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  1. did anybody else knew sting was going to turn on hogan and abyss?
  2. Tna or Wwe monday nite war who won???your opinion who was better?
  4. What is your opinion of WWE/Raws new theme song?
  5. What was your reaction to Sting's heel turn tonight?
  6. Who had the worst night-Raw?
  7. How many times will TNA say WWE's name tonight?
  8. What was better last night? Raw or Impact?
  9. Why wasn't raw in Pittsburgh, PA?
  10. Why was raw in Portland, OR tonight?
  11. Do you think Randy Orton deserved to be defeated by Rhodes/Dibiase?
  12. wwe superstars and divas who got injurie?
  13. Where can I watch tonight's TNA Impact Online?
  14. Punk vs Mysterio or Orton vs Legacy?
  15. i hear triple h have a quadriceps muscle problem?
  16. wwe smackdown or tna?
  17. if cm punk bald how do you think he would look?
  18. the undertaker almost got burn during his entrance at elimination chamber 2010 (watch this video)?
  19. how many people cant wait for next wwe monday night raw?
  20. wtf just happen rvd just beat sting in like 10 second?
  21. Will Triple H put over Sheamus at WrestleMania?
  22. who do you think sting will face tonight?
  23. Compared to WWE, how *is* TNA?
  24. As it just me,or was TNA better than RAW tonight?
  25. Are you on 'Team 'Taker' or 'Team Michaels'?
  26. Monday Night Raw Fans-How happy were you when Vince Mcmahon beat the living crap out of John Cena?
  27. who started the wars? tna or wwe?
  28. Jeff Hardy returns to TNA?
  29. What do you think of WWE's top 25 divas list?
  30. WS Poll: WrestleMania Opponents?
  31. Who will get the higher show starting ratings?
  32. Was John Cena's confrontation with Batista on last week's RAW scripted or not scripted?
  33. Why does TNA's Rob Terry look like NSYNC's Lance Bass?
  34. What do you think of goldberg after this .....(inside)?
  35. What would you change about wwe?
  36. Wrestling fans like watching scripted shows. Gays like being in drama clubs. Coincidence?
  37. What show are you taping tonight along with watching both shows?
  38. Who Is The Best Wrestler Of all time from these guys i chosed?
  39. How should I celebrate Undertaker's streak ending and Shawn Micheals staying in WWE?
  40. Apparantly TNA is seriously kicking WWEs but right now!?
  41. Are you watching TNA or the WWE tonight?
  42. If TNA decides to compete with RAW every week, will it be a Monday Night War or Monday
  43. Who is one wrestler that is liked by most fans but you don't like?
  44. Is Triple H going to be the next Ric Flair?
  45. Where can I watch RAW live online free tonight?
  46. Is it true Kofi Kingston is going to be in the Marine 3?
  47. Will tonight's Raw be better than last weeks Raw?
  48. Who in WWE should have this theme now?
  49. i started to watch wwe from oct 2009 . i saw bragging rights 2009 .also all the
  50. WWE WrestleMania 26 is shaping out to be one of the Best Ever, and Who's Going To Win WWE or TNA?
  51. Are Hogan and Abyss going to make out tonight on impact?
  52. Who has a larger fanbase? Shawn Michaels? John Cena? Bret Hart? The Undertaker? Or Hulk Hogan?
  53. John Cena OVERRATED or just OVERUSED?
  54. Who's your 5 best all time heels in wrestling?
  56. What kind of things do you expect to see from Raw tomorrow?
  57. How many of you like TNA better than WWE?
  58. Do you Believe in God?
  59. Who is truly the greatest WWE Champion ever?
  60. YWWE Raw pick winners and rate show and matches?
  61. Do you think that Kofi Kingston will be the final person to qualify for the Money in the
  62. What is one popular WWE wrestler you are not a fan of?
  63. Is Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker the only unpredictaCeble Wrestlemania match so far?
  64. Would it be advantageous for TNA to go after Smackdown instead of Raw?
  65. Names for Morrison and Truth?
  66. Apology to TNATION Genral?
  67. Is it time for Rey Mysterio to take off his mask?
  68. TNA vs. WWE getting personal?
  69. TNA Impact verse RAW on Monday Night what will you watch or will you flip back and forth to the...
  70. What Hell In A Cell match would you consider underrated?
  71. How come UFC don't hire retardos?
  72. Since the demise of WCW, where has Vince McMahon gone wrong?
  73. What would have happened if Vince McMahon had made Ron Simmons champion in 1997?
  74. When will WWE ever retire?
  75. Who had better in ring chemistry? The Rock and Stone Cold? Or The Rock and Chris Jericho?
  76. Why do losers watches wrestling?
  77. What is your favourite type of Ladder match?
  78. How would WCW fans react..?
  79. What did you think of Wrong Side of Town?
  80. What is Theodore Long still doing around? Do you like/dislike Teddy Long?
  81. Will Beth Phoenix beat Michelle McCool for her Womens Tilte + TCW Debut Show (Vote)?
  82. 1 question or TNA fans?
  83. If John Cena's SuperMan who is Lex Luthor?
  84. Is it wrong for me to tell WWE that Rey Mysterio is a illegal immigrant?
  85. how matches are going to be in wm 26?
  86. What is the worst Wrestlemania of all time and why?
  87. If you had to choose between keeping WWE alive and 1 million dollars. which one would u choose...
  88. Why do people crap on Cena for being champion alot but it is okay with Randy Orton?
  89. What kind of troll annoys you most? (I told you I will put this Q again trolls. I don't
  90. cena sucks,why dont people get it?
  91. XHW sign ups + BQ.......?
  92. What is everyone thinking of the new ring for TNA?
  93. if your a wwe fan put (wwe army) in your user name , wrestlemania predictions?
  94. TNA Fans: Possible Apperances Tonight?
  95. what is the dog tag or medallion that is around kurt angle's neck and what does it say?
  96. Classic WWE matches ?
  97. Do you think Rey Mysterio's 2006 WrestleMania feud was with Randy Orton more than Kurt Angle?
  98. Jeff Hardy returns to TNA Monday?
  99. What do you think of this WrestleMania XXVI GIF?
  100. Is Hulk Hogan and Flair and Eric Bischoff WWE's spy or something?
  101. WWE needs more tag teams stables?
  102. Is watching wrestling the leading cause of gayness in the US?
  103. Why is Randy Orton so much better than Chris Jericho?
  104. best heel stable: NWO or DX?
  105. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  106. How many WWE/WWF/WCW wrestlers are now on TNA?
  107. Do you think TNA make a mistake going mondays during the road to wrestlemania?
  108. who is better at the gimmick stone cold or the rock and vince mcmahon or hulk hogan?
  109. which show got hotter divas or knockout? tna or wwe?
  110. who is hotter melina or trish stratus?
  111. do you think tna gonna beat wwe raw,smackdown and nxt (that 3 on 1)?
  112. What Hell In A Cell Match would you consider overrated?
  113. what is you favorite money in the banks match?
  114. What was Vince McMahon thinking when he made Kevin Nash champion in 1995?
  115. if could ask john cena a question what would it be?
  116. Which wrestlers do you think are the biggest marks for themselves and why?
  117. Who do you think could be the biggest ratings boost?
  118. What if you wre booking a 6 man tag team?
  119. WWE- Is Something Truely Legendary Being Slowly Destroyed?
  120. What is one heel turn that should of never happened?
  121. i hear a rumor, bill golberg going to tna is it true?
  122. Who do you think is the dumbest wrestler of all time?
  123. Why did Ric Flair join TNA?
  124. Samoa Joe's abductor's**SPOILERS**?
  125. Do you realize tomorrow can be considered Undertaker vs Sting?
  126. WWE MITB Storyline**SPOILER**?
  127. Austin vs McMahon 2.0?
  128. 60 Man Battle Royale***Knock out 5 from each ring***?
  129. him what you think of the struggles hardcore?
  130. Did John Morrison and Melina Break up already?
  131. Breaking News!: TNA Signs The Rock, Changes His Name?
  132. Why does John Cena get called SuperMan?
  133. Guess the Wrestler...?
  134. Natayla Neidhart:Blonde Hair or Red head?
  135. Please Answer Wrestling question?
  136. Why does John Cena get called SuperMan?
  137. Last TCW Sign-Ups, first show tonight, ( WQ Included)?
  138. What do You think of the WrestleMania XXVI name plate? + WQ?
  139. In you opinion which one was the best War Game match of all time?
  140. whats going on with ecw?
  141. WWE WrestleMania 26: Will This Be One Of The Greatest Mania's Since Mania 17 and WWE vs. TNA,
  142. Am i the only neutral wrestling fan here?
  143. Why do people love jeff hardy so much?
  144. WS Poll: Who's worse - Roidtista or SuperMan Cena?
  145. Which Famous Person Do You Think Should Come To Raw To Be A Guest Host?
  146. Would Hulk Hogan have been as big a draw if he was a 2nd/3rd Generation superstar + WQ?
  147. When is Funaki gonna get released?
  148. Theme Song of the week?
  149. Would there have been no NWO, if the Outsiders had never joined WCW in 1996?
  150. If John Cena was still Prototype would he be as popular as he is now as John Cena?
  151. If TNA does compete with WWE?
  152. Smackdown vs Raw 2010 question create storyline?
  153. when is jeff hardy going to court?
  154. Is sabu on of hulk hogans suprises +BQ?
  155. Is it possible to watch TNA live in the uk?
  156. This Might Be WWE'S Official WrestleMania 26 Card, Choose Winners and Give Opinions?
  157. Why did you dislike The Undertaker's American Bad As* Gimmick?
  158. Would you agree that WWE NXT Rookie, Darren Young looks like the burnt orange version of John Cena?
  159. Did you like John Morrisons dvd: Rockstar?
  160. WrestleMania 22 Was the last glimpse of the Attitude Era: True or Agree?
  161. TNA's Latest ratings?
  162. When is Jim Ross suppose to come back ?
  163. TNATION what do you think of the WWE marks starting a WWE ARMY?
  164. AAA vs WWE Who would win?
  165. Who's Hotter Kelly Kelly or Beth phoenix?
  166. Is it just me or does Raw have a rematch pretty much every week?
  167. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  168. Comment on this video PLEASE?
  169. This one's for the I HATE CENA COMMUNITY?
  170. which diva and knockout improved the most?
  171. How can WWE fans say that TNA has better wrestling, but WWE is still better.?
  172. TNA trying to draw fans lol?
  173. is this really funny?
  174. Ok guys. Help me Choose You Decide?
  175. What's Your Favorite Non-WWE Match?
  176. What talent did the WWE miss the boat on completely?
  177. which of those wrestlers is funniest? hhh,cena,santino,stone cold, or the rock?
  178. why is that we never hear wwe chants?
  179. when the rock return do you think wwe gonna change?
  180. What has been your favourite No DQ match in WWE?
  181. Looking for the 3rd Woman to be in the Royal Rumble?
  182. Top three WWE superstars with the most charisma?
  183. TNA marks that actually watches Raw?
  184. What year would you say the attitude era ended 2001 or 2002?
  185. What's Wrestling Missing Right Now?
  186. Greatest performers to have graced WrestleMania?
  187. who are your top 5 best performers of all time(ty dragon)?
  188. Which Superstar plays their Gimmick the best in WWE?
  189. What will happen at The first 5 minutes of TNA 3/8/10?
  190. What kind of return do you like better?
  191. who are your top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time?
  192. Do u think in the future we will respect Michelle McCool for whats shes done?
  193. this question is about wwe and tna?
  194. If you could meet a wrestler in real life who would it be?
  195. Most annoying thing in WWE?
  196. What are your top 10 favorite WWE Matches?
  197. What were the results of 1PW's 4AS...?
  198. You guys plz help me out?
  199. How come i can't upload advatar's anymore?
  200. Do you think people are getting a bit carried away about the tna ramp hate?
  201. At WM 19, why did they book Undertaker and Bigshow in a rock-fight tag match instead of 1-on-1?
  202. Who finds this funny...(wwe)?
  203. How would you rate TNA Impact+BQ?
  204. So they still haven't let that XFL thing down?
  205. Do you think Hogan will get in trouble for spoiling RVD's return?
  206. Is there really a differnce between this and the curent WWE?
  207. Who will be the new top face diva's?
  208. In your opinion, best Money In The Bank Ladder match is?
  209. NXT or TNA!?????????????????????????
  210. Why is Big Show still around?
  211. Who Would Win In A Freestyle John Cena VS Soulja Boy?
  212. Why didn't Undertaker compete at Wrestlemanias 10 and 16?
  213. Which rivalry do you think fizzled out to early (within the last year)?
  214. Where online can I watch WWE Smackdown tonight?
  215. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  216. What Would Happen if i Bring The TNA World Title Repica TO WWE Raw?
  217. wwe 2011 game fact..................?
  218. Will the WWE lose ratings if I keep NOT watching raw or smackdown?
  219. Will the WWE lose ratings if I keep NOT watching raw or smackdown?
  220. Where online can I watch WWE Smackdown tonight?
  221. What Would Happen if i Bring The TNA World Title Repica TO WWE Raw?
  222. wwe 2011 game fact..................?
  223. Do you think Mick Jagger is sexy?
  224. Does TNA still need Jeff Hardy, now that Mr. Monday Night is on TNA?
  225. Triple H to take time off?
  226. Who is the better singer:Jillian Hall or Justin Bieber?
  227. Who will be Mr. Money in The Bank?
  228. CM Punk vs Rey Myterio, The REAL WrestleMania show stealer?
  229. If RVD faced AJ Styles, would it be better than Angle v Styles?
  230. Why is TNA boring now?
  231. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  232. Now that RVD is signed with TNA, does he need a manager?
  233. Now that RVD is with tna?
  234. Reason why Mickie James lost womens title?
  235. What do you think of Eric Bischoff insulting WWE the past 2 weeks?
  236. Is it me or has Batista's mic skills just got better overnight?
  237. Man, TNA is boring...?
  238. Which WWE Or WCW Championship Should WWE Bring Back?
  239. Last slot for MITB at WrestleMania?
  240. Does anyone else thinks Edge is overated (here's the hate)?
  241. WWE superstars that are not released yet?
  242. What is the best match ever in WWE?
  243. Anyone think WWE is a joke now?
  244. Monday Night Wars 2 . WWE or TNA?
  245. Is getting injured in WWE like getting injured from a blank shooter?
  246. What do you think of team Hardy showing shades of Hardy boys on NXT + BQ?
  247. What do you think of team Hardy showing shades of Hardy boys on NXT + BQ?
  248. Is getting injured in WWE like getting injured from a blank shooter?
  249. Who is the host on Raw in Pittsburgh?
  250. result of the last show of jwoa?
  251. Who found this WWE video funny + WQ?
  252. Finishing Moves in Wrestling, Which has the better impact......?
  253. Should Hogan have teamed with Dinero Instead of Abyss?
  254. Which WWE star should pull off the next Christian and go to TNA for a boost, then come back to
  255. Is Tonight's WWE superstar the most star studded ever?
  256. Who is your favorite WWE superstar?
  257. Are Wrestlers Employees or Independent Contractors?
  258. Do you think Wrestlemania still means as much as did back in the 80's and 90's?
  259. Has she done this? PLZ answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  260. New WWE Diva on the way?
  261. What are your opinions on Eve Torres, and how long do you think wwe is going to keep her?
  262. Now that RVD has signed with TNA, Should TNA get Rid of? ...+BQ?
  263. Who's family is richer?
  264. Do You Think This WrestleMania 26 Card Could Be One Of The Best?
  265. a Question for WWE fans?
  266. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011? For Playstation 2 users?
  267. why is Batista is a but [ he is a mad person]?
  268. Wrestling fans: Would you still watch wrestling if they announced they were going to
  269. What would you do If... +BQ inside?
  270. Worst Night-Superstars?
  271. Do you think Batista vs Undertaker was one of the best big man vs man feuds of all time?
  272. RVD has signed with TNA?
  273. What does HBK say during his entrance?
  274. Who wants to know the definition of troglodytes?
  275. Will u content with interference ending for Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26?
  276. do you remember this guy?
  277. Has anyone noticed Maria is still on the promos for Smackdown?
  279. Are you happy or mad about RVD going to TNA?
  280. Who would win in a fight, Batista or the Easter Bunny?
  281. Who do you think has the biggest fanbase in all of the WWE?
  282. O.D.B how sexy do you find her 1-10?
  284. would smackdown be better if it went live like raw?
  285. If The Undertaker really goes 18-0 at WM 26, does that mean he defeated 17 men to go...
  286. Why is half of TNA released WWE stars?
  287. How hilarious is this quote, Wrestling is real,even though it's scripted it's real?
  288. do you find the undertaker attractive(+ question for the guys)?
  289. Who is/Was vince's biggest threat?
  290. Why do WWE mark's complain about TNA all the time +BQ?
  291. Rob Van Dam signs with TNA?
  292. Poll: Bret Hart or HBK?
  293. Why can't TNA compete with the WWE?
  294. Who is your favorite wrestling legend?
  295. What has happened to Carlito?Did teaming with Primo end up hurting both in terms of getting
  296. Overall, who is better. Beth Pheonix or Natalya?
  297. Should Hornswaggle and Khali be repackaged as Master-Blaster?
  298. where can i find the OLD shawn michaels cardboard cutout?
  299. Is there a reason the likes of Natalya, Katie Lea, Gail Kim, Savannah don't get a push?
  300. I know everyone noticed that all the champions are heels but...?
  301. i have to lose weight for a wrestling match quickly, what do i do?
  302. After WM 26... the new GM of Raw will be...?
  303. how abt this story for a hhh heel turn?
  304. How Many of you are Excited about Bret Hart vs MR.McMahon at WrestleMania 26?
  305. Who do you think is gonna win MITB?
  306. Mr. Anderson Says Orton/Cena Complaining Got Him Fired.What is your opinion?
  307. Who do you think wil win edge or jericho?
  308. What is the best word Chris Jericho has taught you?
  309. the US championship, possibly miz is holding it for?
  310. What are some cool ideas for making wrestling section hall of fame trailer video?
  311. sign up for jwoa now before it too late?
  312. WWE WrestleMania 26: Do You Think Mania 26, Will Be Good or Bad, Give Opinions?
  313. Is Vince vs Bret at WM26 a Street Fight? +bq?
  314. winner of monday deput of jwoa?
  315. What are your opinions on Jeff Hardy + WS Hall Of Fame 2010 major announcement?
  316. Future WRESTLEMANIA locations?
  317. could someone please tell me what happened to the wwe ,why are there so many kids in the
  318. If Awesome Kong was released from The Future (TNA) how come she is still on the roster and...
  319. Why does WWE superstar The Undertaker wear make up?
  320. Could Batista Be The Best WWE Heel Ever, Batista will defeat Cena at Mania?
  321. Wrestling Poll for March 8th?
  322. Why is TNA hated by so many people?
  323. How'd you like Punk's rookie tonight?
  324. where could i burn wwe ppvs for free?
  325. Since Awesome Kong was released who will win the TNA Tag Team title?
  326. Where can i download the new WWE Tuesday Night NXT 03/ 02/ 2010? for free?
  327. Do you think on NXT their going to have the rookies kinda turn on their mentors?
  328. What if WWE and TNA made a trade?
  329. what happened to eric escobar?
  330. Should Randy orton Be Facing Ted Diabise At Wrestlemania?
  331. Today's WWE superstar is ?
  332. Which Undertaker vs HBK build up do you like better?
  333. New guest host announced for Monday night Raw the week before Wrestlemania what do u think?
  334. Best storyline right now?
  335. do you like the ide of a Miz and Maryse love story?
  336. Funny Shawn Michaels moment?
  337. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  338. Why Does Every One Cheer For The Viper Now Then Legend Killer?
  339. The Hardy Boyz or Edge Christian?
  340. HHH to Take time off after WM what are thoughts and is this bad timing with the
  341. Randy orton or Ted Diabise Acting Skills?
  342. did you feel sick when .....?
  343. Randy orton or Ted Diabise Acting Skills?
  344. did you feel sick when .....?
  345. Is the undertaker sexxy?
  346. WrestleMania 26: Will This Mania Be On The Best Mania's Ever, Rate Card, and History Will Be Made?
  347. Did NXT turn out to be what you thought at first?
  348. Shelton Benjamin or AJ Styles For TNA World Championship?
  349. If Edge becomes World Champ, Christian wins MITB?
  350. WrestleMania 26 Card So Far?
  351. why are all jobbers fan favorite?
  352. Its The MITB ladder match again.....Is it Finally Shelton's time to Shine?
  353. WWE Championship: (C)Batista vs. John Cena, Who Will Win, and Why?
  354. 18-0 OR 17-1 ...Your opinions?
  355. Its The MITB ladder match again.....Is it Finally Shelton's time to Shine?
  356. (If HBK Loses at WrestleMania) Could Triple H start feuding with The Undertaker?
  357. Do you miss Jeff Hardy in the WWE?
  358. Do you miss Triple H being a heel?
  359. WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts..?
  360. Did you ever meet a nasty wrestler and not like them anymore because of it?
  361. Will Rey Mysterio ever wrestle without his Mask like Kane now does?
  362. I am really impressed with the results of my POLL?
  363. Triple H, perfect superstar to finally teach Sheamus to have some respect?
  364. do you prefer japanese wrestling or american wrestling and why?
  365. Is it true that most of the WWE matches are preplaned and they cheat people?
  366. What are your thoughts on the fact that Ted DiBiase, Jr is better than you?
  367. Why Is Velvet Sky Being Misuse In TNA?
  368. Are the rumors true about the PG Era ending?
  369. When Vince buys TNA do you think these are the things he will buy it for?
  370. So why was Dainel Bryan Jobbing On NXT?
  371. If Wrestlemania goes outside US, where do you want it to be held at?
  372. Would you stop watching WWE if Hornswoggle +Poll?
  373. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  374. How long will this Edge being a Good guy last?
  375. Has there ever been a black world champion?
  376. Who's the FWA World Heavyweight Champion?
  377. Damn it! The shoe guys are back!!!?
  378. Who do you think is going to take the four spots that are left in the MITB Match?
  379. WWE Stars using their fame to get on other shows?
  380. Why do people sound fat when they say WWE?
  381. Can anyone on earth win Fedor Emelianeno at last?
  382. cm punk straight edge crap?
  383. i live in honolulu hawaii and i want to know why wasn't raw on tv these past 2 weeks?
  384. Is Shawn Michaels going to turn on Triple H tonight on Raw, or will Triple H turn on Shawn?
  385. What happened to DX? Did DX die or something?
  386. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  388. Hold on did orton turn face on raw?
  389. Divas Question...What If?
  390. Which wwe diva/tna knockout has the best abs?
  391. Who do you like better?
  392. Isn't it quite obvious that Cena will win an WM?
  393. Does anyone else see Triple H turning heel at wrestlemania?
  394. How many times did HBK win at WM?
  395. WrestleMania 26: Rate Card, and Give Opinions?
  396. How awesome is the finish to this match?
  397. WrestleMania 26 is shaping out to be on the Best Mania's?
  398. Is this building up to be a horrible Wrestlemania?
  399. WWE Who would you want to see Show Miz drop the titles to?
  400. Where can I watch last nights wrestling PPV?
  401. How much hotter could this guys entrance get without going all R rated?
  402. Do you think John Cena is obsessed with the WWE Championship?
  403. Will Cris Angle have a confrontation with Undertaker next week?
  404. WWE - Why is WWE's PPV Survivor Series has been dropped?
  405. Batista spoke the TRUTH, I've Been Trying To Tell People This, Batista is better than Cena and...
  406. Raw=2 hours and 5 matches?
  407. WWE your favourite wrestler of all time?
  408. who got the biggest pop in wm25?
  409. Where can i look up the ratings for wwe and tna? bq inside?
  410. Did Triple H get a Celtic Cross/Razor's Edge in the Raw Elimination Chamber Match?
  411. Does John Cena even have a gimmick he sure aint the chain gang leader anymore?
  412. do you people actually believe shawn michaels is gonna leave if he loses?
  413. which will be the show stealer at wm26?do you agree with me?elaborate if possible?
  414. Does anyone else think Randy Orton is overrated?
  415. WrestleMania 26 is going to be one of The Best WrestleMania's Since Mania 17, History Will Be...
  416. What if WWE try to recreate The Streak by giving it to someone like Sheamus or Ted DiBiase Jr?
  417. When is the Icon Sting returning to the Impact zone?
  418. WWE Would this be an awesome PPV?? (Fan Made by me)?
  419. What 5 stables do you think had the biggest impact ?
  420. WWE WrestleMania 26 Main-Events:This Mania might be one of the Best Since Mania 17?
  421. (Fill in the blank) The winner of The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 26 will be _____?
  422. does hulk hogan hate vince more then vince hates hogan?
  423. Play Wrestling games, WWF games, WCW games and WWE games roms Online for Free?
  424. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  425. WrestleMania 26: Please Choose Winners, Rate Card, and Give Opinions and Switch Matches?
  426. What do you think of my TAKER / HBK prediction?
  427. Can anybody guess what the concept of the May PPV will be?
  428. do you think that cm punk will kick serina out of his team when her hair grows back?
  429. do you think that cm punk will kick serina out of his team when her hair grows back?
  430. Can anybody guess what the concept of the May PPV will be?
  431. wo will win the first week of the monday night war?
  432. who is the coolest wwe superstar?
  433. Todays WWE superstar is Guess Who?
  434. which wwe wrestler has your career in here as a user compared to(+ bonus questions)?
  435. there is a new wrestler making his debut on raw tonight?
  436. what year is wrestlmania 16?
  437. Which wrestler do you have more respect for The Undertaker or Sting?
  438. So what's the deal with HBK now?
  439. Does anyone remember the Brood?
  440. How to spin the WWE championship belt?
  441. How far have you driven to go to a WWE Event?
  442. Who is the top heel on smackdown Batista or Jericho?
  443. This PG Era has gone too far!!!!!!?
  444. who is the hottest wwe diva?
  445. How does this WrestleMania picture look? + WQ?
  446. What do you think are the 5 best things happened in WWE PG?
  447. WWE Starz using their fame to get on other shows?
  448. Is it true about Wrestlemania's singer choice.?
  449. Guess this current WWE Superstar?
  450. Money In The Bank PPV .... ?
  451. How are these WrestleMania 26 wallpapers (from 1-10) + WQ (INSIDE)?
  452. What are your favorite top 4 matches of all time in Pro Wrestling?
  453. How would WWE be different without the deaths of Eddie Guerrero Chris Benoit?
  454. Awesome Kong vs Chavo Guererro who will win and why +BQ?
  455. i predict at wrestelmania, both jericho and batista lose titles to edge a nd cena- agree?
  456. would you fear the spear?
  457. How long will the TNA vs WWE Monday Night Wars last?
  458. Who has the best WWE theme song?
  459. How would you react if Stone Cold went along with the pg thing if he did guest host RAW?
  460. Who else is sick of Tony Atlas's laugh ?
  461. Smackdown vs Raw 2010?
  462. Shawn michaels last match will be on March 28th?
  463. do u think taker will lose?
  464. WWE releases Charlie Hass?
  465. Now that Charlie Haas has been released who's next?
  466. Was the Serena thing Planned?+BQ?
  467. Will Stu Hart Be Inducted In The WWE 2010 Hall Of Fame?
  468. Batista vs John Cena Wrestlemania 26 Who Will Win?
  469. WRESTLEMANIA 26: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  470. What is the story line now in the WWE concerning Batista?
  471. Will bad things happen with Edge at Wrestlemania 26?
  472. Shelton Benjamin is completely ignored, why hasn't he have a push?
  473. What are your predictions on Raw tomorrow for the Hitman, Bret Hart's, angle?
  474. Will HBK and Taker put on even a better match than last years?
  475. Which WWE Superstar Do You Think Makes The Most Money?
  476. Did Anyone See Robert Maillet in Sherlock Holmes?
  477. WWE WrestleMania 26: History Will Be Made at Mania 26?
  478. Quick Question and BQ?
  479. Why does Wrestling Spoiler sites have more Internet Traffic then WWE and TNA's offical sites...
  480. would you dare enter the ring in a tables match vs these guys?
  481. rate my first wrestling show?
  482. What make HBgay the worst wrestler ever?
  483. Kingston and Morrison, Great tag team?
  484. Kingston and Morrison, Great tag team?
  485. Straight Edge Society to Monday Night RAW?
  486. We'v got Mothers Day Fathers Day, why is there no Brothers Day?
  487. Your top 3 WWE disappointments within the last year?
  488. John cena is a better wrestler than hbgay right?
  489. In what way's are everyone in the WS better than Michael Cole?
  490. Do WWE wrestlers pay and organise for their own fireworks?
  491. Why did Michelle McCool throw the Cottage Cheese on Vickie?
  492. what is happening wih curt harkings?
  493. Hello people,could somebody tell me who wins at elimination chamber?
  494. Who is the Bigger Spot rog, Triple H or John Cena?
  495. Will moving to Monday nights help or hurt TNA?
  496. What's the difference between The CruiserWeights and The X-Division?
  497. Who's hotter the undertaker or kane?
  498. WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts?
  500. what did HBgay do to earn your respect?