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  1. I dont watch tna but will shleton do what christian did once he left the wwe?
  2. was shelton released because he mic skills were bad?
  3. Is it true that if Kane hits Taker in the balls, Taker wont feel it?
  4. On Friday Night Smackdown.....?
  5. What backstage problems did Mickie James have in WWE?
  6. Anyone else excited for the WWE Draft?
  7. Which move do you think would be cool?
  8. TNAtion, who would you like to see come to TNA?
  9. Who are your favorite?
  10. Which is more fake WWE or TNA?
  11. Who rhymes more with boring: Mark Henry or The World's Strongest Man?
  12. Why did WWE release Shelton Benjamin but not Mark Henry?
  13. Who do u consider to be the true icon of The New Generation Era (1994-1997), Bret Hart
  14. How long until Mark Henry gets released?
  15. Ok wow Kane and Chris Jericho in MacGruber?
  16. Your thoughts on Mike Knox being fired by WWE?
  17. What do you think of Shannon Moores comments on WWE releases?
  18. tell me what you think?
  19. What the hell is WWE doing?
  20. Maria comments on Mickie and Katie Lea release?
  21. Who would win this match?
  22. who's your top 10 heel for all time?
  23. what year was lita at her best in terms of wrestling?
  24. If your a fan of WWE then pick your fav. superstar to represent you?
  25. So, they call Mickie James fat..what do people call Samoa Joe then?
  26. who is prettier lacey von erich,maryse, or velvet sky?
  27. do you think mickie james could have done more in her career(bonus question inside)?
  28. Hypothetically: If John Cena were to ever go to TNA, what match would you like to see him busted
  29. good thing evan bourne still has a contract in wwe?
  30. Should The Insane Clown Posse return to TNA team up with Rob Van Dam?
  31. Some good tag teams for the wwe.?
  32. i'm giving wwe one more year as top show how many are you giving them?
  33. What if Shelton Benjamin joined the cast of The Ultimate Fighter season 12?
  34. Poll: Raven vs Chris Jericho?
  35. Poll: Rey Mysterio vs Edge vs Chris Jericho - In A Triple Threat?
  36. If you were the owner of a wrestling company?
  37. What would happen to these wrestlers?
  38. Wouldn't Goldberg vs Hogan be a good match?
  39. Who would win in these matches?
  40. Where can I watch WWE Smackdown online?
  41. Out of all these WWE releases who do you eventually see showing up in TNA?
  42. Batista wins WWE Championship! Agree or Disagree?
  43. Do you think JTG and Shad will be a long feud or do you think gthey will have only a couple matches?
  44. What are your top 10 Undertaker moments?
  45. What are your favourite WWE or TNA Catchphrases?
  46. Wrestling fans please answer............?
  47. Am I the only one who feels Kung Fu Naki's release from WWE was a long time coming?
  48. Who was the least important superstar to be recently released?
  49. Another WWE star fired?
  51. Don't you think they're should be more titles in TNA?
  52. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  53. Favorite heel moment in wwe?
  54. Poll: Chris Jericho or Edge?
  55. can you list all the superstars/divas that got released? and how did you hear about it?!!!?
  56. Will Mickie James retire now?
  57. Who will be Smackdown's top face diva now?
  58. Are the Motor City Machine Guns face or heel?
  59. What, in your opinion, makes a title reign memorable?
  60. How many matches does it take for a wrestler in WWE to win earn a championship opportunity?
  61. Who was the best WWE and ECW commentator?
  62. Everyone has a favorite wrestler, does anyone have a favorite referee?
  63. WWE News: Mike Knox Released?
  64. Why do people continually criticize Mcmahon when Vince introduced them to wrestling?
  65. WTF happened to Mickie James? Sorry I was busy with highschool tests?
  66. do you think 2010 is going to be wwe wrost year so far?/?
  67. R.I.P wwe divas divisiion?
  68. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  69. who else thinks that wwe made one of the biggest mistake by releasing shelton benjamin?
  70. OMG why are so many good talented Divas released, first I hear that Mickie James is gone, now
  71. Katie Lea and Mickie James released?!?
  72. If the WWE was still in the Attitude Era, (More Inside)?
  73. Who's Better Volume 84?
  74. What's your highlight in wrestling so far in 2010?
  75. Have the WWE DISREPECTED Mickie James?
  76. Why is this section more upset over Mickie leaving then Mickie is?
  77. Look on the bright side....?
  78. Could Mickie James' release be a Short Term thing?
  79. We will miss you ?
  80. So how long until we see Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James in TNA?
  81. what is the most legendary thing about the undertaker?
  82. How often do WWE superstars renew their contract is it once a year or what?
  83. What wrestling family was the late Gary Albright a part of?
  84. Wrestling section, do u agree with this list (inside)? Why?
  85. put these pro wrestlers in order of popularity (the Bigger star)?
  86. THE MIZ new theme !!?
  87. Preview of my 9th WWE Friday night Smackdown and BQ?
  88. L.A.X to Return To TNA Wrestling Confirmed?
  89. How would you feel if after JR returned he got released next?
  90. What is ground-and-pound?
  91. Brian Danielson vs CM Punk vs Evan Bourne/Matt sydal, watch vids before choosing?
  92. Do you think it was a good move for TNA to have RVD win the title all of the sudden?
  93. an Idea to Push Mark Henry M.V.P Like it,Would it Work?
  94. whats hulk hogan in TNA!! face or heel? and also eric bischoff face or heel?
  95. We have heard of the 7 releases of WWE,but how would you react if you heard these 7 were released?
  96. an Idea to Push Mark Henry M.V.P Like it,Would it Work?
  97. We have heard of the 7 releases of WWE,but how would you react if you heard these 7 were released?
  98. IYO, what is the best revenge storyline of all time in WWE?
  99. wwe question about divas?
  100. What power group from the past did you like the most +bq?
  101. If WWE doesn't like it's superstars to have side projects then what about the movies the
  102. What is you're true opinion about william regal +bq?
  103. What is one wrestler you've tried liking, but just couldn't?
  104. What are the Top 10 WWE feuds of all time?
  105. Should Kane and Big Show re-form the team?
  106. A Rey Mysterio Question?
  107. should WWE sign this free agent?
  108. Why in the Hell Did WWE Release: Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin; They just gave TNA; Two
  109. wwe most of the time humiliate their talent before release them so...?
  110. if you could trade 5 superstars and divas from the wwe to tna who would you trade?
  111. Which recent WWE releases should TNA Wrestling pickup?
  112. ***MAJOR BREAKING NEWS*** WWE releases 6!!!?
  113. For those who have been watching it, what do you think of WWE NXT?
  115. Does anyone even like the Bella Twins I don't even find the hot at all?
  116. Randy Orton or Samoa Joe+The Monday Night wars sign ups?
  117. what if the WWE wasn't scripted...?
  119. Kung Fu Naki finally gone :'( ?
  120. Mark Henry Vladimir Kozlov should be released next: Yay or Yeah?
  121. Should the cast of Harry Potter host RAW?
  122. How will Maria fit in TNA?
  123. Mickie James released!?!!?
  124. Who would win these matches (full and creative finish=10 points)?
  125. Do you think Dolph Ziggler's name holds him back?
  126. Can you believe SHelton Benjamin and Mickie James are released?
  127. TNA Fans: Are you guys happy that LAX is returning?
  128. Shelton Benjamin to tna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would you like that?
  129. Is the Women's division in WWE officially DEAD?
  130. WS Poll: Best CURRENT WWE Ring Announcer?
  131. Do you prefer Jack Swagger or Sheamus as World Champion+The Monday Night Wars Sign Ups?
  133. wrestling section. would you rather _____ (more inside)?
  134. How do you do a front headlock in high school wrestling?
  135. who will end the undertaker's undefeted wrestlemania streak?
  136. Where i can download raw vs. smackdown 2010 free?
  137. Where do you think Shawn Michaels is going from here?
  138. Question of Texas Law?
  139. (ICW) ICW first ever episode part 2!!!?
  140. Do you like watching Wrestling entertainment(i dont)?
  141. What effect will this summer's Money in the Bank PPV have on the match on the following
  142. cena+rko=?(more inside)?
  143. The Honky Tonk Man signed a contract with the WWE?
  144. Just curious do you think Chris Benoit was going to lose to CM Punk the night he died?
  145. What would you do if................?
  146. Undertaker fans, in which persona he provided better classics: Western Mortician or The
  147. how can they call it extreme rules....?
  148. How can I watch live WWE wrestling online free?
  149. who wants donald trump to host raw ?
  150. What happened to the users Matt Swagger and Edge is awesome?
  151. Sting vs. Triple H. Who would win?
  152. Which WWE wrestler that have never been world champion will never go to TNA?
  153. If Nacho Libre were to wrestle in North America?
  154. What has been the best match of 2010 so far?
  155. Beth Phoenix or Mickie James for the next Womens Champion? + YWWE's Royal Rumble, THIS SUNDAY?
  156. which would make a better Wrestlemania main event?
  157. Will WWE be for the birds 20 years from now?
  158. When is Cody Rhodes returning to Raw On tv?
  160. Vince Russo Leaving TNA's Creative Team? Paul Heyman To Takeover?
  161. What do you think about this Bret Hart's tribute?
  162. hbk or hhh? + plus apology to ws?
  163. Divas I Quit Match at Extreme Rules?
  164. john cena or the undertaker?
  165. who is your favorite 90s wrestler?
  166. WWE Smackdown on SIFI?
  167. SOME girls and women arent true wrestling fans?
  168. Did you know that WWE is awesome?
  169. WWE vs TNA Ultimate Wrestling Tournament round 2 you decide the winners?
  170. When you were a little kid who was your favorite wrestler?
  171. Do The Briscoes of ROH have the Potential to match the 70's Briscoes?
  172. who thinks the reason rvd won is tna will stand a chance next week for the wwe draft?
  173. KENTA or Kenta Kobashi?
  174. Monday Night Smackdown. Your thoughts?
  175. Do you think on next week's RAW...?
  176. who else just marked out after seeing rvd win bq?
  177. Lillian Garcia back in WWE?
  178. Is WWE Raw Canceled Tonight?
  179. Wrestling Section: Who is your favorite wrestler (theres a twist) !!?
  180. Are the Raw superstars really stranded in Europe?
  181. Your opinion on Randy Orton?
  182. What's wrong with Michelle McCool?
  183. AJ Styles or Randy Orton?
  184. Miss Cant Wrestle Tornament?
  185. Do you guys like Kane's old theme Slow Chemical more than his new one?
  186. Is it ever alright for a WWE superstar to break character?
  187. ROH or AAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  188. so i take it undertaker will return at summerslam again?
  189. Will TNA ever get a 0.2 rating?
  190. From scale 1-10, how much would u rate these possible (inside) WWE feuds for this year?
  191. Who do u consider the most boring main eventer on Smackdown!? Why?
  192. Do u feel like The Golden Era of Wrestling contributed the most to mainstream wrestling than any
  193. Is there any 'fresh' feud left for John Cena in the main event scene?
  194. Who do you think are some of the most surprising steroid users in WWE?
  195. What is John Cena's worst match ever?
  196. If any of John Cena's movies had been a box office blockbuster...?
  197. What is your point of view about aging wrestlers?
  198. Do you like this idea for the WWE world title scene?
  200. Are there any Wrestling matches that were popular back in the day that you would like to see return?
  201. would you watch raw or impact if.......?
  202. who is this former wrestler?
  203. If owen hart never died would he have been wwf champ at least once?
  204. How to watch WWE live online?
  205. Will any tag team ever surpass Team 3D's 23 World Tag Team Championships?
  206. Question about WWE fans not like TNA(please no bashing the other company in this answer thread)?
  207. How can I watch WWE live online?
  208. Jethro Holiday or the Undertaker?
  209. Poll: Sting vs Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker (Deadman Gimmick) vs Goldberg - In A Fatal...
  210. does anybody miss maria?
  211. Do You Think WWE Over The Limit is going to be a Beat The Clock Sprint Match PPV for a World Title:?
  212. Who Thinks John Cena shouldn't get any more Title Reigns This Year and Change His Gimmick?
  213. SmackDown is Invading RAW Tonight: Give Me Your Thoughs:?
  214. WWE Should Remove Money in the Bank PPV and just let it be at WrestleMania; Agree or Disagree?
  215. Randy Orton to SmackDown; The Undertaker to RAW: Do You Agree or Disagree?
  216. At Extreme Rules on Sunday: Do You Want Batista and Randy Orton to get their 7th Reigns as World...
  217. Monday Night SmackDown vs. TNA Impact: Who Do You Think Will Win?
  218. WWE Draft 2010: Give Me Your Predictions?
  219. When The Rock Comes Back This Summer: Do You Think The Rock should be the Official
  220. Who is the Most Under-Used Talent in the WWE: Kane or Shelton Benjamin?
  221. Who is the Most Under-Used Talent in the WWE: Kane or Shelton Benjamin?
  222. What Would Be a Bigger Impact: The Undertaker to RAW or John Cena to SmackDown; Which One Would
  223. Where on the Internet can I watch WWE Raw wrestling?
  224. Who Deserves to Be a World Champion More: Christian or Matt Hardy?
  225. Who don't you want to see get drafted?
  226. Watch live WWE games online on pc? Where is live stream?
  227. What do you think the main event will be for WWE Over The Limit?
  228. If Big Show gets drafted will anyone care?
  229. Woah ! AJ Styles Won! :)?
  230. Woah ! AJ Styles Won! :)?
  231. What?! Raw not going on the air tommorow?!?
  232. Which movie character would have the most successful WWE gimmick?
  233. What will be the most extreme moment in WWE Extreme Rules?
  234. Star This If You Hate Seeing HBK Go?
  235. Who would win in these matches?
  236. People Please i wanna do this please consider :) ( 10 Slots Left :) )?
  237. How many wrestlers have died in the ring during a match or shortly after one?
  238. wrestling trivia question about wwe cruiserweight championship?
  239. What do you think is the best WWF Singles Match ever?
  240. Wrestling Poll: Best of the best?
  241. Good way to watch WWE wrestling online live ?
  242. if these matches are played in wrestlemania 27 will you watch this ppv?
  243. Since Raw is stranded in Europe do you think it is possible for Smackdown to replace the Raw
  244. How to watch WWE wrestling through the internet live ?
  245. Who would win in these matches?
  246. Who in the world named HBK Hickenbottom?
  247. when will undertaker retire?
  248. Miss Cant Wrestle Tornament?
  249. Shawn Micheals or Stone Cold?
  250. did hbk eve match against merty ganetti?
  251. cena vs taker why wont they do that, so its a given taker is always gonna be undefeated then?
  252. WWE Raw in Jeapordy tomorrow night!?
  253. when will tna broaden and expand its roster?
  254. whats the worst undertaker feud or angle?
  255. Should the fans of WWE hope that some of the main players do not make it to Raw this monday?
  256. By watching this video, do you think that CZW talents can wrestle?
  257. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  258. Will The Motorcity Machine Guns ever win the World Tag Titles?
  259. TNA Lockdown! 2010 Predicitions?
  260. how do i get a body like angelina love on tna?
  261. how can you guys watch a wrestling show thats pg? seriously dont be mean just answer truthfully?
  262. Who'd Win Matt Morgan or John Cena For WWE Title?
  263. who is a better wrestler in there prime, justin liger or the undertaker?
  264. Who has the worst theme music?
  265. Is the draft mainly for the mid carders in the WWE?
  266. What is the Dragon Gate promotion?
  267. KENTA or aj styles whos better?
  268. Who do you like better Justin Credible or Sean Waltman?
  269. Santos or KENTA or HBK?
  270. Any predictions for Monday Night RAW?
  271. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  272. Do you think Justin Credible May go to TNA or is he retired now,and what about Jushin Lygher?
  273. amasing red or christopher Daniels?
  274. Is there impact tomorrow monday nite? cuz sunday was PPV lockdown?
  275. Desmoned Wolfe or HBK or bryan danilsion?
  276. Who would win in these matches?
  277. In your opinion, will The Hart Dynasty ever get as over as The Hart Foundation?
  278. As important as it is to push young talent, why not veterans?
  279. whats 1pw like are the live events good?
  280. TNA fans what do you think of this?
  281. Mickie and Melina switch brands during the Draft?
  282. Some Things/Ideas WWE Needs to Do This Year: To Make It Interesting/Way More Views and
  283. Are you proud of Scott Hall that he showed up for the match unlike the unprofessional XPac?
  284. Triple Threat Match: Batista vs. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar; Choose Winner?
  285. whos better bryan danielson or aj styles?
  286. Bret Hart or Kurt angle or taker?
  287. WWE Extreme Rules 2010: Choose Winners and Rate Card?
  288. Why do wrestling fans keep asking for links to watch gay wrestling?
  289. Everyone tell the truth am i a good wrestling section user?
  290. Coach going to TNA will this be a good thing and will he make a good commentator along with Tazz ?
  291. What is your favorite Final Destination Movie?
  292. Did WWE have a better chance of devoloping ''Monster heels'' in 2002/2003?
  293. how many of you people like entertainig wrestlers more than mat wrestlers?
  294. Why does WWE get rid of so many superstar's pyro? +BQ?
  295. If you tuned into watch Raw and they decided to just rerun the very first Raw show are
  296. Yo, which diva, has the most pengalicious batty...?
  297. Who Thinks it's Time for Kane to bring his Mask Back and Kane and The Undertaker Gets
  298. Should blood,cussing,and sexual themes make a wrestling show?
  299. what do you think of eve winning wwe divas championship? were u happy or angry?
  300. What is the MOST annoying theme?
  301. Undertaker returning tomorrow?
  302. Who is a more convincing heel, Batista or Sheamus?
  303. Can Batista beat John Cena at Extreme Rules?
  304. Is the commentary in WWE weak...?
  305. wrestling poll who do you prefer?
  306. jeff hardy or john cena,who is a better wrestler?
  307. has any1 been in the yahoo answers wrestling section longer than me and BQ?
  308. ROH,WWE,and TNA fans what is your best pitch on why someone should watch your show?
  309. Do you think it's fair that TNA stripped Doug Williams just because he could not make it...
  310. Whats one match you remember so well?
  311. Why do you keep watching the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  312. What Has This World Come To When TNA thinks they can even compete with WWE; Other Questions Below?
  313. Is WWE Raw Wrestling Real?
  314. WWE or TNA: Choose Only One?
  315. 1PW or FWA or SWA...?
  316. CMLL or AAA (2o characters)...?
  317. Does Desmond Wolfe remind you of Jason Statham?
  318. Dragon Gate or Pro Wrestling NOAH?
  319. why does the WWE always make their feuds long enough so that both opponents win?
  320. Dolph Ziggler is on a roll lately. The Sleeper is def his new sig sub move,Does this mean a...
  321. Do you agree with this Shawn Michaels qoute?
  322. Who do you think will be the next youngest wrestler to win The World Heavyweight Championship?
  323. Mark Henry to be moved to Smackdown?
  324. Ring of Honor or Pro Wrestling G?
  325. Why do wrestlers have to reach a certain weight?
  326. Do you think Skip Sheffield..?
  327. Will Generation Me Split up?
  328. What professional wrestler broke a world Sit ups record before becoming a wrestler?
  329. Sites are saying Austin could host again in the Summer could we see a Rock-Austin guest host double?
  330. IYO, what is Chris Jericho's Wrestlemania legacy?
  331. WWE - Kane vs Undertaker?
  332. WWE - Sting vs Kurt Angle?
  333. hart foundation or the hart dynasty?
  334. Who is it more difficult to visualize with facial hair/beard? John Morrison or The Miz?
  335. Jack Swagger vs Chris Jericho?
  336. kevin nash or scott hall?
  337. Did You Notice That Edge Was Involve Always When The MITB Was Cashed?
  338. batista or hhh who is better?
  339. Which one is better: Edge vs Taker (WM XXIV) or Edge vs Jericho (WM XXVI)? Why?
  340. WWE vs TNA in this section?
  341. Can I watch live WWE or TNA wrestling online free?
  342. Who is the worse Wrestlemania performer: Giant Gonzales or Vickie Guerrero?
  343. jack swagger or sheamus?
  344. is jim ross the best announcer?
  345. who did you like better mankind or cactus jack?
  346. WWE - Suicide vs Rey Mysterio?
  347. WWE - Sheamus vs Golddust?
  348. Who wants Wade Barrett to win NXT!?
  349. WWE - Mankind vs Abyss?
  350. andre the giant or the great khalia?
  351. WWE - Finlay vs Stone Cold?
  352. natalya neidhart or beth phoenix?
  353. stonecold or the rock?
  354. WWE - Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy?
  355. should jeff hardy stay at tna?
  356. kane or the big show?
  357. WWE - Rhino vs Big Show?
  358. Worst Night-Superstars?
  359. Why do you watch wrestling when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  360. Which wrestler do you think will be considered a Legend in the future?
  361. What age will Randy Orton die?
  362. jonh cena or randy orton?
  363. the undertaker or sting?
  364. WWE - Batista vs Edge?
  365. When NXT is Over,Can You See Daniel Bryan David Otunga on RAW and Heath Slater Justin Gabriel...
  366. Who Wants Batista to Hurt John Cena and End His Reign as WWE Champion: Agree or Disagree;...
  367. Wrestling Tournament Round One?
  368. Where can I watch that TNA knockouts match that was on earlier tonight?
  369. Wrestling Tournament Round Two?
  370. WWE Extreme Rules: Fatal Four Way Ladder Match: (C)Jack Swagger vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris
  371. don't you think that the team of miz and big show is really awesome?
  372. what belt should i get?
  373. WWE Draft 2010: (Predictions) Agree or Disagree?
  374. What do you think of my wwe draft 2010 Predictions?
  375. Wrestling Tournament Round Three?
  376. Why do you continue to watch the WWE when YOU KNOW how ******* FAKE IT IS!!!!!?
  377. dont you agree that the one who can defeat undertaker's streak is big show?
  378. i just looked at chris jericho's profile and it seems he has no canadian background?
  379. Does anyone else think Natalya is hot?
  380. Realistically, what could happen in Georgia Dome if Cena ends The Streak next year?
  381. Other than DX do face talent make a stable look good or do you always need heels for those groups?
  382. Is Santiono kind of doing what Chavo used to do when he first came to the WCW promtion?
  383. Do you think a reality show based off of a indy wrestler trying to make it one of the big
  384. Does ROH need to advertise more and do you think they should try to go to channel such as Fox?
  385. Does anyone think Juvi was a better high flyer than Mysterio and Juvi mask always looked better?
  386. How ware you allowed to bet on wrestling?
  387. Do you think toward the end of Takers careeer they have Brothers of Destruction team up
  388. When was the last time Kane beat the Undertaker and who was the first person Jericho wrestled...
  389. Did wrestling used to be so much better?
  390. Does Jeff Jarretts intro take shots at the key guys in the WWE?
  391. Okay. Here is my predicted card for Wrestlemania 27!!!?!!?
  392. Does anyone else miss the old Y2J?
  393. Beer Money getting a manager why?What is TNA thinking?
  394. who is better randy orton or the animal?
  395. Does Stone Cold Steve Austin's DTA slogan (Don't Trust Anyone) basically true in many situations?
  396. Who will win these matches?
  397. why are people saying next years hall of fame induction is going to be WCW themed?
  398. TNA Reaction. Epic win or Epic fail?
  399. Trivia - Which two wrestlers were nicknamed mad dog?
  400. yo just read at OMG?
  401. what is the song that MVP entered the ring to called?
  402. Why do people say they hate kids that watch the WWE and there were kids who watched it in the 90s?
  403. do you think should make nxt like new ecw?
  404. Do you like Eve Torres as Divas Champion?
  405. what feud is better john cena and batista or edge chris jericho and jack swagger?
  406. What are your thoughts on these superstars?
  407. Do you see Christy Hemme ever returning to in-ring competition?
  408. If HBK a.k.a. Shawn Michaels is Mr. Wrestlemania, then who is Mrs. Wrestlemania?
  409. kung fu or JIL-jitsu which is better?
  410. Do you think Raw 4/12/10 going to be good?
  411. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the Internet?
  412. Evan Bourne or Finlay?
  413. John Morrison or Drew McIntyer?
  414. Batista or (Current) Ric Flair?
  415. Do you agree with this article about The Undertaker's retirement?
  416. what time do people start arriving to the o2 arena tommorrow for smackdown?
  417. THIS IS FUNNY!!!...........?
  418. what's the difference between these to belts?
  419. What do you think will be the most extreme match at Extreme Rules?
  420. Do you think any WWE Superstars get tired of hearing their theme songs?
  421. Since Raw is not live tonight and TNA has a pre show?
  422. Who thinks That Shelton Benjamin should win MITB at WM27 cause his been in 6 and he deserves it man?
  423. who would win this 12 diva tag match in there prime?
  424. Does anyone else not want to see Randy Orton go to Smackdown?
  425. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  426. What do u think of the current 'future generation' wave in WWE?
  427. For these divas, whats been their GREATEST match?
  428. How long before The Band split up?
  429. Does this make you laugh?
  430. What do you want WWE to do with Randy orton?
  431. Which feud was more interesting?
  432. OMFG, WS user King Cripple used to write for WWE?
  433. why has sting never gone to the wwe?
  434. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  435. what happen to the big boss man?
  436. who is going to be the next wwe world champion?
  437. who is going to be the next wwe world champion?
  438. the undertaker or kane?
  439. who is the best diva?
  440. when is the wwe draft?
  441. Which superstar is more likely to come back from retirement?
  442. Otunga or Barret, the more successful heel?
  443. what was better the wwf or the wwe?
  444. Who Are Your Favorite Old School Wrestlers?
  445. Don't u think it's time the Raw divas are on a ppv?
  446. Where can I see Wrestlemania 27 right now?
  447. Do you like the Wrestling Section?
  448. Why do some people think Jeff Hardy is a highflyer?
  449. Hart Dynasty or Natalya, who deserves GOLD more?
  450. who is the worst wrestler out of these?
  451. is wrestling real or fake?
  452. Would a great heel manager and a heel commentator have more success today then they did with
  453. What was your favorite storyline or member of the LWO and what did you think when
  454. What group did you like better LWO or NWO?Why?
  455. Could HHH help Sheamus by letting him win and take some time off to recover from his injuries?
  456. Why was HHH's Entrance at Wm 25 pretaped at the glass part?
  457. WWE Tournament Round Two?
  458. WWE Draft? What do u think will happen?
  459. What's your opinion of the Heart Break Kid Lex Luger?
  460. Give these themes to a wrestler?
  461. Wrestling trivia.Who was the wrestlers that unmasked Mysterio and Juvi?What lead to them putting...
  462. Does TNA have too many talents to properly utilize? Solution?
  463. If Chris Benoit were your dad would you have been scared of him?
  464. who wins test vs sheamus?
  465. You Think Sheamus soon will win the World Heavyweight Championship if he goes to SmackDown ?
  466. Does Goldust deserve a push? + NGS Results (Match Results Kinda Suck)?
  467. Do you think that Undertaker will retire before or after 2012?
  468. Anyone miss the STONE COLD-SHARK BOY ?
  469. Did Owen Hart get pwned by gravity?
  470. what is the name of drew mcintyre theme song?
  471. If U were Vince, which 3 NXT Rookies would U sign?
  472. Does anybody enjoy watching NXT?
  473. lita vs victoria in a steel cage match or beth phoenix vs melina in a i quit match?
  474. What's next for The Undertaker ?
  475. If you could go back in time and save a promotion from going out of business which promotion...
  476. Undertaker returning in June?
  477. Didn't fans complain about the Rock just like they do now about Cena?
  478. What is Your Favorite WWE WrestleMania Of All Time and Why?
  479. what would you do if EDGE went to TNA?
  480. Do you agree that this is a accurate top ten, of the greatest women of wrestling,?
  481. Which wrestler is not being used right at the moment?
  482. WWE Tournament Round One?
  483. Does the term WWE Universe get on your nerves?
  484. Do You Think WWE Could End the PG Programming and Possibly Bring Back The Attitude Era;?
  485. What wrestler has not reach their potential?
  486. Do you want to see a heel Undertaker again?
  487. Who is Your Favorite WWE Superstar and Why?
  488. The Undertaker or Shawn Micheals: Who's Better in Overall Ability and Career?
  489. why do you watch TNA or WWE?
  490. WWE or TNA: Which One is Better and Which One Do You Like Better?
  491. Which wrestler makes you groan when you realize they are about to have a match?
  492. Do you think that some people take wrestling too seriously?
  493. how can you tell if a wrestler has good or no technical skills?
  494. So who's going to be the new president of TNA now that Dixie Carter passed?
  495. Who will be the next superstar to murder his family/autistic children?
  496. OMG! Dixie Carter died! What are your toughts?
  497. wow has wwe became this sissy?
  498. Which Wrestlers do you think the WWE should release from their Contracts?
  499. What WWE Superstar Do You Think Deserves A Push For A World Title:(Somebody Who Has Never Been...
  500. Who are The Superstar/diva you can't Stand?