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  1. Did the Rock or Stone Cold come back yet?
  2. Whats your favorite Pro Wrestling Promotion ?
  3. does the 2002-2006 era have a name to it?
  4. Who thinks that NXT may possibly be the best show in WWE?+WQ.?
  5. WWE: Why do people Hate Batista and John Cena, saying they shouldnt main-event Mania 26,...
  6. What do you hate more - Michael Cole or birds?
  7. If you were a Rookie on NXT who would you want for your Mentor?
  8. Did Sid Vicious and Kevin Nash legitimately get along or not?
  9. WrestleMania 26: WWE Championship: No DQ Match, Who Will Win Batista or John Cena?
  10. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?, Rate Card and Choose Winners?
  11. WrestleMania 26: What Match Should Close Mania 26, Batista vs. Cena or Edge vs Chris Jericho?
  12. Has John Cena ever had a beating or been dominated by a superstar Batista did, Batista vs Cena
  13. What is the NXT is this a different wrestling organization?
  14. What was the best WWE PPV in 2008?
  15. Desmond Wolfe or Bryan Danielson?
  16. who did r truth tag with on feb 22nd?
  17. was it fair for Batista to capture the wwe title?
  18. Steel Cage match, who would win between Worf of Star Trek vs Chewbacca from Star Wars?
  19. Why did TNA change Kaz name to Kazarian?Is Chris Harris back in TNA?
  20. Why is Dante from Dante's Inferno game in the Smackdown roster?
  21. WWE WrestleMania 26: Main-Events that will make History at Mania 26?
  22. Are you sick of seeing Smackdown! misued?
  23. Do you think maybe the NXT mentors are envious of Daniel Brian's reputation?
  24. What do you think of WWE legend Ultimate Warrior rejecting a invitation of being inducted
  25. How Long Will Drew Mcentryre Be Champion Do you think and Who will he lose it to?
  26. TNA is now soon going to move to mondays??
  27. will john cena come at wrestlemania?
  28. Thumbs Up/Down Game. WWE or TNA?
  29. Download the WWE Elimination Chamber 2010 for free ?? XD XD?
  30. what did you think about next i thought it was aweosme?
  31. who will sheamus face at wrestlemania? or will he be in?
  32. according to me nxt looks like it going to be much better then ecw what do you think?
  33. Which No Way Out/Elimination Chamber was better, 2009, or 2010?
  34. Do you think Bryan Daniel- err Daniel Bryan did good on his WWE TV debut against WHC Chris Jericho?
  35. Why is the word sucks so overused by wrestling fans?
  36. who is more st lying and profiling then ric flair?
  37. Who do you think will pin Drew McIntyre?
  38. Is there such thing as a fatal four way in WWE now in days? i havent seen one for the longest time?
  39. Bigger SCREW-JOB, New Divas Champ or New Womens Champ?
  40. Do you define Edge as Face or Tweener?
  41. What is the worst SummerSlam of all time and why?
  42. who do you think is the top rookie on nxt?
  43. Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber, best PPV of 2010 so far?
  44. Which is worse out of these two?
  45. UPDATE: Batista is retiring from RAW to be put as a bodyguard for a celeb?
  46. Who the best overall out of Christian, The Miz Montel Vontavious Porter?
  47. What if.................................?
  48. Who is worse, Batista or Michelle McCool?
  49. CM Punk: Not very straight edge?
  50. Which wrestler would you like to share a cucumber with?
  51. Is Vince McMahon more interested in good looks and muscles than actual abilities?
  52. If Trish Stratus 7 Women's Championships record was ever broken, who deserves to break it?
  53. Has Shane Mcmahon ever won the WWF/WWE title?
  54. who is more awesome then the miz?
  55. Most underrated Natalya, Gail Kim or Katie Lea?
  56. Do you think Bryan Danielson will be a success in WWE?
  57. Which wrestler is gonna win the money in the bank?
  58. Why do you people watch this stuff?
  59. Who should receive a Title shot first: John Morrison or Kofi Kingston?
  60. Would you rather The Streak ended, or Shawn Micheals retired?
  61. IF (a big IF) HBK is really going to retire, do u consider Taker to be more worthy of...
  62. Among many encounters Shawn Michaels Undertaker got, which 1 is your fave and which 1 is...
  63. Can u tell me one thing that is more awesome than The Miz?
  64. Where will the next 1PW be?
  65. Which's More Awesome..NXT or ECW..+BQ..!!?
  66. Who can't wait to see HBK punish by The Undertaker at WM 26 and get some tombstones
  67. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker II at Wrestlemania 26: The End of An Era or The Dawn of The...
  68. What TV networks are these programs aired on, or how can you watch them?
  70. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II is overshadowing the rest of WM 26 card big time: True or Agree?
  71. Don't you just love WrestleMania time?
  72. Aren't all of the NXT rookies pretty much Superstars already? I mean, they're competing on...
  73. Why do most people believe The Streak is overshadowing The Undertaker's other accomplishments?
  74. Doug Williams a True Gentleman!?
  75. Who can't wait for Michaels to give Undertaker some Sweet Chin Music at WrestleMania?
  76. What comes to mind when I say?
  77. How many people want to see HBK win at WrestleMania against The Undertaker?
  78. Wasn't Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho obvious? I knew who was going to win (more inside)?
  79. CM Punk should crank it up a notch with his character?
  80. How often does Jim Ross shave his armpits and legs?
  81. What comes to your mind when I say Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels?
  82. How many times world champion do you hope The Undertaker will be when he retires?
  83. aint it odd that rassleing has half naked men rolling around with each other?
  84. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !?
  85. Do you really want John Cena to turn Heel?
  86. Should WWE NXT Format Be Like FCW Wrestlings Format?
  87. Wrestling section, what first comes to your mind after you watch this video (inside)?
  88. Why Is'nt WWE Fast Pace Like FCW Wrestling BQ.?
  89. so what happened on NXT I dont have Syfy?
  90. Desmond Wolf: a perfect heel gimmick?
  91. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels 2: Do you think the PROMO's and SEGMENTS will be better than...
  92. The attention Taker vs HBK II receives is on a different league from the rest of WM 26
  93. World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho def. Daniel Bryan?
  94. Where can i download the new WWE Tuesday Night NXT 02/ 23/ 2010? for free?
  95. What are your personal top ten fueds of 2009? (see details)?
  96. What if HHH qualifies in the MITB match at WM26?
  97. What did everyone think of the HBK Undertaker build-up promo on RAW?
  98. Who is your favorite NXT rookie?
  99. Is this a good idea for shock value in TNA?
  100. Do you think this will happen in the coming weeks?
  101. Who's Better Ricky Steamboat or Hulk Hogan?
  102. Mike Tenay or Michael Cole?
  103. Seeing the ongoing war in IWC (HBK vs Taker), is it safe to say Taker vs HBK II is the...
  104. WWE NXT rookie Daniel Bryan or The Miz?
  105. Is the greatest superstar in professional wrestling to never compete for the WWE Sting?
  106. Will Ric Flairs wife be charged with elder abuse?
  107. would trish stratus be a 7 time womens champion if chyna didn't leave the wwf(+2bq's)?
  108. people lets get real, it will be 17-1 at wrestlemania?
  109. do you think that the wwe are getting Ted DiBiase, Jr ready for a run with the World
  110. Why are WHC and WWE belts in Smackdown?
  111. Do you think that shawn michaels and the undertaker can top last years WM match?
  112. Kaval or 2004 Shawn Micheals?
  113. What was the worst match of Wrestlemania XIX?
  114. What happened to the WWE?
  115. Clearly this isnt a question and i am aware i wasted 5 points?
  116. WCW vs. WWE vs. TNA vs. AJPW?
  117. WrestleMania 26: MITB Qualifiers, Christian vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shelton Benjamin,...
  118. if big show is 7' tall, how come he's taller than kane... who's also listed as 7' tall?
  119. Jericho today vs. Old Jericho w/long hair and pants?
  120. anyone else felt pissed off when Michael Cole started shooting on us the internet wrestling...
  121. Who is a better tweener: Randy Orton or Edge?
  122. Wouldn't everyone else want Flair to die in the ring?
  123. Who will be wrestling on March 14th @ the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield Ca. ? 10pts 4 u !!!?
  124. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  125. Is this KANES year .?
  126. Whether you people like it or not, it will be 17-1?
  127. Will Wrestlemania XXVI be the best Wrestlemania ever since Wrestlemania X-7?
  128. Which Wrestler am I from the past?
  129. Should Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels II End in a Draw?
  130. WWE should keep the title on Y2J after Wrestlemania?
  131. Why do people say that Kurt Angle is the best wrestler in the world?
  132. What would be your theme song in the WWE?
  133. Who was more gifted technically: Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit?
  134. Shawn Michaels or Undertaker?
  135. WrestleMania 26: MITB Qualifiers, Christian vs. Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shelton
  136. Who wins: WWF's Hulk Hogan vs RockyIII's Thunderlips(wrestling for the NWA) for the world title...
  137. Full Smackdown RESULTS! ... Title changes hands?
  138. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?, Rate Card and Choose Winners?
  139. why doesnt cyndi lauper induct wendi richter and not rowdy piper?
  140. WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made Will You Be There, Choose Winners?
  141. What SvR game has the best soundtrack?
  142. how long will the big show and the miz be tag teaming together?
  143. Did Kane's unmasking prove to be the end of his career?
  144. i am actually excited for the Monday Show..?
  145. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There, Do You Think This Card is going
  146. What do think of this storyline? Part 1: HHH vs Undertaker and John Morrison vs Kane?
  147. The next Inductee into the HOF? (Spoilers!)?
  148. Is this a good move on WWE's part?Raw To Go 3 Hours Permanently?
  149. What do you think of the wrestlemania 26 matches already booked?
  150. WrestleMania 26: Please Choose Winners and Rate Card, Will This Mania Be History?
  151. What did you think NXT tonight?
  152. Who would win this 6 matches?
  153. will wwe's NXT be the new tough enough?
  154. Should Natalya Neidhart get a push at the Divas Championship?
  155. What are your opinions on Raw having no world championships at the moment?
  156. Who was the hottest Wrestling Diva of all time?
  157. Why has the WWE unified the Tag belts?
  158. Your opinions on Eric Bischoff comment on a former cruiserweight?
  159. Your Roster? (3 BQ's)?
  160. Who's better overall Kurt Angle or Eddie Guerrero?
  161. Michelle McCool wins the Womens Title again... WTF?
  162. Changing The Abyss Character will this finally get him over?
  163. is it true that WWE fans feel on their pet dogs cats while watching Raw?
  164. is it true that WWE fans feel on their pet dogs cats while watching Raw?
  165. which wwe diva is better?
  166. How comes MVP and Mark Henry get title shots more than others and still lose each time?
  167. With all my respect to christian i think wwe should finally give shelton benjamin mitb.Who agrees?
  168. The Women of WWE and TNA ?
  169. Should John Cena be put back on Smackdown?
  170. Are you surprised he turned down the Hall of Fame?
  171. who is your top 5 former wwe wrestlers?
  172. My thoughts on WWE NXT?
  173. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  174. Which WWE Wrestlers have you met?
  175. What are CM Punk's favorite type of drugs?
  176. Do you think there's a chance John Morrison might suffer the same fate as Shelton Benjamin?
  177. Let me know WWE universe!!!!!?
  178. What are your thoguhts on the Undertaker vs HBK 2?
  179. Jeff Hardy or Raven..............?
  180. Can we stop with guest hosts now?
  181. 12 Men (Women) Battle Royal?
  183. who is a better wrestler hornswoggle or the undertaker?
  184. What is your opinion on Batista being WWE Champion? + Farewell Address?
  185. if you were a ref in a wrestling what you do?
  186. Could Gabourey Sidibe step into the WWE and start taking names later?!?
  187. WW WrestleMania 26 Card: History Will Be Made?
  188. i member saying in 09 that who wants?
  189. WrestleMania 26: Will History Be Made?
  190. Who thinks Good Ole JR should become a ventriloquist?
  191. Who will be next in line for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match?
  192. what was the last match that rased the bar in the wwe?
  193. At Wm26 its going to be taker v shawn micheals if untaker loses ......?
  194. triple H vs ? at wrestlemania?
  195. Who thinks Jim Ross's time as Umaga will be the thing that he is most remembered for?
  196. Which Bella twin is Nikki?
  197. Current stars who will NOT make the hall of fame?
  198. how many wrestlemanias has john cena been to?
  199. when buying a wrestlemania package do you have to buy it off wwe's website?
  200. what would be the reaction or your reaction if undertakers streak was broken?
  201. In the UK WWE programming gets higher ratings than WWE programming, did you know this?
  202. If there is going to be a Money in the bank at wrestlemania why is there a ppv for it?
  203. what do you think of the streak vs. career match? and BQs?
  204. i think hulk hogan's upcoming heel turn will disappoint many tna fans?
  205. In the UK TNA programming gets higher ratings than WWE programming, did you know this?
  206. Should John Graziano come to TNA?
  207. Why are rematch clause hardy used anymore?
  208. Would you like to see Chris Jericho become a babyface soon ?
  209. Who will this no talent old, balding, has been known as Chris Jericho lose to at Wrestlemania?
  210. Anybody think that Jim Ross oversells his Bell's Palsy?
  211. MAJOR SPOILER: Shawn Michaels To LOSE At Wrestlemania?
  212. Breaking News About WWE?
  214. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26...?
  215. what would be you the reaction or your reaction if hbk had to retire after wrestlmania?
  216. Who has some ab workouts that give results fast! i mean in a week or less please help!?
  217. Did anyone else notice how swollen The Undertaker's face was last night on RAW?
  218. will stone cold steve austin or the rock ever come back or make an apperance on raw ?
  219. Do you want The undertakers streak to be broken +BQ?
  220. what do you think of maryse being divas champ?
  221. Kane says he may be masked again?
  222. Which of these tag teams did you like the most and why?
  223. so what do you think about the career vs streak match at wrestlemania?
  224. who do you hope wins at wrestlemania between shawn micheals and the undertaker?
  225. Who should be new the intercontinental champion?
  226. shocking lyrics to maryse's theme song?
  227. who knows where wrestlemania 27 will take place next year?
  228. WWE throw out round 1?
  229. Which match do you think WWE will have as the Main Event at Wrestlemania? Which one do you want
  230. Why did ECW get cancelled?
  231. Another WWE Breaking News?
  232. What are the championship belts in RAW and SMACKDOWN?
  233. Do You Agree With Jesse Ventura's Politics?
  234. Jethro Holiday or the undertaker?
  235. Why do wrestlers use ketchup instead of real blood?
  236. What's going on with Bret Hart on Raw?
  237. What is the worst wrestling book you have ever read?
  238. What changes would you make to the new PPV Line up?
  239. Do this will happen in the streak vs career match?
  240. What is the worst WWE Survivor Series ppv of all time and why?
  241. y doesn't kane ever eliminate ppl in the elimination chamber or survivor series mach?
  242. what is the stuff i need to make a wrestling ring where can i buy them?
  243. name all the wrestlemania theme songs?
  244. do you think this years WM,WM 26,instead of UT vs HBK round 2,this could happen?
  245. Is NXT Going To Be The Next Tough Enough?
  246. Who am I? Very hard!!!! Only the well knowledged shall know!?
  247. What would you do if.......?
  248. should jericho enjoy his title rein now, since edge will regain it?
  249. Can I watch live WWE or TNA wrestling online free?
  250. Should more people join the ever growning TNA fan club?
  251. Why do people think when you use wrestling throws and techniques you know karate?
  252. What are your thoughts on former UFC fighter, pro wrestler, Ken Shamrock?
  253. Who thinks John Cena gets TO MUCH attention in the WWE?
  254. What do you think would happen in this Wrestlemania Match?
  255. Another Who Am I!! This is easier?
  256. Anybody have any news on Jeff Hardy?
  257. Why does Shawn Michahels look troubled?
  258. Which in ring chemistry u like better: Undertaker Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold The Rock?
  259. Guess That Superstar!?
  260. Who thought Miz's burn on the Colts was hilarious last night?
  261. Sheamus or Batista who do you like better Undertaker or Shawn Michaels
  262. Does the Information Age (e.g. Internet) Kill the quality of pro wrestling?
  263. Question about the MITB match at WM?
  264. Is Smackdown or Raw WWE's main show?
  265. Should The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels close Wrestlemania 26? Why?
  266. Goldberg. Wrestling Icon or Another Overrated Big Man?
  267. Goldberg. Wrestling Icon or Another Overrated Big Man?
  268. Should The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels close Wrestlemania 26? Why?
  269. who will win shawn michaels or undertaker?
  270. Gail Kim or John Cena?
  271. Did anybody else find it odd that TripleH and Shamus was not on RAW last night?
  272. Does Mr.Mcmahon Dislike John Cena Now For Helping Brett Hart or is this just another thing
  273. do you think wwe wrestling will ever get banned?
  274. Does CM Punk look like a hobo Jesus to you?
  275. Personally, who do u prefer to see retiring Shawn Michaels: Triple H or Undertaker?
  276. WWE Superstar of the Day: Who am I?
  277. Who Am I From WWE Wrestling?
  278. What was the most shocking moment in wrestling industry?
  279. When was it that Heels began to be liked over Faces?
  280. If Shawn Michaels does in fact retire at wrestlemania?
  281. What Young Superstar has impressed you the most?
  282. Will u cry if Shawn Michaels REALLY retires?
  283. Do you think john cena is the reason raw is pg?
  284. When Undertaker chokeslammed Mick Foley through the HIAC roof, what do you think was going...
  285. Who'd love to see Shawn Michaels end The Undertaker's streak?
  286. Who Am I? U'll never guess?
  287. So is this what Mania 26 is going to be (also MITB will happen wooooo lol)?
  288. Do u think Streak Career are fair bets for the stake between Undertaker Shawn Michaels?
  289. what do you think of Undertaker catching on fire at Elimination chamber?
  290. do you think John Morrison got banged up the most in the SmackDown elimination ?
  291. Anyone notice that Christian botched abit when he slipped off Carlito lol?
  292. Wrestlemania brings pink slips to the WWE who do you see getting canned?
  293. Ric Flair's wife arrested?Your thoughts?
  294. The WWE are incorporating Undertaker's EC mishap into the Undertaker vs HBK feud + WQ?
  295. Do u think the promo before HBK Taker confrontation at RAW was one of the best promos ever?
  296. how man plastic surgry did maryse get?
  297. what are the names of these two songs from last night's raw?
  298. wrestlemania XXVI survey?
  299. Possible RAW Spoiler: HBK Behind Taker's Pyro Incident?
  300. Does anyone like the match stipulation with the undertaker vs shawn michaels WM part 2?
  301. So, what exactly has a Gas Mask got to do with Randt Orton anyway?
  302. Are you overall happy with the quality of WWE's current product?
  303. What IF (a big IF) HBK does retire at WM 26 but he returns at the summer as a permanent RAW
  304. is the undertaker......?
  305. Anyone else sad to see Shawn Michaels go?
  306. WWE not using talent properly?!?
  307. Will HHH sit out Wrestlemania this year? let HBK and Taker have their match it non of his...
  308. Are The wwe story line creators for raw getting lazy or are they just uncreative?
  309. Do you agree with Russo about the WWE?
  310. Where was HHH on Raw?
  311. HOO-RAH! Maryse is once again our Diva's Champion. Is that Great, or Awesome?
  312. Do u think Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker should main event Wrestlemania 26?
  313. When Cheech and Chong host Raw will C M Punk come to convert them?
  314. Are you watching WWE wrestling while answering questions?
  315. Goldberg says TNA blows, Do yall agree?
  316. Who is worse, Kelly Kelly or The Bella Twins?
  317. What was the greatest Heel moment you have ever wittnessed?
  318. Whether u want to admit it or not, is HBK vs Taker II with career vs streak a bigger draw than
  319. These matches (inside) are confirmed for WrestleMania 26 - Are you happy so far?
  320. Do you think Batista vs John Cena at Westlemania could be more than expected? +BQ!?
  321. who will triple h face at wrestlemania 26?
  322. Do you think that (should HBK lose) Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II will overshadow Edge vs Chris...
  323. Do u think the crowd will boo Undertaker if he retires Shawn Michaels?
  324. Which match will main event Wrestlemania?
  325. Kofi Kingston. Future World Champion, or Future Footnote?
  326. Who will join Christan in the MITB ladder match @ WM?
  327. What are your predictions + opinions for the Shawn vs Taker rematch?
  328. Which WWE Superstar did you hate and now you like?
  329. Who deserves to end The Undertaker's Streak more: Shawn Michaels or Ted DiBiase Jr? Why?
  330. Is WWE making a mistake with creating Undertaker vs. Michaels II...?
  331. Gail Kim more deserving then Maryse?
  332. Who will take over WWE when Vince is gone?
  333. What comes to mind when I say?
  334. Who is the the Best Worst Champion in WWE right now?
  335. Will Christopher Daniels ever get a title run?
  336. What was the music during the HBK promo tonight?
  337. So, earlier, when Taker was talking to HBK..?
  338. Will Bryan Danielson make it in the WWE?
  339. wm 26 card............?
  340. Would you buy Wrestle Mania if it was almost a complete mystery on who would actually be competing?
  341. If Undertaker would not be able to wrestle, what would the WWE do?
  342. Do u think this whole 'Streak vs Career at Wrestlemania 26' is being done poorly or not? Why?
  343. So which will happen? HBK retires for good? or UT's streak ends?
  344. Which 1 will get bigger attention come Wrestlemania 26: Taker vs HBK or Vince vs Bret?
  345. UnderTaker vs Y2J what if this happened?
  346. Cena should snap like he did years ago?
  347. haha shawn michaels and the guest host dress exactly aliike?
  348. Did Anyone Else Notice That Ted Dibease's head made a impression in the floor mat when randy...
  349. So, The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels would be the biggest draw for two Wrestlemania in a row?
  350. Which moneymaker will WWE sacrifice: Undertaker's Streak or Shawn Michaels' Career?
  351. If John Cena loses to Batista tonight, what match will he be in at Wrestlemania 26?
  352. What are the pro and cons of being a troll?
  353. The Undertaker cost Shawn Michaels his career by breaking his back at 1998, will he do it...
  354. Is Hulk Hogan killing TNA?
  355. What's in store for Triple H in WM26,He's not on RAW this week?
  356. What is this thing called WWE NXT?
  357. Who do you think are going to be i MITB?
  358. Oh My God The Streak will end! + WQ's?
  360. are non-televised wwe events worth going to?
  361. Is Shawn Michaels retiring at Wrestlemania?
  362. Since Cheech Chong will be the host next week?
  363. why does the bigshow have 2 belts n miz 3 ?
  364. I take all my bashing words back!!! Undertaker Shawn Michaels will outdo themselves at WM
  365. how would you feel if the undertakers streak ends?do you think it would be a good thing?
  366. RAW sucks it is all about the entertainment agree or disagree?
  367. Do you think that Tiffany should be the GM of RAW?
  368. Omg cena vs batista wm26? God save the wwe from the worst match ever thought of?
  369. How do you think that, should he lose, Shawn Michaels will be sent off at WrestleMania?
  370. how would you react if these 3 wrestlers went to TNA?
  371. Is The Mizz the first wrestler ever carrying 3 titles around at the same time?!?
  372. Which match will own the show at Wrestlemania 26: Edge vs Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels
  373. Is it possible for Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXVI to be better than their
  374. Who will get the bigger cheers at Wrestlemania 26: Shawn Michaels or Undertaker?
  375. why did batista lose intentionally?
  376. Was undertaker just crying or was that a stain on his face?
  377. Is randy done with legacy?
  378. Wendi Ritcher inducted at the HOF?
  379. Where is triple H and sheamus?
  380. Is Mark Henry holding MVP back?
  381. How many of you think the RAW Guest Host thing should end?!?
  382. Is NXT going to be live or pre-recored?
  383. Who Had Worst Night-Raw?
  384. Will u hate The Undertaker if he retires Shawn Michaels?
  385. Do u find it surprising HBK prefers to put his career against Taker over HHH?
  386. It's Official CHRISTIAN has signed on RAW and Taker vs HBK II will happen, Any Thoughts?
  387. The streak vs career at Wrestlemania 26????!!?
  388. What is the name of that song playing during that HBK vs Undertaker promo?
  389. Why is edge still acting sort of like Mick foley still?
  390. Isn't it weird that certain wrestlers are favored by the promotion?
  391. 1 hour and 1 hour only;Awsome Kong or Mae Young?
  392. Was it just me or not??
  393. is there an encore site to watch the e.c for free?
  394. Gail kim should Leave WWE and go back to TNA?
  395. You can change one thing in TNA what would it be?
  396. Is shawn michaels a bad guy now?
  397. Has Undertaker been eating a sandwich with mustard on it?
  398. Wow Orton finally shows the legacy respect and there gonna screw him over?
  399. Who do you think are Vince McMahon?s favorite wrestlers in WWE?
  400. Gail Kim is over rated. Honestly... [Here Comes The Hate]?
  401. Why does Cena always get the WM main event?
  402. What is SO BAD about michael cole?
  403. What do You think will happen against Michaels Vs. Undertaker at WM26?
  404. anyone see yellow marks on theundertakers face?
  405. Gail Kim Is over rated. Honestly... [Here Comes The Hate]?
  406. On a scale of 1-10, how big of a wrestling fan are you?
  407. Am I the only one who likes Yoshi Tatsu?
  408. what's wrong with orton?
  409. Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase? + YWSE SuperShow! Impact and Smackdown?
  410. Who thinks Good Ole JR should become a ventriloquist?
  411. WM 26 Match Predictions~~~~~~?
  412. Whichi one of NXT superstars will go heel?
  413. which is video is better wwe vids?
  414. why i cant see my comment on wwe live chat?
  415. Smackdown Vs Raw 2010?
  416. MAJOR Raw Spoilers, Info, And News For Tonight!?
  417. Whatever happened to the million dollar championship?
  418. Remember the last time Jericho walked into Wrestlemania as a top Champion?
  419. Who thinks Jim Ross should come back a a HBK imposter?
  420. Vader, King Kong Bundy, or Al Bundy?
  421. Where will the WWE Champion go?
  422. Garbage wrestling???????
  423. So no more Tombstone Piledriver?
  424. What Will HHH do at WrestleMania 26, there are no plans for him at Mania 26 if you think about it?
  425. Will there be a MITB ladder match at Wrestlemania if this will happen tonight on Raw?
  426. Was last nights PPV another Dud, WWE?wheres the action?
  427. Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches Set For Raw Tonight?
  428. does Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) air on tv? if yes then what channel and time?
  429. who do you think will get a world champion opportuinty in 2010?
  430. WWE WrestleMania 26: Card That Will Be Great?
  431. Who are you rooting for? Chris Jericho or Edge?
  432. REPORT: WWE To Use The Pyro Accident At The Elimination Chamber As A Skit?
  433. hat do you expect to see on RAW tonight?
  434. If the undertaker and shawn michaels have a rematch at WM what stipulation should it be?
  435. Why is the WWE being taking over by heels?
  436. Money in the Bank Qualifying Matches to Begin on Tonight's RAW, YES?
  437. 1 hour iron man match at wrestlemania HBK vs TAKER?
  438. why does edge always do this,?
  439. HBK vs Undertaker, Cena vs Batista, Edge vs Jericho, where does this leave Triple H?
  440. dammit..............?
  441. Who won the WWE Champion?
  442. How good or bad Wrestlemania 26 would be?
  443. UnderTaker vs Edge?...............?
  444. Updated Card For Wrestlemania 26?
  445. who do you think would win this fatal four match?
  446. Now that there is no MITB ladder match, what will happen to....?
  447. Poll: Would you rather see HBK (face) vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania or HBK (heel)
  448. WrestleMania 26: WWE Championship: Batista will Win, Defeat, Demolish, Destroy John Cena at Mania...
  449. When Undertaker Got Burned Last Night Was It Real?
  450. Christian vs CM Punk wouldn't this be awesome for Wrestlemania 26?
  451. Will the WWE allow a criminal like Chris Jericho to main event Wrestlemania?
  452. Why are people Kissing John Morrison's Azz.?
  453. maryse is the new divas champion what are your opinions?
  454. Am I the only one pissed that Gail Kim lost again?
  455. Who has the most beautiful butt in the WWE?
  456. Who was the best champion WWE ever had?
  457. Has anyone ever seen the In Your House 19: Degeneration X ppv? If so, what are you thoughts on it?
  458. Do you think Triple H regrets how he did Chyna when he cheated on her with Stephanie?
  459. Do you think this would be funny for next years Elimination Chamber PPV?
  460. Don't you think that some of the WWE divas that are eye candy, should just explore their options
  461. How much does Edge weigh now?
  462. How much does Edge weigh now?
  463. TNA RLD: iMPACT! #27 (Rate the show)?
  464. From where can i download the whole rock vs austin match at WM X7 free? plz help!!?
  465. Who is angry and furious that????? (more inside)+WQs?
  466. Which Wrestlers from the past would do better in the present than their own time period?
  467. So is it only 5 more weeks of the dumb guest hosts?
  468. Who has a better finisher Drew Mcintyer or Shameus?
  469. vince actions.........?
  470. If they run the MIB PPV like the King of the Ring could it end up being a good show?
  471. Do you realize John Cena didn't actually lose a (singles) match until he won the WWE title?
  472. Would you like another randy orton vs triple h match at WM again but this time a non title match?
  473. What were the Elimnation Chamber PPV's pros cons?
  474. Have you ever noticed how much Orton and Ziggler look similar to each other?
  475. Does it irritate you when nonwrestling fans look down on wrestling and you for watching it?
  476. What were the Elimnation Chamber PPV's pros cons?
  477. Have you ever noticed how much Orton and Ziggler look similar to each other?
  478. Would you like another randy orton vs triple h match at WM again but this time a non title match?
  479. TNA.MonNights.WWE pg13?
  480. Jim Ross possibly to TNA?
  481. Do you think Bret and HBK have truly buried the hatchet? Or do you think there's still
  482. With a brand new Edge back on top form, is Jericho still The Best In The World?
  483. Elimination Chamber, Cena, Batista, WWE title?
  484. Is Shawn Michaels a Heel Again?
  485. Is it just me, or is Chris Jericho practically a Mini JBL these days?
  486. Does Chris Jericho being WHC, make up for Batista being WWE Champion?
  487. Have you seen this exclusive photo of the WWE backstage writing team?
  488. Who finds CM Punks gimmick of mouthing off in the middle of matchs hillarious?
  489. Am I the Only one annoyed that Batista is Champ?
  490. Of these likely WM matchs, which do you think will be the best?
  491. what do you think about shawn michales actions at elimination chamber?
  492. Who is a better WWE Champion, Batista or Sheamus?
  493. vince actions.........?
  494. If the undertaker and hbk do have a rematch at WM and it turns out a draw what would happen?
  495. major titles in wwe all held by heels?
  496. Were you happy with Elimination Chamber PPV + WQ (The Undertaker nearly died at the...
  497. (This isn't a bashing question) Do you believe Shawn Michaels Undertaker could outdo themselves?...
  498. did Shawn Michaels just turn heel?
  499. Who is happy that The Undertaker lost + BQ?
  500. Kudos to JoMo coz he proved that he can be on the same Level with Jericho and Taker?