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  1. Do You Remember When The Rock Said He Would Be President .. !?
  2. Who Was WWE Champion Longer, The Rock Or CM Punk .. !?
  3. Should the miz be the president?
  4. Who Would You Say Is A Bigger CM Punk Fan, ROHPunk Or Aaliyah .. !?
  5. Did you know that I'm the WS User Mr.Kus?
  6. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke Part 13 .. !?
  7. Does anyone remember what happened to Ezekiel Jackson? and when is he supposed to be returning?
  8. Gonna upload rap videos (with picture this time)?
  9. WS: Are You A Male Or Female .. !?
  10. Should The WWE Superstar Who Is Most Talented Main Event WrestleMania Or The One Who...
  11. WS MITB Qualifying Round 2?
  12. Does Bray Wyatt make his own promos?
  13. Agree/Disagree: CM Punk Is Past His Prime .. !?
  14. WS Money In The Bank Qualifying Round 3?
  15. WWE Breaking News Ryback fired for failed drugged test?
  16. Why is @Ashleigh TCW automatically siding with Witness for my match with him?
  17. Khali has more charisma than the whole roster?
  18. Should I just change my ring name to Urkel instead of Did I Do Dat?
  19. WS MITB Qualifying round 1?
  20. WS Do you guys respect Me as a User?
  21. Is RAW really "The longest running weekly episodic television show in history"?
  22. How's the chat room WS?
  23. Is it okay for me to beat my 3 year old.?
  24. If Alboring Del Rio loses at SS...?
  25. TNA vs WWE, who will win?
  26. music cover requests?
  27. Not including the Montreal Screwjob, what is the most controversial match in WWE/F history?
  28. In your opinion, what is the best Wrestlemania match of all time?
  29. Hulk Hogan is the most over pro wrestler of all time. True or False?
  30. WS Slammy Awards Results sponsored by Buffalo Wings?
  31. I challenge The Animal Batista For The WS championship belt?
  32. What do you think of JBL saying he hates referees?
  33. Do you think Samuel Shaw has called Christy Hemme yet?
  34. Did you think it was rude of Samuel Shaw to close his artwork book on Christy Hemme?
  35. If you got Christy Hemme's phone number would you be more excited than Samuel Shaw was?
  36. Do you think Christy Hemme or Samuel Shaw are mad that when the cameraman said cut
  37. Do you think the Wyatt Family knows Michael Cole is researching on them?
  38. WWE: OMG Did you guys just read on what just happen to Natalya?
  39. So wait a minute, i thot vital witness retired, what happened?
  40. Do you agree with JBL did Goldust and Cody Rhodes not work hard to get the Tag Team Championships?
  41. Do you agree with Randy Orton is Big Show a Hall Of Famer but is all washed up?
  42. Is the WWE Championship the only thing that makes Randy Orton a man?
  43. Do the Funkadactyl's look better ever since they lost 1500 pounds?
  44. WWE: Whats so bad about being a CM Punk Bandwagon Fan?
  45. Feed Me More Chants Or Yes Yes Yes .. !?
  46. WS Slammy Awards sponsored by Popeyes(? Love that chicken from popeyes ? )?
  47. When will AJ Lee go back to being a Face and not a Heel?
  48. WWE Fans, is Kane a new general manager of Monday Night RAW?
  49. how come ???????????????
  50. Which was Daniel Bryan's best gimmick and version?
  51. Does anyone else think the 5 on 5 elimination tag match at Survivor Series has the potential?
  52. Big E certainly does have a lot of energy?
  53. Why is Alberto del rio so angry against John cena?
  54. Were you part of WWE's version of Facebook?
  55. How Awesome Is Goldust's WWE Finisher .. !?
  56. Why is AJ Lee even Wrestling?
  57. Are you excited to see Mysterio in action?
  58. Do you think Natayla has the most devastating submission move in WWE?
  59. 2013 WS Slammy Award sugestions and nomine's?
  60. Will AJ Lee topple Maryse's total reign of days as Divas Champion?
  61. Is AJ Lee the Face of the WWE?
  62. Is AJ Lee the John Cena of the Divas Division?
  63. Who is better alltime Roman Regien or Hulk Hogan?
  64. Is Big Show going to take Randy Orton's manhood, I mean, uh, WWE title at Survivor Series?
  65. Was The Rocks name and gimmick a copy of Don Muraco?
  66. Do you the WWE will turn The Shield into babyfaces before they decide to disband them?
  67. Divas- Marry one, Kill one, Sleep with one Part: 2?
  68. Do I drop the best pipebombs in this "wrestling section company" that we're in?
  69. Cutting a shoot promo towards Vital Witness soon?
  70. Do you think R Truth looks like Pretty Ricky?
  71. Do you think it's rude of Orton to interrupt Big show?
  72. Unbelievable, Shell Shock On The Great Khali .. !?
  73. How Unfair Is It That Aj Lee Is In A Handicap Match .. !?
  74. Oh My God, Oh My God, It's Ryback .. !?
  75. Did CM Punk Fans Cry When Vince McMahon's Music Hits At The Royal Rumble .. !?
  76. Hypothetically, Lets Say The Rock Returns To Wrestle At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  77. Does Anyone Else Miss Team Hell No As A Tag Team .. !?
  78. Did You Know That CM Punk Still Hasn't Pinned Paul Heyman .. !?
  79. Should We All Arrange Some Anger Management Classes For Aaliyah .. !?
  80. Do You Think This Should Happen At Survivor Series .. !?
  81. Do You Agree That Daniel Bryan And CM Punk Should Put The Wyatt Family Over This Sunday .. !?
  82. Who In The WS Is A CM Punk Fan .. !?
  83. Song request- wrestling section?
  84. Agree/Disagree: Seth Rollins Is Going To Forever Be In The Shadows Of Roman Reigns And Dean...
  85. What are your survivor series 2013 results?
  86. why are AJ Lee and Natalya so damn overrated?
  87. WS: Are You A Bandwagon Fan Of A WWE Wrestler .. !?
  88. 40 Reasons why WWE CM Punk sucks?
  89. If stone cold steve austin signed with tna and became the gm would you become a tna fan?
  90. I Have Come To The Conclusion That Aaliyah Became A CM Punk Fan After His Pipebomb .. !?
  91. TNA Vs WWE Who has the best wrestling?
  92. Would you cry if the nwo destroyed cena like they did the rock?
  93. An 8 Man Tag Elimination Match? Common TNA that's not even subtle?
  94. Guess who worked their first match at NXT tonight?
  95. What are some matches that we are likely to see on Friday Night Smackdown tonight?
  96. When was the last time TNA didn't have a stipulation match?
  97. Will Jeff Hardy ever come back?
  98. Knux attacks Anderson and none of the TNA guys on stage help?
  99. Did Chris Benoit ever have any martial arts training?
  100. Pick a last opponent for Rey Mysterio at WM 30?
  101. What will the main event tonight on Friday Night Smackdown? (11-22-13)?
  102. If you were hurt in the pe**s area would you want Brooke Tessmacher to help you out?
  103. If you were Samuel Shaw would have had the guts to ask Christy Hemme for her phone number?
  104. Were you surprised at how bad the aim of Brooke Tessmacher was?
  105. Would you be disapointed in Samuel Shaw if he breaks up with Christy Hemme?
  106. What do you think of Taz saying Broke Tessmacher is good in the pe**s area?
  107. Did you find it funny when Taz told Mike Tenay to shut up twice?
  108. Is it just me or is Gail Kim bad on the mic?
  109. What do you think of Samuel Shaw getting Christy Hemme's phone number?
  110. stop posting TCW as answers to my questions?
  111. WS Slammy Awards Part 2 Sponsored by Doritos Jacked The Bigger, Thicker Chip?
  112. this is such a stupid storyline : Abyss vs Joseph Park?
  113. Did you think it was wrong of wrestlers like Kurt Angle to tell Taz to take off the Aces And...
  114. If your favorite wrestler did a Chris Benoit would they still be your favorite?
  115. HAHAHAHA, Thank you Brooke Tessmacher!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!?
  116. I need some friends in the Wrestling Section?
  117. Since Samuel Shaw is now going out with Christy Hemme, what would you name them?
  118. Did you like Samuel Shaw's artwork?
  119. What do you think of Dixie Carter looking back at her segment last week to see how she can improve?
  120. Did Brooke Tessmacher deserve the screaming from Mr.Anderson to her face?
  121. Do you think the TNA wrestlers are upset that they have to work on Thanksgiving next week?
  122. What do you think of Mike Tenay being excited that Aces And Eights are done in TNA?
  123. Do you think Abyss has trouble hearing?
  124. Do you think Sharkboy will go back to working at the pizza parlor?
  125. What do you think about Bobby Roode telling James Storm to "die" in their Florida Deathmatch?
  126. Do you think Joseph Park should do the Truffle Shuffle since Abyss didn't show up to
  127. Will Brooke Tessmacher want to have "fun" with Bully Ray since she cost Bully Ray his match tonight?
  128. Is Joseph Park a "jar of mayonnaise with a law degree and a cheap track suit"?
  129. What are some matches that we are likely to see on Friday Night Smackdown tonight?
  130. Was the 12 man tag team match on Monday Night Raw best for business?
  131. Does anyone else think James Storm should've told the Orlando Police Department to arrest Bobby
  132. Can't Samoa Joe go to WWE if Dixie Carter was dumb enough to fire Samoa Joe?
  133. How nervous do you think Mr.Anderson is since his career is on the line tonight?
  134. Do you think Christy Hemme is dating Samuel Shaw because of his personality or because of his house?
  135. Who do you want to see at Wrestlemania 30?
  136. Were you surprised Christy Hemme was impressed so much by Sam Shaw's artwork that she gave...
  137. Who else is happy that Gunner threw the towel before Bobby Roode killed James Storm?
  138. Do you think James Storm is going to get mad at Gunner for ending the match?
  139. Who will win the WWE Tag Team Championships on Friday Night Smackdown: The Rhodes Brothers or T?
  140. Thy Kingdom presents WS Slammy Awards sponsored by AT&T?
  141. Who wants to write a letter to Brooke Tessmacher telling her "Thank You" for ending Aces and Eights?
  142. Are you impressed with Gail Kim defending her championship against any woman wrestlker?
  143. What do you think of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan working together vs The Wyatt Family at Survivor
  144. Taking song requests for wrestling section of yahoo answers?
  145. Who do you want to win each match at Survior Series?
  146. Did anyone else forget that Ezekiel Jackson is still signed to WWE?
  147. Who do you think will return at the Royal Rumble?
  148. Kurt Angle vs John Cena 2013?
  149. What would you do If an Angry Mae Young was walking towards you?
  150. WS: New song cover (taking requests)?
  151. Ya niqquhs still in this section? Ya niqquhs got no life?
  152. So hows this section holding up? Just checking on my creation?
  153. The WWE Loss it Edgy Nature?
  154. Where is christian cage?
  155. WWE: Is everyone that was in Nexus still in the WWE?
  156. Where is rob van dam and the rock? goldberg and austin might return?
  157. Wrestling Section: The Shield vs The Wyatt Family?
  158. who would you say is the better heel mr.mcmahon or eric bischoff?
  159. who would win bobby lashley vs big e langstan?
  160. Did you notice that Brock Lesnar was a p*ssy for not showing up to Raw after summerslam?
  161. why did dainel bryan steal chris benoits move?
  162. dont you just hate the daniel bryan yes chants?
  163. are you glad that curtis axel is no longer intercontinental champion?
  164. Where does Hiroshi Tanahashi rank among greatest asian wrestlers of all time?
  165. Who's worse: Shawn Michaels or Adrian Adonis?
  166. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs The Big Show for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 30?
  167. WWE: Demented Dwarf your a Eagles Fan right?
  168. Will Daniel Bryan get another shot at the WWE Championship?
  169. Who knows more submission moves in the WWE?
  170. Who is better: Daniel Bryan, The Shield, or The Wyatt Family?
  171. what is TCW and why are people posting it in messages / answers?
  172. Will the WWE let team Total Divas beat team AJ Lee this Sunday?
  173. What was the paper John was trying to get Nikki to sign on Total Divas?
  174. Did you see the 12 man tag team match on Monday Night Raw? Was it best for business?
  176. Do You Think That FT9! Looks Like A Girl .. !?
  177. What is the best entrance song in the WWE?
  178. Was the 12 man tag team match on Monday Night Raw best for business?
  179. Who do you want to see at Wrestlemania 30?
  180. Who do you find to be better looking?
  181. Randy Orton got beaten up by Big Show twice so does this automatically make RKO the
  182. We all want Y2J Chris Jericho to return to WWE and feature in this Authority storyline right!?
  183. Concerning WS Tough Enough Episode Three?
  184. Wrestling section: Shadow why do you have me blocked?
  185. who jump James Storm in Orlando bar?
  186. Who had the coolest entrance music in each era? BQ?
  187. After the Sandow and Zigler match from WWE raw is anyone worried about Sandow?
  188. Non wrestling question for FT9 (and anyone else who watches english football)?
  189. hey wwe this is,not a question ...but tell me?
  190. WRESTLING : What would you do if you've seen undertaker tongue kissing with big show back stage?
  191. WRESTLING : Why did HBK chose to turn on Daniel bryan in the first place?
  192. WRESTLING : GUYS : Who do you find more attractive : VICKIE or TAMINA?
  193. Why does people says WWE Attitute Era was copied from old ECW?
  194. WRESTLING : Do you enjoy watching TOTAL DIVA'S (+Q2)?
  195. who was the divas 7-on-7 at survive series?
  196. So Rumour Has It That There Is Heat On Ryback Backstage For Performing Goldberg's Moves .. !?
  197. im confused, is The Miz heel or face?
  198. When Will People Stop Complaining And Start Chanting Yes Yes Yes .. !?
  199. Would You Take A Real Sledgehammer Shot To The Jaw By Triple H If It Meant .. !?
  200. Do You Think CM Punk Could Lift The Big Show Up For The GTS .. !?
  201. What Would You Do If An Angry Aj Lee Was Coming At You .. !?
  202. Who Is Better Looking, CM Punk Or Aj Lee .. !?
  203. Who Is More Overrated, Daniel Bryan Or CM Punk .. !?
  204. let's start a donation for the good of pro-wrestling?
  205. How Would John Cena (WHC) do in Matches against These WCW World Heavyweight Champions in their
  206. Are cena hater going to complain?
  207. What do you like and hate most about WWE today?
  208. Is this a good type for a non wrestling fan?
  209. WS what rank would you rank me?
  210. Will you miss CM Punk when he retires?
  211. What would you do if an angry CM Punk was coming at you?
  212. Does live WWE Wrestling look more FAKE or more REAL when watched in person?
  213. So you think the rock and trish stratus had a thing off screen?
  214. Is CM Punk turning into a John Cena gimmick?
  215. Are CM Punk fans disgraces to pro wrestling?
  216. WWE Finish this sentence:_____ Is the Best in the world?
  217. Has AJ Lee gimmick gone boring now?
  218. The Shield vs The Wyatt Family at Wrestlemania 30?
  219. Did you see the move that CM Punk did to Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose? What was it called?
  220. As If The WS Wasn't Tough Enough, Right?
  221. What would you do if angry The Sheild was coming at you?
  222. Is Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs The Wyatt Family best for business at Survivor Series 2013?
  223. What Happened When I Was Gone? Who's Left The WS?
  224. Wrestling:Who would win a real fight?
  225. Who is going to be wwe champion first Ambrose, Rollins or Reigns?
  226. How To Fool The Entire WS?
  227. Who does better kicks Del rio Or Daniel Bryan?
  228. If CM Punk defeating Brock Lesnar have been looked scripted.Did Cena defeating Brock...
  229. Who will win CM Punk vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins at Wrestle Mania 30?
  230. Seeing As WWE Fans Aren't Chanting 'Feed Me More', Should They Chant This Instead .. !?
  231. CM Punk Fans, Can I Ask You A Question .. !?
  232. Did Aj Lee Collapse Because She Wasn't Wet Enough .. !?
  233. Have You Noticed That Aj Lee Has Got Unbelievably White Teeth .. !?
  234. WWE: How is John Cena so strong?
  235. How Tight Do You Think Aj Lee's .. !?
  236. WWE: Why do CM Punk Fans want CM Punk to be WWE Champion again?
  237. What is a double neckbreaker in WWE wrestling?
  238. Will they have the 12 man tag team match at Wrestlemania 30?
  239. Would this work as a wrestler's theme music?
  240. CM Punk needs to go see a dentist?
  241. What do you think of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan working together vs The Wyatt Family at Survivor...
  242. Where will Wrestlemana 30 be hosted?
  243. Will you like John Cena again if he comes out like this on the next Raw?
  244. Who has the best entrance song in WWE history?
  245. Are you glad that the Big Show got his job back in the WWE business?
  246. Why doesn't AJ Lee have to defend her title at WWE Survivor Series?
  247. When & how the hell did Kaitlyn turn heel?
  248. Why didnt HHH and Stephanie punish Kane too? Is Kane an exception?
  249. If Big show wins the WWE title , can he become the new face of WWE?
  250. WS:I have a announcement to make?
  251. Do you think Seth Rollins is one of the best wrestlers in WWE?
  252. Who was wwf/wwe champion on the year you was born?
  253. Should Rey Mysterio retire from wrestling?
  254. Who in the WS is not a fan off AJ Lee?
  255. Is Mysterio going to get injured again in 2 months?
  256. Do you still think that wrestling (WWE) is real?
  257. Is Sami Zayn world title material?
  258. Hello brock. it was a typo must you embarass a star like me?
  259. Can all diehard CM Punk fans on this section agree that Chris Jericho is much better than CM Punk?
  260. Does anyone else want CM Punk to become WWE Champion once again?
  261. Who should be my full-time favorite WWE Wrestler?
  262. WWE Bold Prediction: I predict that The Real Americans will become WWE Tag Team Champions tonight?
  263. Anyone else rooting for The Real Americans tonight?
  264. Is Antonio Cesaro one of your favorite wrestlers in WWE currently?
  265. The Guy That Writes Storylines, will you make a website?
  266. Is mr. Anderson a great wrestler who survive anything?
  267. Ryback Vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 30?
  268. Are Randy Savages 1980s interviews with Mean Gene the best in the history of wrestling?
  269. Do people like CM Punk just to fit in and be a IWC clone?
  270. WWE: Why is AJ Lee the only Diva that can have real matches and aloud to Cut Promos?
  271. Why do Punk fans feet hurt?
  272. Why is CM c*nt such a d bag?
  273. WWE: Does anyone here even like Country Music?
  274. Why can't CM Jobber get out of the midcard?
  275. WWE: Which member from The Shield will be left in the dust?
  276. WWE: Why hasn't Kofi Kingston ever turn Heel?
  277. who will be the next wwe champion?
  278. when some wrestlers walk down to the ring their mouths always moving, are they really saying
  279. how come rey mysterio never does any body slams or pick up anyone?
  280. Who's better: Roman Reigns or Ryback?
  281. Should Bruiser Brody be in the WWE hall of fame?
  282. do you think goldberg will return to face ryback at wrestlemania?
  283. Should Triple H and Stephanie be ashamed of themselves?
  284. Should Triple H and Stephanie be ashamed of themselves?
  285. Would You Want Your Favourite WWE Wrestler To Break The Undertaker's Streak If It Meant .. !?
  286. Do you think AJ Lee is a bad sport for not playing Musical Chairs?
  287. Do you think that Rey Mysterio is the Mystery Tag Team partner?
  288. Who Is The Leader Of 'The Best With The Beard', Daniel Bryan Or CM Punk .. !?
  289. big show vs rybotch...really?
  290. Attitude Era VS. PG Era (12 man tag team)?
  292. Did You Enjoy How Aj Lee Embarrassed Vickie Guerrero On Raw Last Night .. !?
  293. What is more interesting, Breaking Bad or Total Divas?
  294. Do you think the rock would ever want to wrestle his cousin roman reighns at WM?
  295. MIZ he's a heel again?
  296. Was this incident real or its part of wrestling storyline?
  297. who agree that we need the old kane back not cooperate kane?
  298. Did you find Dolph's strutting funny?
  299. What do you think of my new avatar?
  300. Was JBL actually in a high school band?
  301. What do you think of JBL said this is the dumbest thing he's ever seen on Raw?
  302. What do you think of JBL mentioning Jeff Jarrett during the Raw Broadway Brawl?
  303. Is Randy Orton the most valuable asset in the WWE?
  304. Is this the first time you actually seen someone being taken on a stretcher to the ring?
  305. Did you think it was rude of Jerry Lawler to say this is between the Total Divas and the
  306. Were You Surprised How Easily Ryback Picked Up The Big Show For The Shell Shock .. !?
  307. Which Diva did you think look best in the Raw country musical chairs?
  308. Did last week prove how important Triple H and Stephanie are to the WWE?
  309. What do you think of what Michael Cole said about Big E. Langston?
  310. What do you think of Jerry Lawler liking the musical chair segment?
  311. What do you think of JBL saying he works with dumb and dumber?
  312. Do you think Paul Heyman has beady eyes?
  313. Do you think JBL had flashbacks of getting the 619 from Rey Mysterio when Rey did it when he
  314. Who will win between The Shield and The Wyatt Family?
  315. What do you think of these pictures of JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole through the years?
  316. Who is the best in the world in the WWE today?
  317. Do you think Brad Maddox was smart to try and hide behind JBL?
  318. Did Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero look like a couple of mice waiting to be rats?
  319. Who will win the WWE Tag Team Championships on Friday Night Smackdown?
  320. Anyone think Florida-Georgia line performing is a waste of time?
  321. Did you find it funny that no one in the arena cared about R-Truth's rap?
  322. Who is better: The Shield or The Wyatt Family?
  323. What do you think of 12 man tag team match on Monday Night Raw last night?
  324. What do you think of Rey Mysterio coming out to help CM Punk and Daniel Bryan on Monday Night...
  325. Can Fans Of The Rock Answer This Question .. !?
  326. "Chung Chohan/I said" will you ever unblock me?
  327. Wouldnt the 12 man tag match tonight on RAW be good for .. I dont know.. Survivor Series?!?
  328. Why does JoJo not get as much hate as Eva Marie?
  329. Will People Still Question Ryback's Strength After Shell Shocking The Big Show .. !?
  330. WS: Should I Shave My Eyebrows Off .. !?
  331. WRESTLING : When was the best moment (IYO) in BIG SHOW'S carreer in the wwe?
  332. Agree/Disagree: WrestleMania Will Feel Incomplete This Year Without The Rock .. !?
  333. Did anybody else laugh when WWE Fans chanted Jerry?
  334. Why is Vickie faking her death?
  335. Are you being sports entertained?
  336. So Cena just buried his sling?
  337. x somebody is returning x i can feel it x who do you think it is x?
  338. WWE Musical chairs What...the f*ck is this?
  339. WS what do you think my race/ethnic origin is?
  340. Did Shawn Michaels ever get back his smile?
  341. Do you think Mickie James might return tonight?
  342. Does anybody else think WWE Extreme Rules 2012 is the best PPV of the PG Era?
  343. Wrestling Section: Chris Jericho will return to reclaim what is his-The WWE Championship?
  344. Does Anyone else want to see Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30?
  345. Wrestling Question about Alberto Del Jobber?
  346. When will Chris Jericho return?
  347. Roman Reigns VS Undertaker who wins?
  348. Aj Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries vs Daniel Bryan?
  349. Should Nikki Bella had called the Wambulance on John Cena?
  350. Do you think Jimmy Uso gave Naomi the toe fungus?
  351. What do you think of Jimmy Uso saying Naomi has turtle shell toenails?
  352. When did gimmick matches started in Professional Wrestling?
  353. x does anybody else miss jomo in wwe x?
  354. Why did Nikki Bella say she was anxious to share a bed with John Cena when she was moving in
  355. x who is going to be the fifth member at survivor series x?
  356. WWE Fans: Is Vickie Guerrero the WWE version of Miss Piggy?
  357. who does u think the big monster in wrestle?
  358. What an incredible match to start of Raw???!?
  359. What matches do you think are best for business on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  360. Agree/Disagree: Ryback Should Defeat Brock Lesnar If They Were To Have A Match .. !?
  361. x dear triple h mr c.o.o x?
  362. what happen to Mordecai?
  363. The end of an era??????????
  364. How do you think Jimmy Uso felt showing his feet to some superstars?
  365. Which is the signature move of WWE wrestlers Alberto Del Rio?
  366. Will there be a 12 man tag team match tonight on Monday Night Raw?
  367. I'm going to start????
  368. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying ten days with no s*x is a no go for her?
  369. Do you think John Cena watched Nikki Bella in the shower?
  370. What did you think of FGL's Raw performance?
  371. Why Can't Enrique Admit That CM Punk Is Better Than Alberto Del Rio And John Cena Combined .. !?
  372. Who will win the Tag Team Match:The Wyatt Family vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at Survivor Series...
  373. Would You Agree That Its Weird When I Say Positive Things About CM Punk .. !?
  374. x are we supposed to take big show seriously x?
  375. WWE CM Punk and Bryan GT-YES Vs Wyatt family vs Shield tonight Raw?
  376. do you think Batista return to WWE and destroy The Shield,The Wyatt Family,Kane and Triple H
  377. Would you want Nikki Bella to be your nurse?
  378. What do you think of Jimmy Uso having a fungus on his toe and R Truth helping him wrap it?
  379. Why wouldn't wwe make miz defeat the streak?
  380. What matches do you think are best for business on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  381. Who Is That Person That Is Teaming With Daniel Bryan Currently .. !?
  382. It's the shields one year anniversary today shieldiversary do you still like them as a stable?
  383. Are there any Jinder Mahal fans in the WS?
  384. What Should I watch Walking Dead Or Total Divas?
  385. Do You Agree That CM Punk Is 'The Best In The World' .. !?
  386. Do you like Triple H? Why or why not?
  387. Would You Rather See The Rock Vs Brock Lesnar At WrestleMania Or Brock Lesnar Vs CM Punk 2 .. !?
  388. I think Cena is going on another break?
  389. What do you think of the Tag Team Match: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan VS Ryback and Curtis Axel?
  390. What is the ws in this section?
  391. does anybody in this section like eminem?
  392. What is your favorite Kane theme song?
  393. Who will win the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series 2013? Alberto Del Rio or...
  394. Just out of curiosity?????????????
  395. WWE Fans: Do you think CM Punk should turn back into a Heel/Tweener?
  396. Should WWE Start calling CM Punk and Bryan GT-YES?
  397. Why do people complain about John Cena main eventing PPVs when...?
  398. Who hears more voices, Randy Orton or AJ Lee?
  399. Actual wrestling question- Who should face for the tag team/divas titles at Survivor Series?
  400. The top seven heel stables, do you agree?
  401. Do you agree with this photo of the Corporation and the Authority?
  402. WS- who do you see as champion when WrestleMania arrives?
  403. What's going to happen tonight on RAW?
  404. Did you know that the WS is full of social degenerate nerds?
  405. Which three mid carders needs a major push?
  406. Which superstar would you like to be related to?
  407. Better all time John PG Cena or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  408. Which are your top 5 least favorite wrestlers of all time?
  409. Push One,Keep One,Fire One and Suspend One Wrestler?
  410. Aussie Aussie Aussie?
  411. Am I the best tr0ll in WS history?
  412. Greetings and beyond the new?
  413. Is the "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant the greatest pro wrestler in history?
  414. Who's the better pro wrestler: Hillbilly Jim or John Cena?
  415. Will you watch if WWE becomes TV-G?
  416. Who is better CM Punk or Austin Aries?
  417. Is wwe edge married to glamazon?
  418. Is wwe edge married to glamazon?
  419. John Cena,CM Punk and Chris Jericho wrestling match(more information)?
  420. Where can i watch recent WWE Monday night raw episodes?
  421. How Did CM Punk Fans Handle His 434 Day Title Reign Ending At The Royal Rumble .. !?
  422. Do you want to see more of Eva Marie and less of the Bellas?
  423. If Cameron acted like a bit*h to you in the middle of the road, would you have called the police?
  424. Did anyone else cry when Cameron was having a heart-to-heart talk with her mom on Total Divas?
  425. Do you think it was rude of John Cena to leave Nikki Bella alone in the middle of the red carpet?
  426. Do you think Ariane (Cameron) acted like a "bit*h" to the driver in front of her?
  427. What would you do if Cameron came up to you in your car and acted like a "bit*h" to you?
  428. What do you think about Natalya saying that it is too early to see Eva Marie "half-naked"?
  429. Do you think this pic of aj lee is photoshopped?
  430. Which is the most botched wrestling move ever?
  431. How much longer do you think the 3MB will keep on working as jobbers?
  432. Which one of these matches is most likely to happen at wrestlemania 30?
  433. WS I'm planning a 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match?
  434. Would you want to cry of you were in Natalya's shoes?
  435. What happened to Brie Bella, how did she recover so quick?
  437. Do you think John Cena's surgeon threw up when he cut his elbow open?
  438. Is Vince McMahon The WWE Version Of Mr. Burns .. !?
  439. Can you not wait for Total Divas in 30 minutes?
  440. Do You Think The Rock Will Be At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  441. Why Didnt Anyone Wish Ryback A Happy Birthday Today .. !?
  442. Would Life Even Be Worth Living Without Aj Lee .. !?
  443. Does Aj Lee Have The Best Fans In The World .. !?
  444. Can You Tell Me Which WWE Superstar Ended CM Punk's 434 Day Title Reign .. !?
  445. Who is better CM Punk or Seth rollins?
  446. Anybody gonna watch Return of Total Divas tonight?
  447. why wont John Cena marry Nikki Bella?
  448. Agree or Disagree wwe has turned in some kind of scripted reality show more then a...
  449. Is Seth Rollins the next CM Punk?
  450. What caused Cena's elbow to like that?
  451. Wat U like the most wwe or tna?
  452. Why haven't WWE fans chant ''Jerry'' when Jerry Springer was on RAW?
  453. will Ashley Massaro ever return to wwe?
  454. Why do people like Eva Marie she's arrogant?
  455. Which is best and is real wwe or mma?
  456. Who knew Cameron in WWE was such a b*tch?
  457. WRESTLING : Which former wwe divas do you miss?
  458. Who will be the next wwe champion? Who will be next whc?
  459. WS,what do you think of this?
  460. Elimination Chamber 2014 Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  461. Where can I watch Jeff Hardy online on TNA Impact?
  462. Will you be watching Damien Sandow vs GSP this saturday ufc 167?
  463. Family Feud WS Version:Name a wrestler that smokes weed?
  464. WRESTLING : The truth #1 : Did you know that?
  465. WRESTLING : So far, how would you rate HHH as the CEO for the wwe 1-10?
  466. Is Kane and the Undertaker brothers?
  467. WRESTLING : Who would be your first 10 wrestlers to hire if you started a wrestling promotion?
  468. Do you think it's sad that Big Show is using Daniel Bryan's Yes chants to get over?
  469. is hulk hogan going back to the wwe? if so when will we see him back?
  470. r u happy hogan and bischoff is gone from tna?
  471. daniel bryan is a better wwe champion then cm punk?
  472. TLC Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  473. Do You Agree That Aj Lee Might As Well Have The WWE Divas Title In The Black Widow Submission .. !?
  474. Am I The Only Person Obsessed With The Feed Me More Chants .. !?
  475. Agree/Disagree: There Are Too Many CM Punk Haters In The WS .. !?
  476. Is Anyone Else Having This Problem On Yahoo Answers .. !?
  477. Who Has More Muscles, Ryback Or CM Punk .. !?
  478. Did You Know That Ryback Is Actually Undefeated In The WWE .. !?
  479. Is The Rock The WWE Version Of Dwayne Johnson .. !?
  480. Who Has The Better Entrance, The Shield Or The Wyatt Family .. !?
  481. Do You Consider Me To Be A Troll .. !?
  482. WS Can I share a song with you?
  483. WWE 13, I bought The Usos and when I had them in a tag team match, they came out seperately?
  484. Is Ryback a jobber currently?
  485. Will TNA go out of business just wondering? If so what will happen to all superstars?
  486. Is one of the things you have to respect about John Cena is that he's always adding new moves?
  487. 2013 WWE Survivor Series is almost here!! Anyways, what would be your all-time 5-Man team?
  488. I want to apologize??
  489. Who Has More Hair, Goldberg Or Ryback .. !?
  490. Which WWE Superstar Gets The Loudest Ovations .. !?
  491. Do You Think That Aj Lee Looks Sexy When She Skips .. !?
  492. WRESTLING : Do you think RYBACK has become softer than a used tampon?
  493. Hypothetically, Lets Say It Was Ryback's Birthday Tomorrow .. !?
  494. Remember when WS was cool?
  495. Did You Know That I Am The Real Face Of The WS .. !?
  496. WRESTLING : Would you be happy to see the big show as our next wwe champion?
  497. Is WWE bringing back any superstars for wrestlemania? If so who are they and what plans
  498. WRESTLING : Do you find randy orton better off as a heel or face?
  499. Has the truth set you free?
  500. Did You Know That It Is My Birthday Next Week .. !?