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  1. Is This Report form WWE True?
  2. Which of the NXT rookies do you think are future WWE/World Heavyweight Champions?
  3. Who was more important to the WWE: Chris Benoit or Eddie Guerrero?
  4. How do you feel that WWE has officially banned the use of steel chairs?
  5. How long before Spike pulls the plug on Monday Nights for TNA?
  6. Perry Saturn's latest whereabouts... what do you think?
  7. What is the Gobbledy Gooker?
  8. Why do WWE marks believe WWE killed WCW? when?
  9. Will Christian Ever Win The WWE Title?
  10. Who is more annoying - Ryan or Ted dibiase or Chris Jericho TM or Hornswoggle?
  11. Benoit's brain examination?
  12. Vladimir Kozlov Ezekiel Jackson vs Matt Hardy Jeff Hardy?
  13. What wrestler out there is equivalent to the acquisition to when WCW acquired Hogan during his
  14. should i purchase wwe the best of raw 2009?
  15. what match a wrestlemania are you lookin most forward to?
  16. Who is more annoying - ASK HIM or WWE Rulez or Clown or The Dragon or Hornswoggle?
  17. Can I watch WWE SmackDown/ECW live online?
  18. WWE officially bans chairs shots to head?
  19. WWE spoiler? SPOILER?
  20. do you hope batista humilates cena once and for good at wrestlemania?
  21. Who'd Win Evolution or Legacy?
  22. Edge vs Brock Lesnar?
  23. How do you Hulk Hogan feels seeing that NXT beat iMpact in the ratings?
  24. What is Brock lesnar's condition?
  25. Do you agree with him?
  26. Round 1, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  27. Is it necessay for TNA to do this or does the 90 no compete clause make it harder to pull off now?
  28. Jeff Hardys court update?
  29. If Chris Jericho and Bill Goldberg had to have an mma match who do you think would win and why?
  30. Breaking News:HBK retiring?
  31. Will it surpise u if HHH vs Sheamus turns out to be an average match?
  32. What do Shawn M. and the Undertaker have in common?
  33. What? WWE Taking Chair shots away?
  34. Would anyone care if the following were released?
  35. This is a poll for the Wrestling Section Please Answer?
  36. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: This Mania Has Competiton with WrestleMania 17?
  37. After Shawn Michaels beats the Undertaker at WM26 what next great feud would you like to see him in?
  38. Why do people keep blaming me for saying Chris Benoit is alive, I got it from Chicago Knight...?
  39. Do you think when The streak is over, that would be a good time to turn The Undertaker heel?
  40. Who thinks that WWE should have another commercial free episode?
  41. Will Kane confront Pete Rose on monday?
  42. Hey, everybody in this WS, I want to apologize for saying Chris Benoit's still alive?
  43. WWE Bans Chair Shots To The Head?
  44. Kofi Kingston is the only major WWE Star Not In WrestleMania XXVI?
  45. Does Vince McMahon think that Pro-Wrestling is real? He just maed Chair Shots to head illegal?
  46. What do you think about this report on HBK? Do you still feel Taker will lose?
  47. Vladimir Kozlov Ezekiel Jackson vs The Great Khali Kane?
  48. Isnt everyone glad that taylor swift and taylor lautner broke up?
  49. Does Rowdy Roddy Piper charge $20 for his autograph at autograph signings ?
  50. *Spoiler** regarding CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania XXVI?
  51. Could Chavo Guerrero Jr. been a better mentor on NXT to Daniel Bryan or would he be a good mentor
  52. No Celebrities Or Diva Matches At Wrestlemania 26!!?
  53. Edge vs (Heel) Batista?
  54. Do you think Wrestlemania is gimmick heavy this year? (spoilers from SD!)?
  55. Which Rookie would you vote off 1st from NXT?
  56. Quick question about WWE?
  57. If you saw Batista and Sheamus and The Bella twins hanging out......?
  58. Are u happy tht Edge won the Royal Rumbel?
  59. Does anyone else find it just wrong that Kofi Kingston isn't on the Wrestlemania card?
  60. If professional wrestling is real, then does that mean that leprechauns are real too?
  61. Eliminate one superstar from each Brand that....?
  62. did anyone else used to get freaked out by wcw vs nwo the opening?
  63. What is so good about the game WWF no mercy?
  64. Does anyone else notice this trend going into wrestlemania?
  65. anyone else it was funny that when kane unmasked?
  66. Do Michael Cole and Josh Matthews not like each other?
  67. What happened to finlay?
  68. What do you think of NXT Rookie Wade Barrett?
  69. To all wrestling fans, consider this question?
  70. wasn't cena supposed to be on nxt ?
  71. What are your top 5 Randy Orton Matches ?
  73. Why are there so many rumors that Chris Benoit will return at WM 26, are these jokes?
  74. what top 5 wrestlers do you miss?
  75. Does TNA need to make a bigger acquisition then Just RVD and Jeff Hardy?
  76. so the wrestlemania 26 match card is now complete, your thoughts?
  77. Could Tara bench Kong?
  78. Why is WWE taking so much time to place Ravishing Rick Rude in the Hall of Fame?
  79. The Great Khali or The Great Catastrophie?
  80. Night of Champions, should be part of The Big Four?
  81. Stu Hart will be inducted in to the 2010 Hall Of Fame?
  82. Bring back Lillian Garcia?
  83. WWE WrestleMania XXVI Official Match Card: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  84. Do you see Kofi Kingston being released by the end of the year?
  85. How can I become a luchadore?
  86. people have been wondering could happen,cant it?
  87. TNA Fans! How come you prefer TNA?
  88. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  89. What do steroids do to you?
  90. what is gthhtyhjttr in wwe?
  91. Top Five wrestling family names in WWE/F's history?
  92. which wwe diva is the worst t wrestler ?
  93. I'm starting a religion that worships Randy Orton, what should I call it?
  94. WS Poll: Divas and Superstars, Heel or Face?
  95. Who's Better Volume 83(St particks day edition)?
  96. What do you think would happen if the Hart Dynasty broke up?
  97. Who do you think is the best X division wrestler in TNA and why?
  99. Fan made WM 27 card, I know its way too early but do you like it?
  100. Is WWE being a kid show a good idea?
  101. Who would win the matches?
  102. Would This Work In A Fight?
  103. Vladimir Kozlov Ezekiel Jackson vs Kurt Angle Stone Cold Steve Austin who will win?
  104. rate these superstars divas?
  105. Do you think SummerSlam 2009 was a step up or down from SummerSlam 2008?
  107. What Are Your Plans For Wrestlemania 26 Weekend?
  108. Why, every year, WrestleMania has .....?
  109. Who would be the bigger name in wrestling that TNA could grab from the WWE Orton,HHH,Jericho,or
  110. TNA fans, what is your excuse this week?
  111. Who will be Remembered more in 10 years?
  112. Fill in the Blanks + BQ's?
  113. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: Choose Winners Rate Card Give Opinions?
  114. is wwe rate..................................?
  115. did austin get the biggest pop of the night?
  116. Would Stone cold Steve Austin make a good Buford Pusser in a new remake of Walking Tall?He's
  117. Who will gain momentum goin into WrestleMania?
  118. tna ppv on wrestlemania why not?
  119. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: The Official Match Card: What Do You Think?
  120. TNATION. how many of you have placed an order with
  121. What is Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania record?
  122. This is the proof that Superior Quality 85 is just a cheater in this Wrestling Section?
  123. Would a match up between Beer Money Inc. vs. The Straightedge society be epic?
  124. Any ideas on What and Who will be involved in the Dark Match before WM26 goes on air?
  125. Was it me or was Stone Colds night on RAW.......Uneventful?
  126. WWE WrestleMania XXVI Official Match Card: Give Opinions and Rate Card, History Will Be Made...
  127. What's your favorite Wrestlemania moment?
  128. Who is watching NXT tonight?
  129. Is 'W-T-F' a good name for a signature move in wrestling?
  130. Will Mickie James become bigger than Trish Stratus?
  132. Which type of heel best describes sheamus?
  133. Do you see Angelina Love joining The Beautiful People Group again?
  134. Who hopes for TNA to get to number 1 someday?
  135. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  136. Who wants Goldberg to be guest host?
  137. Do you miss TNA being on Thursday?
  138. what is gthhtyhjttr in wwe?
  139. What if Panda Energy sells their share of TNA?
  140. Its obvious that TNA Impact puts on the better show, but they are getting creamed?
  141. Will you be ordering Wrestlemania?
  142. Who is your most dreaded wrestler?
  143. What was / is your favorite RoH stable...?
  144. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker: Career vs Streak?
  145. If a wrestler never became a wrestler-what do you think they would be doing instead?
  146. Worst Night-Raw recount?
  147. Will Bret Hart wear his old wrestling attire at Wrestlemania?
  148. So Austin thinks that the streak will go 18-0 after what he said to HBK on RAW?
  149. who is wwe champiom in wwe now?
  150. Listen to Mickie James. I think she sings good?
  151. Who wants to see Triple H turn heel again?
  152. Will Stu Hart get in to the Hall of Fame this year?
  153. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  154. If Bret Hart was the best there ever was - how come he got owned by Goldberg?
  155. What happened to Jeff Hardy?
  156. Randy Orton is a face now right?
  157. Do you think WWE should go back to having?
  158. WWE fans, why do you want to see TNA go out of business?
  159. The Rock: Greatest Wrestler Ever?
  160. Is Wrestlemania worth buying?
  161. Are you ready for Chris Benoit to return at WM 26?
  162. HAITI BENEFIT: Pro Wrestling Event!
  163. guest hosts.........
  164. WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Predictions?
  165. Where can a watch NXT free online live tonight?
  166. How to watch WWE Wrestling through the internet live ?
  167. i just seen this chris jericho wcw video lol is it real how he gets lost?
  168. How do you put the chin cup onto the headgear (wrestling)?
  169. Why Eddie Guerrero died (WWE Super star)?
  170. Does the wwe still get fair ratings on TV?
  171. Where can I watch WWE or TNA Wrestling live online?
  172. who thinks that mitb will be a ten man match.your opinions?
  173. WWE's Official WrestleMania 26: March 28, 2010; History Will Be Made, Will You Be There?
  174. What if a certain wwe superstar/ guest had amnesia?
  175. they need to bring back the old Undertaker this hybrid one look weaker?
  176. what nxt pro and rookie would you like to see be tag team champions?
  177. TNA on Mondays? Will they be live every week?
  178. is everybody ready for another John Cena reign *SPOILER*?
  179. Undertaker's Wrestlemania Entrance + BQ Inside?
  180. Wwe fans tna fans Pokemon heart gold and soul silver is almost hear?
  181. Who reckons Edge will lose at WM26 and beat jericho at Extreme rules for the Title?
  182. Does Undertaker having a No DQ match at Wrestlemania?
  183. Does Undertaker having a No DQ match at Wrestlemania?
  184. WWE WrestleMania 26 Card: Choose Winners?
  185. What will happen to WWE once Vince Mcmahon passes?
  186. When will wwe realise nobody wants john cena as the wwe champion anymore?
  187. Randy Orton vs Batista who will win the Match?
  188. Wrestling section, what does BQ mean?
  189. American Badass or Deadman? +2BQ?
  190. Why did Hulk Hogan give his Ring to Abyss?
  191. Worst Night-Superstars?
  192. Would you watch TNA if?
  193. what wrestlers in this list play a better role as HEEL or FACE?
  194. What's the point of the Divas championship belt?
  195. Could WrestleMania 26 Posibly One Of The Best Mania's, Yes or No?
  196. Who do you think will get into wwe from NXT?
  197. What is one WWE Superstar you love to hate?
  198. Triple H vs Brock Lesnar who will win the Match?
  199. Would you like Christian to win the Money in The Bank?
  200. Do you think Darren Young will go straight edge?
  201. Do you ever see Cody being teamed with Goldust?
  202. What do you think about Chavo using the 3 Amigo move?
  203. Which NXT Rookies do you rate top 3 from what you've seen on NXT so far?
  204. So if the kick didnt coz any serious damage to Bret then how did it end his career?
  205. Who is the Miz of TNA plus BQ?
  206. Do you feel that Chavo deserves to be matched better than a jobber?
  207. In your opinion which current wrestlers do you think are very overrated?
  208. WWE Smackdown! Vs Raw 2011 ?
  209. do you guys know that it wasnt goldbergs kick that caused the stroke after all?
  210. who is the who from each company?
  211. Top 10 wrestlers who never won the WWE Championship?
  212. What would a WWE superstar say or do if they were asked why do people watch this it is fake
  213. What is the Best Finisher Ever?
  214. Who would win Mc Cool or Maryse?
  215. Who do you think has the best entrance in the WWE?
  216. may be a old post but the great one! the most electrifying man in sports entertainment set
  217. Your wwe/tna/wcw/ecw dream match?
  218. Should Wrestling have been a real professional sport?
  219. Ok so I was Wrestling with my friend and.?
  220. What are some examples of fans sticking up for their favorite wrestler even when that
  221. Darren Young looks like John Cena?
  222. How would you feel if TNA invaded wrestlemania?
  223. 2010 will be the year of...? Why?
  224. was just on a dwayne johnson fourm and theres alot of hate how do you feel about dwayne johnson?
  225. Archer Tyler Rex still not signed, what do you think?
  226. Does anyone else think this means 18-0?
  227. Hottest WWE Diva and a link to a website of them with hot pic's. To Prove It.?
  228. WS Poll: Tag Teams and Stables?
  229. Wrestling fans: why do you report my questions so often?
  230. y do people call cena 's moves, 5 moves and batista botchtista for?
  231. Mini Poll: Who's the better commentator?
  232. For wrestling fans,Do you hate nights that Wrestling isn't on?
  233. Is The Undertaker's Streak more popular then HBK's career?
  234. WS Poll: The Sexy, Smart and Powerful Divas?
  235. is Chyna a Man i mean really?
  236. Did Chyna take steroids?
  237. WOW Maria was 6-7 years in the WWE and never has held a title?
  238. LOL, Jeff Hardy is basically begging fans to watch TNA on Monday?
  239. Who's the best face Diva to challenge Mc Cool?
  240. what the hell is randy savage up to these days?
  241. What the hell is with this ?? LOL?
  242. What is so cool about CHYNA + WQ?
  243. Mirror Match questions HHH and Cena?
  244. Do you remember Jericho's triple powerbombs in WCW?
  245. Batista's Botch Powerbomb at Wrestlemania?
  246. Chris Jericho scenario?
  247. Question about Kurt Angle's Medals?
  248. If Edge wins at Wrestlemania?
  249. Ultimate X or Money the Bank?
  250. Ultimate X or Money the Bank?
  251. What's the best PPV Promo for a match you've seen?
  252. Why do WWE Fans think that TNA has so many old wrestlers.?
  253. Who has the best Sharpshooter?
  254. Top 25 Impactful woman List{ Pretty much a Horrible list}+BQ?
  255. Putting sentiment and nostalgia aside, what are your complete honest opinions/fears/hopes
  256. Should TNA create a spilt Brand?
  257. Is the Rock a sell out or did the People sell out the Rock?
  258. Who's Better Main eventer,Stone Cold Steve Austin or Shawn Michaels.?
  259. Who holds the belts the best? example inside?
  260. ?Pay-Per View, prices a bit high??
  261. If you could create a super stable of 6 guys in WWE who would it be?
  262. NXT Ratings are in!!!?
  263. Do wrestling fans often think that boob jobs are the ultimate form of sexual entertainment?
  264. Which NXT superstar do you hate + Join EFED!?
  265. can you give me the link to all future raw guest hosts?
  266. how hard is it to wrestle in high school?
  267. Can you find me pictures of michelle mccool?
  268. Who truely is Mr. Wrestlemania + Join YHW!?
  269. Wrestling fans:Are you forced to stay at home and watch wrestling because the army...
  270. Do you think the WWE makes Jericho champion just so he can hold it for another Superstar?
  271. if you were dixie carter would you sign wrestlers who came from wwe?
  272. The underated, who deseves any kind of title shot more?
  273. Two WWE things that will always tick me off..?
  274. Should Kane win the Money in the bank?
  275. wrestling section. is Dude in the closet?
  276. What is 'storytelling' in wrestling matches...?
  277. So, will SCSA give the finger and drink beer this Monday?
  278. Is Eric Bischoff going to ruin TNA like he did WCW?
  279. Who is this wrestler of the day,12 points?
  280. Who's the hottest TNA knockout?
  281. wrestling section. what are some ways to know you are to obsessed with wrestling?
  282. What is your favorite WCW/NWA Starrcade PPV main-event?
  283. Do you think ROH will get a TV deal?
  284. Did hulk hogan take the spot light off rvd?
  285. Who's your Favorite Jobber?
  286. if you were going to start a wrestling promotion from the ground up what would you need?
  287. Who is your favorite WWE diva or TNA Knockout who has posed in playboy?
  288. IYO Which wrestler has had the most illustrious career?
  289. Proof that WWE is predictable (WARNING SMACKDOWN SPOILER INSIDE)+2BQ?
  290. Last Monday when Legacy jumped Randy Orton after the handicap match?...?
  291. Jeff Hardy Coke vs CM Punk Pepsi. Wrestlemania 26 Main Event!?
  292. Breaking news:undertaker is dead!!?
  293. Does this mean 18-0 at Wrestlemania?
  294. What is your Favorite Finisher.?
  295. WWE WrestleMania 26: Will This Mania Be Great and Historic and Memorable and One Of The Best,...
  296. vince mcmahon or roddy piper (who is a best heel)?
  297. New WWE WrestleMania 26 Card: Choose Winners, Rate Card and Give Opinons?
  298. Where can I watch Gay Raw and Gay Smackdown online?
  299. Do you see or hope Ashley returns (BQ)?
  300. Why do you drink urine and eat do do?
  301. Is Roddy Piper really Scottish?
  302. how many old people tna had?
  303. WWE WrestleMania 26 is going to have a 10-Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match?
  304. JEFF HARDY will save tna! your thoughts?
  305. Where would WWE ratings stand during this PG era if the kids no longer watched it.. +BQ?
  306. What is your dream match?
  307. How was Jerry Lawler able to go on an ECW ppv in 97 when he was part of the WWF?
  308. For All WWE marks +BQ?
  309. Who wants HBK to Beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26?
  310. stone cold............?
  311. Doesn't the Big Show look burned out a lot these days?
  312. what do you think if Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho become Tag Team once again(no matter
  313. Do wrestling fans ever quench their fetish for men in speedos by going to beaches and pools?
  314. What are your thoughts on this supposed push for Eve Torres?
  315. Back in their prime who is considered the better pro wrestler between Bret Hart and
  316. John Cena five moves?
  317. Who thinks I make a better Heel than Face?
  318. What show would do better?
  319. I am here to anounce that I am turning heel in the WS.?
  320. what show would do better?
  321. What do you think of my Heel turn?
  322. Is Undertaker turning heel?
  323. Who do you think will win in the 4 vs 4 tag match?
  324. I'm going to my 1st WWE event ever. What can I expect? .?
  325. WWE in Denver march 12,2010 VERY EASY 10 POINTS?
  326. What the hell..............?
  327. kelly kelly or maryse or torry wilson?
  328. What your Opinion on the Top 25 Impactful woman?
  329. Wrestling fans, on a scale from 1 to 10, how gullible would you say that you are?
  330. Do you agree that I make the Wrestling Section exiting?
  331. How much do you like/love wrestling?
  332. Who agree's that Goldust deserves a decent push?
  333. which match that shawn micheals had at wrestlemania was the most legendary and who was...
  334. Is Ric Flair's 16 legendary title reigns are now useless record in WWE history book?
  335. Who can enter TNA from WWE...?
  336. Why is hardly anyone on today?
  337. breaking news:undertaker is dead!!?
  338. WWE WrestleMania 26: 10 Man Money In The Bank Ladder Match This Year?
  339. Is Shaemus an albino?
  340. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  341. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  342. TNATION are you having doubts about the new monday night war?
  343. TNA Next step to beating the WWE?
  344. What will Kofie and Randy be doing for WM?
  345. New WWE WrestleMania 26 Card: Choose Winners?
  346. Where can I learn how to fake wrestling like they do in wrestling federations?
  347. How many times has Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker now?
  348. Will the Triple H/Sheamus match at Wrestlemania be a borefest?
  349. How did you feel about the Piggie James storyline?
  350. How would you rate RVD'S TNA Theme?
  351. there are usually about 10 matches at wrestlemania?
  352. Why was everyone raving how good TNA was but rating were quite low?
  353. Who delivers better promos? The Undertaker or Triple H?
  354. Name three of your favorite storylines in wrestling history?
  355. How do you feel now that I made The Dragon retire?
  356. hello wrestling universe?????????
  357. Hello wrestling universe??????
  358. Please watch and comment on these video's?
  359. vote on what monday night show was better?
  360. What is lodge seating?
  361. Join TNAtion Website (More Info Inside) +BQ?
  362. So, is TNA not on Thursdays anymore?
  363. Why is Ohio Valley Wrestling located all the way in Louisville Kentucky?
  364. hi who is your favorite wrestling company wwe tna roh etc?
  365. how could tna get a 1.0 dang?
  366. Has Edge said spear more times in the past few weeks then the rest of his career?
  367. How many people have made the Undertaker tap?
  368. The underated, who deseves any kind of title shot more?
  369. does david otunga deserve 2 be a wwe superstar?
  370. Wrestling section if Jesus was a wrestler what would his finisher be?
  371. Who has better powerbomb? Batista or Chyna?
  372. Does every wrestling fan see Pat Patterson as the perfect role model?
  373. Who's better than Kanyon?
  374. ok so last time we said the motor city machine guns were ready for wwe... will they ever get...
  375. Where can I watch live WWE online high quality?
  376. Who do you think will win at WrestleMania 26?
  377. TNA is live every Monday night now right?
  378. Top 3 WWE Matches Ever?
  379. On March 28, is Wrestlemania who will win their matches ?
  380. Who betta than Kanyon?
  381. Does the Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair match from Badd Blood 03 get overlooked because of their WM 24
  382. What did you think about NXT last night?
  383. Is it true that Hulk Hogan held back Randy Savage back in the day?
  384. Does the WWE need to get rid of Carlito?
  385. Do you see Trish Stratus returning to the WWE in the future?
  386. Is Mark Henry underrated?
  387. Anyone got a link to watch NXT live free online tonight?
  388. When do you think TNA will reach a 3.0 Rating? +BQs?
  389. Did anyone see Regal with Skip and Criss Angel?
  390. how long is NXT going to last? well i mean make their decision?
  391. I know this is old but how did Undertaker's american badass gimmick change to his current gimmick?
  392. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  393. Could you argue Cena is a tweener?
  394. Who do you think is the most underrated diva in the WWE currently and why?
  395. Do you think TNA has a chance with this monday night war thing?
  396. wwe WRESTLEmaNEa26 and 27?
  397. do you want to see cm punk bald?
  398. why is everyone not liking the idea of orton turning face (plus BQ on last nights raw)?
  399. Which wrestler or promoter did the best job of selling a storyline for Wrestlemania?
  400. how many different versions of vince mcmahon's 'no chance in hell' theme is there?
  401. is tna gonna be 3 hours special next monday (because this monday tna start at 8 pm)?
  402. Is it just me, or does Darren Young on NXT look like a white guy with a seriously dark tan?
  403. Overall, how did you feel about Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair wrestling again?
  404. Would you ever??????????????????????????
  405. Who is your favourite wrestlers of all time?
  406. The Underated, Who deseves any kind of title shot more?
  407. (If you can remember), what was the first wrestling match you ever watched?
  408. What does WWE focus less on Younger Talent or Divas?
  409. Which Bella twin is better.......or is this a trick question?
  410. What is your favorite weapon that people use or used to use?
  411. When will Batista retire?
  412. Do you think Raw will ever be better then Smackdown again?
  413. Why does Hornswoggle still wear the DX stuff when DX is done at least for now?
  414. Was anybody else really disappointed with Criss Angel as guest host?
  415. Does anyone here miss Scott Steiner not being on TNA, and cutting his funny ass promo's?
  416. How to enroll for the Royal Rumble?
  417. Matches for next week on Raw?
  418. are you happy TNA got Jeff Hardy, RVD and Shannon More?
  419. Jericho Or Batista who is the better entertainer and who is the better wrestler.?
  420. For $1,000,000 U.S. Would you?
  421. The MEM- 75 years of experience. Which was the most valuble. New E-Fed!! Realistic one
  422. Does Drew McIntyre throwing tantrums after his match remind you of Christian throwing...
  423. Where get TV ratings for WWE VS TNA for March 8,2010 or any for that matter?
  424. YWWE ECW on SYCFY pick winners and rate matches and show?
  425. Soz 4 the late reaction but the Dragon is RETIRED!! RETIRED!!?
  426. Did it confuse you last night how Hall and Nash shook hands quckly after agreeing to a match?
  427. Undertakers booked to lose at wrestlemania 26?
  428. John Cena in another movie?
  429. Who was your favorite Diva from the Attitude Era, 1997-2003, and why?
  430. A review of TNA impact?
  431. Does this mean 18-0 at mania?
  432. A review of monday night wars?
  433. TNA Nash, young vs Hall,pak?
  434. who's chokeslam would you NOT wanna take?
  435. And you wonder why WWE doesnt consider TNA competition?
  436. The wwe didn't rehire shawn stasiak did they?
  437. next week stone cold gonna be the guest host,do you think tna will win again?
  438. Do professional wrestlers (on tv) still use steroids or are they tested?
  439. WTF was that in TNA last night?
  440. Why can't we all enjoy WWE and TNA instead of fighting over which is better?
  441. Which show on WWE has the best theme song NXT, SmackDown or RAW?
  442. Frog Splash or Moonsault?
  443. Who agrees that Chris Jericho should go to RAW and Save_Us from stupid Hornswoggle segments?
  444. Starship Pain or Shooting Star Press or 450 Splash?
  445. Who Is The Guest Host On RAW?
  446. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  447. what happened to Jeff Hardy?
  448. Which finisher is better Codebreaker or Spear?
  449. what do you think of rvd know?
  450. what do you think there plans are for STING?
  451. is abyss some one you would use as a cornerstone of your federation?
  452. why didnot tna ......................................?
  453. CM Punk's straight edge, so should he change name of the GTS?
  454. WWE WrestleMania 26: Choose Winners and WWE Won Easily?
  455. Will TNA wrestling fail or not?
  456. WWE WrestleMania 26: This Mania Might Be One Of The Best?
  457. Who is the heel and who is the face?
  459. WS Poll: WM Opponent's Finishers?
  460. What wwe superstar do you think could beat the undertaker up in real life?
  461. Where can I watch the WWE raw from tonight?
  462. It's the inevitable: Shawn Michaels will lose at WrestleMania XXVI; Shawn screwed Shawn;
  463. Other than WrestleMania, is there any WWE PPV you actually care about?
  464. Drew McIntyre Or Sheamus?
  465. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  466. Should Kurt Angle change his theme song to this?
  467. whats next for legacy?
  468. What would you do if it was 17-1 or 18-0?
  469. What are your opinions on the following users?
  470. did hulk hogan take the spot light off rvd?
  471. Why did Shannon Moore get the X Division title shot?
  472. Why are people being so immature about the so-called WWE/TNA war?
  473. TNA was great...but can they keep it up?
  474. What's of more significane, Mysterio's Mask or Taker's WM Sreak?
  475. What are your HONEST opinions on the Hulkster, Hulk Hogan?
  476. who is better on the mic, the rock or stone cold steve austin?
  477. Randy Orton or John Cena?
  478. What was so great about The First Five Minutes of TNA?
  479. anybody going to wwe raw next monday the 15th in san diego,ca?
  480. Should Wrestlemania 26 be renamed Old Yeller part 2?
  481. did anybody notice tommy dreamer tonight backstage in tna?
  482. Do you think the writers have defanged the Undertaker?
  483. Did you see Vince McMahon defeat John Cena one on one with no help at all?
  484. Who put on the better show tonight?
  485. Is there more action on Larry King Live/CNN talk show than on WWE?
  486. who would win this tna tlc match?
  487. Wwe fans tna fans Pokemon heart gold and soul silver is almost hear?
  488. Do you think anyone will save Angelina Love from the Beautiful people tonight?
  489. Why cant anyone here get the message about me?
  490. is WWE desperately trying to push Sheamus...?
  491. Is there a chance we will see Flair or Hogan break a hip in tonights match?
  492. who would win this tna match?
  493. For the whole wrestling section?
  494. Now that Undertaker vs HBK is No DQ?
  495. Why does Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker have to open up every Monday Night Raw segment?
  496. Did TNA make genuine statement last night?
  497. Did you notice the WWE did not do a Hall of Fame induction tonight?
  498. Spoiler:TNA new theme song leaked?
  499. Do you still care about Wrestlemania?
  500. John Cena beating genuine wrestlers time after time?!!?