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  1. YWWE ECW on SYFY pick winners and rate matches and show?
  2. What happened to that hilarious Santino Marella we saw in 2008-2009?
  3. Shawn Michaels or Undertaker.. +BQ?
  4. Does anyone remember this William Regal gimmick?
  5. Could Jim Ross ever get over as a heel commentator?Do you think he can get people to not like him?
  6. Error with Smackdown spoilers?
  7. If anyone is wondering what the Hulkster and Macho Madness is doing today here you go?Do they...
  8. What do you think of Skip Sheffield?
  9. BREAKING NEWS(Spoiler inside)?
  10. Spoilers regarding Womens title Spoilers?
  11. ECW hardcore icon returns this Friday.Are you going to watch it?
  12. dosent wwe nxt rookie darren young look like a black john cena?
  13. Do you think this is true?
  14. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  15. What is the best Glam Slam?
  16. What is the best Glam Slam?
  17. Please Tell Me it is a lie Please?
  18. why is wwe and tna so?
  19. Is it just me or was William Regal flowing a little bit last night?!?!?(lol)?
  20. INTERGENDER Battle Royal Winner?
  21. which do you like better WWF or WWE?
  22. Why do so many people watch the steroid soap operas of wrestling?
  23. 15 man Battle Royal round 1!!!?
  24. I mean do the guest host who show up on Raw know anything about Wrestling.Do they even
  25. WHo will THe Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 27?
  26. In the present crop of sumo wrestlers competing in the May 2010 Sumo Grand Tournament, is there a...
  27. On RAW, when Christian had a confrontation with Edge...?
  28. I think the Users Coolnutz, Dude, and Jimmy are all the same person anyone agree?
  29. will jericho still get cheered in canada next week on raw?
  30. Why are Michael Cole and King acting like Vickie was never the GM for Raw before?
  31. Tell me what you think of my review. (wwe)If its good then i will keep writing and if you have an...
  32. who will be a better gm bret hart or hbk?
  33. If you remove comedy, storylines, promos vignettes, would you still have an entertaining
  34. Who would have loved an EC Reunion in WWE?
  35. Why is that pro wrestling never gets the respect it deserves?
  37. At Royal Rumble 2005,do u know the lyrics of the funny video promo?
  38. When Mark Henry pushed Batista in the ring did you laugh?
  39. Do you think some fans should not comment on a 'fad' or 'era' in wrestling that they did not...
  40. Do you find it bad that Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre feud......?
  41. Is this retelling of the Chris Benoit incident in any way accurate, do you think?
  42. What's so entertaining about watching sweaty muscular men in their underwear grope each other?
  43. Can a wrestling federation put on a show so outrageous that not even wrestling fans would think
  44. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake and gay?
  45. Where can I get a wrestling singlet in stores?
  46. Official Wrestlemania 26 plaques....?
  47. TNA back on Thursday nights?
  48. does anyone think david hart smith looks fat?
  49. When is Owen Hart coming back is he going to TNA?
  50. Desmond Wolfe vs Sheamus..? Who will win? Why?
  51. What is the height of the avrg wrestling turnbuckles?
  52. king of the ring number 3 eliminate 1?
  53. My WWE Smackdown my 3rd come pick who wins?
  54. Was Chyna the Xena of wrestling?
  55. JeriMiz vs Beer Money? Which Team will win?
  56. Was that late, cartoonished sell from Batista afther Mark Henry pushed him, the worst
  57. THQ Confirms Smackdown vs Raw 2011, WWE Online + New WWE Title.?
  58. Why hasn't Hornswoggle got releashed?
  59. Where to watch live WWE SmackDown on my computer free?
  60. Why hasn't Wade Barret been using the song he made?
  61. My fantasy WWE. This is my 4th RAW, please rate it?
  62. NXT ......Q A..................?
  63. wwe-pg era end............?
  64. Yes Vickie Guerrero Yes Yes?
  65. Do you Vickie is better off being as a SD Consultant, Rather than as a RAW GM?
  66. Do you like how WWE tricks you into believing...?
  67. Who would win these matches?
  68. Where can I watch live WWE from my PC?
  69. wwe gimmicks ....whats up with that?
  70. Can somone give me raw results?(thanks and best answer gets 5 points)?
  71. Is orton supposed to be heel or is edge?
  72. Who has John Cena buried?
  73. Please Rate My Video?
  74. What is Zack Ryders ethnicity?
  75. If You Want 20 Points; Answer These Questions Real Fast; Who's Watching RAW Tonight?
  76. I know Vickie Gurrero is annoying but give her a break?(read more inside)?
  77. Does anyone else laugh when Orton goes in for the RKO?
  78. Who do you think and who do you want to go home tonight from NXT?
  79. Bret Hart as the new GM?
  80. do you like or didlike the fact that heels and faces wrestle differently(more inside)?
  81. Are we seeing Bourne get a push?
  82. Will we ever see Buff Bagwell on tv again?
  83. Watch WWE or TNA wrestling online? What site do I ue?
  84. Would TNA get better ratings if they went PG?
  85. Savannah or Matt Striker?
  86. Edge or Randy Orton? The Legend Killer aka Viper or The Rated R Superstar?
  87. Wrestling fans are such hypocrites?
  88. Is Gail Kim dating Evan Bourne in real life?
  89. Is Vickie the best heel in the WWE?
  90. What is something YOU'D MUCH RATHER DO than watch Flavour Flav Host Raw? *FUNNY ANSWERS* +WQ?
  91. So Teddy Long's job is history now?
  92. Why are some people so disrespectful to Ric Flair on here?
  93. Would wrestling fans believe that leprechauns are real if I told them I saw leprechauns on...
  94. Am i giving TNA too many chances?(Details inside)?
  95. Maryse sits on Gail Kim's face.......K.O........Maryse take things too far? Gail is so...
  96. is the rock gonna host raw or ever come back to the wwe or tna?
  97. On a scale from 1-10 how FAKE is WWE?
  98. Which wrestler should I do in the WWE?
  99. Who is your favorite: Kane or Undertaker?
  100. Do you think over the limit will be an absolute sell-out because the matches are so good?
  101. Random Question about Wrestling Matches?
  102. Wow this is really stupid(read inside)?
  103. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  104. Why is Gail Kim in WWE if everytime she gets in the ring, the other chick beats the...
  105. How can I watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  107. Vicky is now gm of raw your thoughts?
  108. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's fake and gay?
  109. Why do people care about ratings?
  110. so now that shawn micheals retired and the monday night wars are over...?
  111. Is it a very high accolade to be compared to someone like Dynamite Kid...?
  112. what your favorite theme song ?
  113. Edge has gotten a bit chubby .... Agreed?
  114. Who is the funniest guy in wrestling?
  115. HBK The Showstoppa are you a Rey Mysterio fan cause your points this week are 619 lol?
  116. How would it be if WWE is actually working side by side with TNA?
  117. HBK The Showstoppa are you a Rey Mysterio fan cause your points this week are 619 lol?
  118. what were RAWS results?
  119. Do you think the most unprofessional thing to do in the business is to just stop working the match?
  120. Sheamus vs Brock Lesnar?
  121. If You Want 20 Points; Answer These Questions Real Fast; Who's Watching RAW Tonight?
  122. Is The Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak watered down because?
  123. What do you think Jim Ross meant when he was blabbering on and on during the Godfather vs.
  124. Who do you think would win? John Cena or The Ultimate Warrior?
  125. Who is a better rapper, R-Truth or William Regal?
  126. Do you believe the WWE is in a good place right now (storylines, superstars, just
  127. I wonder Why A User Named The Rated R-Blue Print PL32 is trying to Steal My Name; But BQ's Below?
  128. Do You Think Randy Orton is this Generation's Stone Cold without The Attitude; RKO or Stunner;?
  129. Would you say the following Chris Benoit limerick is witty, or is it more on the hilarious side?
  130. My dad just hit a dog while driving.Is it possible that the dog could still be alive after 10...
  131. What ethnicity is ted dibiase?
  132. WWE King of The Ring Tournament: Semi-Finals; Choose Winners?
  133. to the WWE universe!?
  134. is the WWE trying to make a PG attitude era?
  135. why do so many people like LP23 + BQ?
  136. jeff hardy's trail starts today. do you hope he gets time or do you want the judge to be
  137. why do so many people like LP23 + BQ?
  138. jeff hardy's trail starts today. do you hope he gets time or do you want the judge to be...
  139. best midcarder part 3?
  140. Which 2 men got the best staredown in WWE? Why?
  141. do you think thats Shawn michaels will go to tna just like the others ?
  142. What was the point of having Vickie on Raw tonight?
  143. What 5 Superstars Are Keeping the WWE Going?
  144. who's more similiar to Benoit?Bryan Danielson or Davey Richards?
  145. Why was Meatloaf on RAW?
  146. What does The Rated R-Blue Print PL32 The Animalistic-Viper LP23 have similar?Are they...
  147. What Weddings have or have not happened in WWE?
  148. who's cuter poll(for guys and girls)?
  149. o great more hosts!!!!!!!?
  150. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  151. INTERGENDER Battle Royal?
  152. why do people say there will never be a new HHH and a new HBK?
  153. A message to HBK The Showstoppa....Well you said now for me to get a top contributor badge and boom?
  154. WWE Over The Limit: Match/Card; Rate Card Give Opinions?
  155. Can anyone find the segment from ECW when Snitsky intimidated the Extreme Expose backstage?
  156. Does any1 here watch Celebrity Apprentice?
  157. If HHH and HBK both liked Shameus and Drew Mcintyer?
  158. Anyone know why there haven't been any spoilers posted for tonight's RAW?
  159. o ok so when lp23 did my last question a few months ago it was ok to bash TNA but when...
  160. Okay I have a wwe question?
  161. Where online can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling tonight?
  162. WWE King of The Ring Tournament: First Round; Choose Winners?
  163. Why do people still think the WWE is REAL?
  164. wwe vs tna i know this won't happened but what do you think of this card?
  165. What feud was better in 2008?
  166. some wwe and wwf facts?
  167. What happened to TNA tonite?
  168. which wrestler has the jiggliest butt in wwe?
  169. If you could preform you're favorite wrestling move on a wwe star or tna star?
  170. World Wrestling Entertainment Quiz?
  171. Do you think Jeff Hardy will go to jail for 15 years today?
  172. INTERGENDER Battle Royal?
  173. Why do all the rejects from WWE cross over to TNA?
  174. raw live event = wwe superstars as well?
  175. how can people be so selfish?
  176. Your thoughts on Daniel Bryan?
  177. Who would like to wrestle Mickie, friendly?
  178. Who do you respect more? Ric Flair or Chris Benoit?
  179. Which wrestler can you just not: Like/Respect/Forgive?
  180. What 5 matches would you show a casual wrestling fan to get him/her to become a Die-Hard fan?
  181. Spoiler on a possible tag team reunite?
  182. what was the montreal screwjob?
  183. Who in TNA needs a push and who needs to get lost?
  184. Why do Mexican women have more corage to Wrestle?
  185. who's more chubby Chris Jericho or Jack Swagger?
  186. who are the top wwe female wrestlers ?
  187. Random Question Who would've won in a real-life fight between Mike Tyson and SCSA back in ' 98?
  188. Who is more of a crybaby and a sissy, Sidney Crosby or John Cena?
  189. where are all the old time wrestling fan from 70,s 80,s ?
  190. What is a First,Second and Third Generation Superstar? + BQ?
  191. Do you think charisma, mic skills, or having a personality in a promotion like ROH matters?
  192. Who is the best wwe superstar contest part 2?
  193. Did Eddie Guerrero return to the WWE?
  194. Do you think any of the WWE Divas could knock out Mike Tyson today with a single punch?
  195. where is big show ..huge wrestler ?
  196. Who's Better Volume 87(Mothers day edition)?
  197. Would the guy that plays Dr. House be a good GM for Raw?
  198. What are your opinions on Chikara pro Wrestling?
  199. Why are wrestlers and their fans bashed so often when they are the most dedicated to their craft?
  200. Has there ever been a tweener stable?Would it work in wrestling?
  201. why isnt the ic title important anymore?
  202. UWF fans I have a question.Who is Samartino directing towards about making a mockery out of...
  203. Maryse, 3 Time Divas Champion ?
  204. Advantages and disadvantages of becoming a wwe wrestler?
  205. Do you think Joey Mercury will have the same success as his former MNM partner John Morrison?
  206. What does Cena and Lex Luger have in common?may need to get your thinking caps on?
  207. Was Steve Austin the first to master the tweener role in wrestling?
  208. Rated RKO (Edge and Randy Orton) or Rated Y2J (Edge and Chris Jericho)?
  209. Is Kurt Angle and Jericho the last of the mat technician in pro wrestling?
  210. Is CM Punk taking the Hulk Hogan's old gimmick and just made it a heel point of view?
  211. Jeri-Miz; WWE Champion Chris Jericho, US Champion The Miz Unified Tag Team Champions
  212. WWE Could Have They're Tag-Team Divison Back If They Do This; Agree or Disagree?
  213. Is Drew McIntyre/Tiffany the New Triple H/Stephanie; Also McIntyre is headed to RAW,
  214. Is Kane's Gimmick Dead or alive?
  215. WWE or TNA + XWL sign ups?
  216. Agree or Disagree: The Big Show Vs. Andre The Giant??
  217. Iknow People Don't like John Cena/Batista,But You gotta give them Credit,All of They're...
  218. What song was in both?
  219. Who do you think are the most Unprofessional Wrestlers?
  220. Who Puts on Better Matches: Batista or John Cena?
  221. Who is the best wwe diva contest part 2?
  222. If pro wrestling is fake, then care to explain this video below?
  223. Don't you think it was unfair for WWE to release Mickie James?
  224. Who Should Lead WWE in a Controversial Era; Batista and John Cena or Edge and Randy Orton?
  225. iS Eric Bischoff underrated?
  226. Who would win these wrestling matches?
  227. What part of the body does a Head Lock hurt?
  228. why do you like watching WWE?
  229. Is the WWE ever going to put Chris Masters in a wrestling match?
  230. Do you think Beth Phoenix will ever win the Intercontinental Championship?
  231. Wrestling Question: ODB or Natalya?
  232. Title Belts for Future Superstars/Divas?
  233. Would a long 2 or 3 month long feud between Drew and Sheamus be fun to watch?
  234. Is The Biggest argument in wrestling who is better between HBK and Undertaker?
  235. Has John Cena ever be a heel?
  236. What happen to Jim Ross?
  237. who is at thier best in wwe right now?
  238. What part of the body does the Ankle Lock hurt?
  239. Which is more gullible: the David Blaine fan who believes in magic,or the wrestling fan who
  240. Edge or Randy Orton + XWL Sign Ups?
  241. Do you think anyone from the business actually comes on here and poses as users? BQ?
  242. If JeriMiz happens,who should they feud with?
  243. Best midcarder part two?
  244. R-Truth or John Morrison?
  245. The Glamazon or Awesome Kong?
  246. do you think the orton vs edge fued will be good?
  247. breaking news Shawn Michaels claimed he considers joining TNA!!!!!!?
  248. Do you belong to a fictional stable here in the Wrestling Section?
  249. calling all ministry members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  250. BREAKING WS NEWS!: Evan Bourne demands leaving WWE for TNA! Read article!?
  251. Is it just me or was Sheamus getting pop from the fans when he was challenging Batista Monday?
  252. Is it just me or was Sheamus getting pop from the fans when he was challenging Batista Monday?
  253. Should Michael Cole be a heel commentator?
  254. Is it true that HHH has never gained a victory over Batista in all the matches they had?
  255. Did you wwe fans think that?
  256. If Ted DiBiase win the US title, will he be considered as Undisputed Champion?
  257. who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion?
  258. When will Batista leave WWE?
  259. why Eddie Guerrero is not included in WWE Alumni?
  260. How many tag team in WWE right now?
  261. how did HORNSWOGGLE get into WWE?
  262. why The Miz doesnt have to defend the US title for so long?
  263. Is The Million Dollar belt is considered as one of WWE championship?
  264. What should WWE Champion John Cena choose as the stipulation for his Over the Limit?
  265. When did the tag title becomes unified?
  266. why Goldust is still in WWE?
  267. Does anyone know how the story line was suppose to play out when Vince's car blowed up?
  268. why WWE released Shelton Benjamin?
  269. How much blame can you put on Benoit's action that resulted in the way the WWE puts on shows now?
  270. would you like to see Edge and Jericho team up again?
  271. is it just me or.......?
  273. What are your thoughts of Randy Orton and edge fueding?
  274. what's next for Cody Rhodes?
  275. If________is injured what happens to the____title(superstars spoiler inside)?
  276. What do you think about people who falsely report others for their opinions on yahoo answers? +WQ?
  277. How accurate do you think the Smackdown vs Raw 2010 overalls and attributes are?
  278. Would the Gimmicks and Feuds of the 80's work in Today's WWE?
  279. In your opinion, who are most hated heel and most beloved face in the WWE, at the moment?
  280. Will WWE ever induct Jeff Hardy in the Hall of fame in the future?
  281. Do you think WrestleMania will be a special PPV, not just an ordinary PPV, again? (Inside)?
  282. What do you think the November and December PPV's will be?
  283. Will JBL ever return to wrestling?
  284. Which fued was better Triple H vs The Rock or Randy Orton vs John Cena?
  285. What is your favourite WWE Title and modified WWE Title?
  286. Do you think Christian will have more success then Edge now that the draft is over?
  287. If Stephanie Mcmahon divorced HHH and started dating Randy Orton how controversial would it be?
  288. is wwe wrestler great khali (dalip singh) related to an indian cricketer?
  289. What year do you predict you will stop watching Pro-Wrestling / Sports Entertainment?
  290. Do you feel bad for Jeff Hardy?
  291. Do you think the WWE will ever have tribute show to Michael Jackson?
  292. Who are the Top 10 best Luchadors?
  293. so TNA is going back to thursdays?
  294. Do you think John Morrison going to be buried on Raw?
  295. What is your favourite WWE Feud excluding (inside)?
  296. Who is the new guy calling me a cheater?
  297. How can WWE survive without a dominant heel like Batista?
  298. Christian vs. Edge and Wrestlemania 27?
  299. What do you hate about The Undertaker?
  300. Is Randy Orton a face or tweener?
  301. What do you like about Michelle Mccool?
  302. What are your 3 favourite things from 2001?
  303. What did you think of the Randy Orton and Edge classic segment on RAW?
  304. Should The Undertaker make a Silver Annirsary Streak, who would be the next 7 Victims?
  305. What do you think of Shawn Michaels wife? Rebecca?
  306. Wrestling Trivia(First Right answer gets Best Answer)6?
  307. Why has Samoa Joe been put back inot the X-Division???? Plus BQ?
  308. who has more stamina in the ring, john cena or batista?
  309. Which two wrestlers are more entertaining together in ring/promos? Edge and Orton or
  310. What is your Dream Wrestling Match?
  311. Best wrestler of all time?
  312. If TNA have a Knockouts tag title when there is 2 knockout team, why dont they have an
  313. Uewa (users extreme wrestlin action) sign ups part 2?
  314. New Match Concept??? Your thoughts?
  315. If you could be any wrestler from any company, who would it be and why plus UWA Warzone voting?
  316. My fantasy WWE. This is mt 2nd Smackdown. Please rate it?
  317. edge or chris jericho?
  318. Jeff Hardy trial!! ***MUST READ***?
  319. why is tna going back to thursday nights?
  320. Is Edge a Tweener, I only heard a few boos on Raw?
  321. who else thinks that randy ortons theme sounds just like him singing it?
  322. Where do you think they are goingwith this Samoa Joe storyline?When do you think the kidnappers...
  323. Can you help with a TNA house show?
  324. If the internet was around do you think there would of been NWA,AWA, and WWE wars?
  325. Wrestling trivia.What former IC champ made his return during a World title in three way tourney?
  326. Last wrestler/diva standing.Round 3.Whichever 1 is left at the end is the Yahoo Answers...
  327. What happened between Maryse and Gail Kim? I heard Maryse beat Gail in the most humiliating...
  328. Do you think Maryse liked humping Gail Kim's face when she knocked her out last week?
  329. Champion possibly injured(contains spoiler)?
  330. Do you ever see Michelle McCool being face again?
  331. why cant wwe fans stop insulting Batista?
  332. If WWE brought out a John Cena Can't Beat Me T-Shirt for Batista, would you buy it?
  333. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  334. Don't read if you missed last night's RAW?
  335. It's offical TNA is WCW(spoiler inside)?
  336. What do you think John Cena will pick as the stipulation for his match at WWE Over the Limit?
  337. Any Ideas for WWE John Cena Crowd Signs?
  338. Edge and Randy Orton could've been this Generations Two-Man Power Trip: Randy Orton(Stone Cold)...
  339. Over The Limit: Rate Card/Choose Winners and Give Opinions?
  340. Do You Think Wayne Brady messed up The Cutting Edge on RAW Last Night; Randy Orton or Edge?
  341. Jeri-Miz (Chris Jericho and The Miz): Who's Excited for this Tag Team; Next Unifed Tag Team
  342. When Do You Think WWE will be in a Controversial Era like Edge said on RAW:?
  343. Over The Limt: WWE Championship Match: (C)John Cena vs. Batista vs. Sheamus: Choose Winner?
  344. Wasn't WWE RAW Last Night a Great Show in a Long Time:?
  345. Over The Limt: World Heavyweight Championship Match: (C)Jack Swagger vs. The Big Show;
  346. Create your own WWE Over the Limit Card?
  347. Why do people say Cena is predictable?
  348. Why did TNA move back to Thursdays?
  349. Should Batista Leave WWE or Stay:?
  350. Why Is Daniel Bryan already popular?
  351. WWE should resign Mickie James,the facts is in the pudding?
  352. Every1 says the only people who like Cena are 5 to 20 year olds and young beautiful women,but...
  353. Rated RKO storyline.Is it possible?
  354. TNA moving back to Thursdays.Possible reason why?
  355. How many world title reign do you think Triple H will have when he retired?
  356. Who is the better pro wrestler: Bill Goldberg or John Cena?
  357. Is TNA moving back to Thursday a big deal?
  358. What is your favorite WWE wrestler's Wrestlemania Legacy?
  359. What is your favorite Wrestlemania video promo for a match EVER?
  360. Who would u rather c facing The Undertaker at WM XXVII: Chris Jericho, Christian, or both...
  361. From scale 1-10, how fresh is John Cena vs Randy Orton for Wrestlemania XXVII main event next year?
  362. No disrespect to Cena and his fans, but don't u think nearly every storyline involving Cena...
  363. It's Official,TNA moves back to thursdays?
  364. From scale 1-10, what are the chances of Goldberg wrestling at WM 27...and agreeing to lose?
  365. Wrestling Poll: Cena V.s Batista Match at Over The Limit will be?
  366. Edge's speech on the cutting edge gave me goosebumps...?
  367. Step Up actors are the next Raw host?
  369. Will Cena choose this match at Over The Limit against Batista...?
  370. If Miz and Jericho form a tag team...?
  371. Does anyone know how long the talking on the mic WWE Raw superstars take?
  372. What do you think of the NXT stars wrestling on Raw and Smackdown?
  373. what do you think of this battle of the sexes match with jazz(video inside)?
  374. World Heavyweight Champion Big Show?
  375. When your favorite wrestler retires, will you retire from the Wrestling section?
  376. So its possible for SmackDown to get two huge superstars to wrestle on its show?
  377. Arnold Schwarzenegger Raw's new GM?
  378. How many other WWE fans voted for Darren Young?
  379. How many people agree that CM Punk is the #1 Heel in WWE and Jack Swagger is #2?
  380. Do you find this odd?
  381. Is Edge leading WWE back in PG-13?
  382. WS I have retired from The Ministry of Trolls?
  383. Make your own WWE PPV?
  384. we hate cena guy that me im no longer fan of wwe im that guy who where the short?
  385. who would win?Samoa Joe vs Y2J?
  386. If would start an all heel promotion and an all babyface promotion which would gain more ratings?
  387. So with TNA going back to Thursday.Are they still going live or will it be tapped shows only?
  388. In you opinon does William Regal deserve a retirment match in the WWE or TNA if he goes there?
  389. TNA fans which WWE Giant would you rather have Big Show,Khali,or Mark Henry?Why?
  390. How many of you WWE fans out there miss the Attitude Era?
  391. Did anyone else hear Miz Say S.O.B and Jericho say Jackass?
  392. Is it sad that this is the most entertaining thing to happen in the wrestling world this week?
  393. Did Eve seriously just mess up GETTING IN THE RING?
  394. Is Ink Inc the worst name ever?
  395. I know This Question Has Been Asked Many Times but..?
  396. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  397. What tag team do you see that people have forgotten about?
  398. When will Melina come back?
  399. Is any actually surprised that iMPACT is going to Thursday Nights?
  400. who is your favorite INDY wrestler? + BQ!?
  401. Where can I watch live WWE SmackDown from my PC?
  402. rate my smackdown dream match card 3 hour event with new roster changes?
  403. Is TNA just playing WWE?
  404. Does anyone agree that tna impact was stupid tonight?
  405. Is TNA just playing WWE?
  406. The guest host of Raw ......?
  407. can someone tell me what happened on tna impact tonight(best answer gets 5 points)?
  408. TNA is moving back to Thursdays?? And what is Reaction?
  409. OK everyone pick a side?
  410. Is TNA Thursday the Monday?
  411. Does WWE Superstar Edge needs some help for his anger?
  412. It's Official, the winner by a landslide: WWE RAW!!! +BQ?
  413. Why are wrestling fans starting to act silly now and now even threatening to blow up
  414. We need more NWO members to fight the ministry of trolls?
  415. Holy cr@p Tara HEEL ?!?!?
  416. Holy cr@p Tara HEEL ?!?!?
  417. Rated RKO back together?
  418. What was your overall impression of raw?
  419. where has my ministry gone?
  420. Name the top 3 finishers that are over with the crowd right now in WWE?
  421. What comes to mind when i say Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
  422. Has it been announced when Triple H is expected to return?
  423. isn't wwe the best ever?
  424. Big Show vs Chris Jericho/The Mizz at Over The Limit?!?
  425. Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan almost getting it on on TNA Impact right now?
  426. Randy Orton/Edge feud is OFFICIAL!!!?
  427. After Over the Limit it could be a Rated RKO vs Jeri-Miz at Fatal 4 way.Would it be a good...
  428. The Beautiful People going to WWE?
  429. Who would win a three-way street fight, Brown, Cameron or Clegg?
  430. Last wrestler/diva standing.Round 2.Whichever 1 is left at the end is the Yahoo Answers WS...
  431. Now that TNA has moved do you think?
  432. Why RVD chose TNA over WWE for his ring return?
  433. Where's The Undertaker ?
  434. If you was an NXT rookie wrestler/diva which pro wrestler would you chose to be your mentor?
  435. What are your top ten gimmick matches ever in WWE?
  436. What WWE show RAW, Smackdown, NXT or superstars entertains you the most?
  437. What WWE pay per views have been held on your birthday?
  438. Are Rey and MVP a team now?
  439. If you could ask Vince Mcmahon any question about WWE what would it be?
  440. What do you think about Wesley Snipes guest hosting RAW some day?
  441. If you are watching sky sport 3 right now what do you think of the randy savage vs ricky...
  442. Which other online site do you talk to people about wrestling besides Yahoo?
  443. Which wrestler/diva do you have a crush on?
  444. In about two minutes the wrestling sections gonna go dead because RAW is going to start?
  445. Wasn't it funny how Big Show was knockin fools out?
  446. What WWE ppv's have been held in your home town?
  449. Does WWE presale tickets offer all seats available or is it for certain seats only?
  450. what about cena vs the undertaker at wrstlemania 27 ?
  451. How dominant do you think the Straight Edge Society is going to become?
  452. Debut Kane ( in Love),hey,you do know that Im not a girl,Im a dude?
  453. What are your opinions on Vader?
  454. I am the newest member of the wrestling section,as well as the newest troll!?
  455. Everyone knows Cena is gonna make Barett tap at the last 5 secs?
  456. Where online can I watch WWE Raw tonight?
  457. How do you think Hogan will announce TNA failed?
  458. which is better wwe or tna?
  459. What is TNA's major announcement?
  460. Host of WWE RAW next monday.?
  461. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  462. What are you thoughts on the Monday Night War being over?
  463. I have a little game we're gonna play.Its called Last Wrestler standing?
  464. WWE Raw 5/3/2010 Ok so this isn't really a question but Chris Jericho....?
  465. Are JTG and Shad brothers in real life?
  466. Do you think ratings would go up if Kane put the mask back on?
  467. What means Y2J? (That's nickname of jericho)?
  468. Would you like to see another Cena vs Edge fued?
  469. What is the most offending thing you have ever seen in wrestling?
  470. save john cena career +bq?
  471. john morrison moving to raw +bq?
  472. My WWE RAW my first come pick who wins?
  473. Randy orton looking more and more like stone cold steve austin?
  474. How would the WWE be different if Triple H never dated Stephanie?
  475. How differently would Mickie James's career be if she married Shane McMahon?
  476. Since when was the last time any commentator actually called the match?
  477. What's the size of Shawn Michaels' Heart?
  478. What's the worst thing that's happened to you while watching wrestling?
  479. Why watch the WWE when you can watch something REAL like the UFC?
  480. how to increase the overall of an caw in svr 2010?
  481. Do u realize The Undertaker John Cena got several similarities at Wrestlemania (inside)?
  482. Triple H fans, will u hate The Undertaker if he retires Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII next year?
  483. What is the best promo from WWE so far this year?
  484. What is The Undertaker's weakest moment as American Bad A** / Big Evil?
  485. Wrestlemania Special Moveset: Undertaker's Annual Suicide Dive or Shawn Michaels' Annual Moonsault?
  486. Has any of The Undertaker's legacies surpassed throwing Mankind from the top of HIAC?
  487. WWE RAW Predictions For Tonight (You Won't Get BA Unless You Answer BQ)?
  488. Would you like to see Tomko as the next TNA World Champ?
  489. do you think WWE should bring back the cruiserweight title?
  490. just a fun wrestling poll?
  491. Do you see any potential TNA wrestlers leaving TNA and signing with WWE?
  492. Who's going to feud with Captain Charisma at Over the Limit?
  493. No more Batista or Triple H after WWE over the limit? How will this affect Raw's ratings?
  494. Do you think Triple H wants to come to SmackDown and face Undertaker?
  495. Did Sycho Sid really crap his pants at Wrestlemania 13 against the Undertaker?
  496. Do you think JBL should Comeback and Challenge Ted Dibiase Jr. for the Million dollar Belt?
  497. Round one - Eliminate *five* fighters in this 10 man Battle Royal?
  498. Round three - Eliminate *three* fighters and explain how they get eliminated?
  499. triple h heel from the wwf attitude (dx) or the wwe heel in the Evolution era +bq?
  500. Round one - Eliminate *two* fighters in this 10 man Battle Royal?