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  1. Do you think the wwe should create a European faction once the shield split up?
  2. Was the pop for daniel Bryan last night the loudest pop ever in wwe history?
  3. Is the WWE happy that Zeb Colter is in a wheelchair?
  5. What is Sheamus up to these days?
  6. Did you know Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion on the main event on raw?
  7. Did you like Candice Michelle?
  8. Batista to win the WWE Royal Rumble and face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XXX MAIN EVENT?
  9. OMG Wrestling Section! Chris Jericho not returning anytime soon this year?!?
  10. Ryback is quitting Wrestling? #WWE?
  11. My gf and I are trying to prove a point, do I Iook like my profile pic of Urkel?
  12. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE , MAE YOUNG was more attractive in her prime more than AJ LEE?
  13. What do you think of Jerry Lawler saying the last time he reached for the stars he pulled a muscle?
  14. What do you think of JBL saying the Wyatt family entrance gives him the Willy's?
  15. Do you think John Cena will face the Undertaker at Wrestlemana 30?
  16. Wrestling Section: In your opinion, who are/were the best WWE couples ever?
  17. Was Daniel Bryan really apart of The Wyatt Family?
  18. Who is the better Wrestler?
  19. Will Kofi Kingston get a shot at The WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 30?
  20. Was Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt vs The Usos in a Steel Cage Match: The Best Match of All-Time?
  21. Do you think that the Diva's who are not in Total Divas are jealous to Divas who are in the show?
  22. Professional Wrestling: Do you think WWE will reference Mae Young/Mark Henry's Son The Hand?
  23. Professional Wrestling: What is so impressive about this list of Divas?
  24. in my WWE2K14 Which match should be better to see in reality? it's hard to pick for me!?
  25. Your favorite chant when you go to wrestling shows?
  26. will batista face del rio when he comes back?
  27. yes yes yes Daniel Bryan is back?
  28. What do you think was Stephanie McMahon's reaction when Kingston beat Orton?
  29. What do you think was Paul Heyman's reaction when Big Show knocked out Zeb Colter?
  30. What do you think was JBL's reaction when Bad News Barrett wasn't on Raw?
  31. What do you think was Michael McGillicutty's reaction when Curtis Axel got pinned yet again?
  32. Why didn't Kane unlocked the steel door last night?
  33. What do you think was Mr.Cena's reaction when he woke up at the hospital?
  34. What do you think was Brie Bella's reaction when Daniel Bryan left the Wyatt Family?
  35. WWE/NXT: Summer Rae or Paige?
  36. Is "perro" Alberto Del Rio's favorite word?
  37. Is it sad TNA can't even sell out a school gym?
  38. Poll: What is your dream match?
  39. WRESTLING : If the wwe asked you to give them a 2014 new years resolution as a wish?
  40. WRESTLING : Don't you think the USOS is the best tag team currently in the WWE?
  41. The American wolves going to tna?
  42. Professional Wrestling: If PG is the issue with WWE, why is TNA a sinking ship?
  43. WRESTLING : What would you say are your top 3 favorite kind of matches (ENCLOSED)?
  44. Where did the Undertaker get his start wrestling?
  45. The Undertaker's Streak?
  46. Who else should be put into the 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame?
  47. Do you think that CM Punk is really Best In The World (Best In The Company)?
  48. WS Why doesn't the WWE bring back The King Of The Ring PPV?
  49. WS Do you think Paul Heyman will betray Brock Lesnar again like he did 11 years ago?
  50. So is Daniel Bryan gonna start being boring and annoying again?
  51. what are your thoughts on the new age outlaws action last night on raw?
  52. WRESTLING : Who's legacy do find much more powerful : TAKER vs FLAIR (REPOST)?
  53. Why do fan-boys keep wanting CM Punk to win Royal Rumble and headline Wrestlemania?
  54. What are the beef between Ultimate warrior and some WWE legends?
  55. WRESTLING : Have you ever been fooled by a wwe superstar with un-expectations?
  56. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : Randy orton is at the peak of his carreer?
  57. WRESTLING : Between TAKER & FLAIR, who would you say has a better RESUME in pro wrestling history?
  58. What do you think of Michael Cole telling Jerry Lawler old school Raw was last week?
  59. What do you think about AJ Lee winning the Maxim cover poll with over 80% of the vote?
  60. Do you think JBL would be a good political aid?
  61. Do you think Nikki Bella is upset that she won't have sex with John Cena tonight since his dad is...
  62. Did Cinco De Mayo start because of Alberto Del Rio?
  63. Since Daniel Bryan is normal again, will he have sex with Brie Bella tonight?
  64. Do you think WWE should have saved the Daniel Bryan swerve for the Rumble match?
  65. Does anyone else think it was dumb of WWE to make Daniel Bryan leave the Wyatt Family so quickly?
  66. What do you think of JBL saying Brock Lesnar is in trouble?
  67. What do you think about JBL wanting to argue with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler?
  68. Is Big Show trying to pick up a fight with Brock Lesnar the most "boneheaded" move in WWE history?
  69. Do you think WWE chose Randy Orton to bury Kofi Kingston because Kofi Kingston is black?
  70. What do you think was Nikki Bella's reaction when John Cena's dad was attacked by Randy Orton?
  71. Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt at wrestlemanina 30 would you watch it?
  72. Do you agree with JBL? It is inexcusable of Randy Orton to attack John Cena's dad?
  73. How do you feel about the new age outlaws betraying CM Punk? Are You happy Daniel Bryan is back?
  74. Who did a better job acting: The Miz's dad or John Cena's dad?
  75. If Stone Cold has 1 more match who would you want it against & what ppv?
  76. If you were in the Wyatt family would you sacrifice yourself after a loss?
  77. Wrestling: Marcus,paul,Deadmanraisin and others.?
  78. Who is the better wrestler in their prime: Bret Hart or Chris Benoit?
  79. Who is the better wrestler in their prime: Rey Mysterio or Shawn Michaels?
  80. Why is Seth Rollins getting you can't wrestle chants every time he gets tagge in?
  81. Does Paul Heyman Like saying Brock Lesnar?
  82. Chris Jericho tweets: When I retire, WWE will never ever be the same again??
  83. I should have born earlier so that I can experience classic WWE look like.?
  84. Do you think Daniel Bryan is the next John Cena?
  85. Daniel Bryan is so boring as a face. True?
  86. Why did NAO walk away from the match?
  87. What are the Ryback Rules?
  88. Who's the worst WWE Diva in the ring?
  89. Will John Cena press assault charges on Orton?
  90. is it better if Jake the snake ROberts returns at Royal Rumble than the Old School RAW?
  91. This is the second time Orton attacked Cena's dad?
  92. Will the Shield break up when Dean Ambrose cheats on Roman with the New Age Outlaws?
  93. Anyone notice that Bad News Barrett was not on Raw?
  94. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW?
  95. Professional Wrestling: Who do people suddenly have an issue with more?
  96. Who Will Face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30? Will It Be Brock Lesnar?
  97. So, how long was Daniel Bryan heel?
  98. Do you think it was Bryan's plan to get close to Bray so he could attack him all along?
  99. WRESTLING : Who's your favorite member of the WYATTS?
  100. I'm calling it now - Daniel Bryan vs the Wyatts every single week, all the way to Wrestlemania?
  101. Professional Wrestling: Matt Hardy Vs Jeff Hardy/People bashing Jeff Hardy's In-Ring work?
  102. Professional Wrestling: You can't Fire them, How would you use these WWE Wrestlers?
  103. In WWE2K14 Does Roman Reigns earn all of the Shield's momentum and have the only finisher?
  104. Professional Wrestling: Do people forget Daniel Bryan got over at Wrestlemania 28?
  105. WRESTLING : Even though brock lesnar been gone for a while, do you still claim him as #1 contender?
  106. WRESTLING : Don't you think RANDY ORTON is the worst champion since ALBERTO?
  107. Do you think Naomi should have a "Stink face" move like Rikishi?
  108. Do you think Cena's dad should just stop sitting on the front row?
  109. Who's going to Wrestlemania?
  110. Experience help with wrestling?
  111. Is Cena getting a taste of his own medicine?
  112. I was on the phone with my amazing guitarist of a girlfriend, what happened to Cena's dad?
  113. Who's better: AJ Lee or Gail Kim?
  114. WRESTLING : How would you rate CENA vs SANDOW?
  115. WRESTLING : When they say 2 words, SUCK IT...ummm, what are they're talking about?
  116. WRESTLING : If you were to work for the wwe, which position would you take?
  117. What state produces the best WWE wrestlers?
  118. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : WWE NETWORK is nothing but a (SCAM)?
  119. WWE- Why does CM Punk and The Shield keep fighting?
  120. What do some people have against John Cena?
  121. WWE- Will John Cena lose this match?
  122. WRESTLING : Can you ever imagine BRAY WYATT as a face?
  123. Which college should I go to after High School (I might go to WWE tho)?
  124. if all members of the shield were babyface who would be the best babyface?
  125. WRESTLING : Don't you think the wwe had better matches/feuds during PEOPLE POWER?
  126. Agree/Disagree Del Rio would kick Batistas @ss in a real fight?
  127. Why is Shawn Michaels called Mr. Wrestlemania when he has a losing record at wrestlemania?
  128. Who's a better heel? John Cena or CM Punk?
  129. Professional Wrestling: What would YOU do with the World Wrestling Entertainment Roster?
  130. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see as our wwe undisputed champion : BRYAN or REIGNS?
  131. Professional Wrestling: Rank these World Wrestling Entertainment matches from Worst to Best?
  132. Which Superstar Gets The Loudest Ovation In The Royal Rumble Match .. !?
  133. Nxt wrestling school?
  134. Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart vs Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk?
  135. What matches do you think are best for business on Monday Night Raw tonight?
  136. Why did Daniel Bryan join The Wyatt Family?
  137. Does anyone know the font on Brock Lesnar's shirt?
  138. Who is a better wrestler Aj Styles or Davey Richards?
  139. Who would get a bigger pop if they returned to WWE right now?
  140. The top 3 Heels of all time?
  141. TCW: How Did I do Dat, and I ended up in a draw?
  142. Was January 9th The death of TNA?
  143. I think "Thy Kingdom" died?
  144. Don't you think Hogan vs Sid was a great main event for wrestlemania 8? Better than Hogan vs Flair?
  145. Does this female British wrestler look like a skinny Vickie Guerrero?
  146. Will you vote for Jesse Ventura for president in 2016?
  147. who won the WS Royal Rumble Thy Kingdom hosted?
  148. Professional Wrestling: Anybody else think New Japn Pro Wrestling is overrated?
  149. Did Stone Cold Steve Austin Defeated The Undertaker Cleanly in a Pay Per VIEW?
  150. Professional Wrestling: You do realize how a minor Rivalry or Rivalry works correct?
  151. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment: unifying both Major and Minor Titles?
  152. How good is a WWE Live Event?
  153. Is the WWE Network Vince McMahons last hurrah?
  154. With the WWE Network will wm30 get over a million buys?
  155. Will wwe network have every single raw and smackdown that has ever aired? please let me know?
  156. WRESTLING : Which wwe superstar did you find more shocking with their return since 2010?
  157. WRESTLING : What are a few things the PG era doesn't have....that the ATTITUDE era did?
  158. how well do you think the wwe divas division is doing and comparison to the tna knockouts ?
  159. why did rowdy roddy pipers face look different?
  160. Was Vince Mcmahon Sr. in any way associated with the NWA?
  161. The UK has catch,Japan has strong style and shoot,mexico has lucha libre,USA What do we have?
  162. Do you think Vince Mcmahon laughs at people who cried and complained WWE ECW?
  163. Why was the original Sin Cara so fragile?
  164. Which champion will lose their belt last?
  165. If Taker/Sting WM30 match - should it be......?
  166. who is aj lee of wwe raw?
  167. WRESTLING : Who else is sick of watching competitors getting distracted...turn around and
  168. What do you think about Aj Lee being on the cover of Maxim Magazine?
  169. WRESTLING SURVEY : Who are your top 5 technical wrestlers of all time IYO?
  170. With the wwe network are pay per views such as wrestlemania free?
  171. If Bad News Barrett doesn't work will Wade get future endevored?
  172. How did you come across WWE for the first time?
  173. Is there another technical luchador like Blue Panther in Mexico?
  174. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Success = jealousy & envy....THE ORIGINAL TCW for example?
  175. When will AJ Lee lose his Divas Title?
  176. WRESTLING : Isnt it sad that WS- E FED is upset cause they are going out of business?
  177. WRESTLING : Whats the scariest thing that you've ever seen happen in the ring?
  178. which year was triple h at his best?
  179. when is triple h next match?
  180. does Cm punk have the worst fans?
  181. is triple h the greatest heel of all time?
  182. who else can't wait until Cm punk retires?
  183. TCW : Welcome to my show : WORD IN THE RING : Do you think you guys can stop me from earing this?
  184. WRESTLING : In real life....which wwe superstar do you hate the most?
  185. After last night's match, do the New Aged Outlaws still got it?
  186. What do you think of The New Age Outlaws lying to Michael Cole saying they liked him?
  187. What do you think JBL's two words for Michael Cole were?
  188. Why does WWE want to kill Daniel Bryan's momentum?
  189. What if Stone Cold went to Shop Rite and...?
  190. who should be cm punk's opponent at wm30 out of stone cold or triple h or other?
  191. Professional Wrestling: Why do people still get behind Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson?
  192. What match do you want for the wwe world heavyweight champion randy orton?????
  193. Who is agree that randy orton is a coward??
  194. Why can't Dean Ambrose learn some self respect?
  195. Help! I gave Hulk Hogan a job and now I'm in debt?!?
  196. Is the wrestling section in general falling apart with the whole WS loss and TCW thing?
  197. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of World Wrestling Entertainment's Friday Night...
  198. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of Most Ultimate Fighting Championship Fans?
  199. Professional Wrestling: Every match during the Golden Era was solid, HBK is mediocre, Thoughts?
  200. Now that Prince Devitt lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title does that mean he'll be leaving now?
  201. Does WWE hate X-Pac and Chyna or are they okay with each other?
  202. Why are people booing Randy Orton if that was a good clean fight?
  203. The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponents Left then Retire?
  204. Why does Michael cole bully Ambrose? Should he be a star or should Ambrose be fired?
  205. Is Undertaker Stale? He does the same thing every week?
  206. What do you think of my Wrestlemania 30 dream card?
  207. Why does WWE bury Roman Reigns every week when he's the most talented in the Shield?
  208. Which legend would you like to see return full time?
  209. Who's the better wrestler? John Cena or Seth Rollins?
  210. Who is the better wrestler? Santino Marella, or Nikki Bella?
  211. What was your favourite Feud this year?
  212. 5 stars promised:TNA wrestling reintroducing bubba ray???
  213. dolph ziggler is the new billy gunn???
  214. Why is the crowd so dead tonight?
  215. If you was a WWE superstar(wrestler or Div, what would your nickname and finisher and signature...
  216. who is more annoying jbl or michael cole?
  217. How and where can i learn to wrestle?
  218. Did the WWE Writers make a good script Monday?
  219. WS: what people are more childish, TCW wrestlers or WS e-fed wrestlers?
  220. Should ADR be Batista's first feud coming back?
  221. What Are Things TNA Does Well That WWE Doesn't Do Well?
  222. What's one thing that SuperCena can't kick out at two?
  223. Is TCW vs WS the WWE version of the Monday night Wars?
  224. Do Royal Rumble wrestlers wear earpieces?
  225. Could I monetize a WWE montage?
  226. Professional Wrestling: IF you had complete control of World Wrestling Entertainment how would you?
  227. How many of you agree that the bad news barret gimmick is one of the worst ever?
  228. Do You Like The Usos?
  229. Why Doosn't TNA Try To Have Their Own Network?
  230. Do you agree or disagree?
  231. question about total nonstop action?
  233. WRESTLING : Are you still surprised that Daniel bryan is now a wyatt?
  234. What should I do if I got a piledriver in school wrestling?
  235. TCW : Welcome to my show : "WORD IN THE RING" : TCW superstars, who is your dream opponent?
  236. What do you think of Triple H saying if he had WWE Network when he was younger he wouldn't
  237. What do you think of JBL saying his strategy against The Shield would be to tag Ron Simmons?
  238. What do you think of JBL saying Brock Lesnar has never felt pain like the one Big Show gave...
  239. What do you think of JBL saying The Shield would do great in Attitude Era?
  240. Does Ryback have a million dollar body and a nickel brain?
  241. Wrestling section why did wwe limit ron simmons to saying only one word?
  242. Why did people believe that the announcement on Wednesday was the return of the Attitude Era?
  243. 10 points: Dolph Ziggler is Billy Gunn all over again?
  244. How is the WWE Network the biggest announcement ever and how does it change the course of the WWE?
  245. WRESTLING : If you were to choose a wwe superstar (CURRENT) to play Hercules/Film who?
  246. Will Paul Heyman betray Brock at the royal rumble , like in 2002?
  247. WRESTLING : Can you please give me your opinions on these listed superstars by ratings?
  248. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : You don't need to have a championship belt to be claimed as the best...
  249. ive got my first varsity wrestling match today?
  250. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this statement on Current and Past...
  251. How Will WWE Network Free Trial Work?
  252. Professional Wrestling: Whose better on World Wrestling Entertainment Commentary?
  253. When Will You Join The wwe network?
  254. Professional Wrestling: What is so Awful with World Wrestling Entertainment's Writing?
  255. Would it had been stupid if Bobby Roode faced Kurt Angle tonight in the steel cage?
  256. Is there a little bit of momentum for Kurt Angle next week against Bobby Roode?
  257. Do youagree with Taz, do you need a little time tom prepare for Sting?
  258. Do you agree with Taz, Gunner shouldn't have decided to face James Storm for the case?
  259. What do you think of Taz saying in his opinion Magnis is the real champion?
  260. Do you think it's smart of Dixie Carter to take out all of AJ Styles Friends?
  261. Since Daniel Bryan is with The Wyatt Family now, will this start another CM Punk and Daniel Bryan
  262. TOTAL CARNAGE WRESTING : Can I request a tag match along with my partner uzaif?
  263. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this Statement about CM Punk Stone Cold Steve...
  264. Did Anyone Else Think Aj Lee And Kaitlyn Was Going To Kiss On Main Event .. !?
  265. TCW : SPONSORED BY : milk : Do you think its best for protien?
  266. Is the blood on Ethan Carter going to be on Dixie's hand When Samoa Joe faces him tonight?
  267. So this is how AJ Styles' last match went!? A Dixie Carter screwjob?
  268. So Kaitlyn's last match was with AJ this past Wednesday?
  269. How does Mark Henry like being in the hall of pain?
  270. What do you think of Bully Ray saying Mr. Anderson took everything from him?
  271. What are your thoughts on Dixie Carter calling AJ Styles children "little Minnie-Me redneck kids"?
  272. whats up with the wwe divas division?
  273. TCW : Welcome to my show : WORD IN THE RING , im your host MARCUS?
  274. TCW : REMINDER : This is what "The Special One" looks like when he deals with me ---->?
  275. aj styles vs magnus & cm punk vs john cena same gimmick?
  276. Wow!! Do you think Gunner is brave or dumb for putting his TNA title briefcase on the line?
  277. How Much Financial Demands is Bill Goldberg Asking To The WWE?
  278. Is Dixie Carter the greatest actress in the history of ever?
  279. How sweet would it be if AJ Styles beats Magnus and becomes the only TNA champ?
  280. TCW : Welcome to my show : "WORD IN THE RING" : Whats your thoughts on "The Special One?
  281. I'm asking myself and to you guys what Sting is asking, "What happened to you (Dixie Carter)?
  282. Did Dixie Carter make both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe?
  283. WRESTLING : TRUE/FALSE : Vital witness & Aaliyah = Macho man and elizabeth?
  284. WWE- Is CM Punk A Full Time Jobber Now?
  285. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of Total Nonstop Action?
  286. TCW: does Brock Lesnar screams like a girl?
  287. WRESTLING : What do you think the wwe would be like if VINCE was to hand it over to DIXIE CARTER?
  288. Agree/Disagree: The Royal Rumble Is A Bigger PPV Than Summerslam .. !?
  289. Honestly tho.. when did Dave Hytmen join the WS? I mean, he wasn't here during Jericho TCW's prime?
  290. Is Roman Reigns better than Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins of the Shield?
  291. Jeff Jarrett should be in TNA Hall of fame not Sting and Kurt Angle?
  292. What did you think of AJ Styles match against Magnus for the TNA Championship?
  293. So is Styles done with TNA?
  294. Will Raw and SmackDown be on the wwe network ?
  295. WWE Fans, I Have Some Good News .. !?
  296. WRESTLING : Which announcement did you find more groundbreaking WWE NETWORK or BATISTA'S return?
  297. does tna need the iron sheik ,icp,bobby lashley and shad gaspard?
  298. TNA's New Undertaker in the works??
  299. Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at The Royal Rumble 2014? John Cena or
  300. Could the wwe network put wwe out of business if it fails?
  301. @Aaliyah: Someone keeps reprting your Q&A?
  302. How mad is Zeb Colter for his team losing by Spanish wrestlers?
  303. who should have bthe bigger push between Roman Reigns and Antonio Cesaro?
  304. Professional Wrestling: did you realize These Superstars/Divas where still on the WWE Roster?
  305. Is there a way I can watch live streaming of wwe smackdown on Syfy?
  306. Is anyone else in shock that Bobby Roode and James Storm teamed up and won since they hate each...
  307. If roman speared somebody they wouldve won?
  308. who is the best wwe diva of all time?
  309. What do you think of TNA using TNA interactive on everything?
  310. What do you think of what Taz said Mike Tenay does when he sees Christy Hemme?
  311. Is Dixie Land where dreams come true?
  312. Has Mike Tenay been in the business 60 years and finally has a champion to be proud of?
  313. Do you think inside of Christy Hemme, she was upset at Sam Shaw for constantly looking at her?
  314. Who's the better speaker on the mic: Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt?
  315. I don't care if Velvet Sky is attractive, why the heck did she get involved in the match?
  316. Who's the better speaker on the mic: Dean Ambrose or Bray Wyatt?
  317. I don't care if Velvet Sky is attractive, why the heck did she get involved in the match?
  318. How did the Funkadactyls hear Xavier Woods?
  319. Do you think Christy Hemme is talking to Sam Shaw about his match as we speak?
  320. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of TNA/Impact Wrestling tonight?
  321. Rate my WM card pls!?
  322. Can Ethan Carter III take a "crap" without Dixie Carter looking over him?
  323. My Promo before the WS Royal Rumble?
  324. Who had the best night on Smackdown and who had the worst night?
  325. Can you blame Samuel Shaw for looking at Christy Hemme?
  326. If you were wrestling in a TNA ring, would you constantly look at Christy Hemme?
  327. is lesnar quitting wwe to go back to ufc?
  328. When Jeff Hardy's music played tonight, did you actually think Jeff Hardy would come out...
  329. What do you thyink of Taz not trying to reach Bully Ray anymore?
  330. On a scale of 1-10, how weird or awkward was the match between Sam Shaw and Norv?
  331. Is AJ Styles leaving TNA is just a storyline? he didnt have a contract extension.?
  332. Is anyone else relieved that Bully Ray didn't set Joseph Park or Mr.Anderson on fire?
  333. Who would win in a Wrestling match between Stephen Hawkings and a bowl rice crisps mixed...
  334. TNA Has The Star Power Right, So Why Can't They Have Good Matches and Storylines?
  335. Professional Wrestling: Why would anyone think Brock Lesnar/John Cena Vs The Undertaker
  336. Which Title Looks Better The WWE Title Or The TNA Title?
  337. WS Royal Rumble sponsored by Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Inc. will be held TONIGHT?
  338. Was Brock lesnar a heel throughtout his whole WWE and UFC career?
  339. Why Do People Make A Big Deal On Indy Wrestlers?
  340. Is Sting right? Is Ethan Carter III "Dixie's lapdog?"?
  341. Does TNA Have Better Wrestling Matches And WWE Has Better Storylines?
  342. Wrestling Section's version of Royal Rumble predictions?
  343. Do you think Dixie Carter has a secret crush on Magnus?
  344. Were you surprised AJ Styles returned to TNA?
  345. Do you want to see The Shield to disband without having a match with the Wyatts as Tag Teams?
  346. I don't like what Chris Benoit done to his family but is alright that I still to see him wrestle
  347. Should CM Punk Be A Commentator Not A Wrestler?
  348. Whos the short gay British guy in TNA?
  349. Wrestling Section - From looking at my avatar, What kind of person do you think I am?
  350. Professional Wrestling: What do people overrate more The Attitude Era or Ultimate...
  351. Does anyone else think Chris Benoit is innocent?/?
  352. does Renee Young look like Natalya?
  353. Which is your favourite wwe superstar?
  354. Is E see tree dicksc lapdoug?
  355. Weird feeling about Eva Marie?
  356. Do u lyke da TBA with Goeff Harty and Team 3-dudley?
  357. Is Abyss All The Way Back Or His He Going To Show Up As Joesph Parks?
  358. WWE divas division help?
  359. so who will batista face first in his return? rival? will he enter rumble and win?
  360. What's happening with j hardy,aj styles & hogan?
  361. Where jeffrory Harty and Matt Harty?
  362. When will Dean Ambrose defend his US Title?
  363. would batista vs ryback be good wrestlemania match?
  364. Who dues more alcohols Jeff or Mat Harty?
  365. Rate my WrestleMania card pls!?
  366. Is it just me, or does Triple H promote his buddies to be at the top?
  367. a few questions for Gummy Bear OR Thy Kingdom?
  368. Is Old School Raw A Great Way To Start Off The Year?
  369. Why is Maria so underrated lookwise?
  370. WRESTLING : Is mark henry really injured from the attack by brock lesnar?
  371. Favorite WWE/NXT diva?
  372. WRESTLING : Which top 5 current wwe superstars do you think will never make it big (ALSO)?
  373. Is Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley, and Jericho Triple H B**** now?
  374. What is a good theme song for some badass Mexicans in wrestling?
  375. What do people that are not Wrestlers think about Wrestlers and who they are as people?
  376. Is Samoa Joe really Samoan?
  377. WWE: Can Bray Wyatt Wrestle?
  378. Who is the better heel general manager, Eric Bischoff or Vickie Guerrero?
  379. WRESTLING : Which wrestler has the strongest finishing manuever?
  380. WS can you touch your toes?
  381. TNE vs WwE vd ROh vs Pro wretling gurrilea?
  382. A 5 man team to take on the WWE Zombies?
  383. WRESTLING : Which kind of wrestlers do you find very impressive TECHNICAL vs POWER HOUSE?
  384. WS: DO you want to see A.P.A at raw old school?
  385. WRESTLING : Do you think BATISTA is a sell-out?
  386. WRESTLING : Where do you see RANDY ORTON 5 years from now?
  387. Who came up with using chairs as weapons in wrestling?
  388. Do You Have Faith In Triple H To Take Over WWE Once Vince McMahon Retires For Good .. !?
  389. Whats Shawn Michaels Best WrestleMania Match ?
  390. When Were You A John Cena Fan, If You Were One?
  391. who is the winner of 2004 Royal Rumble?
  392. Where do you think the WWE will be 50 years from now?
  393. when she returns layla??? I miss her so much :(?
  394. Who is a better wrestler, Miss April from WSU or AJ Lee from the WWE?
  395. Why Do People Try To Tell Us WWE Fans That It's Not Real?
  396. Whos your favorite wrestler of all time ?
  397. Is The Royal Rumble The Most Exciting Match Of The Year .. !?
  398. Should WWE Bring Back The Draft?
  399. Who would you like to see at Old School Raw?
  400. What is your favorite WWE Hell in a cell match?
  401. WRESTLING : What do you think is the #1 funniest wrestling move of all time?
  402. This is a question for Cena Haters...?
  403. Who in your opinion should consider leaving the WWE?
  404. Hey Dixie
  405. Worst Raw Ever
  406. Wrestling section: What did you get for Christmas?
  407. Im going to sleep, wish me a good night?
  408. Who will win the royal rumble 2014?
  409. What would your reaction be if john cena said you can't see me to a blind person?
  410. It's Been 6 Years Since Kurt Angle Has Left The Wwe .. !?
  411. Is Jeff Hardy going back to the WWE?
  412. What is Dixie Carters big announcement?
  413. There's no wrestling schools here, What else can I train to become a Wwe wrestler?
  414. Do you think I will make it to the Wwe? What's your opinion?
  415. what would snitsky's role be in wwe today?
  416. do you like the walking dead?
  417. Does anybody see this as a main event of raw on january 20th...?
  418. do you think sting will sign with wwe after this month?
  419. Will we be seeing anything new out of Batista?
  420. What is the most likely reason on why Jeff Jarrett resigned from TNA?
  421. Describe John Cena in 1 word?
  422. WS Royal Rumble will be live on January 25?
  423. Whats one wish you have that has to do with wrestling?
  424. What Is A Monster ball Match?
  425. Who do you think is more evil, Vince McMahon (late 90's) or Dixie Carter (present)?
  426. What happened to Matt Hardy? Is he still wrestling?
  427. Possible superstar returns for 2014?
  428. How come Eva Marie and Jojo didn't start at nxt?
  429. In your mind, who do you think deserved to be the first fully black WWF/WWE champion?
  430. People chatting with madison rayne?
  431. Do you know who I am?
  432. Do you agree that wwe are ruining these superstars?
  433. CM Punk Only Was WWE Champion For 434 Days Because Lack Of Main Eventers Agree or Disagree?
  434. Did You Guys Even Enjoy John Cena vs. The Rock (Match 1)?
  435. Mark Henry vs Big Show (real q inside)?
  436. Kane vs Brad Maddox (real q inside)?
  437. WWa4 wrestling school?
  438. Can you name on WWF Diva's The Rock, Jericho, Angle, and Steve Austin may have hooked up with?
  439. Would it be possible if Randy Orton feud with Brock Lesnar in ?Wrestlemania 30??
  440. who will face brock lesnar and randy orton at wm30?
  441. Do you think next week will end with Fandago as Intercontinental Champion?
  442. Do you think John Cena would be good in a real fight?
  443. What comes next- Team Kofi Kingston, looking for a fight...?
  444. WRESTLING : Why don't we usually see guys wrestle the females in a match?
  445. WRESTLING : If you were to do a wrestling finishing move on user, DAVE HYTMEN....(WHICH ONE)?
  446. What Is Funnier Than A CM Punk Fan Thinking He Is Going To Win The Royal Rumble .. !?
  447. which do you like the most, the original Sin Cara or Sin Cara now?
  448. Who is better at kisisng Vince's butt John Cena or Dwayne(Tinychat)?
  449. When is the WWE Royal Rumble?
  450. who is more popular AJ lee or lita?
  451. How Would You React If Batista's Music Hits At The Royal Rumble .. !?
  452. Are CM Punk Fans Straight Edge Just Like Him?
  453. Agree/Disagree: Ryback Will Win A Championship Next Year In WWE .. !?
  454. Why Do WWE Fans Say That Daniel Bryan Is Popular Just Because Of The Yes Chants .. !?
  455. WRESTLING : Does vince McMahan still allows steroids to be used by any superstars?
  456. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see back in wwe : BATISTA or KURT ANGEL?
  457. How Much More Boring Will The Divas Division Be When Aj Lee Loses Her Title .. !?
  458. WWE: Raw old school.?
  459. Wwe 2k14 breaking point become more difficult ?
  460. WWE championship belt should be called, WWE Heavyweight Undisputed Unified Champion?
  461. Wrestling Section: What are your plans for tonight?
  462. Did you notice both Santas got buried by Cena?
  463. Wrestling Question about Punk vs Bryan(Tinychat)?
  464. Did you know that Brie Bella will beat AJ Lee to become Divas Champion?
  465. Wrestling Section: I'm going out with Brie tonight?
  466. Professional Wrestling: Whose more Cardboard out of this list?
  467. Why can people accept Movies/Television shows & Books, yet Can't Accept Professional Wrestling?
  468. is Batista going to restart the fued with John Cena ?
  469. Hey guys i am a die hard lita fan?
  470. Has your WWE dream match come true?
  471. WRESTLING : Do you still claim ORTON as a undisputed champion since the TLC match?
  472. How much money and anticipation would a mid 2013 TCW and current Witness feud/match draw?
  473. WS Royal Rumble is the 1st ppv for next year - sign ups for the royal rumble match below?
  474. WS: What great things to look forward to in 2014?
  475. Should I go back to my Thy Assistant gimmick?
  476. Do you remember when Khali and Swagger were World Champions and Miz was a WWE Champion?
  477. what does WWE have to do in 2014 to make it better then 2013 and before?
  478. WRESTLING : Can you please fill in the blank PLEASE ----->?
  479. WRESTLING : What are 3 things you can tell me that makes AJ so special?
  480. If Damien Sandow cancelled 2014 does that mean Batista isn't returning?
  481. How would you react if goldbergs theme hits at the royal rumble?
  482. WRESTLING : Whats the best ROYAL RUMBLE elimination that you've ever seen?
  483. Wrestling Section:Do you think Wrestling is real?
  484. Who do you think will be the next WWE World Champion?
  485. has WWE ever had a fully black WWE Superstar be WWE World Champion?
  486. Is it bad to quit my high school wrestling team cause of this?
  487. Do you wish Ted DiBiase Jr. haven't quit professional wrestling?
  488. Has monday night raw ever been live on x~mas day?
  489. Is Cherry returning to WWE?
  490. WRESTLING : What is 1 word that you'll use that describes these listed wwe superstars?
  491. Did You Guys Get Anything From The WWE Shop For Christmas?
  492. WRESTLING : How would you place these stables from best to worst (ENCLOSED)?
  493. WS: What Level Are You In Y/A?
  494. Wrestling:How many championship have CM Punk won in WWE?
  495. Who Would Be The Worst Superstar To Win The Royal Rumble This Year .. !?
  496. Why Are You On The Wrestling Section On Christmas Day .. !?
  497. Who do you think will be Entrant 1# and 2# in Royal Rumble?
  498. WRESTLING : Isnt it funny how much a threat the NEXUS was when they first appeared?
  499. WRESTLING : Would you claim the USOS as the current best tag team in the wwe?
  500. Wrestling:Who cuts better promos AJ Lee or CM Punk?