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  1. Does AJ Lee get the Rey Mysterio treatment from the internet wrestling community?
  2. AJ Lee is the Stone Cold Steve Austin of the WWE Divas Division?
  3. Poll: Psycho AJ Lee or Psycho Mickie James?
  4. Should Seth Rollins kiss me passionately on the lips?
  5. Who is better- AJ Lee or Ariana Grande?
  6. Ariana Grande vs WWE divas division?
  7. Ariana Grande can easily win the Divas Champion and have the longest title run ever?
  8. gail kim is better than aj lee?
  9. The WWE is doing Christmas theme next week on Raw, and does anybody else agree Bryan should
  10. Should Cartman from South Park Join The Authoritah!?
  11. Why can't Daniel Bryan fans admit he got over because of the YES chants?
  12. Was anybody else upset that CM Punk never brought back the WWE ice cream bars like he promise?
  13. Who else thinks that CM Punk and John Cena are the modern Stone Cold and The Rock of the PG Era?
  14. Did you break the code when Chris Jericho returned in 2007?
  15. Would Ariana Grande ever make it to the WWE?
  16. How awesome is Orton he took out both Super Bryan and Super Cena?
  17. Why is Cena not the Undertaker? He buries more people than Undertaker does?
  18. Will the fact that Paige is British hold her back in the WWE?
  19. True or False- CM Punk lost his match last night and AJ Lee won her match?
  20. Would you rather get slapped hard in the chest by Great Khali or get a Cesaro Spin everday for a
  21. Should the Shield take on Andre the Giant in a 3 on 1 buried alive match?
  22. do wwe think were stupid?
  23. whos better in your opinion sting or bret hart?
  24. Aaliyah, Could You Not Answer My Questions About Our WWE Divas Champion, Aj Lee .. !?
  25. why did cm punk still y2j best in the world gimmick?
  26. Who did/do you like better Jericho or Stone Cold?
  27. Is John Cena and Daniel Bryan afraid of the Authority?
  28. Why hasn't Zeb Colter said anything about black people yet?
  29. Who's gonna win next week on RAW Mark Henry(Good Santa) or Damien Sandow(Bad Santa)(anyone
  30. Why didn't the WWE universe choose Los Matadores to be CM Punk's partners?
  31. What happend to Beth Phoenix why is she not in the WWE anymore?
  32. Did anyone else laugh when Roman Reigns mocked Punk and told him to shut up?
  33. If CM Punk doesn't smoke why does he have yellow teeth?
  34. Since Austin always won back in the day why didn't people call him Super Austin?
  35. What is this position called?
  36. Do wrestling fans realize that jumping around doing flips and somersaults doesn't make you a good
  37. Does Vince McMahon hate Obama because he's black?
  38. Which part time wrestler "One" would you like to see return Full time?
  39. Are you excited CM Punk is next?
  40. Which diva was more pretty Maryse or Kelly Kelly?
  41. Is this role that Kane is in stupid?
  42. Anyone else think HBK will come out of retirement and face Punk at WM30?
  43. WWE Ruined Randy Orton's Gimmick- Agree or Disagree?
  44. Why is Randy Orton facing Daniel Bryan again!?
  45. Why do people say All CM Punk does in the ring is Kicks?
  46. Do you agree with my list for top 10 WWE matches this year?
  47. Do you think Fandago and Summer Rae are banging in the locker room? (no joke)?
  48. Anyone getting any thing off for Christmas?
  49. Why is Big Show slobbering?
  50. Did John Cena run out just to see if Daniel Bryans balls were okay?
  51. Will the kids be afraid of Damian Sandow as Santa Claus that they're going to be Claustrophobic?
  52. Did you want to see Antonio Cessaro spin Mark Henry?
  53. Does JBL's mouth need a hammer when his mouth keeps running?
  54. If Daniel Bryan refuses to join with the reapers would he burn with the saints?
  55. Is the marriage between Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella an inter species marriage?
  56. Does Michael Cole get a cut of John Cena's merchandise?
  57. Are you surprised that WWE didn't make the bad santa black?
  58. What do you think of JBL and Michael Cole not signing the Slammy?
  59. What do you think Jerry Lawler's other two wishes were?
  60. What do you think of Jerry Lawler not caring wheter Summer Rae has been naughty or nice?
  61. Were the commentators doing selfies because the Tag Team match was boring?
  62. What do you think Jerry Lawler's other two wishes were?
  63. What do you think of JBL saying he used to do dive attacks often in his career?
  64. Who's going to win next week, The bad Santa or the good Santa?
  65. How huge is Randy Orton's ego after winning both championships?
  66. Wrestling:Who will be the future baby face of WWE?
  67. wouldn't it be funny if Damien Sandow enlightened the WWE Children about Santa Claus?
  68. When will Daniel Bryan get his chance at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship vs Randy Orton?
  69. Was Tamina Snuka too rough with that little girl?
  70. Have you seen the Royal Rumble 2014 poster?
  71. Is it just me, or did Daniel Bryan and John Cena each got stronger crowd cheers than CM Punk
  72. Why do WWE Superstars hold on to a white rope in a tag team match?
  73. Wrestling:Who is better The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  74. Is CM Punk the WWE Version of Shaq?
  75. WWE edits out Cena boo's and deletes Wyatt Family cheers and Sandow cheers?
  76. Who has the best spear in WWE+BQ?
  77. Wrestling:In WWE who are the Top 5 wrestlers in Active Roster?
  78. Do you get excited when you see a WWE Superstar bleed because it rarely happens?
  79. Doesn't AJ Lee make a Perfect Elf?
  80. Wwe triple h net worth?
  81. Terrific match Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton yeah?
  82. How awesome was that Randy Orton interview!?
  83. Wasn't that a fun promo with HBK and CM Punk?
  84. What are the Wyatts saying?
  85. Is tonight's main event on WWE Raw between Orton and Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight title?
  86. Ariana Grande vs AJ Lee- Who will win?
  87. Does John Cena walk in Randy Orton's shadow?
  88. Would it take some sort of major nWo sort of faction to come along for the WWE to make...
  89. Do you think Randy Orton Needs to Man Up to his Responsibility?
  90. If The Authority always listen to the WWE Universe, why arent they calling it the WWE Unified...
  91. Could Ariana Grande be the face of the divas division?
  92. WRESTLING : Don't you realize cm punk looks like wolverine wolverine?
  93. Did you really think Cena was going to break those handcuffs?
  94. Should Dolph Ziggler Turn Heel WWE?
  95. Will Ryback ever become a world champion in the WWE + BQ?
  96. AJ Lee and Ariana Grande vs CM Punk and Seth Rollins?
  97. If Ariana Grande joined WWE, would she become the Divas champion?
  98. Which is the better stable- The Shield or The Wyatt Family?
  99. Who's next to challenge for the Divas title?
  100. Do you think that Ariana Grande can be a WWE diva?
  101. Who do you think will return first Sheamus Or Chris Jericho?
  102. Do you think Randy Orton silenced the WWE Universe after TLC?
  103. The new season of Total Divas is until March 2014?? Noooooooo!! Your thoughts?
  104. At the end of the day, is it possible that John Cena choked at TLC?
  105. OH NO!!! So Randy Orton is the champion?
  106. WRESTLING : Is'nt it embarrassing how the wwe put Daniel bryan with kane a while back?
  107. Do you think Nikki Bella should dump John Cena since he doesn't want kids or marriage?
  108. Should Eva Marie have told her family that she was going to go home with her boyfriend?
  109. Your thoughts on Natalya telling Stephanie McMahon she deserves the Divas title because of her name?
  110. Are you shocked that Vickie Guerrero found Brodus Clay "cute"?
  111. How emotional has this season finale of Total Divas been to you?
  112. Did anyone else like the sportsmanship that both Rhodes Brothers' and Rey Mysterio and Big Show
  113. Randy Orton Vs John Cena whose the more stale?
  114. If Randy Orton was fired from wwe would you care?
  115. WWE: Best PPV,Worst PPV,DIsapointment PPV of the Year?
  116. Do you like the Orton vs Cena feud?
  117. Did The Shield Split Up, I Can't Rent PPV?
  118. What if Mr. Anderson mistakenly said Kennedy instead of Anderson?
  119. What are some matches that we are likely to see on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  120. Who won the Fatal-4-Way Elimination for WWE Tag Team Championships at the 2013 TLC Pay-Per-View?
  121. Who won the WWE Undisputed Championship at the 2013 TLC Pay-Per-View?
  122. do you agree that thy kingdom is really like triple h?
  123. Who won the Intercontential Championship at the 2013 TLC Pay-Per-View?
  124. why do people like aj lee so much?
  125. which wrestler would you like to hit with a steel chair?
  126. Why do you think Natalya sent Stephanie the message that she had no underwear and was ready to ride?
  127. Do you think TLC was a good PPV?
  128. What does the letter "F" stand for in Brodus Clay's attire?
  129. Does anybody else think John Cena should've invited Nikki's friends when he was there?
  130. Do you think it was rude of Nikki Bella to not let her family be happy for Brie instead of
  131. How rude was it of Johnathan, Eva Marie's fiance not wearing a shirt in the dinner table?
  132. Do you think Stephanie McMahon showed Triple H Natalya's messages?
  133. What do you think of Natalya wanting to be Divas Champion because of her last name Neidhart?
  134. Did anyone find it funny that the crowd chanted "boring" during The Miz and Kofi Kingston match?
  135. Is fandango a heel tweener or face?
  136. Why do you think John Cena can't give Nikki Bella a kid?
  137. Was anyone glad Natalya lost the match against AJ Lee for the Divas Championship and cried?
  138. Do you agree with JBL do you not want to see shaking hands and want to see people getting beat up?
  139. Why does Punk yell "It's Clobberin' Time!" before his matches?
  140. Wrestling:Is AJ Lee the only Diva that can cut promos?
  141. When will AJ Lee lose the divas title?
  142. Do you think this ppv has sucked so far?
  143. How boring Randy Orton won?
  144. Wwe predictions,who do you think will win?
  145. What's the best match in the 2013 WWE TLC show?
  146. What's the worst match in the 2013 WWE TLC show?
  147. Are you bored of Triple H and Stephanie yet?
  148. WRESTLING : Now that we have a 1 and only champion of champions,?
  149. Wrestling:Which stable cuts better promos The Nexus or The Sheild?BQ?
  150. Who will be next to challenge Divas Champion, Future WWE Hall of Famer and Diva of the Decade, AJ
  151. Is it gonna be Punk vs Bryan vs Orton vs Cena at wrestlemania 30?
  152. Wow CM Punk is opening TLC how low has he fallen?
  153. Ok WWE has sink to a new low, if you win the Royal Rumble 2014 you don't get a title shot?
  154. Since Daniel Bryan said that he was going to be first up for a title shot...?
  155. I really thought Vince was going to introduce his own superstar that would beat the
  156. YES The Wyatt's won who else is happy?
  157. Do you agree with this list?
  158. anyone remember when John Cena ducktaped Batista to climb the ladder and become champ!?
  159. Am i the only one getting annoyed when fans yell "Boring"?
  160. Aren't you glad you don't have to listen to hillbilly boy JR say Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold?
  161. Is Daniel Bryan Super Overrated and The YES Chants got him over?
  162. If you could describe Aj Lee in one word what would it be?
  163. Do you think CM Punk will win?
  164. Are you happy CM Punk won?
  165. Are you Team Cena Or Team Orton or neither?
  166. Any Chance Sheamus comes back and gets involved?
  167. What was your favorite match tonight?
  168. Triple H Vs The Rock - Representative Of Vince Mcmahon Full Control Of WWE?
  169. Is CM Punk- Shield rivalry over now?
  170. Anyone else hoping The Real Americans win this thing?
  171. If Daniel Bryan joins The Wyatt's will they look like The Duck Dynasty cast?
  172. Do you find the WWE crowds annoying lately?
  173. Sooo Aaliyah is an awkward 14 year old prepubescent girl who likes singing and loves CM Punk?
  174. Who else is happy that Randy Orton got what he deserved?
  175. Is that the official name of the title, WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  176. Does Cena,HHH,CM Punk and Orton have Freedom on the Mic?
  177. Would you agree that AJ Lee drew more attention to the Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk match?
  178. Cena gets hit with a ladder?
  179. Who do you think will win the unified title Cena or Orton or Triple H?
  181. YOUR TLC 2013 Predictions?
  182. Are you going for Natayla or AJ Lee at TLC?
  183. How will Supercena win tonight?
  184. So Brock Lesnars the most dominant alpha male in the WWE, whose the most dominant alpha male in the
  185. What is Vince Mcmahon doing at TLC tonight?
  186. Who is this Aaliyah person and how come nobody likes her?
  187. Do you think WWE should bring another singles championship since It's undisputed now?
  188. Who are you people
  189. Do you think John Cena is feels or will feel pressure from Cenation to beat Randy Orton at TLC?
  190. Do you think John Cena or Daniel Bryan had "fun" with their Bella girlfriend to calm their nerves?
  191. If John Cena loses to Randy Orton, should John Cena fear losing Nikki Bella to Randy Orton?
  192. If you booked Austin vs Lesnar at WM?
  193. WWE wrestlers and porn
  194. If Randy Orton beats John Cena and becomes the ONE champion in WWE, are you scared of WWE's future?
  195. Which match is/was bigger: John Cena vs the Rock or Randy Orton vs John Cena for the Unified
  196. Unified Titles
  197. Which WWE Superstar/Diva is the most nervous as we speak for TLC?
  198. Will you cry when CM Punk retires?
  199. Would you be excited if you were in a cockpit of an airplane with Rosa Mendes?
  200. Do WWE superstars and Divas get free shirts?
  201. What do you think of the WWE Universe saying out of the other nominees Natalya deserved Diva of
  202. Do you think Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are going to watch Total Divas tommorow?
  203. Are CM Punks teeth yellow?
  204. Why doesn't Real Americans ever talk bad abvout Lilian Garcia?
  205. Did anybody saw a sign behind CM Punk as he was going to attack Triple H on the Slammy
  206. Why is CM Punk retiring from professional wrestling?
  207. where can i buy the full wwe wrestlemania boxset for uk play?
  208. In your opinion, who is the master of the spear?
  209. Why are some people thinking that HHH will win the unification match at TLC?
  210. would you agree that the shield should break up at royal rumble instead of tlc?
  211. do you like getting best answers or not?
  212. Is it true that Stevie Wonder can wrestle better than CM Punk?
  213. Do you think CM Punk will get revenge on HBK for sweet chin music?
  214. How did John Cena go from a creative rapper dissing peeps left to right to a boring stale PG...
  215. WTF, I was on wikipedia, and is says EC3 is 719 years old?
  216. Do you guys have any Pets?
  217. Why do people want The Shield to stay as a Tag Team?
  218. Why do people want The Shield to stay as a Tag Team?
  219. Do you think a Spelling Bee is a good WWE Segment?
  220. Why is Seth Rollins in the Shield when all he can do is step on people?
  221. If the funkadactyls beat tons of funk at TLC, how creepy should Triple H's smile be while he
  222. When Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins get a divorce, who will look after Roman Reigns?
  223. Should we make a collage of Seth Rollins pics that blend together to form the image of the...
  224. Should WWE fire Daniel Bryan for hijacking the closing Raw segment?
  225. Why doesn't the WWE universe understand Daniel Bryan isn't good for business?
  226. Which clubhouse do you like more: The Shield's or Aces and Eights'?
  227. Did anyone else mark out when JBL mentioned Booker T's "Shucky Ducky Quack Quack"?
  228. Your thoughts on Bray Wyatt singing his lullaby to his "pets" before he "puts them down"?
  229. Were you surprised Daniel Bryan proposed to Brie Bella, since AJ Lee left him at the altar before?
  230. Who do you think the Authority has faith in?
  231. Do you think the Bellas lost on Smackdown because they won the "Total Diva of the Year" Slammy?
  232. Is it embarrassing that the "Total Divas of the Year", Bella Twins, lost to AJ Lee and Tamina?
  233. Does AJ Lee care more about skipping around the ring?
  234. Since the Bellas are dating John Cena and Daniel Bryan, why aren't they as good as them?
  235. If WWE asked you if you wanted to star in a Christmas movie with Francia Raisa, what would you say?
  236. Were you disappointed when Triple H accepted Randy Orton's apology?
  237. Do you agree with John Cena? Do you think Randy Orton doesn't have the "nuts"?
  238. Is Booker T the best salesman the WWE has?
  239. Would you like to see more from AJ Lee than AJ Lee just skipping around?
  240. Are the WWE Universe the losers when it comes to the Slammys because our opinions are "worthless"?
  241. Thoughts on Santa Claus saying "Feliz Navidad" instead of "Merry Christmas"?
  242. Whod win Chris Jericho vs Sandow vs Wade Barret?
  243. Can You Believe Aaliyah Thinks CM Punk Is Better Than Shawn Michaels .. !?
  244. Why Can't CM Punk Fans Just Admit That Daniel Bryan Is Simply Better .. !?
  245. Why Do People Says That Aj Lee Has No Breasts .. !?
  246. Im a 105 pound Freshman wrestler but my coach wants me to wrestle varsity?
  247. Will WWE ever go back to TV-14?
  248. Don?t You Think Daniel Bryan Sounds Better Than Bryan Danielson .. !?
  249. Whats the difference between AJ Lee and a 14 year old?
  250. TLC will be the best PPV of the year, Agree or Disagree ?
  251. Which WWE Wrestler Gets The Loudest Reaction When They Take Their Shirt Off .. !?
  252. who would win in a steel cage matchup between Andre the Giant, and the Great Khali?
  253. Wrestling Section:Do you think Dean Ambrose is gonna get speared by reigns this sunday?
  254. Did anyone else notice the crowd scream when it looked like Dean was going to use the knee...
  255. WS, Do you agree that The Miz looks like Charles Manson But not on Crack?
  256. Does Orton running over Stephanie remined you of Big show running over AJ Lee?
  257. Why does Undertaker think Dean Ambrose is such a good wrestler when all he can do is punches?
  258. Wow Why is it that Cena says the same old crap every promo?
  259. John Cena can lift Big Show but CM punk lost to Paul Heyman?
  260. Do you notice when the Crowd gets loud Randy Orton starts screaming into the Mic?
  261. WS ,Do you believe in The Shield or Believe in the Best in the world?
  262. Do you hate when you get the Best Answer but the guy doesn't explain why he choose you as best
  263. Who would win in a triple threat Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, or Dean Ambrose?
  264. Davey Richards vs John Cena?
  265. What happened to Rob Van Dam?
  266. Will WWE Be Able To Survive Without CM Punk .. !?
  267. Who Has A Bigger Ego, Triple H Or CM Punk .. !?
  268. Who had the best facial hair. Chris Jericho ( 2002 ) or Daniel Bryan ( current )?
  269. Mid Carders 10 years ago were bigger then todays Main Eventers, Agree or Disagree?
  270. Wrestling:What are the rules of Chairs match?
  271. Is CM Punk Big Enough Of A Superstar To Get A Legend's Contract .. !?
  272. What Song Would Suit Me As A WWE Diva?
  273. Wrestling:What is the difference between Ladders and TLC match?
  274. What do you think of my 2013 TLC in-depth predictions?
  275. Is anyone else starting to hate Natalya after her being on Total Divas?
  276. Do you agree with JBL if he were to spontaneous combust it would be awful for commentary?
  277. What do you think of Dean Ambrose saying The Uso chant is pretty fun?
  278. Do you agree with JBL is Rybaxel a horrible name?
  279. Do you agree with JBL shouldn't the Divas champion be Total Diva of the year?
  280. Are you surprised Triple H has seen the Randy Orton pushing Stephanie video over and over?
  281. Proof WCW was amazing?
  282. Was Michael Cole giving his opinion when he asked JBL if he thinks Randy Orton should apologize?
  283. WRESTLING : Don't you think its time the SHIELD go there own separate ways?
  284. Agree/Disagree: Daniel Bryan And CM Punk Are Going To Be The Final Two In The Royal Rumble .. !?
  285. Do You Find Triple H Entertaining Or Annoying In WWE .. !?
  286. If You Were A Wrestler, Would You Rather Be WWE Champion Or Superstar Or The Year .. !?
  287. Who was the last wrestler to hold more than one title?
  288. Who Is The Better Overall Performer, The Undertaker Or Shawn Michaels .. !?
  289. WRESTLING : Who's the real blame with Stephanie McMahan getting hit?
  291. Why Is Daniel Bryan Marrying Brie Bella When He Could've Had Aj Lee .. !?
  292. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Much Are You Looking Forward To The Unification Match At TLC .. !?
  293. Why Does CM Punk Keep Getting Injured .. !?
  294. WS TLC begins in 6 hours?
  295. Forget a Cena heel turn when will Kofi turn heel?
  296. did you know Brodus Clay is a Main-Event Player?
  297. Was anyone else surprised that WWE Main Event showed Randy Orton pinning Chris Benoit for the title?
  298. WS, where does your faith lye?
  299. What do you think of the dixe land match for impact wrestling tna title next week?
  300. Can John Cena Really Wrestle?
  301. When theirs low PPV ratings is it the WWE Superstars fault or the WWE writers?
  302. Do you think Randy Orton should apologize for Running stephanie mcmahon over?
  303. Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage?
  304. how far do you think this bad news garret gimmick will go?
  305. Which are you looking foward to more CM Punk vs The Shield or Daniel Bryan Vs Wyatt Family?
  306. When Madison Rayne helped ODB out, did anyone else think that was Christy Hemme?
  307. What happened to Fandango's first female dance partner?
  308. Should Hunico play other wrestlers too?
  309. When Mr Ambrose made the Shield, did he give Roman a spear as his finisher because he felt sorry
  310. Should the Shield interrupt cricket matches too?
  311. do you think these matches will happen at wm30...?
  312. If Undertaker is so great, why does he only win 1 match every year?
  313. Since Taz said he doesn't like Earl Hebner, does that mean he is a Bret Hart fan?
  314. Will Rockstar Spudd get a ticket for not putting his seatbelt on?
  315. If you were a TNA wrestler, would you enter yourself in the "Feast or Fired" match?
  316. Did Velvet Sky's hair look different to you during Impact Wrestling?
  317. What was your reaction when you saw Madison Rayne return to TNA and help ODB out?
  318. Who else is a "Creature of the Night" in this section?
  319. Can you imagine Dixie Carter's nephew, Ethan Carter III, being fired in the Feast or Fired match?
  320. Were you surprised that AJ Styles wore a cap and jeans during the middle of the night?
  321. WOAH!! Did Eric Young just tell Joseph Park he is his brother, Abyss?? Your thoughts?
  322. WS, Happy Friday the 13th?
  323. Does anyone else agree that Eric Young had a smart plan in making Joseph Park see blood so...
  324. What are your thoughts on Eric Young not being able to count past the number, 8?
  325. If Dewey Barnes or Norv Fernum get the suitcase that grants them a World title shot,
  326. Do you think Jeff Hardy went to eat with Dixie Carter because he likes her?
  327. Do you agree with Bobby Roode? Has Bobby Roode beaten Kurt Angle physically and mentally?
  328. What's the point of John Cena turning Heel if people are still gonna hate him?
  329. How funny was it when Austin Aries was checking out Velvet Sky?
  330. Are you happy that Austin Aries won the X Division Championship?
  331. Do you agree with Taz was it Velvet Sky's fault Chris Sabin lost the X Division Championship?
  332. How great was the Feast or Fired match on TNA?
  333. Do you think Mr. Anderson has r*ped Bully Ray's future?
  334. What do you think of Taz saying he doesn't like Feast or Fired?
  335. Do you think Jeff Hardy accepted Dixie Carter's invitation to join her?
  336. when is tna going back on the road?
  337. What do you think of Taz saying he was hoping to see Jeremy Borash get in a match with Ethan Carter?
  338. What do you think of Taz avoiding Joseph Park whenever he sees them?
  339. Does Bobby Roode own Kurt Angle?
  340. How long till Joseph Park puts the mask back on?
  341. who is actually the best wrestler in the world?
  342. If you were a wrestler, what will be your finishing move be called?
  343. Did you know CM Punk is thinking about retiring very soon?
  344. What wrestling move is when you hold someone with your arms?
  345. Which wwe wrestler could you beat in a fight in real life?
  346. TNA: Which wrestlers will help to improve the X-Division?
  347. Will becoming the Unified Champion make Randy Orton bigger than WWE?
  348. when is Sheamus returning to the wwe?
  349. When will my future wife Brie Bella become Divas Champion?
  350. Why is there only one TLC Match this sunday?
  351. How do you think Bret Hart was feeling when he announced Cena vs Rock as Match Of The Year?
  352. posting about Chris Benoit?
  353. Who will win at TLC Big E Langston or Damien Sandow(Tinych4t)?
  354. Why is Impact Wrestling TV-14?
  355. Would a Feud with Batista and Sheamus be Good?
  356. Would Randy Orton be as successful if he wasn't a third generation superstar?
  357. WRESTLING : Who do you think runs their mouth more : VICKIE or HEYMAN?
  358. O Where O Where are my Ice Cream Bars_____________________?
  359. What in the blue hell is Juggalo Championship Wrestling?
  360. Would you say WWE is a sport?
  361. When did the WWE Championship change it's design?
  362. Bella Twins vs Natalya & Beth Phoenix in a steel cage match?
  363. How can I become a pro wrestler?
  364. WWE superstars are better acters then the Hollywood movie stars, Agree or Disagree?
  365. which is the best scenario for the shield?
  366. If John Cena is Respected in the WWE then why does he get boo in Boston?
  367. who's turning heel? Kofi Kingston or Miz?
  368. DX in 2009 is a better Stable then The Shield, Agree or Disagree?
  369. What would it take for all you AJ Lee haters to start liking her?
  370. Why is WWE hanging both WWE and WHC the titles?
  371. What is higher in rank? IC Title of US Title?
  372. Which Finisher Is Better, GTS Or Daniel Bryan's Running Knee To The Face .. !?
  373. Hypothetically, Lets Say John Cena Becomes Undisputed WWE Champion This Sunday At TLC .. !?
  374. Which wrestling stable is better 'The Sheild' or 'The Wyatt Family'?
  375. who would you pick for your 4th shield member?
  376. What would you do if you saw a John Cena Garden Gnome in somebodys lawn?
  377. even is sugesting that the slammies were rigged?
  378. Stone Cold of the 90's or Hogan of the 80's who was more popular in their time in your opinion?
  379. Name WWE superstars that start with these letters?
  380. Unifying the 2 Titles would be better if it was CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan at TLC Agree or Disagree?
  381. John Cena or Randy Orton will Main Event Wrestlemania, Agree or Disagree?
  382. who is your favorite wrestler and ....?
  383. Building and Construction or Business Administration ?
  384. Who's better AJ Styles or Randy Orton?
  385. Is Hulk Hogan vs John Cena becoming closer to a reality?
  386. Why do people who hate AJ Lee often tend to support Divas who can't wrestle?
  387. Is Randy Orton the other John Cena?
  388. Will Brodus Clay ever become, at the very least, a #1 contender for a world title?
  389. do you guys like my wrestling persona, plan on joining the indies after wrestling school?
  390. Which heels wrestlers have defeat Cena?
  391. Which of one these was the closest to end Undertaker's streak?
  392. Since there'll only be one World championship in the WWE?
  393. Why Are WWE Fans Always So Quiet When CM Punk Makes His Entrance .. !?
  394. Do You Forgive The Rock For Not Showing Up On Raw Last Night To Accept His Slammy Award .. !?
  395. hey wwe or tna fans .?
  396. Are CM Punk And Daniel Bryan No Longer A Tag Team .. !?
  397. Is Anyone Else Sick And Tired Of The WWE .. !?
  398. If You Could Give Any WWE Superstar A Christmas Gift, What Would You Get Them .. !?
  399. Alex Riley should be a Main Eventer, Agree or Disagree?
  400. Raw was good after John Cena left but it sucked again after he returned, Agree or disagree?
  401. WWE should get rid of "The Money In The Bank" PPV, Agree or disagree?
  402. Do you think CM Punk will turn heel again?
  403. How can I improve my mic skills?
  404. How to become a WWE diva?
  405. Turmoil backstage after the ending to Raw on Monday?
  406. Do You Remember When Aj Lee Had A Wardrobe Malfunction .. !?
  407. How Do CM Punk Fans Feel Knowing Ryback Has Defeated The Rock And CM Punk Hasn't .. !?
  408. Why Is CM Punk So Jealous Of Triple H .. !?
  409. Is It True That CM Punk Can't Grow A Beard Like Daniel Bryan Because .. !?
  410. What's The Difference Between Me And Every Other CM Punk Fan On This Planet .. !?
  411. Did You See When CM Punk Got Owned On Raw .. !?
  412. If Rikishi And The Rock Made A Tag Team, Would They Be Called "Rock-ishi .. !?
  413. WWE: Who Else Thinks The Shield Is Going To Defeat CM Punk At TLC .. !?
  414. Which Is Better, The Daniel Bryan Chants Or The CM Punk Chants .. !?
  415. Which Wrestler Resembles Your Personality The Most .. !?
  416. Have You Ever Been To A WWE Event .. !?
  417. Was D!ck the Brusier a good wrestler? How would he do today?
  418. Chances of WWE letting these guys go in 2014?
  419. Is Wrestlemania 32 gonna be held in AT&T Stadium?
  420. Wasn't it so cool when CM Punk knocked down Triple H?
  421. Other than Cena/Orton, who would you rather see in a WWE/WHC Unification match?
  422. What can wwe do to make the fans boo the heels?
  423. Why did Sin Cara Discontinued his WWE entrance routine?
  424. Is Hunico seriously Sin Cara AGAIN?
  425. Who is the best wrestler from The Sheild?BQ?
  426. What are The Great Muta best wrestling matches?
  427. WWE: Would You take a job as a Jobber?
  428. Do you think Cena will turn heel this Sunday at TLC?
  429. why can't WWE just let actual votes count?
  430. come on triple h, it wasn't Orton's fault.?
  431. WWE: Bradshaw and Ron Simmons (APA) would destroy The Shield, Agree or Disagree ?
  432. DX made a bigger impact in 1997 then The Shield did in 2012 Agree or Disagree?
  433. Why is everyone so convinced Goldberg is going to be back in a WWE ring?
  434. Final acts as ThyAssistant/MITB?
  435. Will Daniel Bryan win the 2013 Royal Rumble?
  436. Do fights or anything ever break out at the Slammy's?
  437. Do you think Cena will turn heel at WWE TLC?
  438. Past vs present. Who would probably win these matches?
  439. Did not expect that picture at the end of Raw?
  440. Did the Rock not show up At WWE Slammys because He thinks he too good for WWE?
  441. The Bella Twins finally got a big reaction last night. What are your thoughts?
  442. Who do you want to win each match at TLC?
  443. boozer cruiser do u miss it?
  444. WS,Vote for AJ Lee as Diva of the year?
  445. What that's some booty,AJ Derserved WWE Diva of the Year?
  446. Who will be watching the Slammy Awards tonight on Raw?
  447. Daniel Bryan's running knee to the face should have a name.?
  448. Why Has Everyone Turned Their Back On Our WWE Divas Champion, Aj Lee .. !?
  449. Mick Foley vs Mankind vs Cactus Jack vs Dude Love?
  450. Woah, that was an amazing promo. Grade A performance from Cena and Orton.?
  451. Who Is Your Favourite Wrestler Of All Time .. !?
  452. In 1990s,which was the biggest wrestling promotion in the world?
  453. Has any of the Slammy Awards results gone your way?
  455. best WWE Raw ending ever?
  456. Agree/Disagree John Cena is the most underrated wrestler of WWE?
  457. who else is excited for the slammys tonight?
  458. When is Stone Cold Steve Austin gonna make an Appearance on Raw or come to vist the fans?
  459. WWE: Do you think it's awkward when John Cena talks at times?
  460. WWE: Why is The Great Khali in the Ring?
  461. WWE: Who has a better Clothesline - Luke Harper's Discus Clothesline or JBL's Clothesline From Hell?
  462. Should The YES! chant have won Superstar of the year, instead of Daniel Bryan.?
  463. WWE: Who's better - The APA or The Shield?
  464. Why is Daniel Bryan getting a title match after TLC?
  465. Does wwe know know one cares for Orton or Cena, Daniel Bryan is stealing the show?
  466. What was your favorite part of raw tonight?
  467. did everybody just love that ending?
  468. What Is Your Reaction Going To Be When The Rock Vs John Cena 2 Wins Match Of The Year .. !?
  469. Why hasn't anyone who left WWE in the last 2,3 years gone to TNA yet?
  470. Finish this sentance: Cena....?
  471. how was Daniel Bryan VS Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, and Ryback a nominee?
  472. what is the bench press,deadlift and squat record of brock lesnar?
  473. Do you think Pro Wrestling is real, and are your questions and answers real?
  474. who wants to see batista vs brock lesnar in a mma match?
  475. Is John Cena going to win TLC because he worked for his title and it wasn't given to him
  476. Is the Shield gonna start its breakup at TLC?
  477. Zeb should've won insult of the year. He's creative with his insults at least?
  478. Will Hulk Hogan return at WM 30 and take out The Shield all by himself?
  479. Who else is tired of Cole showing us how to download the WWE app?
  480. Why was Miz walking to the mic with the Tons of Funk minitron?
  481. Who else saw that it said 2012 Slammy Awards?
  482. How do you download the WWE App?
  483. Why has WWE stop promoting fast food on their shows?
  484. When will Cena eat next?
  485. Who's your favorite wrestler?
  486. Favorite wrestler of all time?
  487. Do You Think Aj Lee Will Mention My Name In Her Speech When She Wins Diva Of The Year .. !?
  488. Are vanilla midgets to blame for WWE dying?
  489. did anyone know there are more chris jericho fans then cm punk fans in the ws?
  490. For each WWE Slammy award,Who do you think deserves it?
  491. Wow, that kind of got to me when they put the cat to sleep?
  492. Ws do you want john cena to leave?
  493. Can You Guess My 5 Favourite Superstars In The WWE .. !?
  494. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  495. Am I the only one who is sick of all the cena haters?
  496. are you looking forward to the slammy's?
  497. do you think wwe are trying to make cm punk better then chris jericho?
  498. How do I wrestle John Cena in his apartment (burrito)?
  499. If Aj Styles does leave TNA, what do you think is next for him?
  500. Question about the original Sin Cara?