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  1. *news* Matt and lita officially broke up
  2. *EWR news*: TLC is coming back at Revolution 2.0!...But with who?
  3. *news and notes* Edge and Christian, hooded wrestler, More DVD sets, and more
  4. Return Of The Phoenix
  5. *news* No foley at WM 21
  6. New Match Confirmed For WM21
  7. *news and notes* Rock, lita, Cena, Victoria, and more
  8. *news* Masters, triple H
  9. *news* WWE Officially confirms WM 22 Location
  10. old school wrestlers who were good on the mic?
  11. *news and notes* Styles/kash, Jerelle clark, DX, and more
  12. *news and notes* Band to Sue WWE, Fozzy, Australia, Al snow, and more
  13. Biggest Wrestling Bump
  14. *news and notes* raw rating, Rock, Christy, Lycos, and more
  15. *spoilers* IMPACT Taping Results
  16. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results: new champ, and more
  17. *SPOILERS* Bad News Regarding Cena, Us Title, Wwe Title
  18. *spoilers * COncerning Smackdown's taping tonight
  19. *news* WWE signs two new developmentals
  20. *news and notes* RVD, Jerry springer, and more
  21. *news and notes* Sabin, action figures, Dusty, and more.
  22. *news and notes* Waltman, Shane's ECW show, more
  23. *news* Al Snow, Lita/Matt, Wrestlemania Special
  24. Wrestling Commentary
  25. *news* new figures, Lesnar, more
  26. *news* Wm 21 tickets, Mixed tag
  27. old lizardskin and his pets.
  28. *news* Lockdown matches, May PPV, and more
  29. *news* Names added to the Shane douglas ECW show
  30. *wwe news* triple h, trish stratus, more
  31. *News*: New WM matches(Edge & Christian on the side line?)
  32. *News*: Kazarian skipping OVW, in good relationship with Cena, Puder vs. Mizanin?
  33. *news* Concerning the rock
  34. *news and notes* ECW PPV, new cd, Sabu, more
  35. The New ECW PPV Discussion Thread
  36. Syxx Pac vs Peter Brady
  37. *news* Goldberg speaks on TNA, and WWE
  38. *news* Goldberg Released from Pride
  39. *news* WWE signs kazarian
  40. *news and notes* New WM Matches, Orton/weber, Orton's behavior
  41. *news* Many unhappy with Steph
  42. *quick tidbits* Styles, killings, michinoku
  43. *news and notes* New DX matches, Daniels/ROH, Traci
  44. *news* Wrestlemania's location Announced
  45. *news and Notes* Apollo, New figures, Daniels/Styles
  46. *news* taker to possibly Retire>
  47. *EWR breaking news*: RAVEN IN QUEBEC CITY.
  48. *news* officially Registered TNA Names
  49. Do you see TNA becoming a big company?
  50. *poilers* Smackdown results- Long's status and more
  51. ***HUGE Possible Spoilers for Wrestlemania 21/ Posible Raw andSmackdown Changes
  52. *news and notes* Amy webber, Cena,
  53. *news and notes* Hogan, new talent signed,
  54. Fairplay News
  55. Malenko/Horsemen Reformation
  56. New England Championship Wrestling free weekly internet tv
  57. Rumored WMXX1 Match
  58. *You think you can intimidate Batista? Only two persons can!-And other news...*
  59. *HHH and Stephanie McMahon, talking about their relation with Daddy Vince.*
  60. *possible Spiler* Concerning match at NWO
  61. FWA New Frontiers Card
  62. *TNA News* DVDs, Action Figures, WWE
  63. New Match Added To NWO Card
  64. Miss Elizabeth, why would you vote for her
  65. *news* WWE signs former TNA Talent
  66. Name Billy Gunn Poll
  67. Sheik/Hassan
  68. Batista/Title News
  69. Amy Weber News
  70. *Random News* Destination X, Releases, Cyberspace and more
  71. Franchise To Host ECW Reunion
  72. *news and notes* NWO card, McMahon, puder/Mizanin
  73. *news and notes* New NWO match, Maria, Angle
  74. *EWR*: New pics.
  75. *news and Notes* new developments signed, Video game delayed, USA network, more
  76. Bush still going after Rob Black and Lizzy Borden
  77. *possible Spoiler* TNA star to go to WWE?
  78. Fan Attacks Styles at Impact
  79. Three leave TNA including VP
  80. Remember to vote in the Women's tourney
  81. *spoilers* Sd taping results
  82. *news and possible spoilers* NWO Press conference results
  83. *news* Former Miss nitro Arrested for sexual acts with a Student
  84. Full NECW results 2/12/05
  85. Give Billy Gunn a Name
  86. 5th Match Announced
  87. *EWR news: Petey Williams is the new champion!*
  88. *Stone Cold Steve Austin back in the current roster.*
  89. Edge's entrance
  91. **news** Jericho/Fozzy Video, Flair's gym, Fool Pityer,Miss Nitro is a sick perv.
  92. syxx pac tna run in...
  93. *news and notes* JBL Married, No way out, New DVD idea
  94. Wrestling Botches - Somthing Worth Downloading
  95. *quick news and notes* AUstralia tour, New WM poster, bob Holly and Puder
  96. *news* Heyman's status & Ecw PPV
  97. Why Backyard Wrestlers Are Dumb as Dirt
  98. **News** Candace Michelle and former WWE Diva involved in adult films.
  99. Joey Styles on a Possible WWE Job
  100. *news and Notes* Motorhead, Candice in Movie, and more
  101. *news and Notes* Suspensions, Trish, More
  102. *news* From "the Great one" to "the GAY one"
  103. Someone update me...
  104. *news* Rock says he is done with WWE
  105. What ever happened to?
  106. Wrestling Stuff...
  107. *news* for anyone who cares about Cade..
  108. *news* Concerning hogan, New Tv show, Lawsuit, and more
  109. is it just me.... WCW??
  110. *news* Well, Here comes the Lawsuit
  111. *news and Notes* Paul London, WM 21 match plans, More
  112. -news- Webber Quits WWE (
  113. more quick *news* Directv, road to WM 21 tour, Shopzone
  114. Swinger out of TNA
  115. *news* RAW Diva to appear in April Playboy
  116. *spoilers* SD taping Results: who advances in the Tournament?
  117. former Wrestler and wife accused of Robbery
  118. Impact Hits canadain airwaves.....
  119. *news and Notes* NWO tournament, New WWE book, and more
  120. *News*: Three new matches added for TNA's "Against All Odds".
  121. *News*: Greensboro's House Show reveals WWE's intentions for WM21.
  122. *News*: Rob Van Dam talks about his DVD, his surgery and many more.
  123. *News*: Brock Lesnar, A-Train.
  124. *spoilers* RAW Taping Results: New champs
  125. *news* Official hall of fame list
  126. IZW crowns a new heavyweight champion in former WWE champ
  127. *news and Notes* New WM 21 commercials, new Merchandise, adn more
  128. Two former WWE stars are Japan's tag champs
  129. WrestleReunion
  130. *news* Concerning lesnar
  131. *news* WWE purchases ECW Music library
  132. Wrestling Grappling vs Brawling
  133. *spoilers (maybe)* SD! Taping results (maybe)
  134. *news* Possible Rock movie deals
  135. *news* Concerning Orton's COncussion at the RR
  136. Lex Luger arrested
  137. General wrestling trivia
  138. *news* McMahon Injured at RR
  139. *News*: Brock's contract negociations underway.
  140. goldberg
  141. What if #3
  142. *news* Concerning Wrestlemania 22
  143. What if #2
  144. Possible #30 Spoiler
  145. Jeff Jarrett Injured in Tuesday in Atlanta
  147. WWE *news and Notes* Victoria/Christy, Royal Rumble, UK,
  148. *news* match Listing for IC Title DVD
  149. *spoilers* Smackdown taping Results
  150. Anybody watching the UFC show?
  151. *news* Major Hogan/Austin Wm 21 Update
  152. *news* Shane and Mitch may like this...
  153. What If...#1
  154. *news* Chyna on Stern and TNA goes blue collar
  155. *Spoiler/News* Rock wants to face Who at WM?
  156. *News*: TNA's "Against All Odds" PPV matches confirmed!
  157. *News*: Off the Record's guests of the week=Edge & Christian.
  158. *news* No Rock at WM 21?
  159. *Possible Spoiler*..HUGE Match Possible for WM 21...
  160. *News*: About Judgment Day 2005!
  161. Great Wrestling Fuck-ups.
  162. *news* Raw Rating
  163. No Abyss in WWE.
  164. Quick *news And notes* Taboo tuesday, cena, another Diva
  165. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results: More Rumble qualifyer
  166. EWR pictures.
  167. *news and Notes*, Steph's nose, Surprise entrant in the rumble, Cena
  168. *news* Conerning New Jack
  169. *Spoilers* Austin Press conference, what it's about.
  170. *news* Jake the snake roberts arrested
  171. *news* TNA Worker attempts Suicide
  172. s'more Quick news and Notes.
  173. Kurt Angle is my backup
  174. *news* and *notes* super show, carmella, Foley, and more
  175. *news* oh, Brother. (former Champions backstage at SD)
  176. *Spoilers* SD Taping Results: the road to the rumble continues
  177. *news* off camera notes from Raw
  178. Quick WWE *News and Notes* New jack, Japan, Tsunami
  179. *news* Updates on Eugene/Lita/RVD injuries
  180. Fantasy ECW PPV for this year
  181. *spoiler* Jan 24th Raw
  182. *news* Wrestler returning under a mask?
  183. news and notes from NYR
  184. *news* Lita/Eugene injuries, how severe are they?
  185. Roster lottery after WM21?!
  186. *interview* Batista/IGN
  187. *news* WWE interested in former ecw worker
  188. Official Gooker Poll up now
  189. *news* Exerpt fromPaul Heyman interview from
  190. New England Championship Wrestling
  191. *SPOILER* Official Wrestler quits TNA to head to WWE/Plus TNA Booking situation
  192. *SPOILER* Wrestler quits TNA, another wants out
  193. The Return of Sting
  194. *spoilers* Smackdown results
  195. *rumour* Heyman
  196. Chyna arrested
  197. *news* Mysterio/ Developmental divison, more
  198. *news* 6-disc Hogan DVD in the works?
  199. Ultimate X Vs. Elimination Chamber
  200. Possible Gene Snitsky vs Kane spoiler
  201. Name all the 3 letter finishers
  202. *news* Taboo Tuesday in 2005?
  203. *news* Hogan/WM 21
  204. *news* WWE's interest in bringing back Lesnar
  205. New Year's Revolution Vs Final Resolution
  206. *news* Superstar Not Fired, Foley/Rock/Austin WM 21
  207. The Official "Are they still alive?" thread
  208. Possible Wrestlmania 21 card
  209. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping results.
  210. ***spoiler*** ROH Championship
  211. WWE RAW on 1/31/04 to feature both Raw & Smackdown wrestlers...
  212. Remember the shockmaster in wcw!
  213. Why no Lillian on Raw
  214. Goldberg vs Muhammed Hassan
  215. -Rumor- Heyman Spied on Raw
  216. *news* Triple H Or Rock under consideration to star in new movie
  217. tons of WWE *News and Notes*: JBL,Tough Enough, Booker T, WM 21, and More
  218. *Rumour* WWE ANd Playboy 2.
  219. *SPOILER*: Possible "No Way Out" PPV's main-event.
  220. *news* Concerning Lesnar
  221. *news* concerning rumours about an ECW PPV
  222. The Death of WCW
  223. Gooker Awards
  224. Ahh CRAP.
  225. *news* 3 Superstars accused of Harrasment
  226. Official Signup Thread for the PWF Fantasy Game
  227. *News" HBK's Return
  228. WWE *News and Notes* Anti-TNA Signs Planted, US Title, Chad Collyer
  229. Jarrett as TNA Champion..
  230. *Spoilers" Sd Taping Results: Tough Enough Winner Announced
  231. *news* Raw Rating
  232. *news* Ecw, Heyman, Rock's Return
  233. *news* WWE And Playboy
  234. *news* Jesus Injury
  235. *news* Flair/Foley altercation Backstage
  236. *news* Dudley Boyz return, 2005 Hall of Fame inductees
  237. *news* Ahmed Johnson Saves Girl
  238. MORE Armageddon *Spoilers* Involving Jesus/Cena..and The Tough Enough Match.
  239. Coming Soon: The Wrestling Fantasy game
  240. Do you put a lot of stock in what net writers write?
  241. WWE *News* *Notes* and *Sopilers*: Armageddon Outcome, DVDS, and more
  242. *Breaking News* Brock Lesnar Return?
  243. *news* Bischoof REality series Picked up by Spike
  244. *Rumor* NYR Main Event
  245. Found this elsewhere...decided to put it up for discussion
  246. *news* TNA OK
  247. CW Anderson = WWE
  248. The Madness goes home again
  249. a Little help please
  250. *Spoilers* SD Taping Results.
  251. *news* Raw rating
  252. *news* Diva involved in porn
  253. *news* TNa to be sued?
  254. Bid on a WWE autographed chair for charity
  255. TNA Turning Point Discussion Thread.
  256. *news* Heyman fired
  257. *news* info on Superstar's return
  258. *news* Dupree/ WWE Diva return
  259. *spoiler* for Raw next monday
  260. Possible Spoiler
  261. Notes from SD! tapings....
  262. *news* Raw Rating,
  263. *Spoilers* SD Taping Results
  264. *news* Possible Change to Wrestlemania 21 Main Event
  265. Title Reigns
  266. Beniot named PWI #1 in this years 500
  267. Jesse Ventura coming back
  268. *news* Triple H replaces Orton
  269. Taboo Tuesday..A Success?...Not.
  270. Favorite Entrance Theme
  271. *news* Calito's Surgery
  272. *news* Ricky Steamboat
  273. *news* Andre the Giant DVD announced
  274. *news* Vince Interview, Speaks on TNA, Hussein and Bin Laden
  275. Whats Your Favorite Non-WWE Federation..Besides TNA..
  276. WWE *news and notes* Tough Enough, Daivari, Flair/Bret
  277. D-X theme
  278. *news*Raw Rating
  279. Do you like long matches?
  280. DC's GTKAIW #5
  281. *news* RVD DVD announced
  282. Have you guys seen the cast for The Longest Yard?
  283. *spoilers* SD taping results, Another Ho-hum night.
  284. GHOAT round 3 is up now
  285. Major Holly/Dupree Confrentation..
  286. Jarrett no longer booking
  287. Nathan Jones pulling a goldberg sorta
  288. Backstage incident between Sotrm/Sharkboy
  289. ecw dub dvd
  290. Lesnar Defined
  291. *news* WWE Superstars interested in TNA?
  292. SD Rating
  293. Combining Wrasslers
  294. DC's GTKAIW #4
  295. WWE on Demand
  296. Randy Orton Vs Randy Orton
  297. *news* Raw to move back to USA?
  298. Do you think the death gimmicks work
  299. DC's GTKAIW #3
  300. *news* on Ultimo Dragon
  301. It Pays to be a Dirty Old Man
  302. TNA Shows the Invasion
  303. Sting goes Christian, news for Oeo
  304. Goldberg, You Ruined Christmas.
  305. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping results, less TE, and more of the other contest losers
  306. *news* Raw Rating
  307. *news* WWE's After TNA Again
  308. *news* Not for the weak of stomach, Info on Chyna's sex tape
  309. *news* and notes from SUvivor series
  310. *news* Survivor Seires attendance
  311. Outsiders, more like the Slow Side to me
  312. *news* another Superstar Released
  313. TNA Apologizes
  314. *news* TNA Invades WWE filming
  315. Quick WWE *news: Tough Enough, News Years Revolution
  316. Name That Clip
  317. *news* OOOOH YEEEEEEAH, Macho Man Walks out already.
  318. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results,
  319. *news* Former ecw worker signed
  320. New DVD, the rise and fall of ECW
  321. TNA Victory Road PPV ?????????
  322. TNA= WcW?
  323. *news* Being Injured.... That's not Cool
  324. Carolina Championship Wrestling
  325. *news* Rock's newest movie project announced
  326. Should Wrestling Owners compete in their feds?
  327. Dc Gtkaiw #2
  328. Apprently Rico's been Fired...
  329. Final SD Rating
  330. -sniff- A Part of Me -sniff- Has Died Today
  331. You're Hired!!!
  332. Former XPW Manager J Love Valentina's Web Site!
  333. 3 More Stars Released~!
  334. Who has been the most successful 2nd generation star
  335. DC's Get To Know An Indy Wrestler #1
  336. *news* behind test's firing
  337. Goldberg wins more friends 9our site)
  338. Smackdown *Spoilers* more tough enough than you could ever care for.
  339. Quick News and notes: Orton, Angle, Basham
  340. *news* Goldberg Kicked out of the Playboy mansion
  341. DC's Get To Know An Indy Wrestler
  342. Jesse Ventura, was he the heel you wanted?
  343. Round 2 of the GHOAT tourney
  344. You're FIRED!!! *news* about ATrain and....
  345. *news* Evolution and edge
  346. *news* WWE Sued by WWF again
  347. What have you done for TNA, Johnny Fairplay?
  348. Who, outside the WWE, has the best gimmick matches?
  349. Does anyone remember the Missing Link?
  350. *news* WWE interested in TNA WOrkers
  351. D-Von in fan altercation (pics)
  352. **Spoilers** SD! results from Omaha
  353. **News** Tough Enough Contestant walks out.
  354. *news* Carlito's brother Coming to WWE?
  355. *news* Backstage chaos During Raw
  356. *possible spoilers* Storylines for tonight's Raw
  357. *possible spoilers* WIll Flair Leave Evolution?
  358. Kendall Windham, could he be a star in the WWE
  359. *news* superstars angry at Triple H/Outsiders
  360. The Sandman
  361. New On Regal...
  362. *news* WWE Honors Patterson forrowing Taboo Tuesday
  363. *news* Raw scores Lowest rating in a long time
  364. Call Faarooq
  365. *news* HBK injured, Taboo tuesday cheat
  366. Did Kurt run off the WCW Marks?
  367. Japan or Mexico?
  368. O' No Canada?
  369. *Spoilers* SD Taping Results..... on a Sunday?
  370. *news* SD tapings tonight
  371. what is up with NWA & TNA???
  372. *news* New info on the rock's possible return
  373. New Jack goes to jail, does not pass go
  374. Awesome News for canadian TNA Fans
  375. more quick News and notes- Italian Crowd, Taker injury, Raw Moving, and more
  376. ** NEWS ** Canadian indy wrestler arrested for drug posession
  377. Now that's coool *Full spoilers for sd!*
  378. Pat Patterson gone
  379. More Quick WWE nes and notes- Injuries, ECW Dvd, and more
  380. Who was the greater wrestler
  381. *news* Superstar injuries
  382. Austin Filing a 125 Million Dollar Lawsuit?...
  383. *news* Carlito's first feud
  384. *spoilers* New storylines for 2 superstars.
  385. *news* Armageddon: Friday Night PPV?
  386. *news* Steph laughs at snitsky.
  387. *news* WWE tidbits- Hogan, Kidman, and more
  388. *news* Gunn In Rehab
  389. Nashville VS Florida
  390. Roddy Piper, TNA, & Legends
  391. *news* Raw Scores low Rating
  392. Holy smokes Batman, we've got a n.......*spoilers* Smackdown from Boston
  393. PWF BOTB Event 9
  394. *news* Info On Kane's status
  395. *news* Flair Almost fired
  396. *news* JBL attacks NJ Governor.
  397. Abbot vs Shamrock..
  398. *news* New Announcer/ Protsestors attack Event
  399. Wrestlers most remembered for
  400. Jeff Hardy up to his old tricks......
  401. *news* Foley/JBL debate results
  402. *News* Taker and Big show No-show Smackdown
  403. *news* Indide news on Changed Angle
  404. *news* WWE Sign's Superstar's Brother
  405. Vader is the greatest big man ever.....
  406. *Spoilers* SD Taping Results- The final stop before No Mercy
  407. *news* Bret hart to star in Musical?
  408. TNA or WWE
  409. News - Hurricane Heel Turn
  410. News- New Babe of the year winner....
  411. *News* Ray "Big Bossman" Traylor passes away...
  412. Recommend a Match or PPV
  413. Jackie Gayda and Charlie Haas Are Geting Married
  414. *News* HHH upset with Diva candidates, Carmella Heat
  415. *news* WWE Superstars to marry
  416. *rumour* long to be replaced
  417. *news* Info on Gangrel and viscera
  418. Details on Hogan, Foley and Austin on Smackdown
  419. *Spoilers* SD Taping results- Match 4 of the best of 5, and more
  420. *news* Jamie Noble released
  421. Greatest Heel of All Time Tourney is Starting
  422. Vinces Announcement -- Latest Scoop
  423. London looks up to Hart's legacy *news*
  424. Greatest Tag Team
  425. *possible spoiler* Unforgiven
  426. *news* more Dress code violations
  427. *news* Heidenreich takes tantrum
  428. CZW Full Match Downloads
  429. Quick WWE news and notes.
  430. News On A Austin Return...
  431. Carmella Arrested....
  432. *news* Kane to star in Horror movie
  433. *news* Eliminated diva in hospital
  434. *news* JBL's future
  435. Von erich Dvd released
  436. *Spoilers* SdD Taping Results
  437. WWE News and Notes, JBL, Brock, Vince, and more
  438. Recent NWA news. Kash bad mouths company, news on Xplosoins time spot......
  439. Vance Desmond Speaks Out On TNA, Teddy Hart, & More
  440. *news* Info on Upcoming "rise and fall of ECW" Dvd
  441. Grumpy Old Men 3 (Hogan/Savage)
  442. *news* Jarrett FOund in airport with "clear glass pipe"
  443. *news* SD Rating- Jesus that's low
  444. Best of the Dynamite kid (Free vid.)
  445. *news* WWE releases tom prichard
  446. *news* If you think the WWE was in trouble...
  447. more WWE news and notes,
  448. The Wrestling Schlongs (Wrestlecrap)
  449. *news* WWE Launches Fantasy wrestling
  450. *news* WWE Responds to Complaints from Diva Search Segment
  451. I'm 90% sure that Scott Steiner has lost his mind.
  452. *spoilers* Likely card for Unforgiven
  453. *news* Raw Rating- slight drop
  454. *spoilers* SD Taping Results- Angle/Eddie 2/3 falls, and more
  455. *news*Amy Weber's people respond to diva competition
  456. *news*Carmella brings in more negativity to herself
  457. Steve Williams Battling Cancer; May Have Voice Box Removed
  458. Tons of WWE News and notes, Day Of Reckoning, Lesnar, Dress Code, more.
  459. *news* WWE Superstar Returning, though i wish he woulden't
  460. *news* info about last night's Unscripted, Diva trash talk segment
  461. Sabu Banned from ECW?
  462. *News* on RAW star
  463. *news* Info on Edge's injury
  464. The Wrestling Crossfire - August 28, 2004
  465. Horrible, horrible news
  466. *news* WWE announces E-Fed
  467. Here's for you Trev
  468. Do You Honestly Think...
  469. *news* Raw star returning, First HHH/Orton Match
  470. *news* Diva Contestant in Bar Fight
  471. *news* More WWE Nes & Notes: Diva's, Best of 5, and more
  472. PWF's 2 Year Anniversary Party!!!
  473. PWF's 2 Year Anniversary Party!!!
  474. *news* Sting Movie COming out
  475. *Spoilers* SD Taping results: The Best of 5 continues, and more
  476. *news* Raw rating- Rises some more
  477. Quick WWE news and Notes
  478. *news* Bischoff lies about Bible passage
  479. *news* Dupree in trouble
  480. *news* Austin Spotted At Raw
  481. I just noticed this
  482. Thunder blunders
  483. *News* Who Bret really blames for his career ending
  484. *news* Rock crowned High-Chief in Samoa
  485. *Spoiler* possible spoiler for next monday
  486. *news* Wrestler arrested for pimping
  487. *news* Superstars Speak on Dress Code
  488. Brian "Spanky" Kendrick signs with TNA......
  489. *news* eddie flips out at fans
  490. *News* Raw Rating- still low.
  491. *news* Taboo tuesday= Intreactive PPV?
  492. Low Ki Speaks Out On WWE, Ultimate X, & More
  493. *spoilers* SD Taping results
  494. *news* John "Earthquake" Tenta Has Cancer
  495. Jeff Hardy, is he overrated?
  496. *news* Austin involved in yet Another Domestic incident
  497. Jeff Hardy Main-Eventing in TNA=Shit..
  498. *news* Undertaker Nixes Storyline
  499. *news* plans for 2 new SD feuds
  500. *news* Plans for Orton/HHH