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  1. What is the point in having 2 sets of Tag Titles if they are always held by the same 2 people now?
  2. vladimir kozlov has just?
  3. What does WWE's tv show NXT stand for?
  4. Can Abraham Washington wrestle?
  5. Is there a major difference between being a good worker and being a good wrestler?
  6. What do you think of Drew Macintyre's new theme song?
  7. What Was The Outcome Of The Wrongful Death Lawsuit Regarding Owen Hart?
  8. WWE Live Chat help, please?
  9. who do you think matt hardy should make a great tag team?
  10. where is lilian garcia and why did flair go to tna?
  11. what would you do if you see brett hart live next door to you hoose?
  12. What do you think of Maria and Mickie's singing?
  13. i really dont care if u dont believe this but the ppvs (elimination chamberwrestlemania
  14. Which new wrestler can't you wait to see in NXT?
  15. Why make fun of Mickie James while...........?
  16. i can say im sure 95% there will be blood in the elimination chambers?
  17. Anybody think Hogan will bring his kids in TNA?
  18. Since ECW is OFFICIALLY ending tonight.. What's your favorite ECW moment of all time?
  19. there's alot of match next week do you think wwe NXT is gonna be only 1 hour?
  20. Who is the best wrestler to come from FCW or OVW in WWE?
  21. orton turning face possibly?
  22. Who else thought Tiffany speared Rosa Mendes like a pro?
  23. What do they mean by mentoring in WWE NXT are they being managed by the pros or wrestling them?
  24. What do you think of the new Miz,Big Show tag team?
  25. What do you think about Tiffany spear Rosa Mendes? BQ?
  26. did anyone have something to say to ecw before he r.i.p?
  27. Who got greater feud with The Undertaker: Randy Orton (2005) or Edge (2008)? Why?
  28. WWE fans TNA fans without being biased do you honestly think TNA is a threat to WWE?
  29. Who is the best wrestler in this list?
  30. Who's the WWE superstar that.. Questions?
  31. what would be your way to end ecw?
  32. What is the point of The Abraham Washington show? WWE.?
  33. how many hours NXT would be next week?
  34. When will we find out who went where?
  35. I called it first, if it happens it will be my first correct prediction?
  36. Stephanie McMahon is going to leave the WWE as well?
  37. What do you guys think of new Showmiz theme?
  38. who is a better wrestler the undertaker or bret hart or eddie guerrero?
  39. Who do you think is better(Not in looks) Mickie James or Michelle McCool?
  40. Who has been the best technical wrestler in WWE ever since Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Eddie
  41. Who Had The Worst Night-ECW?
  42. Don't you just think TNA is a complete joke?
  43. Oh come on... Ezekiel Jackson is the final ECW champ?
  44. What wrestler(s) can you not stand?
  45. Where can i get the latest WWE Monday Night Raw 02/ 15/ 10? for free?
  46. TNA RLD: iMPACT! #25 (Rate the show)?
  47. Chris Jericho or John Cena + WYF sign ups?
  48. Do you think Orton will turn face soon?
  49. Next week on Monday Night RAW......?
  50. have a question on characters?
  51. Do You Think Bret Hart And Vince McMahon Will Fight At Wrestlemania?
  52. What do think of them giving away who is winning the RAW title?Does it surprise you?
  53. What is WWE trying to do with Dolph Ziggler?
  54. which current wrestling veteran who is still active has got more heat than they deserved?
  55. Did MVP get arrested for....?
  56. How can I convince my parents to let me wrestle?
  57. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  58. are these good seats?
  59. Do they still sell Jeff Hardy t-shirts @ WWE events which current WWE t-shirt(s) do you think...
  60. When was the last time we heard the A hole chant in WWE?
  61. WWE? ECW?....whats happening?
  62. how do or can i get into wrestling?
  63. Who is more defined in their career by Mania HBK,HHH, or Taker ?
  64. Who Will Face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVI?
  65. This Friday on Smackdown.....?
  66. The Undertaker's Legendary Deadman Entrance: Awe Inspiring or Phenomenal?
  67. TNA Moving to Mondays?
  68. Is it strange that both WWE biggest heels Orton and Edge are both either going to
  69. Anyone care about Sheamus yet?
  70. Is there only 4 matches at the Elimination Chamber?
  71. Is the fact Kane Jericho are willing to put over young talent a good or bad thing?
  72. What do you think this years wrestlemania 26 attendance will be?
  73. Was Vickie Guerrero Ever Involved In The WWE Before The Passing Of Eddie Guerrero?
  74. santiano comedy act or santiano heel act which one do you like better?
  75. Why Did WWE Superstar MVP Go To Prison For 9 Years?
  76. Why Doesn't WWE Raw Have A General Manager Instead Of A Guest Host Every Week?
  77. Can u describe each of these WWE feuds with one word (inside)?
  78. who is more hated from the fans wwe champion Shamus or vickie Guerrero?
  79. If You Could Meet Any WWE Superstar Past Or Present Who Would It Be?
  80. Is Randy Orton turning face?
  81. Next week on RAW.....?
  82. are you going to buy john morrison new dvd +bq?
  83. Did annybody actually believe That Jerry springer statement was Real?
  84. Should Big Van Vader be inducted into the hall of fame someday(BQ)?
  85. Miley Cyrus vs. Demi Lovato: Who would win this match?
  86. Bret Hitman Hart Injury?
  87. Who is the greatest technical wrestler and why?
  88. What did Sheamus do before he became a wrestler?
  89. Which would be more shocking for WWE, Undertakers WM Streak ending or John Cena turning heel?
  90. what happens when a wwe fan invades the match?
  91. What is your favorite SmackDown Vs Raw game?
  92. what wwe superstar or diva would come to you mine when i say these words?
  93. Who is more boring: Sheamus or Batista?
  94. Do You Think The Undertaker Will Lose His Win Streak At Wrestlemania?
  95. TNA Against All Odds: What happened to the Women's and the X division?
  96. what would you think if vince came up to shawn and offered him a retirement chance at wresltemania?
  97. What did you think of the 8 Stud Card Tournament....?
  98. Most Hardcore or Extreme Moment?
  99. is lacey von erich related to the von erichs who wrestled in the ncw?
  100. Does anyone want free WWE songs (only single songs)?
  101. How do you order WWE Pay-Per-Views on Comcast?
  102. WWE Champion Batista?
  103. what things did wwe steel from tna?
  104. I fell a little behind, What's NXT?
  105. would drew mcintyre really hate it if he lost in a rap off between r truth?
  106. Some what ifs in wrestling?
  107. Do you think making a theme based PPV around WWE's Draft would be a good idea.?
  108. Who will be the main inductee in the hall of fame this year?
  109. wrestling section, what good users have?
  110. Divas Tag Team Champions ROUND 1?
  111. How should I prepare for high school wrestling?
  112. What are your predictions on Raw? What matches? Anything Surprising? Will Bret be on the Show?
  113. TNA Wrestling is officially moving to Monday Nights... read more...?
  114. who is the most conceited superstar on smackdown?
  115. what do you think is going to be watched more today wwe raw or the olympics?
  116. monday night wars returning?
  117. if you would fired wwe superstars and divas who would it be?
  118. Which WWE/WWF gimmick is/was your favourite and why?
  119. which wwe superstars wear the best outfit?
  120. who is the most conceited superstar on tna?
  121. Anybody really glad to see Jimmy Hart on TNA?
  122. which pay-per-view is the best wrestlemenia or tna against all odds?
  123. which pay-per-view do you think is better survivors series or tlc?
  124. don't you think that michelle MacCool and layla on smack down are being like the Beautiful people
  125. do you think brett the hitman hart will show up tonight on monday night raw?
  126. Could AJ Styles beat Triple H in a wrestling match?
  127. who do you think undertaker gonna face at wrestlemenia 26?
  128. if raw was pg 14 and there was a strip dance off between kelly and maryse who would win?
  129. ??WWE Diva Poll?!?!?!?!???
  130. how many people can't wait for NXT?
  131. what things did tna steel from wwe?
  132. ??WWE Diva Poll?!?!?!?!???
  133. What is your top 10 wrestlers(WWE TNA Only)?
  134. Fav diva in wrestling?
  135. What do you get more excited for?Raw,smackdown,ECW.Or TNA?
  136. Who or what killed WCW?
  137. Do you think Jericho looks better in tights or trunks?
  138. Who Is Your Least Favorite Wrestler Due To Behind-the-Scenes / Personal Life?
  139. Don't You Think TNA copied WWE?
  140. who is the most conceited superstar on wwe raw?
  141. Do you think Shawn Michaels is going to pull off a Edge this sunday?
  142. is cm punk gay........?
  143. Edge or Triple H, who do you think is the greater wrestler between the two?
  144. On the UK tours, do the WWE Wrestlers sign autograps anywhere?
  145. Smackdown or RAW, which show do you think is better?
  146. Goldberg or Hulk Hogan?...?
  147. Is it just me or Big Show dumping Jericho for MIz looked
  148. Which wrestler do you think is most likely to say 'it's morphing time'?
  150. here in the uk will we get TNA Impact! on monday nights aswell?
  151. Would a tag team 60 min Ironmen match be entertaining with the current teams in WWE and TNA?
  152. Anthony Carelli (a.k.a Santino Marella's Daughter)?
  153. Does anyone agree with this statement that TNA is better because?
  154. what was better the new generation era or the pg era now?
  155. WWE geting rid of ECW? BQ?
  156. How is TNA going to win the war if?
  157. Can we all agree that TNA offers a higher quality of wrestling than WWE?
  158. Do you think TNA is about to do the TNA originals vs the New guys?
  159. Is the ultimate warrirah....?
  160. wwe vs the alliance ?
  161. WrestleMania 26: Triple H vs. Shawn Micheals, Who Will Win, Or Would You Rather See HHH
  162. did wwe hall of famer ULTIMATE WARRIOR DIE?
  163. Fantasy Tag Team? more inside + BQ!?
  164. how do i find out when wwe superstars are coming to england to sign autographs?
  165. which would be good theme songs for wrestlemania 26 ?
  166. how many titles has kong won in tna?
  167. WWE WrestleMania 26: Who Will The Undertaker Face at Mania 26, Please Tell Me Who and Why?
  168. Where Can I watch USA Network TV live for free? To watch wwe Monday night raw?
  169. WrestleMania 26: Do You Think These Matches Will Be The Main-Events AT MANIA 26?
  170. Do the wwe divas do their own makeup?
  171. WrestleMania 26:Randy Orton vs. Edge or Chris Jericho vs. Edge at MANIA 26?
  172. How many titles has tara won in tna.?
  173. WrestleMania 26: What Do You Think Of This MITB Ladder Match?
  174. What would be better?
  175. WrestleMania 26: What Do you Think: Hair vs. Mask- CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio?
  176. What happened at TNA Against all odds last night?
  177. TNA moving to monday nights?
  178. Should the WWE break up the brands?
  179. Who would win in these epic matches?
  180. Wouldn't this have been a better promo last Friday night Smackdown?
  181. WrestleMania 26:WWE Championship:Batista vs. Cena, World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs.
  182. XWA Rampage: Who would Win these matches? (WQ)?
  183. who won the tna whc last night joe or aj?
  184. WrestleMania 26: Sheamus vs.The Undertaker, What Do You Think, Or Would You Rather See
  185. Can you think of anything funny about your favorite wrestler?
  186. Why is Vince starting NXT?+BQ?
  187. Who does Katarina Waters(Katie Lea) dating?
  188. What are some wrestling gimmicks that haven't been used yet?
  189. why john b. layfield retire?
  190. who has pinned undertaker?
  191. When Brian Kendrick returned to TNA why do you think received the ovation he did from the fans?
  192. What reason does Jim Ross have to wear a cowboy hat?
  193. Wrestling Question of the Day (Feb. 15)?
  194. My WrestleMania 26: Please Rate My Card and Give Your Opinions?
  195. John cena will be Know for one of the Best Wrestler of the decade?
  196. Who is looking forward to seeing Jerry Springer as the guest host on WWE tonight?
  197. What do you think about the new Diva, Serena?
  198. What do you think about the new Diva, Serena?
  199. Do you think Beth Phoenix is good enough to be the first women to be WWE Champion?
  200. WrestleMania 26: Out Of These Superstars Who Should The Undertaker Face at Mania 26?
  201. Which wwe Wrestler has the Hottest/Ugliest wife?
  202. Who loses clean more often: John Cena or Undertaker?
  203. Santino Marella can be a huge success for the WWE?
  204. Is Batista a jerk in real - life?
  205. Would you rather have a face or heel champ?
  206. Which wrestlers are from your hometown?
  207. WWE or TNA???????????
  208. Do you think that Beth PHoenix can win...?
  209. Undertaker vs Cena at WM (Someday, when WWE got enough balls to book it): A MASSIVE draw or A...
  210. Can you remember atleast one time last year in the wwe that kayfabe was broke?
  211. Who has been the Undertaker's Greatest Rivalry, Plus Another Question about Undertaker?
  212. HOLEY CRAP.aj styles new attire what do you think?
  213. What is everyone's problem with CZW?
  214. Wrestling section, what kind of reaction these possible future moments will trigger for
  215. What are some things you agree on with the IWC........?
  216. Name every wrestler Retired/ still in the WWE you can name?
  217. Oh yeah, The Nasty Boys beat Team 3D PROVING my point that they are the greatest of all time?
  218. You know something that is sad? only one person remebers the AWA with Verne gagne?
  219. If you were allowed to pick the type of match you had with your rival on a PPV...?
  220. Do u think Undertaker vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania 26 will happen?
  221. Why don't people b*tch about TNA guys using illegal drugs?
  222. Who was a jobber in wrestling that could of been an upper midcarder if given the chance?
  223. why do tna fans think getting old wwe stars is a good thing?
  224. With whom these guys (inside) got greater feud with: John Cena or Undertaker?
  225. Are you immpresed at the undertakers title reign so far?
  226. Who thinks Nasty Boys should go to WWE?
  227. Should D'Angelo Dinero be the next TNA Champion?
  228. Are you happy The Pope won the tournament?
  229. Kane, a Jobber or a great contributor to the rise of young stars?
  230. the bella twins look so sexy all the time?
  231. Who would like to join my YAWA E-FED?Shows are Hardcore Saturday Night and Non-Stop Sunday...
  232. Do u consider Sheamus as a big man wrestler?
  233. Do you think Big Show hits the gym?
  234. Randy Orton, Viper Or Future of the WWE?
  235. Can you think of any wwe superstars that have fought each other before the wwe?
  236. Is mvp and mark henry still together?
  237. Wrestling Fans What Do You Think Of This Video?
  238. Among his 17 victories, which Undertaker's Wrestlemania win pissed you off the most? Why?
  239. Is the reason why the undertaker is always in a bad mood because michelle mccool isnt't
  240. Undertaker vs Sheamus at Wrestlemania 26: A Surprising Classic or An Epic Fail?
  241. Which are the best wrestling DVDs?
  242. Do u think WWE would go as far as letting Sheamus end The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Undefeated...
  243. Which was superior, The Nation or The Radicalz?
  244. who has more passion-austin or rock?
  245. Will kurt angle ever be inducted into the wwe hall of fame someday?
  246. Who do you think is better, John Cena or Triple H.?
  247. Watch this video of Jeff Hardy lifting 500 pounds?
  248. Would you say that Rey Mysterio is the WWE's most consistant performer?
  249. Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 26: An Instant Classic or A Flop?
  250. TNA officially moves to Mondays on March 8th: REAL start to Monday Night Wars 2?
  251. Batista he's got to go don't you agree?
  252. Do you prefer Sheamus or Drew McIntyre?
  253. Who are you top 3 canadian wwe wrestlers of all time?
  254. Do you think it would be cool if Paul Bearer hosted Raw?
  255. What comes to mind when I say?
  257. What are the best wrestling matches of all time?
  258. Wrestlemania loctaions?
  259. if HHH did not get injury in 2001 who will he go with WCW/ECW in the Alliance or stop if the wwe ?
  260. what do you hope too see and hope not to see at against all odds tonight?
  261. did Lou Thesz ever beat a guy 4 real?
  263. is the fate off Professional wrestling dead?
  264. How do I know that the WWE event I will be going to is a normal show or a house show? + BQ!!?
  265. who is the last true WCW champ ?
  267. CM Punk catchphrases?
  268. has jeff hardy never compite in a 30 mens royal rumble?
  270. Abdulla Butcher or Necro Butcher?
  272. WWE WrestleMania 26: Potential Mania 26 Card?
  273. Do you believe this video?
  274. In wrestling, are the words overrated and underrated overused?
  275. who would win Outlaw Ron Bass or greg the hammer valentine?
  276. In SDvR 2010 do you...?
  277. What is your favorite Kurt Angle backstage moment?
  278. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  279. TNA Against All Odds Predictions.?
  280. team wwe superstars vs tna superstars who would win?
  281. What is your favorite ORIGINAL ECW match and moment?
  282. Who else agrees these young talents need a push?
  283. Why are so many Internet kids who were in diapers the last time Bret Hart was in the WWE?
  284. Who would win this Wrestlemania match?
  285. GUESS THAT WRESTLER........?
  286. List some heels that you like and some faces that you hate?
  287. Where Can I Watch TNA Against All Odds For Free TONIGHT Live Stream For Free?
  288. Do you miss any users that aren't on anymore? + WQ?
  289. when will john morrison start going for the world title?
  290. Will Vince Vs Bret be a good match at Wrestlemania?
  291. Who is/was the best technical wrestler in WWE?
  292. has jeff hardy never been in a royal rumble?
  293. Matt Morgan just used Undertakers apron leg drop?
  294. who is better undertaker or sheamus?
  295. Eric Bishoff or Jonathon Coachman?
  296. Would Sheamus and Drew Mcintyre make a good tag team?
  297. Wrestling Question of the Day?
  298. Can I beat this girl in a wrestling match?
  299. Matt Morgan or Kane. Who better?
  300. Do You See This Happening With Shawn Micheals at Elimination Chamber?
  301. When wrestlers walk into McDonalds or Wal Mart does their theme music start playing over the
  302. If you could have sex with one WWE Diva or TNA Knockout, who would you choose?
  303. Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
  304. Who am I......................?
  305. Whats your opinion of Jimmy Jacobs? + BQ's?
  306. What do you think John Cena power level is?
  307. TNA Against All Odds (2010)?
  308. wwe:agree or disagree?
  309. What do you hope from The Rock's temporal return this Summer (maybe in Summerslam)?
  310. Can u think of a new Streak in modern era of WWE that would rival Undertaker's Wrestlemania
  311. how old do you have to be to train at a wrestling school?
  312. who would win savio vega or doug basham?
  313. Is Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 good for the PSP?
  314. Wrestling section, what is the most overlooked and underrated thing about....(more inside)?
  315. did these wwe and tna wrestlers get release?
  316. Which word is more 'honorable' in Internet Wrestling Community: Overrated or Underrated?
  317. Where can I watch HBK VS The Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  318. Wrestlemania 26 Stadium Question?
  319. If you could choose 8 wrestlers to fight for the 1988 vacant WWF title out of these guys,
  320. Where Can I Get Live Free Streaming of Against All Odds tonight?
  321. now that it has been confirmed that ECW is being scrapped, do you find it a shame ....?
  322. if candice michelle would have never gotten injured......?
  323. Will John Morrison make it to the Elimination Chamber?
  324. do you think edge would appear on both elimination chamber match?
  325. Do you find this funny?
  326. Jim Ross is rude and unappreciative of his fans?
  327. What was your favourite year in wrestling? + BQs?
  328. Who's Wrestlemania do you Like better, Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker +BQ's?
  329. Did Jeff Hardy's actions cause Matt Hardy a push?
  330. Do you think all 3 members of the Hart Dynasty are underrated?
  331. WWE Nick Jr.,Who Agrees+BQ?
  332. what if these maches happend who wud win?
  333. Who do you think would win if The Rock and The Undertaker ever had a match?
  334. Are you eager to see that Senior Citizens Match at Wrestlemania?
  335. Do you think If I met Matt or Jeff Hardy they would discriminate againgst my religion?
  336. WHO wants kane 2 win the belt?
  337. After seeing Taker vs Jericho thrice on Smackdown!, would u still want to see them going at
  338. Among the current WWE rosters who do u consider to be in the same league as Flair, Hogan,
  339. ECW being canceled soon...How much do YOU really care?
  340. Who would win in these matches?
  341. Personally, what do u think of Dwayne Johnson's constant refusal of doing one more match as The...
  342. who would win rvd or nicle bass?
  343. Do you think Shelton Benjamin's career could go further if he was in TNA rather than WWE?
  344. Who has the best theme song in WWE ?
  345. do you think hbk gonna replace john morrison at elimination chamber?
  346. How many years do i have to go to college to wrestle for WWE?
  347. What Time In English Time does TNA Against All Odds start tonight?
  348. Lita voted best wwf/e attitude era diva!!!!(+BQ)?
  349. Team WWE Divas vs. Team TNA Knockouts who would win?
  350. What wrestler has gotten oer because of their gimmick?
  351. happy valentines everyone?
  352. Agree or disagree with me?
  353. Wrestling fans, what's your favorite finisher move?
  354. Since WWE is fake, do you think that 1) Shawn Michaels will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania,...
  355. What wrestler/diva would you want to marry?
  356. what is so great about Danial Bryan?
  357. Team WWE vs. Team TNA 6 on 6 elimination who would win?
  358. WrestleMania 26: WWE Plans and My Ideas, So Rate Card. Choose Winners?
  359. ?What is your favorite match ever, and why?
  360. Who here knew that two famous wrestlers from the WWE are the uncles of Cody Rhodes?
  362. Is Hulk Hogan still a virgin?
  363. Do you think its hillarious TNA has Jeff Jarrett coming out to no music and no pyro?
  364. With TNA most likely moving to mondays do you think?
  365. Which WWE diva/wrestler would you ask to be your valentine?
  367. do you like the bella twins?
  368. Edge And Christian Or The Hardy Boyz?
  369. Why do you watch Wrestling when you KNOW it's FAKE?
  370. why dont real life fans hold weapons just like they do in the video games?
  371. will sheamus and drew mcintrye be DLC in svr2010 ?
  372. Why did everyone that cut a promo back in the day always had to include,?
  373. Who's Better Volume 80(Valentines Day edition)?
  374. Why does randy orton spit when he talk?
  375. why in Road to wrestmainia plus BQ?
  376. the wwf stone cold version or today's wwe randy orton version (more inside)?
  377. how was Shane McMahon able to have kids after Kane electrocuted his nuts?
  378. what are your thoughts on this article speaking undertaker and wrestlemania?
  379. Elimination Chamber Question (read inside)?
  380. WWE WrestleMania 26: Plans WWE might do?
  381. Why does everyone keep on sayin Batista's taken Steroids? he said himself, only been close 2
  382. Who Is Your Favourite Ever Stable Plus THW Presents Sunday Night Comatose Episode 9 Part One?
  383. Who Is Your Favourite Ever Tag Team Plus THW Presents Sunday Night Comatose Episode 9 Part Two?
  384. I heard that TNA is going out of business?
  385. Where can I watch TNA! Against All Odds?
  386. People are killing me,HHH has won 4 chamber matches, yet no one is even mentioning him.Why?
  387. WWE+TNA E-FED SmacKDown Week 5 Vote+Promo?
  388. THW Talent Initiative Sign-Ups?
  389. who is the worst wrestler in the world?
  390. Why is METH Hardy so overrated?
  391. Do Any Of You Have Any Wrestlers' Autographs?
  392. Why is Shane McMahon so mean in real life?
  393. How do you spell WWE?
  394. Matt Hardy's new look!!!!!!?
  395. What do you think of the latest HBK storyline?
  396. ??? e-fed info you might need to know + WQ + BQ?
  397. WWE Decade of Wrestling Awards?
  398. What Hardcore Holly theme do you prefer?
  399. Should WWE do their own version of We are the World?
  400. Where's Finlay? Stupid 20 Characters?
  401. anatomy of an eye gouge?
  402. Would you laugh if this happened?
  403. Do you think Samoa Joe has good mic skills?
  404. How come Vince is always cool.Advises for a Xth grader.?
  405. who do you think is a more valuable player at wrestlemania?
  406. What would happen to The TNA Knockouts if TNA goes down?
  407. What do wrestling fans like more, Cartoon legends, or video game icons, and why?
  408. Where can I get an Ugly stick like the one TNA's The Beautiful People use?
  409. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  410. Should Vince McMahon have a weekly segment on Raw where he brings out retired ex WWF...
  411. What was the best thing about WWF Monday Night Raw for Sega Genesis?
  412. What do you think these superstars are like in real life?
  413. Guess the wrestler............?
  414. Who do you want to win at TNA's Against All Odds tonight?
  415. Jethro Holiday or The Undertaker?
  416. I'm wrestling a girl that's already beaten me. My chances?
  417. AJ Styles v Samoa Joe?
  418. Why does Taker get more praise here than HBK?
  419. who else do you think wil be in the 2010 WWE Hall of Fame?
  420. Will the stadium at Wrestlemania have a roof or not?
  421. How many wrestler have been born without last names?
  422. do you like these WRESTLING NAMES?
  423. Which wrestler would you want to be your girlfriend or boyfriend?
  424. Jeff Hardy or John Morrison ? BQ Inside?
  425. Who would win in a match, Sheamus or Brock Lesnar?
  426. Do you think this will happen at wwe elimination chamber?
  427. Who is currently the better heel: CM Punk or Batista and why?
  428. Honesty Poll: Who were you TRUTHFULLY rooting for at WM 18?
  429. What are the most dreaded words in the WWE?
  430. what's the title of the song played on I think the death anniversary of Eddie Guerrero?
  431. guess the finisher 2?
  432. How many months/years after his debut in WWF did Hogan win the WWF Championship?
  433. Do you think never having these guys facing at Wrestlemania 1 on 1 took anything away from their
  434. do you want hbk to vs undertaker or hhh at wrestlemania?
  435. WWE+TNA E-FED TNA Results Part 3?
  436. Who's your Favorite Wrestler in WWE?
  437. Do monster gimmicks ever work in wrestling?Would a Hellboy type character work?
  438. What do wrestling fans like more, Super heroes, or television heroes, and why?
  439. WWE+TNA E-FED TNA Results Part 2?
  440. smack down v raw 2010 psp questions ?
  441. What are some ribs wwe superstars do to newcomers?
  442. Does it seem like Hulk Hogan is losing his steam in TNA?
  443. If WWE does book Sheamus on WM 26 main event would u watch the match first or considered it a...
  444. 15 of the best hardcore, extreme, or any stipulation match in WWE or TNA?
  445. Who have you blocked and why in the wrestlinh section? + WQ?
  446. did you enjoy Kurt Angle vs The Rock feud in Attitude era?
  447. Who does this finisher?
  448. WWE Hall of Fame DwayneThe RockJohnson?
  449. guess the finisher 3? this is a hard one?
  450. Something is missing in the wwe right now.(yearly Mcmahons storyline?)?
  451. Which of these songs do you think would be the best theme song for Elimination Chamber?
  452. what do u think about my wrestlemania match card?
  453. What would you think if Jeff Jarrett bashed Hogan in the head with his guitar?
  454. Who's a Better heel, Randy Orton or Triple H back in evolution?
  455. ECW being canceled soon...Does Vince McMahon really care?
  456. Has there ever been a wrestler call suicide...... i just wanted to know?
  457. When is Bryan Danielson debuting in WWE and will he be good or bad?
  458. Is ROH better than the WWE?
  459. Do you ever go on YouTube and check out old WWF entrance themes from the 80s and early 90s?
  460. Imagine If This Happened?
  461. Who did the Spear?????
  462. What will happen first: Vince retires or Vince dies?
  463. YAHF(Yahoo Answer Hardcore Federation) EFED sign-ups?
  464. Which match got greater crowds: Rock vs Hogan (WM 18) or HBK vs Taker (WM 25)?
  465. ?Random Questions about WWE and TNA?
  466. Who Would Win ? Straight Edge Society VS DR.Stevie,Raven,Daffney?
  467. Anyone digging the Vince and bret heart feud thats going on?
  468. What does TNA have to do to be the better wrestling company then WWE?
  469. If Kurt Angle ever did come back to WWE, would he be used right?
  470. How hardcore is CZW on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 to 10 ONLY) + DONTJOINTHISEFED Lame Flame results!!!!?
  471. Do u think last RAW proved why Bret isn't in a condition to do physical contacts anymore?
  472. Jerry Lawler VS Sheamus for the WWE Title?
  473. How many of you think that Jericho is going to win the Elimination Chamber?
  474. Do you think TNA moving to mondays is?
  475. Does anyone else think that Vince Mcmahon should be in the Hall Of Fame?
  476. Best WWF/E Attitude Era Diva (19)?
  477. What are the three best letters in wrestling, and why?
  478. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  479. Diva Poll:Maria or christy hemme?
  480. how much does it cost to go to the windy city wrestling school in chicago, illinois?
  482. TNA Total Non Stop Action Wrestling?
  483. does anyone know of a sports bar on Long Island, NY that shows WWE pay per views???
  484. sory if i ask to much but i got to know what to do i challange agirl to submit fight next mondy can
  485. Is there going to be a DX revival?
  486. what year was the first olimpic wrestling mach in?
  487. what are some good brands of wrestling kneepads?
  488. Is DX getting back together?
  489. Do you want Triple H to turn face? what about bringing back DX? Would Shawn, HHH, and Cena be DX?
  490. griffinwildcats3?
  491. What is the name of Trish Stratus's theme song and who sings it?
  492. has anyone heard of recor the wrestler?
  493. is it gust me or is pro-wrestling the best?
  494. is it ok if aman tabout or submit to girl hold in fight or man most not tap to any girls hold?
  495. can i download wwe entrence and theme songs without any cost?
  496. did anyone else cry in toy story two or monsters inc.?
  497. John Cena....Buff or Roid-Head?
  498. Who would be the better tag team?
  499. Well....hmmm du u thnk Carlito wud win d WWE or World Title dis Year????
  500. college is better?