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  1. Who was that stable who attacked Hart Dynasty on Raw?
  2. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  3. What do you think of this house show card?
  4. whitch was a better return for HBK?
  5. Who do you think are the top 5 best womens wrestlers (WWE/TNA combined)?
  6. what did you think of the sandman raven feud from ecw?
  7. What do you think about Eve Torres?
  8. is it just me or is serena sexy?
  9. What did you think of that Segments on NXT?
  10. wwe presents WWe TNA?
  11. What is all this stuff about Angelina Love beating Tara in a REAL fight by knock out? Is...
  12. Smackdown! or RAW which brand is better? and why?
  14. Does any1 else think David Otunga is lame.?
  15. Next Week is the season finale of NXT. Who do you think will be WWE's next breakout star?
  16. Who all is sad that Batista is gone from the WWE?
  17. So,Hulk Hogan is in a new rivalry.I wonder can Hulk Hogan win.Who he is facing is?
  18. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  19. Do you agree with Michael Cole?
  20. Ashton Kutcher is gonna be a good guest host for Raw....?
  21. Could Vince buy almost anyone off of TNA that he wanted?
  22. What Happen to Perry Saturn?
  23. What would you say if Hornswoggle won the World Heavyweight Champion + EIE signups?
  24. How would you react if the WWE made Michael Cole the General Manager of Raw?
  25. Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship:Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge: RKO vs.
  26. Batista vs. Sheamus Fued (2010) could've been like Batista vs. Triple H Fued (2005);...
  27. Evolution: Batista and Triple H vs. New Evolution: Sheamus and Drew McIntyre; What Team will Win?
  28. All WWE Needs to do is: Remove the Guest Host Concept and Remove the PG Progamming: Agree or...
  29. who is your favorite wrestler?
  30. Does anyone else feel sorry for the Great Khali?
  31. Will Christian,Undertaker,and Drew McIntyre be the SD participants in Fatal 4 way?
  32. Demi Lovato Are Members Of Make Band Hero
  33. How hard would it be to get a job at WWE Headquarters as a writer.I want to write for WWE 1 day.?
  34. If John Cena vs Undertaker,aka Superman vs Batman happened at WrestleMania,how would WWE book it?
  36. Who was the better champion in their day Nick Bockwinkil,Harley Race,Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair?
  37. What did the RAW guest host say in French to Maryse on Monday Night?
  38. How can i be a Good Troll?Please Help.+BQ_?
  39. Who's the sexiest female Australian singer/actress?
  40. What do you think of no heel wrestler winning at WWE Over the limit?
  41. Do any of you wish you had a spanish anounce table?
  42. new general manager....?
  43. Miley Cyrus vs Emma Watson in Cage Match???
  44. wich wwe shows do you watch?
  45. has 2010 been a good year for wwe so far?
  46. Randy Orton DVD...........?
  47. Do you think this match will happen at Fatal 4 Way?
  48. drangon ball z or wwe?
  49. Which 2 current Heel Face WWE superstar do you want to turn?
  50. Anyone else here see that TNA is gonna kick WWE's @ss sooner or later?
  51. batista quit last night?
  52. just a fun wrestling survey?
  53. WWE reviving the Womens Tag Champs belts? Brilliant or Bad Idea?
  54. Do you know any wrestlers in the WWE who smoke?
  55. If you could make any WWE wrestler switch brands, who would it be and why?
  56. John Morrison's PERFECT Road to WrestleMania and WrestleMania Match and Moment?
  57. Who Do You Think will be a World Champion First: John Morrison or Christian?
  58. WrestleMania XXVII: Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. Drew McIntyre (w/Tiffany): Who Wins?
  59. who would win in this match + message to simply EDGE head?
  60. what would you do if this happend?
  61. they have GM now for raw why they keep on the guest host ?
  62. WWE Needs to do this at Summerslam: Intercontinetal Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph...
  63. Who is your top 5 favorite heel wrestlers + EIE signups?
  64. Where can I find a video of Rey Mysterio shaving CM Punk's head?
  65. Do you know the whole Straight Edge Pledge?
  66. when is triple h coming back and is randy Orton injured after what happened at over the limit?
  67. Is Batista done with WWE for good?
  68. who is going to win John Cena, RKO,Sheamus, or EDGE?
  69. did steve austin tap out before ?
  70. Who Agree's: Evan Bourne should be United States Champion and Dolph Ziggler should be...
  71. Who would win these Diva Matches?
  72. in the past 10 years witch show was better Raw or Smackdown and why?
  73. WrestleMania XXVII: Predictions; Please Give Me Opinions?
  74. Divas Tag Team Championship. Who would win?
  75. which wrestlers/divas have crosses on their ring attire?
  76. WrestleMania XXVII: Would You Buy This; Rate Card and Choose Winners?
  77. Why does the WWE have events that are on TV as well as ones that are not broadcast?
  78. what was the point of bret harts us title win?
  79. Why is Chris Jericho better then The Miz?
  80. fatal 4 way for WHC .. who is gonna win?
  81. Did you see that new Tag Team That Attacked the Hart Dynasty?
  82. Who's stronger: Big Show or Brock Lesnar?
  83. Who's physically the strongest: Brock Lesnar, Batista, or Bill Goldberg?
  84. What are your thoughts about Bret Hart being the new Gm on raw?
  85. in wwe the wrestler randy orton?
  86. Does lady gaga have a nice body?
  87. would jericho or edge win tonight?
  88. Do you think TNA is the future of Wrestling?
  89. Who was better: a prime Bill Goldberg or a prime masked Kane?
  90. Should The Undertaker be in the WHC match at Fatal Fourway, do you think he will win?
  91. How long do you think Jack Swagger will be World Champion?
  92. Agree or Disagree..........?
  93. Is anyone else sick of the WWE Triple Threat match forumla?
  94. Orton possibly injured before Over The Limit?
  95. Has Batista quit the WWE?
  96. Why does WWE use the term 'controversial' so much?
  97. Who in the blue hell was that?
  98. Who from TNA would you like to see in the WWE and vice versa?
  99. Were you impressed by Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins last week?
  100. So this is the end of the Cena and Batista era?
  101. TNA has a better tag team division than WWE, agree?
  102. Which was the better WM rivalry Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. the Rock or Shawn Michaels
  103. Would you really miss Batista if he retires from the WWE?
  104. Top ten Wrestlemania Matches ever?
  105. Who do you like more Sheamus or Jack Swagger?
  106. Will there be a hilarious exchange of words between morticians, as they discuss The...
  107. What is another segment I can do?
  108. Does Lady gaga have a nice body?
  109. Whos glad that WWE is trying to push 2 black guys?
  110. Who do you like more today, Abyss or Kane?
  111. Does anyone find CM Punks straight edge society?
  112. The Hart foundation stable (90's)?
  113. Did the mysterious SES member show his identity at Over the Limit?
  114. What do you think the new champion of the United States?
  115. Shawn Michaels or The Rock and why? + EIE signups?
  116. Why are there 2 Women's Championship belts on Smackdown?
  117. Is it more important in this age of wrestling to concentrate more on a acting class than a
  118. What would you say if WWE fire Edge, Randy Orton and Chris Jericho + EIE signups?
  119. why did john cena block me?
  120. What are your thoughts on Lacey Von Erich possibly leaving TNA Wrestling?
  121. Why is Undertaker's break over so early?
  122. WWE should quickly chuck the MITB PPV idea in the trash and replace it with The Bash,Judgment
  123. Do you think Eve is a Mickie James wanna be?
  124. Where can I buy Wrestlemania 17 online?
  125. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  126. where is ricky ( the dragan )steamboat ?
  127. how was the over the limit ppv and what happened?
  128. Do you think The Undertaker will be involved in Fatal Fourway match for WHC+BQ?
  129. where is jake ( the snake ) roberts ?
  130. Over the Limit questions?
  131. can any one tell me where is rikishi gone any one remember him ?
  132. What was Wrestlemania 23's theme song?
  133. WWE Money in the Bank (PPV) Concept Idea WWE Should Use and Save the MITB Ladder Match at
  134. WWE: Just Resign Carlito, So When Orlando Colon, comes there will be a Colons Stable
  135. REASONS Why John Cena should've Lost at WWE Over The Limit in an I Quit Match: WWE Needs a Change?
  136. Shelton Benjamin Returns to WWE at Summerslam:Swagger vs. Benjamin for World
  137. Has Anything Really Changed Since WWE Went Parental Guidance?
  138. WWE Needs to Push: John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Bryan Danielson, and Sheamus: Agree or Disagree?
  139. Whats with all these dummy trolls?
  140. I was thinking of a way for Batista to beat Cena last night at Over the Limit and I got 2 ways?
  141. I read on a site that Primo is released from contract.?
  142. Would this work to make Kofi Kingston a heel?
  143. What do you think of John Cena and Batista?
  144. When did the wrestling tradition of?
  145. Which WWE titles was/is the most?
  146. WWE's Policy on weed?
  147. Why are wrestlers today all?
  148. What is the most valuable wrestling figure in the world?
  149. I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me?
  150. Who had the absolute worst gimmick ever?
  151. Why is WWE like this?
  152. Name the wrestlers that you want as a Heel?
  153. whats more likely to happen in the near future, cena tapping out, rey losing his mask or hhh being..
  154. Who is the worst technical wrestler ever?
  155. Who are the openly gay wrestlers?
  156. Do you think this was a bad way to make the Attitude Adjustment a more powerful move?
  157. what happened at over the limit?
  158. Time to tell you the truth ..CENATION?
  159. What were your thoughts of Over the Limit?
  160. Why do yo watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  161. So there will not be a King Of THe Mountain Match This Year At Slammiversary +2BQ?
  162. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  163. do you find it funny when john cena tied batistas' legs on last man standing match on
  164. Who is glad that it has been two straight PPVs we don't see WWE Title and WHC change hand +BQ?
  165. A viper as Genral Manger?
  166. If wrestling fans in the US are hicks, what are wrestling fans in other countries called?
  167. Will Triple H return early?
  168. Does this make any sense?
  169. Which feud is better? (+2BQ's)?
  170. What's the difference between someone that believes in elves, and someone that thinks pro
  171. who wants to know where to watch WWE for free?
  172. How to watch WWE SmackDown live online?
  173. WWE Fatal Fourway Card Rate and pick winners + BQ?
  174. Wrestling fans: did your parents give you a chance to like normal things when you were little?
  175. Since Raw is getting a new general manager what is the point of having guest hosts?
  176. What are you looking forward too the most tonight on Raw?
  177. John Morrison still not being used on Raw?
  178. Do you think the Hooded Man will be the New Leader of the Straight-Edge Society?
  179. So TNA made a mistake going back to Thrusdays?
  180. Is tonight on Raw Batista's last night in the WWE?
  181. MVP Heel turn is it time?
  182. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston?
  183. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  184. Do you think Jack Swagger will retain his World Heavyweight Championship at the next PPV?
  185. Over the Limit or Sacrifice?
  186. Where would you rank me on your top 100 wrestling section users?
  187. Randy Orton is injured! Your thoughts?
  188. Are WWE and TNA doing trades?
  189. did u watch wwe over the limit?
  190. Stopping the matches because of blood?
  191. I would like three good arguments for my essay topic Amateur Wrestling vs Professional Wrestling?
  192. What are the most important things that need to happen for the Attitude Era return?
  193. Where to watch WWE Monday Night Raw live online?
  194. Did WWE ever try to get Sting?
  195. Watch WWE Raw online? What site is best?
  196. What do you think of these comments?
  197. What time does Over The Limit start?
  198. Isn't this sort of Odd?
  199. Did I seriously hear right about the way the Cena-Batista match ended??
  200. Did WWE Over The Limit stink?
  201. Who Had The Worst Week?
  202. is this a good site to watch over the limit!!? help quick!?
  203. What is your thought on Over The Limit + EIE (new) signups?
  204. Message to the Cena Haters?
  205. Will I be able to watch over the limit on some website?
  206. Why has Sting wore a T-Shirt lately when he wrestles?
  207. Wrestling Section, Lets Pay Tribute To Owen Hart?
  208. best wrestler tournament round 5 pick winners?
  209. Will WWE give X-Pac another chance, now that he's out of TNA?
  210. Which Raw Guest host was the most unforgettable and most forgettable?
  211. Can TNA ever compete with WWE, as far as ratings, not product?
  212. WWE Over The Limit? No heel win tonight?
  213. Was a Wrestlemania ever in your hometown, and did you go?
  214. Scot Hall arrested + BQ?
  215. question about mexican wrestling?
  216. Were you surprised by defeating CM Punk in Over The Limit?
  217. Will You Ever stop watch Wrestling,Why or Why not?
  218. Bigger role model, Cena or Rey Mysterio?
  219. Mr. kennedy responds to Orton's injury! Your Thoughts?
  220. Wow, I was expecting a good how, but over the limit sucks!?
  221. John Morrison's Perfect Road to WrestleMania and WrestleMania Moment; Agree or Disagree?
  222. Why is the basic camera angle of wwe nxt is positioned right to the normal angle?
  223. Where you surprised with the blood and injury's tonight?
  224. Now that Batista turned Heel...?
  225. Can Goldberg put a classic on WM 27 after years without wrestling?
  226. Would WWE put David Otunga on Raw and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown!?
  227. Does anyone else think CM Punk is going to look like a wino with his head shaved?
  228. i downloaded wwe over the limit 2010 now for free lol?
  229. How can I watch WWE Monday Night Raw live online?
  230. Care to Help with My Fantasy Wrestling?
  231. Does anyone see HBK returning to WWE next year at wrestlemania 27 like this?
  232. Do u think Undertaker needs to even the number of his victims next year at Wrestlemania?
  233. Who is going to win between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin--July 3rd?
  234. Would TNA benefit from starting a Clash of the Champions type show?
  235. i know its scripted,but which diva has/had the most heart inside the ring.?
  236. Where can I watch WWE Monday Night Raw live online high quality?
  237. My Fatal Four Match predications?
  238. Is Joey Mercury ever coming back?
  239. Do you think its bad to get to attached to wrestlers?
  240. which diva in your eyes was the first full package (more inside)?
  241. Which picture do you prefer? + Which match was best at Over the Limit?
  242. Besides Starrcade or The Great American Bash, which was your favorite WCW PPV?
  243. Raw GM vs. Raw guest hosts?
  244. What are your thoughts on Over the Limit?
  245. Why did Kane help Rey Mysterio?
  246. Anyone else pissed off about Drew losing the belt and not automatically getting it back?
  247. Who is cody rhodes dating or he is married?
  248. who is going to win NXT?
  249. How Batista could defeat John Cena in an I Quit Match and Why He Should Win: Agree or Disagree;
  250. Is Orton's injury real or fake?
  251. should Daniel Bryan be a WWE superstar?
  252. What are your thoughts on Hulk Hogan sueing coco pebbles?
  253. For those who want to become a WWE wrestler. Message from Test?
  254. what did you think of this ppv?
  255. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE?
  256. John Cena the most overrated wrestler of his generation?
  257. If you were a WWE/TNA superstar?
  258. How would you rate Stone Cold Steve Austin in entertainment value?
  259. WWE is looking really bad right now, Over The Limit could've been a better PPV then it was?
  260. dont you think that Big Show deserves to be world heavyweight champion?
  261. Should the U.S. title be vacated tomorrow on Raw?
  262. Does professional wrestling affect your life in any kind of way?
  263. Who would u rather see being released: Mark Henry or Kane? Why?
  264. Who Had The Worst Night?
  265. How would you react if tomorrow night?
  266. what is faker than the wwe?
  267. Where is 1PW's Deadly Intentions and The New Divide gonna be?
  268. Remember when it was Rey Mysterio vs JBL for Reys WHC and JBLs career was on the line?
  269. What is the card for 1PW's The New Divide?
  270. NXT isnt a competition where 1 guy will win and be in WWE and the others will go back to
  271. does Matt striker and Bryan Danielson have some kind of wrestling history with each other?
  272. When will the wwe be releasing more wrestling classics on blu ray?
  273. WWE NXT ! Bryan and Michael Cole?
  274. Would it of been good for Punk and HBK to have a rivarly like Punk is having with Jeff or Rey now?
  275. What are your thoughts on the Bryan Danielson angle?
  276. Could you rank THESE 25 wrestling legends?
  277. Has TNA ever been PG?
  278. read if your a RAMDY ORTON fan!!!!!!?
  279. For the whole wrestling section?
  280. WWE shouldved went in this direction.It WOULDVED made a good storyline.?
  281. What is Colin Delaney doing these days?
  282. So is it really true?
  283. why david otunga is #2 he didn't do nothing in nxt?
  284. Is Bret Hart now a Grand Slam Champion?
  285. Was it the best crowd reaction ever in WWE when Daniel Bryan attacked Michael Cole?
  286. ok! will john cena make batista say: i quit? i think so because batista sure! did not
  287. Has Rob Terry proven worthy of the Global Title?
  288. did anyone else notice on raw that when batista assaulted cena, cena never!! said i quit?
  289. Not sure what kinds of reactions i'll get: do you see any NXT wrestlers going to TNA?
  290. Am I the only one disappointed by last Monday Night RAW?
  291. Do you think it is in the best interest of a wrestling fan that ROH and TNA both do great?
  292. How Do You Rate Svr 2010 Out Of 10?
  293. how to become a wwe diva!!?
  294. where is rick flair ?
  295. who dou think is going to win at over the limit this sunday?
  296. What is your opinion on the legendary wrestler Justin Hawk?
  297. My WWE RAW my 6th come pick who wins?
  298. How else is glad Michael Cole got his come-uppance?
  299. Bret Hart vs Jeff Jarrett?
  300. Is Bret Hart going to be the last U.S. Champion?
  301. can mcmahon fire ross and lawler?
  302. Had the WWE been rated MA?
  303. Who is a better commentator, Matt Striker or Michael Cole? Why?
  304. How can I watch live WWE online for free?
  305. Were would pro wrestling be without Batista?
  306. why are my questions not getting much answers... +wq?
  307. ATTENTION all wrestling fans!?
  308. Why Do WWE Call Edge The Rated R Superstar, When It's A PG Show?
  309. Good news for Gail Kim?
  310. Why do you people think im not michael cole?
  311. Bryan Danielson question?
  312. Should the WWE hire Awesome Kong?
  313. What's your favourite match from the HHH HBK Rivalry?
  314. Did Daniel Bryan actually attack Michael Cole for REAL?
  315. Wrestling fans: your pro wrestling garbage doesn't even classify as a sport. How does this
  316. Why do you continue to watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE?
  317. APW TV: APRIL 2010 - Full Episodes!
  318. APW TV: May 2010 - Full Episodes!
  319. Have Jimmy, Fred and Dude seen the light?
  320. are there any wrestlers from liverpool england?
  321. Which is a better way to get a push in the WWE: On your own or with someones help?
  322. Does anyone want to start a Fantasy Wrestling Rivalry?
  323. Will any old superstars return to be the Guest Host?
  324. did you guys notice that only the eye candy are wrestling in matches?
  325. where can i download wrestlemania 26 full for free?
  326. Two WWE questions???
  327. Would these 2 matches sell a PPV?
  328. If Batista vs. Sheamus Fued ever happened it could be like Triple H vs. Batista Fued; Do You
  329. Do you think Jack Swagger is a heel?
  330. What part will Michelle McCool play in the upcoming Kelly Kelly vs Layla feud?
  331. How long has Teddy Long been the GM of smackdown and why has he been there so long?
  332. Some WWE and TNA questions?
  333. How is TNA pay per view?
  334. If you meet a wrestler is it ok to ask them to set up your voice mail greeting?
  335. What do you think of layla winning the woman's title on smackdown?
  336. To The Living Legacy I dislike you because on every question that needed votes for best answer...
  337. agree or disagree: Punk and McIntyer are the top 2 heels on Smackdown?
  338. Is Global Champion Rob Terry On Steroids?
  339. Fellow wrestling fans: do you also love pro wrestling with all of your heart?
  340. Common Misconceptions about WWE PG?
  341. Why do people get mad at TNA for taking fired WWE Superstars when WWF Did the same thing with WCW?
  342. Im an WWE fan but!!!!?
  343. who is the best team have good history nwo or DX?
  344. WWE Championship Matches List in 2010: Agree or Disagree?
  345. The Viper is an asian boy?
  346. Is Tara returning to the WWE?
  347. Whats your favorite kind of match?
  348. World Heavyweight Championship Matches List in 2010: Agree or Disagree?
  349. What do you consider to be the best WWE Rivalry in 1990s?
  350. Who is the better User The Viper or The Animalistic-Viper LP23?+BQ?
  351. I have seen the light. There is no need for pro wrestling bashing anymore.?
  352. If you could have a real championship belt?
  353. Do you like TNA better now?
  354. Can anyone explain to me what happened?
  355. Wes V is an asian boy?
  356. who 'll win the US champion chip bret hart or the miz ?
  357. What ECW era did you prefer?
  358. What match in the history of professional wrestling history have you got most excited for?
  359. Jordan23 is an asian boy?
  360. Why is Kane so watered-down?
  361. Who else thinks that bringing back Vickie Guerrero as a Raw GM is a dumb move?
  362. Who Had The Worst Week(Recount)?
  363. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  364. MISSING: Mrs Candylicious! where are you!?
  365. why does cena always have the belt?
  366. TNA Sacrifice 2010 Live Stream?
  367. Which pay-per-view do you like best?
  368. who's your favorite wwe champion ?
  369. Could this happen at Over The Limit?
  370. should john morrison fued with sheamus?
  371. Teen Music Star Confirmed To Host Upcoming RAW?
  372. What was the biggest infamous moment in WWE?
  373. Who here actually owns Smackdown vs Raw 2005-2010?
  374. 15 Man Battle Royal Round 3!!!?
  375. Who else thinks Daniel Bryan will appear on RAW next week to take Bret's spot to wrestle The Miz...
  376. Raw Guest Host for May 31 Announced!! This is CRAZY!!!?
  377. Were you more upset about Shawn retiring or Mickie being fired?
  378. would you be upset or glad if SmackDown! won this years bragging rights again?
  379. I have to ask this question what do you Raw fans think of this?
  380. what channel does ring of honor play on?
  381. How many WWE fans want Cena to Win at over the limit and fatal 4 way?
  382. does anyone have any idea what song this is from wwe nxt im very curious it sounds good?
  384. Who would win these matches?
  385. which would you rather listen to?
  386. Are you glad that JIMMY has given up on his worthless crusade and moved out of his mommy's basement?
  387. question about serena in s.e.s.?
  388. Who is the best wwe superstar contest part 5?
  389. Do you think the two former Legacy partners will win the WWE and World Heavyweight
  390. how to i get wwe 24/7?
  391. You like Chris Jericho's old Attire or The new one with his trunks?+BQ!?
  392. the rock is returning............................?
  393. Do you think Christopher Daniels might go to WWE?
  394. whats the best moment you have witnessed in wwe?
  395. Wrestling fans, I have a theory about John Cena and the PG era. What do you think of it?
  396. Do you Love The Rock or Dywane Johnson or Both?+BQs?
  397. best midcarder part 5?
  398. For the whole wrestling section?
  399. What would you do if David Otunga won NXT or came in the top 3 and then became a star in the WWE?
  400. Do you think WWE planned Undertakers streak from the start?
  401. Looking back did you like the squash matches that all wrestling promotions used to do?
  402. Does this remind you of someone else in the WWE currently?
  403. WWE Raw Rampage! : Ep 1?
  404. is it likely teddy long will be fired by vince and get replaced by vickie after he fired drew?
  405. are NXT eliminations real or fake?
  406. When will the mystery masked man on SD! be revealed?
  407. Does anyone remember Damian(not the snake) or The Berserker?
  408. Did you notice................?
  409. Who's going to quit at Over The Limit PPV?
  410. what would you do if this happened at wrestlemania 27?
  411. Why did WWE take Daniel Bryan off of NXT?
  412. Michael Tarver Skip Sheffield?
  413. Are you shocked about Daniel Bryan's elmination of NXT?
  414. Would Undertaker defending the World Heavyweight title to Christian and CM Punk in a ladder
  415. Jillian already hit her prime in 2007. She needs to retire soon.?
  416. Who would Vince be more reluctant to talk about...?
  417. what is the undertakers real name ?
  418. I have a feeling that Beth Phoenix The Glamazon will beat Trish STratus's?
  419. Your favorite Shawn Michaels moment?
  420. is CM Punk just plain awesome?!?!?
  421. Were you surprised to see Daniel Bryan eliminated from NXT?
  422. ***NXT SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven't seen NXT this week don't look at this question?
  423. Name one occasion where Shawn Michaels stole the show?
  424. Why At Wrestlemania 26 Chris Jericho vs The Undertaker was not Booked To Feud Each Other?
  426. Where can i learn to wrestle in Australia, nsw?
  427. How much of NXT is scripted and what parts aren't?
  428. Are ROH fans harder on WWE or TNA?
  429. Bret Hart vs The Miz for the US Title next week? Clean Finish or DQ?
  430. Do u realize despite all the praise and accolade he's getting, Randy Orton barely got any
  431. Should Undertaker's last WrestleMaina opponent be this man?
  432. Which Wrestlemania back to back matches are better: TLC (16 17) or Shawn Michaels vs
  433. How many WWE fans want World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger to have a long title reign?
  434. How many people will Bret Hart need to defeat Miz?
  435. Does anyone have the video of Kane when he 1st started talking?
  436. What is happpening with sheffield, Tarver and Bryan?
  437. How come WWE gets rid of Daniel Bryan, but keeps David Otunga at Number 2?
  438. Do you want to see another Triple H vs. John Cena match again?
  439. Who do u consider to be 'The Man' at Wrestlemania: John Cena or Undertaker?
  440. who is the most talented female wrestler out of these girls, molly holly, jackie moore, or gail kim?
  441. hey to all you tna haters?
  442. King of the ring number 4 eliminate 4?
  443. does BJJ help you in wrestling?
  444. wwe rookies...........?
  445. TNA Basics. Tired of wwe need basic storylines,?
  446. If wrestling fans are willing to believe a pseudo sport is real, can one take advantage...
  447. What part of Pro-Wrestling do you Like? the Wrestling or the Entertainment?
  448. For those who watched wrestlemania 25 and 26...?
  449. What's so entertaining about watching muscular sweaty men pretending to hurt each other?
  450. which female wrestler of all time is the best combination of beauty,wrestling skills,mic...
  451. is the WWE diva MIckie James?
  452. why cant wwe fans except the truth?
  453. arent you tired of trolls in WS?
  454. John cena will kill the wwe?
  455. who you think win that match?
  456. What is the point of HHH entrance with the water thing?
  457. Did you think it was so EXTREME and REAL when John Cena used that Duct Tape a couple weeks back +BQ?
  458. Why do you think (seriously) that WWE is protecting McIntyre?
  459. Say if Serena or Luke Gallows or Joey Mercury (Might be in SES) got suspended for taking drugs?
  460. Why did they send Skip Sheffield home?
  461. John Cena is so awwesome dont u think?
  462. Shane McMahon's 50 ft jump explained?
  463. Ladies: What would you rather be?
  464. Why does Michael Cole sound like the scientist Stephen Hawking?
  465. So Daniel Bryan was voted off! But he just said there is still Brian Danielson!! Thoughts?
  466. whats better wwe or tna?
  467. A question for Smackdown spoiler readers?
  468. What were some of the best tag team matches ever?
  469. does anyone think samoa joe will be in the x-division again?
  470. Which WWE storyline can you relate to the most?
  471. would you like these rosters better than the current one wwe haves?
  472. Do you agree that Too Cool would be perfect in the PG Era?
  473. if you could fire 10 people in tna, who would they be?
  474. how does CHRIS JERICHO do his hair?
  475. My fantasy WWE. This is my 4th SmackDown, please rate it from 1-10?
  476. Who do you think will be eliminated on NXT tonight?........+BQ's?
  477. If you had a six man tag match between tna and wwe, which supersars would represent tna and wwe?
  478. Do you feel WWE screwed us over once again by...?
  479. How come this guy in the video gets the point im trying to put out?
  480. Ive done some research on this Michael Tarver guy. People keep saying he is going to be eliminated?
  481. Well well.. This One of a kind guy asked me to jump off a turnbuckle and it hurt?
  482. Drew McIntyre Headed to RAW; Also Bret Hart Winning the US Championship means He'll
  483. I have been informed that wrestling fans are 11 and they live with their mom's? +Why do you
  484. If you could pick 5 wrestlers to never get drafted, who would it be? + BQ?
  485. Who do you predict will become the General Manager of Raw?
  486. How can Miz loose to Hart without looking like a total fool?
  487. What Would Be a Better Move for WWE: At Over The Limit, Who Should Quit Batista or John Cena?
  488. What are some WWE spoiler websites for 5-11-10?
  489. which is better wwf or wwe and why?
  490. Why watch wrestling when you know its REAL?
  491. Wrestling Section Question?
  493. Smackdown! or RAW?!?!?!?
  494. Agree or Disagree, Edge will be a tweener in less than three months?
  495. RIP Daniel Bryan and Welcome back Bryan Danielson?
  496. how many nxt rookie will stay?
  497. what is career mode in smackdown vs raw 2010?
  498. how can i unlock stone cold in smackdown vs raw 2010 (ps2)?
  499. Does the WWE care about their fans?
  500. Santino Marella? (20 characters lonq my ass)?