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  1. who thinks wwe was way better last year?
  2. WWE: Y2J won't win a Champion Title ever again, Agree or Disagree?
  3. What do you think of Nikki Bella saying Brie and her mom want her b00bs?
  4. Do CM Punk Fans Want To See Stone Cold Vs CM Punk At WrestleMania .. !?
  5. Do you think if Nikki Bella put John Cena's stimulator on her b00bs would they pop?
  6. Do You Think The Rock Will Be On Raw Tomorrow Night For The Slammy Awards .. !?
  7. Daniel Bryan Vs The Wyatts Or CM Punk Vs The Shield .. !?
  8. What do you think of Naomi saying Brodus Clay knows her well?
  9. who is the WS champ? I want to challenge him in a Iron man match?
  10. Who will win the royal rumble 2014?
  11. WWE: What's your Favorite CM Punk Pipe bomb[s]?
  12. Aj lee or Paige, who's hotter?
  13. Why didn't CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar get nominated for match of the year?
  14. WWE: Do you think CM Punk is a WWE HoF?
  15. Which is the second biggest wrestling promotion in the world?
  16. Who will hulk hogan face at wrestlemania xxx?
  17. Who is a better wrestler AJ Lee or Paige?
  18. Who Is The Funniest Superstar In WWE History .. !?
  19. Is Chris Jericho From Toronto .. !?
  20. Is Santino the real face of WWE?
  21. Do you expect a screw finish at TLC?
  22. if shield split will you believe in roman reigns?
  23. dean ambrose will be heel, roman reigns will be babyface, what will seth rollins be?
  24. Royal Rumble Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  25. Which wrestling stable is better 'DX' or 'The Sheild'?
  26. Why does alundra blaze never get a look in?
  27. Are you surprised TCW faked her death again?
  28. Who's your favorite wrestler?
  29. Who's your favorite wrestler?
  30. WS, Will you throw a party the day CM Punk leaves WWE?
  31. Is Wade Barrett's new gimmick bad news?
  32. Why are WWE Slammy nominees so damn horrible?
  33. WWE 2014 Hall of Fame?
  34. WRESTLING how do i finish to a pin after collar tie snap throw?
  35. What would you're reaction be if cm punk turned into a zombie live on raw?
  36. Will Eva Marie win Diva of the Year at the Slammy Award episode of Raw?
  37. WWE: Do you guys really care about the WWE Hall of Fame?
  38. Now that Triple H is in charge of creative control, will he make himself a 100x WWE Champion?
  39. Anyone enjoyed "Summer of Punk" 2011?
  40. When do you think "The Shield" will disband?
  41. what do you think will change with triple h being in charge of wwe creative?
  42. Do You Remember When People Said WWE Have Lost Faith In Ryback .. !?
  43. Would Daniel Bryan Be As Popular Today Without The Yes Chants .. !?
  44. Do People Who Don't Want The Rock Vs John Cena 3 Not Know What's Good For Business .. !?
  45. Triple H in charge of the WWE Creative Team. Good or Bad for business?
  46. Do you know where i can find the full match of?
  47. Why does JBL keep saying hes a former IC champion? does anyone care?
  48. Why doesn't my nephews Enrique and Diego want to watch CMLL with me +BQ?
  49. Is Zeb Colter the worst manager of the modern era? Read below for more details!!!!?
  50. WRESTLING : Can you create your own wrestler ----->?
  51. Who's better overall Daniel Bryan or Cm punk?
  52. Which of the following wwe divas past and present have fake boobs/breast implants?
  53. Who are you going to vote for as SuperStar of the year?
  54. Who is your favorite jobber?
  55. WRESTLING : WWE slammy awards : Who would you choose as (LOSER) of the year 2013?
  56. WRESTLING : Me and my GF are going on a date tonight (SO) ------>?
  57. WRESTLING : Do you realize how RVD have not been competing lately?
  58. If I started a backyard wrestling promotion what could I call it and the people name and theme?
  59. Do you agree with this list?
  60. Would it be funny if?
  61. If I started a backyard wrestling promotion what could I call it and the people name and theme?
  62. I've lost all hope for tna probably gonna give up. How do you feel on the direction tna is going?
  63. WWE: Do you guys know when WWE went PG?
  64. Why does everyone blame cena for the pg era?
  65. What would you're reaction be if tna invaded raw?
  66. Who do you want to win at TLC cena or orton?
  67. Combine old with new?
  68. Do you think sheamus can whoop cm punk's ass?
  69. Chris Jericho>>Cm Punk Agree Or Disagree?
  70. Should the Bella Twins go to TNA?
  71. Which opponent could you see AJ wrestling against in a padded cell?
  72. Is WWE getting bored or just played out?
  73. WWE: Whats going to be The Crowds Reaction when Shawn Michaels returns this Monday on Raw?
  74. Why is everyone in wwe old?
  75. Are Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler the most overrated wrestlers in WWE right now?
  76. Do You Think Eve Torres Will Ever Return To The WWE .. !?
  77. Do WWE Fans Really Think Vince McMahon Is Going To Let CM Punk Main Event WrestleMania .. !?
  78. WS: What Two Words Should Never Be Used In The Same Sentence .. !?
  79. Samoa joe vs Chris Jericho?
  80. what would you do if tna bought wwe?
  81. This Is A Question For All The Aj Lee Fans In The WS .. !?
  82. Who Should Become The First Challenger For The WWE Undisputed Title After TLC .. !?
  83. Is the match at TLC for the Undisputed Championship the biggest match of this generation?
  84. Was Natalya lucky she was born to a Wrestling family and WWE offered her a job?
  85. What do you think of Renee Young saying if Zack Ryder was to become The Undisputed Champion she
  86. Do you think Rey Mysterio should have all his titles removed from the records book?
  87. How funny was it when JBL said if Rey Mysterio wore a mask all the time?
  88. Is it sad that AJ Lee skipping was more interesting than the other Divas in the match?
  89. What do you think of JBL ordering the Brodus Clay Brawlin' Buddy after he saw the...
  90. Do you agree with AJ Lee is Natalya bland and boring?
  91. Was chris jericho supposed to be mentally unstable?
  92. Would Batista Be With The Authority Or Against?
  93. Didn't you find it weird that Y2J wasn't on the champion highlight package?
  94. Do you want sheamus to return and who would you like him to face?
  95. who is your favorite rapper or singer?
  96. Wrestling section: Who's better?
  97. What is the difference between Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era?
  98. WRESTLING : So now that KANE is a message boy, does that mean he'll never be in the ring again?
  99. WRESTLING : Why don't the wwe let the big show get a shot at the diva's title?
  100. WRESTLING : Who are the biggest tag teams (DUO) to ever step foot into the wwe ring?
  101. WRESTLING : Which top 3 wwe superstars do you believe is being misused?
  102. WRESTLING : If CENA loses at TLC, do you think its gonna effect his reputation & carreer?
  103. What do the Usos say in they Siva Tau?
  104. Who is the most overrated and underrated wrestlers of all time?
  105. Do you Think John Cena And Randy Orton are gonna switch belts at TlC?
  106. WRESTLING : Don't you think NATALYA is a better diva than AJ?
  107. cuuh' Why does CM Punk win every match he's in?
  108. How would WWE react if this happened?
  109. Why do people hate Bo Dallas?
  110. Wwe Wrestling = isn't it funny that the winner of NXT is telling us a GOOD and a BAD news from...
  111. Why does WWE put a # on front of everything?
  112. WM 30 Cena vs Rock with Hogan as guest referee. Thoughts?
  113. What do you think is next for John Cena after he breaks Ric Flair's record of most world title...
  114. WS, Would you like to see LT Vs CM Punk in a match?
  115. WS,do you wanna see Daniel Bryan Vs Randy orton on Smackdown TONIGHT!?
  116. Who is the biggest risk taker in wwe history?
  117. Are Ryback And Curtis axel Facing Cody rhodes And Goldust At TLC?
  118. Stone Cold Steve Austin greatest wrestler of all-time?
  119. do you think daniel bryan can take undertaker?
  120. Are these true Professional Wrestling Fans?
  121. About TNA The Icon Sting?
  122. how often did wwwf wrestlers have shows during the 70's?
  123. What will AJ Lee accomplish after both beating Natalya at TLC and breaking Maryse's record?
  124. Is Bo Dallas the future face of the WWE?
  125. Who would win these Dream matches?
  126. combine a celeb with a wrestler?
  127. WS - Do you know,,....?
  128. WWE= isn't it ovious that cena will win again the superstar of the year?bq?
  129. if goldberg was to return on raw?
  130. Do you think the waiter didn't look at Christy Hemme and Samuel Shaw once they left?
  131. What do you think of Joseph Park lying about having a law office in Chicago and lying to the fans?
  132. Was Chris Sabin talking about his championship or Velvet Sky when he said we look good together?
  133. Do you think Dolph Ziggler was inspired by Billy Gun?
  134. What do you think of Taz remembering being in Studio 54 when he heard Bro-Man's DJ?
  135. How funny was it when Sting said, "I'm Sting I'm sure you heard my records"?
  136. I have this theme stuck in my head so I wanted to share.. lol?
  137. Would you want that small Championship AJ Styles gave to Dixie Carter?
  138. Is Taz the Human Suplex Machine and Mike Tenay is the Human Plugging Machine?
  139. Was Earl Hebner getting pinned by Ethan Carter III humiliating and embaressing?
  140. What do you think of Taz saying he won't talk over Mike Tenay but he still did?
  141. Has Chris Jericho ever wrestled The Undertaker in a singles match?
  142. What do you think of this Card for Ring of Honor?
  143. Will you be mad if Daniel Bryan won Superstar Of The Year?
  144. What matches do you think are best for business on Friday Night Smackdown? (12-6-13)?
  145. Who would win a match between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs The Shield and The Wyatt Family?
  146. Best high-quality mouthguard for wrestling?
  147. can a wrestling team have two captains?
  148. Who's your top 10 favorite talkers and top 10 worst fav talkers?
  149. Should I wear a cup in wrestling?
  150. Wrestling:What happened to Enrique?
  151. If you were a WWE Diva...?
  152. I am relatively strong and tough, how hard is it to get into wrestling?
  153. Wrestling Section Poll Part 4?
  154. How many articles of clothing does a male wrestler wear? What are they?
  155. If someone must end Undertaker's streak who should it be?
  156. So you think WWE is too PG or family friendly in 2013?
  157. Are Aj Lee and Paige the most passionate female wrestlers in the WWE?
  158. Who is the most underrated Wrestler in WWE?
  159. Do you think Josh Matthews will keep the signed copy of "Christmas Bounty" gave him?
  160. What do you think of The Miz saying if Eva Marie wins the Total Diva Slammy it'll be a slap
  161. What do you think of The Miz saying Slammy's are bigger than the Emmy's, Oscar's, and Grammy's?
  162. WWE NXT episode where Leo Kruger sat outside the ring?
  163. Wwe vs tna ????????????????
  164. Who's the worst seller in wwe?
  165. Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania
  166. What's the forums obsession with AJ Lee?
  167. What was Zeb Colter's reaction when Del Rio was threatening to send Sin Cara across the boarder?
  168. How will all you AJ Lee fans feel when she finally losses her Divas Championship?
  169. Would you still be a AJ Lee fan if she came out as a Lesbian?
  170. Experienced wrestling fans only please?
  171. Does the Unified title mean the end of the WWE and WHC lineage?
  172. If you could write for WWE creative and create 1 stable, who would be in it?
  173. Any humiliating moves in wrestling?
  174. Who is the next WWE Divas Champion?BQ?
  175. Combine two wrestlers?
  176. If you could reinstate 1 championship in the WWE , what would it be?
  177. Why do people overhype Jim Cornette?
  178. Will Daniel Bryan get another chance at the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship
  179. What matches do you think are best for business on Friday Night Smackdown? (12-6-13)?
  180. How is 'Attitute Era' better than any other Era of WWE?
  181. Did You Hear The News? AJ Lee Is Pregnant With Paul Heyman's Baby?
  182. What would happen if a riot broke out at a live WWE event?
  183. What WWE superstars do you ladies have a crush on? Guys what Divas do you have a crush on?
  184. Why won't the WWE just call it the WWE World Heavyweighf Championship?
  185. if Cena vs Undertaker will happen in WM30 or WM31, Cena must turn heel?
  186. Why does everyone pronounce Bret Favre's name wrongly?
  187. How big Triple H's ego is?
  188. which one of these undertaker feuds did you like the best?
  189. would Shawn micheals Cm punk be a Okay Match?
  190. Where Do you See Batista Today In WWE?
  191. What Do you Consider a Dream Match in WWE?
  192. Would Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley ever be a world champion in the WWE, if he ever got rehired?
  193. What do you think of Jushin Liger and Bruce Lee?
  194. Do you agree with me that Dolph Ziggler deserves a Slammy for cashing in his money in the back...
  195. Why are all 3 members of the Shield & The Wyatt Family nominated for break out star of the year?
  196. Pro-wrestling fans: Is Jericho's podcast good?
  197. Do you think TLC will be worst than Survivor Series?
  198. eve torres and christian will be back at slammy's?
  199. WWE/WWF trivia. Everyone welcome but longtime fans have a better chance?
  200. Did & does Bret Hart really hate his American Fans or does he love them as much as his other fans?
  201. Wrestling Survey:Who will John Cena vs Randy Orton at TLC PPV?(BQs)?
  202. will Dean Ambrose defend his US Title at TLC?
  203. WWE's best seller today?
  204. Wrestling Section Poll Part 4?
  205. Who are u guys voting for in the wrestling section slammys?
  206. Whats up WS Im temporarily back..(Q inside)?
  207. Will you vote for me at WS Slammys?
  208. So Attacking CM Punk Isn't Right But Attacking Ryback Is Alright .. !?
  209. WWE questions on my mind?
  210. do you think if shield lose against cm punk that would be the best time for a shield split?
  211. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #2 .. !?
  212. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #6 .. !?
  213. Jethro Holiday or Old Man Taker?
  214. If AJ Lee is Captain Picard, who is Commander Riker?
  215. do you know that shane mcmahon is the 1st option to face triple h at wm30 and cena is 2nd?
  216. WWE Fans, If I Maybe Am, Maybe Am Not Serious For A Moment ..?
  217. Do you think it's obvious that AJ Lee will be Diva of the year?
  218. In there hayday, who would win a match between The Great Muta and The Ultimate Warrior?
  219. Am I going to be nominated in the ws slammys?
  220. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #7 .. !?
  221. Is AJ Lee's back sore from carrying the Divas Division on it?
  222. Who is better Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk?(BQ)?
  223. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #3 ..?
  224. Who would win Big E Langston Vs. Brock Lesner?
  225. Miley Cyrus barefoot vs Undertaker who'd win?
  226. Which Member of the shield would you like to see face CM Punk on smackdown?
  227. Do You Think This Should Be Insult Of The Year In The WWE Slammy Awards .. !?
  228. Prediction: AJ beats Natalya at TLC via pinfall. Thoughts?
  229. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #5 .. !?
  230. WWE: Do You Think Shane McMahon Could of Made a Huge Difference If He Didn't Leave In 2009?
  231. Who's your favorite wrestler?
  232. What does Dean Ambrose have that Rollins,and Reigns don't have?
  233. What goes on in WWE Wrestling? How can they hit each other hard and fall hard but you never
  234. WWE Fans, If I Can Be Serious For A Moment #4 .. !?
  235. Is WWE Slammy Awards scripted?
  236. Will you buy WWE Diva Cameron's single?
  237. What is Daniel Bryan's WWE finisher called?
  238. WWE: Would (PRIME) Hulk Hogan be Popular if he wrestled in todays WWE?
  239. WS,What Is your favorite WWE Theme Song?
  240. Who's your favorite user in the WS?
  241. What wrestling move would you not want done to you in real life?
  242. Is john cena a good wrestler?
  243. Is Obama a good president?
  244. Is the rock a good wrestler?
  245. Is JFK really a white person?
  246. If John Cena took PED would he be de-pushed?
  247. Who is better CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  248. Which of the following wrestlers should face Undertaker at Wrestle Mania 30?
  249. Catch up with TNA storylines?
  250. Full Current Roster? (TNA)?
  251. TNA Major Events??????
  252. WWE: Why Does Everyone Like The Shield? What's So Special About Them?
  253. WWE: Your Favorite Tag Team (In The PG Era)?
  254. WWE: Best Manager in the PG Era?
  255. Are you going to miss Cena when he retires?
  256. What is a good plan to be a Diva on the WWE and what tests does it take to get on the WWE?
  257. Happy Thanksgiving Wrestling Section?
  258. Why is John Cena handed every oppurtunity?
  259. wwe wrestlefest 2013 john cena the rock?
  260. Ryback Vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania 30 Could Happen!?
  261. Who do you think will win the 2014 royal rumble match?
  262. Why do people think goldberg had the longest undeafted streak in pro wrestling history?
  263. Which is better Raw and Smckdown are only exclusive brands or not?
  264. Would randy orton win in TLC?
  265. Question to Thy Kingdom and Thy Assitant?
  266. Who would have thought that these wrestles would reach this far in their career?
  267. What do these wrestlers have in common?
  268. WWE most Handsome? :)?
  269. Do you think it should've been Cena vs Orton vs Big Show vs Del Rio at TLC?
  271. What is a non-wrestler WWE employee's schedule like?
  272. Do people realize that Christian is injured?
  273. Did You Know That John Cena Is Considering retirement?
  274. Would Soffe shorts be good for wrestling?
  275. WWE Wrestling Section Quiz?
  276. Another Randy Orton Cena Fued?
  277. why is randy orton so boring now?
  278. why do people hate john cena so much?
  279. WWE: Would you guys want to see The Undertaker vs. John Cena in a 'I QUIT' Match at WrestleMania?
  280. List these wrestler from best to worst + BQ!!!!!?
  281. Why is it that the Bella Twins are allowed 2 waste WWE air time while a worker like JTG has 2
  282. WWE: Why do people want Daniel Bryan to be in the Main Event?
  283. Where the hell is Vince McMahon?
  284. Do you think HHH and Steph are taking up too much tv time?
  285. Do you guys want to start a chat?
  286. I demand a WS championship shot right now?
  287. Who will be the next Divas Champion?
  288. Do you like this storyline? wm30?
  289. What if this happens at WM, how will WWE fix it?
  290. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : The wwe would be better off with 1 champion?
  291. Can someone give me a list of all the basic WWE moves?
  292. What do you think about a theme night for wrestling on Tinychat every Sunday?
  293. What if this happens at WM, how will WWE fix it?
  294. Will WWSE go into an Attitude Era war on Thy Kingdom's wrestling organization?
  295. Which city do you think wrestling will be most successful in?
  296. Does misogyny hold back women from being respected in the WWE?
  297. WWE: Has this ever been more true and relevant than now?
  298. WS Major Announcement Regarding Next PPV?
  299. WWE: Do you think this Orton vs Cena Feud is Creative?
  300. WWE: What Era Do You Miss Most?
  301. what's the point to unify the titles?
  302. What did you think of this past monday night raw?
  303. WWE: Did Last Nights Hardcore Match Prove that WWE isnt close to leaveing the PG Era?
  304. Where was Kane on Raw last night?
  305. Should Randy Orton Make History at Tlc?
  306. Anyone else thought that Miz tv segment was painfully awful?
  307. WWE: Why are people still trying to troll with CM Punk hate?
  308. How would you feel IF this happned?
  309. What happens when the Total Divas fans realize that AJ is a better champion than every woman on...
  310. Agree/Disagree: Dean Ambrose Should Lose The United States Championship .. !?
  311. Was Aksana BREAST FOR BUSINESS on Raw last night?
  312. How do I do a stream of me singing so you can chat w/ me and request songs all at one time?
  313. Why is CM punk such a terrible face? John Cena 2.0?
  314. Will Randy Orton prove to John Cena that he is the face of the WWE at TLC?
  315. Was this one of JTGs biggest moments in the WWE?
  316. When AJ Lee breaks Maryse's record will she be declared the Queen of the WWE?
  317. How do you feel about the Total Divas beating the "True Divas" back to back?
  318. WWE: Is The Miz face or heel now?
  319. Which RAW theme song do you like best?
  320. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with mark henry & big e Langston as a tag team last night?
  321. Do you think Brie Bella was more scared of Randy Orton than what the Wyatt's can do to Daniel Bryan?
  322. How could Michael Cole overlook Nikki at Survivor Series?
  323. Should Michael Cole show one of the divas his rock collection?
  324. Could Michael Cole appear on Total Divas and no one would want to train with him?
  325. Do you agree with Jerry Lawler are the Divas the hottest thing since Global Warming?
  326. Is Brodus Clay mad that the Funkadactyl's went with Xavier Woods?
  327. Do you think Eva Marie was booed because she slapped Jerry Lawler?
  328. What do you think of JBL saying Zeb Coulter taught him how to Twerk?
  329. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying that Nikki Bella's rack was the best he's ever seen?
  330. Should Jerry Lawler dress as a turkey so JBL will dress up as a pilgrim?
  331. Do you feel sorry for Eva Marie's fiance since Eva was flirting with Michael Strahan?
  332. Are you surprised John Cena wasn't mad that Nikki Bella was talking to Michael Strahan?
  333. Anyone else not like Michael Strahan?
  334. i need help creating a wrestling name?
  335. Did Xavier Woods have a little lady luck tonight?
  336. What do you think of Jerry Lawler and JBL saying they are going to watch Christmas Bounty?
  337. How is JBL going to watch Christmas Bounty if he is going to be commentating on Smackdown?
  338. Was it weird that The Miz was watching himself in "Christmas Bounty" before his match against Kofi?
  339. Does anyone else find it odd that Brie Bella didn't seem too concerned about her ficance?
  340. Are you surprised that Naomi remembers how to dance after that vicious kick from Tamina?
  341. Even if they are Eagles' fans, how could Señor Booker respect Brie Bella?
  342. Do you think the Wyatts blackmailed Brie Bella to pretend like she didn't know about the kidnapping?
  343. What do you think the Wyatts will feed Daniel Bryan?
  344. What will Daniel Bryan's reaction be if he watches that autograph segment?
  345. should we expect the newbie to go far in wwe?
  346. Wow, Brie doesnt seem a tad bit concerned about Daniel. Some Fiancé huh?
  347. Do you think you could hip toss Michael Strahan?
  348. Does Daniel Bryan like being called Goatface now since he has a goat on his shirt?
  349. so since bigshow lost at survivor series is now safe to say he will never win the wwe title again?
  350. We are going to have another undisputed champion!!!!?
  351. would you name your finishing move a "The Circumcision"?
  352. is it clobberin' time?
  353. How do you feel about the Total Divas beating the "true divas" last night?
  354. Finally the unstoppable shield from a year ago is back?
  355. Who you think will when at tlc cena or orton?
  356. Did anyone find JBL's "twerk" comment disturbing?
  357. you have the owen hart fall video?
  358. Do you think Cena vs Orton is just a sad excuse for Cena to become WWE champion?
  359. Is anyone else happy that WWE is unifying the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight championship?
  360. This is why I hate crowds like tonight's on Raw?
  361. Should I give my boss a sheep mask?
  362. Could Bray Wyatt's hate toward CM Punk be revenge for the belt whips?
  363. Does The Fact That Everyone Hates Ryback Prove That He Is Doing A Good Job As A Heel .. !?
  364. What Is The Thing You Hate Most About Ryback .. !?
  365. Is Brian Dying In Family Guy The Equivalent To The Divas Division Dying When Aj Loses Her Title
  366. Who Looks Younger, Aj Lee Or JoJo From Total Divas .. !?
  367. If singers/rappers were WWE wrestlers what matches would be good and with who?
  368. Apart from john cena who do you think can be face of wwe?
  369. Should I get WWE 2K14 or stick with WWE '12?
  370. cena vs orton for Face of the WWE?
  371. Did no one like Big Show's match tonight?
  372. Reason why WWE won't unify the championships at Wrestlemania?
  373. WS: Should Brock Lesnar come back as a face?
  374. How to forget wrestling forever?
  375. Why would the WWE have Eva Marie scripted to outlast AJ Lee, who is clearly better than Eva,...
  376. Wrestling :Is Xavier Woods just JtG?
  377. What was the point of the Show and Orton match?
  378. Is the WWE going back to the dry well of Orton vs Cena?
  379. so the once banned move because of PG terms was used to win the match (punt kick)?
  380. Is this the face of the WWE?
  381. WWE: Sandow and Ziggler has the best Matches?
  382. Does Roman, in fact, reign?
  383. Tamina Snuka or Lei'd Tapa?
  384. These two divas elimination matches is a way you can tell wrestling is fake?
  385. Does the term bury now mean to beat someone?
  386. Did John Cena join the Authority?
  387. do you agree that roman reigns is the best from the shield after survivor series?
  388. WWE: Why does WWE have a hard time creating New Main Events?
  389. WWE: Demented Dwarf what is a Juggalo?
  390. Who else can't wait for the World Heavyweight Championship to become retired?
  391. WWE: The TRUTH about the Wrestling Section?
  392. WWE: Wrestling Section, what is your favorite band?
  393. WS MITB Participants?
  394. We need a WS user to be in the WS Money in the Bank poster?
  395. isn't it funny how when Nikki Bella did "The Worm" the crowd was like *cricket cricket*?
  396. How do you do the OMG Dive in wwe2k14 for the PS3 for the Undertaker for WrestleMania 23 in 30...
  397. WWE: Are we in 2013 or 2008/2009 with Orton and Cena?
  398. Should people fear seeing Randy orton and Santino marella on a plane?
  399. When did Rick Ross sign with wwe?
  400. Who will be the next undisputed champion?
  401. Who should be fired in WWE?
  402. What do you think will happen on Monday Night Raw Tonight?
  403. what happened at survivor series?
  404. Rate My Wrestlemania 30 card?
  405. Your opinion on a possible Kofi Heel turn?
  406. How boring was that divas match?
  407. Did You Hear The WWE Fans Chanting "We Want Aj" .. !?
  408. how did orton retain his wwe title at survivor series?
  409. What are your thoughts about WWE Survivor Series 2013?
  410. What do you think of Mick Foley saying John Cena will not win at Survivor Series?
  411. What do you think of Vinnie and Cameron not having sex in a while?
  412. What do you think of Naomi saying Jimmy Uso turns to the Grinch when he doesn't get s*x from her?
  413. Why is Natalya mad at Eva Marie for training with her if Tyson Kidd doesn't want to have sex...
  414. Was Vinnie using the pillow to hide his erection?
  415. What do you think of Cameron saying Vinnie's pen*s is too big for her?
  416. What do you think of Cameron liking oral but not intercourse?
  417. Should Cameron talk to Nikki Bella bout a vibr*tor?
  418. Would you rather go to the Performance Center and train with Eva Marie or go hang out...
  419. Should Cameron dress up as Nurse Cameron since Nikki Bella dressed up as "Nurse Nikki" with Cena?
  420. What do you think about Natalya saying she isn't a "bombshell" like Eva Marie is?
  421. Good conditioning workout? (Wrestling)?
  422. Is anyone else glad that John Cena and Nikki Bella are happy once again?
  423. Which type of Wrestling shoes should I buy?
  424. What do you think about Tyson Kidd not wanting to kiss Natalya in front of others in the...
  425. Did John Cena join the Authority last night at Survivor Series?
  426. How do you think WWE Survivor Series will end tonight(Bonus information)?
  427. What did Roman Reigns do at WWE Survivor Series that was so impressive?
  428. Do You Think This Could Happen Tonight .. !?
  429. Would John Cena & Ryback Be A Good Rivalry For The WHC ?
  430. Are WWE Fans The Most Bizarre Fans In The World .. !?
  431. Have You Ever Met A WWE Fan Who's Favourite Wrestler Was .. !?
  432. Where can i download WWE Survivor Series 2013 for free maybe a 1 link download if possible?
  433. Agree/Strongly Agree: Ryback's Match Tonight Is The Most Interesting .. !?
  434. Who do you think Triple H will bury next?
  435. Roman Reigns coming out party last night at Survivor Series?
  436. YOUR Survivor Series 2013 Predictions?
  437. Who's more injury prone Rey Mysterious or Christian?
  438. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  439. Cena's trying to build the 5 moves of doom lol?
  440. What are some of your favorite women storylines/angles in WWE history?
  441. who do you think will face ryback tonight will it be a legend?
  442. Do you think Goldberg will be the one to face ryback tonight?
  443. Why does Shawn Michaels think it's okay to kill animals for fun?
  444. What has been the worst WWE PPV of the PG Era?
  445. WWE: Do people who hate CM Punk hate CM Punk himself or you hate him because his fans overrate him?
  446. how will WWE survivor series turn out in your opinion?
  447. Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan, Who is the best in the world?
  448. WWE: Whos more Boring - Del Rio,Randy Orton or Curtis Axel?
  449. WWE: When Del Rio loses Tonight will he finally stop Main Eventing?
  450. Is Survivor Series Worth The Money?
  451. Randy orton is best with baby face or hell look?
  452. Agree/Disagree: Ryback Should Be The Face Of The Company Instead Of Randy Orton .. !?
  453. Did Aj Lee Single Handedly Prove The Existence Of God .. !?
  454. WS: Do I Come Across To You People As A Female .. !?
  455. Does Your Heart Rate Increase When Aj Lee's Music Hits .. !?
  456. CM Punk Fans, What Numbers Comes After 434 .. !?
  457. Question for Thy Kingdom?
  458. What are the actual birth names of these wrestlers?
  459. Can Liam Payne be a Good Technical wrestler?
  460. What are the top 3 WWE, TNA, ROH, WCW and ECW matches in history?
  461. WS Money in the Bank Qualifying Round 6?
  462. Open Spot For the WS MITB!!!!?
  463. Wrestling Question to Thy Kingdom?
  464. WS Money in the Bank Qualifying Round 5?
  465. big show's time to shine and to win the WWE title?
  466. Remember when Goldust tapped to Swagger's Patriot Lock in just 10 seconds?
  467. Does everyone watches Wrestling?
  468. whats the difference between wwe'13 and wwe 2k14?
  469. So what is the difference between a Normal Suplex and Goldust's finisher? #WWE?
  470. WS Money in the Bank Qualifying Round 4?
  471. Which member of the shield would you do?
  472. Who is better Gail Kim or AJ Lee?
  473. Who is the wrestler you have a crush on?
  474. Who is the best female authority figure in WWE history? (storyline/on screen)?
  475. When Evan Bourne returns dyou think he will be as good as he was before his injury?
  476. ROH Punk what is your gender?
  477. Reasons Why CM Punk sucks on the mic?
  478. Who is a better Technical wrestler?
  479. What do you think of these WWE jokes?
  480. Can all Punk haters admit that CM Punk has awesome matches?
  481. This WS Survivor Series will be different?
  482. WS Monday Night Raw Buildup to WS Survivor Series?
  483. WS Survivor Series Match Card?
  485. Guys, wanna watch any Wrestling Match together?
  486. At WS Survivor Series, It's gonna be the end of the world as you know it?
  487. Has Rey Mysterio ever been heel? +BQ?
  488. What is best wwe or tna?
  489. Will randy orton win this sunday?
  490. Is RYBACK is the worst wrestler in wwe history?
  491. WWE: Is Brad Maddox Ever Going To Be A Wrestler?
  492. WWE: Do you think there will be any Face/ Heel turns at Survivor Series?
  493. How Long Does It Have To Be To Pleasure Aj Lee .. !?
  494. Why Can't People Just Leave Ryback Alone .. !?
  495. What are consolation semi-finals in wrestling?
  496. If you could create a gimmick what would you make?
  497. Wrestling: Kane in his prime vs The Great Khali in his prime, who is better?
  498. Where Were You When Aj Lee Lost Her Virginity .. !?
  499. Who Is A Bigger Fan, Me Of Aj Lee Or Aaliyah Of CM Punk .. !?
  500. WS Money in the Bank sign-ups?