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  1. Anyone else upset the way the used CM Punk?
  2. Who Should I Decide To Do My Assingment On?
  3. Who is worse, Batista or Rey Mysterio?
  4. Doesn't blood all over the floor in cage fighting make for good television?
  5. What would you do in the following?
  6. Doesn't blood all over the floor in cage fighting make for good television?
  7. WWE and TNA Divas Tornado Tag Team Champions round 3 AND BQ?
  8. Does anyone have an exact title reign for John Cena from tonight's Chamber pay per view?
  9. Was Muhammed Hassan a follower of Allah or Aliens....?
  10. Where can i watch WWE live events on line ?
  11. What role is Vince McMahon and Bret hart going to play in the John Cena vs Batista Feud?
  12. From scale 1-10, how rare is rematches in WWE?
  13. What would you do in the following?
  14. Wrestlemaina 26 Predictions?
  15. who are the winners of the elimination chamber?
  16. will werestle mania be worth it?
  17. Are u ready to see the second rated classic between Shawn Michaels Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26?
  18. So we probably can assume now that....?
  19. Will it surprise u if The Undertaker makes another funny face at Wrestlemania 26?
  20. Anyone remember the episode of WWE RAW where Regal stands up for Eugene and beats up Triple H in
  21. Now we now the results of WWE Elimination Chamber what are some predictions for WrestleMania XXVI?
  22. Who wins in a UFC match - Kevin Nash or Chuck Lidell?
  23. Anyone else think this may go down as Worst WM ever? WM 26?
  24. Who will beat McIntyre to give him his first loss? and since Michaels?
  25. with the batista winning the WWE title, whats in store for HHH ?
  26. Will Vince bring back the Corporation?
  27. Will Vince bring back the Corporation?
  28. Anyone else think this may go down as Worst WM ever? WM 26?
  29. Which PPV was more predictable: Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber?
  30. Batista is on smackdown how did he win a raw belt?
  31. Since Taker is no longer WHC, would The Undertaker hating bandwagon cease to exist?
  32. Does any one else think Elimination Chamber SUCKED?
  33. Wanna download the WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 for free :D :D?
  34. Are these the lyrics to Maryse's theme(thanks)?
  35. Was R-Truth, formally K-Kwick?
  36. Who's stronger: Batista or Ezekiel Jackson?
  37. i miss the heel edge is it just me?
  38. what did hbk do at the elimination chamber?
  39. wat do u think about tna?
  40. Do you think believe that The Undertaker vs HBK II will happen at WM 26?
  41. Is Edge no longer a heel?????
  42. WWE Poll????????????+BQ?
  43. Really I was the only one who seen Taker get burned tonight?
  44. I'm just curious,how long did HBK stayed under the ring? lol?
  45. Will Triple H be added to this Shawn Michaels/Undertaker storyline?
  46. what are these new pay per views?
  47. Why was is it during 2000 and 2005?{WWE question}?
  48. how many times have randy orton and john cena held the world titles(include wwe chpshp...
  49. who won the elimination chamber matches?
  50. I need someone to catch me up on the TNA storyline?
  51. Well wrestling section i finally feel the same way you guys do?
  53. At WM 26, if HBK wins we'll see something new. But what if Taker wins again?
  54. What happened to the Miz and Jericho?
  55. Who would win in these matches?
  56. Without redoing the same formula and booking different result, is there any way Taker HBK
  57. Hello Everyone.........I'd like to ask you.........?
  58. Did anyone laugh when Jericho was trying to hide in chamber from Taker?
  59. When do you think ECW truely quit being ECW and became just another WWE show?
  60. SHAWN MICHAELS???!!!?
  61. So hbk was hiding under the ring the whole time?
  63. Who will get a bigger beating tomorrow Shawn Michaels or Batista?
  64. I heard that the coward Batista defeated Cena.......................?
  65. Is Batista the Raw Champion now? + BQ?
  66. Who won the WHC title?
  67. Which EC was best RAW or SMACKDOWN?
  68. Final Elimination Chamber results?
  69. who will win wrestlemania... Taker or HBK?
  70. who will win wrestlemania... Taker or HBK?
  71. Will there ever be another Undertaker In Wresling I mean young undertaker his
  72. is this batista s 6th or 7th title reign ?
  73. What would you do in the following?
  74. The New Champions, Edge Can Take em' right?
  75. wrestling sections....?
  76. i think Morrison should have won what about you?
  77. So now that Chris Jericho single handily defeated Undertaker fair and square and all by himself?
  78. The reason WWE is PG maybe?
  79. How mad were you when Cena won?
  80. HELLO Elimination chamber, bye Cena?
  81. Punk just did GTS on R Truth, who thinks Punk will win the match?
  82. what do think of cena?
  83. SD Chamber is awesome!! Morrison,Y2J Taker did good?
  84. Three Wrestlemania matches set. Who will win?
  85. Who else agrees that Elimination Chamber was a BIG RIP-OFF?
  86. Your overall opinion of WWE: Elimination Chamber, Also, Burnt Taker?
  87. What are your thoughts on the WWE officially being Heel Property?
  88. Who agrees, regardless of the outcome at WM 26, Taker HBK should face each other again at WM 27...
  89. Do you think Chris Benoit will come out from under the ring as a zombie and choke out the...
  90. Is HBK a heel now after what he has done?
  91. who won the WWE Champion?
  92. Am I the only one who screamed like a little girl when Sheamus got eliminated?
  93. Does the C in CM Punk stand for Christ? Christ Man Punk?
  94. Worst Night-Elimation Chamber?
  95. Does anyone Like Batista..........?
  96. when will cena get the wwe championship back?
  98. Is the June 19, 2010 Raw/Smack down show, a house show or will it be televised?
  99. Batista is the new WWE Champion?
  100. Attention! : Wrestling Trivia!?
  101. What are your top 5 WWE TNA wrestlers at the moment?
  102. What do you think that EC deal means to Legacy?
  103. hwhere can we all watch wwe ppv elimination chamber?
  104. While the Divas fight: Is it ballcock that there was no blood in the Raw Elimination Chamber?
  105. What part will Bret Hart play in the Cena-Batista match at Wrestlemania?
  106. where can I watch the last tna impact ppv free?
  107. Does Drew McIntyre's theme sound like........?
  108. Elimination Chamber link helppppppppppp?
  109. Ok I Have Five Questions For you ?
  110. Which Wrestlers from the past would do better in the present than their own time period?
  111. who will win this buried alive match?
  112. Who's gonna win these matches?
  113. Who Do You Want To Have As Your WWE Raw Guest Host?
  114. Is Wrestlemania shaping up too look like this?
  115. Who is happy that Shaemus is not WWE Chomp-ion(his voice) anybody?
  116. What was crapper,the first match, or cena getting screwed?
  117. Who will it be????????
  118. Is Anyone Else Getting Sick of them Opening With Main Event Matches?
  119. Do you think Drew McIntyre's new theme......?
  120. WTF Batista vs John Cena for the WWE title?!?!??!?
  121. If the big show and beth phoenix had a beer drinking competition who would win?
  122. What do you think about Ted and Randy teaming up in the chamber?
  123. If the big show and beth phoenix had a beer drinking competition who would win?
  124. Do you think Drew McIntyre's new theme......?
  125. What do you think about Ted and Randy teaming up in the chamber?
  126. WTF Batista vs John Cena for the WWE title?!?!??!?
  127. Anyone notice that both times Cena won the EC?
  128. I hate batista and john cena?
  129. I hate batista and john cena?
  130. Would you do Mae Young for a Wwe Contract?
  131. Is John Cena the greatest WWE Superstar, now that he is once again WWE Champion?
  132. Why don't certain people give John Cena the credit that he deserves?
  133. John Cena the NEW WWE Champion!!!!, he just won the EC Opening Match, what you think?
  134. What your prediction for elimination Chamber.?
  135. Who else is tired of Kane getting screwed over?
  138. Who do you think the best couple is (see below)?
  139. Why does WWE give John Cena 8 title reigns, twice more than Shawn Michaels?
  140. Do you think this Wrestlemania card is possible?
  141. Who agrees that HBK in the EC tonight would sell better + YWCW Fallout!?
  142. Who Knew Drew Would Retain His Title?
  143. Can you believe that Batista is the WWE Champion?
  144. Monday Night RAW has no world title right now, why?
  145. What can they do to save John Cena's career?
  146. did u see what happend?????
  148. i think my top 5 wrestlers are 5 john Morrison 4 R truth 3 john Cena 2 Kane 1 Undertaker who...
  149. Why do John cena always get boo at PPV?
  150. What do you think about this video about people's opinion on MVP?
  151. Wrestling.... TNA question?
  152. Are they from TNA or WWE?
  153. Who would win a pro wrestling match between The Killer Bees and The Southern Boys?
  154. Which 5 wrestlers have the best and worst face paints?
  155. What happend in wwe wretling on the date of 2-19-2010 ?
  156. Generally, are most heels in the WWE actually better wrestlers than the faces of WWE...?
  157. think about this people...........?
  158. The Road Warriors or DX?
  159. How to learn grappling, and submissions?
  160. My view on RAW, after Elimination Chamber....?
  161. Why isn't Batista on the 2010 WWE Elimination Chamber event card?
  162. What Wrestlemania has been the worst and why?
  163. Who's going to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship?
  164. What if these guys were the rookies on NXT?
  165. Which 5 wrestlers have the best and worst masks?
  166. Who do you think is the best tag team of all-time?
  167. As far as makeshift tag teams went...?
  168. Who thinks its a wrong decision holding the WWE Draft on 26th April?
  169. Who's going to win the Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship?
  170. Smackdown vs Raw 2010, title problem?
  171. Does anyone else find SD vs RAW 2010 really boring?
  172. what is your favourite attitude era match?
  173. In high school that would these guys be?
  174. WWE Elimination Chamber live stream?
  175. Who do you like better, The Pope D'Angelo Dinero or Kofi Kingston.......+BQ's?
  176. Who's going to win the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship?
  177. Should WWE Go back to the 4 Original PPV's per year BQ?
  178. Would you like to see samuel l jackson guest host raw?
  179. Do you think that the Momma's Boy gimmick was the biggest downfall in Shelton Benjamins career?
  180. WWE QUIZ: Which wrestler does the PUMP KICK, not Punt Kick?
  181. Which Wrestlemania has been the best and why?
  182. Free Elimination Chamber PPV Stream?
  183. Who's going to win the WWE Divas Championship?
  184. why is jeff hardy not in wwe alumini?
  185. Do you consider MVP a star of tomorrow?
  186. what do u think of this wrestlemania 26 card?
  187. How much does John Morrison really weigh?
  188. Do you not wish???????
  189. Which Era is more Overrated, wwf attitude era or wwe PG era.?
  190. Do you think that the way MVP debuted in WWE should have made him a main eventer by today?
  191. What is the best current gimmick in the wwe today?
  192. which is better WWE or TNA?
  193. Who's going to be mad if triple overrated H win the Elimination Chamber tonight?
  194. Would you be surprised if this happened at Elimination Chamber?
  195. What happened to Eric Escobar?
  196. My WrestleMania 26 Matches and Please Tell Me Where I can watch EC PPV Live Free?
  197. Who do you think deserves to be inducted into the WWE HOF the most?
  198. WWE Holding an ECW Draft ?your thoughts and opinions?has Ezekiel Jackson been over looked by the
  199. Will Wrestlemania 25 be worse than Wrestlemania 11 was BQ?
  200. WWE+TNA E-Fed Sign Ups?
  201. WWE Elimination Chamber, Where Can I Watch It For Free and Choose Winners?
  202. What was the reason of Melina's and Mickie's kayfabe feud back in 2007?
  203. Is anybody else not fooled by the lack of HBK on a pay-per view?
  204. Do you think its fair that if Triple H wins tonight then it will be his 10th time headlining WM?
  205. Poll: How will the RAW Elimination Chamber end?
  206. Who would win: Hornswoggle or Dink the Clown (Doink's sidekick)?
  207. Will Paul Heyman shut up now?
  208. WWE Fans: Did you find it hilarious when william shatner sang entrance themes on raw?
  209. What 2nd rate celebrities will Vince McMahon whore out for this years Wrestlemania?
  211. WS Poll: Are you a Cole-Miner?
  212. Why does Triple H have his fingers taped up?
  213. Does this surprise you about Orton?I thought people said he was a nice guy outside the ring?
  214. Will HHH face HBK at Wrestlemania with the winner getting custody of their adopted son Hornswaggle?
  215. Wrestling fans what is your dream job besides working in a wrestling company?
  216. Do u think it would be a HUGE waste if WWE never got the balls to book Taker vs Cena at...
  217. Which Title do you regard as superior? Intercontinental or Unitied States?
  218. WWE Wrestler of the day: Who is this wrestler, Have Fun!?
  219. Who has a bigger fanbase Matt Hardy or The Undertaker?
  221. Why do WWE test Steroids on animals...?
  222. ?Undertaker fans: Is Taker losing tonight?+Bqs?
  224. who else agrees that Bret Hart has the personality of a twig?
  225. Youre predictions for WWE Elimination Chamber tonight?
  226. What if instead of screwing Undertaker at EC, Shawn Michaels screws Triple H?
  227. Do you think Shawn Michaels could end up with The World heavyweight Championship today?
  228. Where Can I Watch WWE Elimination Chamber For Free and choose Winners?
  229. What are your Top 5 Wrestlemania Matchs.?
  230. Does The Undertaker deserve to be called a Wrestlemania legend without ever facing an icon at WM?
  231. will there be another match added tonight?
  232. Matt Hardy, The Great Khali Maria. Interesting Combanation or WTF?
  233. Matt Hardy, The Great Khali Maria. Interesting Combanation or WTF?
  234. will there be another match added tonight?
  235. What's the most emotional match/feud you've ever seen in wrestling?
  236. Isn't it obvious that Randy Orton will win the Chamber?
  237. Does this Sound like a Good Match for Wrestlemania 26?
  238. Who's th Best general Mannger ever?
  239. HBK screws Undertaker and HHH?
  240. What are your predictions for Elimination Chamber?
  241. Batista or John Cena...?
  242. Who do you think is more superior Cody Rhodes, or Ted Dibiase?
  244. Do you see this being a possible Wrestlemania 26 match?
  245. do you like the bella twins?
  246. What was the superior Brother vs Brother feud?
  247. If you could bring any wrestler back from the dead, who would it be?
  248. How do vou like this WWE theme song?
  249. where can i watch the wwe elimination chamber 2010 pay per view for free without all those surveys ?
  250. Has there ever been a wwe diva named emma?
  251. Who is youre favorite Wrestler/Diva +WQ?
  252. Is WWE running out of money because of all the PPV changes?
  253. Who would like to join my E-FED(YAWA)? Show will start later 4 pm(Phil Time).?
  254. Did you want edge to win the Royal Rumble?
  255. Could i be a wrestler if i wanted?
  256. Wrestling Poll: Abyss, Kane, Undertaker or Mankind?
  257. Who is this daniel bryan person, some people are talking about?
  258. What would hbk look like with short hair?
  259. Who sold Sweet Chin Music Better: Undertaker or Bret Hart?
  260. who is the bestall-aroundwrestler in the world?
  261. Who will hbk verse at mania?
  262. Why doesnt wwe go back to the attitude era, they will make more money?
  263. Before MITB was removed, which is Wrestlemania's bigger attraction: MITB or Undertaker's Streak?
  264. Should the Great Khali drop the Great part of his name and just be Khali?
  265. Which IWC Bandwagon got bigger followers: Bring Back The Attitude Era Bandwagon or Cena
  266. Do you think that randy orton is the best heel wrestler in the wwe?
  267. Does anyone else not want Orton to win the championship?
  268. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  269. What matches are on at elimination chamber?
  270. From scale 1-10, IYO, how ready is Sheamus to put a classic Wrestlemania 26 main event?
  271. do you want randy orton in the mainevent at WrestleMania?
  272. Do you want shawn michaels to win the world heavyweight championship at elimination chamber?
  273. Is the hurricane going to go to jail?
  274. What is Vince Mcmahon religion?
  275. What would randy orton look like with long hair?
  276. Which WWE superstar past or present...?
  277. Vincent Kennedy McMahon User?
  278. WWE and TNA Fans: If you are a wrestler what would you do to become heel.?
  279. Hey check this out NXT change confusing?
  280. Is this the best sweet chin music ever?
  281. The WWE not pushing Khali at all?
  282. Who is the Hottest diva in this Picture?
  283. Who would u rather see winning RAW EC on sunday: Randy Orton or Sheamus? Why?
  284. How come Kane never wins world titles?
  285. what era was before the pg era?
  286. Who is your favorite superstar and favorite diva?
  287. Only Glamazon fans please?
  288. If you had to give Randy Orton a a Score out of one hundred What would you give him?
  289. What is it that people love about the viper version of randy orton?
  290. Who has the biggest ego edge, vince mcmahon or chris jericho?
  291. Do you think Sheamus will still be WWE Champion after the Elimination Chamber?
  292. Do you want The Undertaker to retain his title?
  293. Do you find WWE inspiring?
  294. How is wwe gonna get Shemus out of a Wrestlemania main event?
  295. Is mark henry really the worlds strongest man?
  296. The triceps appear in two bumps beside another. Why is this? And do they do different things?
  297. Question about RAW.....?
  298. Tennis and You can't see me!?
  299. Unforgiven or Breaking Point? + Efed Announement?
  300. What is the Best JustinTV, LiveStream, or Upstream Channel to watch the WWE PPV Elimination...
  301. I didn't know that raven symone was a guest announcer at wrestleManiaXXIV?(have proof)?
  302. What do you think the WWE will do with this?
  303. Who is your favorite x division wrestler?
  304. Question about Shawn Michaels?
  305. Should Sting be in WWE Hall of Fame?
  306. What brought ECW to the forefront, Terry Funk, Axel-Ian matches, or the Shane Douglas NWA title
  307. who would win these matches?
  308. Don't you find it funny...?
  309. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  310. How would Undertaker and Kane do if they debut today?
  311. So what kind of match will take the place of MITB at WM26?
  312. Evan Borne and Primo?
  313. what do u think of this Extreme wrestlemania 26 match card?
  314. Does WWE Tour In China, Japan and Korea? + Gail Kim BQ's?
  315. Has Bret Hart ever bleed in a match?
  316. Who else is surprised by how Svr 2010 is rated T for teen with the PG era?
  317. What is better to watch Wrestling or Boxing?
  318. My WWE Wrestlemania 26 match predictions?
  319. is john morrison going to be in the smackdown elimination chamber match tommorrow at...
  320. WrestleMania 26: Could Be Historic If WWE makes the right matches, What Matches Do You Think
  321. Why do people think Jim Ross is the best commentator just because he has Bell's Palsy?
  322. Should Hornswaggle be in the Elimination Chamber matches?
  323. Did Maria get Breast Implant Surgery done?
  324. Who is your favorite non-wrestler to be in a Wrestlemania match?
  325. Natalya vs Beth Phoenix?
  326. Batista's best matches and Why Do People Hate Batista?
  327. Was Sheamus vs Randy Orton on last RAW Sheamus's best match?
  328. Who is lamer : aj styles or edge?
  329. Who is the Most Dominate Diva in WWF/WWE History: Beth Phoenix or Bull Nakano?
  330. Which WrestleMania was Better: Mania 21 or Mania 23?
  331. Question about Trent Berretta.......?
  332. WTF they got rid of Money In The Bank at Wrestlemania!?
  333. Did UnderTaker's Parents really died from a fire?.?
  334. what are these wwe superstars like in real life?
  335. Invasion Angle was botched? What!!!?
  336. Unforgiven or Breaking Point? + Efed Announement?
  337. Undertaker vs Edge vs Jericho or Undertaker vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels?
  338. What Happened to Hardcore Holly?
  339. Is It True That WWE Will Turn Pg-14 On 2011?
  340. In your opinion, what is worse: The Invasion Angle or WWE today?
  341. Out of the last 25 Wrestlemania's?
  342. who do you think are hotter?
  343. do you like mickie james heel or face?
  344. 25 wrestling questions?
  345. Wasn't that sick(WWE)?
  346. who wins tonight between edge and batista? i say edge by a spear?
  347. I know I'm a bit late but?
  348. Where can i get the latest WWE Friday Night Smackdown 02 /19 /2010? for free?
  349. is there something called match rewind in svr 2010?
  350. EYAF Version 2 is here!! Sign up forms... What are your Elimination Chamber predictions?
  351. what happened at the end of TNA THURSDAY?
  352. If Brock Lesnar was still in WWE?
  353. How much money is Dixie spending by hiring Ric Flair from the museum every week?
  354. Wwe raw The guest hosts?
  355. Matt Hardy Starring in New Prison Break Spin Off Show?
  356. When is the next WWE Draft?
  357. how to watch wwe in hd if we have a lcd tv?
  358. How can I watch WWE Elimination Chamber live online?
  359. What was your favorite match from last night on iMPACT?
  360. MVP or Batista!!!!!!!!?
  361. Would you like as a fan if they had all three wrestling programs on the same night...
  362. Do you think with more work Mike Adamle could of been decent as a character in WWE?
  363. i just startd watching the wwe again and who the fuck is shemus? and what happend to john cena?
  364. What does The Rock and WrestleMania 26 have in common?
  365. Why do i have epileptic fits when i watch WWE?
  366. What do you think is gonna happen with Bret Hart now?
  367. If HHH trained Daniel Bryan, would he become champ in like 3 months :|?
  368. do you think its degrading how they use wwe divas why or why not?
  369. What championship should Matt Hardy aim for right now?
  370. Should WWE even put Daniel Bryan on NXT?
  371. Guess That Superstar!?
  372. Which is you favourite variation of the suplex?
  373. Things you love AND hated about WWE's Attitude Era?
  374. Could you imagine if RAW had absolutely no audience one week?
  375. Now that the ECW title is gone..........?
  376. Which is the best wrestling match you have ever seen?
  377. Who do you think would win? Bill Goldberg or the Undertaker?
  378. How is The Miz going to punish Daniel Bryan when he makes mistakes?
  379. Do you see this happening?
  380. Is john cena your Superman?
  381. Was the Rock a Sell out.?
  382. What if a WWE Superstar held the world title for over 4 years, what would be ur thoughts?
  383. What ever happened to Eric Escobar?
  384. what is the most extreme thing that has ever happened to you?
  385. What was Vince mcmahon thinking when he released elijah burke?
  386. Who likes watching The Nasty Boys?
  387. when is guest host concept ending?
  388. Who wants to see Edge and Vickie meet into each other on Smackdown?
  389. If Y2J wins at the Chamber and Edge chooses to face him at WM?
  390. Does it surprise you that Orlando Jordan is gay?
  391. Is Jeff Hardy ever going to wrestle in TNA?
  392. What comes to mind when I say?
  393. Who's hotter Gail kim or Maryse?
  394. Who was the biggest waste of a major push? Goldberg or Brock Lesnar?
  395. what do u think the future of showtime arabia is for wwe?
  396. what happened to these wrestlers?
  397. If you are/were professional wrestling trainer, can you please answer these questions?
  398. UFC Wins Ken Shamrock Lawsuit, Planning a Countersuit?Your thoughts?
  399. Who do you aduct Samoa Joe?
  400. do you think tna will drop suicide now that kaz is back?
  401. Does anyone know where I can find a list of future guest for Raw?
  402. wwe question-what are your thoughts on evan bourne's after watching these vids,?
  403. Who will be the next impact on TNA?
  404. Does this mean no more Suicide in TNA?
  405. Should Maryse be the next Emmanuelle 2000 in those erotic films?
  406. Would both WWE and TNA benifit moving to Tuesday night when NFL starts back up?
  407. Worst Night-Superstars?
  408. Do you think that Miss Elizabeth and Sunny along with Chris Candido will be in the Hall of Fame?
  409. who will win this match elimination tag team match?
  410. What WRESTLING magazines, sites, etc. do you read + YWWA Breakdown In Hollywood Results 3?
  411. Will Muhammed Hassan ever gonna return to WWE?
  412. for guys who watch wrestling for looks?
  413. Teddy Hart Back To WWE?The Undertaker to Take Time Off?
  414. WWE changing PPV names: Lame or Stupid? (BQ: Next year, Wrestlemania will be changed into...
  415. Do you miss Japanese buzzsaw Tajiri?
  416. can anyone tell me again what the enscription on Kurt Angle's tag said?
  417. How would Jack Swagger do in TNA?
  418. do you like john cenas mic skills?
  419. did anyone catch TNA impact tonite? did you see daffney kicked the crap out of tara? thoughts? i
  420. do u think tna is better now or before hulk hogan came?
  421. What is your all time favorite WRESTLING match and why + YWWA Breakdown In Hollywood Results 1?
  422. Why did Maven not work out in the WWE?
  423. Is Batista gonna crush Edge into a fine powder or what?
  424. Who thinks that TNA is copying Raw?
  425. What is the Crossface....?
  426. If you could go to a club with any wwe superstar thats your gender who would it be and why?
  427. why did stephanie and shane left vince to run the company by himself?
  428. Which wwe superstar would you chose to be be your kids godfather or godmother?
  429. TNA: 6-Sided Ringgg..?
  430. do you think kurt angle crying just now was real?
  431. Divas Tag Team Championships Final Round?
  432. What d you think are the catchiest theme songs?
  433. What are your thoughts on tna tonight?
  434. Will JBL ever return to WWE again?
  435. What is holding TNA back?
  436. Whos better HHH or HBK?
  437. Should Kane be Remasked..?
  438. What's your favewit submission?
  439. Do you like elimination chamber?
  440. Should the wwe go back to the attitude era?
  441. Edge or Christian? + YWSE Smackdown!?
  442. Has TNA become better than WWE?
  443. Which Wrestler Will U marry and which would u kill??*BQ?
  444. Who Is Your Favorite Wrestler?
  445. Was Savage more of a tweener than a heel or face?How important was he in boosting Hogans career?
  446. Wrestling section make your own road to wrestlemania for your fave wrestler?
  447. When in wrestling, do you just say, well lets hang up the boots?
  448. Question about WCW action figures/?
  449. Wrestlemania 26 Predictions?
  450. when is hbk going into hall of fame?
  451. Would this be the perfect TNA roster?
  452. WWE Divas Tornado Tag Team Champions round 2?
  453. What would Big Show do if the same thing happened to him that happened to this woman at McDonald's?
  454. Are Ric Flair and Vice President Joe Biden related-or possibly even the same person?
  455. Does a match always have to have technical wrestling for you to like it?
  456. can girls fight in the UFC?
  457. Create your own pro wrestling match?
  458. do you think cheryl cole should guest host raw?
  459. What happen to Beth Phoenix the Glamazon?
  460. wwe mvp face or heel why?
  461. does anybody remember the good times in wrestling?
  462. Who was the best, nastiest, all time manager or valet?
  463. Did you like Micheal Cole getting involved in the Springer segment on Raw?
  464. who would win undertaker or brie bella?
  465. Did you actually enjoy the Hardcore Holly/Brock Lesnar feud?
  466. Do TNA X Division wrestlers also use steroids?
  467. Wow! Did you see Shawn White take gold with that new flip of his ! ? Amazing?
  468. Could a feud with Undertaker build Vance Archer's career?
  469. If you had a WWE replica belt, would you.............?
  470. poll agree or dissagree. Vince McMahon has the best walk and entrance in the wwe,?
  471. Which superstar are you most interested in seeing tutor a youngster on NXT?
  472. which of those two the kids love most jeff hardy or john cena?
  473. Jack Swagger will become maint eventer if.....(more inside)?
  474. What do you think was Brock Lesnar's best feud?
  475. Is Rob Van Dam and Shawn Micheals related some how?
  476. If shawn michaels can't face the undertaker at wrestlemania this year should he face him...
  477. John cena is so Handsome?
  478. WWE WrestleMania 26 Match Card: Choose Winners?
  479. Who is the Worst Face Wrestler ever.?
  480. Wrestler of the day: Guess this wrestler?
  481. GOOD BYE ECW !!!!!! Extreme Championship Wrestling?
  482. What is the difference of heel or face?
  483. if you have a son what name would you give him (a wrestler name)?
  484. What would you do if these things happened at Wrestlemania 26?
  485. Which WWE talk show was better?
  486. Where would you like to see these former ECW stars go to, Raw or Smackdown? +BQ?
  487. Why do you watch wrestling?
  488. What do you think of The Monday Night Wars starting back up again?
  489. Who has better mic skills Rey Mysterio or Batista?
  490. A question for all randy orton fans?
  491. What is your Favorite Shawn Michaels Feud.?
  492. Who would be the worst possible person to host Raw?
  493. Wrestling Section Poll?
  494. If Stone Cold was going to stunner only 1 person when he guest host Raw who do you want it to be?
  495. TNA's knockout and Tagteam divisions are overrated? (read more)?
  496. do you think michelle mccool puts on good matches(bq inside)?
  497. What size wrestling shoe do I need?
  498. How many WWE superstars have had their own show or segment on WWE show?
  499. did you see how tiffany spear rosa?
  500. Would I make a great TNA owner?