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  1. Why does WWE make nonstop commercials about two gay mexicans?
  2. Why Undertaker Doesn't wear anymore Black Hat And Black Jacket?
  3. Wwe champions who and where are they?
  4. CM Punk WWE title defenses?
  5. The person who correctly guesses my favorite wrestler gets Best Answer?
  6. Am i the only one that thinks..?
  7. Vicki is an incredible actor?
  8. When is BigShow going to quit whing and crying and knock out Triple H?
  9. Can we please get a replacement for JBL?
  10. Should Damian Sandow not win at least a few matches before cashing in?
  11. Why does Paul Heyman keep saying he was with Punk for 434 straight days?
  12. Do you think Daniel will end up starting his own stable?
  13. What are your thoughts or opinions on (Mr.Perfect) Curt Hennig?
  14. What are your opinions of Amateur Wrestling?
  15. Will AJ be turning face soon?
  16. why did real fighter daniel bryan get beat down by for fake wrestlers after he took fake...
  17. why do people pay [??$??(??5??0)??$??] for fake wrestling ppvs?
  18. Why are people judging the Aj Styles promo so harshly?
  19. How badly do you think Big Show wants to get involve in the ring tonight?
  20. I don't get it bully ray lost a loser leaves the brand match Agianst main event mafia?
  21. Do find it fair that Triple H is punishing Ziggler, Miz, and Big Show?
  22. Do you feel sad that Big Show is all there bored and not going to compete tonight?
  23. How mad do you think Big Show is right now?
  24. Would Solomon Crowe (Sami Callihan) become a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion soon in WWE ?
  25. Why does it seem WWE Smack Down promotes bullying?
  26. Why did Daniel Bryan have an issue with the Shield meting out JUSTICE to his enemy The Miz?
  27. Does Austin Aries remind you of CM Punk?
  28. How do you think TNA would be if Paul Heyman was in control!?
  29. How long will RVD be with wwe?
  30. do you think could of happened?
  31. What Do You Think Of Ryback Saying That He Can't Stand Bullies .. !?
  32. Who is will be really disappointed if AJ Styles doesnt win the gauntlet next week?
  33. wendid you stop watching the WWE/WWF?
  34. WWE smack down comparison 2002 to 2013?
  35. what if ed, edd n eddy were wrestlers?
  36. How come WWE stories are not in the OMG! section of yahoo?
  37. Who is this guy Cm Punk?
  38. Will Drew McIntyre get a push?
  39. The person who correctly guesses my favorite wrestler gets Best Answer?
  40. Who do you think should win the next Royal Rumble?
  41. Custom Booking Night Of Champions until Wrestlemania 30 please tell me what you think?
  42. I think curtis axel should.....?
  43. Is the rock still signed to wwe?
  44. What is the most hardcore wrestling match you've ever seen in your life?
  45. Who's the better heel?
  46. Which is better match?
  47. And people wonder why TNA is having money problems?
  48. Does Cleveland Ohio have the ugliest women in the USA?
  49. That's not AJ Styles that turned tweener was it?
  50. Do you think the cameraman asked if Velvet was having issues with Chris Sabin because he
  51. Should AJ Styles focus on his match instead of getting his butt kissed?
  52. Is Brooke Tessmacher the hottest Knockout in TNA?
  53. Is AJ Styles better than the best in the world?
  54. Is AJ Styles sense of entitlenent worse than Mike Tenay?
  55. Has Bully Ray done something no other man has done, Brooke Hogan?
  56. If you played SmackDown! vs. Raw video games which of these are your favorite WWE Wrestlers?
  57. Do you read WWE fanfic?
  58. Aren't wrestlers afraid of getting hurt?
  59. Will the WWE Divas division ever be able to lace up AJ Lee's Chuck Taylors?
  60. Smackdown is NOT live??!?!!?
  61. Do you think TNA actually tries with their storylines?
  62. will Yoshi Tatsu ever get a push?
  63. Anyone else is glad that CM Puny isn't in the title picture anymore?
  64. Why wont Superstars show on TV?
  65. Randy Orton and The Shield vs The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan?
  66. Why does Cm Punk hate Aailyah?
  67. CM Punk is a terrible in-ring worker and I have proof?
  68. How attractive is AJ Lee?
  69. Why cant Cm Punk lift khali?
  71. Reasons why Cm Punk wont be in the Hall Of Fame?
  72. Have we seen a new Corporation been formed?
  73. Why do WWE say that Big Show only held the World Heavyweight Championship for 45 seconds?
  74. When is Hunico coming back?
  75. How do I relieve my bowels HELP!!! Constipated?
  76. What is Camacho doing, wrestling wise?
  77. Do you agree Tna needs a Chef Ramsey Type person?
  78. I have an idea for tna stop trying to satisfy people who hate tna, what do you think?
  79. Was Mr.Kennedy ever WWE Champion?
  80. Where would you Rank Bobby Roode on the heels of wrestling list?
  81. I thought Sting could never get another title shot?
  82. Why hasn't CM Punk been sued by Marvel comics?
  83. Who Should Win-Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus vs. Bruno Sammartino and Bull Nakano?
  84. Has wwe gave up on Drew McIntyre or do you think he will?
  85. Should Ryback Teach CM Punk How To Wrestle .. !?
  86. What Was Your Reaction When Triple H Sang To Daniel Bryan ..?
  87. who would win these wrestling matches ?
  88. When brock lesnar used to come out to the ring and Tazz said here comes the pain?
  89. Are Triple H & Randy Orton heels now?
  90. If HHH took some Miralax.....?
  91. Why isn't Zack Ryder in the movie Jobs?
  92. Which New Diva do you like more Eva Marie Or JoJo?
  93. wrestling trivia wrestling quote?
  94. Aj styles is better than cm punk agree or disagree?
  95. Do you find the Wyatt Family's song scary?
  96. Will Brock Lesnar be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  97. will CHRIS MASTERS ever return to WWE?
  98. witch WWE diva of all times had the best Butt/ASSs?
  99. Does Cena wrestle better then Punk?
  100. im confused where is the city of Quebec. Canada or France?
  101. Do you agree that AJ Lee's promo on Monday was the best divas promo in WWE?
  102. On a scale through 1 through 10, how "pretty" is Randy Orton?
  103. Does anyone think that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling will last long?
  104. Why does Cm Punk wrestle work then Cena?
  105. Should Cm Punk learn to be a better actor?
  106. Could Cm Punk take on Muhammed Ali?
  107. Would you want to play The Great Khali's theme song at your funeral so everyone can dance?
  108. Does Cm Punk lie about alcohal?
  109. Do you agree with Vince when he says...?
  110. Do you think Jack Swagger vs Charlie Haas would be a good match?
  111. agree or disagree william reagel and jerry lynn?
  112. Why isnt the World Heavyweight Title not as important as it used to be?
  113. Should triple h go back to his king of kings theme?
  114. What is 'The Forth Wall' in WWE?
  115. which match was this?
  116. Why is WWE not using Aksana?
  117. Why hasnt WWE released Alicia Fox yet?
  118. If there was a Money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania XXX who would you like to see win?
  119. How many Rock Bottoms and Attitude Adjustments did Cena and Rock do at Wrestlemania 29?
  120. Who has more money Alicia keys or John Cena?
  121. If you could ask any wrestler one question and they had to answer truthfully, who & what would...
  122. Wwe what happened after?
  123. Should the WWE have The Great Khali feud with Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight
  124. breaking news guys Monday Night Raw wins in the ratings wars?
  125. Are Fat People not supposed to eat ice cream?
  126. What happed to gorilla monsoon?
  127. Is CM Punk a wrestling legend?
  128. Why Cm Punk so weak against curtis?
  129. on wwe edge is a r rated superstar what does that mean?
  130. What would HHH if he went into a Mcdonalds and was short a nugget....?
  131. Are you gonna dress up as Daniel Bryan for halloween?
  132. Did jushin thunder liger?
  133. Why is Kurt Angle wasting away what's left of his career in TNA?
  134. Would Big Show hold the record for the most face/heel turns in the WWE?
  135. Who is better Cryback or Mason Ryan, WWE?
  136. When is Evan Bourne returning?
  137. Which of these two rivalries was better?
  138. Does the Big Show still have his ironclad contract?
  139. Does Paul Heyman hold the IC title like a baby at ringside?
  140. Did Cody Rhodes learn that Alabama Slam from Hardcore Holly?
  141. What did u think of raw?
  142. Is Zeb Colter tired of his clients always losing?
  143. What do you do during a commercial break?
  144. Why miss Brock when he signed a 2-year contract?
  145. How long does wrestling school usually take to complete?
  146. Did the WWE/WWF at the time destroy DDP?
  147. How long do you think Big Show will last as face before turning heel again?
  148. would you like to see kane act like he did in 2004 again?
  149. Will you miss The best in the world Brock Lesnar?
  150. Do you like AJ Lee?????????
  151. Why does MONKEYRULES keep being rude to Aaliyah?
  152. Why is the Shield and Randy Orton helping eachother now?
  153. Why is Cm Punk a wannabe Hugh Jackman?
  154. What if wwe created a female version of Hbk shawn michaels? read below?
  155. How long does it take to get used to the ring?
  156. When is Santino Marella coming back on TV?
  157. Do you still like Tyson Kidd?
  158. Why are WWE admitting their fake on Total Divas?
  159. What does "I've got more shower time than you've got ring time" mean?
  160. Why do people say cm punk is feuding with Curtis axel?
  161. Who do you think is the hottest wrestler in the WWE?
  162. who do you think well beat alberto del rio for the WHC?
  163. Your thoughts on Rosa Mendes returning and working with the Miz? Should Miz change his name to
  164. Predict a card for WWE TLC this year.?
  165. does this Triple H / Orton / Daniel Bryan feud remind you of the "Attitude era?"?
  166. Wwe 13 I made a guy named jaws I've had since wwf no mercy but I need 2 give him a actual...
  167. Where is David Otunga?
  168. Who thinks big show should just punch triple h in the head with WMD?
  169. what do you think of this HHH - Orton - Bryan storyline?
  170. is CM Punk on food stamps now that his dad paul heyman kicked him out?
  171. WS, what's the best WrestleMania in your opinion?
  172. What would you say is the greatest Raven Match of all time and the greatest Raven moment ?
  173. will Brock lesnar win the WWE/World championship again?
  174. Dont u think wwe should give a f*** about whc and ic title more?
  175. Did Ryback call Goldberg a pig?
  176. why does cm punk only know five moves?
  177. how do you feel about the wrestling section being removed and deleted later tonight?
  178. Will Ryback try to bully Evan Bourne?
  179. How will the McMahon's be stopped?
  180. Am i the only one that liked the paul burchill pirate gimmick?
  181. Why is CM Punk feuding with Heyman?
  182. Your opinion on Big E Langston?
  183. Who will take over the WWE? HHH or Shane?
  184. I want to be a WWE diva but My b00bs are small?
  185. What Wrestlemania match are you most looking forward to play on WWE 2K14?
  186. Is it not high time a Diva like AJ Lee came along 2 finally bring class and prestige to...
  187. I'm considering a wrestling career.. .?
  188. do you like Triple H as Face or Heel. why ?
  189. Best songs to use on a WWE highlights package?
  190. AJ Styles or CM Punk, who is the best?
  191. What if AJ got back with Daniel Bryan and wore this?
  192. Why didn't Big Show help Daniel Bryan?
  193. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena. Who is stronger?
  194. Who thinks Aj lee is a face now?
  195. Shortest match ever in history?
  196. After John Cena "heals" will he turn "heel" like Hogan did in 1996?
  198. Did anyone else hear Orton say HHH was the COO of the company?
  199. What superstars were not on the stage?
  200. MonkeyRules could you please shut the hell up?
  201. Mick foley greatest promos ever?
  202. Do you agree with me that winning the Royal Rumble at number 2 is the same thing as
  203. Should The Whole Wwe Roster Walk Out On Triple H .. Again .. !?
  204. Whats the nastiest chair shot to the head have you seen in a match?
  205. Why Can't CM Punk Handle Paul Heyman And Curtis Axel .. !?
  206. Why was Big Show scared on RAW ? I thought he had an "Ironclad Contract"?
  207. Could Cm Punk beat Mike Tyson?
  208. Why does Cm Punk hate Call of Duty?
  209. Whos a better junior heavyweight jushin thunder liger or rey mysteril?
  210. Why don't the Real Americans stand up to Triple H since WWE doesn't allow freedom of speech?
  211. Do you think Stephanie McMahon was for or against Triple H buying Randy Orton a Cadillac Escalade?
  212. Why does Cm Punk lie about a Cm ice cream?
  213. Which car was ruined worse Alberto Del Rio's or Randy Orton's?
  214. Should the WWE do a Hall-O-Ween special where the wrestlers turn into monsters.?
  215. Why don't all the Superstars get together and help out Daniel Bryan because WWE won't fire all of...
  216. Was The Miz having a seizure when he was dancing with Rosa Mendes?
  217. Were any of you sad Josh Matthews was bullied by Ryback?
  218. is there going to be any road to wrestlemanias.. or something similar to that in wwe 2k14?
  219. Did the Bella Twins really take AJ Lee's promo personal?
  220. Should Daniel Bryan be arrested for spray painting Randy Orton's new car?
  221. What do you think about them making Antonio Cesaro lose all the time now?
  222. Which car would you rather get Randy Orton's Escalade or Jerry Lawler's Batmobile?
  223. Is Cody Rhodes The WWE Version Of He Man?
  224. Is Brock Lesnar The WWE Version Of Charlie Brown?
  225. Is Damien Sandow The WWE Version Of Skeletor?
  226. is CM Punk a Virgin...?
  227. who is better at promos paul heyman or roy wyatt?
  228. are you still a fan of the prime time gayers Darren hung and tigh@$$ o'neil?
  229. The Prime Time Players are what is wrong with America?
  230. why dose the shield always have to get dq'ed and look like a bunch of pu$$y$?
  231. is seth rollins an anime girl that came to life?
  232. is john cena a brony?
  233. Your opinion on ricardo rodriguez managing rvd?
  234. Does anyone else hate Renee Young?
  235. am i still the best wrestler ever even though i'm a brony?
  236. My WrestleMania 30 card based on current storylines (Not a dream card). Opinions?
  237. Don't you think Michael Cole deserves some Justice?
  238. Will Goldberg return to the WWE?
  239. Best predictions for Night of Champions get's 10 points!?
  240. who is the best in the world?
  241. Do you think Ricardo and Del Rio are still together?
  242. What happened on the first hour of Monday night raw?
  243. Is this the beginning of the Total Divas Era?
  244. What's up with these horrible endings to raw lately?
  245. So, where is the age limit?
  246. Do you think "Los Matadores" will be a threat in the Tag Team division?
  247. Why isn't Curtis Axel defending his championship at Night of Champions?
  248. What time is raw filmed? Do these kids like not go to school when attending raw?
  249. Best way for Cena to come back is.....?
  250. Pardon my language, but how in the hell did Randy Orton and Triple H get close enough...?
  251. Triple H, you are one selfish man. I cant believe I respected you!!!?
  252. What actually is an street match?
  253. Who Else Is Watching Monday Night Raw Tonight Because Of Daniel Bryan .. !?
  254. When will one of the Bella Twins face AJ Lee for the diva's Championship?
  255. What are you thoughts on Ted Dibiase Jr. leaving WWE?
  256. what happened to Big Shows iron clad contract?
  257. Why why why why why why?
  258. Anyone thought that the Wyatt family would have been country rather than their current style?
  259. since AJ Styles & TNA had diffecults to resign contract, I see AJ Styles as the perfect next
  260. Is AJ Styles ready to join WWE?
  261. Will Kurt Angle ever return to the WWE?
  262. What wwe moves i can do in judo?
  263. I would like to apologize for my son's Jerike$h Witness and Mr. WHC's behavior?
  264. Son's mom went out for smokes what should I make for dinner?
  265. Is Randy driving a Cadilac YESCalade?
  266. Where did Cm Punk learn Kung Fu?
  267. Where did Cm Punk create pepsi?
  268. Did Ryback forget to feed Cm baby?
  269. Is Aailyah a man or an alien?
  270. Is the WWE not letting their employees their freedom of speech.?
  271. Is that lamb mask one of the scariest things you ever seen?
  272. Who else lost all respect to Daniel Bryan because he spray canned Ortons new car?
  273. Why were people booing John Cena Last week?
  274. which one of you ate my chocolate?
  275. What would you think if Daniel Bryan and Paul Heyman ever joined forced?
  276. How many wrestling fans are going to enjoy a Cena free Raw?
  277. Who's Your Top Pick to be in the WWE HOF Who Already Isn't?
  278. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying John Cena was the first amazing man she's met?
  279. Do you agree with Cameron is Naomi Ghetto?
  280. Los Matedores - spoiler
  281. Do you think Natalya should leave Tyson kidd for Jarrett?
  282. Was that the best promo AJ has ever done?
  283. Who is better at twerking, Miley Cyrus or Dolph Ziggler?
  284. who do you think is the best heel between wwe and tna?
  285. What do you think of Nikki Bella wanting to learn dirty words in Chinese?
  286. Pipebomb promo by AJ Lee?
  287. Why do trolls pick this section out of all the sections in YA!?
  288. Was costing Daniel Bryan good for business?
  289. Do you think Daniel Bryan and John Cena feel bad that they are dating cowardly losers?
  290. Do you think Jerry Lawler has a craving for Hershey bars?
  291. Bryan vs Rollins match of the night?
  292. Am I the only one already bored with this storyline in the WWE?
  293. Who's a better wrestler Triple H or Shawn Michaels?
  294. Will AJ Lee get a lot of bandwagon fans like CM Punk after that promo?
  295. So the King of kings is now Triple H's new song?
  296. Was the miz renewing his idiot license?
  297. Is RVD a poor challenger for ADR's world title?
  298. Do you think that Maryse jealous that Rosa Mendes was dancing with the Miz?
  299. What stipulation will you vote for on the WWE app?
  300. Should Cyber Sunday PPV come back to the WWE?
  301. Do you respect Triple H for buying that expensive gift out of his own pocket?
  302. Would kurt angle had a success mma career if he wasnt a pro wrestler?
  303. Does Paul Heyman really believes on Curtis Axel?
  304. What are the current t-shirts on the wwe live tour?
  305. Do you think all of Nikki Bella's exes are offended by what she said?
  306. Do you think wwe will ever come back out of the pg era?
  307. Are you happy that the funkadactyls settled their differences?
  308. Which WWE DIVA is the hawtest?
  309. Which of these are your favorite WWF/E Intercontinental Championship matches?
  310. Will you miss Ted Dibiase Jr?
  311. whats been happening in the wwe lately?
  312. Why don't Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero have a theme tune?
  313. Who was your favourite member of the new nexus...?
  314. Did Randy Savage really sleep with Stephanie McMahon?
  315. Who would be your dream tag team from the current WWE roster?
  316. Why did Rob Van Dam return to the WWE?
  317. Why dont you wanna see John Cena in the Crowd?
  318. What do you think is going to happen tonight on RAW?
  319. WWE Fans, if John Cena is in a surgery, will he come back to WWE Monday Night RAW?
  320. Why did Cm Punk call a man fat?
  321. WrestleMania XXX match card?
  322. Why does that old retard Jerry Lawler always have an orgasm when Cena makes his entrance?
  323. Why is it when CM Punk said he digs crazy chicks the rest of you suddenly did as well?
  324. Who is strong? Big sho or Undertaker?
  325. John Cena looks like Matt Damon.?
  326. Why Do People Say That Aj Lee Looks Like A 12 Year Old .. !?
  327. WS, how can I get WWE tickets for a live Monday Night Raw?
  328. Rock is most likely going to return in 2015?
  329. Should Antonio Cesaro ditch the Real Americans and go back to singles?
  330. WS, who is the best ring announcer in the history of WWE?
  331. Is CM Punk The WWE Version of Sheldon Cooper?
  332. Why hasnt Justin Roberts wrestle yet?
  333. Ryback vs Goldberg or Taker vs Goldberg?
  334. If Sting TNA Contract is up on January 2014 Will He Use The Crow Gimmick from WCW? Debuting...
  335. When will wwe 2k14 demo come out?
  336. Will I be able to get the wrestlers autographs at a house show?
  337. Is there anyone out there that is a complete fan of Daniel Bryan?
  338. is RICO & SIMON DEAN the same person?
  339. What to expect now that Vince McMahon and Paul Levesque are on the same side?
  340. If aj styles leave tna, will tna fail?
  341. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  342. *gives everyone in the wrestling section an angle slam and puts them in an ankle lock*?
  343. are you going to watch saturday morning slam when it returns this fall?
  344. Is John Cena really out?
  345. Since AJ Styles joined Main Event Mafia should he go back to his family and get a haircut?
  346. are indy wrestlers like in (pwu) allowed to use unused wwe theme songs?
  347. It seems like WWE Champions keep getting injured?
  348. Darren young winning cause he's gay?
  349. Is Ryback the WWE version of Grumpy Snow White?
  350. Is Brock Lesnar gone forever?
  351. Is there any reasons why Aj Styles shouldn't resign a deal with TNA?
  352. WS: wheres the big show?
  353. Why is Cm Punk drinking alcohal?
  354. What would you fix about WWE?
  355. How would you improve tna ?
  356. Is John Cena The WWE Version of Fred Flinstone?
  357. When Will you Fanboys realize PG era is better than Attitude Era?
  358. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  359. What Superstars/Divas would you want WWE to bring back?
  360. I plan on retiring in TNA! But what if I wanted main event at WMania One More Time?
  361. could shawn michales and stone cold take me in a shoot fight I love them both?
  362. wrestling section i'm sorry about those nasty messages it wasn't me i was hacked can you forgive me?
  363. should i give every troll in the wrestling section an angle slam or put them all in an ankle lock?
  364. will displaying my chris benoit ation figures make me look like a bad person?
  365. Results for WS Smackdown + Match Card for WS Raw + Wrestling Questions?
  366. Tazz ex-pro wrestler(wwe & ecw) really looks alot like the rapper CARLOS COY aka (SPM)
  367. Who are some of the most entertaining in ring performers ever?
  368. Wwe wrestling autographs.?
  369. True or False:ECW One Night stand 2006 best crowd ever?
  370. Is the Rock coming back at Hell In the cell 2013?
  371. Why am I so obsessed with Wwe's AJ Lee?
  372. Who are your top 10 favorite wrestlers currently in WWE?
  373. The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar for Wrestlemania?
  374. Mr Andersons TNA contract i set to expire next month, would you like to see him return to the WWE?
  375. What WWE Champions would ya like to see WWE bring back and why ?
  376. Who do you want to see face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 ?
  377. Why is Daniel Bryan using Chris Benoit moves?
  378. Is Vickie Guerrero slowly becoming a better manager?
  379. Should WWE bring King of the Ring back?
  380. Should Linda Mcmahon & Shane return to help Daniel Bryan?
  381. Ladies ONLY! Whos beard looks better? Daniel Bryan or Damien Sandow? why?
  382. Is it true that bars are now selling Steveweiser beers to honor Stone Cold? Where?
  383. Why do fans continue to disrespect and boo John Cena? read below?
  384. Should Cm punk go for the IC title? Dolph Ziggler for the US title?
  385. Was Daniel Bryan right about Randy Orton? + BQ?
  386. not sure if pat patterson used to wrestler..but i guess he dont count?
  387. Do you think Ken Shamrock looks like Chris Masters ?
  388. Which WWE superstars has the worst wwe theme songs?
  389. WrestleMania XXX: The Undertaker vs. WHO?
  390. Who do you think WWE will push/repackage/release in the next couple of months?
  391. WWE Fantasy Universe Mode 1st ppv?
  392. Who is this guy called Kurt in the Wrestling section?
  393. What ever happened to the WWE Smackdown/Raw draft?
  394. What/Which WWE Superstar did/does these move's best?
  395. Why is Christian called, "Captain Charisma"?
  396. Which moves never works if wwe was real?
  397. is ryback the most over rated steroid freak ever in wwe? or batista?
  398. I am a Senior and I am going to wrestle this year. Any tips?
  399. Wrestling : What kind of side effects does steroids have on wrestlers later in life?
  400. Should TNA wrestling bring back the 6 sided ring?
  401. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Ryback who would you go for?
  402. Do you think Sting will ever go to WWE?
  403. Which WWE superstar has the best ring gear?
  404. Which current WWE Superstars have been in WWE for over 5 years?
  405. Why does everyone want The Shield to disband now if they want Wyatt Family Vs Shield?
  406. Is Curtis Axel too Low opponent for CM Punk?
  407. WS, who was the scariest superstar in the WWE?
  408. is jim ross a hypocrite yes or no and why?
  409. why wont some of the kids in this section grow up and stop pretending they are wrestlers?
  410. What was the first televised WWE (WWF/WWWF) that was shown with different camera angles?
  411. How many trolls are in the WS?
  412. In your opinion, do you think Damien Sandow will successfully cash in his MITB?
  413. How to become a wwe diva?
  414. Which would u do, if u were me?
  415. Is WWE's Darren Young married?
  416. When is Umaga coming back to WWE?
  417. Should Pancake Patterson return and get a big push?
  418. Are you worried about what "They" will do when they debut in the wrestling section?
  419. Why is Wrestling a sport?
  420. What's your favorite Shane McMahon match?
  421. Who is your favorite Non-current WWE Superstar?
  422. Is it just me or I don't really find Curtis Axel that special?
  423. Do you like this match RVD Vs Ryback Vs Big Langston Loser stop wearing tights?
  424. Anyone else notice ADR was wearing mascara?
  425. Who do you think has the best music during their entrance in wwe?
  426. Who is the strongest wrestler from these categories?
  427. Does Cody Rhodes need a new t-shirt since he doesnt have a mustache anymore?
  428. WS, what would be your reaction if Cena comes back as a heel?
  429. Where can i send fanmail to these wwe wrestlers?
  430. Wrestling : What maneuver do you find more devastating (BETWEEN)?
  431. Should Ryback Bully The Fans Who Chant Goldberg To Him .. !?
  432. Did Randy come out from under the ring?
  433. Rumor has it that Ryback will get a big push but.........?
  434. Does anyone know what happened to Brooke Hogan?
  435. Where is david outnga?
  436. Will 2013 be the year of Daniel Bryna?
  437. Why does The McMahons and Triple h only hate Daniel Bryan because of his Looks?
  438. Why does Cm Punk drive a 1950s mercedes?
  439. Why is Cm Punk so poor?
  440. What are your favourite moments/parts of wrestling?
  441. Why do HHH and Undertaker never wrestle?
  442. Who is a better dancer, Summer Rae or Emma?
  443. Why do people make fun of Darren Young being gay?
  444. What was Randy Orton doing under the ring with Hornswoggle?
  445. Why does everyone like the Wyatt Family?
  446. How long will Daniel Bryan and CM Punk be in the WWE?
  447. Who has the best drop kick?
  448. Is Wade Barrett EVER going to quit jobbing?
  449. Where do you think AJ Styles is heading when his TNA contract ends next month?
  450. Boy, did that guy suck at acting or what?
  451. Who did John Cena face at Vengeance 2005?
  452. How awesome would it be if AJ STYLES joined WWE?
  453. Are you surprised AJ Skips backstage?
  454. what is your favorite match of the attitude era?
  455. Did Our Legend Ryback embarrassed this idiot father?
  456. What is your ideal Wrestlemania XXX card?
  457. Was WrestleMania 21 a decent ppv?
  458. Darren Young having a singles match beens he's getting pushed?
  459. Big E langston is strong? Do you think?
  460. The Rock (Attitude Era Version) vs Ryback who you got?
  461. Can a wrestler still come back to the WWE someday even if they get released?
  462. Is Daniel Bryan the only person who can make the word ''Yes'' look cool?
  463. What is your favorite thing of all time in wrestling?
  464. Should WWE bring back the brand split?
  465. Since Brooke Tessmacher and Bully Ray are dating, what are you going to call them?
  466. Do you think the TNA Knockouts are jealous that Brooke Tessmacher is dating TNA champ Bully Ray?
  467. Is the Father who didn't know Ryback's name an idiot?
  468. What is your reaction to Devon having to leave TNA since he got pinned in his match tonight?
  469. Oh my God that was freaking awesome?!!?
  470. What happened everything before Axel vs. Rhodes (Best Answer 10 pts)?
  471. How would wwe be today if Cm Punk were still alive?
  472. So if a someone in WWE says their gay they get a push?
  473. What was your reaction when Brooke Tessmacher sucked Bully Ray's ring out of his fnger?
  474. Is there any chance that D.O.C could return to WWE?
  475. Is Randy Orton really really pretty?
  476. Is Randy Orton your WWE role model?
  477. What do you think was Brie Bella's reaction when Daniel Bryan said that he "isn't pretty"?
  478. The match between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett just got dangerous?
  479. How do you like this new heel orton?
  480. Do you think Kurt Angle or Batista will ever return to WWE?
  481. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  482. Who was the worst wrestler(s) on the mic that you still loved to listen to?
  483. Do you think Fandango and Summer Rae are dating?
  484. Night Of Champions Predictions?
  485. Should Mr.Andersen worry less about getting phone calls from Bully Ray?
  486. Are these wrestlers gonna be added to WWE 2K14?
  487. Tna: what do you think? bq?
  488. Which wwe wrestler is the most willing to win?
  489. Will undertaker ever retire from wwe and move on with his life?
  490. Name a wrestler who can beat taker if the match is at wrestlemania and taker is young?
  491. does anyone else think that the story line with the aces and eights.. is getting a whole lot better?
  492. When is the full roster for WWE 2K14 going to be out?
  493. What if John Cena pulled a Chris benoit?
  494. How come Paige is not on Raw? What's all this controversy going on with her?
  495. Why is Cm Punk cheating on Lita?
  496. Who is the only Superstar in WWE to hold a NJPW and Pro Wrestling NOAH championship?
  497. Is one of the perks of being TNA World Championship kissing Tessmacher do you want to be Champion?
  498. Does Magnus have a body like Tarzan but fights like Jane?
  499. Should Mike Tenay stop cheerleading since its embarrassing Taz?
  500. Do you think Tito Ortiz was mad he didn't get to kiss Brooke Tessmacher?