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  1. In what year did the WWF logo switch to the WWE logo on the championship belt? Who held
  2. Should i do high school wrestling again?
  3. Anyone remember WWF( back in the day of wrestling ) Was Steve Austin with the Million Dollar...
  4. who thinks stone cold and hogan would be the greatest match ever?
  5. Has anyone written a biography of Andre the Giant?
  6. Will Oklahoma City Host Wrsetlemania 27?
  7. where is Brock lesnar ?
  8. how can i find wwe superstars email addresses?
  9. Hey, Does anyone know where I can get a free download for the WWE Videos and Music?
  10. How is wrestling not gay? It's two guys rubbing their sweaty bodies together and rolling on
  11. Who will win a Backlash (any match)?
  12. Does anyone still like Bret the Hitman Hart?
  13. Who do you think will win the Backlash Mainevent?
  14. where can I find early 80's pics of WWF's Legion Of Doom at?
  15. Where can I get WWE entrance music in mp3 or wma format?
  16. WWE or TNA?
  17. STOP!.......plz?
  18. macho man randy savage?
  19. Who is better, The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  21. WWE vs WCW ring and ropes
  22. Wrestling Ring in Dallas, TX
  23. It's 7:30...
  24. RIP Andrew "Test" Martin
  25. Verne Gagne with a Brutal Bodyslam
  26. Sadly..I WILL Watch this.
  27. Bryan Danielson
  28. And now words from Teddy Hart...Hilarious.
  29. Scott Hall Arrested at Iron Sheik's roast
  30. This May Be The Match of The Year..Holy Shit.
  31. I hate Hulk Hogan, but this looks awesome.
  32. What's Goldberg up to?
  33. Jake The Snake Roberts..Total Breakdown Mode..
  34. Mike Levy incident...Just seen this.
  35. Killer Kawalski Has Died...It's now official.
  36. The_One's Veoh Video Request Thread..
  37. ROH: Respect is Earned: 2.
  38. Nick Faley?...
  39. WWE Entrances
  40. Sandman going to the Slammer..
  41. So much for not being angry anymore
  42. Fake Stone Cold fooling promoters
  43. Why we need Women's Matches
  44. ROH News
  45. NEW ROH Champion?!?!?!
  46. WSU Returns 6/21: Matches Announced, Major Names, and more!
  47. ROH: Take No Prisoners..
  48. Nick Hogan's Victim Pictures and Jail Whine Tapes **Disturbing Image**
  49. Hogan's Can't Drive Part 2: Brooke Involved in Crash.
  50. Yeah..So Sandman is in Pretty Bad Shape.
  51. OMFG...
  52. Nick Hogan Sentenced
  53. This is the GREATEST Promo of All-Time..
  55. Hogan is a twisted daddy.
  56. The Sandman passes out at an indy show.
  57. When will ROH get a TV deal..
  58. Test Fails a TEST.
  59. Now words from New Jack...LMAO
  60. The Way WWE should be.
  61. AWA on ESPN Classic...
  62. Buy Chuck Taylors New Shirt!!
  63. AWESOME Nigel Mcguiness promo.
  64. ROH: Rising Above.
  65. Mori-fucking-Shima vs Misawa...The era begins
  66. And the winner is...
  67. Jack evans Pics
  68. Brock Lesnar would've been the best ever...How did I miss this?
  69. Kurt Angle vs. Yuji Nagata - NJPW 1/4/08...
  70. ROH Rising Above PPV ONGOING RESULTS...
  71. Takeshi Morishima vs Bryan Danielson Manhatten Mayhem II (Japan Commentary)
  72. Scott Hall update
  73. Rico's new job
  74. RVD..... Comedian?
  75. Another Awsome match...Takeshi Morishima vs. Naomichi Marufuji
  76. Looking into ROH
  77. MAN THE FUCK UP!!!!! PPV Of the year.
  78. Hogan's to divorce?
  80. Quick Question about UFC
  81. right on Target
  82. hogan to Host american Gladiators
  83. The NPO Signs Gangrel.
  84. Luger talks on drugs
  85. Konnan Update
  86. im new to this site
  87. Photo's of Nick Hogans Car Accident.
  88. Hogan house robbed for over 100K in jewelry
  89. RIP The Missing Link
  90. Bryan "Crush" Adams has passed away
  91. Konnan Hospitalized
  92. Death at UFC 73 PPV
  93. Dynamite Kid: "I'm Glad (B*****'s) Dead!"
  94. DDP Settles W/ Jay-Z
  95. Who's the better overall superstar- Hall or Perfect?
  96. Former ECW Tag Team champ found dead
  97. "Offensive" Article From Maxim Magazine.
  98. Video of The Lesnar/Angle Match for the IWGP Title, June 29th.
  99. Dallas Sportatorium
  100. Arrest in teh death of Vince McMahon and Sensational Sherri
  101. Exposed! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets
  102. Urban Legends of Professional Wrestling
  103. I'm dying for this clip..
  104. ICP the Perfect tag team?
  105. Collection of Chris Jericho parody names
  106. yet another wrestling death - The Golden Boy Arnold Skaaland
  107. If you think Warrior was bad....
  108. Ladies and gentlemen and bring to you...
  109. The Big Cat has passed away
  110. Bam Bam's cause of death revealed
  111. Source: WSX Cancelled (again?)
  112. RIP Mike Awesome
  113. Kurt Angle is becoming the new Ultimate Warrior.
  114. Mike Awesome has passed away
  115. WSX not pulled
  116. WSX Pulled
  117. WSX Week Two *SPOILERS* (if you haven't watched, but plan to)
  118. Jake Roberts esorted from wrestling show
  119. Porn Chicks In Wrestling?
  120. Wrestling Society X 'debut episode'
  121. Wrestling Society X to debut next Tuesday 10:30 Eastern
  122. Wrestling in Math Class.
  123. wcw
  124. wCw marks are retards
  125. Better tag team members... again
  126. get the wcw back in business
  127. It's just wrestling
  128. Former WCW star release column
  129. Post your wrestling DVD collection
  130. Scott Hall, Current pics
  131. Nowinski News
  132. new 'cell' toy
  133. Hulk out to Pokémon!
  134. Wrestling DVDs.
  135. Boy Hangs himself Immitating Wrestling moves
  136. RIP Corp. Kirchner
  137. Flair and Kanyon argue on Stern
  138. T.W.I.T.
  139. Great Sasuke Announces retirement
  140. WWE vs. TNA
  141. PWI Top 500
  142. Hey, did you see that?
  143. Article I wrote
  144. Luger Speaks about Bischoff, JBL, and more
  145. Cryme Tyme spots...
  146. Rikishi Arrested
  147. Angle interested in MMA?
  148. The Game Hates Vince
  149. What a Shitsack
  150. Chyna news
  151. Bret's Sons training to be wrestlers
  152. Bobby Eaton Hospitalized
  153. WCW vs GLOW
  154. BONESAW!!!
  155. PWI Top 500
  156. Sensation-al
  157. the new wrestlecrap book revealed
  158. Photos of Owen Hart after his fall,And the True Explanation Of How It Happened..
  159. Lesnar joins Mixed martial Arts,
  160. Just to remind you.
  161. Bam Bam Arrested
  162. Simply because I am a puro mark.
  163. New Jack tries to kill Vic grimes
  164. 20/20 Guy Getting Bitchslapped by Wrestler
  165. Chyna
  166. Commissioner Bob Saget?
  167. the final Nitro Ever (Youtube Links included)
  168. PWF Interviews Lex Luger
  169. Lesnar/New Japan News
  170. WrestleMania 17
  171. Bob Orton, Sr. passes away
  172. Lesnar Stripped of IWGP Title
  173. Former Miss Nitro Areested for nude photos
  174. August 11-13, Rockville MD
  175. Who was greater
  176. Luger vid Makes it on
  177. Hogan Bad Mouths Pro Wrestling..
  178. Goldberg vs. Roy D. Mercer
  179. Lex Luger speaks on the WWE, new ECW and more
  180. Surreal Life 7: OOOOH YEEEAAH!
  181. Flair vs. Sting
  182. John "Earthquake" Tenta passes away
  183. It occurs to me...
  184. How the mighty have fallen...
  185. Paul Wall to make Grill for Hogan
  186. Sean O'Haire, then and now
  187. the Iron Sheik Youtube shoots thread
  188. Turner and Time Warner Part ways
  189. Keibler Suffers Seizure
  190. Kidman on why he was fired
  191. What?
  192. Video of Lesnars Match vs. Akebono And The Promo That Followed.
  193. Championship Title Belts
  194. Lesnar settles Lawsuit
  195. Who was the better wrestler between Dean Malenko and Bret Hart??
  196. CM Punk - is this such a hard ?uestion
  197. Warrior's Speech at Depaul
  198. Lex Luger
  199. Jimmy Hart's Energy Drink Released
  200. IWA Promoter Victor Quinones Dead
  201. *news* Ricky Morton in Accident
  202. *News* Rotten Found
  203. *news* Chyna To possible star in a Non-porno movie
  204. *news* Axl Rotten Missing
  205. Trailer and Info on the New Jack Documentary
  206. Individual wrestlers websites.
  207. Preview for Surreal Life 6 with Maven
  208. Uhhhh...New Jack??
  209. Top 5 cruiserweight/lightweight of all time
  210. Chris Kanyon........ Gay?
  211. Vince Russo On Wrestlecrap Radio
  212. Goldberg Vs Warrior? a thought from the warped "Brain" of Warrior W. Warrior
  213. MOVES
  214. Adam Bomb action figure on Ebay for $86.70
  215. Favorite CM Punk Match
  216. Edge & Christian
  217. Cena has a myspace account!
  218. Chops....How do you feel about them?
  219. *news* Mike Awesome Retires
  220. Massive wrestling show in florida
  221. Sad news for Matt Cappotelli
  222. Top WCW wrestlers and tagteams
  223. Funny crowd signs.
  224. *news* Former WCW Announcer suffers heart attack
  225. Wrestler arrested for suspected "Old lady Killing"
  226. Wrestle Birmingham to have NWA "super show" in Birmingham, Alabama
  227. Batista and Goldberg to attend O'Reilly World of Wheels in Birmingham, Alabama
  228. OVW? Now I'm intrested.
  229. *news* MTV back in the wrestling business?
  230. Greatest match that never happened
  231. *SPOLER* main event for RAW 1/16/06
  232. What was the name of...
  233. WWE continues their revenge on Brock Lesnar
  234. *news* Trinity signs with WWE
  235. Just for clarification..
  236. *News* Former Champ Goes Under The Knife...
  237. *News* Poor Guy
  238. ECW Hardcore Homecoming
  239. Women's Championshio News and Spoilers
  240. *Spoilers* SMackdown Results (US Title finals, Boogeyman In Piper's Pit)
  241. *Spoilers* Who won the title?
  242. Raw Rating
  243. *news* Title Change expected for Tonight's tapings
  244. *news* Sable and Lesnar Married?
  245. *news* Chyna's Porn Wins award
  246. *news* Batista Injured again
  247. *Breaking* Stephanie Pregnant
  248. *spoiler* News about next week's smackdown
  249. the Official "Youtube Wrestling clips" thread
  250. *Breaking* Juvi Fired
  251. [Video] - StarCade '98: Goldberg (173-0) vs Kevin Nash
  252. *video* Robocop in WCW
  253. Mandy Moore training to wrestle
  254. *Spoilers* SMackdown Taping Results
  255. *news* Lesnar and Sable back together
  256. Wrestling Trivia
  257. *Spoiler* Concerning Raw, and Shelton Benjamin
  258. Samoa Joe to the WWE?
  259. Shannon Moore
  260. *news* former TNA worker Signs, Former Worker Re-signs as well.
  261. is Mcmahon a classless Jerk?
  262. So..Murdach is Gay Now.
  263. So I just bought the Hardcore Homecoming DVD...
  264. *news* Mcmahon Nixes workers from Working Eddie Tribute Show
  265. *news* Possible Returns for Haas, Palumbo and Jesus, Eugene update
  266. *spoilers* SMackdown taping Results
  267. *news* Guerrero 3rd most Eulogized in 2005
  268. *news* Booker T Injured
  269. *spoiler* Concerning No Way Out
  270. *News and Notes* Mickie James, Doom, Molly Holly, More
  271. *news* Dibiase Hospitalized
  272. *Spoilers* Raw Taping Results
  273. Why are they punishing us?
  274. *possible Spoilers* Concerning Tonight's Armageddon PPV
  275. *news* dibiase trying to buy his theme song?
  276. *news* OVW Champion has Tumor
  277. PWF Award: TNA Rookie of the Year (newcomer)
  278. PWF Award Voting Thread: TNA Superstar of the Year
  279. *spoilers* TNA Impact tapings for the next 3 weeks
  280. *news* Drug policy not taken seriously?
  281. *spoilers* Smackdown taping results
  282. TNA Wrestling Spoiler - Referee
  283. *news* Heyman Offered new contract
  284. *possible Spoiler* Dusty in high consideration for new Raw GM?
  285. *news* Jordan attacks fan at house show
  286. Complete Turning point Results (the Face of TNA changes forever)
  287. *RESULTS* TNA Turning Point - New X-Division Champ!
  288. Crying wrestling fan
  289. *news* Casting call out for Shelton's Mama?
  290. *news* Sting Signs with TNA?
  291. *news* Stacy Keibler/Dancing with the Stars?
  292. *news* Todd Grisham Praises TNA on WWE programming
  293. *breaking* Tajiri released?
  294. 2005 PWF Wrestling Awards nomination thread
  295. *newsw* possible return of WWF?
  296. *news* Major Event Scheduled for Turning point?
  298. 2005 PWF wrestling awards
  299. Christy Hemme Released From WWE
  300. *news* Joey Styles Officially Signs with WWE
  301. *news* Kennedy Injured......
  302. *news* DDP sues Jay-Z?
  303. Finishers you like
  304. *Video* Bret hart: Who are you to doubt El Dandy
  305. *news* Classic WWE programming returning 2006?
  306. *news/Spoiler* Bischoff's fate, Batista's injury, JR
  307. **SUPER SPOILERS** Royal Rumble/WrestleMania Outcomes
  308. *spoilers* Smackdown taping results
  309. *Sopilers* Impact taping results for next 2 weeks.
  310. Ric Flair Facing Assault Charges.
  311. Elimination Chamber at NYR...WARNING..Contains Survivor Series Spoiler as well.
  312. barbed wire match
  313. how long till christian is the nwa champ?
  314. *news* Smackdown to Air tuesday next week
  315. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  316. *news* Styles Update
  317. *rumour* Dibiase to return to the ring
  318. *news* Mcmahon mad at Dusty for Booking
  319. *news* WWE Issues new Drug Policy
  320. Could the WWE have a lawsuit on their hands?
  321. Nick 'Eugene' Dinsmore hospitalized, suspended
  322. *news* New music for Triple H in the works?
  323. Bret Hart Interview
  324. News: Another Main Event Star Close to Death?
  325. *spoilers* Impact taping Results
  326. *news* Huge Match announced for Turning point
  327. *news* Cruiserweight title Changes in Europe
  328. *interview* Christian Cage
  329. Full TNA Genesis Results (the Major Acquisition Debuts)
  330. Raw/Smackdown tapings SPOILERS
  331. Candice Michelle in Playboy
  332. Christian's likely TNA debut date
  333. *news* Batista Injured
  334. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  335. fantasy wrestling
  336. *news* another Legend to make return? Styles, coach in trouble with vince
  337. *Possible Spoilers* Concerning upcoming PPVs
  338. *news* TNA Special Rating
  339. *Video* John Cena talks about shiting in his bed
  340. *news* Popular WWE star's contract close to expiration, update on Tajiri
  341. *interview* Gail Kim, Talks WWE, TNA, Diva Search, and more
  342. *news* Bret is returning to WWE programming
  343. *news* TNA signs former WWE diva
  344. *news* Raw/Impact Ratings,
  345. *Flash Movie* Kane Meets Mortal Kombat
  346. *News* Fan Run-in at house show leads to Retaliation by Orton.
  347. *news* Another TNA Special in December?
  348. There may be a God...
  349. Why did they fire my future wife tori wilson???
  350. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  351. "Breaking news" Christian quits WWE
  352. Shane's son
  353. Kane and Edge hurt
  354. More on Jerry Jarrett; A link to the Guy He's Brought to WWE
  355. *breaking* Jerry Jarrett at WWE Headquarters
  356. *news* Cena Up for Role in Predator Remake
  357. What I find wrong with wrestling today!
  358. *Possible Spolier* Sting
  359. What do you think of TNA?
  360. *Video* Robber Gets a Suplex... very funny
  361. *Spoilers* Smackdown taping results
  362. *news* Eugene Breaks Character at live event
  363. *spoilers* IMPACT Taping and 2 hour special Taping Results
  364. My prediction is coming true...
  365. *Video* Paging DR. MCMAHON
  366. Hot and Underrated is the UFC
  367. *Sopilers* Bound for Glory Results (New Champion)
  368. *Video* Drunk Fan gets in the WWE ring
  369. *breaking* Nash Hospitalized, BFG Match Changed
  370. *news* Taboo Tuesday Stips Announced
  371. Bound For Glory is tonight!
  372. Goldberg, You Ruined........ Halloween.
  373. Booker T lets one slip..
  374. *news* Former WCW US Champ Arrested
  375. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  376. *news*Raw rating, TNA rating and more
  377. *spoilers* 2 more debuts for Smackdown
  378. *news* Tajiri to Leave WWE?
  379. *possible Spoilers for Raw tonight* Announcing Situation, Austin at Raw?
  380. *News* Ashley Comments on New Relationship with Matt Hardy
  381. *interview* Victoria, Shows interest in Playboy, talks about current role, more
  382. TNA Impact October 15th Talkback (Daniels vs. 3 men, Sabu Vs. Rhino, More)
  383. *Interview* Batista, Talks TNA, Hassan, Dream WM Match, more
  384. A new Smackdown division
  385. *news* Mcmahons hurt faith in workers with JR situation
  386. *Spoilers* Smackdown Debut Discussion
  387. *news* A new era to begin on Raw
  388. *news* JR Hospitalized
  389. *news and Notes* Storm comments on JR's Firing, Mysterio/Taboo Tuesday, more
  390. *news* Raw Rating
  391. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results (Debuts a Plenty)
  392. *Spoilers* TNA impact Taping Results for the next 2 weeks
  393. *news*Rumours about Dusty Replacing Bischoff
  394. *news and notes* JR, Hogan Knows Best, more
  395. TNA/Indy *news and notes* Impact tapings, TNA Turns Down former WWE Stars
  396. *news* Update on Announcing situation, Replacement turns down offer
  397. TNA Impact October 8th Talkback: Team 3D Vs. AMW, Fallen Angel In Action
  398. Ladies and gentlemen...
  399. *news* Candidos's COD Revealed
  400. *news and Notes* Boogeyman's Return, Daivari to Raw, More
  401. *Rumour* Coach to Replace Ross?
  402. WWE Returns to Ratings Power on USA
  403. WWE Raw does bad on Last Spike TV Broadcast
  404. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  405. *news and notes* Raven, TNA/Australia, Bound for Glory
  406. *early Smackdown Spoiler*
  407. *news* Bam Bam Bigelow in Motorcycle accident
  408. WWE to TNA: only We can say Superstars
  409. *news and spoilers* Survivor Series matches Leaked
  410. *news* One Night Stand 2 Confirmed?
  411. *news* Impact Goes Primetime one time only this november
  412. TNA Impact On Spike TV October 1st Talkback
  413. *News..... i guess* Lesnar has a new Tattoo
  414. *news* Rey Mysterio Talks about TNA, and his ECW ONS match
  415. *news* WWE Releases employee due to Pleading guilty
  416. *news* McMahon Talks about Hassan in Interview, calls him No Good
  417. *Spoilers* Impact Taping Results and notes for the first 2 shows
  418. *WWE and TNA News and notes* former WWE Stars appearances, Lesnar, Team 3-D, More
  419. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results *Raw Match Announced
  420. *news and notes* USA Censorship, Rock, Warrior
  421. *news* "Dudleys" new names
  422. *video* Luger on the mic in Sid Fashion
  423. *inerview* Daivari, Talks Hassan, USA and more
  424. Hassan Released
  425. *news* Dudleys Sign with TNA
  426. *news* Wrestlers can't play Video Games?
  427. *spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results
  428. *news and notes* Superstar donates to Hurricane fund, Foley, Bischoff, more
  429. *news* Jarret Causes Near-Riot in Mexico city
  430. *news* CM punk Trashed by Triple H and HBK backstage
  431. *news* Edge Responds to Internet fans, and Matt Hardy
  432. *news* AM Raw, Wrestling's return to saturday mornings?
  433. *nwes* Snippets from this week's ross report
  434. *news* Incident Involving Sandman on the Canadian border
  435. *news* New NWA Champion Crowned, but don't be too surprised
  436. *news* Next Diva to Pose for Playboy revealed
  437. *news* Dave Chapelle Gimmick in the works?
  438. *news* Nash Removed from TNA Bound for glory poster
  439. Mass Transit Incident
  440. *news* Raw special, Canada Pre-emptions, and more
  441. This is why wrestling is best left to professionals
  442. *spoilers* Smackdown taping Results
  443. *news* Tough enough 5?
  444. *news and notes* Foley, Former Diva Search member in Playboy, Cade and Murdoch, more
  445. *news* WWE Vs Tna............ On MXC?
  446. *news* No more WWE events at MSG?
  447. *news* Former WWE superstars backstage at Unbreakable
  448. *news* Daniel Puder released
  449. *news* Yet another big name coming to TNA
  450. *news* 3-hour Raw?
  451. Wrestlemania DVD Set Pics and Content listing
  452. *news* WWE Legal Department Copyrights Kidman, more on the Dudleys Situation
  453. *interview* Kane. On Removing his mask, WWE return, and more
  454. *news and notes* TNA Signs deal with Eurosport, Signs new talent
  455. *news* Writer fired for Yelling at Divas
  456. *news and notes* Taboo Tuesday, Jindrak, Morgan, Jericho
  457. *news* Another big name Signed for TNA Bound for Glory
  458. *interview* Kazarian. on why he quit WWE, TNA, Dusty as a booker, and more.
  459. *news* Canada to still air smackdown on thursdays
  460. *news* newest info on Hassan and Daivari
  461. *spoilers* SMackdown Taping Results: The First Friday Night Smackdown
  462. Miss Jackie signs with TNA
  463. *news and notes* Kane's Absence, Stacy Keibler, Heat Cancelled, more
  464. UFC vs. WWE
  465. *news* Smackdown cut to one hour this week?
  466. *News* Maven to Retire?
  467. *news* Impact to be replayed Monday nights
  468. *possible spoilers* big Names announced for Raw's USA Return
  469. *news and notes* London Quitting? Eugene staying in Character, Big show, and more
  470. *news* Katrina Hits home for Heidenreich
  471. *news* Updates on Austin and Rock
  472. *news* Smackdown Postponed next week
  473. *news* The Dream Joins the creative team
  474. World series wrestling???
  475. John Cena Meet & Greet Fans @ 6 Best Buys
  476. *possible SPoiler* Regarding Next friday's smackdown
  477. *news* Foley To return?
  478. *news* another Reason why i can't wait for TNA's Spike Debut
  479. *news* Warrior DVD Called a "Vicious Burial"
  480. Smackdown/Velcoity spoilers
  481. *news* McMahon pissed off at Spike Commercial....... But not the one your thinking of
  482. *news* Reason Behing London's Title drop
  483. *news* Sytch escorted out of Wrestlereunion
  484. *news* Vader Signs Legends contract
  485. PWI's Top 500 list.
  486. *rumour* WWE Planning more ECW for After WM 22?
  487. *news and notes* Dudley boyz Name Copyrighted, Wrestlemania DVD set
  488. What did I miss?
  489. *News and notes* The Ross Report Returns, Cade and Murdoch, Trish's Return and more
  490. *news* Jericho Teasing Interest in TNA?
  491. -Possible Rumor- Diva Cracking Under Pressure?
  492. *news* 3 official matches announced for smackdown's friday night debut
  493. *News/Possible Spoiler* "Invasion of Outsiders"
  494. It Didn't Take Place at Summerslam..But..
  495. *news* Former Writer comments on WWE personnel
  496. *news* Nash Return? Bret interested in TNA?
  497. *Spoilers* Smackdown Taping Results: The Aftermath of Summerslam
  498. Good Lord..Cena vs. Hogan to Main Event Wrestlemania 22?..
  499. *news and notes* Angle seperates with wife, Dudley boys, Jericho, More
  500. *news* Nash turned down summerslam run-in