's ginger girl?
  255. Is it just me or did I see a grumpy cat poster in the crowd?
  256. Is Daniel Bryan going to be WWE's top face until Cena returns?
  257. Would you like to see JBL fandangoing?
  258. What do you think Daniel Bryan is doing outside of the building?
  259. What do you think that Fan thinks about Punk calling him fat?
  260. Will The Shield ever walk down the ramp?
  261. Who won WWE tittle match on summer slam?
  262. was did i do dat? deleted he is now a question mark?
  263. should mason ryan return now and become triple h and randy orton's new batista?
  264. do you like curtis axel?
  265. Corporate image??????
  266. So, if Vince had a 2nd daughter for Daniel to marry could he be a 13 time champion?
  267. We just saw a teaser for two future jobbers didn't we?
  268. Was Darren young coming out that he is gay the smartest thing he ever did?
  269. Predict my favourite wrestler and get 10 Points!?
  270. Favorite wwe superstar?
  271. Will tonight be an 'All Face Win', since most of them lost at Summerslam?
  272. Do you think Rey Mysterio would have taken that crap from Ryback?
  273. Why does Jerry Lawler complaining about Paul Heyman?
  274. Is it possible for a wrestler, to 'play possum' during a match?
  275. How come we can't tell that CM Punk was in a match against Brock Lesnar?
  276. Will any of the 'Heel' wrestlers win tonight, or is it an all face win program?
  277. Why are we NOT surprised that CM Punk is walking?
  278. What was the most dissapointing?
  279. Is The Big Show better off being a 'face' wrestler?
  280. Who's better cm punk or jeff hardy?
  281. Don't you wish Triple H could've at least made a small Evolution reference?
  282. why does sin cara always get hurt?
  283. Sabin is better than d bryan?
  284. When did the Prime Time Players become 'Face'?
  285. Who's your favorite heel of all time?
  286. Why did HHH wife Stephanie McMahon said that Daniel Bryan is bad for business on Raw (08/19/13)?
  287. Were the fans feeling salty?
  288. Why were Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler using those injuries last night for an excuse?
  289. just how fair was it that TRIPLE H GAVE DANIEL BRYANT PEDIGREE?
  290. Can someone let me know if WWE John Cena going to return by Royal Rumble 2014 since he...
  291. Evolution is back..................?
  292. I believe in the shield!!!!?
  293. The future of the WWE just fought CM Punk.?
  294. Did ryback make that guy go to?
  295. This is Very, Very Strange?
  296. Wwe is copying tna...?
  297. This is why CM Punk lost last night.?
  298. Where The Heck is Shemaus?
  299. R truth not in ymcmb?
  300. Who else would love to have seen the fat guy in the front row actually beat up CM PUnk?
  301. Who do you think those wrestlers are getting ready to face?
  302. Seth rollins still competing?
  303. Did Fandango just shoplift on Live TV?
  304. i like the ryback segments?
  305. Who will be the future for Evolution 2.0?
  306. who will replace flair & batista in reformation of evolution?
  307. How much do you think Zeb Colter's mustache would go for on eBay?
  308. WWE Fans, isn't that feel really bad about Triple H and Randy Orton Turns Heel on Summerslam?
  309. Does Ryback like to shower on live TV with other men?
  310. WTf just happened. Am I high? Did I just see The Prime Time players win?
  311. Will Triple H explain his actions?
  312. Weird Divas match again? Is that how the match is supposed to end?
  313. Sin cara's worst botch yet?
  314. Why does aj have such a?
  315. Do you think John Cena regrets not picking Hornswoggle?
  316. Ugh, Sheamus and Cena out for the rest of the year. How will WWE cope?
  317. Why does Daniel Bryan pay tribute to a Killer?
  318. Do WWe superstars get paid even if they just hangout backstage for the whole show?
  319. Is Daniel Bryan a B+?
  320. Why does John Cena look like he wasnt in a 30 minute match last night?
  321. Is Batista coming back for Evolution?
  322. How would you react if RAW started off with this song tomorrow night?
  323. Do you think Ryback hates WWE's Be a Star?
  324. Does Cena only wrestles good match against people like PUNK,Bryan,HBK etc.?
  325. Isn't Triple H too old to have a Heel turn?
  326. Top 10 WWE Superstars of 2013?
  327. What do you Punk will say tonight on RAW?
  328. Don't You Think That This Is Just Incredible .. !?
  329. How come John Cena is always around little kids?
  330. What were the full results at WWE Summerslamm?
  331. will Christian ever get another chance at a world heavy weight title?
  332. During Daniel Bryan's Weak Link Gimmick, Wouldn't If Have Been Awesome If .. !?
  333. Every match went the way I wanted it too?
  334. Which heel will be the first to lose their belt?
  335. Isn't it weird that the WHC match looked like a mid-card match in summerslam?
  336. why does jerry lawler ¢um every time he sees a diva?
  337. So since HHH is the new Vince McMahon, with the corporate boss heel turn, who's going to be the
  338. Since Randy Orton and turned heel is it possible that Evolution can return?
  339. Who saw the ref give CM PUNK the razor blade?
  340. What did everyone think of SummerSlam?
  341. The Main Event for Night of Champions?
  342. What did you think of Summer Slam?
  343. WS, SummerSlam was last night, what do you think is going to happen tonight on Raw?
  344. Was making the miz "host of SummerSlam" pointless?
  345. How would you rate this years SummerSlam from 1-10?
  346. Which match was the best you've seen so far this year?
  347. so what is next for cena?
  348. Evolution is not coming back so please shut upp?
  349. Ever notice at the return from a commercial break JBL?
  350. What has Miz done as the HOST of Summerslam?
  351. A crime has been committed in that very ring?
  352. Who do you think were the better dancers Fandango and Summer Rae or The Miz and Maria Menounos?
  353. Anybody else happy both Bellas went home without a WWE Champion?
  354. Is Daniel Bryan an expert in losing the championship fast?
  355. Can you smell the return of Evolution?
  356. Is anyone really surprised CM Punk lost since he takes MMA classes for beginners and Brock has...
  357. Would you take a Mark Henry body splash for VIP tickets to Summerslam?
  358. Wrestling : In the future, is it true JOHN CENA will be in the HALL OF FAKE?
  359. How short was Daniel Bryan's title reign?
  360. CM Punk Will Win The Wwe Championship Off Randy Orton .. !?
  361. Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar Champion vs. Champions: Who would win a match?
  362. Has the WWE used the same U.S title since it has been in the WWE?
  363. Is some WWE promos non-scripted?
  364. Is some WWE promos scripted?
  365. Who won at summerslam 2013?
  366. Whats do you think is next for CM PUNK in the wrestling ring?
  367. What are your thoughts on Summerslam 2013?
  368. Wrestling : SO, what difference do you see between a WRESTLER and ENTERTAINER?
  369. Anyone shocked of the double heel turns at Summerslam?
  370. is Ryback fat because he always at the food tables?
  371. What do you think Hunter Hearst Helmsley is thinking about?
  372. How would you rate the beast vs best match?
  373. Why is Triple H such a douche now?
  374. Did Cena tap out or was it a pin?
  375. Daniel Bryan Has Done It, He Is Wwe Champion .. !?
  376. Am I the only one watching this PPV just for Cena vs bryan and Punk vs Lesnar?
  377. Will Daniel bryan start to kick out of Finishing moves now?
  378. why can't cena just pass out?
  379. which was better Bryan vs Cena match or Beast vs best match?
  380. was Summerslam 2013 was the best PPV of the year so far?
  381. Daniel Bryan won, your thoughts on his victory?
  382. Where can I watch the Cena vs Bryan match free?
  383. Was the Ring of Fire match good?
  384. Do you like to have a body like undertaker or john cena?
  385. Does anyoen remember Brock Lesner broke Stone Cold Steve Austins neck because he can't wrestle?
  386. Who's the intellectual savior of the masses in this section?
  387. Please explain daniel bryan vs john cena match?
  388. Can you give me a link to SummerSlam?
  389. Could Brock Lesnar work a full time schedule physically?
  390. where can I watch summer slam?
  391. This is gonna happen tomorrow?
  392. Omg what just happened..?
  393. How many of you knew Triple H was going to pedigree Daniel Bryan?
  394. Was the ring of fire match good?
  395. What Do You Think Of This Prediction?
  396. What are the results of summerslam in detail?
  397. Who won at ss ppv...?
  398. Wrestling : TRUE/FALSE : We aint got no time to watch no diva's match at PPV'S?
  399. Wrestling : What are your thoughts with BROCK LESNAR (CURRENTLY)?
  400. Wrestling : Don't you think the deadman should currently be involved with the WYATTS
  401. Wrestling : Did you see the text picture BROCK LESNAR sent to me (ENCLOSED)?
  402. why do so many wrestling fans like to play with a$$?
  403. Wrestling : TRUE/FALSE : Albert del rio is better off going to TNA?
  404. What The Hell Was Jo-Jo Singing .. !?
  405. Why Did That Jabroni Give Cold Soup To Ryback .. !?
  406. Did Wyatt Family Take Kane To The Medical Facility .. !?
  407. Is Anyone Else Worried About Hornswoggle Under The Ring .. !?
  408. is Steve Blackman consider a cruiserweight (wwe)?
  409. Are You Mad That Rob Van Dam Got Cheated Out Of The United States Championship .. !?
  410. Do you tthinkDaniel Bryan will give Brie a back massage beforw his match?
  411. How does WWE expect us to watch Total Divas tonight if SummerSlam is on?
  412. Do you think Matt Morgan is the new Paul Heyman guy?
  413. Was i the only one hoping Christian would beat Del Rio?
  414. Is this a good idea for a match stipulation?
  415. What is the hardest wrestling move to pull off?
  416. Will Cena tap out to the Beard Lock?
  417. Has there been on legitimate wrestling question today?
  418. Did you hear about the college girls that were "Fandango-ing"?
  419. So is Young actually gay, or just kayfabe gay?
  420. Have you ever noticed this in WWE?
  421. What are your thoughts on HBK's manly beard?
  422. Did they just ruin this US Title match?
  423. Is John Cena the WWE version of Jerry Sandusky?
  424. Which of these are your favorite ECW World Heavyweight Champion(s)?
  425. Is SummerSlam on SkySports or Sky Box Office (ppv)?
  426. is it true Hulk Hogan died last night? A site claims he did is this true?
  427. Summerslam 2013 Predictions(matches that I care about)?
  428. Who agrees that this will most likely happen at Summerslam?
  429. Is WWE Basically naked men in tights and panties touching each other?
  430. Wrestling : Do you think VINCE or HHH have something up their sleevs on BRYAN?
  431. Wrestling : What are your thoughts since the debut of the WYATTS?
  432. Who do you find as a better skilled wrestler (BETWEEN)?
  433. What charity work has John Cena done for little kids?
  434. What time is SummerSlam pre-show in the U.K?
  435. How come most WWE fans like having intercourse with their cousins?
  436. Will they let cena tap out tonight at Summerslam?
  437. Why doesn't the Legend Ryback have a match tonight?
  438. <3 Who wins, BBUK ?
  439. Have you heard anymore divas on wwe 2k14 ?
  440. CM punk admits he likes to play with himself?
  441. Poll for WWE fans: Heel or Face ?
  442. Celebrity cage match?
  443. What happened to wwe?
  444. Is Stone Cold Steve Austin is the most Entertaining Wrestler on promos?
  445. Do people sleep in this section?
  446. Who was first undertaker's opponent in WWF?
  447. This doesn't make sense, what do you think?
  448. Did anyone else notice this?
  449. WS: Your decision, am I a Heel or Face user + BQ?
  450. So we get rid of the Crybotch fan boys, and now we those Punk and JeriKe$H fanboys?
  451. Can you name one wrestler that is not juiced?
  452. What is your opinion on Darren Young coming out?
  453. Who do you think is the best wrestler ever? And why?
  454. Why is Darren Young being gay so special?
  455. Why did they change the UFC section into the fake wrestling section?
  456. Who else is glad that Aaliyah is on answer limit?
  457. How old were you when you first realized wrestling was fake?
  458. Wouldnt Me And Aj Lee Make The Perfect Couple .. !?
  459. Should The Bella Twins Be In The Corner Of Their Respective Boyfriends At Summerslam .. !?
  460. Why Did Monday Night Raw Change Its Name .. !?
  461. Would You Say Yes If Aj Lee Proposed To You .. !?
  462. Whats The Difference Between CM Punk And The Rock .. !?
  463. What wwe championship do u want back?(retired titles)?
  464. Who would like to join a stable with me?
  465. So Jim Crockett Promotions Fan, The Rassling Critic left the wrestling section?
  466. I'm the leader of Jerike$h, but I let my team do the work for me?
  467. I'll keep asking til I get a answer (user) becuz I created your storylines of being a heel?
  468. Who should I pass the torch to? (I'm the greatest heel of all time and I'm a part time user now)?
  469. Has there ever been a rivalry between chris jericho and john cena?
  470. Why is Damien Shandow like proper cocky when he does a promo on wwe?
  471. Hopefully tomorrow Jerikesh is over?
  472. I can't answer your lame questions I ran out of my limit how sad?
  473. I'm going now bye lame people?
  474. in wwe2k14 30 years of wrestlemania. what do you think the match for wm 20 be.?
  475. Who was first wwe champion in history?
  476. If WWE cane up with a 3 woman tag division?
  477. What do you think Aaliyah is eating right now?
  478. Has Aaliyah finally given up to the growing family?
  479. Should Aaliyah and ROHPunk team up and face two JeriKe$h members at SummerSlam?
  480. Old beard: who's you're favorite?
  481. What's the best wrestling?
  482. How come wrestlers are always groping each other?
  483. Brooklyn Brawler va Colin Delaney who would win in a wwe match and why?
  484. Who do you think is going?
  485. Will RVD be put into a storyline soon +BQ?
  486. Do Wrestling fans know the difference between you're and your?
  487. Who is that new hot wwe smackdown host?
  488. Second message to Jericho TCW?
  489. Was the Randy orton vs john cena Promo the best promo ever?
  490. Would nobody talk about Ke$ha If it wasn't for Jerike$h?
  491. Am I a heel or face in the WS?
  492. Do you think CM Punk is better than Ke$ha?
  493. What Wrestler from WWE Do you Like but don't like the gimmick?
  494. What would you do if Ke$ha cashed in her MITB contract on AJ and won the Divas title?
  495. Im having second thoughts about my WWE dream?
  496. Wrestling : Who would you rather see as GM for Smack Down (BETWEEN)?
  497. Am I a face or a heel in the WS?
  498. Would it make you happy if I left this section?
  499. Why are people jealous of Ke$ha?
  500. Are there any WS users left who are not part of Jerikesh or are Ryback trolls?