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  1. will taker wins or shawnmicheals who do u like to saty in wwe?
  2. if undertaker acts in movies like a college boy and a leader how it will be?tell resultor ur...
  3. is wwe planning to take a movie which starts undertaker as the lead role?
  4. whats better Royale rumble 1997 or 1998?
  5. Do you think John Morrison will team up with Mercury and face Big Show and Miz in WM?
  6. what TNA knockout would you love to spend the day with?
  7. Stone cold talks about being guest host and the whole PG thing?
  8. Do you Michelle McCool would be released, if not for her boyfriend, The Undertaker?
  9. will undertaker retires hbk forever making 18-0.?
  10. Wrestling Section...How many of you actually want to be professional wrestlers?
  11. Who would when these wwe vs. tna matches?
  12. A Triple H heel turn at Wrestlemania 26?
  13. Rate this storyline (the name of it is new found brother) part 2?
  14. When you take wrestling in high school....?
  15. how many of you liked wwe raw this week ?
  16. How much does the WWE pyro's and fireworks cost?
  17. The Cena commercial WWE doesn't want you see?
  18. Who do you think will guest host this years WWE Supershow in San Jose?
  19. What is one Wrestlemania match that people are always talking about but you don't see the big
  20. WrestleMania 26: Will This Mania Be One Of The Greatest?
  21. Can this finally put this stupid Anti-PG thing to rest?
  22. Do you think hbk had anything to do with undertaker being burned?
  23. Do you think The Undertaker is saving Michelle McCool from getting released?
  24. Why does Vince McMahon keep firing people?
  25. WWE your personal favourite wrestler/s or worst?
  26. isn't it obvious what will happen with R-truth's Rookie?
  27. Was HHH ever a tag team champ not including with Shawn when they were the unified tag champs.?
  28. Wanna download Wrestlemania 26 [XXVI] 2010 in HDTV high quailty for free ?
  29. Where can I download Desmond Wolfes theme song for free?
  30. After WWE fights do they take you to the hospital?
  31. Who abducted Samoa Joe....?
  32. Who else is as excited about HBK vs Taker II as I am?
  33. who are your favorite female male wrestlers in TNA?
  34. What is the worst injury a superstar has had were they still compete with it?
  35. Did anybody notice this?
  36. Did WWE seriously do what i think they did?
  37. winning the Royal Rumble or MITB?
  38. This years WM card looks like the best WM card for a while. Who agrees?
  39. Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle?
  41. Can I watch live WWE or TNA wrestling online free?
  42. What would the Undertaker do to Alexa Jeff Hardy Fan...?
  43. Who thinks Jericho looks like a tard wearing only his under-roos?
  44. Where to watch WWE and TNA wrestling on my computer?
  45. Why does everyone fail to see Randy Ortons lack of moves but all see Cenas lack of moves...?
  46. WWE fans-What is TV life going to be like when WWE goes off the air as well as all WWE shows and
  47. Mr. 5 Moves: John Cena question??
  48. Lineup For WWE WrestleMania 26: Rate Card, and Give Opinions?
  49. WrestleMania 26: WWE Championship: (C)Batista vs. John Cena, Who Will Win?
  50. WrestleMania 26: Do You Think This Will Be Mania 26 Card?
  51. WrestleMania 26: Do You Think This Will Be Mania 26 Card?
  52. top 10 Worst wrestling main eventers today?
  53. WrestleMania 26: Who Thinks It Shouldve Been HHH vs. HBK instead of HBK vs Taker 2?
  54. WrestleMania 26:Should HHH get involved in the Taker/HBK fued or face Sheamus or qualify...
  55. top 10 best wrestlers of the past?
  56. SmackDown's Charlie Haas...?
  57. Whats your best wrestling move?
  58. WrestleMania 26:If HBK defeated Taker at Mania 26, Would You Be Mad or Happy, HBK is
  59. Sheamus or Drew McIntrye?
  60. Who are your Top 10 Wrestlers of all time?
  61. John cena is a better wrestler than hbgay?
  62. HBGAY is going to Lose at Wrestlemania to the undertaker?
  63. Now that Maria is gone, which Diva do you want to see FIRED next?
  64. What do you think of my Smackdown v Raw 2010 storyline?
  65. It this a good video?
  66. what happen to wwf and who own wwf?
  67. what would you be like if taker got injured and couldn't compete at wm?
  68. Which of the following wrestlers will get a title push first? BQx2.?
  69. Will they ever bring back Eugine?
  70. how long was the match between undertaker and shawn michaels in WM 25?
  71. Do you agree that it is way harder for a wrestler to make a name for themselves in WWE than it is...
  72. Is there any reason behind the recent releases?
  73. Who will win this match. Lacey Von Erich or Kelly Kelly?
  74. I don't respect The Showstopper?
  75. How would you feel about Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania ending in a 30 minute draw?
  76. What is a WWE super house show?
  77. Who's Better Volume 81(biggest one ever)?
  78. Who will win in this match. Jerelle Clark or Jack Evans?
  79. Wrestlmania card + bq?
  80. When all these main eventers leave..?
  81. Please watch this video?
  82. Who will win this match. Chyna or Hamada?
  83. Where can I get Old wrestling T shirts?
  84. candice and maria??!?!?
  85. when is mercury coming back?
  86. Is Michelle McCool on her way to the top?
  87. EYAF V2 presents Onslaught Week 2!! Please vote and promo - What are your Mania predictions?
  88. Is there anyone besides me that hates the thought of Hogan and Flair wrestling again?
  89. How old are you, and would you rather see a Stone Cold vs Rock match or a Batista vs
  90. A group of 10 year old girls on my street burned their training bras in protest when Cena lost
  91. Do you think John Morrison will still be involved in MITB despite losing in the triple threat match?
  92. Who has bigger arms... Shawn Michaels or John Morrison?
  93. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Lineup for Mania 26, My Predictions, Choose Winners?
  94. Do you think WWE should get McRibs to eat something...She is like ridiculously skinny :S?
  95. What were the results of 1PW's Will Not Cancel...?
  96. I thought jeff hardy couldnt appear in TNA?
  97. What would you do if John Cena knocked on your door and says...........?
  98. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  99. where does the pyro from inside the ring come from?
  100. What do you think will happen with the Cm Punk and Rey Mysterio feud?
  101. Where does John Cena rank among shortest title reigns of all-time?
  102. Apparently John Morrison weighs 223lbs... I'd of thought his absolute max would be 200lbs...?
  103. Yoshi Tatsu or Evan Bourne?
  104. Do these two NXT superstars remind you of..?
  105. Would you take Drew McIntyre more seriously if..?
  106. Rank the MITB matches best-worst.?
  107. I am starting to become a fan of the upcoming stars is anyone else?
  108. Of these wrestlers can you state which they are the next of..?
  109. What did you think of Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison vs R-Truth?
  110. The shoe guys back again!!!?
  111. If you like The Undertaker?
  112. Would you rather see..?
  113. Is he an cheat user at the wrestling section!!!!!?
  114. Does the best technical wrestler have to be the one with the most submission moves?
  115. For those who have attended WWE / TNA / RoH shows (house shows or LIVE shows)...?
  116. Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair?
  117. Who should Shawn Michaels have a match with that he hasn't had one with yet before he really
  118. 6th Answerer Gets Best Answer?
  119. Favourite match of the last 5 Wrestlemanias?
  120. Does anybody really buy anything from WWEshop?
  121. Which one of these will you hate the most?
  122. Do you want Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker to be The Mainevent at WrestleMania? Yes or NO?
  123. What Matches would you add to this years WM?
  124. Drew Mcintyre, The WWE Prodigy, the Future, or None of the above?
  125. who else is sad about LT leaving us? now Sproles, sad world here. LT deserves a ring, if...
  126. WWE releases another employee......?
  127. Kofi Kingston, Destined to stay in the Mid card?
  128. Why do people watch wrestling although they know it's fake?
  129. Did Vickie Guerrero really fall out of the ring?
  130. What a really good wrestling forum I could check out?
  131. Saturday Non-Stop Hardcore Action Results Part 2.?
  132. Do you see this happening at Wrestlemania during the HBK vs Undertaker?
  133. If you were booking a women's 6 person tag team who would you pick?
  134. IYO, who is currently the MOST EXCITING wrestler today?
  135. 2nd theme song of the Day Rate PLEASE?
  136. What is your favorite SummerSlam?
  137. Yo, after Wrestlemania, who thinks I'll be able to say Da Champ Is Here!?
  138. Theme song of the day rate please?
  139. Who is better than Kanyon?
  140. what is the best Wrestlemania ever?
  141. Has edge turned to the rated G nintendo? wii?
  142. Yo yo yo, what is up yahoo answers? This is John Cena, who wants an autograph?
  143. Can WWE answer back to TNA's old school rivalry revisited?
  144. Jim Ross Raw or SD after his return?
  145. Is WWE due for a new stipulation match?
  146. Jim Ross Raw or SD after his return?
  147. How many times has these superstars become world Champion (only WWE Title and World Heavyweight
  148. how do i become a wwe superstar?
  149. Why do people hate wrestling ?
  150. Do u hope Mr Kennedy returns to WWE?
  151. Streak Vs Carrer ???
  152. What's your favorite finisher?
  153. NEW KAI-EN-TAI stable?
  154. How to watch WWE events live online ?
  155. The Shawn Michaels WrestleMania Leap?
  156. Who do you think will follow Maria co. out the WWE EXIT DOOR?
  157. Anybody else think that Jericho vs Edge at WrestleMania is a little bland...........BQ Inside?
  158. WrestleMania 26: What Do You Think Of This MITB Ladder Match, Who Will Win?
  159. Who was the greastest ever ORIGINAL ECW Champion?
  160. Imagine if this happened.......................................... ..?
  161. WWE WrestleMania 26: Will This Mania Make History and Be One Of The Greatest, Choose Winners?
  162. What is the Best Thing about Wrestlemania +BQ?
  163. Why do wrestlers apply oil to their bodies before coming to the ring?
  164. Who would win: Beth Phoenix vs. Mschif vs. Natalya?
  165. Can anyone See Bret Hart screwing Shawn Michaels during with Match with the Undertaker at WM26?
  166. Who would win in a fight between Solid Snake and Master Chief?
  167. do you think cm punk could be a better heel than stone cold steve austin was if this wasn't the
  168. Maria, Hurricane Helms Paul Burchill released.....YOUR thoughts?
  169. Proff that Randy orton and john cena are a couple?
  170. Who Had The Week-WWE?
  171. Undertaker fans better watch out, because at WrestleMania Shawn Michaels isn't going to be Mr...
  172. How long do you think the already made WM matches will last for?
  173. Why do wwe only cut good angles and storylines on the road to wrestlemania and not any other time?
  174. Guess this wrestler...?
  175. When do the wwe survivor series tour to the uk in november tickets go on sale i need the...
  176. doesnt it seem like tna doesnt know what to do with their womens division?
  177. If Awesome Kong sues the Love Sponge-?
  178. Who do you think should replace these superstars on Undertaker's Streak List?
  179. Can somebody upload me a Maryse playboy photo or video?
  180. could the hbk vs. undertaker match have blood in it?
  181. Guess this wrestler... First correct answer gets 5 points.?
  182. Who is this wrestler of the day,12 points on the line?
  183. How long before wrestlemania do you think the wrestlers start the Choreography for the matches?
  184. Do you think Lady gaga should perform at this years wretlemania?
  185. Which of these celebrities who wrestled in a PPV was most impressive: Mr. T, Lawrence...
  186. Does anyone miss edge as a heel?
  187. Would you like to see will smith guest host raw?
  188. Hi who is your favorite wrestler?
  189. Which shawn michaels did you like more the old hbk in the 90s or present hbk?
  190. What wwe superstar would be your dream date guys and girls?
  191. Don't you think that DH Smith is a better boyfriend for Natalya instead of Tyson Kidd?
  192. If the undertaker actually died in real life how would the wwe explain it?
  193. Beth Phoenix or Natalya ?
  194. Would you like to see WWE diva beth phoenix pose in Playboy?
  195. What tag team in the wwe do you think is worthy to challenge show miz at WM for the tag titles?
  196. Do you consider WWE a form of art? +BQ?
  197. What is your favorite WWE Summerslam PPV match ever?
  198. who really is better in your opinion. I'm interested to see how each contributor here...
  199. Do you think Edge's face turn is not working out ?
  200. WWE Releases 3 Superstars, Your Thoughts?
  201. I know wrestling is fixed but are the royal rumble mtches fixed as well?
  202. Give Me Ten Reasons why??? TNA SUCKS AND WWE IS BETTER?
  203. WWE Slowly Losing Their Star Power?
  204. With wwe stars getting fired left and right Do you see....?
  205. WWE STARS FIRED!!!!!?
  206. Did anyone ever notice that Teddy Long is not in SVR 2010?
  207. Who would win in these matches? explain what you'll do to win in the matches that say You?
  208. I Don't Know If You've Noticed But Why Does WWE Always Do Wrestlemania Promos To Kevin Rudolph
  209. Is the former ECW diva Savannah Gail Kim's sister?
  210. 3 New WWE Releases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  211. What moment in Pro Wrestling has meant the most to you?
  212. who do you think is going to win Shawn or Undertaker?
  213. Maria Got release From the WWE, Yeah or I am not Happy with it.?
  214. What would you do if.....?
  215. Vickie Guererro is a referee, IMFAO?
  216. Where can I play Play Wrestling roms games Online for Free? Such as WWF, WWE, WCW or any good...
  217. Is Smackdown VS Raw 2008 worth buying? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!!!!?
  218. Proof that randy orton and john cena are a couple?
  219. WrestleMania 26:WWE Championship:(C)Batista w/McMahon vs. John Cena w/Bret Hart: No DQ Match:...
  220. WrestleMania 26: My Predictions, Winners, and Choose Winners and Rate Card?
  221. whats going on (WWE)?
  222. WrestleMania 26:What Will Triple H do at Mania, he can't just get in the championship...
  223. throw out round 4 wwe worst?
  224. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  225. Will WWE NXT have Championships?
  226. WWE please tell me vickie broke her tailbone on that fall please LMAO?
  227. Why was Maria released from the WWE?
  228. WrestleMania 26: Triple H vs. Sheamus or Triple H vs. Drew McIntyre, What Would You...
  229. What is the name of the song that played tonight on smackdown while it was showing the...
  230. Hornswaggle vs. Tilikum the Killer Whale at Wrestlemania?
  231. Do you think HHH will be the next Mr McMahon? If so don't you think it would be funny?
  232. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  233. Do you think WWE are slowly killing its legacy or is it a great advertisement?
  234. How do you do a strong grabble in smackdown vs raw 2010?????????/?
  235. Voting for Saturday Night Non-Stop Hardcore Action of YAWA.?
  236. I know this question gets asked every 2 weeks but name you top 5 wrestlers of all time?
  237. How does Triple H exercise Backstage Politics?
  238. Which Heel do you love to boo?
  239. Tna Or WWE Which name is better?
  240. Announcement for the members of my YAWA E-FED!?
  241. How would you react if .................?
  242. Why the heck did Drew Mcintyer lose especially to someone he has beaten over and over?
  243. Has WWE given up on John Morrison?
  244. Who is your favourite heel?
  245. Randy Orton a better heel Than JBL?
  246. Who else wants it to be 17-1?
  247. What did you think about JoMo, R Truth, and Ziggler tonight?
  248. What do you think is the main reason Helms got released?
  249. Should a different Diva been released than Maria?
  250. Does WWA4 accept ALL nationalities ?
  251. war zone wrestling do you want to join?
  252. seeing as all trolls have a gimmick should we accept them as a part of the wrestling family?
  253. whats the song that was just on wwe when it was Shawn Michael's thing?
  254. TNA use's their talent better than WWE?
  255. What stable would offer the best competion for SES?
  256. does anyone else agree......?
  257. Do you remember when Eugene beat Kurt Angle and won his Olympic Gold Medal?
  258. What do you think of Rob Terry?
  259. WrestleMania 26: Matches That Will Make Mania 26 Historic?
  260. Did anyone notice that Undertaker....................................?
  261. Casket Match at WM Yes no? Read details?
  262. Whats next for Kofi Kingston?
  263. What do you think WWE NXT? + BQS?
  264. Tag, you're it...........................?
  265. WrestleMania 26: Matches That Will Make Mania 26 Historic, Choose The Winners and Rate Card?
  266. was owen hart a world champion?
  267. Give me a MR WRESTLEMANIA if you want to see 17-1?
  268. what type of storyline would they do on wwe todecide whoo is going ot takeVince'ss place as boss?
  269. have you ever had a wrestler on your smackdown vs raw 2007 game that finaly mase it as top face but
  270. was brets injury real or kayfabe?
  271. Proof that Randy orton and john cena are a Couple?
  272. Who flips hambergers better HBK or JJ?
  273. Will a Smackdown Diva be turning face?
  274. wouldn't it be funny if Vince was in a wheelchair and hes still in charge of wwe?
  275. Will the rock ever return to Wrestling?
  276. Who is your favorite money in the bank competitor in the past 5 years?
  277. Do you think Kurt Angle took steroids?
  278. this is a most dangerous
  279. How many spears has Edge done since his return?
  280. WS:Have you ever been blocked by another user for not agreeing with them?
  281. RWF (Real Wrestling Federation) Sign Ups + WQ3?
  282. Do you think too many people get inducted into the Hall of Fame?
  283. Where can I watch WWE smackdown online tonight?
  284. WWE Royal Rumble History In the 2010 match?
  285. Who do you think will get fired next?
  286. When do you think Raw will get a GM again?
  287. Who has better babyface/superhero character in WWE history , The Rock or John Cena?
  288. What part will HHH play at WM I cant think of an oponent right now?
  289. Hurricane and Burchill released?
  290. Does the WWE, nowadays, lean towards mock combat that's realistic or symbolic?
  291. Who would win? Great Khali vs DJ Gabriel?
  292. Should Edge vs Jericho at WM become a ladder match?
  293. Diva Maria has been released?!?
  294. Is it fair to say Taker is injury prone?
  295. Do you think Hurrican messed up his own career?
  296. What do you guys think of WM 26's theme song?
  297. If you could hang with any wrestler(s) for a day, who would it be?
  298. Question about WWE Events + BQ?
  299. Should the WWE combine all belts and make WWE one again? Or do you prefer the two...
  300. What do you think of these guys getting released!?
  301. raw is goin downhill?
  302. WWE Wrestler of the day: Who is this wrestler, Have Fun!?
  303. Anyone else miss Chris Benoit from WWE?
  304. Why do some people say Orton's the greatest heel ever, when clearly that is not true?
  305. are there any wrestlers in TNA or WWE that have taking the time to reach out to you on a personal...
  306. if you were having a show called my new bff which 10 wrestlers from tna and wwe would
  307. Randy Orton. Face or Heel?
  308. Was Sheamus a one pump chump, or will he be around for a while?
  309. Are Christy Alley and Jamie Foxx doing the Harlem Shuffle Horizontal Mumbo Jumbo together?
  310. what do u think of the Nasty Boys? oh boy, Hulk is bringing back his old friends. Especially
  311. United States Championship Tournament Round 3?
  312. do you think the rock or stone cold will ever come back to wrestling?
  313. I really like Mr. Ken....Anderson's spunk. Do you?
  314. Todays WWE superstar is Guess Who?
  315. what wrestlers do you think use steriods?
  316. Will you be excited or pissed that Sara Del Ray goes to WWE?
  317. If you can pick any diva to go to Shimmer who will it be and will they do good?
  318. Daizee Haze or Hamada who will win?
  319. Which are better WWE diva's or TNA knockout?
  320. Today is the birthday of which famous wrestling legend?
  321. If you could bring one feature back in Smackdown vs RAW 2011, what would it be?
  322. Worst Night-Superstars?
  323. Do you think TNA Impact on Mondays will be like old WCW Nitro?
  324. Elimination Chamber 2010, Video, look how Batista dominants Cena in 10 seconds?
  325. Is there really a girls' division of high school wrestling?
  326. Bill Goldberg coming back in TNA?
  327. What store did they use when Stone Cold took Booker T shopping?
  328. What If Shane McMahon Was owner of TnA iMPACT!?
  329. Man, TNA is dropping for me, how bout you?
  330. Help !! Name both WWE songs?
  331. Join my Wrestling E-Fed?
  332. WrestleMania 26:WWE Championship:(C)Batista vs. John Cena, Who Do You Think Will Win,?
  333. Why is wwe treating Gail kim like she has no talent?
  334. did you like Abyss's entrance music? i hope it's not permanent. I like him as the
  335. Dont you think that Cena...?!?
  336. a few questions about TNA....?
  337. Face and Heel In Wrestling?
  338. Jeff hardy coming back?
  339. Is it true that TNA is bankrupt?
  340. Can i join anyone's Wrestling E-Feds?
  341. It's My Birthday Tomorrow!?
  342. WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  343. After Shawn HHH and Taker...?
  344. Is Vince McMahon like Adolf Hitler with his Third Reich will last 1000 years nonsense?
  345. could there possibly be a 17-1 for the undertaker because shawn is apart of DX and we cant loose DX?
  346. Why are People saying Mickie James is overrated?
  347. When is The Undertaker going to retire once and for all?
  348. What superstars from WWE do you think should be in TNA?
  349. WrestleMania 26:Who All Believes Batista will defeat, destroy, domolish John Cena at
  350. What if these wwe superstars went to tna?
  351. Mark Calaway is Undertaker?
  352. How would you feel if Stone Cold became Raw's GM?
  353. Have you ever noticed that CM Punk never mentions street drugs?
  354. What is the point of trolling?
  355. John Cena isnt the best in WWE, he hasnt beat The Undertaker or Batista, and Batista will
  356. Who is happy the guest host era is ending?
  357. what will be best match at wrestlemania?
  358. Wrestling Section what excites you more?
  359. What Pokemon does Batista look like?
  360. what is your favourite wrestling t-shirt?
  361. Who doesn't like the guest host concept?
  363. Who do you like better as,heel,face,or Tweener?
  364. Jethro Holiday or Justin Bieber?
  365. NXT? what would you make it stand for?
  366. Do you think we will ever see Natayla vs Beth Phenoix?
  367. Am I the only wrestling fan that watches American Idol over TNA,?
  368. Who did 2009 Mostly belong to John Cena or Randy Orton?
  369. Who's better,Hulk hogan or John Cena?
  370. WrestleMania 26 Match Confirmed?
  371. Wrestling Section poll?
  372. Best Main Eventer in WWE?
  373. What is your favorite type of match?
  374. If Beerad and Nasty formed a tag team, what name would it be?
  375. who was the best wcw wrestler?
  376. Morrison or Miz/WWE+TNA E-Fed Important Announcement?
  377. If wrestling is fake, then why do people watch it?
  378. SvR 2010, story designer mode?
  379. Which wrestler would you makeout with?
  380. If wrestling is fake then why do you watch it?
  381. WWE Going back to TV-14?
  382. Big Show and Jericho Question?
  383. A WWE vs TNA question?
  384. Who'd Win The Pope vs John Morrison:?
  385. If Randy is facing DiBiase Monday, can we assume he won't face him at WM?
  386. What do you think of Trent Baretta Caylen Croft so far?
  387. Did Big show rid the bull well This monday?
  388. What is it about Edge, that makes him more popular than his brother Christian?
  389. WWE WM 26, finally shaping up to a good ppv?
  390. How can I watch TNA wrestling on the internet tonight?
  391. TNA Roster, WWE Rejects!?
  392. What does the Rock and Wrestlemania have in Comments?
  393. Jim Ross Raped in Oklahoma?
  394. What Do You Think Was The Worst Wrestling Gimmick That Had A Decent Run?
  395. Better playin the HEEL or FACE role (more inside)?
  396. What was the funniest wrestling segment you ever did see?
  397. Is it fair to say...(more inside)?
  398. Who do you prefer Ted DiBiase or Dolph Ziggler?
  399. What is your favorite wrestling taunt of all time?
  400. hey wrestling section guess the wrestler?
  401. Guess who??????????????????????????????????????
  402. Who's HHH facing at Mania?
  403. Morrison vs The Miz, You choose?
  404. who's better in these categories: Mickie James, Gail Kim or Melina?
  405. WWE Superstar of the Day: Who am I?
  406. What superstar do you wish was never Released?
  407. Is it time for Triple H to turn heel again in 2010?
  408. Why why why why why why why???
  409. Who is the better rapper. John Cena or R Truth?
  410. who is this wrestler.....No way of guessing this one?
  411. Is there something like a Naruto E-Fed?
  412. How many people do you think will be at WrestleMania XXVI?
  413. Dont you think that Shawn Michaels....?
  414. How far in advance do you think the WWE writes up there storylines?
  415. Kane...Unmasked and can talk?!?
  416. Why does KANE loves to inflict pain?
  417. what is wwe nxt all about?
  418. What was the best DIVA storyline ever?
  419. Do you think randy orton and stephanie mcmahon like each other in real life?
  420. Who would you want to meet and why?
  421. Do u think putting Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker II as WM 26's main event would tarnish
  422. Is The Rock truly the greatest WWE wrestler of all time (past, present, and future)?
  423. Based on wrestling skills ONLY, who is superior: Alicia Fox or Maryse?
  424. Do you think Vince McMahon is at fault for Owen Hart's death?
  425. Does this WrestleMania fact annoy you?
  426. I have a strong feeling that HBK is going to break undertaker's streak.?
  427. What comes to mind when I say?
  428. So far, what do u think of these three matches for Wrestlemania 26 (inside)?
  429. Hells gate vs sharpshooter which is better?
  430. who is this wrestler.........?
  431. Where would YOU like a Wrestlemania to be?
  432. who is your fav diva?
  433. Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock?
  434. If you were a NXT Rookie, who would you want your mentor to be?
  435. What would be a good name for this stable?
  436. Would you like to see these 2 superstars form a tag team and feud with DX?
  437. WWE/TNA draft your in control?
  438. Why do people hate on sixx pac?
  439. Bischoff and Hogan good for TNA?
  440. Why do people think TNA is the next WCW?
  441. Why do WWE fans claim WWE is better than TNA because of the ratings, but...?
  442. who are your favorite knockouts and who are your favorite divas?
  443. Rey Mysterio And Amazing red +BQ?
  444. Who watches wrestling do you ever try to see if the male wrestlers are stiff hard down there?
  445. Your honest opinion of Chris Jericho? + BQ's.?
  446. TNA vs WWE Serious people w/ serious answers only!?
  447. Who will be the new HHH?
  448. Why does WWE give Chris Jericho such a huge push?
  449. Will this R-Truth vs John Morrison thing lead to a heel turn?
  450. If you had a chance to pick the ppv that you would like to be a free show which would it
  451. Why Bring out the Best of Raw DVD for 2009?
  452. Proof that Vince dislikes his Heels.. +BQ inside?
  453. Has the Undertaker ever broke Kayfabe?
  454. Kane says he may be masked again?
  455. For the Whole wrestling section?
  456. Wrestling Section here is the theme song of the week?
  457. Why did Lita leave WWE?
  458. I am going to WWE night RAW and I need some good ideas to put on my sign?
  459. Why does WWE use characters from things like Video Games movies on their superstar pages?
  460. how would you end hbk vs taker 2.BQ?
  461. Would you be happy with a no-contest finish to the Undertaker HBK match?
  462. Who is your favorite WWE superstar of WWE HISTORY!?
  463. What are your top 5 summerslam matches?
  464. is chris jericho a true blonde, or are those just highlights and he's just light brown?
  465. What Would Have Been a Great Dream Match During the 90's Era of WWF?
  466. To all wrestling fans what would you prefer? (see below)?
  467. How do u unlock tbk's alt attire in svr10?
  468. they should have ecw and nex that way we will have wwe all week?
  469. WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?, Rate Card and Choose Winners?
  470. would anyone like to see another 4 man team?
  471. was it the conservatives who pressured WWE into a family rating show?
  472. The undertaker was crying last monday?
  473. Triple H or John Cena or Batisa?
  474. Do you consider shawn michaels the greatest in ring performer ever in wwe?
  475. Who thinks WWE NXT should be 2 hours instead of 1?
  476. When CM Punk comes to the ring do you place your hand on the screen?
  477. Which brand you prefer raw or smackdown?
  478. What's next for Hornswoggle?
  479. How will you react if Justin Bieber guest hosts RAW?
  480. What Voices do Randy orton Hear in his Head?
  481. Is there any Australian born superstars in the wwe currently?
  482. If you could chose any wwe superstar to star as a villian in saw 7 who would it be?
  483. Why nO 1 lk JoHn CENa?
  484. Should the wwe make a horror movie staring all the superstars?
  485. Undertaker Burned At No Way Out?
  486. Would you like Eddie murphy to become the new GM of raw?
  487. World Wrestling Federation Question... The Rock vs Stone Cold in a first blood match. Who would win?
  488. who thinks that allissa flash was a good heel in the knockouts division?
  489. wwe through out round 2?
  490. Why is Bryan Danielson the best wrestler in the world?
  491. OK WWE fans let me get this straight?
  492. alundra blayze vs hamada who would win?
  493. A question about CM Punk?
  494. So was NXT good or not?
  495. When do you think the raw guest host gimmick will end?
  496. Do WWE own the copyrights to WCW?
  497. who do you think who win?
  498. Hamada or Lufisto who will win?
  499. Where have these days gone?
  500. How did everyone like WWE NXT?