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  1. is dixie carter at her best as a heel?
  2. how long before triple h books himself into match against Daniel bryan and puts himself over?
  3. does anybody care about TNA?
  4. Did Jesse Ventura legitamately hate Hulk Hogan?
  5. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE, Daniel bryan will never become successful as stone cold?
  6. Who would you put into the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  7. Say something funny??
  8. Dixie Carter might be the worse promo worker in professional wrestling today?
  9. WRESTLING : Undertaker has 4 kids, what do you think goes in their mind seeing their dad on TV?
  10. WRESTLING : Who would win in a dancing contest FANDONGO VS RHIKISHI?
  11. Asian WWE wrestler. Who was it?
  12. Bret Hart - Shawn Michaels rivalry vs Stone Cold Steve Austin - Vince McMahon rivalry Which is...
  13. Do you know where Ryback will be this weekend?
  14. What are some of your favourite WWE matches of all-time ?
  15. WRESTLING : What are your thougts with BRAD MADDOX as GM?
  16. wwe little interested in aj styles ???
  17. Is this the worst match in WWE history?
  18. Did Kane have the greatest debut rivalry in history?
  19. What is the overall BEST year that TNA has had?
  20. Why are people obsessed with wanting to see Sting challenge Taker for the streak?
  21. YES! YES! YES! vs NO! NO! NO!?
  22. What has WWE done that was worst for business?
  23. What would your reaction be if "Thrice in a Lifetime" happened at WrestleMania 30?
  24. What has been the BEST WWE has done that was "best for business"?
  25. Who is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion of all time in WWE + picture inside ?
  26. Austin leaving in '00 passed torch to Rock is like Cena leaving in '13 passing torch to Bryan?
  27. Will Aces and Eights go with Knux or Bully Ray? BQ?
  28. Who is your favorite heel ever?
  29. How do wrestling fans feel about Steve Austin making his Podcast family friendly?
  30. Rassling Critic Why did you block me?
  31. Cryback fans are actually fools.I Punk'D them(Read description)?
  32. HOW much longer before i said? is found dead of drug od?
  33. I'm the greatest heel/troll in this section, +BQ?
  34. Should the WWE push the World Heavyweight title?
  35. Do you follow any WWE superstar/diva on Twitter?
  36. why so so many foolish nerds spend 50 bucks on wwe pay per view matches?
  37. Does anyone REALLY want the NXT women to be on the main Divas division?
  38. Am I missing something about wrestling videogames?
  39. What is your favorite Wrestlemana match of all time?
  40. Who is your favorite user in the wrestling section?
  41. who do you think would win in a real-life fight John Cena or Ryback and why?
  42. who do you think would win in a real-life fight John Cena or Ryback and why?
  43. who do you think would win in a real-life fight John Cena or Ryback and why?
  44. is wrestling a good sport to join?
  45. Is Dixie Carter becoming the female version of Vince McMahon or rather a distaff version...
  46. Why are CM Punk's fans the worst fans?
  47. WWE Dream matches ... what u think ...?
  48. When did RVD start using One of a Kind?
  49. Top 10 Wrestlers in the last 10 years?
  50. Did you hear the fans chant We want Angle! at Night of Champions?
  51. Are CM Punk and AJ lee dating?
  52. What if Cena is heel but his gimmick was...?
  53. Good & forgotten Steel Cage matches from WWE?
  54. Remember when John Cena and Chris Benoit made Paul Heyman eat soap?
  55. who is the hottest superstar in the WWE right now?
  56. WRESTLING : What are the benefits of becoming a PAUL HEYMAN guy?
  57. Is Daniel Bryan in the WWE Hall of Fame yet?
  58. Has anyone ever been in WWE Hall of Fame without first retiring from the WWE?
  59. Did Brock Lesnar fight for real?
  60. Do you love or hate AJ Lee?
  61. Why are so many of you hating CM Punk?
  62. This is the final time I'm addressing the trolls?
  63. WWE Logic: Steel chair shots to head NOT allowed but you CAN burst opponent's head onto...
  64. John Cena returns at Rumble, wins it, and faces Rock at WM30 for the title?
  65. Is there a possibility that Jericho, Cena and Sheamus all will return at WWE Royal Rumble 2014?
  66. Will John Cena return as a heel?
  67. Do you respect the beard?
  68. After Raw went off air CM Punk gave a beatdown to Ryback(Link in the description)?
  69. Look at this list of worst wrestler's ever?
  70. Where's rybacks hair? Let me guess,it's boldly gone where no WWE CHAMP HAS GONE BEFORE!?
  71. WWE Fans, is Randy Orton a WWE Champion?
  72. What wrestling weight class would I be in?
  73. will cm punk ever realize he wasn't cut out for the wrestling business and go back to pumping gas?
  74. are syndicated tv tapings of local hick southern wrestling promotions better shows than
  75. does cm punk lay awake at night wishing he could be as good of a wrestler as kurt angle?
  76. should ryback have put cm punk through a flaming table covered in thumb tacks last night?
  77. Why do so many people dislike AJ lee just because her b00bs are little?
  78. Who had the biggest push this year (WWE)?
  79. Can anyone sing Soft Kitty for me.I am having fever?
  80. when was Undertakers WM Streak first adressed as a streak?
  81. Are WWE Fans Bored Of Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton For The WWE Championship .. !?
  82. How much do WWE PPV ringside tickets go for?
  83. 6 man Tag Match for the WWE Tag Team and the US Championship at Battleground?
  84. Will Daniel Bryan Become A 3 Time WWE Champion In Just A Matter Of 49 Days At Battleground...
  85. Do You Think That WWE Fans Will Still Be Chanting "Yes" In 10 Years Time .. !?
  86. Are CM Punk Fans Jealous Of Daniel Bryan .. !?
  87. Why has WWE suddenly killed Kaitlyns push & took her off TV?
  88. Which of these are your favorite WWF/E Big Four PPV match(es) of the 90's (1990-1999)?
  89. The Rassling Critic why have you blocked me?
  90. CM Punk-Best In The World is Back!(READ DESCRIPTION)?
  91. Can you guys help me please?
  92. Why is there only like 6 Divas in WWE 2K14?
  93. Why is there only 6 Divas in WWE 2k14?
  94. Why has WWE suddenly dropped Kaitlyn?
  95. Are there any virgin WWE wrestlers?
  96. Is anyone else a bit dissapointed with the WWE 2k14 roster?
  97. PROOF-Ryback is a nice guy in real life and likes CM Punk fans(link in description)?
  98. I've joined my fellow Ryback fans here in the WS?
  99. I'm sick and tired of you WS Users bullying CM Punk fans..I hate BULLIES?
  100. How dare that CM Drunk fan ROHPunk made fun of my Legendary Ryback?
  101. Does Darren Young getting pinned last night prove that WWE hates gays?
  102. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Hulk Hogan coming back to wwe is best for business?
  103. WRESTLING : Why isn't shawn michaels on raw so often?
  104. WRESTLING : Why hasn't ryback won any titles yet?
  105. A developmental one...KEEP ONE PUSH ONE AND FIRE ONE?
  106. Wow,My Fellow Ryback fan is awesome watch his video..he's a true wrestling fan?
  107. I want you CM Drunk fans to apologize to a me-A Real Wrestling Fan right now?
  108. 5 Reasons why Ryback Fans are Real Wrestling Fans?
  109. 10 Reasons Why Ryback is a Wrestling God?
  110. WWE fans : why Hornswoggle is the greatest technical wrestler in the history of wwe?
  111. WWE fans : Will Hornswoggle ,end the Wwe wrestling career of the Big Show?
  112. Stephanie McMahon is not the owner of the WWE?
  113. The Shield got screwed!?
  114. Who was the hottest diva in tonight's tag match?
  115. I know this isn't a question, but just so you know, The Shield cost Ziggler the match?
  116. Curtis Axel isn't in WWE 2K14????
  117. Triple H was so happy at his wedding because????
  118. what the names of the new tag team?
  119. what the names of the new tag team?
  120. Are we ever gonna see Goldberg Return to Confront Ryback on Raw?
  121. Would Daniel bryan have a better chance on winning against 5 on one?
  122. What should I change my name to?
  123. IS DANIEL BRYANT an over rated punk vince or triple h just need to say:?
  124. What were Kane's first words?
  125. So, was Goldust sitting there the whole time with his make-up on?
  126. Am I the only one who thinks Stephanie McMahon is hot?
  127. Am I the only one who thinks Stephanie McMahon is hot?
  128. Does Kurt angle wish he could wrestle the legend CM Punk?
  129. Your thoughts on non-characters in 2k14?
  130. When is Christian coming back?
  131. Why are Primo and Epico pretending to be Los Matadores?
  132. Why doesn't orton do the pose anymore?
  133. Why did the lights go off?
  134. So why do you think the creative team created a handicap match for the sheild?
  135. Are Goldust and Cody Rhodes brothers in the WWE?
  136. FT9 rulez in this category?
  137. Should me and my partner horses @$$ go for the wrestling sections tag team titles?
  138. why did a real fighter like rob vandam let a fake fighter like randy orton beat him up so bad...
  139. is my little pony friendship is magic better than tna impact wrestling?
  140. Is Daniel Bryan the leader of the WWE locker room?
  141. Did AJ Lee lose the tag team Divas match because she was watching Triple H's Thy Kingdom Come DVD?
  142. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying I wish fandan-go away and leave Summer Rae?
  143. Are you surprised Daniel Bryan didn't mention Randy Orton asking out Brie Bella in his promo?
  144. Are Goldust and Cody Rhodes sore losers?
  145. Do you think AJ Lee is going to watch Triple H's Thy Kingdom Come DVD?
  146. Did anyone think the main event was fake because The Shield were elimimnating too many...
  147. Do you think Cody has even a slight chance to come back to WWE now?
  148. Is AJ Lee going to need a giraffe neck if she becomes a ten time Divas champion?
  149. Did Randy Orton not ask out Nikki Bella because she is going out with a real man?
  150. Do you agree with JBL why would you invite your parents to see you fight when they can
  151. Does The Miz know he's not a major player in WWE?
  152. Does JBL have selective listening?
  153. Should Brie Bella leave Daniel Bryan for a real man in Randy Orton?
  154. Did The Miz peak too early?
  155. Should Titus O' Neal quit hot-dogging and get to work?
  156. Are the Wyatt family sick, demented, and evil and those are there good points?
  157. Should R-Truth, Zack Ryder, or Dolph Ziggler be the face of WWE?
  158. Did you find it funny that the crowd booed when Triple H said the crowd wants Miz TV?
  159. Why did Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins tell Summer Rae to shut up?
  160. WRESTLING : If you were a wrestler, what would be your theme song?
  161. Is Daniel Bryan the hottest superstar in WWE right now?
  162. WRESTLING : Who else in the WWE is related to the rock (BESIDES)?
  163. When will Kurt Angle return to TNA?
  164. WRESTLING : What are your tought on BRAD MADDOX as GM so far?
  165. Wrestling : Do you think the big show should retire?
  166. Why wwe don't do this anymore?
  167. Is Having No WWE Champion Good For Business .. !?
  168. Who Is Your Favourite WWE Wrestler Of All Time .. !?
  169. Wow what a match that was great!?
  170. Am I the only one stoked for the debut of Los Matadores?
  171. If you took a shot each time WWE mentioned the app...?
  172. Are you surprised that CM Punk failed to beat Ryback?
  173. WWE Fiscal Awards, September 1 2012 to September 18 2013, do you agree?
  174. Am I the only one who doesn't care about the Wyatt Family?
  175. Who's better ? Chris jericho or Edge?
  176. The Miz peaked too early and doesn't measure up???
  177. So, Roman Reigns' spear is supposed to be so good he can stand still for it to work??
  178. What do you people want????
  179. Has a wrestler ever responded to your tweet?
  180. What do you think of Ultimate Warrior?
  181. List your all-time favorite wrestlers?
  182. Are the WWE autographs you can get at live events real?
  183. Will Daniel Bryan be WWE champion?
  184. Who is the most underrated athlete that will not win a championship belt?
  185. what did you think when kane attacked big show for saying may 19th?
  186. How come I'm the only user whos never changed my display name?
  187. Who did Kelly Kelly sleep with in the WWE (Randy said a couple guys)?
  188. Does anyone else find The Rhodes storyline more interesting, then Daniel Bryan's YES! storyline?
  189. The Summer of CM Punk 2011 VS The Summer Of Daniel Bryan 2013?
  190. Why is Boring Curtis Axel still Intercontinental Champion?
  191. Hey, Sterling here, What exactly does "Follow the Buzzards" mean? (quote by Wyatt)?
  192. When will WWE have Wrestlemania in Chicago?
  193. Why are these jobbers fighting for Daniel Bryan?
  194. Say something Intelligent...?
  195. How big of a reaction will CM Punk get?
  196. Who's ready to see our god CM Punk in his hometown?
  197. Are we gonna have those ugly pink wwe ropes because of breast cancer?
  198. Who will be in dixie carters heel stable?
  199. Who was that guy Ryback was calling a bully on Smackdown?
  200. Are they going to chant the same random wrestlers each week?
  201. Daniel bryan or Kurt angle who's better?
  202. So I have been seeing stuff about the WS in here, Yahoo Answers. What is the WS?
  203. Describe in 6 words how over Daniel Bryan is?
  204. Rank the following wrestlers from best to worst?
  205. What will happen when Triple H runs out of people to bury?
  206. Who's expecting a great crowd tonight?
  207. Sabre:Why don't you stay out of trouble and stop caring about trolls?
  208. Is their world champion for divas?
  209. Wwe who's better ryback or Goldberg?
  210. What's your earliest memory of watching wrestling?
  211. Is WWE Superstar Adrian Neville on steroids?
  212. WWE RAW : 1 night Only September 23, 2013.. My Idea?
  213. What do you think my Username means?
  214. Are you surpise that Big Show & Mark Henry didn't got nominated for an Emmy?
  215. WWE on my Sunday 2013?
  216. do you think TNA want do like WWE last Impact !?
  217. what will hapen to TNA if Hogan left it?
  218. the shield or aces & eights?
  219. Why wasn't CM Punk involved this week in WWE Raw or Smackdown?
  220. Did this Ryback troll predic the WWE future?
  221. Ring of Honor Punk, do you even know what beholds behind the truth?
  222. Is ryback a good fit with paul heyman?
  223. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke Part 5 .. !?
  224. What Do You Think Of Aaliyah Copying My Typing Method .. !?
  225. Who should I choose to win the Royal Rumble in my WWE 13 videogame Ryback or Drew Mcintyre?
  226. WRESTLING : When is sheamus returning back in the ring?
  227. Do you think Daniel bryan wouldn't be over without the ''Yes'' catchphrase?
  228. is my little pony friendship is magic better than smackdown?
  229. Where I can watch Tarafied Pro Wrestling Documentary?
  230. Who is your most contorversial wrestler ever and for why?
  231. The Wyatt Family vs Undertaker & Kane tag match who wins?
  232. do u cheer for bo dallas or heel wrestlers?
  233. What are some good WWF matches from the attitude era?
  234. I just watched a video of Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero hugging after he won the world title...
  235. Who in the WS has been around for over a year?
  236. The People's Elbow Or The 5 Knuckle Shuffle .. !?
  237. Did triple h ruin last smackdown?
  238. If you were in WWE,would you be a Face or a Heel?
  239. WRESTLING : Which current faces in the wwe do you think would be better off as heels?
  240. In wwe would you like to see john cena turning to a heel?and why?
  241. WRESTLING : Do you think RYBACK will ever become our champion?
  242. Will the WWE app be elected into the WWE HoF?
  243. Paul Wight/The Giant or the Big Show?
  244. WWE Who else thinks The Usos are boring as f*ck?
  245. Does WWE really expect us to believe B Show is broke?
  246. Who do you think is the sexiest diva in the wwe right now and the sexiest diva in the wwe all time?
  247. Whose snack is the best smack in wwe forever?
  248. On 2015 Will WWE Bring Back The Ruthless Agression Era?
  249. Should Aj Lee Be The 4th Diva To Enter The Royal Rumble Match .. !?
  250. Would it be good for business???
  251. Would it be good for business???
  252. will john cena come back for royal rumble?
  253. My pipebomb coming soon to the WS, do you guys know what it's gonna be about or what I'm gonna say?
  254. WRESTLING : Who do you think was the best WWE champion since the past 10 years?
  255. Did you watch smackdown?
  256. Should Ryback fans be on the new Syfy show, "Fangasm"?
  257. WRESTLING : Are there any superstars from TNA on their way to WWE?
  258. Where's wwe diva Kaitlyn?
  259. Is it safe to say RVD is one of my favorite PG Era wrestlers even though he's from Attitude Era/ECW?
  260. Are you watching WWE Smackdown?
  261. In your opinion's,who are the top 10 "sexiest" physiques, in wrestling history?
  262. In your opinion's,who are the top 10 most "impressive" physiques, in wrestling history?
  263. Who's better in prime: Ric Flair or Kane?
  264. What is Randy Orton's middle name?
  265. BREAKING NEWS:Wrinkly Carter and her father have decided to cancel TNA?
  266. WRESTLING : Do you miss JOHN CENA?
  267. Do you think our school's club can let us take a Field Trip to a WWE Event?
  268. Will it be good for business???
  269. Is it weird I like wrestling.?
  270. If you were to rank all of the WWE Superstars based only mic skills, who choose you?
  271. How many of you want to sent Ryback to TNA?
  272. How many of you knows The Great Khali has bigger appettite than Ryback?
  273. What Do You Think Of My WWE Joke Part 4 .. !?
  274. Is Daniel Bryan new finisher called ''the knee that took cena,orton,and the shield!''?
  275. How many times has Kane wrestled MVP?
  276. WRESTLING : How can you tell if a wrestler or anyone has a history of taking steroids?
  277. How many females are here?
  278. Wwe isnt so great...?
  279. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Ryback is using paul heyman as his stepping stone?
  280. Should CM Punk Stop Wrestling In His Matches .. !?
  281. Does Anybody Else Have Goosebumps Right Now After Seeing That Display From Ryback .. !?
  282. Kofi Kingston Or The Hurricane .. !?
  283. Do You Think Seth Rollins Should Stop Talking In His Matches .. !?
  284. Hell In A Cell Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  285. Will CM Punk or Daniel Bryan be on smackdown tonight?
  286. Top 5 most underrated match's?
  287. Will AJ Lee save us from Boredom on smackdown?
  288. Release one, Push one?
  289. Motor City Machine Guns VS Inner City Machine Guns who's better?
  290. Who do you think is the highest paid indie wrestler(that isn't a former WWE wrestler) currently?
  291. Why does WWE Diva Cameron barely compete in single matches?
  292. What are your thoughts on a TNA wrestler wrestling WWE against Ryback?
  293. Why were the fans chanting "USA" when all 4 wrestlers are american?
  294. I'm a girl and I want to wrestle?
  295. Don't you think AJ Lee is way above the thick skulls of all other Divas + Desciption ?
  296. Better Clothesline - Ryback or JBL?
  297. Is anyone else glad AJ Styles said what he said?
  298. Does Seth Rollins bleach his hair (the blonde part)?
  299. What team of all the tag team that exist has more World Tag Team Championships?
  300. Does anyone has the actual scene on Owen Hart's falling?
  301. What team of all the tag team that exist has more World Tag Team Championships?
  302. Is john cena's height only 6 feet?
  303. Which stipulation will like to add in CM Punk vs Ryback in Payback ppv?
  304. Did Ryback steal Joe Flacco's mighty wings?
  305. So, is the WHC storyline going anywhere?
  306. So, is this setting up for a Sabin vs Manik feud or Sabin vs Hardy?
  307. Who was the best heel of 2005?
  308. Don't You Just Love It When JBL Says What's Up During R-Truth's Entrance .. !?
  309. What's The Difference Between A CM Punk Fan And A Ryback Fan .. !?
  310. Did Ryback is God own ROHPunk?
  311. Is it true that if you're a Ryback fanboy,you arent a real wrestling fan?
  312. Am I the first wrestling section user to become a WWE Superstar? And what should my ring name be?
  313. Are you guys gonna watch my dream of being a WWE Superstar come true when I debut?
  314. What is Ryback's payper-view record?
  315. Did CM Punk Defeat Paul Heyman At Night Of Champions .. !?
  316. Which of these are/was your favorite NWA Jim Crockett Promotions Wrestler(s.)?
  317. Is it just me or does Tamina look really different now?
  318. Is Dixie Carter accountable?
  319. Did Bully Ray forget the club rule bros before hoes?
  320. Has Bully Ray done whart's best for him instead of the Aces And Eights?
  321. Would you be mad if you were dating Brooke Tessmacher and the Aces And Eights members called...
  322. What do you think of Taz liking no one except Christy Hemme?
  323. Do you agree with what AJ Styles said about Dixie Carter?
  324. What do you think of Taz saying Eric Young is more man than he is for marrying ODB?
  325. Is ODB, Eric Young, and Joseph Park the nastiest three way in history?
  326. Is Brooke Tessmacher the reason Bully Ray is still the TNA World Championship?
  327. Was Sting giving an evil look to Taz?
  328. Does the couple of Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky annoy you?
  329. What do you think of Chris Sabin saying Manik is the most disrespecting person he's ever met?
  330. What do you think of ODB winning the Knockouts championship for a fourth time?
  331. How does Chris Sabin get a girl like Velvet Sky looking like that?
  332. Which of these Are your favorite WWE Survivor Series match(es) of the 90's (1990-1999)?
  333. Which of these Are your favorite WWE Survivor Series match(es) of the 2000's (2000-2009)?
  334. is WWE stop use Wade Barrett on TV ?
  335. is paige jump to WWE main roster and help AJ Le in his rivality ageinst Total Divas?
  336. who is best wrestler regarding only ring performance and ring skills: AJ Lee or Daniel Brayan?
  337. Poll WS : Greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time ?
  338. When do you recon Dolph Ziggler will turn heel again?
  339. TNA: Is Chris Sabin a heel now?
  340. Should CM Punk come to TNA and beat up Kurt angle?
  341. Best in the Worldddddddd?
  342. What do you CM Punk haters think of this...?!?
  343. what will happen if Zeb Colter makes fun of Europe, will Cesaro betray Zeb in honor of his home
  344. Will these wrestlers get their WWE title rematch when/if they return? + BQ?
  345. When did Aces and eights have 25 members?
  346. Why do people say the BullHammer sucks?
  347. If CM Punk Is Straight Edge, Why Does He Have Tattoos .. !?
  348. TNA refusing to fade into the night?
  349. Why Do WWE Fans Make A Big Deal Of Paul Heyman Kissing Ryback .. !?
  350. why don't WWE make like MITB contract for the Divas & tag team titles?
  351. This is first official list of TNA's new younger talent they are hiring?
  352. Did yoshi tatsu quits in wwe?
  353. whats going on peoples?
  354. just how lame and stupid has raw gotten? constantly ripping bryant off?
  355. Why is John Cena such a Eminem wanna be?
  356. How was Sting going to win if Magnus got pinned?
  357. why cant big show man up, and knock triple h out?
  358. Dixie Carter needs to sell TNA. Agree or not?
  359. Is anyone still up..?
  360. CM Chump should quit wrestling cause he sucks?
  361. And the mind behind the Ryback accounts is.....?
  362. WWE fans Serious Question now, do you think former wwe diva mickie james was sexy?
  363. Instead Of RVD, Should The WWE Universe Chant FT9 ..!?
  364. Do you think that the BattleGround PPV will sell good?
  365. Were there any WWE superstar that had been release within the last 10 years that....?
  366. Is it true that Mickie James was released by TNA?
  367. Why does Bray Wyatt kiss his opponents in the head before he does his finisher?
  368. Why isn't Smackdown shown on Tuesday since that's the day they have it live?
  369. Who's the worst ring announcer in WWE history?
  370. Main event for battleground has been confirmed?
  371. After ordering Big Show to knockout Dusty Rhodes, should Stephanie McMahon go to hell?
  372. On wrestling where is Shamus? and is undertaker coming back?
  373. Why Do People Think I Am Obsessed With CM Punk .. !?
  374. Would you like to see Michelle McCool come back to the WWE?
  375. What will happen on RAW next week +confession from russo mania?
  376. Do You Remember When CM Punk Tried To Recite The Alphabet Backwards And Failed .. !?
  377. Im i whats best for business?
  378. What are your top 3 favorite ECW themes?
  379. Will The Rock Have To Come Back And Save Us Yet Again .. !?
  380. Are CM Punk Fans Jealous That Their Idol Never Told Them That He Is Never Ever Going Away .. !?
  381. What Is Wrong With Me Having A Profile Picture Of Aj Lee .. !?
  382. Do WWE Fans Miss John Cena Yet .. !?
  383. Do You Think That Aj Lee Will Retire Undefeated At WrestleMania .. !?
  384. Do You Agree With This Comment About CM Punk .. !?
  385. Which of these Are your favorite WWE Survivor Series Team(s) of the 2000's (2000-2009)?
  386. Wrestling Section: Do you listen to Colt Cabana's Podcast?
  387. What wrestling theme song past or present would be good as a ringtone?
  388. Why is WWE considered "Pro" Wrestling?
  389. Is wwe stops using Big Daddy V on tv?
  390. Did CM Punk predict the future?
  391. What wrestling theme song past or present would be good as a ringtone?
  392. What would happen if Daniel Bryan went to Kay Jewelers to get a ring for Brie Bella and...?
  393. Do you think Big Show is looking for a new house since he probably won't be able to afford...
  394. WWE title vacant Daniel Bryan stripped?
  395. Can you roll up a big fat one with tea leaves?
  396. why these wwe characters cant comeback to wwe?
  397. Did you felt like Paul Heyman is gay last night ?
  398. Aj Styles have 36 years, still have a chance to join WWE ?
  399. Breaking news: Hulk Hogan quit TNA on first october !!?
  400. What's Rybacks actual height?
  401. Who is this mean guy in a suit named ''Triple H''?
  402. Anyone else thinks Nikki Bella is ugly?
  403. if Randy Orton rapt Stephanie mcmahon on the ring, it is good for business ?
  404. if you can fire one wrestler and one diva from WWE and bring others, who choose you?
  405. Poll: Team WWE vs. Th Alliance (InVasion 2001) vs. Team WWE vs. Team Alliance (Survivor...
  406. Which wrestler in your opinion is the heart and soul of WWE?
  407. After Monday's big Daniel Bryan rescue, how many of those people will Triple H show the door?
  408. Will Kevin Nash end The Undertaker's undefeated streak?
  409. Cm punk cult of personality ringtone download help. I want that stating sound?
  410. What are your thoughts on the whole triple h being an ass?
  411. What do you think about this match of WWE Survivor Series 2013?
  412. Which channels and what time can I watch WWE Raw and Smack Down and NFL in UK and Ireland?
  413. Why put the wwe belt vacant?
  414. Will Damien Sandow be the first to cash in and lose?
  415. WCW has returned once again, today!?
  416. What's going on guys, how are you holding this section up without me, miss me?
  417. I have retired from watching WWE after 11 years, what about you?
  418. What's next for CM Punk?
  419. Why is there CM Punk hate on this website?
  420. Why is Mr Perfect such a Curtiss Axel rip off?
  421. Does any one else realize that all of the Paul Heyman guys were former nexus members?
  422. Is it a good idea to have too many stables in the WWE?
  423. Is dixie carter going to answer the wake up call (spolier)?
  424. What were the results of the WWE Universe' decision for the best title holders polls during NOC '13?
  425. How come we haven't seen Big E Langston and Kaitlyn for a while now?
  426. Anyone notice WWE is so depressing nowadays?
  427. Did Triple H make a jab at Shawn Michaels earlier in the night?
  428. Does you think RVD smokes the Scooby Doobies?
  429. Who is the better In-ring wrestler? ADR or CM Punk?
  430. Which will happen sooner, John Cena heel turn or Cameron wins the Divas Championship?
  431. Will AJ Lee proceed to beat all of the WWE Divas after she conquers Natalya?
  432. How would you rate John Morrison, on a scale 1 to 10?
  433. Agree or Disagree: Stephanie McMahon gets more beautiful with age?
  434. Did anybody realize they played the wrong theme song?
  435. Mitt Romney taking Zeb Colter's place for the real americans?
  436. what you think of this WWE character?
  437. Do you agree with stephanie mcmahon that Randy orton 2009 is better than 2013 heel orton currently?
  438. How is jtg still in wwe?
  439. Is Daniel Bryan annoying as hell?
  440. should i join the high school wrestling team?
  441. Is the wwe trying to get rid of the pg era?
  442. Guess who is my favorite Wrestler and get 10 points?
  443. In the effort of fairness?
  444. How good/bad is this wrestling section?
  445. When playing smack down vs raw games, do you tend to kick the ref's a$$ too?
  446. When playing smack down vs raw games, do you tend to kick the ref's a$$ too?
  447. Do You Remember How Stupid CM Punk Looked When He Was Bald .. !?
  448. What Do You Think CM Punk Is Going To Be When He Grows Up .. !?
  449. Can WWE Fans Now Stop Questioning Ryback's Strength .. !?
  450. Who Do You Think Will Win The Ryback And CM Punk Feud .. !?
  451. Does Anybody Else Think That Ryback Is Hilarious .. !?
  452. How much weigh john cena was in 2002?
  453. who's better CM Punk or Ryback?
  454. Should we nuke the whole city of Chicago?
  455. Can you please spoiler me about what happened on last night's RAW episode?
  456. Where is Wade Barrett?
  457. Why Did Good Ole JR retire from WWE?
  458. Is the Shield making WWE boring?
  459. Who do you miss more? Cena or Sheamus?
  460. so is Ryback Gay now?
  461. Which would you perfer on WWE 2K14, GM mode, WWE Universe, or both?
  462. What do pro wrestlers put in their hair to make it look and stay wet?
  463. Will Batista ever come back?
  464. Where is Chris Jericho now?
  465. Does anyone care that Scott Armstrong the referee was fired?
  466. How funny was it that Natalya's mic wasn't working?
  467. Did you notice Paul Heyman has shaved and looked like he slept last night?
  468. Should JBL had offered his headset to Natalya?
  469. Were you surprised Damian Sandow appeared on the Total Divas mid season finale?
  470. Should Dusty Rhodes join AARP and sue the WWE for Stephanie McMahon telling Big Show to WMD...
  471. If Ryback saved your life would you kiss him too?
  472. Do you think CM Punk is jealous of Ryback because he never got a kiss from Paul Heyman?
  473. Are you surprised Cody Rhodes hasn't looked for a job in TNA?
  474. i could not watch wwe last night can some one tell me what went down ?
  475. Anybody else like what Randy Orton did to The Miz in front of his parents?
  477. Are the Uso's the number one contender because Jon is on Total Divas?
  478. Since the Miz has a broken thorax, what is the usual recovery time for this injury?
  479. Is Paul Heyman a Ryback guy?
  480. Will the WWE Superstars who helped Daniel Bryan on Raw get fired by Triple H next week on Raw?
  481. Will Mid-card Orton punt Pre-Show Miz's head off?
  482. What do you think of Cody Rhodes and his wife being registered on Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
  483. If you were Randy Orton would you want the title back because two guys who were working together?
  484. What do you think Dusty Rhodes was talking to the WWE Superstars backstage about?
  485. What do you think of Michael Cole telling JBL to shut up when he was singing R-Truth's song?
  486. What grade would you give Daniel Bryan's acting?
  487. Do you think Big Show was hurt financially because he was suspended without pay on Smackdown?
  488. Cann anyone Rank the WWE PPVs of 2013, so far?
  489. Do you think Scott Armstrong said "they're on to us Daniel Bryan" to save his job?
  490. What do you think of JBL being disgusted and embaressed by Daniel Bryan for telling the
  491. Was Big Show able to get some sleep last night?
  492. Will Ryback be a Champion anytime soon?
  493. Is The Undertaker's voice naturally that deep?
  494. what are the chances of this happening in WWE?
  495. Whats so special about Dolph Ziggler?
  496. Isnt Scott Armstrong the same ref that screwed the Undertaker at Breaking Point?
  497. This will happen at BattleGround??
  498. I might be turning heel in the future in the WS?
  499. About Wwe 2k14 with BQ?
  500. How will the US freestyle team do today at the World Championship in Budapest?