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  1. Are you happy that Christmas isn't cancel?
  2. What is your reaction about Batista's return?
  3. Wrestling Section:Merry Christmas to all my homies?
  4. Who's your favorite maineventplaya in WWE?
  5. WRESTLING : Im about to go party with my family....and wish the WS a merry christmas?
  6. Did you know John Cena could beat UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in a real fight?
  7. Do you think that Big Show kept the diaper he wore last night?
  8. When will our future divas legend Ariana Grande debut in WWE?
  9. When Batista Returns, Should He Turn Heel & Join The Authority?
  10. Merry Christmas wrestling section.Quick poll?
  11. Wrestling:Who will win Bad Santa CM Punk vs Good Santa Daniel Bryan in a Street Fight Match?
  12. Did Chris Jericho invent the Ferris Wheel?
  13. Is WWE Diva Eva Marie the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be?
  14. Which is the most entertaining wrestling promotion that's not WWE or TNA?
  15. which is the better wrestler..?
  16. Do people realize that TNA has an insignificant roster compared to WWE?
  17. Whose more disliked Enthuse for rabbir, Real Americans (User) or Dave Hytmen?
  18. Was Raw Christmas 2013 better than Raw Christmas in 2012?
  19. Why do people hype Kofi Kingston, Zach Ryder & Tyson Kidd?
  20. Which is better at cutting promos CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?
  21. Is Batista Another Reason Why CM Punk Will Not Main Event WrestleMania This Year .. !?
  22. If WWE Had To Fire One Of Aj Lee And CM Punk, Who Would They Choose .. !?
  23. How Come Aj Lee's Opponents Always Touch Her Butt When Tapping Out To The Black Widow Submission ..
  24. Batista Is A Bigger Star Than CM Punk In The WWE .. !?
  25. For crimmus I wanna become a WWE Wrestler(More in BQ)?
  26. Are People Actually Serious When They Say Aj Lee Looks Like A 14 Year Old .. !?
  27. Wrestling:Who will win this fatal four way match?
  28. Is Aj Lee The Next Rey Mysterio .. !?
  29. Did You Know That Aj Lee Is My Life .. !?
  30. Which WWE Wrestler Will Never Get ?You Can?t Wrestle? Chants .. !?
  31. If CM Punk Can Enter The Royal Rumble, Why Can?t Aj Lee .. !?
  32. Who Do You Think Will Be The Most Successful Member Of The Shield When They Break Up .. !?
  33. Did You Know That Aj Lee Has Technically Been Divas Champion For 2 Years .. !?
  34. which WWE Superstars who was black was WWE Champion Or World Champion?
  35. Who Do You Think Is Going To Be The 30th Entrant In The Royal Rumble .. !?
  36. Who Has Worse Teeth, CM Punk Or Snitsky .. !?
  37. Who Would Win In A Real Fight, CM Punk Or Kharma .. !?
  38. WRESTLING : Who would you put as the top 3 most hated heels of all time in the wwe?
  39. Have You Read That WWE Wont Punish Aj Lee For Her Incident With Michelle Beadle .. !?
  40. Wrestling Section: Is Brie Bella the sexiest WWE Diva in history?
  41. WRESTLING : Where in the world is SHELTON BENJAMIN?
  42. BREAKING NEWS : Batista will be ROMAN REIGNS mentor within the future?
  43. WRESTLING : So far, in 2013, which show did you enjoy watching more SD or RAW?
  44. How many WWE superstars/divas got coal this year for being naughty?
  45. Do you think that Damien Sandow is planning to cancel 2014 as we speak?
  46. Do you think that Good Santa (Mark Henry) is out delivering presents right now?
  47. Who's got the better in-ring skills?
  48. Do you think that WWE should of announced Batista's return at the Royal Rumble?
  49. After she breaks Maryse Divas title record, will there be an AJ Lee Appreciation Night on the
  50. Will Batista return as a face or a heel?
  51. Why do you watch WWE When you know its fake and gay?
  52. Do you think for wrestlemania that Batista might verse Undertaker?
  53. Why didn't The Rock win the title at Wrestlemania 16?
  54. Which two wrestlers do you think would make an awesome 60 Iron man Match?
  55. history of the u.s. title?
  56. What was your thought about Big Show being the World's Largest Baby?
  57. Wrestling:Who will be the first member of The Sheild to win WWE World Heavweight Championship?
  58. Which dead wwe wrestler do you miss the most?
  59. Whys Dean Ambrose always getting pinned?
  60. Do you think WWE Diva Alicia Fox will ever be WWE Divas Champion again?
  61. what is the worst finisher in wwe past or present?
  62. Are you afraid that Damien Sandow is going to cancel the entire year of 2014?
  63. What happened to Ricardo Rodriguez?
  64. What do you think about Michael Cole and JBL not giving each other gifts?
  65. How would you want as your helpers for Christmas AJ Lee and Tamina or The Bella Twins?
  66. Do you hope Batista returns as a heel on January 20?
  67. Is Batista a sell out since he has said he doesn't like PG WWE and is returning?
  68. What do you think about The Big Show promo for Raw New Years?
  69. What do you think of JBL saying Kofi Kingston wished for a gift certificate for a haircut?
  70. What do you think of JBL saying if he was on the active roster he would be worried about Batista?
  71. During the present on a pole match did anyone else think...?
  72. Are you excited for the Animal Batista return?
  73. What do you think of Michael Cole calling Summer Rae Rosa Mendes?
  74. WRESTLING : So far, who do you think can wrestle better BIG E LANGSTON or RYBACK?
  75. What do you think of JBL saying Vickie Guerrero has a nice pair of Antlers?
  76. WRESTLING : Do you think BATISTA's return is only for 1 purpose ---->?
  77. When is RVD returning To WWE?
  78. Do You Agree That CM Punk Has Been Irrelevant Ever Since He Lost His Title To The Rock .. !?
  79. Did The WWE Ruin Batista's Return .. !?
  80. Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Batista Bandwagon .. !?
  81. Do you think Aaliyah was chanting "CM Punk" with the fans?
  82. Is Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson More Popular Than The WWE .. !?
  83. Who here lives in Chicago and is going to the December 26th WWE show?
  84. Why did JBL called Barrett a "good man" when he lied about helping a charity?
  85. Agree/Disagree: Daniel Bryan Is Bigger Than The Wyatt Family .. !?
  86. How Epic Is The Wyatt Family's Entrance .. !?
  87. Am I The Only Person Who Doesn't Like CM Punk .. !?
  88. Has The Divas Match Already Happened On Raw .. !?
  89. Why Can't Aj Lee Haters Just Go Away .. !?
  90. If Christmas Is Cancelled Tonight, Will It Only Be Cancelled For WWE Fans .. !?
  91. Why Is Michael Cole Cheering For The Good Santa .. !?
  92. Did Stephanie Mcmahon get plastic surgery on her face?
  93. Why is john cena one of the greatest wrestlers of all time?
  94. if you were a wrestler...?
  95. That was a crock?????
  96. I ask this again!!!!!!!!!!! my god! will batista be heel or good guy? why no answers?
  97. What's the difference between AJ Lee and a 14 year old?
  98. Someone,Please tell me whats so good about Batista?
  99. Why Didn't The Good Santa Share His Christmas Cupcakes .. !?
  100. Wrestling:Who are the Top 5 Divas in WWE?
  101. What If Someone Wins During Commercial?
  102. Have you ever stopped and think to yourself "Wow, a 14 year old is the Divas Champion."?
  103. is it time for CM Punk to Job again?
  104. Does Cesaro get headaches every day from doing the giant swing?
  105. Did you like Randy Ortons gift to the authority?
  106. Did CM Punk Carry John Cena and Big E?
  107. Is Prince Devitt leaving NJPW even though he's the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion?
  108. Is This The Moment All WWE Fans Have Been Waiting For .. !?
  109. How Funny Was It When John Cena Received A Larger Ovation Than CM Punk On Raw .. !?
  110. Why Are WWE Fans Chanting Goldberg At Ryback .. !?
  111. How Did Batista Just Tweet When Raw Is Taped .. !?
  112. Do You Think CM Punk Ruined The Main Event .. !?
  113. Do You Think Aj Lee Has Been Naughty This Year .. !?
  114. How Embarassed Would You Be Right Now If You Were Damien Sandow Or Mark Henry .. !?
  115. Why Are People Complaining About Raw Being Childish Tonight Yet Are Still Watching It .. !?
  116. Are You Going To Purchase The Raw 20th Anniversary Collection .. !?
  117. Did You See That Batista Promo .. !?
  118. Are WWE Trying To Promote A Black Santa .. !?
  119. Did Darren Young pull a R-Truth?
  120. What a segment best in years?
  121. Roman Reigns Spear Or F5, Which Is More Devastating .. !?
  122. Does WWE think we are stupid?
  123. PG is going away tonight?
  124. Is tonight going to be A Rated G Show?
  125. OMG!!! Batista is BACK!! Are you marking out right now?
  126. Would you like a candy came from Kane?
  127. Doesn't AJ make a cute elf?
  128. Batista is returning for real are you happy?
  129. Championship Wrestling Association (CWA) Fusion I Part II?
  130. What kind of dog does Brie Bella have?
  131. What's a good tag team name for Rey Mysterio and Big Show?
  132. what do you expect on raw?
  133. layla el is released?
  134. I have to ask, WHO CARES about Randy Orton and Del Rio ?
  135. Did You Guys Read The Spoilers For Tonight's Raw?
  137. Are You Excited That Sheamus Is Returning At The Royal Rumble .. !?
  138. Is The 5 Knuckle Shuffle The PG Version Of The People?s Elbow .. !?
  139. Tonight's raw sucks?
  140. Who is the most respected user in the WS?
  141. Wrestling:Who will win this fatal four way match?
  142. What exactly is the IWC?
  143. WWE, TNA, ROH/Indies: Opinion on Matt Hardy?
  144. Why does Elson give a damn?
  145. Is the obvious sign of a non Professional Wrestling fan when they bring up the Television Rating?
  146. Is "Jim Crockett Promotions Fan" even an actual person or Bot?
  147. Anybody actually find Xavier Woods Entertaining?
  148. Wrestling Section: Let's invade another section?
  149. For Christmas you all will get best answers? Wrestling?
  150. do you think magnus will have a dominant title reign?
  151. Should people stop suggesting that Chris Benoit should be in the Hall of Fame?
  152. would you love to see hulk hogan do the leg drop on daniel brian?
  153. Do you guys want to go to the paranormal phenomena section and call ghosts fake?
  154. If Seth Rollins beats John Cena clean on Smackdown in their solo match, will you warm up to...
  155. WRESTLING : Who are you expecting in the HALL OF FAME in 2014?
  156. When's Paul Heyman returning?
  157. WRESTLING : What was your 1st ever favorite wrestling finishing move when you became a
  158. How can I roll my eyes up like the undertaker? is it hard?
  159. What made AJ Styles better then everybody else in TNA?
  160. Why do 'Fans' believe John Cena Vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson II was a good match?
  161. what matches would be best for business on Wwe RAW?
  162. WRESTLING : GUYS, What would you do if brock lesnar touched your GF booty?
  163. What happened to R-truths pal little jimmy?
  164. Can you please answer my questions about wrestling and the diva's and stephanje mcmahon?
  165. Why did stephanie mcmahon get breast implants? Also is it me or did you loose that bigbutt she had?
  166. Why do people keep saying WWE is scripted?
  167. Can this be the WrestleMania XXX Card?
  168. How would you rate the year 2013 for WWE?
  169. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  170. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  171. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  172. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  173. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  174. Merry Christmas you will get all get best answers? Who's my favorite wrestler?
  175. when will WWE push john cena away from main event to mid card?
  176. WRESTLING : What are a few things BIG E LANGSTON needs to work on for improvement?
  177. WRESTLING : What are your thoughts with BRAD MADDOX as general manager?
  178. who do you want batista to take on at wrestlemania 30?
  179. Would you rather take a Brainbuster or a tombstone piledriver?
  180. John Cena And Goldberg Vs The Current Rock & The Current Undertaker?
  181. Is there anyone older than 16 in this section?
  182. I have a crush on one of the WS users. What should I do?
  183. Why Do CM Punk Fans Live In The Past .. !?
  184. If you could bring a wrestler out of retirement and give him/her a 3 year contract who would it be?
  185. Why does Denny Pill give a damn?
  186. Which Match was the best out of these Options?
  187. Do you agree that Sable appears to be more beautiful than she showed on tv?
  188. Are 95% Of Professional Wrestling 'Fans' Ignoramuses? (No Efeds/Dirt Sheet).?
  189. WRESTLING : Who do you think is the longest lasting tag teams of all time in wwe?
  190. Who Do You Think Will Face Randy Orton At Royal Rumble For The WWE World Heavyweight
  191. Tna: do you know ec3 is Derrick bateman?
  192. CM Punk Had No Chance Of Defeating The Rock Af The Royal Rumble .. !?
  193. Did You Know That The Rock Has 3 Times The Twitter Followers That CM Punk Does .. !?
  194. Isn't The Rock A Better Singer Than Bruno Mars .. !?
  195. Have You Ever Had A Dream About The WWE .. !?
  196. WWE Fans Want To See Daniel Bryan More Than They Want To See CM Punk ..?
  197. So Aj Lee Will Become The Longest Reigning Divas Champion 9 Days Before CM Punk's 434
  198. So I Went On Polls & Survey And Asked Them If Aj Lee Looks Skinny .. !?
  199. WS: Am I Really A Troll .. !?
  200. Why Doesn't John Cena Want Kids When Most Of His Fan Base Are Kids .. !?
  201. since WWE has no competition how can WWE raise ratings in 2014 and beyond?
  202. Who gonna face undertaker in wrestlemania 30?
  203. How come when Randy Orton low blowed Daniel Bryan Cena ran out to see if his balls were ok?
  204. D you think the ultimate warrior will ever return?
  205. Which of these are your favorite WWE Non-Royal Rumble matches?
  206. If you had to choice to pick Austin or Goldberg?
  207. Road to Wrestlemania?
  208. Actually What do you think about TNA Wrestler EC3 Ethan Carter III?
  209. Should Hunico be the next Sin Cara?
  210. Who Will Be The Next WWE Superstar To Defeat John Cena Clean .. !?
  211. Who here likes the pictures I sent them?
  212. @John Cena Fans; Who do you think is the better wrestler?
  213. WRESTLING : Why is the wwe holding back ryaback?
  214. WRESTLING : How good of a wrestler is RANDY ORTON on scale of 1 to 9,000?
  215. Why doesn't WWE do bra and panties matches or female mud wrestling anymore?
  216. Do People Really Hate Aj Lee Because Of Her Fans .. !?
  217. Is Seth Rollins the next CM Punk?
  218. How did John Cena get included in a match with the shield?
  219. WWE was a bit better when these people were Champions?
  220. Is Roman Reigns the next Batista?
  221. Agree/Disagree: Daniel Bryan Will Become WWE World Heavyweight Champion At WrestleMania 30 .. !?
  222. Why does everyone always call CM Punk skinny and weak and vanilla midget?
  223. Would anyone care if AJ Lee gets fired?
  224. Will wrestlemania not be the same once Undertaker retires?
  225. Why are there pics of CM Punk and AJ Lee everywhere it's annoying?
  226. Do you want to see John Cena vs Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble?
  227. If you had the chance to fire a wrestler who would it be?
  228. What happens when you defeat everyone on the roster in WWE 2K14 Defend The Streak mode?
  229. who agree bret hart is overated?
  230. Why wasn't the termination of Chavo Guerrero = kayfabe?
  231. Why is everybody hateing on Big Show?
  232. WS Universe: Should Witness change his gimmick to The Vital Witness and as a heel?
  233. Who has a better chance of Winning Royal Rumble CM Punk OR Daniel Bryan(Tinych4t)?
  234. Do you consider me a WS main eventer?
  235. WS bully annihilator stable sign ups?
  236. Last night I watched TNA for the first time since Christian Cage left?
  237. What was my best gimmick of my career?
  238. Is it fair to consider The Rock as an A lister now?
  239. What are some of your unpopular wrestling opinions?
  240. How Can Anyone Hate Our WWE Divas Champion, Aj Lee .. !?
  241. Will Ryback and Roman be a interesting Match in WWE?
  242. Would antonio Cesaro Make it as a Baby Face in WWE?
  243. Is CM Punk dating AJ Lee so he can become popular again?
  244. Is Tamina the only WWE Diva who is entertaining in the ring?
  245. Are you afraid that Damien Sandow might cancel Christmas this year?
  246. Who is the more respectable Women's Champion right now, Gail Kim or AJ Lee?
  247. How do I beat a guy at arm wrestling?
  248. Do you think Tamina Snuka will eventually turn on AJ Lee to capture the Divas Championship?
  249. Do you think Karma will return to the WWE to feud with AJ Lee?
  250. CM Punk says he's Straight Edge, What does Straight Edge mean?
  251. Who Wins this Interpromotional Triple Threat Match?
  252. Thoughts On The Dixieland Match at Final Resolution?
  253. Are CM Punk and Seth Rollins the best in wwe right now?
  254. Would You Like To Be A WWE Wrestler If You Had The Chance .. !?
  255. What do you think of AJ Lee saying she was hugged as a child and doesn't want the attention of...
  256. Do you think Damian Sandow can't carry Santa Clause's sack?
  257. What do you think about Zeb Coulter saying he won't forget Michael Cole?
  258. Do you agree with JBL is Fandango the male Shakira?
  259. Do you feel sorry for Brodus Clay because he lost the Funkadactyl's, his partner, and his music?
  260. What do you think of JBL saying he would like to retire Michael Cole?
  261. Is Michael Cole using himself as a source?
  262. Is Aj Lee Still WWE Divas Champion .. !?
  263. What do you think of JBL's thoughts on Sin Cara?
  264. Best WWE Match of 2013 Tournament Round 1?
  265. Personal'm here to ask about the drawing candle cove?
  266. Would You Rather See Batista Or Goldberg Return At The Royal Rumble .. !?
  267. Does John Cena and Randy Orton give Vince McMahon a Car Wash.?
  268. What do you think about AJ Lee making breakfast for Tamina?
  269. Which will be Better Tribute to the troops or WWE Slammys?
  270. Wrestling Section:Who's your favorite celebrity?
  271. WWE Smackdown,is Santa clause an Illegal immigrant?
  272. who deserves to face shawn michaels at wrestlemania 30?
  273. Is Vickie Guerrero The new teddy long?
  274. Wrestling Question:Does anyboy here hate bullies?
  275. How is WWE Goldust Fighting so well at his age 45?
  276. Will you be mad if Damien Sandow cancels Christmas?
  277. Agree Or Disagree:Roman Reigns' spear makes the shield a better team?
  278. WRESTLING : How many cups of coffee does R-TRUTH drinks, he's dark AF?
  279. WRESTLING : Why is it that TNA is so affraid to appose the WWE?
  280. In your opinion what is the worst portion of WWE Currently?
  281. WRESTLING : Who do you think is a better skilled wrestler : Mr PERFECT vs DOLPH ZIGGLER?
  282. WRESTLING : If you were to buy a Christmas present for BRAY WYATT, what would it be?
  283. Is their any diva that can lace up AJ Lee's Chuck Taylor's?
  284. How to get muscular and strong for wrestling?
  285. What are your top 3 non ppv matches of 2013?
  286. Why wasn't the termination of Chavo Guerrero = kayfabe?
  287. Who do you think is your best wrestler in the ring?
  288. Will Eva Marie ever become a professional wrestler like AJ Lee?
  289. Why doesn't John Cena mind his own damn business?
  290. Does John Cena still hate losing? Or does he just rise above it and never lose matches instead?
  291. So the point of the CM Punk vs. "The Shield" Feud continuing is____?
  292. In Your Personal Opinion, Do People Overrate World Championship Wrestling?
  293. Ever had to Watch Professional Wrestling around people that just don't 'Get It'?
  294. All the ladies which male wrestler were hotter in their prime?
  295. WS: Am I the greatest WS User today?
  296. Introducing the first ever "WS App Voting Poll"?
  297. Daniel Bryan gets taken by the Wyatt family backstage tonight on Smackdown?
  298. WS Hall of Fame Ceremony coming soon +WQ?
  299. Do you think it was loosely that the rock fooled around with other girls on the road
  300. Do you think Smackdown should be 3 hours just like Raw?
  301. Should Bayley take the NXT Women's title off of Paige?
  302. Second ever WS app poll?
  303. How do high school wrestling tournaments work?
  304. Has anyone ever gotten 600 points in less than 72 hours?
  305. in 29 days AJ Lee will be the longest reigning diva's champion of all time!?
  306. If Sister Abigail wasn't in the rocking chair, who was The Wyatts talking to?
  307. Does anyone want to buy a "Bully Annihilators" t-shirt?
  308. question for: I Love Ashley Massaro the WS User?
  309. Is it true that Alexander and Ryan are gay Lovers?
  310. Why Vince Mcmahon Decides To Retire The World Heavyweight Title?
  311. Which WS Superstar is going to get a major push next year and whose going to get buried?
  312. Wheres Aaliyah? This sucks theres no one else to make fun of...?
  313. Wrestling Secton: here's a WWE trivia question?
  314. Did anyone get goosebumps when Gunner and James Storm stared down one another on Impact Wrestling?
  315. Why does aksana not get any love?
  316. If Kurt Angle loses this match, do you think he should consider retirement?
  317. What was your reaction when Kurt Angle said he has never been "outsmarted before"?
  318. How tough will it be for Kurt Angle to enjoy the holidays with his wresting future in doubt on his..
  319. Do you feel sorry for Chavo Guerrero since he got fired from TNA right before the Holidays?
  320. Is anyone else worried about Jeff Hardy right now?
  321. WWE 2013 Slammy Awards?
  322. Kurt Angle, if you're reading this, I think you should consider retiring?
  323. What do you think of Taz saying we all need Dixie Carter more than she needs us?
  324. Does Jeff Hardy need Dixie Carter more than Dixie Carter needs Jeff Hardy?
  325. Is WWE going to combine the World Heavyweight Championship and WWE world championship again?
  326. Wrestling Section : What's your opinion on the "John Cena Sidekick" Daniel Bryan?
  327. Does the name Ethan Carter 3 and legact make you nautious?
  328. Is Gail Kim like a Porche and ODB like a 72 Ford?
  329. What do you think of Taz saying people backstage hate Mike Tenay?
  330. Was Joseph Park hoping the presents were bread and Bundt cake?
  331. Does Jeff Hardy look like the type of person who wouldn't take a short cut?
  332. Did Jeff Hardy sell out on 10-10-10 for money and the World Heavyweight Championship?
  333. Who do you think will get The Championship matches anfired in Feast Or Fired?
  334. Did you like Jeff Hardy's Whisper In The Wind from the top of the cage?
  335. If your a fan of Wrestling how do you not respect the rivalry between Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle?
  336. Who has bought clothes from WWE Shop and felt it was cheaply made?
  337. Would you describe Chavo Guerrero's career in TNA as tremendous?
  338. Should we call Brodus Clay's mama and tell her he's being a bowlie?
  339. Is it lame that Ethan Carter didn't get the fired briefcase?
  340. Have you guys ever take your girlfriend to a wrestling event?
  341. Have you guys ever take your girlfriend to a wrestling event?
  342. Who was your favorite WWE Attitude Wrestler?
  343. Innocent Question, What don't I seem to know about Wrestling?
  344. Wrestling Section,Your match predictions for Royal rumble(Tinych4t)?
  345. Why doesn't WWE do shows at military bases anymore?
  346. do you agree that sheamus can beat anyone in wwe right now?
  347. Who is "Mr. Elimination Chamber"?
  348. Did You Know That Tamina's Superkick On Nikki Bella Was Real .. !?
  349. Wwe: can you mention the wrestler who never won any tittle in wwe in their run?
  350. Who was hotter in their prime?
  351. Where the hell is Sheamus been fella ?
  352. Haven't seen RVD in a minute. Is his return to the wwe done already ?
  353. Why is CM Punk such a douche to his fans?
  354. Does anyone want to join me and Aaliyah's anti bullying stable?
  355. Are you excited for the WWE Wrestlemania Scooby Doo movie?
  356. Anti Bullying stable announcement?
  357. Why does Dave Hytmen think Brock Lesnar is a bad wrestler?
  358. Why do people say CM Punk would be great in the attitude era?
  359. Did you know that I don't watch WWE?
  360. Why do people think Kofi Kingston should be a Main Eventer?
  361. Does anyone else think Big Evil Undertaker s*cked?
  362. So It begins, Why do you think Marcus (Satan) and Brock Lesnar both Blocked me?
  363. Do u think aj styles actually left Tna?
  364. will Kofi Kingston do another return to ring trick in Royal Rumble?
  365. John Cena vs Odin falls count anywhere?
  366. do you agree that john cena is a credible threat to undertaker's streak?
  367. Wrestling Sec : Why are CM Punk fans so smart & AJ Lee fans a bunch of idiots?
  368. Wrestling Section : 5 reasons why AJ Lee is the greatest diva ever....?
  369. Who would have had the WWE World Heavyweight title simple be referred to as Champion of Champions?
  370. From the perspective of people who have gone to Indie Shows, What is so wrong with WWE's Writing?
  371. Are these WWE divas just porn star rejects?
  372. When Roman Reigns uses his spear isn't he afraid that he hurt somebody?
  373. When Brock Lesnar Returned To The WWE LAST 2012?
  374. Do you think The Wyatt Family will end up winning the Rumble?
  375. Why doesn't Roman Reigns just spear the shield and end Ambrose's overrated career?
  376. Why does wwe keep signing indy wrestlers?
  377. Do you agree wwe needs more charasmatic big men for wwe to become popular again?
  378. Do you agree that the reason for low ppv buy rates is because Daniel Bryan and CM Punk can't draw?
  379. Do you think Devon Nicholson will join WWE sometime next year?
  380. whats a good wrestling documentary to watch?
  381. Why does everyone want Chris Jericho to be WWE World Heavy Weight Champion?
  382. WRESTLING : Dony you agree that sheamus vs Bryan at WM 28 is the greatest match of all time?
  383. WWE- If AJ LEE Wrestled a guy, who would it be?
  384. Would you like to see these matches for next years Payback ppv?
  385. What do you think about Curtis Axel calling Santa Claus an "old geezer" on Main Event?
  386. why did billy gun wear a thong?
  387. Do you agree with Alex Riley? Will Xavier Woods win the "Newcomer of the Year" in the 2014 Slammys?
  388. Was that really Santa Claus on Main Event?
  389. who would win in a 3 on 1 handicap match?
  390. this is too early to ask but who do you think will win the money in the bank next year?
  391. Should the WWE Universe thank AJ Lee for bringing talent back to the WWE Divas Division?
  392. Does the royal rumble winner now have a choice of going after randy orton or randy orton?
  393. Do you like the Royal Rumble official promo?
  394. Who wins royal rumble 2014?
  395. Why do people keep saying WWE is scripted and fake?
  396. Join me and Aaliyah's revolution against bullies?
  397. Join the WS anti bullying campaign?
  398. Would you mark out if the WWE signed AJ Styles and debuted him at the rumble?
  399. Should Yahoo! Stop attempting to Write Articles on Professional Wrestling?
  400. would you like to see these matches at next years Extreme Rules?
  401. Agree/Disagree: Sister Abigail Is More Entertaining Than Everyone On The Divas Division .. !?
  402. what wrestler/s would you like to have as a(Blank)?
  403. Who was a better wrestler, Rey Mysterio,Juventud Guerrera,or Psychosis?
  404. I want to catch and breed Mice inside my home?
  405. Do you think being a WWE Fan is Embarrassing?
  406. Whats So Special about AJ Styles?
  407. Do you like the WWE championship and WHC being unified?
  408. Would You Like Smackdown Better If It Were Live .. !?
  409. What Is Your Favourite Match Concept In The WWE .. !?
  410. Which WWE Superstar Gets The Most Hate .. !?
  411. Is Stephanie Mcmahon blue or brown?
  412. Is it true wrestlers have huge *****?
  413. What's the rock's gimmick?
  414. Who was the top star in 2000?
  415. WWE Universe Mode 4th PPV: Breaking Point?
  416. Should the pterodactyls funk Tensai?
  417. Should Luke Harper and Eric Rowan rub their beards together in the ring at Wrestlemania?
  418. Is this the best Theme Song in the WWE?
  419. i love randy Orton am i gay?
  420. Do you think Brodus Clay is a main event player?
  421. DO triple h and Stephanie have it all rigged in ortons favor?
  422. Is Shawn Micheals gay?
  423. Who's your favorite technical wrestler?
  424. Whos your favorite powerhouse wrestler?
  425. Is "Rassling Critic" still in this section? Perhaps as a different display name?
  426. Which Era of WWE had the most talented wrestlers?
  427. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Attitude Era) vs Randy Orton (Today's Landscape} Who Wins?
  428. Join me and Aaliyah's anti bullying stable?
  429. Why isn't Los Matedores tag champs?
  430. Good Santa vs Bad Santa this Monday?
  431. Ariana Grande is the future of the WWE?
  432. I Know I Say Aj Lee Looks Sexy A Lot, But Damn .. !?
  433. Yes Lock Or Anaconda Vice .. !?
  434. Why Can't Everyone In The Wrestling Section Just Get Along .. !?
  435. How excited would you be if Ariana Grande debuted in the WWE?
  436. Does Anyone Else Miss Triple H's Entrance .. !?
  437. Could Ariana Grande be the face of the divas division?
  438. Why is it that most of the Professional Wrestling Fans that complain about WWE haven't
  439. Should there be a new Era in WWE called: The Y2J Era?
  440. How many Trolls are there in this section currently?
  441. Do you think the WWE should design a new title for Randy Orton or keep them as two separate belts?
  442. Should Brock Lesnar ask The Sexy Beast if he could invent him a neck?
  443. yo guys,what's happening to John Morrison? I Heard he would return to WWE this year but
  444. WWE: Who want Shawn michaels to wrestle one more match?
  445. Is Aaliyah That Obsessed With Aj Lee That She Has Her As Her Profile Picture .. !?
  446. Do you think there should be a Money In The Bank match for every title for the WWE?
  447. Is The Authority the best stable ever?
  448. What's the difference between a CM Punk fan and a John Cena fan?
  449. Is Chris Jericho a wannabe celebrity?
  450. The authority is the GOAT stable?
  451. are Senor Booker and The Commentator like Lil' Wayne and MnM?
  452. CM Punk fans and AJ Lee fans are both annoying- Agree or Disagree?
  453. Is Brock Lesnar a good wrestler?
  454. What is your favorite Chris Jericho match?
  455. WS: What Diva/Superstar would you put in The Walls Of Jericho for one hour?
  456. WS: What would be a good time for The Sexy Beast Chris JERICHOO to return?
  457. do you think randy savage could have had a good feud with hhh?
  458. CM Punk Carries His Opponents- True or False?
  459. Do you like my new avatar?
  460. Why does CM Punk kicks looks terrible?
  461. Why do Punk fans get so mad when someone brings up ratings?
  462. John Cena's 07 Title Reign was more Entertaining then CM Punk's 2012 Title Reign- Agree or Disagree?
  463. Should Chris Jericho return to shut Blandy Boreron up?
  464. ultimo dragon and rey mysterio vs la parka and phycosis?
  465. alicia fox vs aj lee in a bra and panties match?
  466. Which WWE Superstars have you met in person?
  467. Why is a 13 year girl In WWE And currently is a Divas champion?
  468. If CM Punk vs HHH happens at wrestlemania 30 who would win?
  469. Should Raw End in a Match or a Promo?
  470. Could Ariana Grande be better than Trish Stratus and Lita?
  471. What's your favorite pro wrestling entrance music ever?
  472. Should Zeb Coulter be fired for smoking weed?
  473. Daniel Bryan's Diving Headbutt Or CM Punk's Flying Elbow Drop .. !?
  474. If CM Punk Loves His "People" So Much, Why Is He Contemplating On Retiring Early From The WWE .. !?
  475. Wrestlemania 30 Custom Match Card Please Rate?
  476. Who will win the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 30 this year?
  477. Who will win the Intercontential Championship at Wrestlemania 30 this year?
  478. Who will win the Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania 30 this year?
  479. Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 30 this year?
  480. Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30 for the WWE World Heavyweight
  481. Did you know Jack Swagger is 6 foot 6?
  482. Does Roman Reigns have a girl friend/wife out side of the ring?
  483. Why has WWE done with Tout?
  484. WRESTLEMANIA 30 Possible Card!!!???? Rate!!?
  485. WWE wrestlings presentation -ashamed
  486. do u missed umaga or do u think umaga vs mark henry or ryback is a great rivalry?
  487. I was wrestling at a match he picked me up off the mat then slammed me head first?
  488. POLL: Who's the Greatest WWE Superstar of All time ? WWE Universe: Cast your Votes...!?
  489. Daniel Bryan fired again?
  490. POLL: Who's the Greatest WWE Superstar of All time ? WWE Universe: Cast your Votes...!?
  491. Why do people hate CM Punk so much?
  492. Will Daniel Bryan only be remembered by his YES Chants?
  493. If The Rock loved the "people" like he says why doesn't he follow anyone on twitter?
  494. Is Chris Jericho's Biography, "Undisputed" Good?
  495. How does John Cena have 5 moves of Doom?
  496. Do u remeber the game hhh at winner of the royal rumble at 2002?
  497. Do u want rko vs cena at Wrestlemania?
  498. do u want rko vs undertaker at wrestlemania?
  499. Should Chris Jericho lock AJ Lee in Walls Of Jericho until she passes out?
  500. WWE: Brock Lesnar going after the wwe WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP?