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  2. Can someone explain to me what the hell happened in the Orton-Bryan match?
  3. How do you feel about how WWE is making the much smaller and lighter wrestlers look tougher and
  4. Is it possible that Daniel Young has sexual fantasies about Titus O'Niel?
  5. "It's what's best for businss" - how come HHH seems more like an usurper and pretender?
  6. On a scale of 1-10 how impressive is roman reigns ?
  7. The Vital Witness is the new face of the WS?
  8. Is Goldust gonna be on RAW tonight?
  9. Do you think that all the Cm punk fanboys look like that?
  10. Should CM Punk fans jump off a cliff?
  11. Who's hotter: L@yla or Jo-Jo?
  12. Do you think Scott making a fast count was HHH's idea?
  13. Is Booker T's new gimmick being a wise old janitor giving advice?
  14. Is the WWE Dive Search still going on?
  15. is triple H return Face ?
  16. is Alberto Del Rio Cross Armbreaker realy hurt hard or just fake mouve ?
  17. WWE Fans, who are the winners of WWE Night of Champions 2013? What's the results?
  18. So Punkers, why did your baby Punk cry when Ryback threw him into a table?
  19. Should Triple H make himself champion since that is best for business?
  20. Who Ran faster?????????
  21. Is the WS quiet because most everybody is unhappy with Raw's ending?
  22. Kofi Kingston got waxed by that spear?
  23. Cody Rhodes before he was 22 won 4 intercontinental championships and 2 world vjampionships?
  24. Why do so many fanboys think that Dean Ambrose is the leader of the SHIELD?
  25. Finally??????????!???????
  26. For the love of God can they stop this??!?
  27. That's how it ended? really? was it just because to send the crowd home happy?
  28. Damien Sandows music played when RVD won?
  29. Come on Orton! Bryan sucks?
  30. Has Daniel Bryan soiled the legacy of the WWE Championship?
  31. So, was Stephanie inviting Randy to DDT her again?
  32. Which is longer, Summer Rae's skirt, or Rey Mysterio's WWE title reign?
  33. Dusty meant 4 time world tag champion didn't he?
  34. Has RVD ever done a frogsplash that was only four stars?
  35. Do you think Scott Armstrong is just afraid to say he had to take a dump?
  36. Who won at night of champions?
  37. So triple h isn't a heel?
  38. Yup that's exactly what I thought?
  39. So, how did the shield weasel their way to wins?
  40. Daniel Bryan won??????????
  41. Is the WWE entering a new era?
  42. Who is the tallest guy who has a "high flying" Move set?
  43. What would be your roster for RAW and Smackdown and what championships would be on the show?
  44. Battleground Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  45. Were you surprised to see Vincent in Natalya's wedding?
  46. Did Tyson Kidd ruin his wedding with Natalya since he saw Natalya's wedding dress before the...
  47. What happened with Punk tonight?
  48. Do you think Vincent is to blame for Cameron getting sick in the stomach?
  49. Do you think Natalya is going to get mad at John Cena because he isn't going to go to her wedding?
  50. Do you think Ryback will be able to take Lesnar's place?
  51. Do you think they shpould put kofi kingston in wwe 2k14?
  52. Top 5 Guys in the WWE who perform the Best Dropkicks?
  53. Which move hurts more, the Diamond Cutter or the RKO?
  54. Who won Night of Champions 2013?
  55. Will Triple H hire Floyd Mayweather to break the Big Shows jaw again?
  56. who cuts a better promo paul heyman or zeb colter?
  57. What did you think of Night Of Champions?
  58. What is your favorite match in WWF/WWE History?
  59. Why is Kofi wrestling Curtis on NOC? I missed?
  60. Is the wwe going up hill or down hill with the randy orton nd HHH thing..?
  61. Will some fans ever be happy with the WWE Champion?
  62. Can someone plese transcribe this Vince McMahon line for me?
  63. Do you want Dolph Ziggler to win at NOC?
  64. can the wwe be shut down by Fbi?
  65. WRESTLING : Now that RYWACK is paul heymans puppet ------>?
  66. How do you fanboys feel now that Ryback proved he can lift Paul Heyman?
  67. Do you think Paul Heyman is a coward for not fighting CM Punk tonight?
  68. What do you think of the God Ryback answering Paul Heyman prayers?
  69. What do you think of Eva Marie saying that Natalya is a "dope" wrestler?
  70. WWE: Are you happy that Ariane is ok?
  71. is pro wrestle big show dying?
  72. Do you think JoJo will make it in the WWE with her attitude?
  73. Is Daniel Bryan the toughest and most difficult wrestler to pin for any wrestler on the roster?
  74. What did you think of AJ Lee's pipe bomb on the Total Divas?
  75. How many months or years do you think SuperBryan will hold the Title belt?
  76. What was the song on the WWE national guard commercial ?
  77. Is anyone else tired of the beaner Del Rio still WHC?
  78. Was it stupid for Paul Heyman to tell Brad Maddox about his plan?
  79. If Del Rio is heel, how come he doesn't come out in a car again?
  80. Does John Cena still have a phd in thuganomics?
  81. Would It Have Been Better If Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton Was A Lumberjack Match .. !?
  82. Why Does CM Punk Want To Beat Up A 48 Year Old Man .. !?
  83. do you think WWE's gonna recreate this iconic WCW moment.?
  84. Which wwe diva has best bbs?
  85. Would Miley Cyrus......?
  86. Can someone tell me wwe night of champs results?
  87. Did this PPV had an attitude era feeling?
  88. Am I the only one who saw that coming?
  89. Serious question why do they let Darren Young wrestle?
  90. I call a truce????????????
  91. How brave is Curtis Axel?
  92. YOUR Night of Champions 2013 Predictions?
  93. why does triple h say the word "douche" every time he hits somebody?
  94. With his undefeated streak, is The Undertaer the real star and attraction of WrestleMania?
  95. Is Big Show's KO punch a kayfabe move?
  96. Is there a night of champions pre show?
  97. Why is TNA the best pro-wrestling organization in the whole wide world?
  98. Why can't WWE give away their PPV's for free?
  99. If Kofi happens to win the IC Championship, do you think the WWE spoiled it with their...
  100. As we speak, do you think Paul Heyman is unable to sleep knowing he will get a hellacious...
  101. What wrestling personality use to say this?
  102. Whose better: CM Punk or Jeff Hardy +BQ?
  103. WWE Which of these are/was your favorite Wrestler(s) from PG Era (2008-Present)?
  104. What do you think is the best DIVA finisher?
  105. What are some tips for wrestling?
  106. how jojo and eva marie upcoming wrestlers in the wwe?
  107. Night Of Champions Predictions?
  108. Why do people think I am Old Beard?
  109. I am retiring from trolling?
  110. What is main card of ????? WWE NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS 2013?
  111. Do you think cena will come back as a heel?
  112. so is alicia fox a Heel or Tweener ?
  113. Do you see John Cena still being in WWE in 20 yeats time?
  114. Why has AJ & Big E Langston stopped being a team?
  115. wheres kane wwe will he be in the wyatt family will he go back to the old monster kane like...
  116. So Natalya has just 4 moves in WWE?
  117. Is Cm Punk a fake WWE main eventer?
  118. Who is the least tough looking guy on the WWE roster?
  119. Will HHH be at the Floyd Mayweather fight tonight?
  120. My next wrestlemania dream match.... Would you agree to watch my dream match?
  121. What do you think will happen during the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan match at Night of Champions?
  122. WWE Question - 2014 Hall of Fame.?
  123. Is WWE forums down???
  124. When's kharma returning to wwe?
  125. Will Bryan have a bigger push than ADR in 2011?
  126. Since Batista is on the poster for Night of Champions 2013, is it safe to say he's returning at NOC?
  127. Do you agree, yes or no?
  128. Do you think Cody Rhodes will order Night of Champions?
  129. How do you think Matt Morgan got rid of his stuttering problem?
  130. Who wants Cody Rhodes to go to TNA?
  131. Would this be a good gimmick for Tebow if he did come to WWE?
  132. Is CM Punk any good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at all?
  133. What would your reaction be if WWE release John Cena?
  134. Am I too old to try and pursue wrestling?
  135. Is it possible chris benoit was not the one who killed his family?
  136. What would be the biggest wwe wrestling match ever ??? Alive or dead?
  137. WWE Survivor Series 2013 Dream Card Please Rate?
  138. Wassup wrestling section?
  139. Will Batista return to Pro Wrestling?
  140. Why are some Bad wrestlers so overrated?
  141. Who was Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko's manager in 2001?
  142. Should the WWE hire this amazing man?
  143. Wasn't that the best interview this year in WWE?
  144. Recently, a TNA house show in New Jersey didn't even filled 100 seats. Should Dixie
  145. Shane McMahon is coming back. Your thoughts?
  146. What are your thoughts on WWE saying they will be working with CZW and BJW in the future?
  147. What are your thoughts on WWE announcing that they are going tv ma?
  148. What are your thoughts on Abdullah The Butcher signing a 10 year deal with WWE?
  149. Is Jim Ross the Jay Leno of the WWE?
  150. who do you think my favorite CURRENT wrestler is?
  151. TNA Impact Wrestling?
  152. Why did the fans boo Madusa when she won this match?
  153. Did we just witness an Awesome Truth reunion?
  154. How come Nikki Bella does not wrestle much any more?
  155. Why is CM Punk not part of the "corporate" storyline?
  156. Do you know where I can buy this?
  157. What do you think of Randy Orton forgetting Edge is an eleven time champion?
  158. Do you think Bully Ray regrets buying the hookers Mr. Anderson slept with to join Aces And Eights?
  159. Should Paul Heyman might as well be walking the plank?
  160. Does Paul Heyman look like he hasn't slept in days?
  161. Is Paul Heyman not a man of war but an advocate for peace?
  162. Did Triple H lose his genitals somewhere after marrying into his office job?
  163. Is CM Punk going to slaughter Paul Heyman so bad we aren't going to see him again?
  164. Are you surprised Triple H didn't fire Paul Heyman?
  165. Did Ricardo Rodriguez go to Rob Van Dam looking for his next meal ticket?
  166. After Edge said he appeared on Smackdown for us, he goes and cuts a promo for Haven?
  167. Do you think AJ Lee will hold on to the Divas Championship until she's an old woman?
  168. What do you think of Michael Cole telling JBL to shut up when he said What's Up?
  169. Do you wish this was the Jimmy Kimmel video so The Miz would catch on fire?
  170. What do you think of AJ Lee not wanting to be on Total Divas but wants to be in that ring?
  171. Is AJ Lee commentating an unfortunate thing for AJ Lee or the fans?
  172. How do you think Big Show's family feels knowing Big Show is suspeneded without pay?
  173. What did you think of Smackdown last night?
  174. Were you surprised Taz thought Bully Ray took it too far when he did a pile driver to Mr. Anderson?
  175. Does Mike Tenay love that Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson are fighting?
  176. I can't remember but did Edge and Christian ambush Stone Cold one time?
  177. WRESTLING : What role does EDGE have in the wwe since he cant wrestle anymore?
  178. Do you think WWE punished Ryback for bullying the staff and smaller wrestlers by making him
  179. Who is your favorite WWE Superstar/Diva?
  180. What are your thoughts about this Wrestling PPV Event called NWA/WCW Starrcade?
  181. Am i the only one who's bored pf Daniel Bryan?
  182. Undertaker, Triple H or HBK?
  183. With Cena being the main guy on WWE??
  184. Wrestlemania 30 Dream Card Please rate Thanks!?
  185. Wrestlemania 30 Dream Card Please rate Thanks!?
  186. Wrestlemania 30 Predictions?
  187. Which is the greatest match professional wrestling history.Which you will not forget in...
  188. Why doesnt Stephine were shorts any more?
  189. Who is the beat wrestler in the wwe?
  190. Question about WWE2k14?
  191. How do you think Ricardo Rodriguez preparation for his match backstage went?
  192. So, why is it that???
  193. If you played old Dean Ambrose matches could you tell the difference?
  194. I dont understand what is going on in wwe anymore?
  195. What are your thoughts about WWF/E Monday Night Raw?
  196. Do you think William Regal should be in the Hall of Fame?
  197. CM Punk is better than Stone Cold?
  198. France is better than the USA?
  199. Tupac rules, CM Punk drools?
  200. What are some big matches wwe could do?
  201. Who's more of a legend Cm punk or The Big show?
  202. Did Anyone Else See The "Feed Me More" Sign On Friday Night Smackdown .. !?
  203. When will people face the fact that Dolph Ziggler is a jobber now?
  204. wwe fans do you know?
  205. Who is your favorite masked wrestler?
  206. hey guys. so, i just started watching TNA today. can you give me a crash course/run down
  207. Vince McMahon To fire Triple h? Best for buisness?
  208. Why would CM Punk tell a fan they have a vagina?
  209. So both the US and IC titles area going undefended at NOC?
  210. What are the other matches for night of champions?
  211. Should WWE go back to have characters instead of acting like real people?
  212. why did WWE hire a jobber called "CMPunk"?
  213. What would you say is the weirdest gimmick in WWE history?
  214. Will Dean Ambrose face Dolph Ziggler for US Championship at Night Of Champions?
  215. Is Daniel Bryan really overrated. Nah he's not?
  216. Is there going to be match at Night Of Champions for Intercontinental Championship?
  217. Night of Champions Predictions?
  218. Why is Wwe Daniel Bryant Getting Beat up by everyone?
  219. Does anybody miss John Cena?
  220. Did smackdown air yet 13/9/13?
  221. Why is CM Punk praised since he's a jobber?
  222. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?
  223. Who owns Juggalo Championship wrestling?
  224. Why would Austin refuse to job to Coach?
  225. Is Mr. Anderson an ungrateful S.O.B.?
  226. What do you think took Brooke Tessmacher that long to get a chair?
  227. I want to start watching WWE again?
  228. TNA 500th episode? Really? Really? Really?
  229. Ryback vs Bully Ray? Battle of the bullies!?
  230. What do you think of AJ Styles winning the 2013 Bound For Glory series?
  231. Is Mr. Anderson jealous of the things Bully Ray has?
  232. What do you think about Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson not going to be in TNA anymore?
  233. Should Mike Tenay start drinking decaf coffee?
  234. Do you think that Ryback troll has ever kissed a female?
  235. do you think if WWE start faith on Drew mcIntyre, Drew will be the next Chris Jericho persona ?
  236. do you like see Drew McIntyre hold any WWE title or do you lost faith on him?
  237. Rate my Wrestlemania card?
  238. Anybody else think I am the next WEDF Champ?
  239. What do you think of these WWE and WHC matches for WM 30?
  240. Why is Ryback better than cm punk?
  241. Rate and predict this WM 30 match card?
  242. Rate and predict this WM 30 match card?
  243. what do u expect from smackdown?
  244. Which is the best wrestling group in history of proffesional wrestling?
  245. Wow......a potential Chavo heel turn....?
  246. Who is the best and controversal commentator in wrestling history?
  247. Remember Stone Cold Steve Austin? He sure loves beer, but what beer brand did he drank most?
  248. Is is possible Real Americans win Tag team Championship as a face?
  249. Which wrestlers were never were face only heel?
  250. What sense did that make?
  251. Is Aces and eights dead?
  252. Was Christy Hemmy wearing anything under that dress?
  253. Okay I wasn't expecting that?
  254. Is anybody else Marking out to Ken Anderson?
  255. If "Los Matadores" do happen to be Cena and Sheamus, how do you think they will break up?
  256. Wrestlemania 30 Match Card, Thoughts and Opinions?
  257. Which WWE WCW and ECW Wrestlers Gimmicks do you prefer more?
  258. Jim Ross retired and?
  259. How did Arnold Schwarzenegger win so many Mr Olympia Titles when he only had a 4 pack abs?
  260. Wrestling fans would you spend "1 night in china"?
  261. Do you remember TNA's Playboy deal?
  262. Which WWE Diva's feet would you worship?
  263. Aaliyah is a satanic troll who cheats for best answers?
  264. Why is every wrestling fan so ugly?
  265. Wwe Championship;Wm30 randy orton vs daniel bryan vs cm punk?
  266. Who do you think has the best wwe theme song?
  267. How does Aaliyah have more than half as many points as me?
  268. Which Top Contributors in the WS do you think are Little Jimmies?
  269. who else think antonio cesaro should become world heavyweight champion at wrestlemania 30?
  270. Will you be upset if Randy Orton's WWE Championship Reign lasts longer than CM Punk's?
  271. cesaro should be world heavyeight champion so why did wwe have him lose to that idiot santino
  272. Edge can't wrestle I know but can he deliver a spear to HHH? Only 1?
  273. Why doesn't WWE let Antonio Cesaro do the UFO?
  274. WWE: What is your favorite Jim Ross moment?
  275. Do you think Batista or Goldberg will fight Ryback?
  276. who do u think has the best chokeslam in the history of WWE?Undertaker,Kane or Big show?
  277. Goldust (WWF/E) or "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes (WCW): Which Gimmicks do you prefer more?
  278. How did the ugly Miz who is a 6/10 get the flawless Maryse?
  279. JR Retires from WWE! Thoughts?
  280. DO you think John Cena buries other superstars?
  281. Is wwe going down because no super cena for a while?
  282. Where is Jack Swagger?
  283. WRESTLING : Whats your opinion on the current RVD?
  284. where should wwe go with Punk after Heyman Fued?
  285. When do u think Tna will be gone for good.?
  286. What do you think of heel wrestlers turning evil and vice versa?
  287. How Does WWE Keep Wade Barret Irrelevent At this Time?
  288. What do are finding this current feud with Daniel Bryan against the "New Corporation"?
  289. Gangrel or Kane-who's entrance use to scare you the most?
  290. Where is Santino Marrela (spelt wrong)?
  291. Would you rather liked to see Raw end this way?
  292. Who's on Y!A mobile right now?
  293. If Kurt Angle returned to WWE, would he get 'You Suck' or 'You Rock' chants?
  294. Who will AJ Lee compete against when she wins the fatal 4-way at Night of Champions?
  295. Top 10 WWE superstars that need to turn heel/face and why?
  296. Why are people posting this junk in this category?
  297. Should I join wrestling?
  298. What are mic skills of wrestlers?
  299. Who is the best and strongest among these guys?
  300. How long was Randy Orton's longest world title reign?
  301. How many world champ titles will John "The Greatest Ever" Cena finish with at the end of his career?
  302. who is more beautiful?
  303. WRESTLING : Will JOHN CENA be the same after he returns?
  304. Hbk Shawn Michaels for US president? Bret Hart for president of Canada?
  305. Is Booker T a heel? face? or both?
  306. Why is technical wrestling valued so much higher than powerful wrestling?
  307. if nikki bella break up with john cena, whit who u d like see him dating?
  308. Would you enjoy this match?
  309. Is Triple H heel now???
  310. Attention Community Aaliya turn back on Punk?
  311. HOLY S*IT! How did Antonio Cesaro do that? : O?
  312. who will win royal rumble 2014 to win wwe championship at wm30?
  313. Will the WWE ever be entertaining again?
  314. Do you think edge should come back to wwe and host a sort of highlight reel?
  315. Was randy the ram robinson from the movie the wrestler a real person?
  316. Are we seeing the end of the wwe pg era?
  317. Who would win these matches?
  318. Who is Aaliya and why she(maybe he) mess up with everybody?
  319. What hold did Daniel Bryan use to beat John Cena?
  320. why Alberto del rio is hard pushed rather than wade barrett?
  321. wil wade barett ever won wwe title or WHC title?
  322. What race is wwe diva JoJo?
  323. Which is your favorte wrestler?
  324. John Cena, What would you do with him?
  325. DOES anyone in the WS wanna be a Paul Heyman guy with meeeeee?
  326. How many Aaliya question are we going to have tonight?
  327. Please help!!!!!!i dont know what should i do?
  328. Which wwe superstar has bigger muscles?
  329. What's a good workout routine for a 15 year old wrestler?
  330. Is Total Divas scripted?
  331. Do You Think Daniel Bryan Deserves To Be Champion Again?
  332. I'm prettier than Aaliyah?
  333. Is there a possibility Cena will return as the face dr of thuganomics?
  334. Why Did The Rated R Superstar Retire ?
  335. del rio dosnt use his destiny catchphrase anymore does he?
  336. Is it safe to say that CM PUNK will feud with the cooperation after Sunday?
  337. do you think triple h will leave wwe in 2014?
  338. Is Paul Heyman so worried he wet himself?
  339. My WWE idea for a PPV .. Night of Champions ....?
  340. Does Triple H need to look past his huge nose to see talent?
  341. is big show terminated for not punching DANIEL BRYAN?
  342. is Cody Rhodes really fired or is it just a story line?
  343. is it true that big show is broke in real life or is it just a story line too?
  344. Is one of the Los Matadores Rey Mysterio?
  345. How cool was it seeing Goldust last night?
  346. Who do you want to win each match at Night Of Champions?
  347. You think the wwe is teaching kids to bully?
  348. Do you think Goldust has a chance vs Randy Orton?
  349. Did John Cena give his finisher immunity trait to Randy Orton before he left?
  350. Are you holding back your tears for Goldust?
  351. Are you going to cry if Goldust loses tonight?
  352. Are WWE running out of gimmick ideas?
  353. Does anyone else think Goldust vs Randy Orton should have been the main event?
  354. Is roman reign a future world/wwe champion?
  355. Is the German suplex dead?
  356. Was anyone else annoyed how quickly Alicia Fox tapped out to that sharpshooter?
  357. What time should I get to a WWE PPV event?
  358. Raw is booooooring...?
  359. Who's better CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  360. That was absolutely disgusting?
  361. AJ Lee is the most overrated diva of all time?
  362. If you could put me in a match against any WWE Superstar, who would you put me up against?
  363. what is the best gimmick for John Cena's return?
  364. Who's more boring? CM Sucks or Alberto Del Boring?
  365. Who else loves Austin's movie Recoile?
  366. WWE Match Of The Year 2013-Round 2-Eliminate any 3 from this list?
  367. What if this happens, will you like it? +BQ?
  368. Who else agree undertaker vs super cena at wrestlemania 30?
  369. ultimate warrior vs brock lesnar wm30?
  370. Thoughts on Indy wrestlers in WWE & TNA?
  371. WWE Match Of The Year 2013-Eliminate any 3 from this list?
  372. So this match between RVD and Ryback was to determine who gets to keep the airbrush attires?
  373. Would Orton be fired if he got caught with drugs again?
  374. Survivor Series teams?
  375. Which WWE star was in this Walker Texas Ranger episode?
  376. WRESTLING : Why isn't BROCK LESNAR stepping up to the corporation (PART 2)?
  377. How much do you miss MVP, Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin, and Carlito?
  378. who rather you see booked as the undertaker son, who fellow his legacy and his streak
  379. Wwe autographs on ic title.?
  380. How can the WWE make the Intercontinental Title matter again?
  381. Is jobbing to Bray Wyatt Ziggler's punishment?
  382. Who do you think spilled the water on the floor?
  383. will edge be on smackdown this week ?
  384. Wwe is talk commen pleaset?
  385. How good or bad is a wwe superstar's social life?
  386. The Wyatt family vs The Shield?
  387. After 4 long weeks it happened?
  388. Another pointless WWE match?
  389. Shold WWE hire M.Night. Shamalan?
  390. Would you be surprised if CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble?
  391. Should the WWE wrestlers go on strike?
  392. Will the Big Show........?
  393. I wanna be the first sexy androgynous gay wrestler?
  394. What is the whole point of having Edge on tonight's Raw?
  395. Did Gold Dust have drug problems?
  396. Ladies only!! Should HBK shave his beard clean off? why?
  397. CM punk could never drop a pipe bomb greater than Edge just dropped?
  398. What would happen if Edge was attacked or gets in a fight? crippled for life?
  399. What did Stephanie say to Goldust?
  400. Can I join the CM Punk Trolls?
  401. Is it a good idea for Edge to make a special appearance on Raw tonight?
  402. "This is awkward" lol. Anyone else hear that chant?
  403. Did Daniel Bryan get kicked off of Total Divas?
  404. Who looks worse with shorter hair, Triple H or Edge?
  405. When will Big Show quit letting them control him.?
  406. Edge knows this is a PG show now right?
  407. Dude, will RVD win the WHC?
  408. Hows this rivalry between Daniel Bryan with HBK vs Tyson Kidd with Bret Hart?
  409. How much do the WWE superstars make?
  410. At this point is Daniel Bryan more popular than CM Punk?
  411. Omg That wasn't PG?
  412. What will happen on October 1st?
  413. Chris Benoit & Daniel Bryan vs Triple H & Randy Orton?
  414. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
  415. Which of the following superstars would you like see to fight Taker at WM30?
  416. Who has buried more talent Triple H or Hulk Hogan?
  417. Do you think that performance of "Somebody call my mama" by Jo-Jo, and the Funkadactyls was
  418. Since Nikki Bella can't get physical for 12 weeks does that mean John Cena won't have s*x with her?
  419. Was Jon Uso right if there singing is anything like Jo-Jo and Naomi were working out it would be...
  420. Do you believe Eva Marie when she said she always dreamed of being in Maxim?
  421. Do you think it was rude of Cameron and Vincent to leave the diamond ring store without
  422. Does everyone love the theme song "Somebody call my mama"?
  423. Do you think Cameron should've told Vincent earlier that she wanted time off from him earlier?
  424. What do you think of Nikki Bella telling John Cena she's more flexible now after stretching?
  425. Where oh where is Aaliyah?
  426. Do you think Brock Lesnar will be WWE Champion again?
  427. Do you think Los Matadores (Primo and Epico) will be the new Tag team joke with WWE?
  428. why did Eminem dye his hair blonde again?
  429. Top five wrestlers of tna and wwe?
  430. How come if someone from TNA returns to WWE it's such a big deal?
  431. Does Nikki Bella know that Cena is cheating on her with Ryback?
  432. Two CM Punk fans dancing to CM Punk's theme song?
  433. Is Shelton Benjamin ever returning to WWE?
  434. Does anyone think Edge was overrated?
  435. Tomorrow is my first day of school?
  436. Who's the hottest: Brie Bella, AJ Lee, or Jo-Jo?
  437. WRESTLING : Why isn't BROCK LESNAR stepping up to the corporation?
  438. How to watch WWE online?
  439. What's worse, Eva Marie marks, AJ Lee Marks, or CM Punk marks.?
  440. Do you think it was rude of Eva Marie to tell the Senior Vice President to "Shut Up"?
  441. Did JoJo rehearsing the National Anthem give you the chills?
  442. Why would Cameron need half an hour to scratch her @$$?
  443. How do you pronounce Lita's last name?
  444. What do you think about CM Punk?
  445. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts on DEL RIO still as WHC?
  446. What would have happened if WCW had not folded after TNT cancelled it in 2001?
  447. WWE match of the year 2013, so far?
  448. Why hasnt Cm Punk gotten the Ice Cream yet?
  449. Jethro Holiday or the Undertaker?
  450. did the wwe writers run out of ideas?
  451. Poll: Ricardo Rodriguez or Michelle Rodriguez?
  452. Does anyone in the Wrestling Section know who I am?
  453. Is wrestling as in wwe and impact real?
  454. Top five wrestlers, what would you pick?
  455. Will Kofi Kingston start to wrestle on Monday Night RAW tomorrow night?
  456. WWE best matches and best wrestlers for the years 2000 to 2013, do you agreee?
  457. WWE Fans, did The Big Show turn heel again while he gave Stephanie McMahon a hug?
  458. how to gain muscle and strength for wrestling?
  459. Could the MITB briefcase be used on a midcard title?
  460. Do you like smackdown or raw more?
  461. Is this a funny take?
  462. Which PPV Did Shawn Michaels be the Special Guest Referee for the Chris Jericho vs Batista Match?
  463. Does it bother you watching The Shield take orders from Triple H? Kinda ruins the
  464. Anybody glad Triple H is heel again? Hes always been best as a heel!?
  465. Did they mention Roman Reigns being related to the Usos during their feud?
  466. Is Randy Orton a jerkwad in real life?
  467. Would this be good fueds?
  468. Was WWE ever involved with the Make a Wish Fondation back in the attitude era?
  469. who else thought ryback was gonna attack ambrose and turn face? on raw.?
  470. is bobby roode the greatest heavyweight champion in tna history?
  471. is there a WS divas champion?
  472. I'm thinking of booking ticket to watch wwe in the UK?
  473. Lol do you remember when brock lesnar said "Paul say something stupid"?
  474. Why Do Wrestling Fans Think That The Rock Doesn't Love The WWE .. !?
  475. Since TCW became a face, theres too many faces, should I turn heel again?
  476. Will Brock Lesner interfere?
  477. Buy/Sell : Santino Marella is the greatest wrestler of all times ?
  478. which ppv did rey mysterio wrestle kane with his mask on the line and what year?
  479. What happend on friday night smackdown?
  480. What the hell happend to the world cruiserweight title?
  481. Will acting classes help?
  482. Which tna knock outs or wwe divas?
  483. I'm going to cut a promo?
  484. How do get all the /3itches?
  485. Ryback is a legend, did you join a gym yet?
  486. WS, when I'm medically clear to compete I will be after the WS title?
  487. Can I be the WS commentator or ring announcer I don't mind?
  488. @WS Mr. MITB Tell me when you're cashing in,I'll be the ref?
  489. Are you surprise that Cena isn't a father yet?
  490. Do you think WWE is trying to start a new era ?
  491. John Cena is horrible ?
  492. What are the chances that you will order Wrestlemania 30 on PPV?
  493. when will the shield disband?
  494. Why is pay per view you wait for entire year Hell in a Cell or Lockdown?
  495. Wrestling: Why did Big Show on last monday night raw? Please explain?
  496. if aj,layla,alicia fox and aksana had attacked rainbow dash how bad would they have been beaten?
  497. Matthew, we can both be commentators for WS Raw?
  498. who wants to be on my side in the wrestling section?
  499. is randy orton the vegeta of wwe?
  500. Who has the best rack in pro wrestling?