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  1. Round two - Eliminate *three* fighters in this 8 man Battle Royal?
  2. Will Edge break Ric Flairs world championship record?
  3. Question about WWE SVR 2010?
  4. so tna fans do you still think tna can compete with wwe there not gonna be on mondays any more i
  5. Bonus Round - Eliminate *two* fighters in this now 3 man Battle Royal and explain how
  6. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  7. Monday Night Wars II Over Already; WWE RAW Wins?
  8. Round three - Eliminate *two* fighters in this 4 man Battle Royal?
  10. Can people see your address when they send you gifts on Amazon?
  11. What do you think after Undertakers streak 20-0 when he Retires?
  12. One good thing about Edge being drafted to RAW is...?
  13. Spoiler for tonights raw!!!?
  15. Eliminate one superstar or diva from the INTERGENDER Battle Royal?
  16. Do you all agree wrestling is fake?
  17. Why has The WWE gone PG when nothing was wrong with it before?
  18. Which match would you really want to see at summerslam this year?
  19. Who's more entertaining in the ring Triple H or The Undertaker?
  20. Random wwe questions (see below)?
  21. Who misses Ron Simmons?
  22. How do you feel when you see the Post-2007 WWE image of Chris Benoit?
  23. Do you still enjoy wrestling even when you know its scripted?
  24. Should WWE create a 3rd new brand on wednesdays besides NXT? If so what do you think it should be
  25. TNA Rankings system - RVD to fight one of the top ranked guys on iMPACT?
  26. What would make you stop watching WWE or another wrestling promotion?
  27. How many hours of wrestling do you watch a week?
  28. Imagine if this happened, see inside?
  29. Would it be awsome if the WWE came up with a gimmick match like a SAW Jigsaw trap?
  30. Round two - Eliminate *two* fighters in this 6 man Battle Royal?
  31. What do you hate about the undertaker?
  32. Round three - Eliminate *two* superstars in this 13 man Battle Royal?
  33. How old were you when you started watching wrestling?
  34. Custom Summerslam 2010 Match Card?
  35. Would you like to see Akon Guest host Raw?
  36. If you could choose all of the champions in the WWE who would you pick?
  37. What WWE star should have never held a world title?
  38. what wwe superstars have left for TNA and why do u think they did?
  39. do u like cm punk's.....?
  40. Why is MVP calling what was Shelton Benjamins paydirt,305?
  41. BREAKING NEWS! I'm Back to the Wrestling Section!?
  42. agree is disagree(20 characters)?
  43. I do shows up here right,and 1 year from now after my WrestleMania 27,Im thinking about...
  44. Who will be the next guy to challenge McIntyre for the IC title?
  45. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 11th RAW.Is it good?
  46. If you are a fan of the WWE now,Do you think they would of been fans of the 80 and early 90's era's?
  47. Do you like this match?
  48. (NEW) WWE Over The Limit Predictions?
  49. Can you watch live WWE Raw for free on your PC?
  51. How can I watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  52. Things that would make TNA get a better rating than WWE?
  53. TNA Superstars vs. WWE Superstars?
  54. WWE Over The Limit: Rate Card and Give Opinions?
  55. WWE Summerslam Dream Card, Rate and give your thoughts.?
  56. This might be the Concept for the Money in the Bank PPV: 8 Superstars, WWE/World Championship
  57. What's better: WWE or TNA? Why?
  58. is there way to modify champion entrances in svr 2010?
  59. What do you think of Raw's so called perfection?
  60. why are house shows better than smack down and raw some times?
  61. Money In The Bank PPV prediction?
  62. Is Kurt Angle the only Olympic gold medalist in professional wrestling history?
  63. Custom Over The Limit Card?
  64. WWE Over The Limit Concept is Either; Championship Scramble,Iron Man Match or Beat The Clock
  65. My OVER THE LIMIT 2010 Predictions?
  66. Is the WWE VS TNA war just beginning?
  67. Could Layla pull off top heel diva of Smackdown?
  68. WWE Over The Limit: Which Stipulation/Concept Do You Think it is: Read This Article, it's short?
  69. Smackdown Vs Raw 2010?
  70. Round four - Eliminate *three* superstars in this 11 man Battle Royal?
  71. say from best to worst?
  72. Does Undertaker deserve all the credit for the Attitude Era since..?
  73. What was shelton benjamin's last push in the WWE?
  74. Did rey mysterio only get the push and win the royal rumble and championship because of eddie
  75. Dolph Ziggler attacks a 3 ft man?
  76. What were the names of the heaviest twin brothers ever in wrestling?
  77. Is SportsDirect Fake?
  78. Do You Think WWE Should Replace Money in the Bank Pay-Per View with King of the Ring PPV;...
  79. Round Five - Eliminate *two* superstars in this 8 man Battle Royal?
  80. Has anybody ever seen my account in the wrestling section before?
  81. Round Six - Eliminate *three* superstars in this 6 man Battle Royal?
  82. did u figure....that....?
  83. edge vs rko rivalry starting this monday?
  84. What's your most favorite wrestling match stipulation? Why?
  85. Eliminate One Superstar Or Diva from the Intergender Battle Royal?
  86. Should WWE Make a Match called Ladder in a Cell: (Read Details Below)?
  87. Is Kane going to get a big push soon?
  88. Who thinks Vickie Guerrero is a good entertainer?
  89. Evan Bourne released from WWE?
  90. Do you think Christian is really ready to be World Heavyweight Champion?
  91. Fatal Four Way Matches, Who would win?
  92. What are your favourite Undertaker American BadA** feuds (inside) and why?
  93. Do YOU think Undertaker can go two more years to go 20-0 (At Wrestlemania) without getting injured?
  94. Would you like to being a commentator on SmackDown or RAW?
  95. SES vs. APA (Which would win?)?
  96. Should the WWE create an Anti-PG stable?
  97. Round Seven - Eliminate *two* superstars in this 3 man Battle Royal?
  98. If you want 20 Points, Answer These Questions Real Fast; Who Do You Think Is Better Edge or...
  99. Isn't Beth Phoenix so Beautiful +WQ?
  100. Why do WWE fans watch the WWE When THEY KNOW it's FAKE?
  101. Is John Morrison being on Raw a big mistake?
  102. Do you think TNA will still exist by 2011?
  103. Should WWE Kane remask?
  104. I want to join Ministry of Trolls?
  105. What's the main reason you watch RAW?
  106. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  107. Illegal Alien vs Sexual Predator who well win?
  108. Did you notice every former Raw superstar won their match plus BQ?
  109. How can I watch WWE wrestling smackdown online ?
  110. is wwe fake i am going to it i think wwe is awesome?
  111. Will you attend Tribute to the Trolls in three weeks?
  112. Look At This And Decide Who Will Challenge Eve For The Divas Title?
  113. Who Will Be The #1 Contender For The Divas Title?
  114. Who Will Be The Number 1 Contender(s) For The Divas Title?
  115. Level 7, TC, Cheater in the WS?
  116. What WWE superstars would be good at parkour if you dont what that is look it up on youtube?
  117. Would this make Smackdown, Raw, and ECW better?
  118. Fatal 4 Way: YOUR MATCH PREDICTIONS!?
  119. Does anyone like Cody Rhodes?
  120. spoiler about edge!!!!! don't read if you don't wanna know?
  121. UK WWE FANATICS - can you imagine all PPVS on Sky Box Office?
  122. Which is better: Roundhouse kick by Chuck Norris or Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels?
  123. what date in may is wwe diva candice michelle due?
  124. Did Dolph Ziggler choking Hornswoggle out this past Raw put a smile on your face?
  125. Do u think retiring Triple H next year at Wrestlemania XXVII will somehow change how u
  126. Who is the Raw guest host?
  127. Who deserves to induct The Undertaker to HOF more: Mick Foley or Shawn Michaels? Why?
  128. People in the Wrestling Section: We need to join forces to stop the trolls!!!!!?
  129. Shad Gaspard the new Batista?
  130. From scale 1-10, what are the chances of Taker vs Sheamus at WM 27 topping both Taker vs HBK at
  131. So far, what do you think is WWE most overrated match of 2010?
  132. Which Undertaker's achievement do u feel bigger: Winning WWE title from Hulk Hogan or Retiring...
  133. Wrestling section, can anyone tell me why these names (inside) are so 'sacred' in IWC?
  134. Do u realize Randy Orton was the last person The Undertaker 'successfully' put over for a long time?
  135. The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Undefeated Streak: Love it or Hate it?
  136. Why do people waste their time watching the WWE when THEY KNOW it's fake?
  137. Do yall want to get rid of the trolls on the Wrestling Section!?
  138. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  139. Why did Paul Heyman have beef with Jim Ross during the WWE - WCW - ECW invasion?
  140. Can someone explain why ECW invaded RAW in 1997 and made a mockery out of it?
  141. Was Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in WWE in 1995?
  142. People Please i wanna do this please consider :) ( 2 Slots Left :) )?
  143. Which former or Current World champion you had never expected to be one?
  144. What do you think the main reason is why Vince loves Shawn Michaels?
  145. Shawn will give you a show like you've never seen before, why?
  146. Can you think of any good things that came from The Montreal Screwjob?
  147. Is EDGE a FULL TIME heel AGAIN (spoilers from Smackdown)?
  148. Who Are Your Top 12 Legendary Wrestlers of All-Times?
  149. I'm done for a while?
  150. Whick WWE wrestler do you think is perfectly rated?
  151. Who is the better technical wrestler edge or chris jericho?
  152. How did Goldberg get into wrestling?
  153. is Sheamus the top heel now in the WWE and if this were still the Attitude Era would he be bigger...
  154. A question for all the John Cena haters?
  155. What two wrestlers would you like to see do a remake of Demolition man?
  156. What would happen at wrestlemania if the undertaker was booked to win but lost because of a botch?
  157. Do you think we all give The Undertaker to much credit for his WM streak?
  158. Do you know any girls who have a crush on Randy orton?
  159. Do you think that kids under 12 even know who The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin are?
  160. Who's better Randy Orton or edge?
  161. Good ideia or bad ideia?
  162. why do you watch WWE when you know TNA is better?
  163. what was your favorite match of kane?
  164. if wwe remasked kane how much of a difference would it make?
  165. Can you watch live WWE Raw for free on your PC?
  166. If John Cena has a wrestling skill that of a preliminary pro wrestler, then why's he the WWE...
  167. LMFAO, what do you think about Vince and Triple H?
  168. Is Rick Flair the wrestling god?
  169. I heard about this, who was the diva who got knocked out by Maryse with a butt smother on her face?
  170. If Trish Stratus came back to WWE....?
  171. Who is the most boring wrestler?
  172. Why do you watch WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake?
  173. My new fantsasy WWE. This is Monday Night RAW, and the WWE Draft. Can you please rate it?
  174. Is this a good stable for the wwe?
  175. Which face turn that you don't like from WWE this year and why?
  176. what do you guys think about tna new ranking system?
  177. updates on TNA Wrestling?
  178. why does the audience prefer to see the wrestlers beating the hell out of each other other(more
  179. you have control of Monday night Raw for the next 5 weeks who do you have as guest host and why?
  180. Should at WM 26,instead of HBK vs Taker 2,it should have been ECW vs UT?
  181. What do wrestling fans think about a finishing move as humiliating as this????? Is it moral and
  182. Are Smackdown/NXT house shows any good?
  183. Is The Rock cocky in real life?
  184. When was the last time The Miz defended his united states championship?
  185. When will Kanye West and The Rock guest host RAW and whats up with Goldberg?
  186. pick 1:lay-cool,y2j or swagger?
  187. Do you think that the WWE and TNA are aware of the Y!A Wrestling section?
  188. In your opinion, who is the most talented member of the NXT roster?
  189. What are your thoughts on TNA's Monday ratings?
  190. Bring mickie james back! Who wants her back?
  191. Why did WWE make Smackdown so crap in the drafts?
  192. what was the worst title win ever except david arqueete from wcw?
  194. What is the card for SSW Collision 2010?
  195. Agree or Disagree: Rey Mysterio needs to be drafted to RAW?
  196. In your opinion Who is the best Heel in WWE+BQ?
  198. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 9th RAW.Is it good?
  199. when you make a ham sandwich do you?
  200. What run is 1PW competing in?
  201. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 8th Smackdown.Is it good?
  202. should all wwe fans put pressure to bring back mickie james? she is face of the divas!!?
  203. Do you ever buy wrestling songs on Itunes?
  204. would shelton benjamin had got a push if he was?
  205. Where can I watch WWE SmackDown live from my PC?
  206. if wrestling is sooooo fake?
  207. What is your opinion on the career of Al Snow and was he over rated or under?
  208. Does anyone remember the title reign Shane Douglas had where he acted like hated the title
  209. Which former WWE big man did you like better Tomko or A-Train?Why?
  210. do you think JR will leave the WWE and go to TNA?
  211. Should Shelton Benjamin return to WWE?
  212. Worst Night-Superstars?
  213. Do you like Jillian Hall?
  214. My WWE WrestleMania.My 2nd PPV.Is it good?
  215. WWE is obviously giving TNA all the shots in the world to get the better rating but they cant do it?
  216. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 7th Smackdown.Is it good?
  217. What will happen 1st,Undertaker losing at WM or the Detroit Lions going to the superbowl and
  218. Your WWE summerslam card?
  219. What is the WWE alumni?
  220. is that mickie james ????????????????? ?
  221. Will Shawn Michaels ever wrestle again?
  222. Wrestling Question based on your opinion?
  223. Dream Match, any wrestler, any era, any type of match.?
  224. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 8th RAW.Is it good?
  225. Why is Bubba The Love sponge is in TNA?
  226. why do people hate on my dad jimmy?
  227. When Undertaker returns from break who should he feud with?
  228. which rivalry is better ...john cena vs batista or hbk vs hhh?
  229. Who is the worst champion in the WWE right now?
  230. What comes to mind when I say STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN?
  231. does tna know what there doing in terms of storylines(bonus questions inside)?
  232. Anyone know if Chris Sabin or Alex Shelly have REAL twitter accounts or Facebook etc?
  233. Do you think the TNA Knockouts are slowly turning into Divas?
  234. who is better in these categories, cm punk or the undertaker?
  235. Why john cena is so great ?
  236. Which WWE Theme gets stuck in your head most often?
  237. If Kelly Kelly went heel and Ashley Massaro came back and was heel and they teamed up?
  238. Would Harrison Ford be a good guest host?
  239. Would u like it if Eminem hosted Raw and him and Cena had a rap battle? Who would win?
  240. If you could bring back one or more of the following past Divas who would it be?
  241. Is Evan Bourne still on Raw?
  242. Who would win these matches?
  243. What was your funniest hornswoggle moment?
  244. Dumb idea or good idea?
  245. Are the Colon's getting back together?
  246. Why would have Edge speared Orton this week on Raw?
  247. when do you think Undertaker will retire? 3 years or 5?
  248. Who's the better Indian wrestler Sonjay Dutt or The Great Khali?
  249. Do you agree with my theory plus BQ?
  250. Is anyone else excited about Primo's return tonight? BQ+WQ inside?
  251. Have you ever acted like a wrestler, like kicking cheers and stuff?
  252. WWE has passed its prime?
  253. Do You Think Batista/John Cena have Good Chemistry Good Matches Together; What was
  254. Star if you have done the following....?
  255. evan bourne aj styles chris sabin or alex shelley?
  256. JR very likely going to TNA?
  257. did you like wwe more befor you were a internet mark?
  258. Will this put a end to the Mickie James TNA rumors?
  260. Do you think Batista is a crybaby?
  261. How much do you bench press + WQ?
  262. If the Undertaker had a 18-1 streak what would you do?
  263. What do you think of Michelle Mccool?
  264. Am i the only one that?
  265. Will we ever get to see Beth PHoenix as the IC Champion or at least?
  266. Who cares about the ratings TNA will always be the better show?
  267. Which wwe superstar is better John Cena or the Undertaker?
  268. Should Randy Orton have been drafted? + Do you like this song?
  269. Dont you think its kind of dumb to respond to Jimmy?
  270. What wrestler in the history of professional wrestling had the most success?
  271. Who's next on the streak????+EWA SIGN UPS!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ JOIN!?
  272. Can you see John Cena wrestling into his 40's like Taker,Kane,Triple H and HBK?
  273. what was the biggest botch you've ever seen in pro wrestling?
  274. When are you going to quit or take a break watching WWE?
  275. What are 5 things a wrestling fan shouldn't do while watching a wrestling TV show?
  276. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  277. Aside from the people's elbow, what are other electrifying moves?
  278. Should WWE create a 3rd new brand on wednesdays besides NXT? If so what do you think it
  279. How do you think Raw will be with Wayne Brady as guest host?
  280. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 6th Smackdown.Is it good?
  281. Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourne?
  282. Would Rey Mysterio vs Jack Swagger for the title or in a non-title be a good match?
  283. was mickie james released from the wwe?
  284. CM Punk or Edge who has better mic skills?
  285. Should a guy Sheamus gets in a feud with next say this about him?
  286. How will we look back on the wrestling of today?
  287. Does anybody know what the TV Ratings mean for tv shows or know a scale for how they work?
  288. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 6th RAW.Is it good?
  289. Where has Melina been?
  290. Will Mr McMahon press charges on Wade Barrett for robbing him?
  291. After Swagger beats Big Show at Over the Limit and Cena beats Batista,who should challenge next...
  292. john cena looks just like daren young from nxt?
  293. battle of the egos who would win?
  294. In a dark match, Maryse knocked out Gail Kim by facesitting her (butt smother) in the
  295. Is Smackdown worth going to live now? +BQ?
  296. Is WWE going in a pattern with the Tag Team Division?
  297. Really???????????????????????
  298. What do superstars do when they're under the ring?
  299. Which WWE Superstar has the best pyro in your opinion?
  300. So... who's hotter? Battlle of the tag team/stable members!?
  301. Will you miss Batista?
  302. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 5th Smackdown.Is it good?
  303. mickie james is a wh0re?
  304. Hey i have been hearing rumors?
  305. Make a Over the Limit fantasy card.If I like it I will give you BA.?
  306. edge heerl or y2j heel?
  307. If the undertaker retired from the wwe and a year later joined tna will you start watching tna?
  308. Is the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith in the Hall Of Fame?
  309. Will Over the Limit consist of Championship Scrambles or Iron Man or neither?
  310. Finally WWE are pushing mid-carders?
  311. Who else agrees with me that RAW is much more exciting than SMACKDOWN?
  312. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 5th RAW.Is it good?
  313. now DX are no more JX rule?
  314. Where will WWE go with the Edge/Orton feud?
  315. Your OVER THE LIMIT 2010 Card?
  316. we hate cena women wwe who are they?
  317. Mickie James back on good terms with the WWE?
  318. Would this be a good name if Jericho Orton teamed up?
  319. WWE Money In The Bank PPV?
  320. Who is the most underrated and overrated wrestler in WWE history?
  321. do you think john cena should be taken away from the title picture for a few months?
  322. Which wwe wrestler is the best at promos?
  323. Did you know that the word tweener can be used in the wrestling section as well as wrestling?
  324. The reason why Shawn Michaels retired and storyline?
  325. Do you think that the WWE are booking better triple threat matches now?
  326. Do you think the attitude era was influenced by the jerry springer show?
  327. When you look back at Rey Mysterio's World title run?
  328. Random questions about the WWE (see details)?
  329. Is Stephanie Mcmahon knocked up again?
  330. what would you think if Bruce Willis was in a Saw movie?
  331. Do you think Mark Calaway is a fraud?
  332. Do you think lady gaga is sexy?
  333. In 20 years from now do you think Dywayne The Rock Johnson will be best know for being a actor...
  334. How the hell did the draft get a 3.1 plus BQ?
  335. Now that MVP is back on Smackdown!?
  336. Why is the undertaker so lazy?
  337. Was that punch from Show to Miz real on Raw (4/26)?
  338. What if The Blackest Night happen in the WWE Universe.?
  339. can someone confirm that edge is ACTUALLY a heel?has it been written by any sources?
  340. who do you think is the masked guy and why?
  341. What is your favorite wrestlers catch phrase of all time?
  342. Hornswoggle to Smackdown.. does this mean Vince is really getting serious about TNA?
  343. Is The Undertaker actually dead?
  344. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 4th RAW.Is it good?
  345. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 3rd Smackdown.Is it good?
  346. Are you happy that Shelton Benjamin Maria are in talks with TNA.?
  347. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 4th Smackdown.Is it good?
  348. WWE Over The Limit Rate Card/ Pick Winners?
  349. Yay or nay,Big Show vs Jack Swagger at Over the Limit?
  350. What's your opinion on this article about Shawn Michaels?
  351. Why do WWE fans like watching fake wrestlers when UFC is widely available and IS NOT fake?
  352. Will Ashley Massaro ever return to the WWE?
  353. vince machmon has retired from wwe it says on wikipidia?
  354. Why the **** do you continue to watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's ******* fake?
  355. Should WWE Re-sign Victoria and use her correctly now that Mickie James is gone?
  356. Tara going back to her psycho gimmick?
  357. Smackdown's move to SyFy..?
  358. Is Randy Orton a face now? BQ: WWE or TNA?
  359. who is a better wrestler out of these wrestlers in there prime(wwe and tna)?
  360. battle of the sexes, who do you prefer?
  361. my dad jimmy thinks im gay for watching the wwe?
  362. What are your thoughts on Tara leaving TNA?
  363. Do you think Michelle McCool will get the womens title back?
  364. Random Wrestling questions?
  365. Do you think Rey and Chavo should form their own tag-team?
  366. more random wrestling questions?
  367. why do you watch WWE when you know TNA is better?
  368. who do you think was the masked man?
  369. Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendes, Layla, Serena or Tiffany?
  370. So WWE won't allow Mickie James to come back?
  371. list from best to worst NXT rookie?
  372. What do you think of this predication? (Huge what if question?)?
  373. Do all these signs point to the return of Jeff Hardy on SmackDown?
  374. Batista's contract is coming up soon?
  375. What do you think of SmackDown's new Women's division?
  376. Batista vs. John Cena Fued: Who Do You Want To Win The Fued and Be WWE Champion; What...
  377. Would You Like to See: Edge vs. Randy Orton Fued and The Miz and Chris Jericho Tag Team?
  378. When Do You Think Jack Swagger's World Heavyweight Championship Will Come to an End?
  379. Do You If Batista Becomes WWE Champion He Won't Leave The WWE?
  380. What Will Sheamus Do on RAW and Who Will He Fued With:?
  381. Which One of These Promo's was Batista's Best:Is Batista the Best Heel in the WWE and Do You Want...
  382. Do John Cena Fans Know That He Used Duck-Tape; Can John Cena Beat Batista?
  383. Why is Michael Cole a face announcer on Raw but on NXT he is heel?
  384. SmackDown Must Push These Superstars to be Conteders for the World Heavyweight Championship?
  385. Why is WWE making Bryan Danielson look like a joke?
  386. On RAW the main event scene is nice,while on SD the younger talent is nice,but they forgot
  387. John Morrison vs. The Miz Fued for United States Championship: Who Would Win?
  388. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 3rd RAW.Is it good?
  389. Who do u think will win the US title from The Miz?
  390. Can you make 4 teams in WWE that doesnt have to be makeshift?
  391. All SmackDown Needs is Jeff Hardy; Maybe Jeff Hardy can return at Summerslam 2010 or Royal
  392. Who Truly Deserves to be Intercontinetal Champion on SmackDown?
  393. John Morrison vs Jack Swagger last Monday night on RAW; is that enough to push John Morrison?
  394. Am I the only one that cannot stand seeing Sting on tv?
  395. Smackdown creative team vs. Raw's creative team?
  396. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 2nd Smackdown.Is it good?
  397. Is the WWE draft over for the year?
  398. Is this the end of the Supplemental draft?
  399. Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio feud on Smackdown?
  400. Who'd Win John Cena vs Batista In A Blind Fold Match?
  401. How do you expect TNA to have higher ratings if they....?
  402. Now that Jericho is on RAW,will we see Jeri-Miz?
  403. Which WWE Should Been Added To Supplemental Draft List Instead of Being Announce on RAW?
  404. who'd Win Chris Jericho The Miz or R Truth John Morrison?
  405. for thoes who watch tna weekly what made you start watching tna weekly?
  406. Who'd Win Triple H younger Randy orton vs Hart Foundation?
  407. Who'd Win Edge vs Jericho vs Randy orton vs John Cena For Title?
  408. Who will be elimated first:Michael Tarver or Daniel Bryan?
  409. What Japanese wrestler could be great in the WWE and what WWE star could be great in Japan?
  410. Do you noticxe all real life couples are together in the draft?
  411. Rey Mysterio vs Ted Dibaise Jr?
  412. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  413. Who'd Win Shawn Michaels vs Sting In a Iron Man Match?
  414. I was just thinking about something.Should Melina be the 1 to break Trishs record of 7 womens
  415. in life are you face or heel lol?
  416. Now that Mickie James is gone,is this diva the next in line to break Trishs record of 7...
  417. would it be hard to get a body like kelly kelly's for average women.?
  418. uk wrestling fans do you think its stupid that we dont get tna impact when the us people do?
  419. NEED HELP FINDING VIDEO - Diva scene
  420. Whats been going on, on raw lately?
  421. How do NXT ratings compare to ECW ratings?
  422. Is Matt Hardy leaving the WWE?
  423. All ECW wrestlers now 'lost' in the business?
  424. Whats goin on with HBK?
  425. Who would you choose to be your tag team partner to face?
  426. Was last night on RAW the first time in over 2 years Edge and Randy Orton met each other on screen?
  427. If you could ask the undertaker any question ever what would it be?
  428. Has John Cena won more world titles via submission than anyone else besides Ric Flair?
  429. Do you think that Randy Orton has really improved as a wrestler recently?
  430. Why do people think that Batista is on Smackdown when his actually apart of RAW now?
  431. Is Smackdown back to the way it was in 2002-2006?
  432. Ladys only, If you saw Randy Orton on the street would you rather punch him or kiss him?
  433. Who is Kane's favorite author? He said it in his interview.. i couldn't understand what he
  434. My WWE Elimination Chamber.My 1st ever show and PPV.Is it great?
  435. When is Jim Ross coming back to the WWE?
  436. Who are you Top 10 babyfaces of all time?
  437. Which announcing duo do you think does the best job of selling storylines?
  438. How did everyone like the WWE 2010 DRAFT?
  439. Although Bryan Danielson is 0-8 in his start, is it accurate to say he is the best wrestler on the
  440. Is The Big Show face or heel?
  441. Ratings are in, who won? lol?
  442. Do you think that SmackDOWN is going DOWN hill now that alot of main eventers have left?
  443. Do You Think Batista will Leave The WWE or stay and become New WWE Champion; Do You Want...
  444. What are your opinions of Friday Night SmackDown's Roster:?
  445. Would You Like to See; Chris Jericho and The Miz Tag Team; Yes or No: If Yes, What Would Be...
  446. What are your opinions of Monday Night RAW's New Roster:?
  447. Which PPV would you like to see in November: WWE War Games 2010 or Survivor Series 2010?
  448. Last time I checked doesn't hitting someone with a helmet count as a DQ?
  449. Since WWE Draft Shook Things Up on RAW; Hornswoggle is on SD, Now should WWE remove the...
  450. Do You Want Batista to become New WWE Champion or John Cena still be WWE Champion?
  451. Who Will Be a World Champion First: Christian or Matt Hardy?
  452. what do you think of cody rhodes on smack down?
  453. why do you watch wwe when you know TNA is better?
  454. Edge vs. Randy Orton: A Fued We All Have Been Waiting For: Edge or Randy Orton; Spear or RKO?
  455. wow, y2j, morrison, edge, orton, cena, batista, sheamus, hhh............. all on raw?
  456. So how can TNA Compete with WWE with Ratings Like 0.5; What's Next -0.100; WWE Draft has
  457. Is randy orton turning good?
  458. which is more faker wwe or tna?
  459. Do you think TNA will ever have Over 1.0; and do you think TNA will ever beat WWE this Year?
  460. What is the NEW Diva's Smackdown and RAW roster?
  461. What brand is Melina on?
  462. Who thought Melina, Jillian, Maryse, Layla should have been drafted?
  463. Name one wrestler...?
  464. With the exception of Edge's interference last night, what did you think of the triple threat match?
  465. What's this supplemental draft everyone's talking about and the draft?
  466. So, do you think with the results of the draft, that Raw is now .... Jericho?
  467. what do you think of the big show face turn?
  468. Actually, now thinking about it, could you picture a future Jericho / Cena feud?
  470. My WWE Friday night Smackdown.My 1st Smackdown.Is it good?
  471. My WWE Monday night RAW.My 2nd RAW.Is it good?
  472. when will edge use hes new theme?
  473. My WWE Monday night RAW.1st ever RAW.Is it good?
  474. Results From Today's WWE Supplemental Draft?
  475. Which superstar do you like, but most hate?
  476. There are two possibilties of the masked attacker Alex Riley and Joey Mercury, Who is more likely...
  477. on SD vs raw i hit the refree by accident and he gets ko d why when i do it to the superstars
  478. who will retire first Sting or The Undertaker?
  479. WWE Draft Spoiler 2010?
  480. How would you rate these wrestlers out of ten BQ inside?
  481. Overall were you happy with draft?
  482. who would win in a real-life fight between.....?
  483. Why do you hate the guest GM concept of Raw?
  484. Do you hate another Batista and Cena PPV?
  485. Random wwe questions?
  486. Will NXT pick-up the Undertaker in the supplemental draft?
  487. Will Jericho make a face turn on Raw?
  488. Is it weird I'm developing a crush for Serena?
  489. Question about Supplement Draft?
  490. how to stop the trolls?
  491. Who was the masked man who took out Evan Bourne for Cm Punk?
  492. Who has the best Entrance theme in the WWE?
  493. Do you think Undertaker and Kane will ever be tag team champions again?
  494. Does anyone know what Christian (the WWE wrestler) is saying as he makes his ring entrance?
  495. Worst Day-Supplemental Draft?
  496. what happened to hhh in the draft?
  497. did bret michaels die?
  498. out of these wrestlers, who do you want to see win the world heavyweight champions first and why?
  499. Since Big Show is face again could we see?
  500. How/Where can i download Hulk Hogan's real american music?