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  1. Who is currently the person who makes you laugh the most in wrestling?
  2. Can I watch live WWE or TNA wrestling online free?
  3. I hate it when there is someone stronger?
  4. why does everyone say HBK has come the closest to ending the undertaker's streak when kane is?
  5. whod win in a match between jack and jerry brisco,the mario brothers,bobby lashley and brock
  6. When will the Hart Dynasty feud with The Straight Edge Society?
  7. Name me a Michelle McCool slogan that a male would wear on a shirt?
  8. Do you hate John Morrison for what he did on Smackdown?
  9. What was the best year in WWE History?
  10. To Blair WS user,have you read your emails?
  11. is Kurt Angle the best overall wrestler today?
  12. name some male wrestlers awesome kong can beat in a wrestling match?
  13. who is a better wrestler and who looks better angelina love or maryse?
  14. tough enough or nxt which is better?
  15. Is John Cena the Most Boring and Overpushed Superstar of All Time?
  16. what titles do you like better?
  17. if you could create a faction with up to five people who would you put in it?
  18. Ultimate WWE/TNA Poll?
  19. Whod win a 10 man elimination tag team like this?
  20. Who wants to see another battle of the sexes match?
  21. Do you think the WWE should stop with Swagger's speech problem?
  22. what makes orlando jordan different from goldust?
  23. Is Chris Jericho really the Best in the World at what he does?
  24. Maryse or Eve Torres(Who for Diva's Champion)?
  25. Would Shawn Michaels take on the GM's position?
  26. Do you prefer Entertainment or Wrestling in a wrestling company.?
  27. Currently, who is the best commentator in the WWE?
  28. Does MJ still have a rematch for the Womens Title?
  29. Why does the users of the WS ask some useless questions?
  30. is Eddie Guererro more Submission wrestler than Techincal wrestler or is it just me?
  31. Does anyone else think Angelina Love and TBP are all overrated?
  32. Who is the current holder of the WWE Championship and World heavyweight champion?
  33. BOOKER T POLL! Did You Say That?
  34. What wrestler do you think is most dedicated to his/her work?
  35. Why cant people understand that WWE beats TNA in viewers not wrestling?
  36. WS Poll: Howard Finkel or Lillian Garcia?
  37. Anyone got any Wrestling JOKES + BQ's?
  38. Does Mick Foley have Tourette's syndrome?
  39. Which TNA Knockout has the best speaking skills on the mic?
  40. who likes HBKs tribute tshirt?
  41. Who's better: Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin?
  42. what PPV do you miss most?
  43. IYO (In your opinion) what was/is the greatest faction in Wrestling history?
  44. Best Dream Card Ever: Your Opinion?
  45. Why do WWE fans refuse to accept the truth?
  46. Would you take a Shooting Star Press from Big Show?
  47. Why won't they have a Wrestlemania oversees (like in London, England for instance)?
  48. Who is CURRENTLY better? John Cena or The Undertaker?
  49. if wwe were to reinstate the hardcore championship who do you think would be champ?
  50. Who do you think has a better future in the WWE?
  51. Please i wanna do this then ill stop after its done only ( 14 Slots Left :) )?
  52. When will the Draft happen?
  53. Should TNA go back to a 6 Sided Ring?
  54. Guyes ... Do You Think That HBK Will Ever Come Back To WWE .. Or This is a Dream That Will Never
  55. What is a worse move Dixie Carter hiring Hogan and Bischoff or Vince McMahon Creating the guest
  56. Extreme rules match card?
  57. was mr kennedy fired by wwe? why? a nd where is he? trying to be movie star?
  58. In your opinion, who is the hottest diva today? yesterday?
  59. Of the 3 Hulk Hogan Demandments which is the most important?
  60. would you like to see Miz vs Show for the US title?
  61. To whom do u think The Streak means more: The Undertaker or The Fans?
  62. what is wwe doing with kofi kingston?
  63. WHC design vs wwe championship design?
  64. is Jeff hardy older than Matt?
  65. whos the best heel/face in wwe?
  66. Look At This Video: Batista Owned Stone Cold: Agree or Disagree?
  67. what tittle should wwe bring back?
  68. if EDGE gets drafted to RAW do you see him useing?
  69. No Offense to John L Guy, You're a Hypocrite, saying you watch WWE, and you talk about them...
  70. why does CM PUNK think he's Jesus?
  71. who would win this 10 man tag match, all in there prime?
  72. And your new Unified WWE Tag Team Champions? SPOILER!?
  73. who is most deserving of a tittle in wwe?
  74. Besides Beth and Natalya, who is the strongest current diva?
  75. Is the WWE playing the role of NWA?
  76. Vader set to guest host raw May 24th.What is your opinions and is this a good host?
  77. Do you think Jake Roberts would have made great world champion if he didn't let drugs ruin
  78. If the WWE turns MVP heel again would you like him to get his original entrance back?
  79. did you notice that wrestlers show more of there move set and put on better matches as faces?
  80. Consipiracy theory about why Hogan is involved with TNA?What if it is a ploy to get his son
  81. Why Do TNA Fans Always make Excuses;But Can't Never Admit,WWE is the better Company Overall;They
  82. who's career would you rather have shawn micheals or the undertaker's?
  83. Drew McIntyre Sheamus vs Kurt Angle (Heel) Samoa Joe?
  84. Could a tag team of both heel and face work for being a great tag team?WHy or why not?
  85. Why Do People Say TNA has a better show than WWE; if WWE still gets better Ratings than
  86. on a scale 1 to 10, how big of a challenge would these guys be to the undertaker at wrestlemania?
  87. If Maryse was in a match vs Awesome Kong would you still root for her?
  88. Smackdown vs Raw 2010 List of Environmental Grapples?
  89. jtg and shad wwe, bq?
  90. whats the name of Drew McIntyres theme song?
  91. What had this section more divided?
  92. Who or what would you like to see the WWE release a DVD of in the future?
  93. Were you surprised that Shawn Michaels Farewell on RAW drew a 3.8?
  94. In WWE, do the World Titles change hands to often?
  95. Why was Daniels released from TNA?
  96. Drew and Sheamus, better rivals or better Tag-Team?
  97. Shouldn't TNA have TNA Films?
  98. What's your WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2010?
  99. do you like my WWE vs TNA list matches?
  100. Should WWE and TNA unite in the war against UFC?
  101. What are the chances of this happening with the Undertaker+BQ?
  102. is it me or did jack swagger change since becoming champion?
  103. Ho would you react if Matt Hardy won the IC title off McIntyre at Extreme Rules in a Ladder match?
  104. If the Undertaker wasn't undefeated, who would you want to be?
  105. Why do you watch WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  106. What is you think is the best wwe diva in 2010?
  107. How long will Jack Swagger be champion?
  108. In a tables match can you win also by picking up the table and smashing it on your opponent?
  109. WWE Draft 2010: Predictions that can make the WWE More Interesting; Agree or Diagree?
  110. how many tag teams has broken up in wwe?
  111. Do wrestling fans tend to focus on a wrestler's build up more than their wrestling ability/skill?
  112. What would be a good name for the Team Undertaker vs Team HBK war we had a few weeks ago?
  113. who felt that shad was...?
  114. what will be in svr 2011?
  115. If I like a girl should I tell her I like wrestling too?
  116. Why are there so many PPVs nowadays?
  117. What are your favorite Attitude Era moments?
  118. Which WWE Diva of all time would you?
  119. Please people just do this :( come on !!?
  120. Was Booker T underrated in WWE TNA?
  121. hey wwe fans and tna fans and roh fans and ufc fans am i crazy?
  122. Why can't we all just get along?
  123. Why is The Miz in the Smackdown opening? +BQ?
  124. Who would win in these matches?
  125. A new Heel faction the WWE?
  126. If u were a wrestler whose gimmick would u steal?
  127. What should Orlando Jordan's finishing move be?
  128. What do you guys think about Eve Torres?
  129. When was the last time Orton smiled?
  130. Can anybody Stand the Bella twins?
  131. If Eve Torres win's the Diva's Championship do you think she will wear it around her chin?
  132. who is the prettiest out of these past/present divas, stacey keibler,layla,melina, or trish stratus?
  133. What do you hate most about wrestling plus UWA Kronic voting?
  134. Who Had The Worst Week?
  135. Eve Torres or Maryse?
  136. Who are the top 10 most overrated underrated WWE wrestlers of all time?
  137. Do you think Shad should just get into a really dominant tag team with Ezekiel Jackson?
  138. is there any good wrestling schools in new york?
  139. Will John Cena lose at extreme rules, will he go to smackdown?
  140. out of these men, who was the greatest wrestler of the 90's in these categories?
  141. Does the dudebusters reminds you of?
  142. what exactly is jack swaggers speech impediment?
  143. If you could, would you ban spoilers from goin on the internet?
  144. Lets be honest John Cena is a good champion?
  145. did anyone notice matt striker call tyson kid tyson smith?
  146. WWE Draft 2010 (Predictions): Agree or Disagree; Tell Me What You Think?
  147. WWE Extreme Rules (Predictions): What Do You Think;?
  148. Do you think the Dude-Busters Will Last in the WWE:?
  149. How did they pull of the Paul Bearer getting buried with concrete during Taker vs. Dudley's match?
  150. Randy Orton should be Drafted to SmackDown Because: (Read Details Below)?
  151. Who does a better job with storylines and younger talent Bischoff or Russo?
  152. Maybe The A-List David Otuga could be a Superstar in the WWE; He has the charisma, Do You Agree?
  153. what's the deal with the referee and stopping the match on smackdown?
  154. Who will John Cena pass the torch on too?
  155. Do you think we will see a Mcentyre vs Undertaker feud soon?
  156. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  157. What's entertaining about oily men in speedos engaging in a fake fight?
  158. WS Poll: Dude or BeeRad (Bigger d!ck head) + BQ's?
  159. Why do WWE fans like to spend their Friday Nights talking about fake wrestling?
  160. Did Eddie Guerrero bleed because he messed up with a blade or did he bleed without a blade?
  161. Currently in the WWE, which diva...?
  162. Why do WWE fans get excited over who wins a fake belt in a fake fight?
  163. Has someone got a link of a full Hard 10 match?
  164. Justin Gabriel or Heath Slater, who's better?
  165. Why are you watching the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  166. Would wrestler's such as Flair or Bret Hart make it in today's wrestling environment?
  167. What's so prestigious about a fake belt won in a fake fight in a pre-determined nature.?
  168. Is John Cena more like Hogan or Warrior?
  169. Do you also find it hard distinguishing between a gay at a gay parade and a wrestling fan at a...
  170. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  171. Would John Morrison and Edge make a good tag team?
  172. What was the best year of wrestling?
  173. Do you think Drew McIntyre should keep his current entrance theme, modify it, or use another one?
  174. Who will be Undertaker opponent at WM 27?
  175. When will JONH SENA get a title shot?
  176. Do you think The Undertaker will have 8th world title reign before the end of this year?
  177. Will Awesome Kong be in the WWE by year's end?
  178. Is the Miz's gimmick overrated?
  179. Are Matt Damon and John Cena related?
  180. What do you think of Bishoff firing Daniels?
  181. Judging from movies made by wrestlers who has been the best actor so far?
  182. When will Booker T and Joey Mercury be retuning to WWE?
  183. What do u think of this Wrestlemania XXVII prediction card (inside)?
  184. So far, what is your WWE Feud of The Year and why?
  185. What if...after retiring HBK (twice), Taker retires HHH too at some point? How will u react?
  186. What would you say Undertaker's role has been in the WWE?
  187. Was the writers and booking team better in WCW prior to Russo ariving and are the still
  188. Who brings a nostalgic feeling of Old School Days of Wrestling more: Undertaker or Triple H? Why?
  189. Who would win in these matches?
  190. RWF PrimeTime Week 4 Announcement?
  191. do you think jack swaggers title reign is gonna get ruined?
  192. Is Haas looking out for his former tag partner and should Shelton resign?
  193. Who had the worst evening--Thursday Afternoon SmackDown? BQ + Details Inside?
  194. Who will receive the biggest slap if Cena ends The Streak next year: Taker, his fans, or his past
  195. What are your top ten all time favorite wrestling themes?
  196. If you could go back in time and put a world title on any superstar who never held one
  197. Who would win in these matches?
  198. Why do WWE fans like to watch oiled up men in underwear groping each other?
  199. Who would win the following TNA vs WWE matches?
  200. What do you think about McCool and Layla calling Beth Phoenix a man on Superstars?
  201. John Cena (Marine Gimmick) The Rock vs 8 NXT Rookies Wrestlers?
  202. What are your opinions on Dave Meltzer's Wrestlemania 26 Match Ratings? Plus Interesting BQ!?
  203. should wwe make smackdown here comes the pain again ? plus BQ?
  204. Were you happy the Nasties got the axe?
  205. Where to watch WWE Smackdown online tonight?
  206. I can't decide on my new wrestling attire?
  207. who would win this traditional survivor series match WWE VS TNA?
  208. Who sings RVD's TNA Theme Song + WQ?
  209. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 7th ever SD.Is it good?
  210. on last mon. nite TNA live what did Hamada say in japanese?
  211. I made a mistake on my last question?
  212. is there a gold tip on the WHC on tv?
  213. Are Buried alive and Casket matches to hardcore for the WWE now?
  214. Who wants to see a Daniel Bryan vs The Miz rivalry?
  215. would you like to join my fantasy league?
  216. Do you think we will ever see a HBK vs Undertaker WS war again?
  217. Y does The WWE Keep on making Cena the best at every thing 4!?
  218. Would you like to join my league?
  219. Since we will never see the attitude era again The WWE is now PG should they?
  220. Can you lose the top contibutor or will you always have it?
  221. What gimmick match will undertaker be known for?
  222. Is anyone else absolutely in LOVE with Maryse Ouellet?
  223. Which is the Best wwe Screw Job ever?
  224. What would annoy you more?
  225. Wait, i dont get it? Help Please? + BQ?
  226. WS Poll: Taker vs Y2J or Taker vs Cena (at WM27)?
  227. Can you help me with this simile: Wrestling fans and gayness go together like...?
  228. Who talks with their tongue more: Sheamus or Jack Swagger?
  229. Are Duke Rotundo Mike Rotundo still FCW World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions?
  230. Who's better: Awesome Kong (TNA) or Beth Phoenix (WWE)?
  231. Who has a bigger bottom: Naomi Knight (FCW) or Mickie James (WWE)?
  232. Who would win in these matches?
  233. Who's stronger: Rob Terry or Batista?
  234. Brand New E-Fed! Signup now before it's too late!?
  235. Please i wanna do this then ill stop asking you people after its done only ( 13 Slots Left :) )?
  236. Would you like to see the US title go back to SD and...?
  237. The next ARGUMENT to SPLIT the Wrestling Section?
  238. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  239. Is joining the ARMY a good place for a BLACK MAN?
  240. If Cena Left WWE, How Do You Think The WWE Would change?
  241. Why is Haas being an ass?
  242. Is it true Paul Heyman is going to bring back ECW?
  243. Who Is The Greatest Wrestler In The WWE Today?
  244. Who's better: Sheamus or Jack Swagger?
  245. Chavo Guerrero is no main event material, but he is certainly better than this?(more inside)?
  246. How come people say Undertaker's streak is overrated because it is scripted?
  247. Why do wrestling smarks hate the undertaker so much?
  248. Do people even realize how good Tyson Kidd is?
  249. Am I young enough to wrestle without getting hurt?
  250. Watch WWE Smackdown on the Internet tonight? What site do I use?
  251. Shortest match ever!?
  252. IF Mickie = Trish, Beth = Chyna, then MELINA = ?
  253. POLL: Battle of the show theme songs (bit of a fun question)...?
  254. Who is better Eddie Guerrero or Mr. Perfect?
  255. Who made the tougher heel boss Bischoff or Vince and why?Who do you like better on the mic?
  256. Who is more Hardcore Foley,Terry Funk,Sandman,or Tommy Dreamer?Why?
  257. Should VIckie Guerrero manage The Undertaker?
  258. Could TNA have some of there star dish some dirt on the WWE and Vince to make for compelling
  259. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  260. JTG or Shad? Will Be More Dominate?
  261. Define Vickie Guerrero?
  262. Is the whole reason WWE is PG right now just because Linda is running for public office...
  263. Why does John Cena make us want to feel sorry for him?
  264. This year, would u rather see a big Taker vs HHH feud or BOD's run as undisputed tag champ?
  265. Was Wrestlemania XXVI the WM with the worst commentary of all time?
  266. What kind of non-related things with his current feud will Sheamus speak of next week?
  267. Since Shawn Michaels is no longer in WWE, do u think the fans would take kindly of ANYONE who ends
  268. IYO, from the scale 1-10, how deserving it is for Ted DiBiase Jr to end The Streak? Why?
  269. Do you think Undertaker is the current most consistent Wrestlemania performer in WWE?
  270. Why are TNA fans (Marks) so sensitive?
  271. If Goldberg really returns to wrestle one more match at Wrestlemania XXVII, who do u think...
  272. is randy going 2 become the next wwe champion?
  273. What do you think of this?
  274. Is Big Show really ALL fat?
  275. Isn't WWE's tag team division a joke...?
  276. Which picture does Michelle McCool look hottest in?
  277. Worst Night-Superstars?
  278. What is your favorite promo you have ever seen?
  279. don't you miss the old batista?
  280. MMA: Marius Pudznianowski (World's Strongest Man) x Choi Hong-Man? Who would win? Why?
  281. What is the Best signature Move, ever!?
  282. Who would win this match?
  283. Who is the most intellegent wrestler in the WWE?
  284. YAWA Elimination Chamber Late Posting Part 1.?
  285. Who are the most popular wrestlers in wwe?
  286. Who is better Undertaker or the great Khali?
  287. Should violent sports be banned?
  288. Will Randy Orton Be The Champ????Need Ur answer...?
  289. If There Was A Triple H Fan Club, Would You Join ?
  290. Who will beat john cena if any one can?
  291. I want john cena to stay good not to turn bad?
  292. Is it right for ppl to judge us girls that watch wresling cause its so violent?
  293. Is it right for ppl to judge us girls that watch wresling cause its so violent?
  294. Who's your favorite diva in the WWE?
  295. Is Rey Mysterio 30 ??????
  296. Who wants to see HHH hold the wwe title again?
  297. Did pro wrestler and former world heavyweight champion Batista take steroids?
  298. Could we see a TNA ECW?
  299. What would happen if WWE went back to TV 14?
  300. What is your fav wwe superstar?(mine is kurt angle and has been for 5 years)?
  301. Do you think John Cena Can beat Stone cold Steve Austin?
  302. Do you love Cena ?????????/?
  303. Best wrestling Match?.......?
  304. Is WWE fake fighting or is it real fighting?
  305. whitch themes do you like better?
  306. Do you think wrestling in this era is more about popularity then wrestling?
  307. Should HHH and Stephanie be back together...?
  308. Who is the greatest ever WWE champion?
  309. Who knows how to get a six pack?
  310. The Rock says..................?
  311. Do u think john cena deserves to be the champ?
  312. Do the miz and the big show make a cute couple?
  313. Do you have a collection of wrestling DVD's?
  314. Who has better mic skills Cody rhodes or Ted d?
  315. Who leads showmiz the big show or the miz?
  316. Is Randy Orton white or mixed race?
  317. is WWE Randy Orton cute?
  318. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  319. Where can i find R-Truth Theme Song?
  320. If The Undertaker and Michelle Mccool ever got married were would be a great place for their
  321. WWE Draft 2010;(Predictions): WWE Rosters After The WWE Draft?
  322. Who do you think is most likely to face Undertaker at WM27?
  323. A Legends vs Current superstars pay per view?
  324. Bret Hart, Ric Flair, or Shawn Michaels?
  325. What do you think of wrestler John Cena?
  326. Is the WWE actually scripted?
  327. Who likes/hates John Cena?
  328. Would you feel comfortable wrestling a GAY WRESTLER?
  329. Can WWE be a little more creative than Fatal Four Way? +BQs?
  330. Am I the only one who thinks that David Otunga and Armando Estrada looked alike?
  331. WWE Draft 2010 (Predictions): Pick Your Draft Picks: Six Superstars To RAW and SmackDown...
  332. Who is the smallest wrestler in the WWE?
  333. Will Consequences Creed come to WWE?
  334. Which wrestler you want to clone the most?
  335. Why would TNA sign a GAY WRESTLER?
  336. Does WCW World title reigns during the Invasion storyline in 2001 count as a world title win...
  337. WWE what's your opinion?
  338. 3 hr RAW special June 7th?
  339. I get hard watching WWE, but I get harder watching UFC?
  341. Freshman wrestler 103 pounds varsity this year, 103 next year?
  342. I MUST become a pro wrestler/diva ..after i graduate?
  343. Triple H Shawn Michaels as DX vs 8 NXT Rookies Wrestlers?
  344. If TNA was the first company and was were WWE is now would WWE as the newer company still beat TNA?
  345. What match has the WWE or WHC changed hands the most in?
  346. Wrestling Universe...Is it just me or do...?
  347. Would it have been cool to see HBK and Undertaker be a tag team for awhile?
  348. Tiger Woods has signed a contract with WWE?
  349. YAWA Elimination Chamber Late Voting.?
  350. lol Why do people still like CHRIS BENOIT even though he killed his family?
  351. Who has the largest and most varied moveset in the WWE currently?
  352. Who is your favorite WWE Wrestler?
  353. You would rather watch paint dry than watch _________ try to wrestle?
  354. Which stream is better for watching wrestling?
  355. How come the same people that want to attitude era back are?
  356. Why were wrestlers so fat back then?
  357. UFC is MUCH BETTER than the fake WWE crap, True or Agree?
  358. Where can I find the Rocks WWF theme from 1999? ( Corporate Theme)?
  359. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  360. if there was a ppv called Battle of legends....what would be your card?
  361. Why do people hate JOHN CENA CHRIS BENOIT?
  362. Yes im so glad shawn has left-he spent too long in the wwe and should have retired years ago?
  363. Do you hope Jericho wins 2011 Royal Rumble and turns face?
  364. should this be the miz's song?
  365. Why is every question in the wrestling section full of marks?
  366. Is Shawn Micheals really retired for good ?
  367. what is the ppv money in the bank for and over the limit?
  368. Is JOHN CENA a real Marine?
  369. who do u think is better?
  370. Where to watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  371. Who is currently the user with the oldest Y!A account who answers questions daily in the WS?
  372. What do you think about wrestler HULK HOGAN?
  373. Is WWE trying to make people think Daniel Bryan can't wrestle?
  374. What two divas had the best in-ring CHEMISTRY?
  375. Do you think Randy Orton is cute in this photo?
  376. Can someone find me a download link to Trish Stratus Theme song Time to Rock and Roll?
  377. Who's John Cena's wife?
  378. Who's the Hottest/Ugliest knockout currently?
  379. Who's hotter, Maryse or Gail Kim?
  380. Undertaker drafted to Raw and WWE Champion John Cena drafted to Smackdown?
  381. Did you know Jack Swagger is no longer a Raw superstar?
  382. Now that ECW is gone do you think this year's draft is going to be great?
  383. edge is mr money check this out all facts?
  384. Did you know that the Undertaker's streak took a break one year?
  385. Do you ever snap into a Slim Jim?
  386. edge is the best wwe super star ever in mitb?
  387. The Undertaker vs Sting, Streak vs Career?
  388. READ!!!!!!!!!! Why I will watch TNA over WWE?
  389. Whats TNA's next move?
  390. In your opinion, who is the best wrestler of all time?
  391. What is the best storyline for Kozlov if he ever comes back?
  392. Wrestlemania 2000 vs Wrestlemania XXVI: How have times changed after 10 years?
  393. How would you react if WWE bans the use of ropes?
  394. An Undertaker and HBK question?
  395. Is it kind of odd to Extreme Rules without any ECW guys in the show?
  396. I was wondering how would i become a wrestler?
  397. Was it REALLY surprising that iMPACT moved to 8pm on Monday Nights?
  398. Why do people say that John Cena vs The Rock would be the greatest match in wrestling history?
  399. Who was the top heel of 2004?
  400. Which cartoon character you want to guest host RAW?
  401. Just my Summerslam 2010?
  402. What do you Y!A think of ME?
  403. Which match would be more exciting for Wrestlemania 27?
  404. Am I the only one that hates how some of the women in wrestling hit the ropes?
  405. What are your top five rivalries of all time?
  406. What is the most confusing thing on professional wrestling?
  407. Who do you prefer Eugene or Hornswoggle?
  408. Who is the Best/Better Heel Out Of These Superstar: Randy Orton or Edge or Chris Jericho, Tell
  409. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Would You Buy/Watch This PPV: Give Me Your Opinions?
  410. WrestleMania XXVII: World Heavyweight Championship Match: Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H,...
  411. WrestleMania XXVII: Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker or John Cena vs. The Undertaker;Which
  412. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Would You Buy/Watch This PPV: Give Me Your Opinions, What Do You Think?
  413. Who All Thinks; Daniel Bryan is going to defeat The Miz for the United States...
  414. Ten-Years(2001)Ago WWE Ran WCW Out Of Business,What if History Repeats Itself and WWE Runs TNA...
  415. John Cena (Marine Gimmick) The Rock vs 8 NXT Rookies Wrestlers?
  416. WWE Should Bring Back, WWE Heat Velocity; WWE RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Superstar, Heat and Velocity,
  417. I need help creating a stable for SmackDown vs Raw 2010?
  418. WrestleMania XXVII: One More Match: Shawn Micheals vs. John Morrison; Who Would Win?
  419. do you like my WWE storyline(all about Kurt Angle return to WWE)?
  420. can i have the smackdowns spoilers plz?
  421. Do you think that professional wrestling would be even better with a better use(s)of the
  422. What is a good stable name for...?
  423. Since the WWE has gone PG, what do you think about my suggestion for next week Raw's main event?
  424. Drew McIntyre is the Next Triple H; Agree or Disagree?
  425. Does everyone hate john cena now?
  426. Who will get into the Hall of Fame first, HBK or HHH?
  427. What does HHH stand for?
  428. What is the best wrestling match?
  429. Whos your favorite wrestler and finisher?
  430. Is wrestling really a sport?
  431. Why does everyone like WWE NXT superstar Daniel Bryan?
  432. Does anyone know how Eddie Guerrero died?
  433. Who is the best, Undertaker or Rey Misterio?
  434. tna or wwe or ufc or nothing?
  435. what do yu think of me in me i have been here for a year i used to go by the name liam but as you...
  436. Why Steve Borden never joined WWE?
  437. how to spit water like triple h?
  438. is David Otunga overrated i think he is?
  439. If you would to meet LatrellP what finisher would you use on him to shut him up?
  440. Everybody is calling Randy Orton a face now...?
  441. Joe vs Sting or Aj vs Sting and a new e-fed.!!?
  442. In your opinon Who is the....?
  443. who is your least favorite and favorite wwe diva and why?
  444. What states were WCW 'Area' and WWE 'Area'?
  445. Who is the best WWE Superstar? Eliminate 3 worst from Raw, and 3 worst from Smackdown?
  446. Can you see from the mezzanine in a WWE house show?
  447. how long do you think Jack Swagger hold World Heavyweight Title?
  448. Who is the funniest TNA superstar?
  449. If Cody Rhodes changed his gimmick to Zelda, would you like him more?
  450. OMG...what in the hell is that?
  451. Mick Foley Fired from TNA?
  452. What year do you think CHRIS BENOIT will be in the HALL OF FAME?
  453. any idea...............?
  454. What are you WWE draft predictions?
  455. What were the Wrestlemania 26 results?
  456. Who thinks after the draft that we will get some new storylines?
  457. I hate TNA! am i still a ''real wrestling fan''?
  458. Do yall still have respect for CHRIS BENOIT even though he killed his family?
  459. WWE Draft 2010: Make Your Predictions; And Here's Mines?
  460. Who Do You Want to Win WWE NXT, and Why?
  461. Who Do You Think is Better and Will Have a Better Future: Drew McIntyre or Sheamus?
  462. Would This Be A Good Tag Team Match: Batista and John Cena vs. Stone Cold and The Rock; Yes or No?
  463. Would You Accept: Randy Orton going to SmackDown and The Undertaker going to RAW, Yes or No?
  464. What Would Be A Bigger Impact: Rey Mysterio turning Heel or John Cena turning Heel?
  465. WWE Extreme Rules: WWE Championship:Last Man Standing Match; John Cena vs. Batista; Who Do You
  466. What WWE Superstar Who Has Never Won The WWE/World Heavyweight Championship, would you want...
  467. Do you think Carlito will get pushed again?
  468. What is a E-Fed that is in the WS?
  469. Was it a mistake looking back for TNA to breakaway from NWA?
  470. Will Kurt Angle comeback to WWE now since his ex-wife is getting married to Jeff Jarrett?
  471. How many times world champion The Undertaker will be when he retires?
  472. Question for people that read Smackdown spoilers?
  473. What WWE superstars look the most stupid in this Clip?
  474. Would it be a good idea to rehash the Patriot gimmick and put the mask on someone else?Why or...
  475. Who are as of now three WWE Superstars who has most reigns as world champion in WWE (just in WWE)?
  476. Are you WWE Fans aware that.....?
  477. Daffney or Tara (Who is more superior)?
  478. What are your thoughts on TNA Impact moving to 8-10:00PM on Monday Nights permanently?
  479. I hate Michael Cole SOOOO MUCH!?
  480. did any one notice on IMPACT ?
  481. Any information on WrestleMania 27 tickets/packages?
  482. WWE Trivia ... Who Am I? (7)?
  483. Do you agree That TNA is More Like WCW than The Old WWF attitude era?
  484. Who has the better mic skills: The Miz or The Rock?
  485. Why Do You Like Old Men Oiled Up, Rolling on a matt shirtless?
  486. Is hornswoggle the father of Stephanie Mcmahon Kid?
  487. are you a Member of The straight edge society?
  488. Would you Be Shock if Stephanie McMahon is The one who end up Cheating on Triple H?
  489. Is Batista The Greatest Wrestler ever?
  490. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  491. Why do you watch WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  492. U.S. Champion Big Show?
  493. Do you think that the Wrestling Section is the most social section? + WQ?
  494. why did WWE distance themselves from CHRIS BENOIT?
  495. Is this the best tna match?
  496. [tna haters] if your wrestling hero turned up on tna would you call him a trator and hate him
  497. which of these WRESTLERS Plays / Played the best VILLAIN?
  498. who are your 10 favorite WWE wrestlers and your 10 TNA wrestlers?
  499. what are your top ten favorite Wrestlers?
  500. ------Wrestling Names------?