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  1. If you were Guest host on Monday Night RAW what matches would you make including divas!?
  2. what is your favorite present superstar's theme and past superstar's theme?
  3. could david otunga be the ...?
  4. If wwe turned tv 14 what would you do?
  5. Please name the WWE heels and faces?
  6. Should Eve Torres win the Diva's title next Monday?
  7. Do u think Christian should and will be...?
  8. why did wwe ban steel chairs to the head and still allow the sledgehammer?
  9. if you was in wwe would you be a face or a heel?
  10. If you could fire 1 current WWE Superstar who would it be and why?
  11. Do you think that cody would benifit more from going under a mask and start with a...
  12. Who else agrees that the Original ECW fans were the best fans ever?
  13. During TNA's Feast or Fired match would you not go after any briefcases at all?
  14. Is Michael Cole a WWE Mark?
  15. Do you think it would be a good pairing to have Finly play a manger's role for Shameus?
  16. HAHA! Daniel Bryan is hilarious?
  17. Why did HHH attack Shameus for after Shameus accidently knocked HHH out the week before by mistake?
  19. Besides a Wrestlemania event what is your favorite pay per view of all time?
  20. What is your favorite Wrestling styles?
  21. Isn't funny when these dumb TNA fans say Ratings don't matter?
  22. Why is there a little green midget running around my TV screen?
  23. Why does John Cena act like a thug?
  24. Is it true that TNA fans are far more smarter than the WWE fans(Cough Kids)(cough)?
  25. How would TNA do at a PG rating?
  26. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  27. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  28. Star if you like wrestling+ BHW Sign ups?
  29. What is wreslting? + Efed Sign Ups?
  30. Who is the prettiest Canadian Diva?
  31. Do you think TNA would have higher ratings if they aired on another network other than Spike?
  32. Who is Lacey Von Erich's baby daddy??
  33. Who is winning the wrestling monday night ratings war between wwe and tna?
  34. Is Wwe Nxt............?
  35. Make your own PPV?? Make your Dream PPV?
  36. My match card for WM 27?
  37. Is this really his page on myspace?
  38. What name would you replace with?
  39. Who will be the bigger star Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase?
  40. Do you like these WWE divas promos/feuds. Rate them please?
  41. Do you like these WWE divas promos/feuds. Rate them please?
  42. To all that missed TNA last night....?
  43. The band (TNA) should be fired?
  45. What does RKO sand for?
  46. Chris Jericho: Lion Heart DVD - Much More Inside...?
  47. A Technical Wrestler?
  48. can we see another feud between Beth Phoenix (face) and Mickie James (heel)?
  49. Why did Shawn Michaels retire?
  50. What's up with TNA on mondays, with the announcers repeating to tell everyone to call their friends?
  51. Is TNA's Daffney the same Daffney that used to manage in WCW (do i have the right faction)?
  52. Chyna today
  53. WWE Extreme Rules (Predictions): Tell Me What You Think and Would You Watch It(Rate Card)?
  54. Who is the Royal Viper, Isn't he the Edge Guy, I'm a WWE Fan, But that guy is gonna spear me,
  55. LatrellP vs. Who is the World is DNA of TNA: Who Would Win?
  56. This Supposed CalledWARBetween WWE vs.Other CompanyCould End, if the Other Company canAdmitWWE...
  57. What has been the BIGGESTimpact on professional wrestling itself so far this year?
  58. What do you think of Maryse is Hottest Diva Ever?
  59. If You are a WWE Fan and Other Company Fan: Why Do You Talk about WWE, stop trading sides, and
  60. What is the point of Smackdown vs Raw since both shows are owned by the same promotion?
  61. Is the Piggy James angle over?
  62. shouldnt superstars like triple h,mickie james and the undertaker be passing the torch?
  63. Do you think this is how wwe should split the unified tag titles?
  64. why so much hate for michelle mccool when the divas division is officially dead?
  65. Is there anybody else out there that also likes Chris Masters?
  66. Why is kane so afraid of may 19 and no its not his movie?
  67. Is Randy Orton a cool wrestler?
  68. If you werstled for the WWE what would be your character?
  69. did Bobby Lashley have chambers match b4 ?????
  70. Who is the best WWE superstar?
  71. Kurt Angle ankle lock very pain and effective ?????
  72. What was better, the old WWF or the old WCW?
  73. Which is the hottest and the sexiest wwe diva?
  74. Joe vs Sting or Aj vs Sting and a new e-fed.!!?
  75. In the history of the World Heavyweight Championship who has had the most memorable title...
  76. Why Christian no title shot at all ?????
  77. Who agrees WWE should bring back Goldberg and Stone Cold?
  78. What wrestler is a legend to you?
  79. How do u rate the wrestler named khali ?
  80. Who do you like more in the following?Rey Mysterio,Kurt Angle or Bobby Lashley?
  81. Do you like Chris Benoit,Triple H,Shawn Micheals,Undertaker,Batista,Re?
  82. Wrestling is for gay 40 year old men agree?
  83. How many of you like chris benoit?
  84. --------------Where can I find early 80's pics of WWF's Legion Of Doom at?
  85. In WWe What did Randy orton do to get suspended?
  86. How to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  87. Why do marks think that Randy Orton is a face now, when he showed a heel persona last night?
  88. If i was a WWE superstar, do you think WWE would let me have this as my theme song?
  89. Who would've won: a prime Ultimate Warrior or John Cena?
  90. Who had the worst night-Wrestlemania XIV?
  91. What is the perfect example of a gimmick making wrestler and not a wrestler making a wrestler?
  92. christian in wwe theme song?
  93. Do you prefer The Rock as a Heel or Face?
  94. if you were a WWE/TNA superstar?
  95. what would you do if undertaker's streak ended like this?
  96. Is alica keys married to dave batista?
  97. Will The Undertaker win at least 9 world titles before he retired?
  98. Why do people think Maryse is a better wrestler than Eve?
  99. what do u think of my 2010 draft predictions?
  100. Does anyone else agree that Randy Orton is going to get drafted?
  101. The WWE Divas should watch these divas matches (look inside) + rate them?
  102. Legacy vs. Evolution?
  103. WWE Champion John Cena Vince McMahon storyline?
  104. Why is Big Show so useless?
  105. who wants to bet TNA didnt get higher than a 0.9 rating?
  106. Did a wrestler ever respond to a comment u left them on facebook,myspace,etc?
  107. Does TNA need its own John Cena?
  108. EVE CANNOT WRESTLE!!! What now, Vince?
  109. which is better TNA or WWE?
  110. Who else is in love with Maryse?
  111. Drew McIntyre or Mr. Anderson?
  112. How sad is it that typical WWE fans don't even know what ROH is?
  113. Triple H or Kurt Angle?
  114. Does Vickie Guerrero Look hot in my Avatar?
  115. Why is Ted Dibiase Jr. even hired by a wrestling company?
  116. Is Chris Jericho in Love with Vickie Guerrero?
  117. Are WWE fans mad because TNA is TV-14 and their kiddie friendly watered down RAW is not?
  118. YAWWE Raw please choose winners and rate?
  119. Watch live WWE games online on pc? Where is live stream?
  120. Why is it? Details inside.?
  121. is John Morrison in love With Vickie Guerrero?
  122. Evan Bourne or Jeff Hardy?
  123. Hey how can I change my pic??? I want a picture I downloaded of HBK where do I go to upload it?
  124. Can Mickie surpass Trish? Can Beth surpass Chyna?
  125. There I finally got a pic of HBK for my pic don't you think that fits better?
  126. Eve Torres vs Maryse, rate the following categories?
  127. Do you really buy Swagger as championship material or even as a main eventer?
  128. what was the name of the song used at shawn michaels retirement?
  129. Why do people feel sorry for CHRIS BENOIT even though he killed his family?
  130. Who could be the next Tag-Team to be DISBANDED?
  131. Will Swagger be drafted to Smackdown since he is the WHC and Smackdown has no Champion?
  132. Who do you like more JOHN CENA or CHRIS BENOIT?
  133. Who are the faces that NEVER become corny?
  134. which retirement was more emotional for you, ric flair or shawn michaels?
  135. How much does Wrestlemania 26 cost on Cox?
  136. Edge vs. Chris Benoit. Who would win?
  137. Which wrestlers' theme music do you think is the best? (In both WWE and TNA)?
  138. What makes you keep watching wwe every week?
  140. wwe draft prediction on this year?
  141. Stone Cold Steve Austin or Mick Foley? + Very Important Bonus Question?
  142. why haven't we seen batista in action in a long time?
  143. Do you see any divas getting drafted this year?
  144. Your thoughts on Hogan ?
  145. do you think wwe should bring the hardcore title back.?
  146. Who will Edge get into a rivalry with now after Jericho?
  147. The majority of American wrestling fans are rasict?
  149. What was funny tonight on TNA iMPACT?
  151. does anyone agree that maryse is overrated? Looks wise?
  152. randy orton or john cena who is more talented?
  153. What did John Cena mean?
  154. Is the average wrestling fan's mind deluded enough to believe fantasy is reality, while reality
  155. whats your opinion on John Cena?
  156. Joe vs Sting or Aj vs Sting and a new e-fed.!!?
  157. jeff hardy coming back to wwe?
  158. Anyone else think John Cena entrance song is getting old/annoying?
  159. Ok..this is not exactly a question,but I would like to share this with my friends over...
  160. what are your opinions on david otunga overall?
  161. Diva Battle Royal on raw?
  162. What do you think of AJ Styles Baby Flair Gimmick?
  163. Who are the top 5 faces annd heels in WWE right now?
  164. wwe the miz:evolved, bq?
  165. Let the Y!A's Wrestling Section War begin! Who's better: WWE or TNA? Why?
  166. 10 Points to first Right Answer?
  167. TNA iMPACT! or WWE RAW?
  168. WWE Monday Night Raw?
  169. Did you like the Ladder match tonight?
  170. WILL undertaker enter world championship contention now? go after swagger?
  171. Which diva is your favorite in wwe?
  172. What would you rather see in this years Lethal Lockdown match?
  173. So now that WWE has created NXT will the use of jobbers end?
  174. I Am The New Member Of The Category (wrestling)?
  175. Where can I watch live WWE matches from my macbook?
  176. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 7th RAW.Is it good?
  177. What did you think about Orton VS Swagger on RAW?
  178. Are there any Rey Mysterio haters here?
  179. Do you think they should really get rid of the rematch clause?
  180. We have a new leader in The Wrestling Section, Chicago Knight has taken over The Dragon?
  181. Matt Striker the best Commentator in WWE right now?
  182. why do ppl hate on kofi kingston?
  183. Who do you Think is Hotter?
  184. What is so good about Maryse and Kelly Kelly?
  185. what would be your dream mixed tag team match?
  186. Does the Million Dollar Championship look cheap to you?
  187. Anyone remember Wrestling Society X? BQs?
  188. What was the most controversial moment in wrestling of all time?
  189. what wwe superstars should date?
  190. What happened could RVD not hold onto a beer bottle tonight or something?Storm gets a good
  191. Who is the best and worst between those wwe (smackdown) guys?
  192. How much money did Hogan and Hart make at WCW ?
  193. How to become a wwe wrestler?
  194. How long do you think Cena will hold the belt?
  195. lol Isnt the guest host on RAW tonight, PUNK from i love new york ?
  196. which wrestler/diva has the best ring attire?
  197. Does anyone else want Eve to beat Maryse in their title match?
  198. im 12 and i watch wwe but my friends watch tna should i switch?
  199. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  200. Lol Vickie Guerrero EXCUSE ME!!!?
  201. wrestlemani 26 spoilers?
  202. So what did you guys think of the Raw action last night?
  203. HBK Spoils His Retirement Plans For After WrestleMania 26?
  204. god bless vickie guerrero?
  205. Jack Swagger, are you kidding me?
  206. Wrestlemania tonight! Who Else Is Cheering For Jericho?!?
  207. who's the biggest heel in RAW in your opinion?
  208. Who is hotter John Cena or Randy Orton?
  209. ECW old school vs WWF attitude era?
  210. What do u think Rated R means?
  211. Will you answer this wrestling poll?
  212. Hulk Hogan returning at WM27?
  213. How come people want someone to get pushed, and when they do, they hate it?
  214. R.I.P. Innovator of Offense Chris Kanyon?
  215. What do Lady Gaga Justin Bieber have in common?
  216. WWE Needs an Actual Upper Mid Card/Mid Card belt and Three BQ?
  217. How can a Guest-Host compete for the Tag Team Championship?
  218. Rate my WWE dream card.?
  219. were did crysal go after the wedding runoff?
  220. How do you like the new Monster Abyss?
  221. why hasnt the wwe used curt hawkins?
  222. Holy F'... I Got My Top Contributer Badge?
  223. John Cena or Batista + E-Fed Signups?
  224. Okay why do we have a bunch of trolls talking nasty stuff in this section?
  225. Trivia:When did Triple H first use a Sledgehammer in Wrestling?
  226. do you agree with me?
  227. My WrestleMania XXVI review?
  228. Someone who is watching Wrestlemania right now, Who won in the 10 diva tag team match?
  229. in wresltemania 26 match?
  230. Do u think Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania XXVII will be a huge draw for the old school fans?
  231. Whether someone leaves from an injury or just talking a break do they always return as a face?
  232. Are there any Daffney fans here beside myself?
  233. Do you think the WWE should bring back the King of the Ring PPV?
  234. Who is your favorite WWE Diva?
  235. Why do some fans want JUST AND ONLY technical wrestling when...?
  236. female wrestling advice?
  237. IYO, is a wrestler who's 20-0 at WM and 9/10 time world champion the most sucessful WWE wrestler
  238. happy birthday randy!!!!?
  239. who else is mad that john cena won the title bakk?
  240. If you could play Smackdown vs Raw 2010 with any WWE superstar who would it be?
  241. How early before ppv matches do you think the wrestlers read the scripts?
  242. is john cena getting booed?
  243. Cena vs. Undertaker or Y2J vs Undertaker at WM 27?
  244. Is Shawn Michaels V.The Undertaker one of the world's most anticipated match up in history?
  245. Who do you think are some of the best villains in Wrestling History?
  246. What sounds better 17-1 or 18-0 I think 17- sounds better?
  247. You guys make it seem like?
  249. Who do u think will win @ WrestleMania 26?
  250. john cena is now level with 'the rock' at 9 world titles?
  251. Did you catch any of Ted Dibiase's money?
  252. TNA vs. WWE? Opinions on both.?
  253. What's the greatest WrestleMania non-main event match you've seen so far?
  254. How? Shelton Benjamin has just got released!!!!!!! Look inside guys!?
  255. Who are 5 greatest WWE/World Heavyweight Champion of all time?
  256. Thats not real wrastling!?
  257. make ur bets nowww winner gets the points?
  258. Are there any people over the age of 16 who likes John Cena?
  259. Which set of fans / marks are worse...?
  260. Are you ready for WWE Wrestlemania 26?
  261. Are you ready for WWE Wrestlemania 26?
  262. Which set of fans / marks are worse...?
  263. make ur bets nowww winner gets the points?
  264. Are there any people over the age of 16 who likes John Cena?
  265. Who are 5 greatest WWE/World Heavyweight Champion of all time?
  266. Thats not real wrastling!?
  267. How? Shelton Benjamin has just got released!!!!!!! Look inside guys!?
  268. What's the greatest WrestleMania non-main event match you've seen so far?
  269. TNA vs. WWE? Opinions on both.?
  270. Did you catch any of Ted Dibiase's money?
  272. You guys make it seem like?
  273. Who do u think will win @ WrestleMania 26?
  274. john cena is now level with 'the rock' at 9 world titles?
  275. Who do you think are some of the best villains in Wrestling History?
  276. What sounds better 17-1 or 18-0 I think 17- sounds better?
  277. Cena vs. Undertaker or Y2J vs Undertaker at WM 27?
  278. Is Shawn Michaels V.The Undertaker one of the world's most anticipated match up in history?
  279. Who are the most famous/popular pro wrestlers of all time?
  280. Will DiBiase and Rhodes keep Legacy going now?
  281. Are Wrestling fans Soccer fans as well?
  282. Who has the best finisher in TNA?
  283. Was Cryme Tyme's split long overdue?
  284. WWE Draft 2010: RAW Gets EDGE; SmackDown Gets John Cena: Agree or Disagree?
  285. Does the WWE even have the talent to pull of the Attitude Era? Would you consider this more
  286. I'm sorry(No Offense) Why Are WWE Fans Hypocrites and Losers, They Can't Accept TNA is better;
  287. which divas deserves a huge push? which diva do you wanna see get pushed?
  288. JTG or Shad, who'll have the better singles career?
  289. What is your favorite WWE tag-team ever?
  290. It's One Reason Why I'm Not Like The Other Company Fans I don't Report People, I read it,...
  291. I just don't get it, If You're a TNA Fan, Why Watch RAW, Watch Impact or Whatever It's Called,...
  292. Will Dancing with the stars hurt TNA and WWE in the ratings?
  293. During William Regal's career, do you think he has not gotten the respect he deserved? WQ+BQ inside?
  294. WWE Fans: Admit, If You Have Watched The Other Company Show, Did you get Bored and Fall
  295. Did anybody read what Dixie Carter said on twitter?
  296. Who's the hottest/ugliest superstar?
  297. Who All Thinks That Other Company Will End Up Like WCW This Year: Simply Say Yes or No?
  298. Eventually This is Going to Happen This Year: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk: Who Would You Want To Win?
  299. OMG TNA is gonna get a 8.1 Ratings Tonight,They're starting one hour early before RAW,OMG I'm
  300. What do you think about Vince not using Survivor Series from now?
  301. Do you like this guy?
  302. About ROH (Details inside)?
  303. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  304. What was RAW Homecoming?
  305. When do you think Jack Swagger will cash in his MitB opportunity?
  306. Who has the best in ring chemistry? the undertaker and Shawn Michaels or the rock and stone cold?
  307. How many years have these WWE Superstars got left on there contract?
  308. Do you think Wrestlers get to play a part in writing wrestling scripts?
  309. Why do people hate John Cena?
  310. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  311. Who was funnier back then, Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho?
  312. If John Cena and Randy Orton were the Unified Tag Champions, what would their name be?
  313. Just Imagine,If at WrestleMania, Biggest Star of 80's vs. Biggest Star of 90's: Hulk
  314. Check This Video Out: Is This Not Batista's Most Dominant Win?
  315. Should Randy Orton stay on RAWm or get Drafted to RAW: (Read Details Below)?
  316. Do you consider that being a Legit Tap-Out at WrestleMania XXVI, well Batista was really
  317. Who Would Like To See Another Batista/Triple H Fued; Remember Triple H has never defeated Batista
  318. Just Saying: Why Do TNA Fans Keep Asking Questions About the WWE: Worry About That Company,Not The
  319. What do you think of my wrestlemania 27 card? (see details)?
  320. New Evolution: Triple H, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus: Would You Agree?
  321. Who would you say was bigger in 2009 John Cena or Randy Orton?
  322. Is Batista the only Superstar that has defeated Deadman The Undertaker,one on
  323. who is better in these categories, shawn micheals or undertaker or chris jericho?
  324. Do you think TNA needs a midcard title? what would you call it?
  325. who thinks john cena should go back to being heel?
  326. do you think aj has had the title to long?
  327. Where can I watch WWE wrestling through the internet live ?
  328. Who is the best WWE wrestler who turned actor?
  329. Everybody just admit, Batista is the Best/Top Heel in The WWE: Mic Skills/Ability Overall:?
  330. who is a bigger legend at wrestlemania, stone cold or hulk hogan?
  331. randy orton and michelle mcool?
  332. whos better??????????
  333. Generation Me (Max and Jeremy)?
  334. Who are some legends that never faced Shawn Michaels even though they had a chance?
  335. best asian wrestler ever?
  336. who is the future and the past of the wwe?
  337. Shawn Michaels for HOF next year. If not who should be the biggest inductee?
  338. Hey! just wanted to know.. have you ever met a WWE wrestler or diva?
  339. why do people like even bourne so much?
  340. Why did almost everyone go crazy when Sheamus won the WWE title, but when Swagger won the WHC
  341. was the montreal screwjob scripted?
  342. Rey Mysterio retires in 3 years?
  343. Quick! Name the top 5 heels in WWE?
  344. Is this Wrestlemania 27 match card really gonna happen or is it just a rumor?
  345. is it bad that i watch wwe and im 12?
  346. What should I do????
  347. whos the worst wwe wrestler ever?
  348. Does anyone else miss JBL?
  349. Do you think a WCW Magazine is valuable?
  350. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  351. Shawn Michaels Trivia. 11 questions. First to get all right, BA?
  352. What would you do to win in these matches that you're in?
  353. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  354. Is it true that CHRIS BENOIT made WWE change to a PG rating?
  355. Who thinks HBK could take over and be the general manager of raw?
  356. What would you do if........?
  357. Can you pick a match winner below?
  358. What are the only four moves that John Cena does?
  359. What WWE Superstars Sing Thier Entrance Song?
  360. Few questions about HHH?
  361. Is this real, Undertaker Died?
  362. How could Cena turn heel soon?
  363. Is John Cena a closet champion, as displayed in this video below?
  364. What would you rather do Run your own wrestling promotion or be a wrestler?
  365. randy orton or beth phoenix?
  366. Who should be Undertaker's opponent for Wrestlemania 27? (Options inside)?
  367. When will WWE fans learn that Ring Of Honor has better wrestling?
  368. Do you Think Maryse Regrets Doing Playboy?
  369. Can we please stop this WWE vs TNA war?
  370. Who would Win This WWE triple threat?
  371. So since HBK is outta WWE, do you think that HBK will prolly go to TNA?
  372. Who do you hate the most, JOHN CENA, CHRIS BENOIT, CM PUNK OR JACK SWAGGER?
  373. Who else saw on smackdown.....?
  374. Not a Cena-Hater, But Cena use to be good in (2004-2007)but when 2008-2010 He has really...
  375. i wish wwe would bring back the General manager role?
  376. King Trell (WWE-Mark) how am i a mark?
  377. how did vince not see deanjilo deneros charisma?
  378. Did the WWE make a mistake by hiring Ultimate Warrior instead of Sting?who would win:warrior...
  379. WWE WrestleMania XXVII (4/3/11): Would You Buy This PPV and Do You Think It's Good (Rate Card)?
  380. Which match is better.. Wrestlemania 25 or 26, The match is HBK V/S Taker.?
  381. Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 Help!?
  382. Is Rebecca Michaels a wrestler?
  383. How can I watch WWE wrestling live online?
  384. wasn't batista vs cena summerslam 08 better than their match at wrestlemania?
  385. Best Fued of the WWE: Since 2005-2010: Batista vs. The Undertaker (Read Details Below)
  386. Star if you think The Attitude Era is better than the PG Era?
  387. what will happen at the 2010 wwe draft?
  388. how are these wrestlers wasting there time in tna?
  389. When will Yahoo Answers put the word WWE and TNA in their dictionary!!!?
  390. do u know what would be cool?
  391. what wrestlemania was better 25 or 26?
  392. Now that Truth and Wisdom has been disbanded?
  393. wwe is to predictable and boring=]?
  394. WWE Divas vs TNA Knockouts + BQ!?
  395. One More Question:TNA Fans don't watch RAW,Watch Impact:Thank You Very Much: Is it
  396. SmackDown or RAW, which was better this week?
  397. Fact:Santino Marella vs. Hornswoggle can get more Ratings Then TNA Ever Could: Agree or Disagree?
  398. whose leaving the wwe would be as emotional as shawn michaels?
  399. what is the worst john cena match ever?
  400. Do you think The Undertaker paved the way for monster gimmicks?
  401. who do you think undertaker's opponent will be at wrestlemania 27?
  402. what rivalry would not want to see again cena vs orton or hhh vs orton?
  403. Should Undertaker and HBK have 1 more match?
  404. Why Can't TNA realize they can't beat WWE, WWE is just the best company period (regardless)?
  405. im 12 and i started watching wwe in 2007 is that bad?
  406. ok to every wwe fan that say.....?
  407. Is Chris Jericho dead??
  408. Do you think Hogan is out to sabotage TNA?
  409. Why does Chris Jericho walk weird on his way to the ring?
  410. Who do you think will win?
  411. Who has the ability to beat Taker in W.M. 27?
  412. top 5 in wwe... what do you think?
  413. What do you think TNA's ratings will be tomorrow?
  414. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  415. Why don't The WWE realize Kane is a champion?
  416. why is every wwe fan saying....?
  417. WWE SURVEY ! :D 18 QUESTIONS 3?
  418. Maybe if TNA Fans Stop Complaining and Shut Up, I will,but just face the FACT,WWE is better
  419. who is the most underrated and ovverrated superstar in wwe?
  420. cm punk or randy orton who is more talented?
  421. Why are people on this section so boring here tonight?
  422. How Would This Headline Sound: Drew McIntyre or John Morrison defeating John Cena for The...
  423. where can i watch smackdown online TONIGHT right now?
  424. History of World Heavyweight Championship ????????
  425. Why isn't Miss Elizabeth in the HOF?
  426. Who's Better Overall Ability/Achievements: Bret The Hitman Hart or HBK Shawn Micheals?
  427. Since when did you have to use your rematch clause for the Championship the night you lose it?
  428. If you're a smackdown fan do you hope this happens?
  429. What was tonight's main event on Smackdown?
  430. Let's All Be Honest, Has John Cena really defeated Batista and The Undertaker?
  431. History of WWE Intercontinental Championship ?????
  432. History of the WWE Championship ???????
  433. Is Swagger the new Edge?
  434. Who Would Win: Beth Phoenix vs. Chyna?
  435. How Does This Sound: World Heavyweight Championship Match: (C)Jack Swagger vs. Shelton Benjamin?
  436. What happened to Chris Jericho's rematch clause ?
  437. CM Punk history in WWE ???????
  438. What do you think about my Extreme Rules Card and Predictions?
  439. Jack Swagger is the New World Heavyweight Champion,Now Is He Face or Heel and How Do You
  440. Will we see Undertaker and Kane face the NXT rookies?
  441. AJ Styles history in TNA ???
  442. Randy Orton's history as legend killer ???????
  443. Should Undertaker's Devil's Gate be banned again by WWE?
  444. Do you think Kurt Angle would be just as successful in mma as in wrestling?
  445. Jack Swagger cashes in and wins world title - Is that Genuine Excitement?
  446. Ric Flair good legend ??????
  447. Simple Question: Has John Cena ever defeated The Deadman, Immortal, Legendary, The Undertaker?
  448. Was Kofi Kingston Feud with Randy Orton for nothing?
  449. WWE Should Bring Back Evolution and Nation of Domination (Read Details Below)?
  450. Did you know that Chris Jericho is only the second WWE superstar to defend the World Title at mania?
  451. Could Jack Swagger be WWE's new Kurt Angle?
  452. who still watches wrestling?
  453. Who's The Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock Replacements of Today or This Generation?
  454. Batista great or suck in WWE ???????
  455. Isn't it Ironic, Y2J Made MITB, Edge won MITB Twice, Swagger cashed it in on Y2J: Now it
  456. Who Was The Greatest WWE Superstar Ever: Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Rock?
  457. Since Batista is taking some time off,Who Should End John Cena's Reign,:Choose Somebody
  458. Who Would You Rather Want John Cena losing the WWE Championship to, Drew McIntyre or John Morrison?
  459. Batista vs. Brock Lesnar: Who's Better and Who Would Win?
  460. Who Was Better Overall: (Career/Achievements/Matches): Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?
  461. Who's More Overrated (No Offense): John Cena or Hulk Hogan?
  462. R.I.P. To These Two Superstars, But Who Was Better: Chris Benoit or Eddie Guerrero?
  463. Jack Swagger is your new world heveyweaght champ!!!?
  464. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  465. John Cena great actor and wrestler ?????????? or not ?????
  466. Does anyone else think the WCW title was a joke?
  467. Did Jack Swagger fill the hole that Shawn Michaels left in the Main Event scene?
  468. Who's Better Overall: The Undertaker or Sting?
  469. I am scarred for life after seeing mark henry in that hot tub?
  470. Did HBK retiring give WWE a wake up?
  471. If you're in a fight in real life and you use wrestling moves on someone could you kill them?
  472. WWE Draft 2010: (Predictions) Tell Me What You Think, Give Me Your Opinion?
  473. Do you think the reason why is NXT rookie is hosting Raw is because?
  474. What do you think WWE Over The Limit is about?
  475. What features and match types would you like to see in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011?
  476. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Tell Me What Do You Think Of The Card?
  477. Since Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, and Gregory Helms attended UFC the Fight Night together do you
  478. WrestleMania 27: Possible Match-Ups: Give Opinions?
  479. WrestleMania 27: The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho or The Undertaker vs. John Cena or The...
  480. Who has the best and worst themes in the WWE today?
  481. who are the top 5 greatest divas, based on skill,entertainment,and beauty all into one?
  482. Who's the darkest guy in WWE?
  483. Could Batista Bring The Attitude Era Back Because of Monday Night RAW, he stook his Middle
  484. Do you think Jack Swagger will be a full Maineventer now, or will this push be just like
  485. Wrestlemania 27 Match Card?
  486. Do WWE not realise half the people they release go to TNA?
  487. Vickie Guererro or Stephanie McMahon?
  488. Do you think TNA Wrestling is a ticking timebomb waiting to self-destruct and destroy
  489. What ever happened to Muhammed Hassan?
  490. have you noticed mark henry is starting to become a joke?
  491. who do you consider the top 5 best performers at wrestlemania ever(+bq)?
  492. Where do you think WrestleMania 28 should be?
  493. Do you guys think that The Miz has what is takes to be WWE/World Heavyweight Champion?
  494. If you were a wrestler?
  495. Who would win the Royal Rumble?
  496. Can you make up a name combo with your favorite wrestlers like: ?
  497. Is WWE racist against african american wrestlers?
  498. What do you think about the Nasties release from TNA?
  499. Whos worse? Micheal Cole or Vince Russo?
  500. Miss Money In the Bank Ladder Match?