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  1. Chavo to FN Smackdown?
  2. What do you think about the WWE draft?
  3. can you tell me the result of the drafts?
  4. Which Sounds Better: Y2Miz or Miz2J; Chris Jericho and The Miz Tag Team?
  5. Poll: Raven vs Edge??
  6. I got some good news for Smackdown?
  7. Is it safe to say that?
  8. Do you think John Morrison should have stayed on Smackdown?
  9. Who enjoyed that hilarious promo with Mr.Anderson and the Pope tonight?
  10. Everyone is so hyped about the WWE DRAFT that we for got about the new Unified Tag Team...
  11. Why does the WWE finds anorexic twig looking women attractive?
  12. What is the WWE Supplemental Draft?
  13. How can I watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  14. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  15. Is Smackdown turning into ECW?
  16. WWE Draft ..Do You Think Now The Monday Night Wars Is Officially Over?
  17. Who is most likely to beat Trish Stratus's 7x Womens Championship record?
  18. Wasn't TNA amazing tonight?
  19. Who else thought former WWE diva Cherry was smoking hot?
  20. What was your thought on the draft tonight?
  21. Was the WWE draft better than Extreme Rules?
  22. Are You Sick Of Seeing Bret Hart On Raw?
  23. Who do you see getting drafted in the draft?
  24. Are you surprised Flair did as good as he did against Abyss?I guess I have always been a Flair
  25. do you think kelly kelly look like a slut?
  26. Would I make a good Diva for WWE?
  27. What in the hell Edge?
  28. Who are Smackdown's top 3 faces and heels now?
  29. Austin takes shot at Hogan thoughts??
  30. who has more title holds John Cena or Batista and how many did they have?
  31. who thinks vince owns tna?
  32. all the big superstars are gone to raw now whats gonna happen to smackdown?
  33. What did you think of the spear Edge just gave Orton?
  34. wow was it just me or was raw epic tonight ?
  35. Which draft pick surprised u the most?
  36. Did the 2010 draft picks bring back any memories?
  37. Did Edge turn heel on Randy Orton ?
  38. Do you think Christian move to Smackdown was good?
  39. Is anyone else excited that there's going to be an Edge/Orton feud?
  40. Since Smackdown's Main Event roster is kinda weak.....?
  41. why do all the ufc fans hate on us wwe fans?
  42. What the hell? that's the draft??? Jericho and Edge to RAW and the only good on SD was Christian?!?
  43. Wasn't that a dq when Hornswoggle threw his hat at Ziggler?
  44. Did you hear the We Want Mickie chants? XD?
  45. Anyone else knew that Raw was gonna leech all the big names off of SmackDown?
  46. are you surprised Flair did as good as he did against Abyss?I was hoping he won that match lol?
  47. When did Hardy come to London first?
  48. Can Someone Give Me A Complete Results Of Last Nights Raw Draft?
  49. Did you like how the wwe had the heels going at each other tonight?
  50. I thought orton couldnt face Cena nomore. remember? what if this would of happened tho lol?
  51. Why Was The Draft So Predictable?
  52. When and where is FWA's The Art Of War?
  53. Are we going to see another Divas Match?
  54. Do you just hate how the kids has changed orton/ soft version of Stone Cold?
  55. Wait...I Thought R-Truth Blew Up?
  56. this weeks raw or wm?
  57. what was mt fav part of raw?
  58. do you want y2j to go face?
  59. this week Raw or Impact?
  60. Joey Mercury... wasn't he injured and scheduled to not return to the ring?
  61. When is the WWE Supplement Draft?
  62. Post the draft results here to keep updated?
  63. name your top 5 matches for WWE and TNA in 2010 so far?
  64. Since Shelton Benjamin got fired from WWE...?
  65. Thank GOD Edge is heel?
  66. How many draft picks are on the line in Swagger vs Morrison?
  67. Do you think the wrestling section will be busy during the draft tonight?
  68. Can Bret Hart be drafted to Smackdown?
  69. How do you feel about Big Show's face turn?
  70. If Batista wins this Triple Threat are you going to laugh?
  71. Smackdown's murder might be good?
  72. WWE RAW and SmackDown: Main-Eventers and Superstars: Give Opinions?
  73. What would make you more happy if it happend?
  74. Monday Night RAW's New Roster: This is History; Opinions on Draft?
  75. does anyone think wwe is doing good right now?
  76. What ever happened to colorful charismatic wrestlers? Undertaker is the closest there is?
  77. Monday Night RAW is stacking Up: WWE Draft 2010 is going Excellent?
  78. is there a slice bread No.1?
  79. If you could fix one thing about the professional wrestling we see nowadays, what
  80. Do you like the new WWE?
  81. Do you guys here about Ric Flair's son meeting with TNA?
  82. Worst Night-WWE Draft?
  83. Why people complaing about smackdown not getting any real main eventers?
  84. I just thought of something about the WWE.Can RAW and the whole entire WWE be better if RAW...
  85. Why did Cena duck tape Batista to the post last night?
  86. A WWE Storyline.Would it be good?
  87. Al-Ain vs Foolad Mubarak Sepahan who will win?
  88. WWE Draft results (in descripton) and what you think of them?
  89. Is John Morrison really Jonny Nitro?
  90. Is TNA still on television?
  91. will undertaker ever be drafted to raw?
  92. The 2 big changes of the Draft this year?
  93. So, WWE is just SO predicable right?
  94. Did you find the pairing of Rey and Kane an odd choice since just over a year ago they had rivalry?
  95. Which MITB Match was MOST DIFFERENT to the OTHERS??
  96. Would you be opposed to a tag team of Chavo and Mysterio?
  97. Has Hornswoggle ever lost a match in his life?
  98. What song was JUST playing on RAW when John Cena was with the soldiers?
  99. Do you think tna would get a rating blast if they have a comercial on the raw channel will...
  100. A John Cena heel turn soon ?
  101. What would you say if they are using Shad as a way to turn JTG heel too,and then be a heel team?
  102. What's the best PPV this Month..Lockdown or Extreme Rules..?
  103. Agree or Disagree? Shawn Michaels is the greatest wrestler/superstar/legend/in-ring performer
  105. Which Championships are safe from the Draft?
  106. Undertaker's 18-0 streak and Kane's path of destruction? (Star if you like)?
  107. Do you think Kane should be a Heel again?
  108. Is the World Heavyweight Championship safe from the draft tonight?
  109. Did Kane ever make his own Wrestling DVD video?
  110. We probably know the answer to this, but can't we hope?
  111. WWE RAW 2 (Xbox) autographed by The Undertaker?
  112. what would happen if a wwe champ belt went to tna?
  113. what do you think of this WWE storyline?
  114. Am I the only one feels this way? WWE question?
  115. Wrestling section, from scale 1-10 how much would u rate these moves at the draft (inside)?
  116. For the last five years, who got the sickest obsession to defeat The Undertaker (inside)?
  117. When did The Undertaker receive his hardest hitting Sweet Chin Music ever?
  118. Wrestling section, what do u think of this classic Attitude Era moment (inside)?
  119. What ten things u learned after watching WWE Extreme Rules?
  120. Why is Mark Henry a jobber despite having his name written on The Streak?
  121. How long until Triple H returns?
  122. Do u feel that Mark Henry Big Show will do better in McDonald than in WWE?
  123. Edge vs Chris Jericho feud overall: Overwhelming or Underwhelming?
  124. Which Superstar being drafted will be the most shocking to you?
  125. What do u think of Edge vs Jericho feud overall?
  126. What Is Your Feedback Score On Ebay?
  127. Is Sheamus really a redhead or do wwe make him dye it to be make him a stereotype?
  128. If you go to and look down at...?
  129. I know this has been asked many times but?
  130. Who would u rather see going to HOF first: The Rock or Shawn Michaels?
  131. Which released WWE wrestler would you most like to see work for TNA?
  132. Do you have that 1 superstar/diva you don't wanna see get drafted?
  133. would these wrestlers make better heels or faces?
  134. was that the worst ending to a wwe title match EVER?
  135. Cade and Murdoch or Deuce and Domino?
  136. What websites can I go to too watch WWE: Extreme Rules?
  137. Could I be a wrestler?
  138. is it just me or Tag Team Division in WWE is horrible now?
  139. Are you happy or angry that Cena won again?
  140. YES Beth Phoenix The Glamazon the new Women's Champion?
  141. Is Beth Phoenix The Glamazon the future of the WWE Divas Division?
  142. OMG I am so happy I'm going to celebrate?
  143. In your unbiased opinion TNA Knockouts are going to take over Impact for one night and
  144. Will John Cena be the new World Heavyweight Champion in addition to him being the WWE Champion?
  145. WWE needs to know we're sick and tired of this superman movies ?
  146. Some questions about Wrestlers?
  148. Why can't the Undertaker be like John Cena?
  149. Lockdown vs Extreme Rules?
  150. Who agree's if this happens Raw will be awesome?
  151. Who else thought that extreme rules was?
  152. Where can I watch WWE Extreme Rules live on line for free?
  153. Do you agree that Orton vs Swagger should be a match of the year nominee?
  154. Which Tag Team used the entrance song. . .?
  155. what happened in extreme rulez so far ?
  156. Is this the end of Batistia?
  157. What is your reason for hating HHH?
  158. Does anyone think that Randy Orton will be drafted to smackdown after what we saw last night at...
  159. Do you see the Womens and Diva's title swiching brands tonight?
  160. How would you react if The Undertaker was in Batista's position at Extreme Rules?
  161. WHY DID JOHN CENA USE DUCK TAPE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  162. Who Had The Worst Week?
  163. Does john cena have a glory box?
  164. Should Y2J start his own stable to feud with S.E.S.?
  165. WRESTLING SECTION my reasons why evan bourne should be pushed do u agree,what r ur thoughts?
  166. jack thwagger still has the w.h.c what do you say about that?
  167. Best Match of the Night?
  168. mistake??????
  169. Wouldnt this be a better ending for Extreme Rules and a good way for Batista to leave?
  170. If Cena turned Heel, would the people who hated him, start liking him?
  171. What are your predictions for Extreme rules 2010?
  172. what if batista appeared on tna impact?
  173. Who was the worst release mistake WWE made?
  174. What would be good matches for the Draft tonight?
  175. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 10th RAW.Is it good?
  176. What did you think of Extreme Rules?
  177. Who was the mystery man who beat down Rey?
  178. If you could bring either 1 of these 2 back which 1 would you pick.For BA,you can only
  179. Who else is INFURIATED with the ending of Cena-Batista?
  180. From the looks of it John Cena...?
  181. Do you notice Undertaker says Boo! when he hits an opponent?
  182. Do u think HHH is 13 Time World Champion?
  183. Why does shad and JTG have a match tonight but not McIntyre, Miz or Big Show?
  184. TNA fans are taking over wrestling?
  185. What did you think about john cena taping batista for the win?
  186. Who is the new UEWA European Champion?
  187. do you know about what this category is for?
  188. why do people have a hard time accepting?
  189. If you watched Extreme Rules live online, what website did you use?
  190. Do you think a cage match should only be won by escaping from the top of the cage...........?
  191. Why does WWE feel the need to only have classic matches at Wrestlemania?
  192. How can I watch WWE extreme rules online live ?
  193. What is the worst finish you have seen to a WWE or TNA PPV?
  194. Are you a Cole-Miner?
  195. just a fun wrestling survey.?
  196. Did you think Batista looked like a 3 yr old when Cena tied him up?
  197. Who do you think attacked Rey Mysterio at Extreme Rules?
  198. Zack Ryder or Dolph Ziggler?
  199. Can you see Beth winning the title tonight then her and Eve swiching brands tomorrow night?
  200. Who do you think would win the following matches? I have chosen opponents with similar
  201. Will Triple H Be On Raw Tonight After The Injuries At Extreme Rules?
  202. Worst Night-Extreme Rules?
  203. WWE Draft Possible Spoilers?
  204. If you had a vote would you vote Batista into the WWE Hall of Fame, why?
  205. Were can i watch WWE Extreme Rules+BQ?
  206. question about rise and fall of ecw?
  207. TNA did a great show on Monday but Raw on the otherhand?
  208. Do you think Triple H is not appreciated as much as he should be?
  209. What is an Undertaker?
  210. Who Do You Think Will Take Eve's Divas Title When It's Time For Her To Lose It? I Hope it Doesn't...
  211. Hasn't Shawn Michaels refused to drop the belt?
  212. Don't You Think WWE Makes The Miz Out To Be Some Kind Of Veteran?
  213. what does steph do when hhh poops on the carpet?
  214. Do you prefer Christian as a heel or face?
  215. put these matches in order from favorite to least favortite?
  216. What is the major strength of Hornswoggle?
  217. Do you count Batista as a future hall of famer?
  218. LOL Batista i hate you too!!?
  219. Will Matt Hardy become WWE I.C Champion?
  220. Does a wrestling company have to be as big as WWE for it to be a successful company?
  221. does anyone knows what time is monday night Raw?
  222. How come L.A. is hosting Summerslam again when it had hosted it last year?
  223. Your 2010 Extreme Rules predictions?
  224. Do u think WWE will still grow no balls and avoid booking John Cena vs Undertaker at
  225. What has John Cena revolutionized during his run as WWE Icon (2005-Present)?
  226. What do you think of Beth vs McCool being non title tonight?
  227. What if, after all the hype and rumors, Goldberg doesn't sign with WWE in the end?
  228. Would you stop watching the WWE if John Cena retires?
  229. Extreme Makeover Match?
  230. Do you think it is pathetic Batista making a big deal about the movie?
  231. why were those 3 divas fired? Micky James, Kat and another.?
  232. on smackdown vs raw 2010 storyline, did it make anyone a little sad to throw the undertaker off...
  233. Who else wants to see Sheamus drafted to SD?
  234. beside jomo what wwe superstar botches the most?
  235. Awesome Kong is going to WWE?
  236. Why does TNA let their wrestlers in other wrestling promotions?
  237. who likes this svr 2011 roster?
  238. Who would win in these matches?
  239. What are the top 25 wwe finishers?
  240. What Do You Think Of Chis Jericho's Band Fozzy?
  241. Was Mickie James released from WWE ?
  242. Anyone excited about the WWE draft tomorrow?
  243. Is Trish Stratus's 7x Women's Champion record unbeatable?
  244. Extreme Rules 2010 Download Or Watch for Free?
  245. Any good way to watch WWE Extreme Rules live online?
  246. Is this the best WWE match ever?
  247. How many of you will be watching Extreme Rules tonight?
  248. Who would win and who would you cheer for?
  249. Who would you expect to die earlier: A weekly steroid user or a 6'11 670lb wrestler?
  250. Which do you like better TNA or WWE and why?
  251. Is Matt Hardy paying for his brothers sins?
  252. Do you think this is hypocritical for some WWE fans?
  253. How to watch WWE Extreme Rules live online high quality?
  254. How to watch WWE extreme rules through the internet live ?
  255. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  256. who is a better wrestler shawn micheals or john morrison?
  257. Which Extreme Rules match is the most unpredictable?
  258. shouldnt they add this match to the extreme rules card?
  259. Do you think Michelle McCool is due for a face turn?
  260. Will John Cena Leave The WWE Within The Next Few Years Or Will He Be Like Rick Flair And Stay...
  261. who is tomorrows guest host for raw?
  262. i know that people have asked similar questions but.....?
  263. john cena haters what is your real argument of hate towards him +bq?
  264. Where to watch WWE wrestling through the internet live ?
  265. since the release of mickie and shelton i heard alot of talk about....?
  266. Are you going to miss Batista?
  267. Who Should Be Monday Night RAW Official General Manager: Teddy Long or Vickie Guerrero?
  268. I'm a WWE Fan But Who Wants This Special Guest Host Concept to End:?
  269. Batista should defeat John Cena to become New WWE Champion; I hope Batista doesn't leave the...
  270. What are You're WWE Draft Predictions: Just Give Me The Big Names You Think is Getting Drafted...
  271. Who Thinks Batista Should Retire in 2012; Not at Extreme Rules?
  272. What Do You Think RAW's Rating Will Be for Tommorrow Night:?
  273. Would You Like to See a New Evolution with: Triple H, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, and Sheamus?
  274. What Would Be a Bigger Impact to WWE Draft: The Undertaker Drafted to RAW; John Cena Drafted to...
  275. Best British tag team today?
  276. WWE Extreme Rules: Choose Winners for Tonights Pay-Per View?
  277. New Nation of Domination: Read Details Below; Agree or Disagree?
  278. WWE needs a High-Flying Tag Team: Choose Two High-Flyers in the WWE that would be a Great Tag-Team?
  279. Please check out my Wrestling Section Answers and see if I can suceed in the Wrestling Section?
  280. Can Mike Knox beat MVP's losing streak?
  281. If you think WWE is better than TNA or if you think TNA is better than WWE please give me 10...
  282. Who will be the first diva that will be..?
  283. Do You Like CM Punk's Straight-Edge Society:?
  284. Who want's back ECW Or WCW instead of NXT And Superstar's? Which 2 Would u rather have?
  285. WWE Extreme Rules 2010 Download and Watch for Free?
  286. What are the top 10 WWE rivalries for each of these years?
  287. What WWE Superstar..............?
  288. Who will be Mickie James replacement as the top face diva?
  289. Please don't report me for this question.? Is it okay that I say I hate Stone Cold Steve
  290. Chris Jericho say's that he is the best in the world at what he does, what does he do?
  291. name a wrestler everyone hates except you?
  292. Who is Batista the Modern Era Off:?
  293. Evan Bourne and Justin Gabriel Tag Team: Would You Like To See Those Two High-Flyers Be
  294. WrestleMania XXVII: WWE Championship Match: John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. WM X7: The...
  295. WWE Draft 2010: Predictions; Tell Me What You Think and Give Opinions?
  296. WrestleMania XXVII: WWE Championship; No DQ Match: Batista vs. John Cena II or John Cena...
  297. Randy Orton's RKO or Stone Cold's Stunner?
  298. Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger or Stone Cold vs. Kurt Angle?
  299. Who Do You Want to win at Extreme Rules: Batista or John Cena?
  300. Who'll Win These Matches:?
  301. WWE or TNA: Which One is Better Overall?
  302. Batista retiring after Extreme Rules ?
  303. Whats your favorite all time Mick Foley match?
  304. John Cena's 5-Knuckle Shuffle or The Rock's Rock Bottom?
  305. Is HBK and Batista leaving a good thing in the long run?
  306. Can someone tell me where these TNA WRESTLERS have gone?
  307. Breaking Report:Matt Hardy Possibly Reveals How Much Longer He Has In The WWE?
  308. Now that the WWE admitted that Triple H and Stephanie are married?
  309. Where can I find highlights of FWA Battle Lines?
  310. Rate my WrestleMania 27 Dream Card?
  311. Wrestling Section....rate me as a user (+BQ)?
  312. Who is your all time favorite Wrestler?
  313. ROH Or TNA Or WWE Plus THW Talent Sign Ups?
  314. Did any WWE superstars tweet about Mickie James release?
  315. PAC Heading To TNA! Your Thoughts?
  316. To all the people saying John Morrison botches Starship Pain?
  317. WWE Vs. Lara croft tomb raide Issues?
  318. Did anyone else see Rob Terry botch on Impact?
  319. What do you think this ranking system in TNA is about how do you think it will work?
  320. Would you put Teddy Long in the same category as the Brain,Slick,and Jimmy Hart as a great manager?
  321. POLL: If YOU Were A WWE Superstar/Diva What Would Your Theme Music Be?
  322. Why would the WWE have their champion lose twice in a row before a ppv?Maybe you can
  323. POLL: If You Were A WWE Superstar/Diva What Theme Music Would You Use?
  324. Was you a fan of One Man Gang or Akheem the African Dream?
  325. TNA sacrifice match possibilites?
  326. What Would You Do If This Were True?
  327. STAR if JIMMY should leave the wrestling section?
  328. Is it safe to say that Attituder era and WCW fans are the TNA fan base?
  329. Shannon More On WWE releases?
  330. IF (a big IF) Triple H really feuds with The Undertaker this year, will it be a Feud of The...
  331. Can we all agree Mark Henry's giant push at 2006 was an epic fail?
  332. Mark Henry Got Arrested?
  333. When do you think Hernandez will come back?
  334. What Are Some Good Wrestling DVDs?
  335. Who would u rather see facing Edge at Wrestlemania XXVII: Randy Orton or Christian? Why?
  336. When will TNA Leech Shelton Benjamin and Mickie james?
  337. Why do WWE fans cry when a wrestler loses a meaningless belt in a fake fight?
  338. True or False: The Undertaker had a backstage problem with Shawn Michaels Klique during 1996-1998?
  339. What do you think of these 10 wrestling statements about Shawn Michaels (inside)?
  340. IYO, what is Kane's greatest match ever?
  341. True or False: Triple H debuted in WWE back there in The Golden Era of Wrestling (1985-1993)?
  342. who joining the stright edge society?
  343. Do u regard Shawn Michaels to be on the same league as Stone Cold?
  344. Can a wrestling federation have more than 1 face(s) at same time?
  345. Is it stupid for someone like me to talk about....?
  346. John Morrison has pinned current world champions twice.....?
  347. If John Morrison becomes the face of WWE....?
  348. Which WWE wrestler impersonates The Joker from The Dark Knight?
  349. Despite of being the greatest entertainer and superstar of all time.....?
  350. The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels twice in a row at WrestleMania.....?
  351. What are some questions related to wrestling.....?
  352. are you more ready for the ppv are the draft?
  353. Shawn Michaels couldn't end the streak, does John Cena stand a chance.....?
  354. Was the WWE's decision to release seven wrestlers actually a blessing in disguise for those
  355. What was your favorite WWE and TNA debuts?
  356. how come wwe does not push blacks stars?
  357. Why does John Morrison keep botching? (funny video inside)?
  358. Shawn Michaels is the least hated superstar of all time: Agree or disagree?
  359. Matt Morgan=Pure Awesomeness, agree or disagree?
  360. Were you disappointed that we didn't get to see Shawn Michaels vs Triple H one more time?
  361. Do you wish Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James all the best in their future endeavors?
  362. How is John Morrison the next Shawn Michaels?
  363. What is one popular wrestler everyone likes, but you don't?
  364. If Undertaker gets drafted(more inside)?
  365. What is the Greatest title match of all time at WM?
  366. Did anyone else laugh when R-Truth got blown up on RAW?
  367. On a scale of 1-10, how hard do u think it is for The Undertaker to not laugh on when...
  368. Am I the only one who isn't hurt or angry over Mickie James' release?
  369. is the wwe draft a ppv? does it come on raw for 3 hours?
  370. What is Shad Gaspards new song called?
  371. Michelle Mccool vs Beth Phoenix Womens Championship match @ Extreme Rules?
  372. which diva/knockout has a better body?
  373. whats up with ppl dissing john morrison?
  374. If WWE is so popular why does UFC gets higher PPV buyrates than WWE ?
  375. Why is UFC more popular today then WWE ?
  376. What did you think of Swagger vs JoMo on SD tonight?
  377. On a scale from 1-10 how fake is WWE ?
  378. Poll: Mark Henry vs Ezekiel Jackson vs Kane - In A Triple Threat?
  379. Top 10 Reasons Why TNA Will Fail to Equal or Overtake WWE in TV Ratings, Relevance,
  380. New backstage Kliq going on?
  381. another pest wrestling questions?
  382. TNA Slammiversary VIII 2010 Card/ Rate Card/ Pick Winners?
  383. Is Mr. Vince McMahon officially retired from in-ring competition? Really?
  384. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  385. Mickie James or Melina?
  386. Poll: AJ Styles vs Randy Orton?
  387. TNA is FAKE why do you watch it?
  388. Can NXT Ring Announcers/Commentators Be Drafted?
  389. Michelle McCool commented about Mickie's release?
  390. So John Morrison has beaten CM Punk twice when he was champion now Jack Swagger once
  391. do yal like RKO and if you whant them back?
  392. Rate these Smackdown vs Raw 2010 CAWS from 1-10?
  393. How predictable is WWE in your honest opinion? Why?
  394. WWE fans are threatening to riot because of the release of Mickie James?
  395. Gail Kim Is 33, But How Old Would You Say She Actually Looks?
  396. did yal people liked it when there was dx?
  397. did you like it when eddi Guerrero was still alive with rey mysterio?
  398. do you like how rey mysterio high flyes?
  399. did you like it when they got rid of ecw?
  400. Did anyone here Mark Henry got arrested?
  401. Tell me your stupid vision about wrestling?(IF YOU SAW ONE)?
  402. Who would win these matches?
  403. Who else hates Edge as a face?+BQ?
  404. Do you think the possible riot at Extreme Rules will make it intersting?
  405. Who is your all time favorite Botcher from WWE?
  406. who are your top favorite wrestlers and what made them your favorite?
  407. When will John Morrison stop botching his Own Finisher ?
  408. who are your top favorite wrestlers and what made them your favorite?
  409. Who's ratings are better WWE or TNA?
  410. who can move faster in the ring, jeff hardy or matt hardy?
  411. With which particular weapon will you hit the following wrestlers?
  412. What's the next PBW show called?
  413. Who would win in these matches?
  414. Best way to watch WWE Extreme Rules live online?
  415. Was Vince McMahon's decision to move the WWE away from TV-14 to a PG rating actually a good...
  416. How do you win a Extreme Makeover match?
  417. What do you think of Team-Lay-Cool assaulting Beth with....well.... lipsticks!?
  418. What will Shelton Benjamin do for a living now that WWE released him?
  419. who do you think is the best wrestler?
  420. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  421. What would be Hornswoggle's gimmick like in the attitude era?
  422. Who would win in a brawl?
  423. Ok so I was starting to like her but now?
  424. who do you think is stronger out of these people?
  425. Do you think the WWE might be forced to bring back Mickie?
  426. What will Mickie James do for a living now that WWE released her?
  427. Top 10 feuds of The Undertaker?
  428. Is it true R-truth used to be in TNA Wrestling?
  429. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  430. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 3rd RAW.Is it good?
  431. Can anyone find me the match where Trish does the STF on Jazz?
  432. Possible Season 2(Last Season) Cast of WWE NXT(Your Thoughts)?
  433. Which five had the worst night--Thursday Evening SmackDown? BQ Inside? 10 points best answer?
  434. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 2nd Smackdown.Is it good?
  435. what's your favourite wrestling promotions?
  436. who did team 3d just beat?
  437. People Please i wanna do this please consider :) ( 6 Slots Left :) )?
  438. WWE DRAFT 1st Match Spoiler!!!?
  439. Rate this Match: Trish Stratus and Lita vs. Madusa (Alundra Blayze) and Bull Nakano?
  440. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 3rd Smackdown.Is it good?
  441. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 2nd RAW.Is it good?
  442. Possible WWE draft spoilers?
  443. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 2nd RAW.Is it good?
  444. Who Do You Feel Made The Biggest Impact On TNA Plus THW Presents Saturday Night Annihilation...
  445. What do guys think of girl wrestlers?
  446. What does this Shawn Michaels quote mean?
  447. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 1st Smackdown.Is it good?
  448. who would win in a wrestling match anaconda or bodybuilder?
  449. WWE Diva's Embarassing/ Botches/Funny Moments?
  450. who's taller the great khali or andre the giant?
  451. who would love kane to be back in the main event with his old mask back an face end his...
  452. The Miz or Amazing Red?
  453. Why do WWE fans throw tantrums when their parents don't let them watch the oily men pretend
  454. Who is more generic and boring Ted DiBiase Jr or Randy Orton?
  455. who else really doesnt want ric flair to get in the ring next week on tna?
  456. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 1st RAW.Is it good?
  457. Does it bother you that WWE is already strongly considering shutting down NXT?
  458. Who do you think will win Jack Swagger or Randy Orton+NSW Sign Ups?
  459. What was your favorite Wrestlemania + APW rosters?
  460. will undertaker ever use the ministry theme again?
  461. Whats a good entrance song for a heel?
  462. What are the best feuds to have never happened?
  463. who else laughed at the mcgroober skits?
  464. Matt Hardy vs. Kane vs. Drew Mcentire Intercontinental title?
  465. DOes TNA have a Wellness Policy like WWE?
  466. Why does everybody think HBK is going to stabb WWE in the back like Victoria and Flair?
  467. Whose career would you rather have?
  468. I just saw a ghost on WWE NXT!?
  469. How many idiots have got a problem with me + WQ's?
  470. where is bobby lashley?
  471. okay this is a really big question and i need a really good answer?
  472. WWE Fans threatning to riot at Extreme Rules?
  473. WWE Over The Limit Rate Card/ Pick Winners?
  474. when stone cold was speaking when he was guest host what did they censore while he spoke?
  475. anot5her wrestling question?
  476. is michelle mccool sara?
  477. wrestling help desperate?
  478. from a scale 1 to 10 what are the chances for these wwe superstars getting released?
  479. why do so many people hate john cena seriously?
  480. Who else is happy that Vince finally got rid of piggy james?
  481. Which WWE Extreme Rules match do you think will be the best?
  482. When will ShoMiz split up?
  483. Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy at Extreme Rules?
  484. John Morrison on is way to the World Heavyweight Championship?
  485. Gail Kim Yoshi Tatsu: Only Oriental Asians Left In WWE?
  486. what do these pro wrestlers/wrestling characters have in common?
  487. Gail Kim SHOULD Be The 1st Triple Crown Champion NOT Mickie James?
  488. The Undertaker is a ghost or not ?
  489. Why are people saying the want the WHC WWE Championship unified?
  490. Question about the championships?
  491. Championship match for the steel cage winner?
  492. Do you think that releasing Mickie will effect the WWE Universe and somewhat the ratings?
  493. Who thinks Dolph Ziggler will become the No.1 Contender to IC Title soon?
  494. Edge - Jericho winner?
  495. If Undertaker dropped his eye balls in the ring, what will Michael Cole say?
  496. Will you LAUGH OUT LOUD if this happens in the WWE ring?
  497. What was the worse decision, tna switching to monday nights so early, or wwe releasing
  498. did funaki desrve a better ending to his wwe career than what he got (nothing)?
  499. Will TNA hire Ugly Mickie ?
  500. Why does Orton smell his opponents so much?