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  1. What diva is the most dominant right now?
  2. How would the WWE co-exist if Vince McMahon Suddenly died?
  3. WrestleMania XXVI Official Match Card : Predictions (Choose Winners)?
  4. what kind of animal is batista ?
  5. Miss Money In The Bank Ladder Match?
  6. What would happen if?
  7. Whats this years music for WWE while its advertising on tv?
  8. Have we seen the Last of Stone Cold on RAW?
  9. I know this won't happen but could u image if?
  10. Have you ever been pinned like if you were wrestling someone.?
  11. How do you feel about Orton getting a movie? + NSW Sign-Ups?
  12. Who else thinks that Bret Hart will screw Shawn Michaels in his match vs Undertaker and...
  13. Yo, remember when Jeff Hardy....?
  14. is listed as winning Sunday?
  15. who is the most dominate diva, jazz,beth phoenix,bull nakano,chyna?
  16. Is it considered manly to watch roided up muscle bound men grab each other while they are oiled up?
  17. Funny Video, Batista's in it too?
  18. Do you think that Wrestlemania XXVI is going to be the number 1 trend on Yahoo?
  19. When Goldberg was In The WWE To 2003-2004 was he a Heel, A Face or a Tweener?
  20. Do you think that Marcus Cor Von will ever come back to professional wrestling?
  21. would you be Surprised if Chris Jericho beat Edge at Wrestle Mania?
  22. I've been to 5 WrestleManias...?
  23. What Is The Four-Horsemen-like faction?
  24. Do you think there will be any Blood at Wrestle Mania this sunday?
  25. Sup guys! So why would WWE let HBK lose to the same person twice at Wrestlemania?
  26. ??WTF?? (My Y!A Series) Topic: Erasing History?
  27. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: Predictions (Choose Your Winners) and What Are Your Thoughts About...
  28. Can you list 3 dungeon trained wrestlers who were not related to Stu Hart by blood or marriage?
  29. Anyone who has ordered anything from TNA shop (BQ inside)?
  30. if you got to spend a few days with a wrestler this spring, who would it be and what would...
  31. Do you think Triple H should Betray Shawn at Mania?
  32. When Shawn Michaels hops up in a match why is it called a Kip Up I thought it was called a kick up?
  33. Will HBK have a new move to try and use at mania to beat the Undertaker?
  34. Worst Night-Superstars?
  35. Do you think WWE will soon censor CM Punk?
  36. What would your reaction be if????
  37. When was the last time someone did the move called a bulldog?
  38. wwe taking themselves down slowly,is it possible?
  39. What would happen if in a match the person who was supposed to win forgot to kick out and lost lol?
  40. Who would win WWE's Rey Mysterio Vs TNA's Amazing Red?
  41. Who would win WWE's Rey Mysterio Vs TNA's Amazing Red?
  42. Who will win between Michaels and Undertaker in career vs streak at wrestlmania?
  43. If you had to pick 1 thing about Wrestlemania 26 that is the worst thing about it what would it be?
  44. What is your favorite thing about Wrestlemania?
  45. Could WWE be putting out all these HBK retiring rumors for shock value?
  46. The Self-Destruction of Legacy - Who will come out on top?
  47. Guess the current WWE Superstar I will only give you 2 hints?
  48. do you think goldberg is actually coming back?
  49. Is Jim Ross hinting that Undertaker will win?
  50. who would win, The Ultimate Warrior or Batista?
  51. Don't you hate it when people answer your questions with Unnecessary Information?
  52. Wrestling Trivia Question. First one to answer right gets best answer.?
  53. Why does this person keep defending Gail Kim, when deep down, she knows Gail sucks and is worse
  54. Who is better: John Cena or Bryan Danielson?
  55. Which has had a better build up Cena Vs Batista or Edge Vs Jericho?
  56. Is Jeff hardy out of wwe or just injured?
  57. Apologies to Takers fans, BQ and BQ2?
  58. Apologies to Takers fans, BQ and BQ2?
  59. Bret Hart's best there was/is/will be?
  60. When did the Rock start saying Finally...the Rock has come back to...?
  61. Do you think Bragging Rights 2009 was a night of betrayal?
  62. you say the wrestler Paul Burshill?
  63. john cena future world heavyweight champion again?
  64. OK Maybe i saw wrong or something but did anyone see the blood on batistas hand?
  65. why do wrestlers in WWE go to TNA, even though TNA SUCKS and NO ONE WATCHES IT?
  66. WrestleMania XXVI: 18-0 or 17-1?
  67. Favorite Superstars and Divas?
  68. What match made your favorite wrestler?
  69. Are WWE retarded......?
  70. WS Poll: Who are you cheering for at Wrestlemania?
  71. If you can ask Undertaker any question what would it be?
  72. Who is the better Latino Pro Wrestler on this list ?
  73. Has anyone noticed that there are less trolls now days?
  74. Which WrestleMania match has had the best build up?
  75. who else thinks that john cenas movie(s) is better than batistas?
  76. Will Bret Hart win at WM26??
  77. how do you want the undertaker to be remembered?
  78. Which Brand Should I Watch TNA or WWE?
  79. am i the only one glad that the NWO is back together?
  80. WWE marks call TNA WCW 2.0 i completely agree?
  81. who won the band or kevin nash and eric young?
  82. who are your 3 favorite TNA wrestlers and 3 favorite WWE wrestlers?
  83. what makes WWE so different from TNA?
  84. Who's Better Volume 83(Streak vs Career)?
  85. when will WWE fans finaly exept.................... plus bow down to dixie lyrics?
  86. Do you think 2pac is John Cenas rap idol?
  87. How is the TNA pay per view?
  88. WWE Fans, your thoughts?
  89. Would it be good if the wwe produced SAW 7?
  90. Best WCW Heavyweight Championship match?
  91. since HBK is going to beat the undertaker at wrestlemania does this make him the greatest...
  92. Who has a better chance of turning heel at Wrestlemania?
  93. A diva's Elimination Chamber, Womens Title?
  94. Favorite Tag Team who has never won a tag team title?
  95. What song would make a good wrestler entrance music ?
  96. What are the 3 words Jack Swagger says during his ring entrance?
  97. Do you think Wesley Snipes is a WWE fan?
  98. Quick Question to the Wrestling Section?
  99. who got kicked off the amazing race tonight?
  100. Is CM Punk straight edge in real life or is it just for his character?
  101. What would you do if McIntyre won the MITB?
  102. Will Melina surprise us at WM + NSW Sign-Ups?
  103. Would you like to see Goldust go back to his incredibly preverted gimmick ?
  104. Random statements about the divas, Agree/Disagree?
  105. Is it a stereo type when john cena haters say everybody over the age of 12 hate him?
  106. Would it be great if Kanye West guest hosts raw?
  107. will TNA just keep digging up old things?
  108. Who is your favorite masked wrestler?
  109. Are there any Juggalos or Juggalettes on WM right now and are you going to the gathering this year?
  110. What sky box office channel is Wrestlemania 26 on?
  111. Do you think MCMG would be used properly in WWE?
  112. Questions for people that have been to live events?
  113. who has better abs john morrison or cam gigandet (+wrestling question)?
  114. Which of these WWF/E characters were the worst (pics inside)?
  115. Would you let your kids Under 12 watch WWE if it wasn't PG?
  116. YWF Episode 6 + Wrestling Question?
  117. What has been your favorite moment in wrestling?
  118. Who do you think are the most deserving men of the MITB?
  119. who do you think is the best suplex machine?
  120. why is tna claiming they invented the x division style?
  121. If you could make a tag team using.........?
  122. Will you stop watching WWE if the undertaker loses at wrestlemania 26?
  123. Rate this WWE Diva Tag Match: Team Asia vs. Team Canada?
  124. If you could kiss one Superstar or Diva who would it be?
  125. TNA Created PPV: Please Rate Matches w/ Results?
  126. Would you like to see the return of a few heel mangers? Not the old ones coming back but...
  127. If you could create one ppv......?
  128. How can I watch WWE live online?
  129. Where has Hamada been lately?
  130. Jim Ross Isn't Announcing Wrestlemania 26?
  131. Where the Hell is Samoa Joe?
  132. fans are wrong about hbk vs taker, triple h cannot interfere?
  133. Who was your 1st favorite Super Star and/or Diva when you started to watch wrestling?
  134. TNA Fans- 5 Simple questions.?
  135. Someone suggested that i ask another so here it is! Big Show vs. Mark Henry!?
  136. WWE Throw out round 2.?
  137. Spoiler Alert about Wrestlemania?
  138. What is the 'Wrestlemania' of TNA?
  139. John Cena vs. Undertaker in reality?
  140. John Cena vs. Undertaker in reality?
  141. Spoiler Alert about Wrestlemania?
  142. What is the 'Wrestlemania' of TNA?
  143. YAHF(Yahoo Answers Hardcore Federation) Bloodbath E-FED Sign-Ups?
  144. Where can I watch live WWE online high quality?
  145. Does anyone find this funny?
  146. Is anyone else bored of the Taker vs HBK questions?
  147. Beth Pheonix vs Chyna vs Awesome Kong?
  148. a name getting me confused?
  149. Whos you're Favorite Knockout(s) or Diva(s)?
  150. Kurt Angle or Triple H?
  151. Which wrestler's character needs a make over?
  152. Will WrestleMania live up to all the hype this year?
  153. Favourite Hell in a Cell match of all time?
  154. Do you want to see Triple H turn heel at Wrestlemania?
  155. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  156. Wrestlemania 26 Prediction's.......?
  157. which promo is your favorite the rock(it doesn't matter) or stone cold (what?)?
  158. Does anybody here care about TNA right now?
  159. What was the best tag-team feud from 2009?
  160. How do you compare Lacey Von Erich to the rest of the Von Erich's?
  161. Were you more excited for,Shawn Michaels V.Undertaker last year,or this year?+WQ?
  162. WRESTLING FANS! Rank These Tag Teams In Order...............?
  163. WWE Throw out. Round 2.?
  164. What former or current wrestler has had Undertakers number as far as more wins against him?
  165. What would you do if......?
  166. Does Ric Flair have a limitless amount of blood he wants to lose?
  167. Is it up to the wrestler to get a gimmick over or is it the gimmick that gets the wrestler over?
  168. If you had to choose.. WWE.?
  169. Who would you cheer for in these matches?
  170. YHW Presents No Mercy(Votes) Who was the best GM ever.?
  171. Should HBK if he isn't retiring until next Mania lose to someone close to what he was as a wrestler?
  172. Did you think this at the start of smackdown?
  173. Which song is played in the 'Taker vs Michaels commercial?
  174. Which competitor from the MITB match would you prefer to see win at WM 26?
  175. If you could bring back one thing from the attitude era,what would it be?
  176. Who would win in these matches?
  177. fill in the blank, in your opinion?
  178. WWE vs TNA Tag Team Matches WHo would win?
  179. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  180. Wrestling...............???
  181. Who is this person and how does he do it?
  182. What do you think of this match that could be done?
  183. Rakist on the loose!?
  184. Who do think is more likely to screw Shawn at Wrestlemania?
  185. Who will win at Wrestlemania 26- UNDERTAKER or Shawn Michales?
  186. Where can I watch Friday Night Smackdown?
  187. sting's new heel turn?
  188. Who do you think is the best Rookie on NXT?
  189. Would you Rather.....+BQ?
  190. Who was the best ever hardcore wrestler?
  191. Isn't Wrestlemania 26 going to be AWESOME?
  192. Who are the most popular Users In This Section?
  193. WWE vs WCW vs TNA vs ECW + BQ?
  194. WWE Throw Out. Round 1. BQ;?
  195. A stipulation for Triple H vs Sheamus ?
  196. WrestleMania XXVI: Will This WrestleMania Be The Best Since Attitude Era Choose Winners (X7, 19)?
  197. Do you agree with this to set up Orton v DiBiase v Rhodes?
  198. Wrestlemania title predictions?
  199. What do you think of MY wrestling poem?
  200. When is Wrestlemania XXVI?
  201. 1 Word to describe Stone cold!?
  202. Most hated wreslter across the bussiness ?
  203. Would Ke$ha make a good wrestler?
  204. Who would win in these matches? And/Or Who would you cheer for?
  205. WS Rock Music Fans, Can You Help Me + WQ?
  206. I want to see WWE LIVE?
  207. why did kelly kelly and jeremy piven break up?
  208. Who would you cheer for in these matches? And who would win?
  209. WWE Diva's Poll about current WWE Diva's?
  210. In smackdown vs raw 2010 how do you make people chant your superstars name?
  211. In your opinion who are the sexiest 10 WWE divas?
  212. How many times has The Rock become world champion in WWE?
  213. Predictions for matches of Wrestlemania 26 ?
  214. What does everyone think of Beth Phoenix being called Glama-Man?
  215. Would you put CM Punk up there with The Rock + Stone Cold?
  216. Who wants shawn Micheals (HBK) to break THE UNDERTAKERS STREAK?
  217. What is The Rock Cooking? (Most creative gets BA) +WQ?
  218. who is you favorite wrestler of all time?
  219. Your Favorite Extinct PPV competition?
  220. Abyss the Hulkamaniac or the Monster?
  221. Eliminate ONE from each brand that...?
  222. Are the Motor City Machine Guns heel or face?
  223. Where is KungFu Naki? Stupid answer is allow :)?
  224. Who Misses Jazz???????
  225. Do you think Triple H will screw HBK at Wrestlemania?
  226. WrestleMania XXVI Predictions: Choose Your Winners?
  227. WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts?
  228. WWE Wrestling Styles.?
  229. what did ray misterio join with cm punk on wrestle?
  230. WWE - Smackdown vs Raw. Big BQ.?
  231. Who else thinks Smackdown will suck next week?
  232. The Main Event for Wrestlemania 27?
  233. WWE Fans: How come the WWE went PG?
  234. Favourite Iron Man match of all time?
  235. What is your favorite WWE finisher move?
  236. WrestleMania XXVI vs WrestleMania X7?
  237. WrestleMania XXVI vs. WrestleMania X7: Battle Of The Best WrestleMania's, Will Mania 26 Surpass...
  238. What's the best way to start a successful wrestling promotion?
  239. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: This WrestleMania is the Biggest Competetion with WrestleMania X7?
  240. At WrestleMania 26...?
  241. X Division or Cruiserweight Division?
  242. Does anyone know if WWE Christian is really getting a divorce?
  243. Which of this NXT Rookie is gonna have a better career? Heath Slater or Wade Barrett? why?
  244. WrestleMania XXVI: WWE Championship Match: (C)Batista vs. John Cena, Who Will Win Why?
  245. Any way to watch WWE online live ?
  246. Wrestlemania 27. Would this be good?
  247. Wrestleing Poll: Who would you rather? (WWE,TNA)?
  248. The Undertaker or Sting or Shawn Michaels?
  249. What was the best pay-per-view event of all time?
  250. What if TNA actually beat WWE in ratings?
  251. In these categories, your favourite finisher for each?
  252. Are you disappointed with the end of Legacy?
  253. What match are you looking forward the most?
  254. Does Mickie James hate my hometown or why?
  255. So no chair shots to the head but using the WHC is fine or the ring bell?
  256. I'm going to Smackdown Tomorrow Should I...?
  257. what the heck is Jethro holiday every once in a while someone says that.....?
  258. Where can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling live online?
  259. do you consider the undertaker better now than he was in the 1990's(plus bq)?
  260. If HBK and Taker fans RESPECT one another then?
  261. Eliminate ONE from each brand that...?
  262. WWE hate him or like him would you perfer cena as a rapper?
  263. Who Had The Worst Week?
  264. Cena is the Face of the WWE who is the Heel of the WWE and who is the Tweener of the WWE?
  265. Should WWE Vacant The United States Title?
  266. If YOU guest hosted SmackDown for one night only?
  267. Bobby Heenan/ Big Show vs Batista For WWE Title?
  268. Favourite actual Royal Rumble match of all time?
  269. Where was crowds reaction orginated from whenever Big Show hit Shop on someone?
  270. what do you think about this years wrestlemania +BQ ?
  271. Who'd Win Justin Gabriel or Daniel Bryan?
  272. If YOU guest hosted RAW for one night only?
  273. So tell me forum... Undertaker or HBK at Wrestlemania 26?
  274. Who Is The Most BORING WRESTLER?
  275. Round 7, Who will win NXT...Pick WINNER?
  276. SmackDown or RAW, which did you enjoy more?
  277. Does anyone else think Rey Mysterio should lose at Wrestlemania?
  278. Is this really the first lost to Drew McIntyre?
  279. Do you think Lady gaga would make a good wwe diva?
  280. WS Poll: The RAW Roster?
  281. Will this year be the chance for Shawn or for Taker?
  282. What is the best way to watch live WWE online?
  283. Is Maryse the hottest diva in WWE?
  285. If you had the chance to meet a WWE wrestler,who would it be?
  286. Who in the mid carder division,do you think deserves a main event push?
  287. Good way to watch WWE or TNA wrestling live online ?
  288. Edge was on Highlight reel that week, and Jericho was on Cutting Edge this week. Smackdown
  289. where did kane and undertaker originally come from?
  290. RWF Main Event Chance/Opinions on Daniel Bryan?
  291. WS Poll- Who are your favorite WS Users!?
  292. Wrestlemania Questions?
  293. Put these superstars and divas from...?
  294. If you could have one super sense which would you and pick and how would you use it?
  295. Which WS User is the fan of...?
  296. The Bella Twins or Laycool, Who do you Perfer?
  297. Who else has been impressed with luke gallows lately?
  298. Where is clown prince of crime?
  299. Who has screwed more people over Vickie or Vince McMahon?
  300. What WWE wrestler has more fans than haters?
  301. Put these Tag Teams in order from...?
  302. For the whole wrestling section?
  303. Is Shawn the heel in this feud?
  304. Can the money in the bank winner cash in on the streak?
  305. Who do you think Would be a Better Face for 2010,Edge or Randy Orton.?
  306. What superstar and diva would you like to see jump ship?
  307. Do you think there is still hope for a diva's match at wrestlemania?
  308. Is anyone going to the WWE RAW July 28 in Philadelphia?
  309. Guess this wrestler 10 points?
  310. what would you say was the worst wrestlemania ever?
  311. Will Maria win Celebrity Apprentice?
  312. Do you agree that the WS has so many front-runners?
  313. Dissapointed in Smackdown.. anyone else?
  314. Who is the Top Wrestler on Raw/Smackdown?
  315. Are you on team undertaker or team shawn?
  316. What would be your reaction if Wrestlemania went off with Cena holding up the WWE title w/
  317. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  318. What should John Morrison's and R Truth's tag team name should be?
  319. Wrestling Section Poll?
  320. Do you ever see in the future Ashley Massaro joining a promotion like TNA or Shimmer?
  321. Which 5 Superstars do you want to get pushed this year?
  322. will the raw divas and sd divas would interfere between beth and vickie match next week?
  323. WrestleMania XXVI vs. WrestleMania X7:?
  324. Do you think Serena will have a chance to wrestle in WWE?
  325. Wrestling Section Poll Mickie James or Melina?
  326. What did you think of NXT this week?
  327. HBK is a CopyCat As the UnderTaker?
  328. Will there still be a hair v.mask match at wrestlemania this year?
  329. who is better between these great wrestlers all in there prime?
  330. Jeff Hardy's trial pushed back again?
  331. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 4th ever SD.Is it good?
  332. My WrestleMania 26.April 4th,2010!?
  333. Why is R-Truth winning all the matches?
  334. Do you think wrestling was more controversial back in the late 90's?
  335. Who is the youngest and oldest wreslter to debut in the WWE?+BQ?
  336. Will Edge vs. Christian Be The angle for 2010? BQ?
  337. Who'd Win Rowdy Roddy Piper or Stone Cold?
  338. Who'd Win Shelton Benjamin or Drew McIntyre For Ic Title?
  339. Who Is The Dynamite? Kid Of Our Generation Into Todays Wrestling?
  340. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: Choose Winners Give Opinions on What You Think About This Years...
  341. Who'd Win Samoa Joe vs The Big Show?
  342. Who'd Win The Game Triple H or Andre the Giant?
  343. Which Wrestlemania match result do you think is a no -brainer?
  344. Who'd Win Edge vs Matt vs Christian vs Jericho?
  345. Do you think Jericho will ever grow his long hair back and wear his pants again?
  346. Who'd Win Samoa Joe or Rey Mysterio?
  347. Trivia - must answer all parts correctly and the first correct answer gets best answer?
  348. Who'd Win Kofi Kingston or Drew McIntyre For The IC Belt?
  349. Do you consider The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26 to be bigger than Hogan vs The..
  350. If The Attitude Era was called something else, what would it be called?
  351. Mark Henry VS Tim Tebow? Who wins?
  352. To Ryan-Saviour Of The WS-THW EWE?
  353. How long is each Svr2010 RTWM storylines?
  354. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: History Will Be Made, Will You Be There; Choose Winners?
  355. Out of all his matches, what do you reckon is The Undertaker's best ever match at WrestleMania?
  356. do you think jericho started doing the high leet real again just because edge started doing the
  357. how soon after wrestlemania is the draft on?
  358. do you think it would be hot if two blonde divas had a lesbian storyline?
  359. what up with the cross brand diva rivalry?
  360. wich rookie on nxt is going to be the first person sent to pros?
  361. do you think if fans really started to speak up against the pg era they would change it
  362. the new Right To Censor?
  363. what caused the whole pg era in the first placedd what started it?
  364. Poll Matt Hardy or jeff hardy +BQ?
  365. Why watch WWF when its all fake?
  366. Would Bobby Lashley beat any TNA and WWE pro wrestlers in a brawl?
  367. Vickie Guerrero is so evil. She is going to...?
  368. What are good Pro Wrestling gimmicks that haven't been used yet?
  369. Which monster would you back? Kane or Abyss?
  370. Which is better U.F.C. or Wrestling?
  371. When Christian was in TNA?
  372. What do you think of my new pickups?
  373. how much does smackdown vs. raw cost for the ps2?
  374. Who do you think is the Stone Cold, The Rock, HBK, and Hulk Hogan of this generation?
  375. What is one wrestler who could b very successful if they have no gimmick?
  376. WS Poll: The NXT Roster?
  377. Do Taker fans and HBK fans get along in this section?
  378. Round 6, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  379. which highflying match is better?
  380. Can I watch live WWE or TNA wrestling online free?
  381. RWF Sign Ups/Opinions on NXT so far?
  382. What does everyone think of Rob Terry?
  383. Do you agree that the IWC are comparing WrestleMania XXVI to WrestleMania X-Seven (Inside)?
  384. 1996 or 1986 Shawn Michales + Yahoo New Order Alliance(YNOA) Sign-Ups?
  385. does Jericho has real-life feuds with Erich Bishoof?
  386. who is this wrestler still wrestling in wwe?10 points to be rewarded!?
  387. What will make the wrestling section more busy on wrestlemania night?
  388. The wrestling section screwed the wrestling section?
  389. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: Will This Years Mania Be Close With Mania's X7, X8, Mania 19 Mania 23?
  390. Should TNA have the same programing both on Mon. and Thurs.?
  392. ?My WrestleMania MatchCard, Rate Pick Winners??
  393. Is the ROCK finnally returning?
  394. Would you enjoy wrestling with no gimmicks? Why?
  395. Rate the wrestlers (For girls Boys) BQ3 includes ***SPOILER***?
  396. WS Poll: The SmackDown Roster?
  397. What is your favorite aspect of professional wrestling?
  398. What is your favorite aspect of professional wrestling?
  399. Which tag-team duo had the best singles careers (combined)?
  400. Who are you HOPING is going to win MITB? Who do you think is going to win?
  401. which diva should be draft this year?
  402. Any one know were I could get the RISE AND FALL OF TNA DVD?
  403. which highflying match is better?
  404. What is going through Abyss' mind?
  405. Round 5, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  406. Do you watch Wrestling in Kayfabe or watch it like an insider?
  408. Is 'HHH screwing HBK at WM 26 so HBK can come back at summer and face HHH at WM 27' set in stone?
  410. Which pro wrestling show is the best of ever watching at night?
  411. When is Bill Goldberg coming back to TNA?
  412. How long until the Rebirth of WCW is finally created?
  413. i have a question about TNA?
  414. do you agree that a wrestler has to be a high caliber to have a 5 star match?
  415. who is this wreastler in wwe ?10 points rewarded!?
  416. Who would be the successors of these WWE legends in the next generation (inside)?
  417. I have a question about Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton?
  418. Pro-wrestling schools in Pennsylvania?
  419. Do you think HHH HBK or Undertaker will retire at WWE Wrestlemania XXVI 26?
  420. what was the raw rating when austin came?and wat was tnas?
  421. Name the top 10 heels in wrestling history!!!!?
  422. Is Randy Orton Now a Face or still a Heel?
  423. Do you think there will be a Wrestlemania XXX?
  424. Worst Night-Superstars?
  425. Poll: Shawn Michaels vs Brock Lesnar?
  426. What was the best thing to happen to professional wrestling?
  427. about Rey mysterio and the cm punk fued heading into wrestlemania 26 and what after?
  428. Round 4, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  429. WRESTLING FANS! Rank These Wrestlers......?
  430. In your opinions what is the best song you've heard used in a promo before a PPV match?
  431. Do you think that TNA's latest replay( ON NOW)will get a better rating than Monday Night's episode?
  432. Do you think Dreamer might go to TNA after his no compete clause is up?
  433. Is WWE turning Beth Phoenix into a face now?
  434. Poll: Shawn Michaels vs Goldberg?
  435. What do you think of WWE banning chair shots to the head?
  436. In your opinion, should Drew McIntyre be the chosen one to win MITB?
  437. On March 28, are you voting NO to 18-0?
  438. i cant believe eric biscoff would try to cut off the trademark of mick foley?
  439. who is going to win at destination x?
  440. what would you think if ibecame a wwe super star and my name was the man?
  441. where do you think shawn micheals isgoing to go after he retires?
  442. When is the WWE GM Guest host thing ending?
  443. what would you think if i became a wwe superstar and my name was mattman?
  444. Since there are 9 men in the MITB match what if...?
  445. What do you think about WWE dissing Randy Savage again?
  446. who is going to win at wrestlemania?
  447. Why did Edge return so quickly if he was still semi injured?
  448. Wwe updates- HBK,HHH and Taker?
  449. What would be different if Vince owned TNA and Hogan and Bishoff were in charge on WWE?
  450. Who was a bigger loss to the WWE: Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit?
  451. Is this guest host concept on Raw ever going to end?
  452. Who would win this 6 matches?
  453. What would be the point of Shawn being obsessed to end the streak, if he doesn't actually end...
  454. Do you think Ron Killings vs Kofi Kingston would be a dream match?
  455. Summer Slam tickets this Saturday?
  456. How wold WWE survive without the Show Stopper (HBK)?
  457. Who is the most annoying superstar in WWE and why?
  458. Do wrestling fans realize there is more then one match at WM26?
  459. Has Danial Bryan proven his online reputation to you?
  460. Wrestling free pay per views web site ?
  461. Jeff hardy WTH happened?
  462. My friend asked me this....?
  463. why did jeff hardy leave wwe for tna?
  464. Write a match between any wrestlers you want to see!?
  465. What is your dream Match up, using any wrestler EVER?
  466. WS Poll: Would you rather...?
  467. What do you think will be the Diva's match at Wrestlemania?
  468. When was the last time chair's were used anyway?
  469. Since HBK is retiring at Wrestlemania should he and undertaker have the last match?
  470. How would you react if this happened?
  471. How would you react if this happened?
  472. whens the final qualifying match for mitb going to be?
  473. YWWE Superstars Pick winners and rate show and matches?
  474. Can the stuff WWE has the rights to like the name of superstars that go to TNA be sold or...
  475. WWE WrestleMania XXVI: Choose Winners Will This WrestleMania Be One Of The Best in a Long Time?
  476. Who wants Hardy to win!?
  477. Who in the world of professional wrestling today deserves the biggest push,and why?
  478. Round 3, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  479. Did you join yahoo answers because of the wrestling section?
  480. Should I Ignore him or beat him up + WQ?
  481. if u were Vince McMahon?
  482. Where can I watch live WWE on the internet?
  483. Is Michael Cole turning heel?
  484. What does the tattoos on Shawn Michaels finger and arm mean?
  485. Do you think that Generation Me looks similar and fights similar to the Hardy Boys?
  486. Where can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling on my computer?
  488. So TNA Fans how does it feel?
  489. WRESTLING FANS! Rank These Wrestlers......?
  490. John Morrison or Randy Orton ?
  491. What new WWE PPV are you lloking forward to and WHY?
  492. Can MVP win MITB at WrestleMania?
  493. Can MVP win MITB at WrestleMania?
  494. What new WWE PPV are you lloking forward to and WHY?
  495. who is better the undertaker or ricky the dragon steamboat or randy savage in there prime?
  496. Can WWE Undertaker knock out a 700 pound grizzly bear?
  497. What was the best Money in the Bank and WHY + BQ !?
  498. Round 2, Who will win NXT...Eliminate One?
  499. What wwe dvd shall i get?
  500. man it sucks that orton is turning back into a full heel after this legacy fued?