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  1. Are TCW and Vital Witness in love with each other?
  2. Over all who's a better wrestler CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  3. Why didn't Big Show knock Stephanie out when she fired him?
  4. Do you think Bryan will get a beatdown again on RAW tonight?
  5. got a feeling that big show will do a "John Laurinittis" fired angle again.?
  6. is anyone else going to join the aces and eights, or is this going to be over soon?
  7. John Cena vs Eminem Rapping contest at Wrestle Mania Axxess?
  8. WRESTLING : Whats brock lesnar currently up to, does the wwe have plans for the pain?
  9. So who will be the first WWE Superstar to defeat Bray Wyatt?
  10. I mean how much Rotten Sh*t can a WWE PPV be? #Battleground #NOC?
  11. Well... Officially the WWE Championship match is still on?
  12. wwe battle ground SUCKED .?
  13. Pipebomb by Backland?
  14. The match of the night is coming up next?
  15. So Cena will win the WHC?
  16. Since Big Show will we see him in TNA?
  17. Is Anyone Else Sad That AJ Lee Wont Be On Raw Tonight .. !?
  18. What does Daniel Bryan have in his hands ?
  19. Which diva (past/present) do i resemble?
  20. Aha! Did you notice security pushing that dude out of the Shield's way?
  21. Why does everyone say that theWHC doesn't mean anything?
  22. Boy, that was a fast 4 to 6 months?
  23. finally punk won regardless of how he won.?
  24. randy orton to win champion is right for business.?
  25. Where can I watch a replay stream/full footage/vid of WWE Battleground (not a spam question)...
  26. Do you agree AJ Lee had broughtback prestize to the Divas title?
  27. Did you know CM Punk was in TNA before WWE +BQ?
  28. Are the votes already tallied up?
  29. Was FingerPoke of Doom the reason behind the end of WCW?
  30. What EXACTLY happened at the end of Battleground?
  31. Will the fans start asking 'Daniel Who', when Cena returns?
  32. Which is the best stable or group ever in the Wrestling history?
  33. WHy won't they tell us how to install the WWE App?
  34. Why do those confused fans enjoy Fandango's music, but not him as a wrestler?
  35. Cm Punk overrated? Who agrees.?
  36. Wrestling Section,I have a confession to make?
  37. Should Cesaro get a face turn in WWE?
  38. Which is the best storyline ever used in Wrestling history ?
  39. So are all of you going to quit watching wrestling when?
  40. Should Shawn Michaels be the guest referee?
  41. Are you guys hoping for a nip slip?
  42. Vital Witness, I have an offer.?
  43. Where is Monkey¥Rules?
  44. The only one who can defeat me, the best in the world is...?
  45. So is TCW the real Jesus?
  46. Don't deny the fact that I am the best in the world?
  47. Big show is fired? lol?
  48. What are your predictions for WWE's Battleground PPV?
  49. Lets play guess the disease?
  50. Why would Cody Rhodes want to work for such a big headed man like HHH?
  51. WWE ... Cruiserweight Championship match ups?
  52. Hell In A Cell Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  53. Hell In A Cell Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  54. Does anyone know if Nikki Bella is pregnant?
  55. How do I convince my parents to let me join the wrestling team??
  56. Why didn't Brad Maddox ref the match?
  57. Should WWE temporarily bring back Lesnar?
  58. Is Hulk Hogan the oldest wrestler to become WWE champion?
  59. Did WWE Battleground PPV replace Unforgiven or No Mercy?
  60. WWE : Battleground .... My idea for it ... what you think ?
  61. Has anyone else noticed how tiny & beady Ortons eyes are?
  62. What did you think of WWE Battleground?
  63. cm punk and paul heyman fued was real worth it to watch?
  64. has Bray wyatt stolen Brian blessed look?
  65. Cody Rhodes is a Cuban?
  66. Why is there a heel & face in pro wrestling?
  67. Do you agree AJ Lee had brought back prestize to the Divas title?
  68. Will Triple H make Big Show WWE Champion?
  69. What is better? The Former WCW or TNA of today?
  70. Is this a good idea for Undertaker's final WrestleMania chapter?
  71. How often do you pay to watch a WWE ppv?
  72. Will the main event for Hell in a Cell ppv be a triple threat for WWE Title?
  73. Why do Pro Wrestlers where Panties?
  74. If Alex Jones were to start his own WWE stable who would be in it?
  75. Will Triple H make Big Show WWE Champion?
  76. After John Cena's return will he become WWE Champion again?
  77. Why does only Pro Wrestling have a heel or a face?
  78. Do you agree AJ Lee brought back prestize to the Divas title?
  79. WTF did Bray Wyatt do while he was in the corner?!?
  80. Do you think wrestling is dead?
  81. Did Bray Wyatt kidnapped Aaliyah and her sister ROHPunk?
  82. WWE Best SummerSlam Match of All-Time Round 2(Eliminate any 5)?
  83. can daniel bryan be a top star?
  84. Am I the Hornswoggle of the WS?
  85. How can i make randy orton as a vampire in a story?
  86. Do you think the live audience fans are disappointed right now?
  87. Do you hate PPVs that are named after matches?
  88. Do you think Bryans "Yes" chant can last as long as Austins "What?" chant?
  89. WRESTLING : If you were to choose a new carreer for the undertaker, what would it be?
  90. Do you see TNA around in 2014?
  91. YOUR Battleground Predictions?
  92. WWE Battleground predictions!!!!!?
  93. How come the WWE writers are making a roll up pin work better for a pinfall?
  94. most stupidest ending for a ppv. The ppv was mediocre?
  95. Do you think Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's baby is going to be hideous?
  96. Anyone else find JBL an annoying commentator?
  97. So Goldust is coming back to WWE?
  98. What is the deal with Paul Heyman?
  99. Who would you rather owe money to the bank, or Triple H for your mortgage?
  100. What are some wrestlers who got banned from tv networks?
  101. Whats a good tag team name?
  102. Will Triple H try to screw RVD if he wins the title?
  103. Who will end Michael cole's Legendary streak at wrestlemania?
  104. What will Jericho TCW be reincarnated as?
  105. What wrestlers do you think are secretly gay?
  106. Why do people keep comparing Daniel Bryan to Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  107. Are you going to buy The Vital Witness's book about the suicide of Jericho TCW?
  108. Can you tell me who this two are?
  109. I am becoming a wrestler, and i need help creating a gimmick.?
  110. Is 2013 the year for CM Punk to increase his legacy?
  111. Does Los Matadores bull remind you of The Rock? And why are they using it?
  112. So Ricardo is getting released soon since his main gimmick was with ADR and RVD is not
  113. Are we going to have a heel vs heel match for the World Heavyweight Championship?
  114. True/False: Kofi Kingston is the most humblest face in WWE?
  115. Do You Remember When Ryback Was Face To Face With Mick Foley .. !?
  116. WRESTLING : Which superstar in pro wrestling history do you think took too much steroids?
  117. Who do you think will end the undertakers streak?
  118. Which one is the better Puerto Rican bullfighter, Diego or Fernando?
  119. Was Kevin Federline vs John Cena the worst match in Raw history?
  120. Do you think Kurt Angle or Batista or even Jeff Hardy ever return to the WWE?
  121. Is wwe battleground payperview on sky if it is how much?
  122. Not only is Daniel Bryan better than CM Punk?
  123. Do wwe superstars travel together on plane?
  124. who like me see nxt matxhes better than Tna?
  125. Can anyone make sense of Bray Wyatt's insane babble?
  126. Why do people compare Daniel Bryan to CM Punk?
  127. Do you think I could do El Torito's gimmick?
  128. Where was dean Ambrose at during the dq and part with the uso's?
  129. Hogan quit TNA. Does that mean he's going back to WWE?
  130. (For Del Rio haters) Why exactly do you hate Del Rio?
  131. How did R-Truth bully Ryback?
  132. How do you think the "Best For Business" storyline will end?
  133. Who is better: Daniel Bryan or CM Punk?
  134. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke Part 9 .. !?
  135. Did You Know That Technically, I Assisted The Rock In Defeating CM Punk At Royal Rumble 2013 .. !?
  136. Is CM Punk More Popular Than The Rock Too .. !?
  137. I am confused is wwe real?
  138. What Do CM Punk Fans See In "The Best In The World" .. !?
  139. WWE Good news tv pg is ending but who will miss tv pg?
  140. Do you miss jhon cena like he is a face of pg?
  141. Wwe is 50% fake and 40%real proof?
  142. Who carried the Ultimate Warrior to the best match of his career?
  143. Who carried John Cena to the best match of his career?
  144. Did the sound cut out for anyone SD?
  145. WWE Best SummerSlam Match of All-Time Round 1(Eliminate any 3)?
  146. ROHPunk will you be a DJ Roy Guy?
  147. Why Can't Anyone Kick Out Of The Shell Shock .. !?
  148. Do You Think CM Punk Will Try And Bully Ryback At WWE Battleground .. !?
  149. Since Hulk Hogan is gone from Tna dose this mean Brooke Hogan is gone too ?
  150. Does Anyone Else Think That Aj Lee Looked Sexy On Smackdown Tonight .. !?
  151. Which WS user had the biggest push this year?
  152. So Edge & Christian use to be brothers in WWE, then WWE switched them to best friends?
  153. So does Big Show make 5 bucks a night or what?
  154. So, it's going to be Bray Wyatt vs Kofi at Battleground?
  155. I respect Brett Hart butt.....?
  156. Will this happen during Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton match at Battleground?
  157. How to become an wresler like on wwe?
  158. Will this happen during DanielBryan vs Randy Orton match atBattleground?
  159. Aaliyah:What do you want for Christmas?
  160. What do u think will happen on friday night smackdown tonight?
  161. Watching SmackDown right now.Can anyone tell me.Why did RVD gift ADR trash can?
  162. How much money do you think Hulk Hogan's watch from Tiffany's cost Dixie Carter?
  163. If Twitter existed during the Attitude Era...?
  164. Did Earl Hebner grab that bottle like it was a bottle of bourban?
  165. Does Bully Ray have a lot of problems but money isn't one of them?
  166. What do you think of Taz wanting a Hall Of Fame for Aces And Eights?
  167. Who Had The Bigger Fan Base In Their Prime, The Rock Or Hollywood Hulk Hogan .. !?
  168. What do you think of Lei'd Tapa intimidating TNA referee Stifler?
  169. Why can't WWE do this?
  170. Do You Think Bray Wyatt Is The Next Undertaker .. !?
  171. @ The Wrassling Critic did you block me?
  172. Did you see that coming?????
  173. What do you think about Dixie Carter giving the same watch she gave to Sting last year, to Hulk
  174. Do you agree with Austin Aries, is Manik the best looking person in his match?
  175. Was it funny when Austin Aries said Why does Jeff Hardy have a workout app if he's not in...
  176. Which gift that Hulk Hogan got do you like better, Dixie Carter's or Austin Aries?
  177. of these 3 tough tv chicks, who wins in a fatal 3 way wwe match?
  178. What do you think about Hulk Hogan saying Dixie Carter is worse than Eric Bischoff, in terms of
  179. Why does everyone want to see CM Punk vs Daniel bryan wm 30 for WWE Title?
  180. What's happening with Drew Mcintrye?
  181. Will Damien Sandow cash in Money In The Bank against winner of WHC at Battleground 2013?
  182. Even The Rock hates Dixie Carter's promo?
  183. Why don't Fandango change his theme song to this one?
  184. What's next for the Big Show?
  185. Sister Abigail and Kane Storyline What is her hold on him?
  186. Will There Ever Be A WWE Superstar As Electrifying As The Rock .. !?
  187. Based off the years they've had, should these be the choices for WWE's superstar of the year?
  188. Which Pay Per View Do You Find More Exciting, The Royal Rumble Or WrestleMania .. !?
  189. What are the best way to meet hot girls with nice personalitys?
  190. tell me 3 wrestlers who use the powerbomb as their finisher?
  191. Will Daniel Bryan win at Battleground against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship?
  192. Who Should Replace Jerry Lawler On Commentary .. !?
  193. can adults wear kids wwe title belts?
  194. Stephanie McMahon is a far more convincing heel than Dixie Carter. True or True?
  195. What is your most controversial storyline ever?
  196. Why are Rock haters so annoying?
  197. Who are your top 3 Favorite Wrestlers of All-Time?
  198. What was EPIC "HBK vs Undertaker" Wrestle Mania 25 or "Sting vs Hulk Hogan" BFG 2011?
  199. I need good WWE quotes?
  200. Is eating Spinach during matches illegal?
  201. If Hulk Hogan Leaves TNA Tomorrow Night?
  202. Who wants to bet that the Ultimate X match will be the highlight of Bound for Glory?
  203. So, TNA is now a Redneck Soap opera?
  204. Why is WWE worried about Kassius Ohno's weight?
  205. Rate tonights NXT out of 10?
  206. Which monster would win in a fight?
  207. In a non-PG WWE, would a Shield-like trio called The Gestapo work?
  208. Better twin tag team?
  209. When is Ted Dibaside going to return?
  210. The punishment for Big Show knocking out Stephanie is?
  211. What if Big Show Knocked out...?
  212. What are the wrestlers who too early?
  213. What WWE Superstar in your opinion has the best gimmick?
  214. How long was WWE's awesome truth together?
  215. Do wrestling fans really like R-Truth's Little Jimmy gimmick more than the rapping one?
  216. Would you rather Pour Alcohol on a very deep wound or watch a full episode of TNA impact?
  217. Who is your favorite WS member (other than yourself)?
  218. WRESTLING : Do you think Drew Mcintyre has the potential to be a better star than Daniel Bryan?
  219. What would you think if...this happened?
  220. why doesn't WWE make a reality tv series for the Spanish speaking fans?
  221. WWE Best Wrestlemania Match of All-Time Round 1(Eliminate any 3)?
  222. WRESTLING : What are a few things you think that TNA does better than the WWE?
  223. Who is this obsessed CM Punk fan?
  224. Wrestling: Are these nothing but steroids?
  225. So Stephanie McMahon being called the Owner of WWE will create a feud b/w the McMahon's?
  226. Since Daniel Bryan is getting married, isn't it obvious he'll lose the WWE Title match
  227. Did anyone notice Nikki Bella's boobs on the last WWE RAW episode?
  228. What would say was The Undertaker's greatest Wrestlemania match?
  229. is WWE more E! withaout John Cena ?!!?
  230. At Wrestlemania 30 will it be Brock Lesnar Vs. The Undertaker?
  231. If Big Show knocks out Triple H, will that be best for business?
  232. Why did WWE remove the WWE HD logo from the guard rail?
  233. Why does people chants "You Suck" for Kurt Angle.Whether he is a heel or a face?
  234. Do you think CM Punk should change his theme song to this one?
  235. Who do you think Dos Matadors are?
  236. Who has the coolest avatar?
  237. Who thinks WWE storylines and characters are boring now?
  238. Do you think Aj Lee will team up with Randy Orton to rival Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella?
  239. What should I change my name to?
  240. So I'm one of your favorite WS users, but besides that, BQ?
  241. how could i train for high school wrestling?
  242. Do you think Brie Bella would ever leave Daniel Bryan for me?
  243. Do you follow the buzzards and believe in the shield?
  244. Who do you want to win each match at Battleground?
  245. Who are the Buzzards?
  246. Is there a secret society called "Mcmahonati"?
  247. Did anyone hear what happened to Jericho TCW?
  248. If Kurt Angle ever came back to the WWE, would the YOU SUCK chants return on his very first day?
  249. Would Randy Orton be able to dominate TNA in the same way he dominates the WWE?
  250. Why isn't 3MB allowed to win ONE match?
  251. Why is the Wrestling section talking about fake deaths?
  252. Is tackling someone wrestling them?
  253. Should the Rhodes' sue WWE since they aren't employed by them and they got attacked by WWEs...
  254. Do you think CM Punk should change his theme song to this one?
  255. Did Anyone Else Notice CM Punk's Mistake On Raw Last Night .. !?
  256. Anyone else find the whole Los Matadores thing a big joke?
  257. Aren't Goldust and Cody already fired?
  258. This is my final WrestleMania XXX card please rate 1-10?
  259. Say something funny??
  260. When will big show Knock Triple h out?
  261. So if Daniel and Brie get married...Which do we get? Brie Bryan or Daniel Bella lol?
  262. Do you think Kaitlyn is quietly doing substance abuse rehab at the moment?
  263. Do you know any websites that stream wrestling?
  264. FT9:Do You like One Direction ?
  265. who do you think would win in a real-life fight CM Punk or John Cena and why?
  266. What kind of gimmick match in Attitute Era doesn't take place now?
  267. WRESTLING : Did you see brock lesnar freak out when heyman kissed ryback?
  268. Who would like to see RVD VS CM Punk at TLC 2013 in a tlc match?
  269. Why didn't CM Punk wear a Rise Above Cancer shirt?
  270. How low has Zack Ryder fallen? The guy got his name chant when the Rock was a doing a promo?
  271. Is Brie Bella getting a push because she's engage to Super Bryan?
  272. So what do you think of former WWE diva Amy "Lita" Dumas resume?
  273. Which wrestler has the all time best entrance?
  274. Should Brie Bella move the wedding since Randy Orton said Daniel Bryan will not make it to
  275. Would you rather see JBL as a character on Modern Family or a rapper?
  276. What do you think of Jerry Lawler wanting to be Paul Heyman for Halloween?
  277. Did JBL prove how bad he is as a commentator on Raw during the Brie Bella match against Alicia Fox?
  278. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he was watching Ryback Mountain?
  279. Do you think Big Show is going to cry in front of Triple H instead of Knock him out?
  280. Do you agree with JBL On the Rhodes' best day they can't beat The Shield?
  281. What is incredibly wrong with Brie Bella that she decided to marry Daniel Bryan?
  282. Do you agree with Paul Heyman is CM Punk a nobody?
  283. What did Stephanie McMahon mean when she said Big Show wasn't measuring up to his wife's...
  284. Do you think CM Punk will get his hands on Paul Heyman ever again?
  285. What do you think of Jerry Lawler wishing Torito would come over and gore JBL?
  286. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying he's too busy looking at Summer Rae to Tweet?
  287. Do The Matadores have the greatest entrance ever?
  288. Do you agree with JBL is Fandango a cross between Usher and Randy Couture?
  289. Do you agree with JBL, is Fandango like a male Shakira?
  290. Are You A Fan Of Daniel Bryan .. !?
  291. Will it annoy you if Brie Bella wins the woman's championship?
  292. Who's a better wrestler, Psychosis or Juventud Guerrera?
  293. What do you think about Punk's new t shirt?
  294. What Do You Think Of Ryback Drawing A Huge Crowd Whilst Promoting WWE 2K14 .. !?
  295. Do You Think That The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak Can Ever Be Replicated .. !?
  296. Wow,CM Punk starts off RAW?
  297. Is it rude that CM Punk didn't wear Pink tonight for breast cancer?
  298. How come wwe never talks about Marty Jannetty?
  299. Did Big Show make that hole in the wall for Shockmaster?
  300. How was that Los Matadores' WWE debut when they have already fought as Primo & Epico?
  301. Did WWE seriously dress Mascarita Dorada up in a bull suit?
  302. Will Trish Stratus' son be a adult film star,body builder,model,or super hero when he grows up?
  303. What did you think of Los Matadores in there first match?
  304. Why don't WWE don't give Popeye or Super Mario gimmick to John Cena?
  305. Does the Los Matadores have the coolest entrance ever in WWE history?
  306. WRESTLING : Who would you replace JBL with, as a commentator?
  307. if some of the wwe fans thought wwe wasn't scripted they definitley know now....?
  308. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with PAUL HEYMAN proposing to ryback?
  309. Do you think Brie Bella will be able to sleep tonight after watching her fiance get viciously...
  310. WWE raw predictions for tonight?
  311. Why did Kofi have to job to Fandiego?
  312. anybody ready for Los matadores?
  313. Aaliyah I want to propose to you?
  314. Do you think the little bull was Hornswoggle?
  315. What is your most mishandled gimmick ever?
  316. Which Pro Wrestling company, TNA or WWE will crown a British Champion First?
  317. The worst possibly news if your a WWE Fan?
  318. former wwe diva micky james was sexy: i have a question for YOU?
  319. who would win: chris sabin vs dolph ziggler?
  320. What are the chances of lesnar,y2j or rvd being world champ again?
  321. Which wwe wrestler will be the next to leave?
  322. Should the WWE bring back Jerry Lawler's King's Court instead of having Miz TV all of the time?
  323. Why is the WWE giving Brie Bella an excessive amount of TV time tonight?
  324. Is Daniel Bryan dressed up as the bull for Los Matadores?
  325. Which is your favorite WWE Women/Diva of all time?
  326. Will Brie Bella defeate AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at the Battleground PPV?
  327. Why did old ECW has two refrees ?
  328. ROHPunk Do you know him/her in this image(link) ?
  329. Say something funny??
  330. Potty break already?!?
  331. So, did that match just set up R-Truth vs Curtis Axel at Battleground for the belt?
  332. How original is that??
  333. I think I see where this rivalry is going?
  334. How many Gay people did WWE just piss off?
  335. Who has the best dropkick?
  336. Let's face it. TRandy should have RKOed Brie?
  337. Does any1 in real life no u watch wrestling (no for me, i have a reputation)?
  338. why did randy orton become bad?
  339. Do you think Jack Frost is out at this time at night?
  340. Could Ken Anderson & Mickie James possibly make a return to the WWE?
  341. Aaliyah vs Dj Roy:Do you like One Direction or you hate them?
  342. Was that the coolest entrance ever?
  343. I just recovered from when Alberto Del Rio hit me with a car?
  344. Jack Frost are you listening to me?
  345. Do you think Randy Orton has looked into seeing a guidance counselor?
  346. Do you guys know where Ruldolph is?
  347. Do you think Cody Rhodes and Goldust got put in the same jail cell?
  348. Do you believe in me?
  349. Do you think Big Show should look into getting a second job since WWE is making his life harder?
  350. Do you think WWE rehiring Vince Russo as Head Creative Writer would help them bring ratings?
  351. Why does the IWC complain about all the wrestlers HHH buried but not the water he buried?
  352. Why was this on a wrestling show?
  353. Agree or disagree Santino Marella is nothing compared to Eugene?
  354. Tornament: Round 3 Best 2013 WWE Match. ELIMINATE 3?
  355. why does wwe skip good scenes?
  356. Would you rather have CM Punk or Daniel bryan as The new face of WWE?
  357. When's cm punk retiring?
  358. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Goldberg vs Brock lesnar is the most boring match ever?
  359. wwe admited that chris benoit won the royal rumble in 2004, not big show?
  360. Now when wwe gonna do this type of a character again?
  361. why there is so discrimination in wrestling section?
  362. WRESTLING : Which kind of match do you find more interesting between these 5?
  363. was john cena haters dropped on their head ?
  364. WRESTLING : Which 5 WWE superstars do think is better off by retiring right now?
  365. The survivor series 2013 poster?
  366. Am i really annoying? I'm just trying to inject a little fun in this section!?
  367. Chris benoit or daniel bryan?
  368. Hardest wrestling move to perform?
  369. Is it alright to be turned on by mixed wrestling matches where the male dominates the female?
  370. who would win between randy orton and daniel brian?
  371. How do wwe wrestlers not become jobbers like so many get a big push at first then they become...
  372. WWE : My Sunday morning Jam ?? what you think ?
  373. Do you think Walter White should be a WWE superstar?
  374. Will Jinder Mhal play the flute in the upcoming 3MB single?
  375. In WWE, do you think it is more enjoyable to support the heels?
  376. was the montreal screwjob real or just a great storyline?
  377. WWE Fans, How many times did John Cena turn face? And how many times did John Cena turn heel?
  378. What was your OMG WWE moment of the year?
  379. FT9:Do You Know Him(Image)?
  380. Do you think I can be a wwe diva?
  381. do you remember the brilliant storyline my avatar is from?
  382. What does straight edge mean?
  383. Any of you guys into this stuff?
  384. The best wrestler of all time?
  385. Where is Wade Barrett?
  386. Who are your top 5 WWE gimmicks?
  387. Who would win Jason Vorhees and freddy krueger vs Ryback and 2 on 1?
  388. Is anybody in WS a fan of The Walking dead?
  389. Were you pleased to see the real americans finally get a win last night?
  390. Look at this WWE Developmental video?
  391. my favorite current jobber is cm punk who's yours?
  392. Your real WWE top 5 favorite superstars?
  393. Was Randy Orton thinking of getting disqualifed so he can finish his match with The Miz quickly?
  394. Who do you think has a better future in the WWE, Roman reigns VS Ryback?
  395. If Randy wins at BattleGround??
  396. Would arm wrestling be counted as hand-to-hand combat?
  397. WWE Fans, Why is Mason Ryan not on WWE?
  398. WRESTLING : Whats up with king of the ring?
  399. WWE Fans, if John Cena come back to WWE, what do you want John Cena to do?
  400. WWE Fans, if Sheamus come back to WWE, what do you want Sheamus to do?
  401. WRESTLING : How many superstars can you name that starts with the letters (ENCLOSED)?
  402. Your top 3 strongest wrestlers?
  403. what happened to the undertaker?
  404. What should my wrestling show size be?
  405. Did you cringe while watching the 3MB vs. Santino Marella match?
  406. What set of fans do you head in most on here?
  407. How cool would it be if rey mysterio came to TNA?
  408. When will Vince McMahon demand this section is put in the Entertainment & Music section?
  409. Piledriver used in mma?
  410. What's you favourite wrestling catchphrase?
  411. If you could give me 3 RASSLERS you would fire tomorrow from the WWE I would be ever so grateful?
  412. How is mark henry the world's strongest man when he lost in an arm wrestle to john cena?
  413. What do you think of this WWE joke? Inspired by FT9?
  414. Is WWE saving Punk v Bryan for Wrestlemania?
  415. should cm punk be the next jobber to get squashed by bray wyatt?
  416. WWE is crap and TNA should rule over WWE?
  417. Who is your favourite wrestler on the active WWE roster?
  418. WWE WHC Battleground - Damien Sandow cashes in?
  419. Tornament: Best 2013 WWE Match so far?
  420. Triple h is good? stephanie is the problem..?
  421. A possible unification match at Wrestlemania?
  422. Former WWE Women's Champion Medusa calls out AJ Lee. Thoughts?
  423. Wrestling: Which is your favorite wrestling stable of all time?
  424. How many times has Undertaker returned in his career?
  425. Anybody miss the old Triple H?
  426. With all those sounds Bray Wyatt is making in the ring, he could be the next Mick Foley?
  427. Did the last segment end all hopes of PG Era ending?
  428. Would you be surprised if next week on Smackdown they held a flute playing contest?
  429. Which of these WWE WrestleMania 1-10 you like?
  430. Was anyone else surprised at how Zack Ryder performed against Bray Wyatt on Smackdown?
  431. Why was the Smackdown crowd cheering Triple H when he came out?
  432. Do you agree with Zeb Colter? Is the crowd chanting "We the People" a way to mock the...
  433. Was the song Jinder Mahal playing a song from their next album?
  434. Is professional wrestling in the worst state it has ever been today?
  435. Do you think the Miz blew his opportunity on Smackdown tonight?
  436. How would you rate last night's impact wrestling on Spike TV?
  437. Who was the guy who accompanied aj lee to the ring?
  438. Should Santino Marella get rid of The Cobra?
  439. Who blew the flute better The Great Khali or Jinder Mahal?
  440. Should anyone who goes against Santino Marella bring a flute to beat Santino Marella?
  441. Are Tensai and Brodus Clay the Tons and the funkadactyls the Funk?
  442. What's wrong with the WWE haters?
  443. Was there any backstage heat between Cm Punk and Ryback??
  444. Your top 3 mic workers currently in the WWE?
  445. If Wrestling was real and you were a Professional wrestler what would your finisher be?
  446. Is wwe using Santino Marrela character to mock Europeans?
  447. Does Señor Booker know the meaning of the word storyline or is his account a parody of a
  448. Why does "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan" star every question he gives answer to?
  449. How many people did CM Punk have to suck off to get the WWE to sign him?
  450. How much longer would you like to see Alboreto Del Rio hold onto the WHC?
  451. Should Christian return as a heel?
  452. Could Ryback ever become a legend?
  453. That was the most racist thing wwe has ever done?
  454. Were is Damien Sandow and David otunga haven't seen them in a while?
  455. Did you know Ryback Rules is a gay homeless man?
  456. In a Hardcore match during the PG Era, will RVD throw a teddy bear at Alberto Del Rio?
  457. what would happen if u call Triple H bro/dude?
  458. Who else wanted Big show to K.O Triple H?
  459. Best wrestling crowd of all time.?
  461. 2 streak matches left?
  462. what is your answer to Michael Coles question at the end of Smackdown?
  463. rate this weeks smackdown?
  464. Why can't Santino control his own hand?
  465. My mom is stopping by McDonald's what do u guys want?
  466. Why can't Triple H just beat up the superstar instead of going corporate?
  467. Are you glad Heyman is out of his wheelchair?
  468. What happened to Magnus tonight?
  469. would big show and damien sandow make an interesting tag team?
  470. Are you tired of Triple H Hogging the spotlight?
  471. Was Chris Sabin's shouldr supposed to be a mile off the ground?
  472. Why has TNA reduced two of their best knockouts to pointless escorts?
  473. Should Ellie Goulding be a WWE diva?
  474. Should the WWE sign this guy?
  475. Is Christian the real Jesus?
  476. Now the Naomi and the other one are the funcadactyls, should Sweet T and Brodus Clay be...
  477. Should I make a #faceturn?
  478. Do you remember the wrestler Simon Dean?
  479. How many members of the Rock's family have been in WWE?
  480. Do you agree with Dixie Carter is AJ Styles now the marginal phenomenal one?
  481. What do you think of Wes Brisco getting kicked out of Aces And Eights?
  482. Do you agree with Dixie Carter we need her in TNA?
  483. Is Hulk Hogan a peacemaker for AJ Styles and Dixie Carter?
  484. Do Taz and Magnus being a perfectionist something they have in common?
  485. TNA Fans, do you believe Dixie Carter turns heel after she congratulate and apologize to AJ Styles?
  486. Who do you think Ethan is in the TNA promo?
  487. What do you think of Taz saying that blood pushes you to antother level?
  488. Why do people act like Aj is forced to be in tna, and want it to go under?
  489. Do you think that Hilary Clinton tells Bill before she gets naked,"you don't want none of this"?
  490. What do you think of Taz not knowing who Stiffler the referee was?
  491. Do you think Mike Tenay has a drummer that follows him around?
  492. If ODB and Eric Young had a baby should they lock it up in the zoo?
  493. Is this as close as Joseph Park is going to get to a woman as gorgeous as Gail Kim?
  494. If you were Bully Ray would you be thinking about how to beat AJ Styles or be with Booke Tessmacher?
  495. why do wrestlers 'fake' stunts?
  496. What do you think Sting's text messages to Dixie Carter said?
  497. does anybody think wrestlemania 30 is undertakers last match?
  498. Who has the most fans in WS?
  499. does anybody think wrestle mania 30 is undertakers last match?
  500. should big show and damien sandow become best friends after what happened tonight on main event?