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  1. Would this be a good way to build up Christian?
  2. Guess the wrestler (clues inside)?
  3. Do you think Batista's Heel Chracter was Similar to The Rock's: Entertainment Promo Wise?
  4. If you were a WWE Storyline writer what storyline's would you make?
  5. Why Justin Gabriel is Next Jeff Hardy Why Heath Slater is Next Edge: Read the Interesting
  6. Would you agree that Vince McMahon would grow a pair if?
  7. Kane should Return his Infamous Mask The Undertaker comeback as The American Badass:
  8. When wrestling fans say, RIP Owen Hart, are they referring to the sound his gear made before...
  9. Haters...What's your most devilish wish for me..?
  10. Best MITB Competitor?
  11. Why do Wrestling Fans Criticize Hate Wrestlers off their Personal Lives, When it's None of your...
  12. What's all dis nonsense bout Invisible Cena..?
  13. Which Wrestler would win against their other Gimmick (inside)?
  14. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  15. Will you be upset If I retain @ Fatal 4 Way..Oh yes I will still be the CHAMP?
  16. Does anybody else thinks Raw sucks since HBK is gone?
  17. With Batista gone and The Rated R Superstar Edge retiring in 2 years who could take their...
  18. Wrestlemania 27.Which would you prefer?DX vs Brothers of Destruction or John Cena vs Undertaker?
  19. What WWE PPV do you miss the most?
  20. Whats you're opinion of Raw's obsession with ratings?
  21. Guess the wrestler (part 2)?
  22. WrestleMania XXVII: Would You Buy This WrestleMania?
  23. Answer My WWE Poll (star if you like)?
  24. Which of these statements make you laugh the most?
  25. Should WWE do a McMahon-McIntyre Era: Drew McIntyre, Vince McMahon and Tiffany (McIntyre Real Wife)?
  26. What channel do TNA and it's PPV's be on in the UK?
  27. What channel do TNA and it's PPV's be on in the UK?
  28. Should WWE do a McMahon-McIntyre Era: Drew McIntyre, Vince McMahon and Tiffany (McIntyre Real Wife)?
  29. Is this Jillian Hall's greatest heel promo?
  30. Randy Orton vs. Vince McMahon Fued; Would You Like to See That?
  31. Could John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger Fued be Similar to Shawn Micheals vs. Kurt Angle Fued?
  32. Do you think WWE should Buy TNA Next Year in 2011, Just like 10-Years Ago when they Bought WCW;...
  33. Where does vicky guerero shop for clothes....?
  34. Why don't people see Kofi Kingston potential to be a Megastar/future Hall of Famer?
  35. Who thinks if WWE wants to Push an African American; Push MVP, Turn him Heel and Make him
  36. What is a good website for wallpapers of wwf or wwe wrestlers?
  37. who looks better Christy Hemme or Maria?
  38. Hi, my name is Nick Slayer aka MC-Bling aka Cyber Sapien 2.0. I am new to Y!A's Wrestling
  39. How can i get my granny to stop watching wwe... she's addicted?
  40. What is the best Hardcore match ever?
  41. Agree or Disagree on WWE future?
  42. What do you think of Randy Orton in this picture?
  43. Are Wrestlers Told To Act As Their Characters Whenever They Interact With Fans?
  44. If Justin Gabriel wins NXT, He could face Hart Dynasty for Unified Tag Team
  45. WWE Ticket Problem!!?
  46. What are yor top ten WWE TV Matches 2009-2010?
  47. I am going to my Senior Prom today so the question is...?
  48. Who'd Win The Undertaker vs Jack Swagger in a Casket Match?
  49. How Would You React If These Actually Happened?
  50. Should John Morrison Edge Have a Fued?
  51. are all the matches at fatal 4 way?
  52. Daniel Bryan vs. Micheal Cole at fatal 4 way?
  53. Should the cast from Harry Potter guest host Raw?
  54. When Will CM-PUNK stop with the Streight Edge stuff ALSO who is gonna win NXT ALSO Will
  55. Who Would Win These Matchs (BQ included)?
  56. Do you think John Cena will ever become The Rock?
  57. What are the top 15 best finisher's and top 15 submissions in WWE ALSo next time we will be...
  58. What is the top 10best submission moves also Y did JR leave is he comin' back...?
  59. Did you like the TNA video game?
  60. Why so quiet barely no question's are asked?
  61. How long do you think it will be before Kofi Kingston is the TOP Babyface on SmackDown?
  62. don't you think that Batista deserves to be WWE champion instead of that INVINCIBLE John Cena?
  63. Motor City Machine Guns vs. London and Kendrick?
  64. When do you think triple h will return?
  65. Two-Fall Triple Threat Match for IC US Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson...
  66. Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship: Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho:RKO vs.
  67. Random WrestleMania Card: Rate Card and Choose Winners?
  68. WWE Money in the Bank: Who Would Win in these Two-Money in the Bank Ladder Matches?
  69. Who all thinks, WWE should REMOVE PG Progamming Guest Host Concept bring back European...
  70. Do you think the cm punk vs jeff hardy rivalry will be one to remember?
  71. pick the winner of these tag team bouts and rate on a scale from 1-10?
  72. Biggest Dream Match: Shawn Micheals vs. The Rock OR Goldberg vs. Stone Cold OR The
  73. Who thinks this is possible to happen at Fatal-4-Way...?
  74. Rate My Random Card. Pick Who Wins.?
  75. Who will win these matches?
  76. When JoMo Comes Back Who Will He Have A Fued With.?
  77. If TNA Rehired one of the following former knockouts, who would you want them to rehire?
  78. What would you think the WWE would do if the following wrestlers just walked out of the
  79. Physically and Mentally, do you think you have what it takes to become a Professional Wrestler?
  80. Your Opinions On PAC Plus THW Talent Sign Ups?
  81. Wrestling fans: what kind of tricks should I teach my new dog, Chris Benoit?
  82. Poll: Which gimmick is more annoying? (+BQ)?
  83. Is EC Connection Michael Cole Troll Ministry (cheating)? + Who do you think will...
  84. Do you think when Sharmell came to the WWE to manage Booker T, that's when his WWE career started...
  85. Where online can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling?
  86. Batista retiring from WWE: WWE's Gain or Loss?
  87. XCW Episode 1! + Still chance to sign up - Who will be the next US Champ?
  88. unscramble the wrestlers names?
  89. will Big show and Chris jericho ever reunite?
  90. WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Match Wallpaper?
  91. WWE's MVP's on his nose what are those red nose strips?
  92. I wanna become a TNA fan....?
  93. do you consider victoria aka tara a icon or not?
  94. Why is Jr Jim Ross a complete RIP-OFF of Micheal Cole?
  95. Now that Batista has retired where do we go from here?
  96. Why is Michelle McCool such a Jealous pig? Seriously?
  97. Wrestling fans: what do you think about these Harry Potter losers that get mad when a book's...
  98. Rate my RAW three hour show card?
  99. Vickie Guerreo is a Cougar!?
  100. Why Shawn Michaels with a lighter schedule?
  101. ok could you see this happening?
  102. Do you agree or disagree with this fact?????????????????
  103. What is your favourite Wrestling Maneuver?
  104. Why do you watch WWE if you know the SAME people will continously main event?
  105. Would you like to see this match?
  106. Who dressed best or worst on Smackdown?
  107. RAW White rope's +BQ's?
  108. Who is this Shawn Micheals I have been hearing about?
  109. Wrestling Section Police Department?
  110. Do you think john morrison has the perfect male body?
  111. Am I the only person in the Wrestling Section who hates Rey Mysterio?
  112. Who do you think is going to be the one to finally beat Jack Swagger and be new WHC?
  113. What do you think about Randy Orton/his feuds and his future on Raw?
  114. Does WWE really want Big Show as World Heavyweight Champion?
  115. what is the percentage of wwe fans?
  116. How many Christian fans want him to win MITB at the next PPV?
  117. Is Rey made out of metal or something?
  118. Do you think 42 inches is too big for my girlfriend?
  119. Do you think Randy Orton will actually win the WWE title at fatal 4 way?
  120. Who agrees sheamus deserves another title reign(BQ)?
  121. what is faker than the wwe and tna?
  122. impact zone question?
  123. Should The Rock be inducted into the Hall of fame this year?
  124. do you like the evan bourne/zack ryder feud?
  125. What is your opinion about Cm Punk's new gimmick?
  126. Do you agree Taker vs Rey matches have some of the greatest counter holds in them?
  127. Did USWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship had a status of a World Title?
  128. What happened to the Boogeyman?
  129. Do you think The Undertaker should lose at Fatal Fourway to have a meaningful feud with...
  130. Why does the IWC forbid people from hating Daniel Bryan?
  131. Who was the most popular back then?
  132. When will the undertaker (mark calaway) retire in your opinion?
  133. What would you say if I gave yer pops a raw smackdown?
  134. Why are football ladies much more attractive?
  135. Why do yeh muppets believe you can stop SFS?
  136. Predict Club America vs Guadalajara?
  137. Why is fitbaw better than wrestling?
  138. What do you hate most about wrestling?
  139. Why do you cheat you wrestlers?
  140. What is raw smackdown?
  141. spill yer blood sons of wwe?
  142. What happens when they ask you what your favvorite sport is?
  143. What did yer mum think about them wrestlers?
  144. What is up with americans and their sports?
  145. Does Jerry springer like my kilt?
  146. What is smackdown an adult film?
  147. What are wrestling for?
  148. Why doesn't Daniel Bryan stop looking at me kilt?
  149. Who writes this wrestling bull?
  150. What happens when you suffer brain damage at the age of 4?
  151. Shouldn't we imprison those that?
  152. Do you think we will be seeing a match with Michael Cole vs Daniel Bryan?
  153. They took his job (dey tuk his job)?
  154. what would happen if wrestling became a real sport?
  155. I want a refund for PPV?
  156. What happened last time you wrestled?
  157. What color is your favorite Wrestling thong?
  158. Why do wrestlers wear panties?
  159. Do you honestly call wrestling a sport?
  160. Why are wrestling fans shaking fear?
  161. who has wwe Diva Melina Slept with?
  162. Whos a better wrestler/superstar?
  163. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  164. Do you love, respect or hate John Cena?
  165. Wha chu talkin' bout wrestling fans?
  166. Can you unscramble these YA wrestling hater names?
  167. Thanks to all the people that ran out the TROLLS from the wrestling section!?
  168. Out of all these pro wrestlers, which is most likely to win championship again (+BQ)?
  169. rate my elemination chamber match card?
  170. Who Had The Worst Week?
  171. where should we send these mexicans, a) arizona, b) uganda c) the moon d) back to mexico?
  172. Anybody know if Lex Luger is still paralyzed?
  173. On a scale from 0 to 1, with 1 meaning No way, you're kidding me and 0 meaning Ha! That's...
  174. who will win the world cup?
  175. Do you think World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger will retain at fatal 4 way?
  176. is shawn michaels ervr going to come back?!?!!?
  177. What is you're opinion of Randy Orton being on Raw?
  178. do you like or hate cena? a like and hate..weird?
  179. is there a wrestler that is a good in the ring, but impresses you little to not at all?
  180. Did you agree with Jim Ross when he was doing his heel thing?
  181. How do wrestlers hide the blades and the mist paint stuff?
  182. Who gave the better match performances during their careers?Austin,Shawn Micheals,Rock,or Flair?
  183. What are your comments on the last episode of TNA Impact?
  184. does Brock Lesnar has twitter?
  185. Which WWE Superstars/Divas practically put you to sleep when they're on screen What would you
  186. Worst Night-Smackdown?
  187. Who agrees that john cena could easily gain a few more pounds?
  188. What did I miss in the first half hour of smackdown?
  189. Is it true Maria doesn't like Melina?
  190. Soccer is a real Wrestling a real sport?
  191. Who was more important to the success of WCW?Sting,Ric Flair,Hogan,Dusty Rhodes,orLexs Luger?Why?
  192. What is you'r Favorite Wrestling theme song?
  193. What has been the most rigged match in wwe history or are all the most rigged/?
  194. Was the wwe spirit squad the best tag team in wwe history?
  195. How did wwe industries destroyed Eddie Guerrero?
  196. MFS2:How will Mexico win the World Cup 2010?
  197. what is Smackdown! spoilers?
  198. MFS2:Who will win in a wrestling match the wwe or the MNT?
  199. WW-WC (world wide-wrestling cruiser wights) tryouts?
  200. How easy is it to become a wrestler..i can fake it all?
  201. Why was eddie guerrero the best wrestler in the world?
  202. Whose mask looks better? reys or cm punks?
  203. which team was better Jerisho (Big show and jericho) or Shomiz (Big show and Miz)? and why?
  204. What do you like better Wrestling or Soccer? +BQ?
  205. LOL who enjoyed goin on the trip to the mexican soccer section?
  206. Choose any wrestler+reasons . . . . ?
  207. Possible locations for next years royal rumble?
  208. CM punk is a chicken. Agree or Disagree?
  209. Is a smart mark good for wrestling...?
  210. Pick Winners And Rate Matchs?
  211. WWE going to make Kofi Kingston or MVP heel on Smackdown?
  212. True or False: Shawn Michaels is the only person The Undertaker will ever tip his hat off to?
  213. What are your thoughts on the ongoing Matt Hardy/Drew McIntyre storyline?
  214. What do you think about David Otunga/Wade Barret possibly winning NXT?
  215. Stone Cold or Randy Orton: The Texas Rattlesnake or The ViperStunner or RKO?
  216. Shawn Micheals or John Morrison: The Sexy Boy or The Shamen of Sexy?
  217. Triple H (w/Stephanie) or Drew McIntyre (w/Tiffany)?
  218. Ted DiBiase (w/Vigil) or JBL (w/Orlando Jordan)?
  219. Booker T or R-Truth: WHAT'S UP or CAN YOU DIG IT SUCKA?
  220. Two-Fall Triple Threat Match for IC US Championship: Chris Jericho vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Jack
  221. The Miz or Mr. Kennedy; I'M AWESOME or MR. KENNEDY; If Kennedy left TNA, him and The Miz would
  222. Bryan Danielson or Chris Benoit: The American Dragon or The Rabid Wolverine?
  223. Did I just see what I think I saw?
  224. Does Justin Gabriel remind you off Jeff Hardy and Does Heath Slater remind you off Edge?
  225. Evan Bourne or AJ Styles: Airbourne or The Phenomenal One?
  226. WWE Money in the Bank: WWE is having Two Money in the Bank Matches taking place at one
  227. Batista or Brock Lesnar: The Animal or The Next Big Thing?
  228. Randy Orton (w/Legacy: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes) vs. Edge (w/Edgeheads: Curt Hawkins and Zack...
  229. MFS2: Is this the best sport video ever?
  230. Which Triple Threat is Better: Batista vs. John Cena vs. Triple H or Chris Jericho vs....
  231. Why is Rey Mysterio the best wrestler in the world?
  232. TLC Fatal Four Way Match for World Heavyweight Championship: Edge vs. Christian vs.
  233. Is anyone going to any wrestling events this summer?
  234. MFS2: Can America be champions, they have 2 toros?
  235. Would you like to see a Sheamus/Undertaker feud?
  236. MFS2: Mexico Vs. Gambia, Who is gonna win?
  237. The Undertaker or Sting: The Phenom or The Icon?
  238. Would you like this if it happened on Raw?
  239. Do you think this will happen at fatal 4 way with the WWE title?
  240. Do you think WWE Champion John Cena earned his 9 time world title reigns?
  241. Why do people like The Miz?
  242. If these two superstars were WWE/World Heavyweight Champion in the near future who would be better?
  243. Would an all Diva's PPV be worth it?
  244. who's your favorite wwe wrestler?
  245. Are there any 10 time champions in the WWE?
  246. Did Batista harass Mickie?
  248. I miss The Show Stopper?
  249. Would you like to see JOHN Morrison vs JOHN Cena for the WWE Title soon?
  250. Pick 1 of these 3 wrestlers?
  251. Don't you think the WWE is looking totaly Awesome right now?
  252. Could they use the Divas title as a US or IC title for the women and have the women's title...
  253. Among the great sumo wrestlers, who do you consider the best in terms of best win
  254. So to anyone who watched TNA tonight...?
  255. Heel or Face what do you like more?
  256. When do you think Serena will have her debut match on Smackdown?
  257. Your Fatal 4 Way Dream Match Card?
  258. Why is WWE going to make Triple H heel?
  259. John Cena vs. Undertaker who would win?
  260. Do These Wrestlers Deserve A Hall of Fame Induction?
  261. Why do some fans hate it when announcers argue?
  262. Can I watch WWE wrestling live online?
  263. Do you agree with my top Ten WWE superstar list(Inside)?
  264. What was written on the back of Velvet Sky's tights last night?
  265. What did you think about the preview of Half Pint Brawlers that aired on TNA Impact last night?
  266. What was the best steel cage match ever?
  267. what is your crybaby hero, dave batista, going to do now? haha!! i loved his hissy fit?
  268. Yes..I'm John Cena..The Champ Is Really Here?
  269. Who is your Top 3 Favorite Divas to have came from the Diva Searches? (+BQ)?
  270. so did jay lethal dump his macho man gimmick?
  271. What do you think of this WWE Alumni Member: Vito?
  272. why do the crowd cheer orlando jordan and anderson?
  273. What do you think of this WWE Alumni Member: Trish Stratus?
  274. what do you think of this 1 min Rick Flair impersonation promo?
  275. when did TNA get rid of the octagon?
  276. What do you think of this WWE Alumni Member: Ivory?
  277. How was Edge v. Orton supposed to end?
  278. Wrestling section trolls: why don't you just GROW UP?!?
  279. Who does these moves better?
  280. are tickets at section D row 1 seat 1 at ringside?
  281. WWE is PG Era over????????? :) ??????
  282. does wwe have platinum tickets when they come to UK?
  283. Why do you like Rey Mysterio when he is similar to John Cena?
  284. Do you see these people ever winning a world title?
  285. is there any talk show make any interview with the game or hbk?
  286. who sings the miz theme song?
  287. what if one of the rookies who gonna win ended the undertaker un defeated streak?
  288. Who on the FCW would you bring to Raw or Smackdown right now if you had the chance?
  289. when tna was good before or after hulk hogan?
  290. did anybody saw goldust without make up before?
  291. did the wwe really erase most of mickie jame's move set?
  292. Do you realize how many times we've gotten Hogan vs Flair in some form or fashion?
  293. Rateand choose winners on my F4TAL WAY Card?
  294. what triple h real name ?
  295. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  296. In your opinion, would you rather get the Jeff Hardy My Life My Rules DVD or Best of Raw 2009 DVD?
  297. What does it mean when somone calls a wrestler a jobber?
  298. Is anyone else ready for a new wrestling promotion, that actually would be competition for both
  299. What WWE diva or wrestler (Jimmy) do you j3rk of to?
  300. whats ur favorite theme song ever?
  301. What do you think of this WWE Alumni Member: Maven?
  302. Wrestling Section Poll + Serious BQ?
  303. What happened on TNA and WWE Superstars last night?
  304. How do you find the ideas of WWE for the next PPV Fatal Way Four show?
  305. guess the wwe wrestlers?
  306. whats the point of watching scripted wrestling?
  307. If Hogan or Flair died, Would WWE Pay Tribute to them in one of their shows despite them being in
  308. Which feud between these 2 was better?
  309. wrestling schools in georgia?
  310. What was Undertaker's old theme song?
  311. Do you think that JR should join TNA now hes been released from WWE?
  312. Question about house show at MSG?
  313. Will Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair stay in TNA until the day they die?
  314. What would happen if Stone Cold Steve Austin met Cm Punk?
  315. Perfect Catchphrase for The Viper: Orton 360 just Punted Your Head In and You Just Got
  316. Perfect Catchphrase for The Viper: Orton 360 just Punted Your Skull In You Just Got
  317. NEWS: Batista will Return to the WWE and will be at WrestleMania XXVII(27);?
  318. WWE Fatal 4 Way: Predictions, Choose Winners and Rate Card?
  319. Who do you think are this Generation's Stone Cold The Rock: Who are WWE's Two Biggest Stars?
  320. For WWE to be Creative, They should change Fatal 4 Way to WWE Fantastic Four and Remove
  321. why dont wwe fans grow up?
  322. Do You Think John Morrison should win the Money in the Bank Later this year in July?
  323. whats the average age of a wwe fan?
  324. Should WWE make: Orton/Cena happen at WrestleMania XXVII, Ten Years After Austin/Rock at
  325. Who is the true father of wrestling?
  326. Who Would Win In These Wwe Vs. Tna Matches?
  327. Do you think now that Undertaker is back we may see a BOD reunion?
  328. Who do you think is the hottest diva in WWE history?
  329. Who among favorite David Otunga, Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett?
  330. Where has John Morrison been the past few weeks?
  331. Who wants to see Sheamus vs. Triple H at summerslam 2010 this year?
  332. Lol look at what I found out on
  333. How many SmackDown! fans hope Kofi Kingston doesn't win the WHC?
  334. how many WWE fans are hoping Edge wins the WWE Championship at Fatal 4 way?
  335. What if (i no it want happen) something happend that made vince lose the WWE?
  336. Who had the best week?
  337. Killswitch Or Future Shock?
  338. Would you be upset if they released John Morrison from the roster this year?
  339. Why do you watch a fake sport called professional wrestling when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  340. Rate These Fueds Out Of 10?
  341. So did Randy Orton really hurt his shoulder?
  342. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE?
  343. What would WWE be like if they never had HHH,CM Punk,Edge,Randy Orton and Big Show + EIE signups?
  344. attitude era vs pg era austin vs cena would it be epic?
  345. which made more money wwf are wwe?
  346. why does this guy in the section think he is vegeta lol?
  347. I need help about my youtube videos from the WS?
  348. does any one else think that wm 23 hbk vs cena was the attitude era vs the pg era?
  349. I've just check my TV guide and i noticed?
  350. how to stay awake when watching raw and tna and nxt and sd and superstars?
  351. Haters...What's your most devilish wish for me..?
  352. If you want 10 Points Really Fast Answer This Question; And Who Will Win the Main Events
  354. is it true that the wwe championship is going to be called the cena championship from now on?
  355. Do you think Candice Michelle will ever host Raw?
  356. the rock is overrated good in the ring bad on the mic?
  357. Which title would likely to change hand at WWE Fatal 4 Way : WWE Title or WHC?
  358. Amazing Kong will make WWE women division better? why or why not?
  359. Out of the four, which Diva would you like to see become a future Divas Champion?
  360. Should Khali and Cena stay with WWE or go to TNA?
  361. Do you see Triple H turning heel when he returns?
  362. Would this be a good concept for season 2 of NXT?
  363. Can You see Bret Hart turning into a heel GM down the line?
  364. If you won a free day to hang out with your 5 favorite WWE Superstars/Divas, which 5 would you pick?
  365. Why doesn't Chavo connect with the WWE fans like Eddie did?
  366. Who's worse? Mike Adamle or Vickie Guerrero?
  367. How can I watch TNA and WWE wrestling online?
  368. RVD looks like JCVD r they brothers ?
  369. What DVD would be best for.....?
  370. Best way to watch WWE RAW live online?
  371. What Would you rate the following feuds?
  372. Who do you think are the sexiest wrestlers of all time?
  373. Will Batista ever return to WWE in the future?
  374. Which divas do you dislike?
  375. At WrestleMania XXVII:Would You Like to see a John Cena Heel Turn or The Undertaker's...
  376. Bryan Danielson vs. Jack Swagger at WrestleMania XXVII OR Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle at
  377. WrestleMania: Ladder Match: Intercontinetal Championship: John Morrison vs. Dolph Ziggler; Who Wins?
  378. Is The Miz gonig face?
  379. Is Cm punk nice in real life?
  380. Triple H or Undertaker, which one of these 2 will be World Champion sooner?
  381. Orton 360 or Austin 3:16; RKO or Stunner; Viper or Rattlesnake; Legend Killer Pose or
  382. Who are your favorite WWE or TNA Wrestlers?
  383. will you say these are some good deam matchs?
  384. If Undertaker was never The Bad Ass/Big Evil how would his legacy be different?
  385. Just a question about the WWF?
  386. If WWE makes a 3rd brand,should they revive WCW?
  387. Who is the best WWE superstar/Diva?
  388. What those DX mean in WWE?
  389. who will be more memorable in tna in the next 5+ years gail kim or tara?
  390. is nick hogan still in jail?
  391. why did randy ortan change the theme song burning the light to the new crappy one?
  392. Why is pro wrestling the single greatest thing to have happened to humanity?
  393. Randy orton injuried at over the limit?
  394. what would you think if you saw Undertaker at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?
  395. anybody going to wwe raw next week?
  396. Where can i watch Over the Limit Replay?
  397. In Wrestling, what is a lumberjack match?
  398. Possible career choices for Dave Batista?
  399. Wrestling fans, anyone in here watching...(OOT) (+Wrestling Question)?
  400. Should These Superstar Be.........????
  401. Should WWE bring back the Cyber Sunday PPV concept?
  402. Would you ever become a Professional Wrestler if you had the chance? (+BQ)?
  403. does Davide otunga seem like the type that is using wresting to start a acting career?
  404. Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 question?
  405. Should These Superstars Be....?
  406. Why does everyone have to be the 'next' someone?
  407. y2j to end undertaker's wm streak, why or why not?
  408. Im getting tired of hearing you hypocrites hating on my girlfriend Kelly Kelly.I will find...
  409. What do you think of this WWE Alumni Member: Zach Gowen?
  410. What Do You Think About Bret Hart Being The New General Manager Of Monday Night Raw?
  411. wrestling section, who do you prefer?
  412. When is Triple H going to return?
  413. Is WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV on Sky Box Office or Sky Sports in the UK?
  414. Do You Think The Should Put The WWE European Championship in WWE Smack Down VS Raw 2011?
  415. Does every1 here know who the Yamster Troll is?
  416. Those who think Desmonde Wolfe is wasted in the role that the TNA federation ?
  417. How did Cena become so popular with kids in so short time?
  418. SES Masked man, who is it? What are some options?
  419. What is your favorite Kurt Angle match and feud of all time and why?
  420. What are your personal opinions on R--Truth and Kofi Kingston's title wins?
  421. Is their any superstar's tattoos you really like/hate?
  422. Is Eric Bischoff leaving TNA?
  423. Is this the first time that Michael Cole is fun to watch?
  424. What would you do if WWE gave this theme to Daniel Bryan or the winner of NXT?
  425. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  426. Do you think there will be a feud of R-Truth and David Otunga later on + EIE signups?
  427. When will Sheamus regain the WWE Divas Championship?
  428. Do you think Eve will be the next face of the diva's divison?
  429. Dolph Ziggler should be IC Champ.?
  430. is bryan danielson the new chris benoit?
  431. Who is better at mic skills: John Cena, Jeff Hardy or John Morrison?
  432. if you complain so much stop watching wwe its boring and its all about cena?
  433. the saiyans are a true warrior race dont mess with us?
  434. What is your opinon these wrestlers careers?Dutch Mantel and Eddie Gilbert?
  435. When did the WWE stop using ring girls?what you think of way they used to go to the ring for ppv's?
  436. us saiyans are way more awesome than any wwe superstar?
  437. Should they make a biopic about the life of the legendary wrestler John Cena?
  438. Should WWE do a open the vault type segment during Raw or maybe Smackdown once a week?
  439. Who else thought Over The Limit was the worst PPV this year?
  440. Is Cole's heel turn similar to when Vince started to turn heel?
  441. if wwe and is fake does that make you a fake fan?
  442. Is Batista going to MMA or TNA?
  443. Exactly one year ago from now, what would be your reaction if..........?
  444. (Rate This And Pick The Winners) RAW,SMACKDOWN. Matches Not In Order.?
  445. *Spoiler* I just found out who will be the contenders in the Fatal 4 Way For The World Heavy
  446. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  447. who would win this wrestling match?
  448. What was the greatest push The Undertaker ever got in the WWE?
  449. If Shawn Michaels had just one more match at WrestleMania 27, would you define that as him
  450. Jeff Jarrett or Triple H?
  451. Why the Dragon said that The Rock is not a legend?
  452. who is a better wrestler the undertaker in his prime or aj styles?
  453. Spoiler Alert : Who do you think will win WWE TitleWHC matches at WWE Fatal Fourway 2010?
  454. well explain this to me?
  455. Why do people say that Jeff Hardy's mic skills aren't impressive?
  456. Who had the worst NXT last night?
  457. Who would win? (TNA vs. WWE)?
  458. Who all liked Batista's Heel Character;It made him more Entertaining, Watchable Funny, But...
  459. What was Batista's Overall Best Fued: Matches and Promo's/Buildup: The Undertaker,
  460. svr 2010 question plz answer?
  461. Too Bad We Can't See Another Batista Promo Since He Quit the WWE: Do You Think Batista
  462. Which do you think would end first?
  463. Do u think another streak vs career match at WM 27 will be considered a rip off from the one at
  464. WrestleMania XXVII Ideas and Matches: Give Opinions?
  465. does Davide otunga seem like the type that is using wresting to start a acting career?
  466. Will there be another season of NXT right after this one ends or will they take a 2 month...
  467. did that guy really take his eyeball of his eye on raw?
  468. What do you guys think of the Big Show?
  469. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT recount?
  470. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC? How do you do that?
  471. Spoilers Should WWE had made Fatal 4 way this way so this could happen?
  472. Does anyone else think Bryan Danielson is being given the best push for a WWE Superstar in years?
  473. Who else cant wait to hear this .........?
  475. Who is the prettiest Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, or Maryse?
  476. Divas Tag Team Championship FINAL Round?
  477. Are you looking forward to wwe fatal 4 way ppv?
  478. What happened to Kurt Angle's brother?
  479. TNA Sacrifice or WWE Over The Limit?
  480. Who'd Win Ric Flair vs AJ Styles?
  481. What do you think of my WrestleMania 27 card?
  482. NXT=Off The Charts Tonight?
  483. Why would the WWE suspend Matt Hardy for attacking Drew McIntyre but not suspend Dolph Ziggler
  484. At troll/cheater hunter and any1 else who wants to think Im a cheater,knock yourselves out.?
  486. What's your top 10 worst storylines in WWE/F History? (+BQ)?
  487. Do you think the upcoming WWE Online game will be a success?
  488. Should WrestleMania come to these cities?
  489. Out of all the current WWE Roster who do you think will be released before 2011?
  490. What did CM Punk say to Adam Copeland when Adam tried to feel Punk up?
  491. Bret Hart will not make a great GM agree or disagree?
  492. POLL: Out Of The Following - Who would you like to see be the Raw GM?
  493. Who's gonna miss Batista?
  494. Who do you want to win?
  495. So will Batista ever return again?
  496. Why did WWE go PG? i really liked it the way before?
  497. Do you guys think Chris Jericho should grow his hair again and change his titantron back...
  498. who is a better wrestler, aj styles or kurt angle?
  499. Who's Happy with Cena still the Champ?
  500. Can people who watch NXT help me out (about Daniel Bryan)?