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  1. In Cody Rhodes vs Goldust, who would you like to see as Heel?
  2. Where can I rent wrestling sumo suits in Vancouver WA or Portland OR?
  3. If you were a WWE superstar which of these two titles u would go after?
  4. Is it me or U guys also finds divas matches boring?
  5. Can anybody tell me what happened on SD last night?
  6. Which WWE Superstar Do You Think Needs To Change His Theme Song .. !?
  7. Who is the best and the worest wrestler in wwe?
  8. Is The WWE Application vote for Special Guest Referee scripted?
  9. styles storyline or punks storyline?
  10. If someone was a fan if a wrestler 1st does that them a bigger fan?
  11. Who's bigger CM punk or Daniel Bryan?
  12. whats your top 5 favorite undertaker wrestlemania matches and what was your favorite moment
  13. Who Is Bigger, CM Punk Or Ryback .. !?
  14. Agree/Disagree: If Aj Lee Was A Boy, She Would Be WWE Champion .. !?
  15. Would Aj Lee And Ryback Make The Perfect Couple .. !?
  16. If Aj Lee Had To Choose Between Me And ROHPunk .. !?
  17. WRESTLING : So far : What is the most (SHOCKING) moment in the wwe for 2013?
  18. What do you think of Kassius Ohno being released from NXT?
  19. Is The Great Khali not in a good mood because Natalya left him for Tyson Kidd?
  20. What would be Triple H's reaction if Kermit the Frog replaces Brad Maddox as general manager?
  21. What would be Triple H's reaction if he saw Mr McMahon and Linda in the bedroom "doing it"?
  22. What would be Triple H's reaction if CM Punk removed all of his tattoos?
  23. What do you think of Alberto Del Rio saying he was sick in his match against John Cena?
  24. What would be Triple H's reaction if Brie Bella and Kaitlyn had another nip slip?
  25. Hands up who want's cena to surpass flairs 16 world titles?
  26. Do you think JBL and R-Truth should make an album together?
  27. What Is The Most Stupid Moment In WWE History?
  28. Why do you watch UFC when you know it's fake and gay?
  29. What do you think of The Rock becoming an Executive Producer as well as an Actor?
  30. Who's a WWE Superstar your glad is gone?
  31. WRESTLING : Do you think seeing The Big Show as our new wwe champion would be a good thing?
  32. did you know that wwe jesse died?
  33. Is Aj Lee's Real Name April Mendez Or April Jeanette .. !?
  34. Is WWE Coming To England Next Week So Aj Lee Can Propose To Me .. !?
  35. Would You Still Be A Fan Of Your Favourite Wrestler If He Refused To Give You An Autograph .. !?
  36. Now That The Yes Chants Are Dying Down, Should The Feed Me More Chants Replace Them .. !?
  37. Can Someone Please Explain To Me How Aj Lee Has Haters .. !?
  38. Why are jobbers in the WWE scripted to be a jobber?
  39. Is John Cena trying to be funny?
  40. Enrique why do you say you're the face of the WS?
  41. Do wrestling fans really care about title records?
  42. What exactly makes a wrestling promotion an independent promotion?
  43. What's Kane's new ring attire and theme song going be?
  44. Did I Do Dat Farewell: Final Goodbyes to the Wrestling Section?
  45. I'm retiring from the wrestling section?
  46. Will my fat roles show in my wrestling uniform?
  47. If Goldberg would to come back to RAW a heel wrestler?
  48. Should Ryback Use The Jackhammer As His New Finisher .. !?
  49. Has Aj Lee Proven All Of Her Critics Wrong .. !?
  50. Who bought WWE 2k14 Is it good or bad?
  51. Dopes ODB know about crabs?
  52. Do you think Mike Tenay could get Kurt Angle to the ring?
  53. How big of a fan was Mr. Anderson of Aces And Eights if he didn't know Stone Cold's first rule?
  54. Are you happy Dixie Carter gave Mr. Anderson a match with Bully Ray?
  55. Was WCWs NWO storyline original?
  56. What would be Triple H's reaction if Hornswoggle gets inducted to the Hall of Fame?
  57. Do you think Kurt Angle & Alberto Del Rio would be a great match?
  58. Did Daniel Bryan kill the what chants?
  59. What are your thoughts on Taz saying he doesn't like NFL players because they're bullies?
  60. Does anyone else think Velvet Sky should've dumped, Chris Sabin, and leave the arena with Jeff
  62. Are you surprised that Dixie Carter has a favorite nephew in Ethan Carter III?
  63. What do you think about Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher showing off their bodies in the middle of..
  64. Do you think Serg, Dixie's husband, is angry at Dixie Carter because he was holding Pacman
  65. do u think chris Jericho knows how to sing ?
  66. Why do people watch WWE?
  67. Which is the major independent wrestling promotion in the world?
  68. why are you making s stable here in WS, thats BS, you guys needs to get a real life, not
  69. Did you know that UFC is more entertaining than WWE?
  70. When we will braden walker be inducted into the hall of fame?
  71. So...whats your opinion on Dolph Ziggler?
  72. Any1 else tired of dbrys goofy gimmick?
  73. What are the top 5 matches in TNA History?
  74. TNA is digging itself out of a hole???
  75. Whos better? Edge or randy orton? Both 11 time world champ?
  76. wwe fans what do you think about this?
  77. Which Is the Better Divas Match?
  78. Do you think it would be a good idea to bring back..?
  79. Will WWE ever give poor Ziggles another chance?
  80. Why Is There A Cult On The WS And Why Has Nobody Noticed I'm Always On Here?
  81. Anyone looking forward to Kane's new look?
  82. WWSE Wrestling Spotlight ep 4?
  83. How many Wrestlemanas have The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin fought at?
  84. Why wasn't there a rivalry between Tyson Kidd and The Great Khali over Natalya's affection?
  85. Why did John Cena change his FU to the Attitude Adjustment?
  86. What WWE superstars have used the sharpshooter?
  87. Wrestling-Has anybody else beat the Streak in WWE 2K14?
  88. Wrestling-Where in the blue heck is Wade Barrett?
  89. I am the Face of the WS section.?
  90. Who wasn't impressed with Big E Langston this past Raw?
  91. Do you think Cena haters get dumber by the minute?
  92. Who's idea was 'Finger Poke of the Doom'?
  93. Will Undertaker return before Wrestlemania in a suit and tie?
  94. What'cha gonna do when AJ Lee runs wild on you?
  95. Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko VS Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard who wins?
  96. would you trade john cena to tna ???
  97. what if big show wins the lawsuit?
  98. is randy orton best for buisness?
  99. WS 16 man royal rumble?
  100. How many years do you need to be called a veteran?
  101. Is it wrong that I laughed really hard after watching this?
  102. LOL Has anyone seen this shoot video on AJ Lee? Watch & answer please.?
  103. Are you guys happy that eric bischoff got remove from the tna creative team?
  104. Who's the face of the wrestling section?
  105. Who's better christian or kane?
  106. Which past or present diva would you like to?
  107. Do you believe in Tractor Sam?
  108. What should my ring name be when I become a WWE Superstar after going to the WWE Training Facility?
  109. Why can't CM Punk draw?
  110. Agree/Disagree: WWE Needs The Rock More Than The Rock Needs WWE .. !?
  111. A Question About The People Champ, The Rock .. !?
  112. Is Daniel Bryan Carrying CM Punk In Their Feud With The Wyatt Family .. !?
  113. Why Is The Big Show Stealing Daniel Bryan's Yes Chants .. !?
  114. Who Do You Think Ryback Will Face At Survivor Series 2013 .. !?
  115. What would you do if I rang your doorbell and........?
  116. Who Is Hotter, Renee Young Or Summer Rae .. !?
  117. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke Part 11 .. !?
  118. Who hates WWE more? TNA marks or "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan"?
  119. Do You Still Find The Undertaker's WrestleMania Matches Entertaining .. !?
  120. Is this pretty much every John Cena promo ever?
  121. Do you think Natayla & Tyson kidd will become the new powercouple in the WWE?
  122. What was your favorite Sable Era?
  123. Agree or disagree with the following:?
  124. WWE Fans, who rehired The Big Show?
  125. Besides Did I Do Dat vs Jim Crockett Promotions Fan who else had good feuds in the wrestling
  126. First person 2 guess my top 3 least favorite WWE superstars get BA?
  127. Definitely not a fake question? NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY GOING ON HERE?
  128. If Eddie Guerrero never died where would he be now?
  129. I'm starting a wrestling promotion. Do you want to join?
  130. Does everyone make the highschool wrestling team?
  131. Who is the best female wrestler on the planet today?
  132. What happened to Million of Jobbas?
  133. When will you guys change your mind on Big E Langston?
  134. Is twitter the g@yest website in the history of mankind?
  135. Why does the WWE admit that WWE is fake, but they don't say how total divas is fake?
  136. Anyone wanna sign up for the WS royal rumble?
  137. Will there ever be another Michael Cole heel turn?
  138. Can you name all the married couples who are currently in the WWE?
  139. How do wrestling tryouts work?
  140. Do you think Kane will retire with the authority gimmick will he still wrestle?
  141. who was your first favorite wrestler?
  142. why did John Cena disrespect a war vetern?
  143. Doesn't it seem like man-hugging Team Hell No Kane is more masculine than suit-and-tie, unmasked...
  144. Hornswoggle vs Ryback in a Steel Cage match - Predictions?
  145. If big show was never wwe champion then how?
  146. Why Did Aaliyah Say I Have No Chance Of Being With Aj Lee .. !?
  147. Big E Langston is the future of the WWE?
  148. Do you like the shields new logo?
  149. Do you like where this storyline is heading + BQ?
  150. Is Del Rio and Zeb on commentary going to be entertaining?
  151. Which WWE diva should be the next divas champion?
  152. WRESTLING : What would you do (IF)?
  153. tna wrestling question ??????
  154. Raw starts off with the best in the world?
  155. Did Cena just do a Cenacanrana?
  156. Did anyone else weep for the WWE Divas Division when Eva Marie got a pin last night on Raw?
  157. which WWE superstars are Jerks in real life?
  158. Question about the TD Garden and WWE?
  159. Since WWE did breast cancer month, should they do Movember for this month?
  160. What do you think about El Torito being "horny" because of Renee Young?
  161. Why can't Big Show just use Chokeslam instead of the stupid knock-out punch?
  162. Do you blame El Torito for being "horny" when he saw Renee Young?
  163. Would Zeb Coulter and Alberto Del Rio not warm up ton each other if they were being cremated
  164. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler is watching Summer Rae one of life's little moments?
  165. Was Jim Neidhart unhappy at Natalya's marriage because he had to pay for the wedding?
  166. Do you agree with JBL Natalya and Tyson Kidd's marriage looks like it won't last?
  167. Did you laugh when Jerry Lawler said Marriage is grand Divorce is a hundred grand?
  168. If you were Big Show what would you want from WWE to settle your lawsuit?
  169. Since Big Show is not measuring up, according to his wife, should Big Show start using Viagra?
  170. Are you surprised Big Show didn't want his house back as part of the settlement?
  171. WRESTLING : If you were working for the WWE (CREATIVITY)?
  172. Is Corporate Kane really what is best for business?
  173. What do you think about Triple H having no problem taking McMahon money?
  174. Do you think JBL likes the sound of Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler shutting up?
  175. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler how could you talk about yourself when Summer Rae is in...
  176. Did you find it funny when JBL called Michael Cole a gringo and perro?
  177. Is Ryback against The Great Khali something out of Jurassic Park?
  178. Is Alberto Del Rio losing the Championship the worst day in Mexico's history since the Spanish...
  179. Are all the women fantasizing about being with Randy Orton and all guys wishing to amount to Randy?
  180. Is it sickening to see the fans celebrate a criminal in Big Show trespassing when he caused The
  181. What do you think about JBL saying he hangs up on Michael Cole faster than Paul Heyman?
  182. What do you think of Paul Heyman traveling to Europe to find an alternative to getting a cure?
  183. Should Michael Cole sit beside Bray Wyatt and ask him all the questions he wants to ask the Wyatts?
  184. Do you think the WWE should have less Pay Per Views?
  185. WRESTLING : Does the wwe still carry the hardcore championship belt?
  186. Should the Big Show be locked up in a brontosaurus seaworld jail?
  187. Do you think Paul Heyman faked his injuries so he could go Trick or Treating?
  188. Who Would Win In An Arm Wrestle, Ryback Or CM Punk .. !?
  189. Why Cant I Get Over How Awesome My Profile Picture Is .. !?
  190. Are You Excited To See Aj Lee On Raw Tonight .. !?
  191. Is Brock Lesnar Better Than CM Punk .. !?
  192. Do You Agree That CM Punk Looks Stupid With Those Tattoos .. !?
  193. Why ryback picking on people that aren't his own size?
  194. Who is better Daniel Bryan or Antonio Cesaro?
  195. Is Ryback Only Hungry When He Is A Face .. !?
  196. Do You Think Aj Lee Looks Naked Without The WWE Divas Championship Around Her Waist .. !?
  197. WS has ROHPunk been suspended :/?
  198. Does your boyfriend/husband fantasize about waking up with AJ Lee?
  199. How can the WWE spin the story of Kane & The Undertaker now?
  200. What are your thoughts on Glenn Jacobs joining The Authority?
  201. Who are you going to vote for on the WWE app?
  202. Is WWE 2K14 hotter than Battlefield 4?
  203. Did Ryback win with the meat hook because he couldn't pick Khali up?
  204. Wrestling Section- Are you going to get COD Ghosts?
  205. Why is JBL not seeing the fact that Big Show was treated like dirt & calling him a criminal?
  206. Why did my question get deleted?
  207. So far Raw has been boring anyone expecting anything exciting to happen tonight?
  208. If you go to a WWE House show what would you ask a superstar?
  209. Why Is CM Punk Scared Of The Wyatt Family .. !?
  210. Who Is Better, Daniel Bryan Or Triple H .. !?
  211. If WWE does unify the titles at Wrestlemania then what would that mean for the Royal Rumble winner?
  212. WWEAPP Just Sent Me A Notification Saying That CM Punk Is Going To Be In A Match Tonight .. !?
  213. Is it true that CM Punk haters have Down Syndrome and Lice?
  214. Can You Name One Thing You Like About CM Punk .. !?
  215. Do You Remember When CM Punk Referred To Himself As God .. !?
  216. How would a Hogan vs. Cena match actually happen?
  217. wrestling; cutting weight question/tip?
  218. Will AJ Styles defend the TNA World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 30?
  219. Question about John Cena vs CM Punk On RAW Tonight?
  220. what ever happened to John Morrison does he still wrestle?
  221. Anyone know what happened to
  222. WWE CM Punk vs Smackdown Hulk Hogan?
  223. Cm punk is the best wrestler in the world?
  224. Top 3 tag teams of all time?
  225. Push turn fire wwe wrestling?
  226. Will Vince McMahon return to Raw tonight & take over again?
  227. Who is the best in the world in the WWE today?
  228. WWSE Wrestling Spotlight ep 3?
  229. WWSE Wrestlers Pay Attention?
  230. So I am level 3 now???
  231. What is the main event tonight on Monday Night Raw? (11-4-13)?
  232. Should Damien Sandow have cashed in Money in the Bank contract last week on Monday Night Raw?
  233. What are your dream matches in today's WWE?
  234. John Cena vs Randy Orton for the new combined WWE World Title at Wrestlemania 30?
  235. Would You Like To See This Match At Survivour Series 2013 .. !?
  236. What do you think will Happen on Monday Night Raw tonight anything exciting?
  237. Will it be 'Best for Buisness' to book Antonio Cesaro vs Undertaker 30?
  238. Do WWE consider TNA world titles as world titles?
  239. WRESTLING : Which superstar (IYO) has the poorest wrestling skills ever in WWE history?
  240. Are you a "Did I Do Dat" fan?
  241. Can wrestlers hold more than one title at any one time?
  242. WRESTLING : Which member of the shield do you think will be the most successful solo?
  243. Is it true that in recent weeks wwe has become so much scripted?
  244. Did you know Chris Jericho is on the Walking Dead?
  245. Is TNA Wrestling about to go 'belly up'?
  246. Randy Savage & Stephanie Mcmahon?
  247. How can WWE fix the woman's division?
  248. Did Triple H really cheat on Stephanie with Chyna?
  249. WWE Questions? Confused?
  250. Get To Know WS: Did I Do Dat Documentary?
  251. Which gimmick match should WWE bring back?
  252. Who is the scariest Wrestler of all time?
  253. Am I the only one who find Dixie Carter attractive?
  254. Should the Ghost Busters join the WWE?
  255. Was Billy and Chuck the best tag team ever?
  256. Is Vince McMahon really a billionaire?
  257. Who would win in a I quit match? Sin Cara or a Doll?
  258. Do you think Hogan's arms were really 24 inches?
  259. Did You Know That I Would Take A Bullet For Aj Lee .. !?
  260. Does Stephanie McMahon get hotter with age?
  261. When do you think the great khali will die?
  262. Where is JTG in the WWE?
  263. Who is the best jobber in the WWE?
  264. ROHpunk you didn't tell me you were on YT?
  265. Who should get a push in the WWE?
  266. Did Vickie Guerrero steal the Excuse me catchphrase from Christian?
  267. Who is you favorite fat wrestler?
  268. Aaliyah do you have a YT account?
  269. Why Does Aaliyah Always Swear When She Answers Questions .. !?
  270. Has CM Punk Main Evented WrestleMania Yet .. !?
  271. AJ Lee vs Stephanie McMahon at WM XXX?
  272. Hulk Hogan vs John Cena at WrestleMania?
  273. Alexander are you Alex White on YT?
  274. Is CM Punk Winning The Royal Rumble Too Unrealistic .. !?
  275. can you wrestle at a school you don't go to?
  276. WRESTLING : If you were a pro wrestler which superstar would you want to train you?
  277. Who Is The Best Special Guest Referee In WWE History .. !?
  278. Jesus loves everyone unless if you don't believe in him.?
  279. Who is that Pokemon?????
  280. Is the Rock Bottom a type of Chokeslam?
  281. Is Daniel Bryan the best wrestler on the planet?
  282. What is Rey Mysterio's area code?
  283. CM Punk vs Brodus Clay in tag team vs Usos?
  284. Would it hurt if I choke slammed my cat "Suzy"?
  285. Is it time to play the game?
  286. If the wwe was real what would the most devastating finisher be?
  287. If you died what wrestler theme song do you want at your funeral?
  288. The rock is really Samoan?
  289. Is WWE to violent for kids?
  290. Does the figure 4 leg lock actually hurt?
  291. Is Jesus Christ a jobber?
  292. WRESTLING : What are the 3 main reasons that makes CM PUNK the worlds greatest?
  293. Will you accept Allah into the heart?
  294. My boyfriend keeps pressuring me?
  295. Do wrestling fans need to get outside and tame some strange?
  296. Compare your favorite wrestler with a Marvel Avenger?
  297. Top 10 most attractive men in the WWE right now?
  298. Who has the better legacy People Power is Corrupted or The Vital Witness?
  299. Was Spike Dudley huge compared to CM Scrawny?
  300. Does CM Punk have the body of a 7 year old girl?
  301. Should WWE 2K15 include the NXT roster?
  302. Did you know that CM Punk's abdomen is like Cottonelle Tissue?
  303. How much would you pay to f*** your favorite WWE diva/superstar?
  304. WWSE Wrestling Hell In A Cell Current Card?
  305. WWSE Wrestling Nitro ep 6?
  306. If Cena breaks Flairs record for most World titles are you going to stop watching WWE?
  307. Wrestling Section: What happened to the user Aaliyah?
  308. Wish me luck? I'm going to try to be a WWE Superstar after High School?
  309. WWSE Wrestling SmackDown 5?
  310. Which match was better HBK VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25/26 or in Hell in a cell at Bad...
  311. Can you use a machete in a Hardcore match?
  312. why does everyone hate orton now just because he turned heel?
  313. Ft9! And Aj Lee Vs Aaliyah And CM Punk In A Mixed Tag Match .. !?
  314. Do You Consider Aj Lee To Be An Angel Or The Devil .. !?
  315. Who Is More Entertaining, The Rock Or Brock Lesnar .. !?
  316. Why is cm punk the best?
  317. Wwe... Face/heel turns?
  318. Do you think Cena should have joined the Real Americans?
  319. WWSE Wrestling Nitro ep 5?
  320. What submissions are legal in high school?
  321. What do I need for wrestling tryouts?
  322. What would improve TNA in 2014?
  323. What happend to Kurt Angle last night?
  324. Anyone else get annoyed by people who expect rookies to be instant superstars?
  325. Poll: Do you think it's silly when the Wrestling Ref CLEARLY does the 3 count but makes it 4 or 5?
  326. Poll: Do you think it's silly they have to blur the WWF logo on old wrestling matches?
  327. Who you like better? Dudley Boyz or the Shield?
  328. Poll: Which Wrestler do you have a crush on?
  329. Can You Guess Who My First Favourite WWF/E Wrestler Was .. !?
  330. what should tna do take on wwe or should they sell tna?
  331. Do You Agree That Daniel Bryan Should Win The Royal Rumble And Not CM Punk .. !?
  332. Which WWE diva/knockout would you rather go out with?
  333. Is John Cena the best superstar?
  334. Why do they call the undertaker the deadman?
  335. Is wwe your best TV show?
  336. Is CM Punk the best superstar?
  337. Was WWE real when it was WWF?
  338. What stable is better Evolution or DX?
  339. Does anyone think Davey Richards will make it to the WWE? If so could he be a main eventer?
  340. WWE wrestling stone cold is wrestler?
  341. Why are you guys so scared of big WWE wrestlers?
  342. What moves in WWE SmackDown HCTP bring up the submission meter?
  343. Where can i send fanmail to these wwe wrestlers?
  344. Was Smackdown Teddy Long appreciation night?
  345. Who's your favorite WWSE Superstar?
  346. Have you ever wanted to email the most famous and popular WWSE superstar of all time?
  347. Is Aaliyah turning into a WS jobber with all these username changes?
  348. Hulk Hogan to win the Royal Rumble?
  349. First person to guess my top 3 favorite wrestlers of all time gets BA?
  350. How do wrestling federations move their staging overseas?
  351. First one to guess my top 3 favorite superstars gets 10 points?
  352. WWSE Wrestling Fight Night 2013?
  353. Why did the Wyatt family attack Daniel Bryan on Monday night RAW?
  354. What will Big show do now since he's banned fRom WWE?
  355. Wrestling question CMPunk,Mcmahon.John cena,Mae young,Seth Macfarlane?
  356. Did WWE hire any wrestlers from indy's to NXT?
  357. How many championship have AJ Lee won outside WWE?
  358. Which 4 current wwe superstars have been in every WM since WM20 - WM29?
  359. Why is undertaker such a jobber?
  360. Why is the rated B.I.T.C.H. still crying?
  361. WWSE Wrestling Nitro ep 4?
  362. Did you know that the Y!A WS has their own forum?
  363. Why did Michael Cole say that the Divas Division doesn't need saving given the fact that
  364. WWSE Wrestling Hell In A Cell 2013?
  365. Compare your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva with a Marvel Avenger?
  366. Will you quit watching wwe if john cena breaks ric flair's 16 world title record?
  367. Why Do CM Punk Fans Hate Ryback So Much .. !?
  368. What Is Wrong With WWE Fans Hating On CM Punk .. !?
  369. Should Ever TNA Release New Game?
  370. Would You Say That Ryback Is Underrated Or Overrated .. !?
  371. Which WWE Superstar Will You Never Be A Fan Of .. !?
  372. Can this song be my official wrestling theme song?
  373. Did you notice how Every match on smackdown last night was a tag team match?
  374. What's a good Pro Wrestling finisher for a high-flyer?
  375. Do You Agree That This is the Best WWE All Time Divas List in Wrestling Ability?
  376. WWSE Wrestling Smackdown ep 3?
  377. Is Damien Sandow The WWE Version Of Jesus .. !?
  378. Which w.w.e era is best?
  379. Is Roman Reigns The Best Member Of The Shield .. !?
  380. Why was my wrestling question deleted?
  381. Why Does My Television Go Into Sleep Mode Every Time CM Punk Comes Out .. !?
  382. Why Does My Television Break Down Every Time The Rock's Comes Out .. !?
  383. When I Say US y'all say O?
  384. At present who are the most handsome superstar and cute divas?
  385. what are some defensive wrestling moves.?
  386. Should I become a pro wrestler?
  387. Who think vital witness iv should be banned.....again?
  388. Did you notice Jack Swagger was never tagged into the match?
  389. Rate these WS users out of 10?
  390. Need Ideas For A Wrestling Finishing Move?
  391. Where did David Otunga go on Vacation?
  392. Why Did CM Punk Break His Promise About Giving Us Ice Cream .. !?
  393. Is Brock Lesnar The Best Pure Athlete To Ever Step Foot In A WWE Ring .. !?
  394. How Awesome Is Luke Harper's Clothline .. !?
  395. WWSE Wrestling Spotlight ep 2?
  396. So does Kurt Angle have another broken freakin neck?
  397. Wrestling question CM Punk Suspended?
  398. Did you get WWE 2K14?
  399. Did anyone watch NXT Wednesday?
  400. What happened to Kurt Angle during his match with Bobby Roode tonight?
  401. Would John Cena ruin the real americans?
  402. I'm getting my hair like Seth Rollins, your thoughts?
  403. Are you glad that John Cena is starting out the show?
  404. Dixie Train,Dixie Land,Wheel of Dixie what's next?
  405. Why does John Cena look at guys nipples?
  406. Are kendo sticks made out of Bamboo?
  407. How do wrestlers not get hurt when hit by ladders?
  408. Who is the best WWE tag team of all time?
  409. How do wrestlers not get hurt when they get hit by chairs?
  410. Do you think Bully Ray is going to get angry at Taz for saying Aces And Eights suck?
  411. What should my sign be?
  412. Is Eric Young's beard full of pubic hair?
  413. Does anyone else miss Monkey Rules?
  414. What do you think of Taz saying he has to get rid of his Aces And Eights vest, and that the club...
  415. What do you think the treat ODB is going to give Eric Young is going to be?
  416. Does ODB stand for Overly Developed buzzums?
  417. Is Sting getting Caught up in his ego, when the crowd chanted, "You still got it"?
  418. What do you think of Taz going on Ethan Carter's boat?
  419. Is there still a long line of women to ride with Ric Flair on top of Space Mountain?
  420. Were those seven wrestlers the ones Dixie Carter finds attractive?
  421. Have you ever dressed up as a wrestling character for Halloween?
  422. What is the worst match you have ever seen in the WWE?
  423. What happened to users who used to make smart and long answers?
  424. Isn't it sad that there's no real wrestling questions anymore?
  425. WWSE Night Of Champions?
  426. The WWE dress policies?
  427. Should I sue WWE because WWE take my life?
  428. HIAC 2013 was pretty good?
  429. Should I start watching TNA?
  430. Do you think Kurt Angle was faking so he could get out of the match and go Trick or Treating?
  431. Would it be cool to have a female version of the shield?
  432. Do you think the police station that Mr.Anderson reports to tonight will have candy in the...
  433. Is anyone else happy that Taz is going to stop rambling on Impact tonight?
  434. Do you think the "Wheel of Dixie" sounds cute?
  436. Do you think the TNA wrestlers are upset that they can't Trick-or-Treat tonight?
  437. Which WWE Diva do you think has the best Halloween costume?
  438. SInce Goldust (legend) can come back, can I come back to the WS as well (as a big push)?
  439. Did anyone dress up as Paul Heyman for Halloween?
  440. Who's your favrorite current WWE Diva?
  441. By hearing Taz's commentary, do you think he's consumed a ton of sugar today since it's Halloween?
  442. Can you tell by tonight's Impact Wrestling, that Taz's favorite holiday/event is Halloween?
  443. Do you think Dixie Carter is wearing an orange shirt because it's Halloween?
  444. For those who plan on watching TNA, I am warning you, the end of the show is scary and...
  445. What do you think about Brooke Tessmacher showing Miley Cyrus her "Twerk-Out", VIDEO LINK INSIDE?
  446. Oh my gosh?? Kurt Angle being unable to move has made my Halloween a horrible night?
  447. Are Daniel Bryans Yes chants beating Stone colds what chant?
  448. Is it going to be Big Show vs Orton for the wwe title?
  449. Should Stone Cold Steve Austin have been the special ref at hell in a cell?
  450. TNA wrestling is still boring, why?
  451. help me finish this card?
  452. Who Would Win In A Real Fight, Brock Lesnar Or John Cena .. !?
  453. Compare your favorite wrestler with a Marvel Avengers?
  454. What is the best entrance song in the WWE?
  455. Who is the best in the world in the WWE?
  456. What Do You Think Of Ryback Performing Goldberg's Finisher On WWE Main Event .. !?
  457. Which WWE Superstar Has The Most Devastating Finisher .. !?
  458. Can this be a new wrestling theme song for Ryback?
  459. Wrestling: Who do better Stunts, RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  460. is Alberto Del Rio Crossarmbraker realy hurt?
  461. Did Kane really unmask on Raw?
  462. Will I be the first WS User turn WWE Superstar?
  463. Is the AA less interesting than the Rock Bottom?
  464. Who is the best "(face) wrestling section user"?
  465. WS : Why is TNA so affraid to compete against the WWE?
  466. How many times do you have to touch the ground to tap out?
  467. Can Cody Rhodes beat the undertaker?
  468. Do you bolieve in the shield?
  469. Tna wrestling or the wwe wrestling?
  470. WS, have you ever had any paranormal experiences?
  471. What do you think of this WWE storyline part two?
  472. I think I just got the swine flu? What do I do?
  473. Clothesline new wwe finisher 2013?
  474. Is goldust made of real gold?
  475. Favorite wrestler WWE smackdown No Way out?
  476. I just completed Hulkamania runs wild on WWE 2K14?
  477. WWE fake or the real real?
  478. Is Halloween cancelled in your area?
  479. WRESTLING : Is golddust the last survivor of the attitude era to compete in the ring?
  481. Do you think kurt angle will ever go back to wwe?
  482. I will wreck you 1v1 2K14?
  483. Kik me babbbyyyyyyyyyy?
  484. Push one, keep one, fire one? WS?
  485. WWSE Wrestling Nitro ep 3?
  486. WS : Which maneuver should I perform on my GF while making love in bed?
  487. Who's your favorite wrestler and give me the reasons why?
  488. ws : Who are you top 2 favorite commentators of all time?
  489. Worst WrestleMania Ever?
  490. Since the Big Show has been banned from WWE for life, do you think he's learned his lesson?
  491. Who do you want to see return at wwe royal rumble 2014?
  492. Will Sheamus return as a face or heel?
  493. WRESTLING : Which finishing maneuver have you never seen a superstar kickout of before?
  494. Could this happen in the future?
  495. It is official I am going to the November 18th edition of monday night raw.?
  496. What is up with the Rock hate by CM Punk fans?
  497. what is the real height of these wwe superstars?
  498. Does Independent Wrestling Promotion has storylines?
  499. Will Vacant defend the TNA World Heavyweight as well as he defended the WWE Championship?
  500. Is it only me or anybody else find NIKKI more hotter and sexy than brie?