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  1. Bound for glory dropped the ball?
  2. If Abyss changed his name to Abyssa and...?
  3. Why do people on the main roster still wrestle on NXT?
  4. Joseph Park and Eric Young are a parody of team Hell no? True or Untrue?
  5. Who are your favorite female wrestler of all time?
  6. Who are your least favorite wrestler of all time?
  7. Who are your Top 5 wrestlers of all time?
  8. Worst WrestleMania Match?
  9. Hey WS..............?
  10. i drank some beer with CM Punk?
  11. Best WrestleMania Match?
  12. Why are there so many bullies in WWE?
  13. I have just been released from prison for serving 15 years of manslaughter, what has happened in...
  14. Was CM Punk's reign a success?
  15. Rate these WretleMania XXX matches and card.?
  16. Can The Sheild get back Tag Team Championship this Monday on Raw?
  17. How to create a Dean Ambrose finisher on Smackdown Vs Raw 2011?
  18. Who is the greatest wrestler to spend his entire televised career in WWF/WWE?
  19. I bet CM Punk is going to job to 3MB tonight on SmackDown?
  20. Do you think the handicap is a bad decision by cm punk?
  21. When will WWE Total Divas series 2 begin airing?
  22. My beautiful Queen is coming.....?
  23. My Shoot on John Cena(Cena Sucks)?
  24. is WWE hell in a cell on box office or sky sports in the UK?
  25. (Last Q was deleted) (Reuploaded) WS: Today is my bday?
  26. If the Big Bossman is still alive, will WWE have the Shield team with him?
  27. Should WWE re-introduce brand-split?
  28. Who's with me?? WWE need to turn Tensai back to heel again?
  29. Would you mark out if Big E came back....?
  30. My book release has been an hit?
  31. WWE Question about The Handicap Hell In A Cell Match?
  32. How many of you are Real Straight Edge CM Punk fan?
  33. Do you agree with Paul Heyman is Big E. Langston a marginal talented rookie?
  34. What do you think of JBL saying he doesn't like Miz TV?
  35. If Big Show isn't employed by WWE why is he wearing a pink shirt?
  36. Does anyone in Kansas City have a cellphone they aren't calling the police?
  37. What is TCW and what it is its full form?
  38. Does anyone in Kansas City have a cellphone they aren't calling the police to arrest Big Show?
  39. Why do a lot of people Hate the Goldberg VS Brock Lesnar match at WrestleMania 20?
  40. Should CM Punk be on WWE Superstars?
  41. Do you think Big E will be the first black WWE champion?
  42. Does anyone here watch NXT?
  43. What do you think about Los Matadores not telling their last names?
  44. A prediction/hope for Wrestlemania 30. Rate, suggest, decide winners?
  45. Comparing TNA to WWE..?
  46. Did the Shield steal Big Boss Man's gimmick?
  47. Rate my Wrestlemania XX card from 1-10?
  48. When I say US y'all say O?
  49. How to create a Luke Harper's finisher on Smackdown Vs Raw 2011?
  50. All hail The Vital Witness, THE NEW BEST IN THE WORLD?
  51. Randy Orton Out of ring skills?
  52. what are 2 good unused finisher names for a female wrestler named Summer?
  53. Why is the WWE keeping Epico and Primo's superstar page?
  54. Do you agree that WWE Booking Team has destroyed Brock Lesnar's image as a true beast?
  55. Will there ever be a MURDER in WWE?
  56. how do you do a professional wrestling bump? (please read details)?
  57. Will you be pissed if John Cena breaks Ric Flair's record?
  58. How much weight(lbs) has Bully Ray lost?
  59. Is Goldust a wwe hall of famer?
  60. Who would win in a handicapped match Goldberg vs Wyatt Family?
  61. Who are your all time favorite Top 5 WWE Superstar and Top 5 Divas?
  62. Is Hundred Taker really a ghost? Eye mean smoge comes out and scary thinks he do?
  63. And is CM Punk's greatness being postponed to never cuz of Cena?
  64. Whose the best heel out of TCW, Witness, and Did I Do Dat?
  65. The most gimmicky wrestler of all time was Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Agree or Disagree?
  66. Who was the most gimmicky wrestler of all time in your opinion?
  67. Big E Langston vs Ryback?
  68. Rate this storyline honestly 1-10?
  69. Do you believe the Divas division can be saved?
  70. Does Brooke Tessmacher look like someone who likes to take "Selfies" of herself?
  71. Is this what Dixie Carter has come to in TNA? Put a $50,000 bounty on AJ Styles?
  72. Is Bully Ray right? Is Magnus the future of pro wrestling?
  73. What do you think about Dixie Carter comparing herself to Michaelangelo?
  74. Rate these wrestlers out of 10 (while they were in their prime)?
  75. According to you,who is the biggest wwe superstar since the 90s?
  76. Who's better the it factor or cheese the mac?
  77. Who is your favorite member of the shield?
  78. Which of these Wrestling Video Games on Sony PlayStation do you like?
  79. What year was the best for the WS?
  80. Would you like to see Stephanie McMahon wrestle atleast one more match?
  81. Which wwe superstar has the best year of 2013 so far?
  82. Push One,Keep One,Fire One and Hire One Diva?
  83. Do you think Taz should've taken a shot at AJ Styles?
  84. Is Bully Ray nothing but a big, dumb, bi**h?
  85. Were you surprised not many wrestlers tried to go for Dixie's bounty on AJ Styles?
  86. Were you surprised Big Show didn't try and get the 50,000 bounty Dixie Carter offered?
  87. What do you think of the photo Brooke Tessmacher took for Bully Ray?
  88. Do you think Bully Ray would've split 50k with Taz?
  89. Do you think Mixe Knux will spent the 50k on a new motorcycle?
  90. If you were a wrestler on TNA Impact would you try and take out AJ Styles for 50k?
  91. Do you think that TNA will do a scooby doo chase with AJ Styles and the locker room?
  92. Does Dixie Carter reek of awfulness?
  93. Would you like Dixie Carter to motivate you?
  94. What exactly does a "go-home" show mean in wrestling?
  95. Why is WWE doing this?
  96. WOW! What an awesome match between Ambrose and Ziggler!?
  97. Who is more boring-Blandy Boreton or Curtis Axel?
  98. CM Punk slicked back hair?
  99. Why is Blandy Boreton a main eventer?
  100. Hai guys.for past sometime I have been wondering if our WWE chairman vince mcmahon is the...
  101. What do you think of this idea for WWE Survivor Series?
  102. Is WWE 2K14 the best WWE game this year?
  103. Does anyone of you fellas think that the Wrestling section is just a giant chatroom?
  104. WRESTLEMANIA XXX Dream CARD - Update From Current Storylines?
  105. Wrestlemania XXX Dream Card - V2?
  106. Is The Great Khali pound for pound a DISGRACE to his country India and Indians?
  107. Will Bayley ever be moved up to the regular WWE roster? Will there be a 2nd hug it out era?
  108. Why do people overrate Sting? I mean...he's just a big fish in a very small pond IMO?
  109. Which WWE Superstar Should Be WWE Champion For It To Be Considered "Best For Business" .. !?
  110. Is CM Punk The PG Version Of Stone Cold Steve Austin .. !?
  111. Did You Notice That The Commentators Actually Acknowledged The WWE Fans Chanting Goldberg Last...
  112. Would You Describe AJ Lee As Cute Or Sexy .. !?
  113. Do You Consider Me To Be A Face Or Heel In The WS .. !?
  114. Hulk hogan reportedly resings wit tna and will be at bound for glory?
  115. What wrestler of past you want back in wwe?
  116. What are some great theme songs for WWE DIVAS?
  117. Whats your opinion of this video of a fan abusing Paul Bearer? XD?
  118. Should WWE bring back the modern Intercontinental Championship?
  119. Do you think Eva Marie has a lot of backstage heat?
  120. Which would you recommend I signed up for? (Wrestling or Boxing.)?
  121. WWE 2K14 Your Thoughts?
  122. Who has the best theme song in the WWE?
  123. Which wwe/wwf theme song would you consider best all time?
  124. did the rock ruin his legacy when he returned??
  125. When is Brock Lesnar returning?
  126. If HBK had one final match who would you like it to be with?
  127. Has anybody been able to pre order wwe 2k14 phenom edition?
  128. Who are you favorite WWE wrestler in Active Roster?
  129. Is pro wrestling scripted?
  130. John Cena dead in your arms what would you do?
  131. Which males rassler's feet would you worship?
  132. Was CM Punk's pipebomb of 2011 scripted?
  133. Do you think Nikki Bella is a gold digger?
  134. Do you think John Cena is fully healed?
  135. Do u lik or hate brock lesnar?
  136. Will Christain will win his 'One More Match' and retire?
  137. When is the match alberto vs john cena?
  138. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?
  139. where was kane i thought he was booked for the October 14 raw?
  140. Push one,Keep one and Fire one wrestler?
  141. wwe tna matches , who would win ????
  142. Did Hulk Hogan really re-sign with TNA?
  143. Have you downloaded the WWE App yet?
  144. Which 5 wrestlers would you like to see come back to the WWE?
  145. What's your favorite WWE video game?
  146. Wrestling Section-Do you know who I am?
  147. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?
  148. What website creator does WWE use?
  149. Who's the bigger draw-Cena or Rock?
  150. Is this proof The Ultimate Warrior is coming back?
  151. Remember when Goldust got electrocuted? Why doesn't he stutter anymore?
  152. Is this the best match Ric Flair ever fought?
  153. This place is dead tonight. Where is everyone?
  154. Are you missing Sheamus yet?
  155. What era are we in now?
  156. Is Jerry Lawler is the worst commentator ever?
  157. HIAC Predictions:How will the WHC match end+BQ?
  158. Agree/Disgaree-CM Punk is much better than John Cena in the ring and on the mic?
  159. Are you excited for Main Event tonight?
  160. How long do you think Cody Rhodes and Goldust will hold the Tag team titles?
  161. Who thinks HBK will screw Bryan at Hell in a Cell?
  162. Can a superstar beat up a referee in a no DQ match? They would send a new one out anyway.?
  163. Who is the most overrated wrestler?
  164. What do these 6 wrestlers have in common?
  165. Could I learn wrestling?
  166. where could i watch the full match of brock lesnar vs randy couture?
  167. Since Triple H said every man has his breaking point, then why did the Big Show get fired?
  168. where could i watch the full match of brock lesnar vs randy couture?
  169. Daniel Bryan, too small to be the WWE Champion?
  170. Who would win these matches? answer if you're man enough?
  171. How do you think Curtis Axel views paul heyman and ryback relationship?
  172. Was CM Punk joking or was it not scripted?
  173. Is Tamina the female Umaga?
  174. Did curtis axel wanted to loose against punk?
  175. Do you think Curtis Axel will become the World Heavyweight Champion someday?
  176. When will you stop watching WWE?
  177. What's the story behind Randy Orton's writing tattooed on his arm?
  178. About Sting VS Magnus on TNA Bound For Glory: Are They a Face or a Heel?
  179. Did curtis axel wanted to loose against punk?
  180. Was there ever a wwe wrestler from Australia?
  181. Your opinion about raw tonight..?
  182. WRESTLING : Remember DEMOLITION, what other tag teams you never see mentioned here?
  183. Who would win these matches,all in their respective primes?
  184. WRESTLING : Who do you think are the top 5 most hated superstars of all time?
  185. WRESTLING : Who do you think will become more successful in the WWE (BETWEEN)?
  186. Keep one, Push one and Fire one?
  187. Was that dropkick R-Truth did to Ryback a JBL dropkick?
  188. Was Antonio Cecaro's big swing to Brodus Clay like the sun going around Pluto?
  189. How funny was this Joke Jerry Lawler said about Tensai going to grocery store to buy
  190. Do you think Triple H liked when Stephanie McMahon mentioned his accomplishments?
  191. Do you agree with JBL this is an opportunity for Brie to beat Tamina Snucka daughter of
  192. Did you find it funny that Jerry Lawler thought that Christopher Columbus discovered America?
  193. Why it is 'Shattered Dreams' written in Goldust entrance?
  194. What do you think of JBL going to dress up as ElTorito for Halloween?
  195. Do you think JBL won't be able to own a bull since he shoots the bull?
  196. Was the Cobra struck by Summer Rae's beauty?
  197. No matter how great Shawn Michaels was will he never be better than Randy Orton?
  198. Do you agree with JBL why would you ever want to take your eyes off Randy Orton in a match with him?
  199. What do you think of Shawn Michaels saying he's never liked Randy Orton?
  200. If you were a WWE superstar or Diva would you sign the petition to bring back Big Show?
  201. Are you going to pray every time you say "Yes"?
  202. what would happen if a superstar said "wwe is fake" on mic?
  203. If we as wresting fans can't think of anything nice to ask about a wrestler in here?
  204. Is John Cena most overated wrestler of all time?
  205. Are you going to sign Xavier Woods' petition?
  206. yes or no, which one?
  207. Do you think Triple H and Stephanie will attend Daniel and Brie Bryan's weddinf?
  209. Does Randy Orton make you sick to your stomach?
  210. Are you going to cry with joy when Cena returns?
  211. WRESTLING : Since CENA is finally returning back to action at HIAC?
  212. So now it's time for the shield to be jobbers?
  213. WWE: Is CM Punk a face, heel or a tweener?
  214. WRESTLING : Is ANTONIO CESARO a freak, his strength is incredible?
  215. Who noticed this about the Shield's tag team title reign?
  216. Is CM Punk a cheating weasel?
  217. Is Raw Tonight in Randy orton's hometown?
  218. Has 3MB ever won a match?
  219. Does anybody else think AJ Lee looks like she's aged considerably over the past year?
  220. Does anyone really care about Cena's recovery and all that?
  221. What matches/feuds would you like to see before TNA folds?
  222. What Happened to The UNDERTAKER's Stomach since last 2 years?
  223. Is 3MB Pound for Pound the WORST Stable in WWE Today?
  224. I'm not HHH fan, but I can't wait till he finally destroyes Big Show?
  225. Does anyone else think, that it will be unfair if, Daniel Bryan Main Events WM 30, instead
  226. Is Chris Jericho coming back to wwe ?
  227. Bre bella acting is terrable!?
  228. Dont u think brad sucks as a genral manager..?
  229. Do u watch wwe main event on wensday?
  230. Aaliyah:What about a new team?
  231. What will happen Brock Lesnar vs Ryback K.O. match at Wrestle Mania 30?
  232. Was that Cesaro gutwrench one of the coolest things you ever seen?
  233. When is the WWE 2K14 DLC being announced?
  234. Will Ryback be able to go back as a face?
  235. Which is the most powerful finishing move in Wrestling history?
  236. What do you think the match card for WM40 will be?
  237. When is Sheamus coming back?
  238. WWE fans: Which DVD is better to buy?
  239. If you were forced to side with JeriKe$h or me who would you side with?
  240. Opinions on Curtis axel?
  241. What was the best year in TNA history?
  242. How many wresting matches has shawn michaels guest referee?
  243. WRESTLING : If 1 superstar had to get fired from the wwe, who would you pick PUNK or CENA?
  244. Once I defeat The Vital Witness in our match tonight?
  245. Who will win the WWE Championship between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell?
  246. Did you know that I am level 2 now?
  247. Why is Jack Swagger such a monster on the mic?
  248. Why am I becoming Chris Benoit?
  249. What time is the big match tonight?
  250. When is Brian Pillman returning is he in NXT?
  251. WWE Best Match Of 2013 Tournament-Round 2(Eliminate any 5)?
  252. Why do people make fun of chris benoit and vince mcmahon in wwe?
  253. The list of WWE Superstars who have defeated John Cena(Superman Gimmick) cleanly,Is anyone missing?
  254. If you were Alberto Del Rio would you kiss Vickie Guerrero's Butt?
  255. Who do you want to leave WWE ?
  256. How many championship Ryback won outside WWE?
  257. Which was the best gimmick match ever created?
  258. Do you know what Hulk Hogan has been doing since leaving TNA?
  259. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena?
  260. Can Sting hold a candle to Bret Hart? BQ: Who screwed Bret?
  261. Did Chris Benoit murder his family or was he just showing them how to apply the sleeper?
  262. Rate this Hell In a Cell Card?
  263. Do you think they make Tamale Pebbles?
  264. why do you watch lucha libre it's just a bunch of guys botching hurricanranas?
  265. why do you like the rock when he does so many roids?
  266. Any of you guys into this stuff?
  267. how would you react if cm punk was revealed to be a brony?
  268. What are the rules to UWFi wrestling?
  269. ROHPunk did your original account get suspended?
  270. Have you seen the video of Vital Witness practicing for the big battle?
  271. Should Ryback be a mid carder?
  272. Do you think Darren Young likes being in pink?
  273. WWE question. How did they do it?
  274. Which is the best WWE theme song of all time?
  275. Do you realize TNA ruined Sting's wrestling career?
  276. Will Bret Hart never wrestle again?
  277. Why are there faces in wrestling when they should all be heels?
  278. Was the attitude era overrated?
  279. Viva Enrique assaulted Swagger Invented WWF?
  280. When will this stale CM Punk/Paul Heyman feud end?
  281. WWE Best Match Of 2013 Tournament-Round 1(Eliminate any 3)?
  282. How many minutes can John Cena last in a real fight with the following superstars?
  283. Did you gain respect for Cena after SummerSlam?
  284. Guys ADR is such a jerk in real life?
  285. I'm gonna watch the Battleground PPV tonight(Please Answer)?
  286. buy or sell? Damien Sandow is full of talent?
  287. Am I weird for thinking this?
  288. When will Chris Benoit return?
  289. why is cm punk such a terrible wrestler?
  290. is these 2 dvds the same?
  291. If Big Show got "fired" then why did he still come out with an entrance song?
  292. do you think Shawn Michaels could still put on a 5 star match?
  293. What can wwe do to get their ratings up?
  294. Is WWE turning Damien Sandow face now?
  295. From when did Professional wrestling started using weapons?
  296. Who writes the storylines for WWE?
  297. Is it good for business, by having The Wyatt Family on a losing streak?
  298. How come nobody talks about me in this section no more?
  299. WS Users 5-Man Tag Team Match: Faces vs. Heels?
  300. WS Users: Top 5 Heels, and Top 5 Faces?
  301. What was the longest time you've seen a WWE wrestler in a submission hold during a match?
  302. What type of commentator is more annoying?
  303. Will John Cena be like this after he wins the World Title at Hell in a Cell?
  304. What happened to Sin Cara?
  305. WWE fans opinions on Susan G. Koman?
  306. Did you think Damien Sandow would become a 'face' wrestler this soon?
  307. Does JBL need a mascot when commentating?
  308. What do you think of Triple H being knocked out for three minutes and thirty one seconds?
  309. What do you think of JBL wanting to play as his charachter in WWE 2k14?
  310. Do you think John Cena is watching the Alberto Del Rio vs. Damian Sandow match on Smackdown?
  311. Do you agree with JBL, should Big Show go to jail?
  312. Who do you think Taz was thinking of when he said he knows a lot of wrestlers who
  313. Do you think Alberto Del Rio sees Vickie Guerrero as a sex object he can manipulate?
  314. When is Eddie Guerrero returning is he in ROH?
  315. Do you think CM Punk's flaw is not staying with Paul Heyman?
  316. Who do you respect more? Cena,orton,punk,taker,triple h,hbk,kane or mysterio?
  317. why does brock lesnar only make occasional appearances?
  318. Who had won most number of chamionship in wrestling history?
  319. Why does the IWC hate Alberto Del Rio and call him boring?
  320. Tna put's on better wrestling matches than wwe,agreed?
  321. Was Battleground the worst PPV of the year or was it NOC?
  322. Will Hulk Hogan be at WrestleMania 30?
  323. Is damien sandow face after last night?
  324. Who should induct Undertaker into the WWE Hall OF Fame? When that time comes of course?
  325. What you think of the WWE comic?
  326. Who are the high flyers(current roster) of WWE?
  327. Why don't WWE make John Cena vs Eminem Rapping contest Wrestle Mania 30 Axxess?
  328. Do you think that Dixie Carter actually had a conversation with Stephanie Lesveque?
  329. if benoit was still alive do u want to see him vs cm punk or beating punk?
  330. if cena wil come back in wwe wil he receive a great impact from the crowd?
  331. Is it just me it are these Wyatt guys worse wrestlers than the Bella twins?
  332. How do I make a WWE Intercontinental Title? (A REAL one) Thanks!?
  333. why is booker t the referee for hell in a cell?
  334. Why don't WWE have high flying division unlike TNA's X Division?
  335. why isn't lesnar and goldberg on original SvR game?
  336. Why are they fking around with The Rock's legendary gimmick with Los Matadores?
  337. Is HBK going to be a ''Special'' referee in Every Hell in the cell match?
  338. Is this what explains Big Show K'O punching Triple H?
  339. why cant wwe make a wwe 2k14 on pc!!?
  340. why can't i stop playing SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006?
  341. Who should have been a Heyman Guy/new client?
  342. Wrestlemania 30 card. Please Rate?
  343. Which of these two would be the better Wrestlemania match?
  344. CM Punk haters like me are smart wrestling fans?
  345. who is your wwe waifu mine is aj lee you can't have her because i already picked her first?
  346. would a $ex scene make dixie carter's promos interesting?
  347. Who is your tna waifu mine is brooke tessmacher you can't have her because i already picked her
  348. Why does Cena don't go for Intercontinenal Championship and CM Punk for US Championship?
  349. Why did Mike Tenay just tand during the main Event match instead of leaving?
  350. Is Fandango's finishing move called Sister Summer Rae?
  351. What do you think of Mike Tenay checking out Velvet Sky?
  352. What do you think of Chris Sabin not wanting anyone to check out Velvet Sky?
  353. what is the clothes the undertaker had on at wrestle mania & cody rhodes had on this monday?
  354. Who do you think is more in love Brooke Tessmacher and Bully Ray or Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin?
  355. Who is actually 'Best In The World' CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  356. Who'd win in a fight right now - Mike Tyson or Batista?
  357. Do you think TNA will never mention the name Hulk Hogan in the company ever again?
  358. What do you think of Taz making a party at the hotel after to watch Frank Shamrock Bound By Blood?
  359. What do you think of Taz making a party at the hotel after to watch Frank Shamrock Bound By Blood?
  360. Is ODB Ms. Massive pec-tacular?
  361. What do you think of Taz saying if he had to get married again he would wear the orange suit
  362. Did you enjoy Bobby Roode's EGO Hall Of Fame Induction?
  363. Do you think Dixie Carter doesn't need has been Eric Bischoff or any Mr. Stephanie
  364. WRESTLING : Who was your favorite member of the ROAD WARRIORS (LOD)?
  365. If Ryback faces Brock Lesnar in WM 30.What stipulation should be added?
  366. Do you remember when the undertaker said "I like the pain, it turns me on"?
  367. Do you think Los Matadores a.k.a. Epico and Primo still can't wrestle?
  368. Do you know Lord of the Rings is fake?
  369. Hasn't C.M Punk has gotten too skinny lately for his current Gimmick of #BITW! + more ?
  370. Who was your favorite WWE Champions in the Attitude Era (1997-2001)?
  371. Who do you think is the best superstar in WWE history?
  372. Which WWE superstars and divas are married or dating each other?
  373. Is every match at BFG made by wrestlers?
  374. I never thought I would say this???
  375. How is a 300 pounder going for the X-Division title?
  376. Who wants Ego to replace Aces and eights and quick?
  377. Your Favorite ADR Title Defense during his current WHC reign?
  378. Wrestling: Do you guys like and watch UFC?
  379. would you like to have hulk hogan to return to wwe?
  380. What changes would you make to WWE?
  381. In the year ECW wrestlers vs Xtreme Pro Wrestling wrestlers fight was real?
  382. Want to know why I, TCW, The Best in The World is better than JeriKe$h?
  383. Hey Dixie
  384. Will WWE have a draft in January 2014(link)?
  385. Did Ryback REALLY had a Backstage BRAWL with Brock Lesnar?
  386. Why is WWE dicking around with Daniel Bryan lately?
  387. Did you know that MVP is a rapper?
  388. Whats up Yahoo forum?
  389. Suppose Ring of Honor, TNA Wrestling, and WWE were to have a 3 way trade, who should be
  390. whos a better in ring wrestler cm punk or daniel bryan?
  391. WWE fans: do you know it's all fake?
  392. Why has wwe became shit lately?
  393. who do you think should face undertaker at wm 30 ?
  394. whos a better in ring wrestler in there primes cm punk or shawn michaels?
  395. How many days Ryback was in The Nexus and why he went out of The Nexus?
  396. Do you agree with list of worstwrestlers people voted in this site(link)?
  397. Are the uso brothers wwe championship or whc material?
  398. Why some people take wrestling characters too seriously?
  399. Did you know Kane has never been in the main event at a Wrestlemana?
  400. My Chris Benoit sign was confiscated last Moday night. Whom do I go about filing a formal...
  401. Which PPV was worse-Night Of Champions or Battleground?
  402. How bad would Alberto Del Rio beat up John Cena in a real fight?
  403. OH GOD! Not Again...?
  404. Why is Cm Punk is the only Wrestler the gets in to fights with Wrestling Fans?
  405. What is that song they play on monday night raw?
  406. What were the Rules of WCW War Games?
  407. Will you follow the buzzards?
  408. which wwe wrestler can rey mysterio beat up in real life?
  409. Who is the best wrestler of all time 'Sting' or 'Undertaker'?
  410. Can anyone explain about the Two rings in WCW?
  411. When will the shield break up?
  412. how much weight has big show lost?
  413. Which current WWE superstar loses the most matches?
  414. So the only WS Legends still here are me, Rassling Critic, ROH, and Senor?
  415. Is Vital Witness on his way to being a WS Hall of Famer with the likes of Did I Do Dat, R.
  416. I want TCW to know that I am the greatest heel, and he is under me?
  417. Did anybody else think of Smoky in Friday when????
  418. Would this be awesome to happen on Smackdown?
  419. Does "Your Mom is my h0e" need anger management classes?
  420. What was the best WS return of 2013?
  421. Did you know that I am back in JeriKe$h?
  422. Did I already bury TCW?
  423. 9 days until the greatest release in history?
  424. There are like no divas this year.?
  425. Should Panda Energy (TNA's parent) sell TNA to SpikeTV?
  426. Who thinks that WWE will bring Baitista and Ric Flair back and make Evolution?
  427. Who else knew john cena would come back this soon?
  428. @TCW: Think again buddy?
  429. What does "Colt Cabana It's Yersel!" mean?
  430. Is this what happens when you take a ride on the Dixie Train?
  431. What is your favorite Hell In The Cell match?
  432. Do you think the WWE should have less championship belts?
  433. If TNA brings Attitude Era in TNA.Will they survive 4-5 years more?
  434. When do you think WWE will start selling El Torito masks?
  435. WRESTLING : What would you say is your #1 KANE moment?
  436. what kind of match you like most?
  437. Who is the best wrestler of all time 'Sting' or 'Undertaker'?
  439. Anyone else think Vince is gonna be involved on Smackdown/next weeks Raw?
  440. Do you think Big Show is going to auction off some of his valuables so he can keep his...
  441. Is "TCW" Jericho TCW?
  442. Why Dixie Carter is not in 2k14 roster?+BQ?
  443. Why has CM Punk gone from holding a multi-billion dollar company hostage to stupid pointless feuds?
  444. Who is the better B+ worker?
  445. Am I The Only One Who Thinks The Rock Is Underrated .. !?
  446. Do You Think The Rock Should Face The Undertaker At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  447. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Entertaining Would You Say WWE Is Right Now .. !?
  448. Who Do You Think Gets More Hate In The WWE, John Cena Or Ryback .. !?
  449. Is Dixie Carter Hotter than Stephanie McMahon?
  450. Am I the only Alberto Del Rio fan in this section?
  451. so the wwes stock price is at a negative .02?
  452. Will John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match be the MAIN...
  453. John Cena vs Eminem Rapping Contest at Wrestle Mania Axxess?
  454. WWE: Now everyone is complaining about John Cena vs Del Rio WHC match at Hell In A Cell? WHY?
  455. can i vote for the wwe hell in a cell referee on
  456. When you play wrestling do you sometimes put the ref to sleep?
  457. So now Triple H will be forced to rehire Big Show in order to wrestle him in a match at HIAC?
  458. Wasn't John Cena supposed to return at Royal Rumble?
  459. So we're supposed to believe that Randy Orton couldn't fight back Daniel Bryan and ran away?
  460. wwe should put the titles .?
  461. Which wrestling gimmick match do you miss a lot?
  462. How a man can be TNA Knockouts Champion?
  463. TCW prepare for death? This time your death won't be a hoax?
  464. My current two top favorite fighting for the WHC? Who are you going for? Who should I go for?
  465. WRESTLING : How long do you think Daniel bryan will be the GOAT of the wwe?
  466. TCW I will take you down?
  467. What are you snacking on while watching Raw?
  468. Should Ryback Take CM Punk To The Gym With Him .. !?
  469. what would happen if raw went to 4 hours?
  470. JeriKe$h is growing stronger, it is time for you to join?
  471. Is there anyone that can stop JeriKe$h?
  472. Did you know that you precious CM Punk will go to h3ll?
  473. Is the Wrestling Section scared?
  474. Do you think this HIAC Scenario is likely?
  475. Is what's best for business having the same 2nguys in the main went 4 PPV's in a row?
  476. Lord hVe mercy almost had a stroke Watching wwe.... John Cena vs del rio ? Who seen that coming ?
  477. Is it a good idea for WWE to bring Cena back this soon?
  478. What do you think this means?
  479. Anybody else thinks the Punk-heyman fued is boring?
  480. looking for this Antonio Cesaro promo "I put the W in the wwee"?
  481. I am so happy right now?
  482. What do you think of Renne Young liking El Torito?
  483. Is Big Show a sorry pathetic excuse of life?
  484. What do you think of Eva Marie playing the role of striker and struck Jerry Lawler once?
  485. Should JBL learn English before Lithuanian language?
  486. Do you think Big Show is relieved now that he doesn't have to do what Management wants him to do?
  487. Do you think Big Show can't handle his finances.?
  488. Should Big Show impersonate Big Foot somewhere?
  489. What do you think of Jerry Lawler calling El Torito, El Dorito?
  490. How is Big Show fired if he has an iron clad contract?
  491. Is Brad Maddox Stephanie and Triple H's puppet?
  492. Is Daniel Bryan hogging the main event spotlight?
  493. What the hell was the point of The Wyatt Family coming out if they weren't going to attack Miz?
  494. Where is Big Show going to go if he has no house or job?
  495. Is Anybody disappointed that Shawn Michael's is the third choice for referee?
  496. Who is more boring, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, or Curtis Axel?
  497. Is there a rabid goat on the loose?
  498. Are you happy that the best beat the bully?
  499. Eva Marie is a face now?
  500. Who are you voting for?