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  1. Why did Triple H put Alicia Fox on the spot in the Town Hall Meeting on Smackdown?
  2. Why isn't AJ Lee upset at Layla if Layla appeared on the first episode of Total Divas?
  3. Why weren't CM Punk, Curtis Axel, or Paul Heyman in the Town Hall Meeting on Smackdown?
  4. Do you think the WWE Superstars/Divas wish they had spoken up so they could've been...
  5. Did anyone else think there was a chance that 3MB would beat Big Show on Smackdown?
  6. Do you think Jon Uso didn't care about his girlfriend, Naomi, being attacked on Smackdown by AJ Lee?
  7. Why is Alicia Fox attacking the Total Divas if she hosts a show, After Total Divas, with...
  8. Did Paul Heyman just see a ghost on Smackdown?
  9. Jojo and orton dating?
  10. If you were in the Town Hall Meeting on Smackdown, would you have the guts to speak up?
  11. What do you think about Triple H waiting since 2000, for RVD to call him "dude"?
  12. Were you shocked that Paul Heyman took responsibility for Curtis Axel's loss to Kofi
  13. Since Paul Heyman is scared and thinking about CM Punk, is that why Paul Heyman has a...
  14. Does anyone else give credit to Kofi Kingston for being the first to step up in the Town Hall
  15. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  16. So I Alexa Jeff Hardy Fan took a break from the wrestling section and...?
  17. So now we know why Randy Orton calls himself the Apex "Predator"?
  18. Why does Aaliyah always have to edit her answers on the Wrestling Section?
  19. Who are Some Hollywood Action Star Can be a WWE Wrestler past and present?
  20. Can i be king of the wrestling section?
  21. Who acts more "cartoonish" when getting attacked: Randy Orton or Dolf Ziggler?
  22. Who's hotter: Jo-Jo or Brandi Reed?
  23. Who's hotter: L@yla or N@omi?
  24. After CM Punk beats Curtis Axe how do you think Heyman will worm his way out of the biggest @ss
  25. Were is Saturday Morning Slam?
  26. Why does Renne Young always interview Paul Heyman?
  27. Did you find it funny when JBL called Ricardo Rodriguz fat and Michael Cole said you should know?
  28. What do you think about Alberto Del Rio saying Ricardo Rodriguez was stealing money from him?
  29. Does Ricardo Rodriguez look like a vendor on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles?
  30. Does Ricardo Rodriguez look poor now with RVD's shirt instead of Tuxedos?
  31. Why didn't Triple H reward Ryback, Damian Sandow, and Heath Slater for speaking out?
  32. What do you think of JBL learning spanish just so he can speak to Alberto in his native tongue?
  33. Do you think Rob Van Dam wishes he was back in TNA?
  34. Do you think Damian Sandow was kissing Triple H's butt?
  35. The Rock vs John Cena. Who wins?
  36. WWE fans. Is the rock a sellout like John Cena says?
  37. Why are almost all of the WWE Champions Heel?
  38. Did a prime Hulk Hogan ever lift up 710+lbs like John Cena did @ Wrestlemania 25?
  39. how do i get the max amount of friends?
  40. I would like to give the yahoo community the chance to speak out how they feel about the user...
  41. Has hbk vs Eddie Guerrero ever happened?
  42. When will 3MB release their first single?
  43. Did HHH just slap Big Show's bottom?
  44. Does HBK vs The Undertaker at WM make?
  45. Why should top tna stars past and present go to wwe?
  46. Why tna isnt great as it should be?
  47. Is Daniel Bryan vs Curtis Axel a good feud?
  48. Why does big show cry so much?
  49. Is edge gonna be on raw or smack down?
  50. Will TNA Bring a new Android/Iphone game this year?
  51. Will paul heyman dump Curtis Axel?
  52. Would any of you step in the ring with Ryback?
  53. Why Goldberg leave wrestling WWE?
  54. Wrestling: Who has the longest career in WWF/E? Is it Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
  55. Don't you think WWE Is doing this too much with Ziggler! I am feeling so bad for him! Description?
  56. The only thing good about Curtis axel is his theme song?
  57. Who's going to end with more heavyweight titles in their career?
  58. Did you see Daniel screw up that suplex?
  59. Are we ever going to have a Smackdown or Raw that ends with Daniel on his feet?
  60. How come HHH has to give some sort of explanation for his actions as boss?
  61. Why doesn't anybody, but CM Punk win in their hometown?
  62. WWE is this desperate for guest commentators?
  63. Do you like dolph ziggler?
  64. Are you mad at ODB since she interrupted Mickie James as she was going to twerk?
  65. What do you think Brooke Tessmacher thought when Bully Ray said girls would like to be with...
  66. Are the Aces and Eights dumb to believe Bully Ray and his words?
  67. Do you think Miley Cyrus should've called Mickie James about how to twerk?
  68. Which award would you rather have: the VMA or the MJA?
  69. Is Jeff Hardy the TNA Wrestler that Taz hates most?
  70. Do you applaud Sting for still having a lot of motivation in TNA even though he can't go for
  71. The people of the wrestling section?
  72. Is there a picture of Mr.Anderson next to the word "disappointing" in the dictionary?
  73. Would you be screaming at Velvet Sky if she were in front of you?
  74. What is HHH's reaction to Randy Orton dating JoJo?
  75. quickest wwe championship match?
  76. why is wrestling need to be scripted?
  77. Dx or evolution who's better?
  78. So uhh yeah this mans the number one contender for the wwe championship?
  79. Who has better mic skills?
  80. What are you going to watch?
  81. Is dean ambrose overrated?
  82. Who's the better heel?
  83. Should John Cena go to SmackDown exclusively when he comes back to rescue it from boring ADR &
  84. could the cutie mark crusaders beat the shield in a six person tag?
  85. how bad would applejack beat the bella twins in a real fight?
  86. is rarity the best diva to never hold the divas championship?
  87. should fluttershy get a divas title shot?
  88. could big macintosh beat bully ray if the match was on a farm?
  89. Are you guys gonna watch MNF or RAW?
  90. Should TNA have more room around the ringside area?
  91. If John Cena came back as the Dr. and won the RR would you cheer for him then?
  92. Would you back Dolph Ziggler is being the face of the WWE in a couple years?
  93. Should WWE pull a page from TNA's book and have Kane return as Glenn Jacobs?
  94. Do you like what Bully Ray calls Brooke Tessmacher, Tuts?
  95. How many fans in Denver do you think hated Manning before he came to them?
  96. If Daniel Bryan wasn't in the title picture come Wrestlemania, who would you like to see him face?
  97. Do you think Mickie James will be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame?
  98. When did the WWE start having PPV's every month?
  99. What happened on TNA tonight?
  100. What is the best WWF/E Hell in a Cell match?
  101. Has the Divas Championship become more important than the World Heavyweight Championship?
  102. If sting had one match in the WWE, who would you like to see him face other than The Undertaker?
  103. Do you think the other members of Aces And Eights got mad Bully Ray said Tito and him
  104. Do you agree with Taz, should the person leading the Bound For Glory series come out first?
  105. What do you think of Taz saying he had an aunt named Tuts and she didn't look like Brooke
  106. Do you agree with Taz has Mr. Anderson dug his own grave?
  107. What do you think of Bully Ray saying he trusts Mr. Anderson than Devon?
  108. What do you think of Mickie James being upset at not being invited to VMA's?
  109. Since AJ Styles said he's going to take everything Bully Ray's got will he take Brooke Tessmacher?
  110. do you want John Cena to be the dr. of thuganomics again?
  111. Would you had accepted Jay Bradley's offer?
  112. Do Aces And Eights ride together,hangout together,and bang together?
  113. Without Aces And Eights would Bully Ray be nothing?
  114. Why do people prefer the Wyatt Family over the shield?
  115. Who is current FACE OF WWE?
  116. is wade barrett actually in england ( i see many pic on twitter)?
  117. is wade barrett aout of the new corporation?
  118. Will The PS4 Have WWE 2K14 ?
  119. What all did I freakin miss?
  120. Does you guys agree with me?
  121. Night of champions 2013?
  122. Will TNA bring a Ring ka King(King of the Ring) back in India?
  123. Why won't Jim Ross announce for RAW anymore if he isn't retired?
  124. Can you imagine the 30th entrant into the 2014 Royal Rumble?
  125. Would you like Kurt Angle to have one last run with the WWE?
  126. How long do you think RVD will stay in WWE?
  127. why WWE screw and buried Antonio Cesaro ?
  128. Why is more dangerous Elimination Chamber,Hell in a Cell or Lethal Lock Down?
  129. WWE Night of Champions 2013 My Opinion on how to book rest of card?
  130. Are You All Tired Being John Cena Always The Top Underdog To The WWE?
  131. Where do Wrestling News sites get information from?
  132. Why does everyone say the inferno match was horrible?
  133. Do you think Big Show has gotten any sleep since he was blackmailed by Triple and Stephanie H?
  134. What do you think would happen if the Big Show ordered a bracelet off of amazon and UPS
  135. Is Roman Reigns real or fake?
  136. How much do you think Triple H's bond was when he got arrested for breaking into Orton's house?
  137. Who is the worst wrestler of all time?
  138. these superstars are returning to wwe yes or no?
  139. Who will win next week in these matches?
  140. Should tna bring back, kotm match, elevation match and gauntlet style title matches that
  141. Wwe fan wrestling reporter is funny?
  142. One WrestleMania 30 Main Event Match. What Would You Book?
  143. Has Anyone Else Noticed This?
  145. Cm Punk broke up with Randy Orton earlier today?
  146. Anyword on Tyson Kidds Return ?
  147. Could Cm Punk take on Ray Lewis?
  148. Name of this wrestler?
  149. why is everyone beeing so dumb about AJ getting a tattoo?
  150. Guess My 4 Favourite TNA / WWE Superstars From 2013 And Get 10 points?
  151. Why is Ryback so talented? Is Cm Punk jealous of Ryback?
  152. CM Punk cuts better promos than The Rock. True or False?
  153. What was your favourite ECW superstar?
  154. Does anyone remember when Ryback slammed Andre The Giant?
  155. how funny will it be when paul heyman pins cm punk at night of champions?
  156. do you agree that even john cena is better than cm sucks?
  157. could fluttershy beat aj lee for the divas title?
  158. how bad would applejack beat aj in a real fight?
  159. why are all cm punk fans lonely girls with no boyfriend,no job,no car and no life?
  160. who's hotter kaitlyn or princess celestia?
  161. do you lay awake at night afraid of randy orton?
  162. what if randy orton come to you house beat you all down and put boot in you a$$?
  163. What's the reason for Kane taking time off?
  164. Is Chris Sabin real or fake?
  165. Which wwe match pissed you off the most and why?
  166. Dr. of Thuganomics Question?
  167. Is there any chance that Shane McMahon will return to help Daniel Bryan?
  168. WWE:the next wwe story line vince mcmahon vs the hhh org?
  169. Are the Usos real or fake?
  170. Is AJ Lee real or fake?
  171. Is Antonio Cesaro real or fake?
  172. If you drove past a burning MONKEYRULES and you had some water would you drink it?
  173. Triple h honest face interview?, #haveyou'resay?
  174. What's the biggest pop you ever heard?
  175. Your One WrestleMania 30 Main Event Match, What Would It Be?
  176. How great would a rock vs Brock be at wm 30?
  177. What is the best wrestling stable of all time?
  178. Who do you currently hate more John Cena or Triple H?
  179. When Ryback bullied that guy in the shower, were you suprised he didn't say....?
  180. Anyone else tired of hearing "what's good for businesses"?
  181. Why does WWE don't bring a wrestling Android /Iphone game like TNA impact?
  182. Is Ric Flair crazy or something?
  183. Is Vince Mcmahon going to comeback as a face?
  184. dont u think wwe should?
  185. Who has the better theme?
  186. When Daniel Bryan is able to take out the corproation on his own will he be call "Super Bryan"?
  187. Goldberg vs. Ryback? i quit match!?
  188. Where Should WWE Go With Curtis Axel After Punk Fued?
  189. If Kurt Angle Came Back To WWE, Who Should he Fued with?
  190. Why is Cm punk so jealous of Ryback?
  191. Would the wwe or the wrestler that is the ring let me do this?
  192. Who owned ECW from 2001-2003?
  193. Has there been a point in your life when you wanted to be a Wrestler?
  194. cody rhodes gave me a great birthday present!?
  195. What is the worst WWE Attitude era storyline?
  196. Is there any point doing spoilers for the WWE shows?
  197. What shows does WWE have?
  198. Would it ever be possible for the WWE to bring back the Hardcore Championship or a 24/7 rule?
  199. Do you have to go to college to makeit into the wwe?
  200. The People's Eyebrow, Stone Cold's Middle Finger Or The Undertaker Rolling His Eyes .. !?
  201. Which WWE Superstar Has The Best Entrance .. !?
  202. Do you see these feuds happening at Survivor Series?
  203. Why do people keep saying Daniel Bryan took out the shield ?
  204. So cm punk has more bandwagon fans then Daniel bryan?
  205. Melina vs Alicia Fox girl is now the only one from Tough Enough on the main roster?
  206. Did you know it's my birthday today?
  207. Wrestling Section: Which One Of These Part Timers Would You Rather See Return At WrestleMania...
  208. Do you believe the WWE would have used Sting incorrectly if he had decided to join WWE?
  209. Is it all best for business? Who is liking WWE right now?
  210. How long until Bray Wyatt becomes a jobber?
  211. should triple h learn some mma before he messes with real fighter Daniel bryan?
  212. Which wrestler do you think has the best physique?
  213. who is more beautiful?
  214. Why do people say Triple H is ugly?
  215. Triple H and Randy Orton finally make WWE watchable?
  216. Does anybody really care about CM Punk's rivalry with Heyman?
  217. Do you think Cody Rhodes's wife will have to start working a 9 to 5 job to help him pay the bills?
  218. Is Aj Lee The Divas Version Of John Cena .. !?
  219. Why are so many professional wrestlers dead?
  220. What do you make of the WWE now?
  221. Which wwe superstars do you wish would leave wwe now?
  222. Which wwe superstars do you wish would leave wwe now?
  223. Which wwe superstar or a former wwe superstar would you like to see coming back?
  224. Bret Hart or Aj Styles? Who is better?
  225. Who is your top 10 biggest crushes in wrestling,ever?
  226. The raw crowd reaction?
  227. Would that have been a great time for Batista to make is return?
  228. What is your favorite Undertaker era?
  229. WWE:what would happen when the rock shows up in wwe so soon?
  230. Wrestling : What is KANE up to for the meantime?
  231. Do You Like Or Dislike The Goldberg Chants Towards Ryback In The WWE .. !?
  232. Am I the only one who liked Cody Rhodes' moustache?
  234. Who do you think AJ Lee will drop the Divas title to at Night of Championship?
  235. Do you think Cody Rhodes will get a big push when he returns from his time off?
  236. BREAKING NEWS. Christains suffered a concussion?
  237. What happen on WWE Raw tonight?
  238. Do you think WWE has people who browse sites to see what people want to see?
  239. Monkey, will you answer this question and tell me to cry?
  240. Which of these are your favorite WarGames match(es)?
  241. If tna did their own corporate faction, who should be in it?
  242. what happened on raw last night? anything exciting?
  243. Do you think John Cena should go to UFC?
  244. Should Shane McMahon come back to put a stop to this b.s.?
  245. CM Punks Sucks, Daniel Bryan Sucks, Christian Is A Legend, Ryback Is A Legend?
  246. Regardless if we like/don't like it, these are the 3 top matches I see headling...
  247. Is Daniel Bryan being attacked/hurt Big Show's weakness?
  248. Your One WrestleMania 30 Main Event Match, What Would It Be?
  249. When will Barack Lesnar return to the WWE?
  250. What do you think the number of guys Nikki Bella has slept with is?
  251. Are the WWE Divas cheap, expandable, and useless?
  252. Did you know Michael Cole is married to a Hispanic woman and she doesn't like Alberto Del Rio?
  253. Is anyone else disapointed that AJ Lee got taken down by the Divas for the show "Total Divas"?
  254. Do you think Damian Sandow is happy Cody Rhodes got fired?
  255. Why in the Hell Is Stone Cold Steve Austin not coming & Stunning HHH & Randy Orton & Shield?
  256. What do you think of JBL saying he hasn't seen anyone with as much fire as Daniel Bryan?
  257. How long has Charles Robinson been a referee?
  258. Does anyone find this CM Punk and Heyman storyline confusing?
  259. Is Linda McMahon still the CEO of the WWE?
  260. Should TNA target Bill Goldberg?
  261. Do you think Triple H should have mentioned that Cody Rhodes was getting married?
  262. Will Mcmahon-Helmsley interfere in CM Punk's match at NOC?
  263. Be completely honest. Is raw starting to become boring without John Cena there?
  264. Who else thinks The Shield are overrated?
  265. what do you think edge will be up to on monday night raw next week?
  266. Do you think the reason the camera is never on Brie Bella during the Shield attacks,
  267. Is it heartbreaking to see a Big tough man like the Big Show cry?
  268. Do you like the way "Triple H" has turned heel?
  269. Do you think "Los Matadores" is John Cena and Sheamus?
  270. Do you think Damien Sandow should share a hotel room with Alberto Del Rio and...?
  271. Anyone else sick of this storyline already?
  272. Do you think Cody Rhodes's wife is watching Monday Night RAW?
  273. Who is your favorite WWE wrestler? Currently on the roster?
  274. Why was Tara released from TNA?
  275. Why are there few TNA Knockouts?
  276. Why isn't Alicia Fox fired?
  277. Why is TNA having money troubles?
  278. What did Jo-Jo do to get signed to the WWE?
  279. Who is Muhammad Hassan?why he removed by wwe management?
  280. Am I the only one who thinks Dean Ambrose is OVERRATED?
  281. i HATE triple h he fires cody roads, has SEX with steph daughter and buries ppl.?
  282. When was the last time a black guy was the world champion in WWE?
  283. So if Cody Rhodes is coming back after his honeymoon?
  284. Maybe Cody Rhodes can be a superstar in TNA :)?
  285. Finally Cody Rhodes boring self is gone... Anyone happy?
  286. Is Michael cole right ?
  287. Honestly now I can't wait till Cody Rhodes gets back.. So?
  288. Wrestling : Don't you realize how things are getting better now CENA is out the way?
  289. TRUE or FALSE : Alberto Del Rio is one of the most boring WHC since the past 4 years?
  290. this needs to stop in wwe i cant take this brutality anymore.?
  291. Who Is The Most _________ Wrestler ever?
  292. Wrestling : Don't you think HHH should making brock lesnar pay the price?
  293. Opinions on what Triple H is doing to the WWE?
  294. Wrestling Section: Which 3 Wrestlers Receive The Largest Ovations In The Wwe ..?
  295. Is Ryback a really happy man?
  296. Am I the only one who doesn't like JBL on commentary?
  297. who did the raw theme in 03-04?
  298. Would you like to see zombies wrestle when the zombie apocalypse comes?
  299. Who are you taking on a WHC/WWE championship run when you get WWE2K14?
  300. Wasn't it Edge's neck that was hurt?
  301. Stephanie was NOT 12 when Big Show came?
  302. Edge will help Daniel Bryan next week?
  303. Prestige of each WWE Belt?
  304. Why is daniel bryan such an angry trollish nerd?
  305. who else thinks paul heyman will kick cm punks ass one day?
  306. Did HHH forget 3mb are employed?
  307. Is it that time of the month again?
  308. Did Big Show did the right thing to Knockout Daniel Bryan?
  309. What happened to the user Brock Lesnar? I was supposed to fight him in real life (guess he got...
  310. Has anyone else noticed all of the people dressed as wrestlers in the crowd?
  311. Do you really find the WWE superstars suffering from Triple H's power?
  312. Would Doink the clown be bad for business as champion?
  313. Has Daniel Bryan's Mic Skills seriously improved?
  315. Is Damien Sandow basically a jobber with the MITB?
  316. Cody Rhodes FIRED!?!?
  317. Do you feel sad for Cody Rhodes for losing his job?
  318. wtf is the deal with aj lee skipping?
  319. Cody rhodes will be fired to spend time with his wife and have his honeymoon?
  320. Would you rather have sex with a woman, or meet your favorite wrestler in person and hang...
  321. Is Daniel Bryan really the next CruiserWeight Champion?
  322. So Triple H is punishing Cody Rhodes because they weren't invited to his wedding?
  323. Is Big Show being a big baby for refusing to compete against Daniel Bryan?
  324. Where is Rosa Mendes cheering for the Miz?
  325. can't Tyson Kidd just turn on the TV, and see what Natalya is saying about her "crush"?
  326. Can golddust save cody Rhodes tonight?
  327. How can I send my tweet to monday night Raw tonight?
  328. Is triple h jealous that Cody rhodes is higher in rank than him?
  329. Does Heath Slater need to comb his face?
  330. Is wwe app really free? how can I download it on I phone for free?
  331. Watching monday night raw while listening to the poke rap while wearing my batman undies am I a
  332. Why doesn't big show help Bryan out?
  333. Do you want ryback as a face again?
  334. Which WWE wrestler's do you like better?
  335. What is the best WWE Theme of all time?
  336. Do you want rob van dam to win the world heavyweight championship at night of champions?
  337. RE: If the wrestling sections had titles who would hold them an what would they be?
  338. Does Nikki Bella seeing those Chippendales Dancers Pe*is' add to the number she was talking to...
  339. Are the Divas not on Total Divas Friends with Natalya?
  340. Do you think Nikki's family would do back flips if Nikki had only been with one guy her whole life?
  341. Is John Cena not satisfying Nikki Bella?
  342. What do you think of Jimmy Uso liking his BBQ burned?
  343. Has John cena ever missed WrestleMania?
  344. Was that the most amount of Pe*is' Natalya has seen in her life?
  345. what ppv was it...................?
  346. Why does everyone hate Aaliyah?
  347. What do you think of Natalya only sleeping with Tyson Kidd?
  348. What do you think of Natalya saying the Divas check out guys all the time wearing tights?
  349. What do you think of Natalya saying Fandango is cute?
  350. Doesn't Edge & Beth Phienux seem like an odd couple to you?
  351. What do you think is going to happen tonight on RAW?
  352. Is Bobby Roode real or fake?
  353. Is Triple H real or fake?
  354. fuq tcw in the wrestling section?
  355. Explain to me how cena only has five moves?
  356. Why does everyone like cm punk?
  357. What number do you think John Cena was thinking of?
  358. Could Jo-Jo and Justin Gabriel make beautiful babies?
  359. If haters gonna hate, are Bellas gonna ball?
  360. Do you think Nikki Bella is about to go use her vibrator?
  361. Since Justin Gabriel cheated on Jo-Jo, does a werewolf change it's howl?
  362. How do you think Jimmy Uso felt when Vincent told him that he is the only guy who has his back?
  363. Why does Cameron keep saying "Ewww" to Vincent, her boyfriend, if she might marry him?
  364. How do you think Sebastian, Jo-Jo's ex, felt after watching tonight's episode of Total Divas?
  365. Do you think Kelly Kelly should reach out to Jo-Jo right now after Justin Gabriel cheated on Jo-Jo?
  366. If Justin Gabriel and Jo-Jo were still together, what would you call them?
  367. Do you blame Natalya for thinking about Jaret during her bachelorette party on Total Divas?
  368. If you were Justin Gabriel, would you break up with Jo-Jo because of the age difference?
  369. Did you cry when Jo-Jo and Justin Gabriel broke up on Total Divas?
  370. Do you think it's "beautiful" that Natalya has only been with Tyson Kidd her whole life?
  371. How much men do you think Nikki Bella has slept with?
  372. How do you think Kelly Kelly felt seeing Justin Gabriel, her ex, make out with Jo-Jo on Total Divas?
  373. Do you think Jo-Jo shouldn't have been too infatuated with Justin Gabriel?
  374. Do you think Jo-Jo and Justin Gabriel should've gotten a room when they were making out
  375. Who do you think Jon Uso referred to when he said the Divas don't look good in 2-piece?
  376. Does a smiley face in a text mean "let's get it on, bring your A game"?
  377. Do you think Justin Gabriel's reason for breaking up with Jo-Jo on Total Divas was good or bad?
  378. Did anyone else lose a ton of respect for Justin Gabriel for what he did on Total Divas?
  379. How do you think John Cena felt when he saw Nikki Bella use a vibrator on Total Divas?
  380. What do you think about Cameron dating a 40 year old while she was 21?
  381. Does anybody watch New Japan Pro Wrestling?
  382. Is the Divas titles currently more important than the World HeavyWeight title?
  383. Since Mark Henry pulled his hamstring, is he out of Night Of Champions+BQ?
  384. Why isn't there a WWE network yet?
  385. Why is Cm Punk worse then a pig?
  386. Who would you rather see face the undertaker at wrestlemania 30?
  387. When is a real fighter like rampage?
  388. Is old beard a mma legend?
  389. wwe fan you need to watch this?
  390. what does santa and wwe have in common?
  391. How to unlock all WWE superstars on WWE 13?
  392. Why would the WWE do something ridiculous like have AJ Lee drop her Divas championship at
  393. Who would win these WWE matches?
  394. Who is more deserving of a World Championship shot at Night of Champions?
  395. Which member of The Shield is your favorite?
  396. The Aliens and USA vs India and Egypt . Who would win this God vs illuminati tag team
  397. Whats your favorite wrestlemania?
  398. Should kevin hart guess host raw?
  399. Who's better cm punk or randy orton?
  400. Who can stop Triple H, Randy Orton, and The Shield?
  401. How long will Total Divas be around on TV?
  402. What would you like to see in the WWE before 2013 ends?
  404. Who would you rather sign with WWE?
  405. Is The Wyatt Family real or fake?
  406. Is John Cena real or fake?
  407. What's worse, JeriKe$h or this King Matthews thing?
  408. Is the WWE real or fake?
  409. Do you think Vince McMahon wants Alberto Del Rio to take the place of Eddie Guerrero as the...
  410. Who else thinks WWE went downhill after the PG era change?
  411. Which WWE PPV won't sell that good before Survivor Series?
  412. WS, do you find the Ruthless Aggression Era underrated?
  413. What ever happened to Carlito?
  414. Why does Cm Punk hate Derrick Rose?
  415. does this remind you of somebody?
  416. What's the tattoo that Roman Reings has on his right arm?
  417. Why is CM Punk such a jerk?
  418. Does Laylas theme song make your ears bleed?
  419. How many WWE superstars had Paul Heyman as their agent/manager?
  420. Jericho tcw why do you suck so bad?
  421. Do you still remember The Rock's title rein in 2013?
  422. Would you like to see the corproation form into an alliance like the WWE corporate vs the
  423. Does the Nexus have the best alumini's amongst all WWE stables?
  424. Who should the Wyatt Family feud with next?
  425. Why is Cm Punk not a Mid-Carder?
  426. What championship belts were active 1998-2001?
  427. Who's the best legend? Hogan,warrior,undertaker,stonecold or the rock?
  428. wwe is getting better every week but how come all cena fans can do is complain about bullying and
  429. Who's your favorite Top 10 overrated wrestlers?
  430. Who's your favorite Top 10 underrated wrestlers?
  431. Who is your favorite Top 5 underrated wrestling divas?
  432. Who is your favorite Top 5 overrated wrestling divas?
  433. Would you like to see the corporation expand into an alliance WWE superstars vs the WWE corporation?
  434. rate my wrestling roster from 1 to 10?
  435. Do you smoke Scooby doobies?
  436. Why is HHH running Raw when he got a no confidence vote two years ago?
  437. what are your top ten wrestling games?
  438. Is John Cena stronger than a prime Hulk Hogan strength of the 1980s?
  439. Going to be changing name in WS?
  440. Why do people say Curtis axel could not beat Punk?
  441. So, is everything on the bleacher report pure garbage?
  442. TNA Fans, are you really glad that AJ Styles is back from the evil self?
  443. Who do you think is the future wwe champion?
  444. Why do girls still cheer and scream for Randy Orton when he betrayed them as well?
  445. Is anyone else going to watch Brock Lesnar break Triple H's arm with the Kimura lock right now?
  446. Is it funny how on Raw the Wyatt Family get cheered and on Smackdown they get booed?
  447. Did anyone see how scared the Shield and Randy Orton were when Big Show got in the ring?
  448. Has Shawn Michaels given his thoughts on the whole Triple H/Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan situation?
  449. If the wrestling section had titles, who would hold them?
  450. Does WWE still mean World Westling Entertainment?
  451. Is Cm Punk a Justin Bieber fan?
  452. Why is Cm Punk a terrible wrestler?
  453. What do you think of JBL Twerking in Las Vegas?
  454. What has he done really?
  455. Who's the better underdog?
  456. Should I do wrestling? (Also tips)?
  457. Who do you think would win in a real fight between Brock Lesnar and Mike Tyson?
  458. Which PPV did WWE use Evanescence's Bring Me to Life as the Theme?
  459. Blame it on my A.D.D. baby?
  460. Who has more wrestling championship belts Curt Hennig or Sabu?
  461. wwe/f fans is this true?
  462. heres a question for you 90's kids/adults?
  463. Who will be on the current roster on WWE 2K14?
  464. When you go to WWE events do people start WOOO! chants?
  465. Why is Andre The Giant a wrestling legend?
  466. The wwe is becoming like the ruthless aggression era again?
  467. What direction do you think wwe is going with bigshow and all?
  468. Who will The Undertaker bury next Wrestlemania?
  469. CM Punk -Best in the world Y U No like me and block me?
  470. How many inactive title's are in the WWF/WWE?
  471. Randy orton heel turn,good move by wwe or not?
  472. How did Paul Heyman make those cane pole shots look so real on RAW?
  473. Will us Heel fans finally enjoy Smackdown tonight?
  474. Why is WWE making Daniel Bryan seem to appear more dangerous and deadlier then Brock Lesnar?
  475. What chance does Ryback have of winning against Daniel Bryan?
  476. Let's play a game?
  477. Were you surprised about Daniel Bryan winning against Ryback tonight?
  478. How is The Big Show enjoying Smackdown now?
  479. What does the tattoo message say on Rey Mysterio?
  480. Why was big show sitting there on wwe?
  481. Wrestling : TRUE/FALSE : Mark henry is the worlds strongest man?
  482. Watch WWE Night Of Champions Online?
  483. Why when I look under sport and wrestling all i find is stuff about fake male soap operas?
  484. When you think of wwe,which wrestler springs to your mind first?
  485. Message to the user Sheamus?
  486. Should i buy AJ's Love Bites Shirt?
  487. Why does CM Punk never take showers?
  488. Why don't WWE games come out for the PC?
  489. When hulk hogan 'hulks up,' where does he get all that energy from?
  490. Will Daniel Bryan bully Ryback back?
  491. So for the past 2 weeks, we saw Orton standing tall?
  492. Do you hate Triple H for the way he yelled at Big Show to go?
  493. Do you think it was right for Orton to spray paint on Daniel Bryan's body?
  494. How do i set up a wwe universe mode on wwe 13?
  495. Cm Punk is a what again?
  496. Why was John Laurinaitis taken off TV?
  497. What are your thoughts or opinions on this WCW Fraction/Stable called The No Limit Soldiers?
  498. What do fans want out of wrestling?
  499. Why do The McMahon's have supporters?
  500. Guess my fav wrestler and get 10 points!?