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  1. WWE future storyline prediction.?
  2. do you think paige (WWE) is too pale.?
  3. Why isn't there an International Championship in WWE?
  4. Why do you think the 12 wwe superstars got released?
  5. Why did Xpac and Chyna break up?
  6. What is your favorite Smackdown moment?
  7. Which is more entertaining the Stanley cup finals or WWE SmackDown?
  8. What is your favorite Randy Orton feud?
  9. Who do you think is better Bray Wyatt or Roman Reigns?
  10. Do you guys agree that Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and The Rock are the Mt. Rushmore of WWE?
  11. How often does WWE release people?
  12. do you bolieve in seth Rollins as top heel?
  13. How will WWE explain to the fans about 3MB?
  14. "ruled the Attitude Era with an iron fist"? Do you guys believe that the WWE is rewriting...
  15. Which Finishing Move Hurts The Most In Real Life?
  16. Who would you of rather face undertaker at wrestlemania Chris Jericho or Bret Hart?
  17. Will HHH be a billionaire once he is owner of WWE?
  18. Pro Wrestling: Did you know Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling is beating World
  19. Did you think it was funny that Eric Young thought it wasn't the time for a cheap plug of...
  20. Do you think Mike Tenay owns a suit like Rockstar Spud was wearing?
  21. What do you think of Mike Tenay saying this is the best view they have ever had when Angelina...
  22. Were the glow sticks that Rebel had a little limp?
  23. Do you think Bram looks like James Storm?
  24. What do you think of Taz saying maybe one day girls will talk to Mike Tenay after The Beautiful...
  25. Did you think that baby that Rockstar Spud showed look like Bully Ray?
  26. Do you think it would've been better if Taz was on commentary only with The Beautiful People?
  27. Were you surprised Brooke Tessmacher forgave Bully Ray since he said every time they had
  28. What do you think of Robbie E. being a metro sexual and having his nails done last week?
  29. What do you think of Willow and Abyss as a tag team?
  30. Do you agree with Mike Tenay Taz never looked better when Angelina Love was standing in
  31. What do you think of Bully Ray saying Brooke Tessmacher was an awesome girlfriend?
  32. Professional Wrestling: Why do people whine and cry about the PG Rating so much?
  33. What do you think of Velvet Sky saying she has had many late night playing Twister?
  34. Anyone else agree that Chris Jericho should of faced undertaker at wrestlemania?
  35. Who do you think will be on the cover of wwe 2k15?
  36. where can i watch attitude era?
  37. Which of the performers WWE released today is most surprising?
  38. Who was better on the mic Chris Jericho or Cm Punk?
  39. What is your favorite WWE wedding?
  40. Who is your favorite all time MITB winner?
  41. Who better on the mic, The Rock or Cm Punk?
  42. Which 10 wrestlers got released yesterday?
  43. Should Dolph Ziggler quit WWE?
  44. Anyone else notice this on Raw?
  45. Why did Drew McIntyre get released instead of those stupid Los Matadors and El Toritio?
  46. Have Darren Young and Adam Rose messed around?
  47. If Darren Young hadn't come out gay last year would he had been released yesterday?
  48. Professional Wrestling: Who has better mic skills: CM Punk or John Cena?
  49. Professional Wrestling: Whose Mic Skills where better: Bret 'Hitman' Hart or CM Punk?
  50. Would you rather have Ric Flair manage The Miz or Dolph Ziggler?
  51. Would you like Shane come back to the WWE?
  52. Professional Wrestling: What is everybodies problem with World Wrestling Entertainment's...
  53. Why didn't WWE release Hornswoggle?
  54. Anyone else upset that Teddy Long is no longer part of the WWE Roster?
  55. WRESTLING : Which 5 more superstars is on your wish-list to be released fron the wwe?
  56. Who is more super DB or EY?
  57. Which WWE pic is the least/most heartbroken?
  58. Why was Aksana released from WWE?
  59. Do you guys think HHH will be a better owner of WWE than Vince when Vince dies?
  60. Since HHH is a 13- time champ, does that mean he's better than Austin and The Rock who had 6...
  61. What happened to abyss?
  62. TNA: True Or False: Texas Death Match: Ethan Carter III Vs Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson Vs...
  63. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody please explain to me how JTG. Brodus Clay and Yoshi Tatsu...
  64. Professional Wrestling: Whose excited for Mr. Wannabe Chris Rock Kevin Hart to be on Monday Night...
  65. Professional Wrestling: What are you sick of more: MVP's Overhyped style or Eric Young's bloody
  66. If Shane wanted to come back, do you think Stephanie and HHH will get jealous?
  67. What happened to Trish's booty?
  68. Professional Wrestling: Any other Dallas Cowboy Fans watching Total Nonstop Action's
  69. Professional Wrestling: Who is excited for Total Nonstop Action's Impact! Wrestling Tonight?
  70. Professional Wrestling: Why doesn't anyone seem to care about poor Referee Marc Harris?
  71. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about people proclaiming Evan Bourne as 'One of the
  72. Why is TNA not pushing Abyss?
  73. Am I the only one who thinks Dolph Ziggler is a little overhyped?
  74. WRESTLING : Which finishing move have you never seen any superstar kick out of....less than 2...
  75. How can TNA become a more profitable company in the future?
  76. What did i just see? Can someone please fill me in?
  77. WWE superstars leaving WWE!!?
  78. What is Vince Mcmahon´s best match?
  79. Is Adam Rose gay?
  80. Should Paige drop the title to Naomi?
  81. Do you Bolieve that Bo Dallas can be WWE Champion?
  82. Rank these matches in order please part 2?
  83. who elese is mad that wwe fired JTG Drew McIntyre Jinder Mahal Aksana Curt
  84. WWE not sold on Bo Dallas, Paige and Adam Rose?
  85. What did Aksana had to offer WWE?
  86. Which wrestler would you start a riot over if they got released from the WWE next?
  87. Bret Hart vs Chris Benoit Who's the better technical wrestler?
  88. Favorite Roh and ECW match ever?
  89. Agree or Disagree The Shield reached legendary status as a group?
  90. WWE releases several wrestlers today, thoughts?
  91. Out of All the Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker matches which did you like best?
  92. Rank these matches in order please Shawn Michaels vs John Cena Raw 2007, Cm Punk vs John Cena
  93. Professional Wrestling: What is something Youtube Professional Wrestling Fans complain
  94. Professional Wrestling: Could Released Professional Wrestlers/Referee from World Wrestling
  95. JTG was released from WWE?
  96. Wrestling section seriously the NWO is one of the main reason that WWF created the Attitude Era?
  97. Wrestling section so is Comacho still in WWE?
  98. Professional Wrestling: Should Vince Russo just be Total Nonstop Action's GM?
  99. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody give me a Five Star Classic Match Involving Bobby Lashley?
  100. What is your favourite WWE belt design?
  101. Do you think JTG has a iron clad contract?
  102. Victoria or Trish, who is better?
  103. Who is the most overrated wrestler in TNA?
  104. Why was Theodore Long released from WWE today?
  105. Who is smarter Dixie Carter or Stephanie McMahon?
  106. When will Brock lesnar return to the WWE?
  107. Who is the best WWE superstar ever in Ladder Matches?
  108. Which superstar did not deserve their release?
  109. Why did WWE release the only Asian American wrestler on the roster?
  110. Should Dixie sell TNA?
  111. Is Dolph Ziggler the next one to get release by WWE?
  112. What are your opinions on the WWE racial stereotypical gimmicks?
  113. What was the best Ricky Steamboat vs Ric Flair Match?
  114. Could you see Daniel Bryan by the end of his career putting on more classics then Shawn Michaels?
  115. Who are your Top 15 favorite wrestlers of all time?
  116. Predictions. Who will be the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  117. Which was more shocking of WWE the Vince mcmahon kiss my ass club or Billy and Chuck and Rico?
  118. Who was Kane's best tag team partner?
  119. Who's richer, Stephanie Mcmahon or Triple H?
  120. Who's better: Damien Sandow or Kofi Kingston?
  121. Trish Stratus or Stacy Keibler?
  122. Whos is the blame as to why TNA is on life support?
  123. Rank these wrestlers in order considering match quality and ring skills.?
  124. Which match did you like better Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 21 or Shawn Michaels vs
  125. What is the best heel turn in wrestling history?
  126. WWSE Main Event Episode 2 Winners, any sugestions for future shows?
  127. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair Who's the better wrestler?
  128. WrestleMania 23: Undertaker vs Batista or John Cena vs Shawn Michaels?
  129. What is your favorite match in Smackdown Television History?
  130. Professional Wrestling: Do You Miss Rob Conway?
  131. Whos is the better wrestler out of the four and why?
  132. Is the current Divas Division boring without AJ Lee?
  133. Who is better wrestler Bret hart or Chris Jericho?
  134. What is the big deal with Madison Square Garden Incident in 1996?
  135. Who is better Mickie James or AJ Lee?
  136. where is Big E dubbed to be from?
  137. True or False. Teddy Long was the best GM of all time?
  138. Why did fans start booing sheamus all the sudden?
  139. Professional Wrestling: IS IT TRUE: Did Rico have the greatest Sideburns in all of World
  140. Do you want wwe to go back to having guest gm's every week?
  141. About the faces of Foley. Apart from the mask and Mr. Socko whats the difference between
  142. Who is the Best Manager in WWE history?
  143. How come black wrestlers are not successful in WWE?
  144. Is Mark Callaway (Undertaker) the first wrestler that introduced the Gogoplata Choke in Pro
  145. did WWE rig this poll:?
  146. Reigns Asks UFC's Rousey to Join The Shield. What do you think about this?
  147. What's your dream match?
  148. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose who wins this tag match all 4...
  149. Professional Wrestling: Compared to everything else on Television does any of this make WWE...
  150. Do you guys think the WWE is going downhill or it's been better than before? Also do you think it...
  151. What's the most Timeless match ever aka most replay value?
  152. Which wrestler do you think have bashed Triple H more?
  153. Professional Wrestling: Do you agree with Any of these statements?
  154. Rank these divas in order as far as wrestling skills goes Lita, Mickie James, Victoria ,Natayla,...
  155. Who do you really think is the better Wrestler Bret hart or Kurt Angle?
  156. Professional Wrestling: How the hell is World Wrestling Entertainment 'Racist'?
  157. Has Brie Bella really left the wwe?
  158. who had a more rememorable WWE title reign Hbk I. 96 or cm punk in 2011 + Bqs?
  159. What would you say is the worst thing about WWE being PG?
  160. Cena bashing aside was his match against HBK at Wrestlemania 23 a good match?
  161. WWSE Main Event Episode 2: Who do you want to win?
  162. Who was the better wrestler Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels?
  163. Would a feud between Undertaker and Abyss be good?
  164. Which WWE star in kissed vince's ass the most?
  165. IF there could be a interpromotional match between WWE,TNA,ROH etc?
  166. Which user is most annoying in the wrestling section?
  167. Do you agree that CM Punk is overall a better wrestler than DB?
  168. Professional Wrestling: 'WHAT?' made Mickie James so 'Special'?
  169. What is your favorite Hell in a Cell match?
  170. Professional Wrestling: Why do people suddenly discredit Daniel Bryan's Mic Work?
  171. Professional Wrestling: Simple Easy Question: How is Daniel Bryan 'Overrated',
  172. Do you like bo dallas????? YES OR NO?
  173. Seth Rollins vs Cesaro Who's overall the better talent +BQs?
  174. Rank these wrestlers in order Seth Rollins, Dolph Wigglers, Cesaro and Dean Ambrose + BQ?
  175. Wrestling: Why do fans think every superstar should be in the Main Event?
  176. Dolph Ziggler or Cesaro Who's the better talent +BQ's?
  177. WS: If kayfabe was real, and you were a wrestler in the WWE- Would you sign with Paul Heyman?
  178. what do you think of TNA Hall of Fame?
  179. Who should be/will be the next WWE champ?
  180. Whose the hottest free agent in professional wrestling today?
  181. As a wrestling fan, do you like seeing female wrestlers fight in short shorts?
  182. How do you think Trish and Lita look now?
  183. Could John Cena be the shields new member?
  184. If you could be any member of The Shield, why did you backstab your brothers?
  185. What would you rate Shawn Michaels match with Triple H on the final Raw of 2003 on a scale 1 to 10?
  186. What's your favorite ladder match?
  187. Why isn't the wwe having a mitb as well with the title match?
  188. Who do you think is better CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  189. Shawn Michaels vs Seth Rollins both in their prime?
  190. On a one to ten what would you rate Shawn Michaels match with John Cena on raw in 2007?
  191. Your thoughts on the Seth/Evolution storyline this past Monday?
  192. TNA Fans: So how's our Jeff Hardy doing, are you treating him well?
  193. Troll question of the day: When will CM Punk come back?
  194. Who's better on the mic Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt?
  195. Jushin Liger vs Rey Mysterio?
  196. Kurt Angle vs Bret Hart in a 60 minute iron man match ultimate submison both in their prime who
  197. What do you think of JBL saying he is straight terrified of Alicia Foxx?
  198. Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose?
  199. How come Paul Bearer was not with The Undertaker throughout his career in 2004?
  200. Rank these wrestlers in order Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan, Cm Punk , Jeff Hardy and Rvd please?
  201. Which Wrestling show would you rather attend WWE Wrestlemania or TNA Bound For Glory?
  202. Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle?
  203. Do you think WWE Lana hates bashing her own country for her character?
  204. Professional Wrestling: Monday Night RAW! Round Up Multiple Questions inside?
  205. which episode of Saterday Morning Slam did Daniel Bryan talk about bears?
  206. If you could choose any 2 wrestlers from any era any company in their prime to be in a 60...
  207. Professional Wrestling: Why do Total Nonstop Action fans ignore all the issues just because...
  208. Why do people say randy Orton is just given title chances?
  209. How do you feel about Daniel Bryan no longer being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  210. how long until stone cold makes another raw appearence & we see another stunner or two does
  211. WRESTLING : Don't you think if both the WWE & WHC titles were still in their own divisions
  212. what's your top 5 Wrestlemania matches of all time?
  213. Who do you want to win Money In The Bank?
  214. What do people mean when they say "Bret screwed Bret"?
  215. Who is the most famous DIVA of all time?
  216. Which TNA star would you like to see in WWE?
  217. Adam Rose vs Dude Love?
  218. Who was the star of the Ruthless Agression era?
  219. What's your favorite Cm Punk Match?
  220. If Big Boss Man was still alive & in his prime could you see him as 3rd member of shield?
  221. is the XFL on the WWE Network?
  222. Who would win: El Torito VS Dink The Clown?
  223. Favorite mach ever on Raw?
  224. what are your thoughts on Tyler Breeze?
  225. Do you think their well ever be a ladder match performer like Jeff Hardy?
  226. WWE MITB Pop quiz?
  227. should WWE try to bring back the XFL?
  228. What's your favorite Daniel Bryan Match?
  229. name 5 most overrated wrestlers ever??????
  230. Who would you rather be in the hall of fame out of these three wrestlers Cm Punk, Jeff Hardy or RVD?
  231. Wrestling: Why haven´t TNA found success?
  232. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Extreme Championship Wrestling is highly overrated?
  233. Is Daniel Bryan too small and frail to be WWE champ?
  234. Piggy James angle or Pregnancy angle?
  235. WRESTLING FANS: Did Bret Hart deserved to get screwed at Survivor Series 1997?
  236. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: Nobody is suppose to learn the rope anymore, nobody
  237. Why do people think the old fashion do nothing gimmick with no marketability whatsoever, no...
  238. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else think Fandango & Damien Sandow would make a good Steve Blackman
  239. Alicia Fox is boring & Dull & why is she still taking fans property shouldn't she be fined or
  240. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about my Current World Wrestling Entertainment...
  241. Why does Zack Ryder represent USA?
  242. how many wrestling fans out there think that Bo Dallas needs to go back to nxt ?
  243. Are you a lemon or a rosebud?
  244. Anyone else skipping the main event tonight?
  245. So It has been confirmed that Sting will be making his WWE Debut very soon,Are you really excited?
  246. Is John Cena the most Overrated star ever ? More Inside?
  247. Which wrestler do you think should've been a World champion in one of the major federations that...
  248. How do you feel about the Shield and John Cena teaming up?
  249. Why do people get so upset over bubba ray Dudley powerbombing woman?
  250. who the heck else thinks daniel bryan is overrated? and isn t that yes crap annoying?
  251. If you could sleep with any WWE Superstar, why would it be Fandango?
  252. The Authority fail : if Daniel Bryan was at home & didnt know he was going to be
  253. WRESTLING : Many fans talk about the iLLUMINATI in other entertainments : MUSIC, MOVIES, does...
  254. WRESTLING : Whats wrong with someone being overrated?
  255. WRESTLING : Who do you think deserves more respect between both : KURT ANGLE (OR) CENA?
  256. Does WWE think by copying off of TNA that they are edgy?
  257. Should Jerry The King Lawler retire?
  258. Who should John Cena feud with next?
  259. Who should challenge the USOS for the WWE Tag Team Titles?
  260. Why did Summer Rae pour Milk on Layla?
  261. What did John Cena gain from defeating Bray Wyatt?
  262. Should TNA try going back to Monday nights?
  263. Was John Cena's music album only for the character he was?
  264. How many WWE Live Events have you been to?
  265. What do Daniel Bryan fans make of this?
  266. Professional Wrestling: Rusev: Vladimir Kozlov or Brock Lesnar/Umage?
  267. Who was the best wrestler in the 90s?
  268. Whose better Jillian Hall or Michelle McCool?
  269. Does CM Punk not like WWE anymore?
  270. Professional Wrestling: Should World Wrestling Entertainment Legend Jillian Hall return to
  271. What is Triple H's best match in WWE history?
  272. Who do you think was the best WWE diva in the business?
  273. True or False Triple H never had a classic match and does not have a creative Finisher?
  274. Who is better Triple H or Bret Hart?
  275. Who should The Rock face at Wrestlemania 31?
  276. Which B level PPV do you miss the most?
  277. Wrestling: Did Trish stratus really deserved to be a 7x Womens Champion?
  278. Professional Wrestling: Very Simple Question: Whose matches, Promos, Mic Work, ect do you
  279. Professional Wrestling: TRUE OR FALSE: Not a single solitary user outside of me actually
  280. Who's the most consistent wrestler ever?
  281. Wrestling: Who are The Top 5 OVERRATED wrestlers in WWE history?
  282. Where is TNAJames?
  283. Professional Wrestling: Who has more chance of improving Bill Goldberg, Roman Reigns or Ryback?
  284. WRESTLING SECTION: Who is your favorite current user and why?
  285. Would you agree that Kane is very underrated?
  286. Professional Wrestling: Which do you believe is harder?
  287. was last sundays Total Divas the last one until September's Season 3?
  288. Why do people call Daniel Bryan 'Super Bryan'?
  289. Professional Wrestling: FACT! or FICTION: People over glorify Kane's career in 1997?
  290. Will Kane and Undertaker ever face each other again?
  291. Do you think Siding with Heyman ruined Cesaro's popularity with the fans?
  292. Professional Wrestling: What is wrong with World Wrestling Entertainment's Current Product?
  293. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about people who say World Wrestling Entertainment is...
  294. Professional Wrestling: What are the chances Daniel Bryan will be healthy enough to face Kane...
  295. Professional Wrestling: So. Is Rey Mysterio Officially Retired?
  296. Professional Wrestling: What Cha' Gonna Do Brother when The Money In The Bank match
  297. Professional Wrestling: True Or False: 'Fit' Finlay and 'Sir' William Regal can still go if
  298. WRESTLING : DEL RIO vs GUERRERO : Who do you think would win in a ironman match?
  299. Predictions for Monday Night Raw?
  300. WRESTLING : Do you think LOS MATADORES will ever become tag team champions?
  301. Who is your favorite technical wrestler?
  302. Pick the Winners?
  303. Why do some people ask none wrestling questions?
  304. What band does Randy Orton's theme song?
  305. WRESTLING : Do you think RUSEV will ever make it in the wwe as a real main eventer?
  306. What was the greatest heel turn in wrestling history?
  307. Professional Wrestling: Why do people think WWE 'Needed' Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?
  308. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE....HBK vs bret hart ironman match is in your top 5 list of
  309. Professional Wrestling: Was 'The Olympic Gold Medalist' Kurt Angle as good as people recall?
  310. Is Trish Stratus the queen of WWE or is it Stephanie Mcmahon?
  311. What would your roster be if you created an all female professional wrestling organization?
  312. What do you think of the jazzed up or remakes of legends music for their offspring?
  313. If Stone Cold could wreslte again would you want him to come back?
  314. Is Cm Punk Or Stone Cold Steve Austin The WWE Version of Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?
  315. Cm Punk, John Cena & The Undertaker Vs The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin & Brock Lesnar?
  316. Do you think RVD will ever win a title again?
  317. Which of these are your favorite WWE Wrestlers from the New Generation Era (1993-1997)?
  318. What was the funniest segment of the PG era?
  319. Whats more over with the WWE Universe: Talent with charisma, or talent with character?
  320. Who will join the shield since Seth Rollins left dean and roman? Are they even going to get a new
  321. Why does the WWE suck right now?
  322. Does The Undertaker regret not working out harder to beat Brock Lesnar?
  323. Why did the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase wrestle if he was already rich?
  324. WS: Does Smackdown! need more hype/build?
  325. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Total Nonstop Action's Slammiversary XII Card?
  326. On a 1 to 10 what would you rate Seth Rollins match with Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown?
  327. In their prime who was a better high flyer Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam?
  328. What is your favorite Wrestlemania?
  329. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else tired of people claiming John Cena was forever 'Overpushed'?
  330. Why do people ignore the fact that just like today, during 'The Glorified Era' for every Solid...
  331. Why is Wrestlemania 18 so underrated?
  332. Shawn Michaels vs Dolph Ziggler?
  333. Adam Rose and Fandango? +WS MITB Card?
  334. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else heard of the ProWrestlingFan Forums?
  335. If the Undertaker and Sting can't wrestle, how would you like to see them compete?
  336. What is your favorite PPV ever?
  337. Would you want to see a Bray Wyatt vs Triple H Feud?
  338. If Shane Mcmahon wanted to come back to the WWE will Vince say no since HHH will be owner of WWE?
  339. In your opinion, what are the best moments of Stephanie McMahon in WWE?
  340. One day, can we see Daniel Bryan in a movie of WWE Studios?
  341. I heard Cena destroyed the career of this wrestlers. Do you agree?
  342. WS: So let's discuss Summerslam predictions?
  343. When was the last time you attended a WWE show?
  344. Is The Miz WWE Version Of Yamcha in Dragon Ball Z?
  345. Batista Vs Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg in a Triple Threat Match?
  346. If CM Punk became the part of The Shield?
  347. Should The Undertaker Wrestle one more match?
  348. Question on WWE 2k14?
  349. what to expext on high school wrestling team tryout?
  350. I couldn't make it to smackdown tonight. what happened?
  351. Join DEW (Dynamic Elite Wrestling) + Bonus Question?
  352. What do you think about DGW Backyard Wrestling?
  353. Who is the most overrated diva in WWE history?
  354. Total Nonstop Action: What has Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards done that is so damn...
  355. did mr mcmahon have a wrestling career or was it just is occasional matches were he would...
  356. Pick your top 5 main event guys you want to see inducted into the WWE HOF?
  357. Where was this picture of Stephanie McMahon from?
  358. Pick your top 5 women you think should be next to be inducted in the WWE HOF?
  359. Professional Wrestling: Do you take Alicia Fox seriously?
  360. Is Alicia Fox more entertaining or more annoying?
  361. Professional Wrestling: Am I the only person who likes Rybaxel's theme?
  362. how come wwe network wont stop buffing are you having this problem to?
  363. did cm punk go to roh?
  364. why is dave batista such a crybaby quitter?
  365. Professional Wrestling: Anyone else tired of hearing Voices by Rev Theory (Randy Orton's Theme)?
  366. professional Wrestling: Did John Cena 'Bury' Bray Wyatt?
  367. Are you a lemon or a rosebud?
  368. Why do people forget that Vince McMahon was a big guy in the attitude era?
  369. What could JBL had done to stop Alicia Foxx when she was near Lilian Garcia?
  370. Did you think Alicia Foxx was going to kiss Lilian Garcia?
  371. What do you think of JBL telling Michael Cole to hide his hat when he heard Alicia Foxx's music?
  372. What do you think of JBL saying the entire Russia including Syria have been celebrating Rusev's...
  373. Why would Michael Cole think Paul Heyman would want advice from him?
  374. How come people don't talk about Triple H vs Chris Jericho Hell in a Cell match at Judgment...
  375. What was the montreal screwjob?
  376. What do you think of JBL saying when he got to the top rope he'd look at the crowd, here there,...
  377. Do you think if the fans got offered the same opportunity Seth Rollins did they would
  378. Was Seth Rollins the Architect of The Shield?
  379. Do you think if Batista knew Triple H's game plan he wouldn't had quit on Monday?
  380. Was Dolph Ziggler trying to impress Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose so he can join The Shield?
  381. What do you think of Dolph Ziggler saying he never was a fan of The Shield?
  382. Total Nonstop Action: Should Samuel Shaw become a comic book artist?
  383. Total Nonstop Action: Did you enjoy The Beautiful People Vs Madison Rayne in 2007?
  384. Total Nonstop Action: Did Total Nonstop Action pull the 'Took Your Ball and went home line'...
  385. Total Nonstop Action: Anyone else find Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards to be obnoxiously...
  386. Total Nonstop Action: Can somebody give me a reason why The Menagerie or The BroMans exists?
  387. Total Nonstop Action: True Or False: Mr. Anderson Vs 'Cowboy' James Storm is probably one of...
  388. Professional Wrestling: What is it with people whining and crying about Commentators, ring
  389. WRESTLING : Why in the world have HULK HOGAN returned to the wwe....he isn't doing anything for us?
  390. Total Nonstop Action: Does anyone take Magnus Vs Bram Involving Willow Seriously?
  391. WRESTLING : If CENA were to turn heel ....will it have a negative, or positive effect for the wwe?
  392. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 2002?
  393. Is The Undertaker WWE Version of Piccolo?
  394. Who is the better champion aj lee or Paige?
  395. What are your top 5 favourite PPVS of all time?
  396. Which Video Game should I Buy WWE 2K14 in PS3 OR THE Upcoming WWE 2K15 in X-Box One?
  397. wwe diva's?
  398. wwe paige and aj lee?
  399. Top 5 Legends That Deserve To Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame?
  400. Top 5 Hottest Divas In WWE History?
  401. What does a WWE superstar like Corey Graves have that TNA's EC3 or Samuel Shaw doesn't?
  402. Wrestling section how is TNA overrated?
  403. Do you want to see The Rock & Triple H Feud 1 more time & main event Wrestlemania 31?
  404. What are the different types of "Professions" in pro wrestling?
  405. Who do you think wears the pants in the marriage? Stephanie or Triple H?
  406. Do you remember Major League Wrestling?
  407. What's going on in WWE?
  408. were you happy/excited when stone cold steve austin got inducted in the WWE HOF back in 2009?
  409. When Will Alberto Del Rio become a face & get the push he deserves?
  410. Will WWE ever have real competition like they did in the 90s with wcw?
  411. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 2000?
  412. Vince McMahon or Shane McMahon: If you could choose who would you rather have as a father?
  413. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 2001?
  414. What is the most overrated word in the Wrestling section?
  415. What is the most overrated word in the Wrestling section?
  416. In wwe is Brie Bella coming back?
  417. Professional Wrestling: Why do people have an obsession with referring to John Cena as 'This...
  418. Should WWE turn Bad News Barrett face?
  419. Do you think The Bro Man's can get Rebel if they wanted to?
  420. Do you agree with Mike Knux is he the normal one from the Menagarie?
  421. What do you think of Christy Hemme admitting she liked beer?
  422. Does Eric Young have skin like an elephant?
  423. Were you surprised that this week Samuel Shaw was wearing socks, since last week he was barefooted?
  424. Are you happy that neither Austin Aries or Samoa Joe got fired?
  425. Are the Bro Man's and The Menagerie feeling horny? And did Zema Ion. stole that line from Taz?
  426. Is leggy best word to describe Rebel?
  427. What do you think of Taz being a fan of Kenny King's play by play action?
  428. What do you think of Robbie E. being scared of clowns?
  429. What do you think of Robbie E. being scared of clowns?
  430. Were you surprised to see The Wolves dressed like it was casual Friday?
  431. EY and DB vs Randy Orton and Magnus?
  432. is it impossible for an opponent to game plan for Willow?
  433. EY vs DB in a Champion vs champion match?
  434. Professional Wrestling: Do you qualify these WWE Professional Wrestlers 'Veterans'?
  435. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1998?
  436. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1999?
  437. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1997?
  438. Would Kofi Kingston make a good heel? Also , who misses Melina?
  439. why do divas care about being champion?
  440. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Eddie Guerrero's Gangsta Lane would fit Hunico?
  441. What is the favorite wwe superstar for you ?
  442. Was Dino Bravo in the mafia?
  443. Is Cm Punk The WWE Version of Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z?
  444. Will Pro Wrestling ever be on premium channels?
  445. How long until Super Cena is champ again?
  446. Vladimir Kozlov vs Rusev in a steel cage match?
  447. Wade Barrett or Antonio Cesaro?
  448. Do you agree that the Willow Character is not to bad?
  449. Careers in World Wrestling Entertainment?
  450. Are you gonna watch TNA tonight?
  451. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1996?
  452. Who is a better Draw Triple H or Randy Orton?
  453. How do you make WWE 2k14 fun?
  454. With Seth Rollin's surprise turn, does this make it official that WWE does something right...
  455. Will Bad News Barrett ever be a main eventer?
  456. Is it true that some people can't play as a heel?
  457. What if Mika Rotunda , Brays sister came to wwe as sister abigail?
  458. Alberto Del Rio vs Eddie Guerrero , who would win?
  459. What would happen if daniel bryan actually dated & married both bella twins?
  460. What do you guys think of WWE/WWF version of the game show "The Weakest Link?"?
  461. how do you think triple h would react if he was doing a promo and glass breaks stone cold comes out?
  462. In WWE 2K14 how can you do the bella twin magic move?
  463. is there a way to do Eddie Guerreros chair trick move in WWE 2K14?
  464. Wrestling Section: What is your NBA Finals prediction?
  465. Professional Wrestling: Who is the most obnoxious choice you've ever heard someone say should...
  466. Professional Wrestling: How would Bray Wyatt being involved in The Money In The Bank match make...
  467. Professional Wrestling: Should Brad Maddox join Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose?
  468. Who would you say HHH had the better feuds with?
  469. Does Summerslam host free events to meet Superstars and Divas?
  470. Professional Wrestling: What Unused WWE World Heavyweight Championship Design do you like the most?
  471. Professional Wrestling: What is your problem with World Wrestling Entertainment's Major...
  472. Professional Wrestling: How many 'Comedy Segments' are on an average Monday Night RAW!?
  473. Professional Wrestling: Can somebody explain to me what is the difference between
  474. Would you wanna see one last match/Feud with The Rock vs Triple H?
  475. had Paul Bearer been alive do you think he would of been the one to iduct Taker into the WWE HOF?
  476. What year do you think we will see The Rock in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  477. American Bad ass vs Big Evil which do you prefer?
  478. Why do CM Punk fans think he's going to come back and join the shield?
  479. Who would you choose between Aksana and Shione Cooper?
  480. I am still upset that Seth Rollins turned on the Shield this past Raw, is anyone else still upset?
  481. Wow,didn't Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley look good in that dress this past Raw?
  482. Do you agree Dan Ambrose deserves a push?
  483. New stable Style and Profile?
  484. Professional Wrestling: Do you think I missed anything in saving Total Nonstop Action from
  485. Who do you think will have a better career Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose?
  486. Friends please tell me that will Jeff Hardy ever return back to WWE?
  487. NON-WRESTLING : GUY'S .... Can you please give me an answer with these random questions?
  488. WRESTLING : How many children does HHH and STEPHANIE have?
  489. Which of these are your favorite match of WWE Royal Rumble 1995?
  490. who is most overrated wrestler and diva ever?
  491. Can someone explain me how Daniel Bryan is not overrated and how audiences are fair?
  492. Is there gonna be a 3rd member for The Shield (if so, who would be the best candidate)?
  493. Wrestling section (Right to Censor) vs (Straight Edge Society)?
  494. Can someone explain to me what NXT is?
  495. Is Batista coming back or is he gone for good?
  496. Who was the most over Diva in Attitude/ Ruthless Aggression Era?
  497. Who is the tallest WWE Diva of all time?
  498. Who is a mid/low card wrestler that you think should be high card?
  499. Do you think Dolph Ziggler will ever get another push in the WWE?
  500. Why do people use the wrestling section to talk about fake wrestling?