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  1. Is Wrestling popular in United Arab Emirates?
  2. WRESTLING : Who (IYO) deserves a title shot at the WHC at the moment?
  3. Who was the first WWE superstar to start using the chokeslam? Undertaker, Kane Big Show?
  4. Why does Stephanie and WWE fans call Triple H "Paul"?
  5. What will Dixie Carter's Reaction be if AJ Styles loses The TNA World Heavyweight Title in Mexico?
  6. Best era of John cena....?
  7. Best era of Jericho.....?
  8. WRESTLING : If you had to choose 1 superstar to get fired from the wwe (BETWEEN)?
  9. i am a defensive wrestler.?
  10. Happy 40th Birthday to the rated R superstar?
  11. Is it possible to dress up as a WWE diva for halloween?
  12. Would it be cool if Big Show knocked out JBL? should wwe fire JBL?
  13. how hard is the average high-school wrestling practice?
  14. Should Bret Hart have been the special guest ref at Hell in a cell?
  15. Which "wrestling section users" are getting a push, and which are the best talents as of lately?
  16. What were the plans for HHH if he hadn't injured himself in 2001?
  17. Which future star is better on the mic?
  18. can use to play with AJ Styles in WWE 2K14?
  19. Sting Vs Goldberg Vs The Undertaker - Triple Threat Match Who Will Win?
  20. Why Hulk Hogan Vs The Undertaker didn't happen at Wrestlemania Before?
  21. Which of these are your favorite wrestlers from this video game called virtual pro wrestling 64?
  22. Why do people hate great khali?
  23. Do you know why some fans love Cena?
  24. Should the 2K sports bring back Road To Wrestlemania in their next WWE game?
  25. Why does wwe exploit midgets like el torito, hornswoggle, & rey mysterio?
  26. Who's a bigger CM Punk fan, Aaliyah or Me?
  27. Why do Cm Punk & Chris Jericho Always get into fight with Wwe fans?
  28. Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?
  29. Which wrestler from NXT do you want called up and feud with? BQ?
  30. Is this lawsuit real with Big show?
  31. What is a bear hug?? Is that a combat move?
  33. Will the WWE stop doing Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton?
  34. Who do you think will win the 2014 Royal Rumble?
  35. Why is Triple H running from Big Show aka Captain Insano?
  36. WWSE Wrestling Smackdown Ep2?
  37. Who is better Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, or Randy Orton in WWE?
  38. Are You Going To Create John Cena Vs The Rock, Thrice In A Lifetime On WWE 2K14 .. !?
  39. Did You Know That Aj Lee Has Successfully Defended Her WWE Divas Championship For 5 Pay Per Views...
  40. WWE: Is the HBK Shawn Michaels a heel now?
  41. Is Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels a possible match in WWE?
  42. How did some of the people even think that Damien Sandow would beat John Cena for the WWE WHC?
  43. Is WWE trying to prove that they have the worst security in the United States?
  44. Will we see a Daniel Bryan and CM Punk Tag Team because of The Wyatt Family?
  45. Who do you think will win the 2014 Royal Rumble match?
  46. Is Paul Heyman a Sadist?
  47. Did you by WWE 2K14 yet?
  48. WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain (PS2) vs. WWE WrestleMania XIX (GameCube) vs. WWE Raw 2 (Xbox)?
  49. WRESTLING : What do you think is next for HBK?
  50. Since when this section started to be the WWE section?
  51. WWSE Wrestling Breaking Point 2013?
  52. WHy do yall keep sayin Randy "Boreton" but then he is WWE Champ?
  53. What is the main difference between BJJ and submission wrestling?
  54. Do you think I can Wrestle?
  55. What do you think of this WWE storyline?
  56. Calling all wrestlers or anyone that knows things about wrestling!?
  57. how does a wwe superstar get injured and continue his script?
  58. Does summer ray looks like kelly kelly to u?
  59. At Hell in a Cell, did Shawn Michaels do what was best for business?
  60. How was this rivalry?
  61. Do Shawn Michaels fans think that anyone who doesn't like him has issues ?
  62. was anyone expecting Damien Sandow to cash in his money in the bank briefcase?
  63. Whenever Roman Reigns turn face?
  64. Which of the Shield members will likely turn face first?
  65. Is Kane a heel or a face?
  66. What's Bray Wyatt's fascination with kissing men?
  67. Is this why The Wyatt Family attacked CM Punk?
  68. Had WCW stayed kid friendly, would it still be around?
  69. Would it be funny if John Cena broke his neck and was paralyzed for the rest of his life?
  70. Would WWE have been better off with Shane McMahon staying to take on more operations than...
  71. Who is the greatest wrestling section user?
  72. What do you think about Jerry lawler asking Summer Rae if she wanted to add some magic to her life?
  73. What do you think about Michael Cole choosing JBL in WWE 2k14 and lost to Hornswoggle?
  74. Tell me sites where I can download videos of wwe and tna by phone?
  75. Did Paul Heyman not show up to WWE because he wants to buy TNA?
  76. Did Paul Heyman also sleep like a baby last night?
  77. What do you think of JBL having eight phones and an ipad?
  78. What PG Era feud deserves it's on DVD?
  79. WWSE Wrestling SmackDown Ep 2?
  80. Why did Kane give Stephanie his mask?
  81. Which WWE Superstar Comes To Mind When I Say "Fan Favourite" .. !?
  82. Who likeme, thinks that Damien Sandow's reign as WHC will most be useless and the most
  83. Do You Still Find The "Yes" Chants In WWE Entertaining .. !?
  84. Do You Agree That CM Punk Will Never Be A Bigger Star Than John Cena .. !?
  85. Which Is The Better Finisher, F5 Or GTS .. !?
  86. Is Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon 'Firing' crowd after Raw went off air part of storyline?
  87. Will big show ever knock out the wyatt family?
  88. Do you think Triple H is going to wear that mask that Kane gave to Stephanie McMahon?
  89. WS : Is it me, or did Stephanie McMahan get a "B" implant?
  90. How is Big Show fired from WWE if they played his theme music and he was wearing a shirt sold on...
  91. Is JBL jealous that Michael Cole has a trademark line or is JBL jealous.?
  92. Was Daniel Bryan attacking Shawn Michaels completely disgraceful?
  93. How did Renee Young know The Wyatt family was coming to get Daniel Bryan?
  94. What do you think of Big Show having a restraining order put in place by Triple H and
  95. How do you think JBL felt being thanked by John Cena for motivating him?
  96. Did John Cena's imitation of JBL's voice sound like JBL?
  97. Does John Cena look fat coming back from injury at Hell In A Cell?
  98. Do you think Big Show trespassing on Raw hurt his case against WWE and Triple H?
  99. WRESTLING : Does the WWE ever put smack down vs raw anymore?
  100. CM Punk vs Randy Orton for the WWE title?
  101. Was Monday Night Raw tight or what last night?
  102. Why are the Triple Threat Tag Team matches 1 on 1 in the ring?
  103. Why did WWE make Kane return at a PPV?
  104. Should The WWE Divas Division Be Scrapped When Aj Lee Retires .. !?
  105. What did you like most about this week's WWE Raw?
  106. So Wyatt family buried more people in one night than Cena?
  107. Are the rumors true about the Carter family selling TNA Wrestling?
  108. Why are people complaining Cena buries people?
  109. Did The Authority fired the Shield and hired the Wyatt's as their security?
  110. Poll: Are You A WWE Fan Or A Wrestling Fan .. !?
  111. Can CM Punk Only Defeat Ryback With Low Blows .. !?
  112. What Is The Best Gimmick In WWE History .. !?
  113. what will happen on Raw?
  114. Which math would you Rather see at Wrestlemania 30: Taker vs Goldberg or Taker vs Brock Lesnar?
  115. Is Daniel Bryan following the buzzards?
  116. Has Randy Orton finally proven once and for all that he is superior to Daniel Bryan?
  117. after all those months of being horrible, the HITC ppv was a decent ppv?
  118. WWE Fans, who are the winners of WWE Hell In A Cell last night?
  119. What does this John Cena hastag stand for?
  120. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : The Mcmahans's are soon gonna use KANE against BIG SHOW?
  121. Was anyone else hoping for Vacant to get a rematch for the WWE Championship?
  122. WRESTLING : RYWACK is such a loser....isn't he?
  123. WRESTLING : Which 2 superstars would you say has a very close friendship like HHH & HBK?
  124. WRESTLING : Wha Wha... What the HEELLL have kane done?
  125. What's the point of that Wyatt camera thing where the screen goes "Fleb!" then it cuts off.?
  126. Will Cm Punk ever come back to the title picture?
  127. Whats up with wwe commercial breaks?
  128. Who Do You Think Will Buy TNA?
  129. What do you think about HBK's heel turn?
  130. Will Big E. Langston win the U.S. title in a cage match?
  131. Where can i watch full hell in a cell?
  132. CENA IS BACK!!! Who missed him?
  133. What is Curtis Axel's injury?
  134. Follow the Buzzard???????!?
  135. I'm noticing a pattern?????????
  136. Worst move oin WWE history??
  137. Does the commercial break pretty much give away the outcome?
  138. Did that CENA match also put you off of the show?
  139. What's the point of hyping the Hell in a Cell as career ending if blood isn't allowed in the match?
  140. That, guys, is why I voted for Bob Backlund?
  141. Do you think HB "Shizzle" kicked Bryan because he hit Triple H?
  142. When did Triple H first start coming to the ring with a water bottle in his hand?
  143. How awkward will Cena/Nikki's and Bryan/brie's double date be of they go on one tonight?
  144. Will they ever script a CM Punk vs the Shield?
  145. WWSE Wrestling Nitro Ep 2?
  146. WRESTLING : How would you rate RVD'S carreer since his return in the WWE?
  147. Did aj stlyes just quit tna impact wrestling?
  148. Will Undertaker come back to raw tonight?
  149. If WWE owner Vince Mchamon end up buying TNA like he did WCW do you think he'll make the same...
  150. Did Shawn Michaels turn heel at HIAC?
  151. WRESTLING : Don't you think SMACK DOWN is a weird named for a wrestling show (SO)?
  152. whats next for daniel bryan triple h john cena?
  153. If Lita came back to the wwe, how do you think fans would react?
  154. Do you think John Cena as World Champion will overshadow the WWE championship?
  155. Who won the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell? Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton?
  156. Who won the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell? John Cena or Alberto Del Rio?
  157. Who are your top 5 WWE hottest divas (current)?
  158. WRESTLING : Do you think both RYBACK and BRYAN would have a better carreer in TNA?
  159. What's the worst match at Hell in the Cell (2013)?
  160. What's the best match at Hell in the Cell (2013)?
  161. we all knew shawn would do that?
  162. Which decade was the best to be a wrestling fan and why?
  163. WWE John Cena wrestling?
  164. If the undertaker is the answer whats the question?
  165. My baby AJ Lee won! yay?
  166. Who would win brock lesnar vs undertaker in mma?
  167. Have you eat sushi.....?
  168. Why is Kane not on WWE TV?
  169. Wwe is doing a good job?
  170. Daniel bryan is an F player?
  171. Shawn michaels is best for business?
  172. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Ryback is a jobber?
  173. YOUR Hell in a Cell 2013 Predictions?
  174. Elimination Chamber 2014 Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  175. *Serious answers please* WWE Diva Sign help?
  176. Out of these superstars, who would you like to see challenge the streak?
  177. Taking requests for covers (Non Wrestling, WWE)?
  178. Do you think Cody Rhodes will ever be WWE Champion?
  179. WWSE Wrestling Nitro 1st Episode?
  180. WWSE Wrestling SmackDown Ep 1?
  181. Do you agree with my Hell In A Cell Predictions?
  182. WS: Are you going to get the new Batman game?
  183. Do you agree that Hell In A Cell has been the most unpredictable event this year?
  184. If Rick Ross teamed with Mark Henry would you be able to tell who's who?
  185. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  186. Do you agree with my WrestleMania 30 card? Who would win them?
  187. Stone Cold and The Rock vs. Cena and Orton?
  188. How come Goldust just came back and is already getting a big push +BQ?
  189. WSE Wrestling Current Roster?
  190. TLC Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  191. Real Wrestling Vs WWE Wrestling?
  192. Will Santino Marella beat the Undertaker for the streak?
  193. Is sumo a wrestling sport that causes bloodshed?
  194. Question for my WS Homie Enrique?
  195. Who are the Top 3 wrestler in Current WWE Roster?
  196. Does anyone else agrees Sara Del Ray is a better wrestler than AJ Lee?
  197. So Hell in a Cell will feature????
  198. Do you wanna know what I am getting CM Punk for his birthday?
  199. How about that guy CM Punk?
  200. WRESTLING : Whats your predictions with HBK as the guest ref a HIAC?
  201. Are my WWE seat tickets ok?
  202. Will we ever see a Josh Mathews heel turn?
  203. Which One Of These Sounds Better .. !?
  204. what is your favorite Hell in the cell match?
  205. How funny was it when Michael Cole said El Torito was a bull in a costume?
  206. Were you surprised to hear Michael Cole say The Bellas have a great sense of humor?
  207. Do you agree with JBL should The Miz just run from the Wyatt family?
  208. Wrestling E-Fed Sign Up- TNWA?
  209. Survivor Series Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  210. When was the last time the world heavyweight championship was in the main event?
  211. AJ Lee is a better all-around WWE Diva than both Bella Twins combined. True or Very True?
  212. Who's more entertaining Eric Young or Santino Marella?
  213. Why Dont We Make A Wrestling Promotion?
  214. What happened on TNA tonight?
  215. how old are the usos from wwe?
  216. If a WWE Superstar ended the Undertaker's streak, would fans honor or hate him?
  217. When will WWE John Cena be a heel again?
  218. What do you think of TNA's New Television Deal in France?
  219. WWE: 2nd Edition- Push One, Keep One, Fire One?
  220. What are some good wrestler gimmick ideas names music Ect... I can use for WWE2k14?
  221. Why is John Cena so against turning heel or at least evolving his character and doing something...
  222. Does Daniel Bryan deserve to be in a hell in a cell match?
  223. Did We Just See The Outcome Of The Aj Lee Match This Sunday At Hell In A Cell On Smackdown .. !?
  224. Why Is John Cena Returning In The Rock's Home Town .. !?
  225. Did You Know That Goldust Actually Applies His Face-Paint Himself .. !?
  226. Does CM Punk Know That To Ryback He Is Just .. !?
  227. Do you agree with my 2013 WWE awards?
  228. Pick 10 wrestlers to be your team in a Cookie Puss apocalypse?
  229. WWE: Push One, Keep One, Fire One?
  230. AJ Lee is the best diva?
  231. I want to me AJ Lee (True Story)?
  232. This is the second wrestling question, wwe, triple h mcmahon, john cena?
  233. This is the third wrestling question, wwe, triple h mcmahon, john cena?
  234. This is a wrestling question, wwe, triple h mcmahon, john cena?
  235. I'm taking requests for songs to sing (first come first serve)?
  236. Can you guys wish CM Punk a happy 35th birthday?
  237. When will the WWE take the Divas Championship away from AJ Lee?
  238. Who has the coolest/best walking style in wwe?
  239. WWF WrestleMania 2000 (N64) or Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 (N64): Which wrestling video games do
  240. undertaker vs brock lesnar will happen at wrestlemania 30?
  241. Which company AJ Lee (WWE) or AJ Styles (TNA)?
  242. Today is CM Punk's birthday.What would you love to say to him today?
  243. Is anyone else sick of The Big show?
  244. Wow your injured for 2 months you get a huge return promo?
  245. Will Survivor Series ever have another "Deadly Game Tournament"?
  246. Who would you rather have for the night: Stephanie McMahon or Trish Status?
  247. How did Big E Langston get put in the main event?
  248. Isn't It Funny That CM Punk's Imitation Is Bigger Than CM Punk Himself .. !?
  249. Does anyone else think that CM Punk and John Cena should have main evented this year's WM?
  250. Will you all jump on the Dean Ambrose bandwagon in the future when he becomes a top heel?
  251. Would you be interested in a Fandango Sheamus feud?
  252. Hot or not? Randy orton?
  253. What do you think of Goldust and Cody Rhodes's new theme song.?
  254. Do You Think That The 'Feed Me More' Chants Can Reach The Same Heights As The First Time Round .. !?
  255. Was it funny that Taz thought the DJ's name was DJ Salomi?
  256. Do you agree with Taz is AJ Stylers an egomaniac?
  257. Were you happy Dixie Carter arrested Mr. Anderson since Triple H and Stephanie don't...
  258. Would you have gone with Dixie Carter on her private plane "somewhere fun"?
  259. Do you think Mike Tenay knew about Mr. Anderson coming back?
  260. Do you agree with Bully Ray is the word lucky the one word that describes AJ winning the
  261. Were you surprised Dixie Carter sold Hulk Hogan's watch on Craigslist?
  262. Do you see Big E Langston becoming the first ever black WWE Champion?
  263. Why did ROHPunk change his gimmick to Punktober?
  264. Why is AJ Lee's octopus hold devastating?
  265. What are some good wrestler gimmick ideas names music Ect... I can use for WWE2k14?
  266. WWE Wrestlemania XXX Card, Rate it and Give Thoughts?
  267. When will the cheerleading gimmick be gone for Daniel Bryan?
  268. How come The Rock vs. Undertaker ain't happening at WM?
  269. WWE: Explain "getting heat" and "kayfabe" and provide examples?
  270. Safe 2 say ROH is #2 now?
  271. Who is that CM Skunk in tonight's Smack Down?
  272. AJ Lee is the greatest WWE Diva of all time. True or True?
  273. What do you think Mr.Anderson is doing in his jail cell right now?
  274. Why is Aunt Dixie giving Ethan Carter III easy opponents?
  275. Do you think Mr.Anderson regrets attacking Bully Ray tonight hours after he was arrested and...
  276. Who else was rooting for Dewey Barnes against Ethan Carter III?
  277. Would you like to go to "Dixieland" with Dixie Carter?
  278. What do you think about Bully Ray calling AJ Styles' wife, "ugly"?
  279. Should we expect AJ Styles to show up at Hell in a Cell this Sunday since he left TNA with...
  280. Do you think if Dixie Carter got AJ Styles a truck instead of a car, AJ Styles would've
  281. Should Triple H take a page out of how Dixie Carter arrested Mr.Anderson tonight and
  282. Is Dixie Carter having sexual thoughts when she says she wants to go with AJ somewhere they...
  283. Since Mr.Anderson got arrested, how much will bail cost?
  284. What are your thoughts on Taz saying Christy Hemme is the #1 Knockout in TNA?
  286. Will CM Styles leave TNA with the title?
  287. What are your predictions for WWE Hell In A Cell?
  288. Jethro Holiday Or the undertaker?
  289. John Cena VS Undertaker at WM 30 in an I Quit Match, What are your thoughts?
  290. Is HB Shizzle trustworthy?
  291. why is big show getting a chance to face randy orton and not miz?
  292. What are some good wrestler gimmick ideas names music Ect... I can use for WWE2k14?
  293. Did the really????????????????
  294. Why don't WWE Booking team book Antonio Cesaro or Jack Swagger #1Contendor for US Championship?
  295. Who are the future Maineventers in WWE?
  296. Did the Undertaker and Khali feud ever end?
  297. Who would win in a real fight Santino vs Cena?
  298. Is Paul Heyman the best heel in wrestling?
  299. Finally, TNA does something interesting?
  300. Will Daniel Bryan's name have the household recognition of Hulk Hogan or Dwayne Johnson?
  301. Who do you think The Undertaker would have faced at Wrestlemania 16(Wrestlemania 2000)?
  302. Who do you think Stone Cold Steve Austin would have faced at Wrestlemania 16(Wrestlemania 2000)?
  303. WWE Survivor Series 2013 match who would you choose to be on the teams?
  304. Where can i find the original "The Wrestler" that Vince Mcmahon Sr. played in?
  305. Why do people here never watch Japanese and Indy wrestling on YouTube and Dailymotion?
  306. Your top 5 favourite wrestlers in WWE are...?
  307. Who's one of your favorite WWE Hall Of Famers?
  308. Was Daniel Bryan inspired by Chris Benoit?
  309. Who wants to see Hornswoggle in a TLC match?
  310. Is AJ Lee as the Divas Champion what is best for business?
  311. WRESTLING : What is rey mysterio up to?
  312. Have I found a long lost Ryback match?!?
  313. So those who DON'T talk about TNA when it's on and only talk about WWE aren't real wrestling fans?
  314. Did you laugh when the ECW fans threw toilet paper at Cena?
  315. Please, see my video of the wwe?
  316. so will Shawn screw Daniel bryan predictable?
  317. Would You Like Damien Sandow To Cash In At Hell In A Cell .. !?
  318. What Is The Best Catchphrase In WWE History .. !?
  319. What do you think of this upcoming Card for Ring of Honor?
  320. Should this be Daniel Bryan's Ring Entrance Music for The WWE Hell In A Cell Pay Per View?
  321. Would You Rather See Brock Lesnar Or John Cena Face The Undertaker At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  322. how many european wrestler in WWE main roster todays?
  323. Can you add music in Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 and if you can HOW?
  324. How would you rate TNA Bound For Glory 2013?
  325. WWE TLC Custom Card Rate And Give Thoughts?
  326. How was Big Show able to afford that semi if he's broke?
  327. why is wrestling the only entertainment criticised for being fake?
  328. who like me think for a Ryback vs Big E at the next PPV after hell in a cell?
  329. how is fame for WWE to know their former and relashed NXT Rookie is now the next TNA maint eventer?
  330. should TNA call it quits?
  331. WS GM:Push one,Keep one and Fire one?
  332. what kind of inspiration do u get from brock lesnar when you watch this video?
  333. Does this match make any sense?
  334. WWE MITB Match Card Rate and give thoughts?
  335. Will Kurt Angle ever return to WWE?
  336. The Undertaker wearing stone cold's smoking skull belt I am looking for a CLEAR photo please?
  337. Who would win in these WCW Gimmicks vs. WWE Gimmicks matches?
  338. What is best for business?
  339. WWE : Halloween Havoc ...... ???? What you think or change ..?
  340. What are some good wrestler gimmick ideas names music Ect... I can use for WWE2k14?
  341. Does Cm Punk Really Think He Can Put Ryback To Sleep .. !?
  342. Who do you think punk will feud with next after Paul Heyman?
  343. what is your top 5 favorite hell in a cell matches?
  344. Did you know Ryback was an original member of Nexus?
  345. WWE Night Of Champions Custom Card, Rate It, and Thoughts?
  346. This is my first time in this section, and I wonder...?
  347. Did you know im a CM Punk fan? Are You?
  348. WWE Battleground Custom Card- Rate It- Give Me You're Thoughts?
  349. How long will Bully Ray stay with TNA?
  350. WRESTLING : What are your predictions with HBK as special guest ref at HIAC?
  351. Has Randy Orton replaced Lance Storm as the expressionless man in the WWE?
  352. What is the worst WWE match of all time?
  353. WRESTLING : If you were to do a finishing move on (DID I DO THAT) what would it be?
  354. How would you rate the 10-17-13 TNA Impact on Spike TV?
  355. On WWE 2K14, are there create your own wrestler and create mode on it?
  356. what CM means in CM Punk?
  357. I got in-school suspension today so I'm making a temporary heel turn?
  358. Do you think Triple H woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
  359. If Triple H doesn't think Daniel Bryan is a star, then why does he keep giving him tiitle matches?
  360. How many times did Triple H face The Undertaker at WrestleMania?
  361. Do you like Goldust's new entrence music?
  362. Who do you want to win each match at WWE Hell In The Cell?
  363. is time for tna pay top wrester in world to come to tna?
  364. Do you think The Big Show will knock out Randy Orton costing him the WWE title at Hell In The Cell?
  365. Who are some of your favorite stables in WWE/WCW history?
  366. So Daniel was learning how to wrestle from Shawn?
  367. Is Unknown the greatest wrestler of all times? Hes been going on for 40 years!?
  368. WWE PPV Card Rate It?
  369. Does AJ Lee speak spanish?
  370. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler, Is it hard to be AJ's boyfriend?
  371. Do you prefer CM Punk as a heel or face?
  372. Why are people complaining about John Cena recieving a title shot?
  373. Was it hypocritical of John Cena to say he doesn't want to change who he is in his return promo?
  374. What is this tag team match night?
  375. Does Hornswoggle look like a round dog?
  376. Considering who Triple H sleeps with, is any side of the bed the wrong side?
  377. What do you think of Konan saying a source said CM Punk has a big head and is conceited?
  378. Does CM Punk look more homeless than Big Show does?
  379. What do you think of JBL buying WWE 2k14 because he's a part of it?
  380. What do you think of JBL's approval rating at an all time low, lower than congress?
  381. Are you surprised Triple H doesn't want to face Daniel Bryan so he can bury him?
  382. Were you happy Bray Wyatt cancelled Miz TV?
  383. Did you vote for Shawn Michaels because you trust him?
  384. Does Santino Marella also know bird tricks?
  385. Does Triple H treat all employees with disdain or only Big Show?
  386. Do you agree with JBL is therse something wrong with Brie Bella since she is engaged to Daniel...
  387. Do you think Big Show has friends in the back with the truck or Annonymous?
  388. Do you think Big Show will sue WWE for slander, and millions of dollars owed to him?
  389. Good divas storyline?
  390. Do you think Triple and Stephanie H are going to blackmail HBK into sabotaging Daniel Bryan?
  391. So i guess it is ok for me to drive a truck into a WWE event?
  392. Will you be disappointed if Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton refuse to sign the contract?
  393. Are you surprised that Big E Langston has changed?
  394. WRESTLING : Who do you think was the best IC ever in the WWE (IYO)?
  395. What do you think of John Cena earning an WHC Title match at Hell in a Cell?
  396. What do you think of the triple threat tag team match at Hell in a Cell for WWE Tag Team
  397. WRESTLING : Between AUSTIN and CENA : who do you think sell's more tickets?
  398. Do you think Big Show is filming his message outside because he's now homeless?
  399. What move would you like to see Dolph Ziggler sell?
  400. Wrestling: Agree or Not, Prime Brock Lesnar can kill Samoa Joe (even in his prime)?
  401. What other matches do you think will be added to the Hell In A Cell 2013 card?
  402. how manu autographs do you have from wwe?
  403. Do you think the WWE should go back to brand splits?
  404. What do you think about Ex-wwe diva Sunny claiming that her cancer came back?
  405. What did you think about the "The summer of punk"?
  406. what best fued for wade barrett to re push his carreer?
  407. is Antonio Cesaro a close freind to Roger Federer?
  408. So which team is the number 1 contender for the tag titles?
  409. Wow, that Cena promo was actually not that bad.?
  410. Pipebomb to rassling critic coming soon, your thoughts on this storyline?
  411. Will Vince McMahon return to RAW tonight?
  412. why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake and gay?
  413. shoud wwe make a show just for jobbers?
  414. Wrestling section. Was that Heyman promo great or what?
  415. Why is The Shield in a no. 1 contenders match?
  416. If two wrestlers of different blood groups are involved in a bloodbath of a match,can they get AIDS?
  417. Do you agree with everything JBL, Cole, and Lawler said tonigt?
  418. WWE 12 & WWE 13....what's the difference and the best (PS3)?
  419. Who would win these matches?
  420. How can i beat my older sister Jasmine in Arm-Wrestling?
  421. WWE PPV Card Rate It?
  422. WWE PPV Card Rate It?
  423. What Do You Rate This PPV?
  424. Do You Like Cena's Elbow?
  425. What is the relationship between The Undertaker and Trish Stratus?
  426. How many wreslers uses Spear as their finishing move?
  427. What is NCAA wrestling?
  428. Will the American Badass Undertaker be released as regular DLC for WWE 2K14?
  429. What do you think of my Wrestle Mania 30 card?
  430. Why did my question get deleted?
  431. what are some good pins to use in wrestling?
  432. Is Shawn Horcoff real half brother of Wade Barrett, They are so much alike?
  433. Why do you respect John Cena?
  434. Main Event's theme song is so awesome!?
  435. Wrestling Section, should the title be the main event?
  436. Who is better CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  437. What do you think was the greatest Wrestlemania match of all time?
  438. Is Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, and Goldust vs the Shield best for business in WWE?
  439. What matches do you think are best for business on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  440. Who has the best entrance song in the WWE?
  441. Who will win the WWE Championship between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell?
  442. WRESTLING : SHEAMUS vs CESARO, who do you think is the better wrestler (BY)?
  443. What is the move Daniel Bryan does from top rope?
  444. WRESTLING : Do you think WADE BARRETT has already fallen off since he returned?
  445. Who knows more submission moves?
  446. Was Bound For Glory a good show+BQ?
  447. WRESTLING : What is your predictions with BIG E LANGSTONS future in the wwe?
  448. Does Sting paint his face himself or does someone else do it?
  449. Do you want to see these matches in Wrestle Mania 30?
  450. If you get free merchandize of a WWE Superstar for a year.Which superstar will you choose?
  451. Did you know that former WWE superstar Derrick Bateman(Ethan Carter III) is the nephew of Dixie...
  452. We need a theme song for Wrestling S?
  453. who the best heel Alberto del Rio or wade Barrett?
  454. You will never see a promo like this again?
  455. Is there any other site to watch John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio Miracle on 34th street match?
  456. Do you watch wrestling?
  457. Push One,Keep one and Realease one team?
  458. So The Rock is famous overall since becuz Triple H put him over in 2000?
  459. Which users here are real wrestling fans and which are not?
  460. is wes briscoe really a woman disguised as a man?
  461. John Cena vs Eminem Rapping Contest at WrestleMania Axxess?
  462. Which is your favorite member of The Sheild?
  463. Who is the better actor?
  464. How important is Bound for Glory tonight for TNA?
  465. Why would they move wwe network to 2014?
  466. What happen to undertaker ?
  467. WS. I have very good news....?
  468. A prediction/hope for Wrestlemania 30. Rate, suggest, decide winners?
  469. Does anyone else think the streak should have ended at Wrestlemania 21?
  470. Who has the best @ss in the diva division? BQ?
  471. Who is your favourite WS member other than yourself?
  472. Do you watch NXT on Hulu?
  473. What do you think of my WrestleMania 30 fantasy card?
  474. Will there ever be a superstar as big as Cena?
  475. Push one,Keep one and Fire one Team?
  476. Do you think NXT needs a new set?
  477. Did anyone in the WS miss nWo?
  478. Is undertaker only a legend because of the streak?
  479. whats an unused creative name for a Summerslam type event?
  480. Were Steve Borden & Mark Callaway ever involved in any controversies/dirty politics?
  481. Who was the one wrestler that wCw could just not do without? The absolute heart and soul of wCw?
  482. Who was more over in the mid to late 90s: Sting or The Undertaker?
  483. Yeah, the Shield were frauds this whole time?
  484. Do you think Triple H will be like Dixie Carter and put a bounty on Daniel Bryan this Monday on Raw?
  485. Please rate my Wrestle Mania 30 cards?
  486. WWE Fans, who creates the World Heavyweight Championship belt in 2002?
  487. I wana go and watch the wwe when it comes to the uk but none of my mates?
  488. WWE who got knocked out by a foot?
  489. WWE match of the years 2000 to 2013, do you agree?
  490. Why doesn't WWE work with other companies like TNA or ROH?
  491. Agree/Disagree-Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler have awesome chemistry with each other?
  492. Since Big E Langston is Face now we may see RybAck vs Big E?
  493. WWE Best Televised Match Of The Year 2013-Round 1(Eliminate any 3)?
  494. Which Match is better:Punk vs Lesnar or Cena vs Bryan(I think Lesnar vs Punk is better)?
  495. Why Do Troll/Non-Wrestling Questions get more answers than actual Wrestling Questions in the WS?
  496. Who is the hottest WWE Diva right now?
  497. TNA Fans, After Bound For Glory, who will fire Dixie Carter?
  498. Which is your favorite WWE PPV of all time?
  499. could bobby roode beat you in to a bloody pulp?
  500. why do people keep saying tna is going out of business are they losing money or something?