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  1. Is anyone else bummed out at Kofi Kingston dropped his Jamaican gimmick?
  2. Do you think WWE is..............................?
  3. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  4. Did anyone else get the storyline spoiled for them concerning the heavyweight title and
  5. If you ran TNA.............................................?
  6. What other sections have trolls?
  7. Which WWE Diva is the most talented....................?
  8. Vickie's wrestlemania moment?
  9. Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior?
  10. is wwe extreme rules also going to be shown on sky box office?
  11. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy)?
  12. What did you think of the Baretta/Croft and Hart Dynasty match?
  13. who would win this MITB ladder match?
  14. do you agree with The Dragon's opinion(about Bryan Danielson)?
  15. WWE Extreme Rules PPV Matches (Predictions) WWE Draft 2010 (Predictions) Agree or Disagree?
  16. trip to wrestlemania?
  17. Confusing Question WWE/TNA ?..............................................?
  18. How many Raw fans think you're show is doomed?
  19. Do you think Vince McMahon tells Barack Obama what to do?
  20. WWE Should Bring Back War Games, Agree or Disagree?
  22. Should Triple H be drafted back to Smackdown?
  23. Should WWE create another Clown character?
  24. the ultimate match for the wwe?
  25. Which do you prefer: Legacy or Team Angle?
  26. Do you like what smackdown is doing with it's superstars?
  27. Will Christian win the wwe or the world heavyweight champion this year?
  28. What If WWE Did Another Evolution (Read Details Below): Agree or Disagree, Choose Which
  29. I was watching fake wrestling on T.V.Then turned to spike and started watching U.F.C. and...
  30. Do you think John Morrison, Matt Hardy, R-truth, Rey Mysterio will all Join CM Punk?
  31. Eliminate ONE Superstar that...?
  32. I cannot get my head around JR's situation?
  33. Is it safe to say that we can call owen hart homicide?
  34. Chris Jericho gone till may?
  35. why are a lot of people saying John Morrison is the next Shawn Michaels!?
  36. do you think stacy keibler was one of the most beautiful divas?
  37. who is greatest female wrestler in wwe? of all time?
  38. what would be a dream match to you in the wwe?
  39. Can you beleive what Jack Swagger said about Mr.McMahon!? BQ inside?
  40. Was HBK's farewell better than Ric Flair's Farewell?
  41. Should CM Punk get The Undertaker to join the Straight-Edge Society The Undertaker...
  42. What are your thoughts of Batista and Khali taking time off?
  43. Who Does Drew McIntyre Remind You Of: Triple H(Debut) or Randy Orton?
  44. Do you think it is too early for Jack Swagger to be Champion?
  46. Now that ppl are booing cena.......?
  47. who is better natalya neidhart or maryse?
  48. This just in.. Vickie Guerrero is to retire?!!?
  49. Worst Night-Superstars?
  50. Who likes WWE Superstars?
  51. Is Chris Benoit the guy who plays suicide in tna?
  52. battle of the divas past/present?
  53. Who do you like better, Maryse or Trish Stratus?
  54. Who do you think will win the Diva's title from Maryse?
  55. Who is the Best Heel in the WWE Right Now Today:?
  56. Who would you like to see take the titles from MizShow and the US title from Miz?
  57. WWE Draft 2010: What Are Your Predicitons, Well here's mine, Tell Me What You Think?
  58. Spoiler: So Since Jack Swagger is the New World Heavyweight Champion, How Long Do You Think His
  59. Maybe if John Morrison gets Drafted to RAW, He can finally get a push and become a WWE Champion?
  60. Since Randy Orton is a Face, Do You Think He Should Get Drafted To SmackDown or stay on RAW or turn
  61. WWE Extreme Rules 2010: Predictions, Tell Me What You Think?
  62. Thoughts on Morrisons and R-Truths stable name,TRUTH AND WISDOM + SPOILER?
  63. If The Attitude Era Does Come Back, Who Are the Two Superstars to take Stone Cold and The
  64. The British Bulldogs or the Hart Foundation?
  65. Does any1 know where to find Jeff Hardys brand new TNA theme?
  66. is there going to be an nxt section on svr 2011 or do they have to get a contrack?
  67. SPOILER for WWE Friday Night SD?
  68. Do you believe these WWE superstars deserve a push in 2010?
  69. Jack Swagger new World Heavyweight Champion!!?
  70. Are you happy Cryme Tyme broke up?(spoilers)?
  71. Why does everyone hate John Cena?
  72. Who Thinks, Batista should've defeated John Cena at WrestleMania XXVI?
  73. which diva/knockout should get the best award for........?
  74. How come WWE marks bash TNA for getting old guys to wrestle?
  75. Who will induct these future Hall Of Famers?
  76. which feud with the undertaker is more legendary and why?
  77. No more DX... ?
  78. Good ol' JR done as a WWE commentator?
  79. Why did the WWE stop pushing Koslov?
  80. Why do people give away Smackdown spoilers without a warning?
  81. Are you glad Jack Swagger won the World Heavyweight Championship or not? + WQ?
  82. How would you rate the WWE NXT Rookies ? + BQ?
  83. Possible WWE Extreme Rulez 2010 Predicttions, your thoughts?
  84. Which Taker-Micheals match was better plus UWA WarZone voting?
  85. How many Spartans does it take to change a light bulb?
  86. TNA lowest Rating in 5 years?
  87. is it true that shawn michaels and batista are dating?
  88. how did aj mess up his hand what happened it got so bloody? bq scott hall in good hape now?
  89. I was at wm36 and I shocked how many loud cheers hornswoggle got and the place erupted for cena's...
  90. if you were John Cena?
  91. so will jericho be taking time off now / includes spoiler warning!?
  92. why arent wwe fans and marks smart enough to concept tna?
  93. What is TNA's past and future?
  94. did anyone notice this at Wrestlemania?
  95. Who had a quicker rise to the top, Sheamus or Lesnar?
  96. what wrestlemania had the biggest suprise to you?
  97. which is cena's greatest match in his wwe career so far?
  98. Who's mad Jack Swagger won the world heavyweight championship?
  99. Does anyone actually like NXT?
  100. if pg wwe has over half its fans as large families and children does tna stand a chance ?
  101. Do you think that they will do Swagger the same way they did Kennedy when he won the MIB?
  102. TNA Releases Tagteam and other wrestler.?
  103. My predictions for Smackdown?
  104. so should tna stay at 8 o clock? or should they go back to thursdays or is it too soon to tell?
  105. Is HBK going to return ?
  106. Who how win? Me or Fan of Vickie Guerrero?
  107. YAWWE ECW on SiFi results choose winners and rate show?
  108. was hbk and undertaker match better than last years?
  109. On Screen couples at the moment?
  110. What does Michael Cole have against Daniel Bryan?
  111. did anyone else notice at hall of fame ceremonis, that batista was scowling the whole time?
  112. spoilersspoilersSomething interesting about Edge and Money in the Bank,spoilersspoilers?
  113. Wow all you WWE marks are out in full force?
  114. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  115. Watch my first video a tribute to john cena..!!tell me wat u think..?
  116. who's career would you rather have, shawn micheals or the undertaker's and why(+bq)?
  117. YAWWE Monday Night RAW results please rate and choose winners?
  118. Now that Swagger is champ, who goes for Cena?
  119. Is there a point to even have the WWE draft?
  120. Wrestling trivia, First right gets BA.?
  121. This is what TNA fan's are missing?
  122. Do you think KENTA from Pro Wrestling NOAH should join the WWE or TNA?
  123. if candice michelle didnt get injured in 2007, do you think she would have been as good as mickie...
  124. Shawn Michaels trivia question. First right answer gets BA.?
  125. Did HBK and Triple H want to kiss eachother?
  126. Who else cried this past Monday on Raw when Triple H hugged Shawn Michaels?
  128. Who Is your Fav Wrestler in WWE and why?
  129. is David Otunga overrated i think he is?
  130. I got a idea.Would this be good?
  131. well atleast kane has something to celebrate?
  132. Who wishes yahoo answers would do this?
  133. New Champion?*contains spoiler*?
  134. What would you choose?
  136. When Daniel Bryan gets his 18th lose should he face Undertaker?
  137. Who Had Worst Night-NXT?
  138. do you like wrestlemania 26?
  139. Why is Pro Wrestling being considered as a entertainment by IWC when its a sport?
  140. Did Cena get many boos at Wrestlemania?
  141. In the long run, do you feel like Shawn Michaels was the true winner of Streak vs Career at...
  142. How about a long raw vs smackdown fued?
  143. What do u think of these possible WWE feuds this year (inside)?
  144. Jack Swagger faces who?
  145. Are Cena Orton a better team than Rated RKO!?
  146. I wanted you to know that I love the way you laugh, I want to hold you high and steal
  147. Do u think The Undertaker will start bragging how he retired Shawn Michaels on the ring?
  148. So, what do you think of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels feud overall (1997,1998, 2009-2010)?
  149. Is Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVI the best Wrestlemania non-title main
  150. Is it just me or Shawn Michaels' retirement last night felt sadder than Flair's?
  151. Shawn Michaels is a bigger Wrestlemania legend than Hulk Hogan: Agree or Disagree?
  152. Wrestling section, what first comes to your mind when you see this picture (inside)?
  153. The hart dynasty coming to Bret's aid?
  154. Did you have any respect at all for Jack Thwagger?
  155. Whats the best/your favorite independent wrestling promotion?
  156. please give me a link of a site where can i see Wrestlemania 26?
  157. Snitches Need Stitches?
  158. Who agrees TNA needs to move from mondays?
  159. Have you heard of the new type of matches on E-R wwe?
  160. Who had a better farewell?
  161. What was worse to see?
  162. Seeing how there are so many men oiled up with their shirt off...Do you think Ricky Martin is...
  163. How many Slim Jims do you snap into when you are watching your favorite wrestling show?
  164. How long is it socially acceptable to be a wrestling fan? Until you are 20? 25? 30?
  165. Do wrestling fans have issues with reality?
  166. What is the best Elimination Chamber match ever?
  167. What was with Orlando Jordans entrance on tna?
  168. WWE lost respect for the Guerrero family.....?
  169. How many of you can relate to this wrestling fan?
  170. do you think chris jericho is as good as the undertaker is?
  171. who is a better wrestler, matt hardy v2(2005-2008) or john morrison?
  172. WWE Raw 3/29/10 Review?
  173. who is the fittest wrestler in wwe or tna?
  174. Shawn Michaels will never go to TNA: True or Agree?
  175. Do some of you really hate Vickie Guerrero?
  176. How do you think Undertaker will go on break this year?
  177. EYW Monday Night Nitro + Undertaker's hat-tip was awsome or not?
  178. do you think the undertaker is in better shape than he has ever been, speed and stamina wise?
  179. Your thoughts on Randy Orton's face turn?
  180. Good way to watch WWE wrestling live online , How ?
  181. The Nasty Boys no longer working with TNA.What is your opinion and what next for the Dudley's?
  182. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling on my computer?
  183. Who did John Cena choose....?
  184. Is anyone else upset the Y!A Taker vs HBK war is over?
  185. Who thinks HBK will return to the WWE again one day?
  186. Did Sheamus impress you at Wrestlemania?
  187. Undertaker's streak questions?
  188. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  189. Does John Cena Piss You Off?
  190. WWE WrestleMania 27: Dream Match: The Undertaker vs. Sting?
  191. Will The Undertaker be on SD in the next few weeks and BQ?
  192. how do you add a photo off a wwe diva to you yahoo answers?
  193. Why're some folks saying that RKO is a face when he's a tweener now, not a face nor heel?
  194. im going to miss shawn micheals are u?
  195. Something on Randy Orton and Edge as faces.isnt it interesting?
  196. Shawn Michaels doesn't plan on having One More Match?
  197. What Wrestlemania had the best design set-up?
  198. Why is the Hart Dynasty getting a push?
  199. triple h future World heavyweight champion?
  200. wasn't that class by undertaker to come out and tip hat to hbk? is hbk done?
  201. Why donīt they grow the Cm Punk gimmick and let him acquire more talent? He seems to lose
  202. Were you surprised The Undertaker was boo'd on RAW tonight?
  203. Who's better: John Cena or The Undertaker?
  204. last night during RAW i thought this was gonna happen between hhh and shawn.did any1 else?
  205. Do gay people turn into wrestling fans when they get older?
  206. What you do if Lady Gaga was the next guest on RAW?
  207. Lady Ga Ga guest host of RAW + WQ?
  208. Bret Hart Is Not Done?
  209. So what's to become of Triple H now?
  210. YWWE ECW on SYFY pick winners and rate matches and shw?
  211. How do you create Razor Ramon on SDVR2010 in CAW?
  212. Will Shawn Michaels thank Marty Genetti?
  213. Was Takers injury last night legit?
  214. When Will Shawn Michaels Return?
  215. Where can I watch WWE NXT wrestling online tonight?
  216. why didn't any of the superstars come out and say goodbye or show support for Shawn Micheals?
  217. Do you think that if Joey Mercury does return,would you like to see him feud with Morrison or...
  218. What did you think about Raw last night?
  219. Fan of Vickie Guerroer Smackdown?
  220. OK, one last time to ask this? Lol?
  221. Watch WWE Raw and TNA wrestling live online, where ?
  222. How can I watch WWE Raw and TNA wrestling live on line ?
  223. Why did HBK say to the fans, Thank you for making me look better than I am? If anything (more
  224. Chris Jericho 19-0, John Cena 19-1?
  225. Did you tear up when HBK was saying his farewell speech?
  226. if you got to meet shawn micheals, what would you say to him?
  227. Watch Wrestlemania 26 Online Free?
  228. WWE WrestleMania 27 Predictions : Anything Can Happen?
  229. WWE Attitude Era 2.0(2010)?
  230. Help settle this between me and my friends?
  231. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  232. WWE Wrestlemania Career Enders?
  233. will the heartbreak kid come back?
  234. Did Shawn retire tonight?
  235. Batista was right, Cena's win was a fluke, Batista barely tapped out?
  236. Which of the following would piss you off the most?
  237. Now that HBK has failed twice is Cena the only threat left to Taker's streak?
  238. Do you wish this had happened?
  239. Randy Orton turns face completely and...?
  240. How many 6 packs and Slim Jims can you put away while watching your favorite wrestling show?
  241. Is this a great song...or the greatest song ever in wrestling history?
  242. Did John Cena get robbed of an Oscar from his 2006 hit movie, The Marine?
  243. Exciting news (for me anyway) Goldberg may return?
  244. Does anyone think that The Undertaker can still pull a 5 star match next year?
  245. When you grow up...are you going to remember liking WWE and feel ashamed about it?
  246. Who is next week guest host?
  247. is wrestlemania 26 repeated until 3rd of april for free??!! (UK)?
  248. EYW Presents HELL ON EARTH + Are you happy that its 18-0 or would you prefer 17-1?
  249. who did you want to win the money in the bank?
  250. Raw Farewell for Shawn Michaels?
  251. who else is freaked out?
  252. How come edge became a 9 time champ,?
  253. Ezekial Jackson missed the dark match at 26, this is what I heard?
  254. why do people like wwe?
  255. Your thoughts on Jack Swagger winning the MITB?
  256. Is WWE Wrestling real?
  257. your making your wrestling debut tonight on raw and,?
  258. Do u think that Orlando Jordan's GAY! gimmick is a rip-off of?
  259. do you think they should have done ted and cody's entrance music different?
  260. Does John Cena like Fishsticks?
  261. why did they kinda in HBK vs. the undertaker the same way they ended Ric flair vs. hbk?
  262. Is Bret Hart gonna manage the Dynasty now?
  263. OMG the divas just got the most in-ring time in a WHILE!!!!!!!!!!?
  264. Who was disappointed with Wrestlemania 26?
  265. did you saw when batista just left because he was scared of john cena hr ago?
  266. Can WWE have a Attitude Era(2.0) since HBK is leaving WWE again?
  267. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  268. If Eddie did the frog splash?
  269. What WWE wrestler make the best NFL Linebacker?
  270. do you like kanes new attire?
  271. What did you think when The Undertaker shook hands and hugged HBK after the match?
  272. Will Undertaker be on Raw tonight to say goodbye to HBK?
  273. What/Who is your all time favorite...?
  275. my girlfriend was challenge by a much stronger girl to wrestling match because they both...
  276. Was John Cena's entrance at WM Pointless?
  277. Was Wrestlemania 26 better than YOUR favorite Wrestlemania?
  278. now that john cena is wwe champion do you think the rivalry between cena and batista will continue?
  279. Has anybody thought of the possibility that HBK might be jumping to TNA?
  280. With whom these guys (inside) got greater Wrestlemania match: Undertaker or John Cena?
  281. Which WM back to back matches were better: TLC (16 17) or HBK vs Taker (25 26)?
  282. So, what do you think of Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels feud overall (1997,1998, 2009-2010)?
  283. Since Taker went 18-0 last night, with whom u would rather c him feuding this year: Sheamus or...
  284. Will WWE still avoid booking Taker vs Cena next year for WM 27 or will they have some
  285. So, Taker hugging Shawn was the bigger Wrestlemania moment than Vince tapping out to Bret?
  286. Have u seen this exclusive video (inside) of Shawn Michaels' backstage after Wrestlemania XXVI?
  287. Are u glad Taker vs HBK II was the main event last night?
  288. Do u think bad commentating take anything away from Taker vs Michaels last night? Why?
  289. Do wrestling federations have interior weddings because federally they aren't allowed?
  290. Where can I watch WM 26, free, NO surveys?
  291. Wrestling fans, what other obviously fake things, like wrestling, do you think are real?
  292. Honest Opinion on WRESTLEMANIA 26!?
  293. Can anyone give an actual reason to why they think Jack Swagger SHOULDN'T have won MITB last night?
  294. What has been the worse moment in wrestling?
  295. Why doesnt WWE.......?
  296. do you think that TNA will have......?
  297. Would John Cena be the guy to......?
  298. how did undertaker defeat shawn michaels at wrestlemania 26?
  299. just a fun wrestling survey?
  300. What does it mean by Undertaker is taking time off as a whole?
  301. Who do you think Undertaker will feud with after he returns from break?
  302. Can anyone tell me were is finlay ?
  303. The Miz with the US Title?
  304. So is it safe to say Randy Orton is a face now?
  305. Wouldn't it be awesome to be a pro wrestler?
  306. Who does The Streak mean More to, The Undertaker or His Fans?
  307. why are sumo wrestlers always fat?
  308. Who's the most underrated user on Y!A WS?
  309. How can I watch TNA wrestling or WWE Raw on the Internet?
  310. Can someone please help me on wrestlemania questions?
  311. Where can I watch WWE Raw and TNA wrestling live on line ?
  312. did anyone else get excited that wm was tv 14?
  313. which wrestling style do you think suits the phenom gimmick more(+bq)?
  314. Don't you think Swagger should of cashed in on Jericho?
  315. Watch live WWE online on pc? Where is live stream?
  316. Why's the Undertaker's streak controversial?
  317. What's the perfect screwjob name for the Bret Hart/ Vince McMahon match?
  318. Should WWE bring back the Attitude Era, first they would have to have Cena lose the championship?
  319. do you think triple h is worthy to face the undertaker at wrestlemania again?
  320. WrestleMania 27: What Do You Think of my Matches?
  321. How can I watch WWE Raw or TNA wrestling on my computer?
  322. who else thinks that...........?
  323. How can I watch Wrestlemania 26 wrestling on the Internet today?
  324. Can someone give me a run down on what happened in WM26 lastnight please?
  325. wrestlemania 26 question!?
  326. who is the best in these categories, shawn micheals,the undertaker or chris jericho?
  327. Be Honest, Batista vs. John Cena at WrestleMania XXVI was the best match, if you really
  328. The Legend Killer Randy Orton should be the one ending Undertaker's streak?
  329. 10 Diva tag match at Wrestlemania 26?
  330. The Legend Killer Randy Orton should be the one ending Undertaker's streak?
  331. 10 Diva tag match at Wrestlemania 26?
  332. who is the best in these categories, shawn micheals,the undertaker or chris jericho?
  333. How can I watch Wrestlemania 26 wrestling on the Internet today?
  334. Can someone give me a run down on what happened in WM26 lastnight please?
  335. wrestlemania 26 question!?
  336. who else thinks that...........?
  337. How can I watch WWE Raw or TNA wrestling on my computer?
  338. Who's the greatest tweener in professional wrestling's history?
  339. WrestleMania XXVI: Batista should've defeated Cena and Jack Swagger shouldn't never won MITB Match?
  340. Can we expect breaks from the veterans again soon?
  341. Isn't time for Eli Cottonwood of Florida Championship Wrestling to hit the WWE?
  342. Which HBK/Taker's match was better: Wrestlemania 25 or Wrestlemania 26?
  343. What did you think of the announcing last night?
  344. Breaking news ********* its official GREG GAGNE is headed to TNA?
  345. did hbk get the best of his final months in the WWE?
  346. Did you notice the crowd was quiet for the most part?
  347. Why do TNA keep puting over the WWE Hall of Fame Ring?
  348. Why do marks think that HBK is gone from the WWE?
  349. What was the highlight for you?
  350. What is the best crowd sign you have ever seen?
  351. Would you like to see Kane or John Cena end Taker's streak at next year's Wrestlemania?
  352. Did Bret Hart really have to cheat and make it a 10 on 1 handicap match to beat vince?
  353. Did you feel uncomfortable watching this?
  354. just a fun wrestlemania poll?
  355. Who else thought BETH PHOENIX looked hot?
  356. were there any funny pro TNA signs at wrestlemania?
  357. Will RAW have a ceremony for HBK like they did for Ric Flair?
  358. HBK is dead and buried, any thoughts?
  359. What was the best crowd sign last night?
  360. Who Had The Worst Week?
  361. Is The Deadman being overpush by the WWE, as displayed by his 18-0 Wrestlemania win streak?
  362. Is The Undertaker's Wrestlemania win streaks controversial?
  363. Which Wrestlemania is the best: Wrestlemania 24, Wrestlemania 25, or Wrestlemania 26?
  364. Did The Undertaker beat HBK a.k.a. Shawn Michaels fair and square?
  365. Do you think Undertaker will retire when he 20-0?
  366. Did The Undertaker beat HBK a.k.a. Shawn Michaels fair and square?
  367. Is there any way I can watch WWE wrestling live through the internet ?
  368. At the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony Mad Dog Vachon said he had 13,000 matches over a 44
  369. What's the difference between Jack Swagger and Chris Nowinski?
  370. WOW did anyone else see how young edge looked tonight?
  371. Who enjoyed the Cena vs Batista match last night?
  372. Which celebrities were at Wrestlemania XXVI?
  373. So now that Undertaker's streak is over, what's he gonna do with his life?
  374. Anyone else shocked Jack Swagger won MITB?
  375. what was your favorite Wrestlemania MOEMENT?
  376. Jack Swagger won - was that surprising? Who would have thought he would win?
  377. who is the fastest in the ring between these guys, the undertaker,chris jericho, or john
  378. Who were the participants in the 16-Battle Royal dark match of Wrestlemania 26?
  379. What is a good way to watch live WWE online?
  380. Will shawn michaels return now after losing at wrestlemania and will he be back some time in 2010?
  381. What was the official attendance at Wrestlemania XXVI?
  382. So,gimmick means more than talent?
  383. HBK deserves a proper send off tonight on RAW agreed?
  384. why didnt jack swagger cash in on Chris Jericho tonight?
  385. who else thought the Mr. McMahon match lasted WAY to long.?
  386. Has WWE gained more respect in their product after WM26?
  387. What did you think of Swagger winning the MITB?
  388. So now that HBK's career is over, what's he gonna do with his life?
  389. .............................?
  390. Last Year HBK Vs Taker was better?
  391. Did anyone interfere in any of the matches yet?
  392. Who thought the Main event ending was terrible...!!!!!!?
  393. bye bye the heartbreak kid hbk?
  394. thank you hbk and taker!!!!!?
  395. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II: Better than Undertaker vs Shawn I; Agree or Disagree?
  396. all solute to hbk and taker for once again pulling off an amazing match so far?
  397. do you think its time to change the royal rumble winner stipulation?
  398. Who will face Drew McIntyre next..?
  399. What makes Shawn Michaels ''The One''?
  400. divas match wate of time?
  401. Favorite wrestler into the hall of fame?
  402. Is anyone else thinking this is Undertaker's last WrestleMania also?
  403. Who thinks someone else should of ended Taker's Wrestlemania Streak?
  404. During Batistas Entrance ?
  405. why do u guys blame cena?
  406. Why Does WWE love Cena soo much, Batista had him defeated the entire match, Y2J/Edge was great too?
  407. What is wrong with WWE?
  408. Thanks for the memories Shawn!!?
  409. John Cena Win wwe Championship?
  410. 18-0 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  411. Who will be next NXT season rookies....?
  412. Batista likes fishsticks?
  413. WrestleMania XXVI was good, every match was good, what do you rate it and give opinions?
  414. is it up to taker hbk to save wreZZZZlemania 26?
  415. Will Shawn Michaels get the get the same celebration Ric Flair did?
  416. Thank you for all the memories Shawn Michaels!?
  417. Will it surprise you if this year or next year John Cena suddenly surprass Triple H's (8)
  418. Whats next for HBK...?
  419. That wasn't that emotional...Wrestlemania?
  420. Does Cena winning ruin the PPV for you?
  421. What was a bigger WM moment?
  422. Everyone change your advar to a HBK advatar?
  423. What is WWE without HBK?
  424. Do you know this is the third year someone retired at Wrestlemania?
  425. Why The Hell Did Batista lose to John Cena at WrestleMania XXVI?
  426. why the hell they made batista to tap out ?
  427. so how much of an epic fail was wrestlemania?
  428. Suprise Suprise CENA is the Champ again?
  430. What's gonna end: Streak or Career?
  431. Do you agree Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels II was a worthy match for Shawn to retire in?
  432. Will we see a Triple H and Undertaker feud?
  433. UT's next Wrestlemania Opponent? will it be Cena this time?
  434. Best sign of the night goes to...?
  435. Be Honest, Who was SHOCKED win Jack Swagger won MITB at WrestleMania XXVI?
  436. Worst Night-Wrestlemania XXVI?
  437. Anyone else agree that Undertaker owns WrestleMania?
  438. what are you wanting to happen on smack down?
  439. What is the greatest match in TNA history plus UWA signups?
  440. Does anyone know the results for last nights Ring of Honor show in phoenix?
  441. where is mick foley going now?
  442. who lost the loser leaves the brand match on tna?
  443. does john morrison's rockstar dvd have his workout on there?
  444. What are the chances of this happening between WWE TNA.+BQ?
  445. what do you think is going to happen 18-0 or 17-1?
  446. what do you think of this?
  447. Did anyone hear Matt Striker lie twice?
  448. What was the best Wrestlemania ever?
  450. wm26 gonna be the best one ever?
  451. Top 10 WWE Champions?
  452. Does anyone else get mad enough?
  453. Batista VS John Cena... who's gonna win?
  454. Who is the best: The Rock or Stone Cold?
  455. Somebody Help Me Please I am starting to like...?
  456. Who's more well-known or popular: The Undertaker or Manny Pacquiao?
  457. Is the WWE going to air the first part of the hall of fame on
  459. Do you think The Undertaker could out perform Himself compared to Last Year?
  460. Wrestling trivia number 3 and answer to 2, first to answer right gets best answer.?
  461. Do you think at WrestleMania XI Bret Hart vs Bob Backland I Quit Match was a horrible match? + WQ?
  462. Can you guys give me some names of some great X division matches?
  464. What will be the moment worthy of remembering in Undertaker vs Shawn Michael's II?
  465. Who would win these matches + EFED signups?
  466. My Update WrestleMania 26 card vs. Current WWE Card?
  467. andre the giant question?
  468. Orlando Jordan is relieving his pride?
  469. When will Jim Ross return?
  470. Remember when Jeff Hardy...?
  471. Does anyone know if justin tv streams the wwe hall of fame?
  472. What 8 woman tag team will wiln at WM?
  473. Wasnt it Amazing???????
  474. wrestling trivia question?
  475. What would happen if................?
  476. Who will win more titles at the end of their career?
  477. is mickie james the best diva in wwe today?
  478. WWE WrestleMania XXVI:Could This Possibly Be The Best WrestleMania Since WrestleMania X7,Give Me
  479. What about Awesome Kong going to ROH, do you think she will ever go to WWE?
  480. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 5th Smackdown.Is it good?
  481. Who would win in these matches?
  482. How do you feel about the Diva's match?
  483. What do you think HBK's WM enterence at WM will be?
  484. RAW VS SMACKDOWN which brand is better?
  485. this is an important question?
  486. Another wrestling trivia question, and answer to the first one, First one right gets best answer.?
  487. Would you like to see?
  488. What have you done/will you be doing to celebrate WrestleMania XXVI?
  489. A question for 18-0 and 17-1 fans?
  490. I have 5 questions for the wrestling section?
  491. Which Superstar turns 27 today?
  492. Don't you think John Cena is a lot more deserving to be the name face of WWE than Batista?
  493. which wrestler/s really motivates you to work out harder?
  494. Just thought of another possibility to the UT/HBK this Sunday?
  495. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  496. Why did you come to the WS?
  497. Do you prefer the Tag Team and World Tag Team titles apart,or together?
  498. Who's birthday is March 27? This superstar was born in 1972.?
  499. Who is the greatest superstar to never win a World Championship?
  500. Who's gonna win Money in the Bank?