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  1. Did You See Gail Kim Eyeing Up The Divas Championship Last Night?
  2. What Do You Think Of These Tag Teams Part 2?
  3. when will WWE and their sexist management let true divas with talent have matches longer
  4. Did anyone else think that?
  5. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  6. Anyone else find this NXT storyline interesting too?
  7. For those who truly believe Daniel Bryan has been released...?
  8. Who thinks Randys interview made him more of a face {and i kno hes face, just asking}?
  9. Who wants to play svr 2009 with me right now.PLZ?
  10. why does WWE block my matches i put on youtube?
  11. Why do you people like to watch men run around in underwear PRETENDING to be beating up each other!?
  12. Why do some users block TNA Fans?
  13. The Daniel Bryan released article has been removed from!?
  14. Make up your own WWE PPV give it a name give it a gimmick or just a plain PPV then put Matches?
  15. is it only a matter of time before Cena turns heel?
  16. What happen with the Benoit family?
  17. In WWE, do you think Mic Skills are overrated?
  18. Star if you like Randy Orton + BQ?
  19. When The Undertaker returns, do you want him to come back as the 90's looking deadman?
  20. Wrestling Fans: What comes to your mind when you see this picture?
  21. How many times did Ricky Steamboat face Ric Flair?
  22. How many times did HHH face HBK and when?
  23. Wrestling sucks is another account for Truly Phenomenal? Plus question for wrestling fans?
  24. What is the best Vince McMahon match?
  25. I'm in the mood for a good classic match. Recommend any?
  26. In the world of wrestling, which promotion gives you some of the best wrestling styles?
  27. what did you think wade barret meant on raw last week when he said in one weeks time
  28. who is the better wrestler out of beer money?
  29. What do you think about WWE All Stars?
  30. you now when wwe superstars supposedly injures they make movies?
  31. Do you think Eve is really championship material?
  32. What is so special about The Miz, what makes him have that It factor?
  33. Who is better? WWE Fans Only?
  34. I need to find out how to watch RAW on the Internet?
  35. Bret Hart Considers It the WWF still?
  36. Who would you use in a new 4 Horsemen?
  37. What would be a good title for a DVD to commemorate The Undertaker's career?
  38. TNA cutting pay per views?
  39. what are the biggest mistakes that wwe have ever made?
  40. What were the worst story lines ever in the WWE/WCW?
  41. Do you think Bryan's release is just a storyline?
  42. Is the NXT invasion angle going to be good without bryan danielson?
  43. After what John Cena said on Twitter...?
  44. Which one do you miss the most to wrestle in WWE?
  45. why do most wrestlers put water or oil on them before they wrestle?
  46. Where will the NXT Storyline go tonight?
  47. Do you think Daniel Bryan will return to the WWE?
  48. Who was the best Raw Guest Host?
  49. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  50. What is a good way to watch WWE wrestling live online ?
  51. Are there any professional wrestling schools in California?
  52. If Paul Heyman took over TNA creative team as usual, do you think...?
  53. So you're not allowed to choke anybody in the WWE, but you're allowed to do a move called chokeslam?
  54. Does anyone else think this would be a perfect heel gimmick for John Cena?
  55. Wade Barrett and John Cena to fued this summer?
  56. Who should be the next WWE or World Heavyweight Champion that has never been one before?
  57. Which professional Wrestler Is your hero?
  58. Greatest wrestlers of all time part 2?
  59. If it were possible to do this?
  60. Where online can I watch WWE Raw wrestling?
  61. Are there going to be any other matches announced for Fatal 4-Way?
  62. John Cena Speaks On Bryan Danielson's Release, Your Thoughts?
  63. Do you agree with this greatest wrestler of all time list?
  64. What is the tna 2007 roster?
  65. Is this rumor true about a new possible feud?
  66. Who do you think is gonna win the main event- RVD vs Sting?
  67. What wrestler once had a match that lasted 7 hours?
  68. Can someone explain to me what happened between Bryan Danielson and John Cena and is it real?
  69. Anyone else not happy about sting losing last night?
  70. In the PG Era of WWE, could the NXT Invasion storyline still be sucessful?
  71. Who are/were the most under rated wrestlers in WWE history?
  72. Why doesn't John Cena act like Goldust does after being planted in the stage light by Big Show?
  73. Is John Cena the WWE cult icon?
  74. Who is the greatest ever Wrestling Promoter?
  75. Does anybody know this segment?
  76. Do you think it's fair that WWE Sends out Danielson to raise hell, and then...?
  77. when is TNA's Big Anouncment?
  78. Where can i watch WWE Raw online tonight (06/14/2010)?
  79. do you have hustle loyalty and respect?
  80. what does a no complete clause stop wrestlers from doing?
  81. please..I think I need some advice? it's about heartbreak ?
  82. What is your favorite Royal Rumble event of all time?
  83. What were the best and worst WWE PPVs of 2009?
  84. who is hosting monday night raw 6-21-10?
  85. Who will WWE have face Undertaker at WM 27?
  86. Who Liked Slamminersary VIII?
  87. Who else is bored with this pay per view?
  88. TNA Slammiversary Predictions + Guess the Little Surpise Dixie Promised for Tonight!?
  89. Is Tommy Dreamers debut in TNA mean that we will see an ECW stable?
  90. What Do You Think Of These Tag Teams?
  91. Who else feels betrayed by.....?
  92. any news about jeff hardy's return to wwe????
  93. Wrestling Trivia - first correct answer gets BA?
  94. what kind of fans you mark or smart?
  95. What's the next 1PW event?
  96. Do you think that the WWE is?
  97. Do you agree with this about the ppv tonight?
  98. Is WWE's future brighter than it's present?
  99. Spoiler:Suprise is now known?
  100. WWE's recent Massive Pushes (Sheamus' push; Swagger's push, etc.) Good idea, or bad idea?
  101. why does everyone keep saying Dixie over hyped the change when...?
  102. When Kane was crying,Why it looked so fake?
  103. If its true about Danielson getting released for choking Justin Roberts with a tie then.......?
  104. Am I the only person that thinks Beer Money is sexy?
  105. Do you reckon it was the nXt rookies who attacked the undertaker?
  106. How many wrestling fans agree that tonight's TNA PPV sucked?
  107. Why do people criticize WWE antic's, but watch it anyway?
  108. what is the funniest match you ever saw?
  109. Why Does WWE Consider Triple H A 13 Time World Champion When He Has Only Held The Title 5 Times?
  110. Whats your WWE dream matches?
  111. WWE just made a TNA Main Eventer...Agree?
  112. Would all the Cena haters like Cena if he turned heel?
  113. What are your thoughts on Michelle McCool?
  114. TNA RLD: Hard Justice Pay- Per View (Rate it)?
  115. I'm gonna invade Wrestling Section and I will shut it and move it to gay section, all trolls
  116. WRESTLING SECTION....................?
  117. TNA RLD # 45 (Rate Comment)?
  118. Do you think that this would be a good card for Victory Road?
  119. Shouldn't TNA be booking more high profile matches for their biggest event of the year?
  120. Can anyone explain to me what are E-Feds?
  121. Is this way to predictable for tonight?
  122. WWEA Raw the 11th come rate the show?
  123. how much do pro wrestlers make?
  124. Who thinks Randy Orton or John Cena will be injured after fatal 4 way?
  125. Please answer. I am making an efed. Anyone want to join?
  126. What is your favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage moment?
  127. Why the hell did TNA hire Rosie Lottalove, when she injured Daffney in her tryout match?
  128. does anyone else think this would be a perfect heel gimmick for John Cena?
  129. who would you WWE UNIVERSE prefer as your RAW guest host pre sseries?
  130. When is Triple H returning to WWE?
  131. If the Daniel Bryan thing is a work?
  132. What happens if a wrestler does show up for a PPV title match?
  133. Who had the best week?
  134. Is WWE a new wrestling federation?
  135. Do you think the WWE cares what TNA's suprise is?
  136. Why was Brian Danielson (Daniel Bryan) Released by WWE?
  137. is Tommy Dreamer really on tna now?
  138. i no the chances of this happening are 1 in a million but what if dixie carter's...?
  139. Who were/are the top 10 worst pushes in WWE history?
  140. Did the WWE fire Daniel Bryan to take attention from TNA's big announcement?
  141. Do you think this is what Dixie Carter is excited about?
  142. What WWE or WWF match annoyed you because of who won and lost?
  143. who is the face of WWE before SCSA+BQ?
  144. What is the driving force behind the anger in your life?
  145. Should Chris Jericho turn back to being a face again?
  146. What move do you think would be harder to pull off: The 619 or Sweet Chin Music?
  147. Daniel Byran Not Released?
  148. What's your favourite entrance music?
  149. If you had control of SmackDown for one night, what would be your main event?
  150. Don't tell me WWE is going to make another Hardy go to TNA?
  151. If you had control of RAW for one night, what would be your main event?
  152. Where is Triple H at?
  153. Should i buy tna slammiversary tonight or watch it a bar ?
  155. who are your top 3 favorite indies wrestlers and why?
  156. What is the main reason for fans booing John Cena?
  157. Do you think by not looking at Spoiler/News sites HHH's return could actually be good and...
  158. I know im going to get a lot of heat for this but......?
  159. Wrestling fans who do want to win in the World Cup?
  160. Why do some wrestling fans associate John Cena with Barney the Dinosaur?
  161. What will happen to the WWE if John Cena was released by the company?
  162. My WWE Xtreme Rulez.4th PPV.Is it good?
  163. Good Morning America
  164. What is the deal with Abraham Washington?
  165. New Era: New Generation Era (TV-14), New Face (Randy Orton), Change in the WWE?
  166. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling on the Internet?
  167. New Face of WWE(Randy Orton), New Era (New Generation Era), Maybe TV-14: Give Opinions;
  168. NXT Season 1 should make an Alliance with NXT Season 2 and Invade SmackDown Reveal
  169. NXT is the New NWO: Who all wanted Rey Mysterio to get Attacked rather than CM Punk?
  170. Wade Barrett should replace Cena, Evan Bourne should replace Orton, Kane should replace CM Punk?
  171. I don't care about Mic Skills, Vince needs to Sign all 8 of these NXT Superstars Regardless: Put 4
  172. What was more epic last night?
  173. What were your thoughts when your first witnessed NXT decimate John Cena, The S.E.S.,
  174. Do you think that NXT 1 will rampage again on tonight's edition of NXT?
  175. I bet the WWE Superstars were all Laughing at John Cena Didn't even try to help him: Did NXT...
  176. Is Rey Mysterio the top dog of Smackdown, as he claims?
  177. What if Batista is the Leader of NXT Alliance?
  178. Did Matt Hardy and Drew McIntyre save RAW last night?
  179. If the nxt invasion was the best asss whooping since the attitude era give me a hell yeah!?
  180. Is anyone else tired of the WWE making John Morrison under-rated?
  181. what the hell happened at the end of raw last night?
  182. why wont the wwe push jillian hall(more inside)?
  183. Are we ever actually going to see CM Punk's shaven head?
  184. Were you scared when the NXT Rookies came out?
  185. Best of the MITB Match?
  186. Will the NXT Rookies be unstoppable when Season 2 Ends?
  187. Your dream MITB Match?
  188. Cenation vs. NXT Rookies?
  189. My Money in the Bank PPV Card?
  190. Chris Jericho as leader of NXT Rookies?
  191. What are the results for Raw?
  192. Who is the real Leader of the NXT Rookies?
  193. When are they gonna reveal that the secret SES member is Joey Mercury?
  194. Do you think releasing Shelton Benjamin was one of wwe's DUMBEST and soon to be most regretted...
  195. NXT beat down last minute? Youre thoughts?
  196. If you could give Caylen Croft Trent Barretta a new tag team name....?
  197. Raw is actually not doing bad. Its up and down. So your thoughts on last nights raw?+BQ?
  198. Michael Cole the leader of the NXT Rookies?
  199. Monday Night Raw Question?
  200. Who noticed on RAW last night, that CM Punk came back in to help John Cena?
  201. SO who will you be rooting for on the new season of NXT and why? (im voting for Kaval and here is...
  202. Is the Undertaker coming back to WWE?
  203. Behold the King and Chris Benoit R.I.P are CHEATING! + What is your favourite WWE Catchphrase?
  204. NXT Invasion Storyline?
  205. Why is the McIntyre/Hardy feud the best on Smackdown?
  206. Who was your favorite mid-carder from the attitude era?
  207. Who Do You Think Is Responsible For The Attack On The Undertaker?
  208. Who all feels Happy: Do you think this really is a SIGN of: CHANGE, NEW FACE, NEW ERA?
  209. did anyonw see this wwe raw match?
  210. omg what just happened for cena?
  211. So,the NXT Rookies have took out John Cena and The Undertaker.Are Jack Swagger and Big Show next?
  212. ceba maybe injured and randy do u think they can make it to fatal 4 way?
  213. what the wwe should do to the rookies?
  214. Should WWE do this with the NXT season 1 guys/Brothers of Destruction?
  215. all of my votes taken except cm punck i didnt vote for him .. what about urs?
  216. do u think this rookies who attacked the undertaker?
  217. A question to wrestling fans?
  218. After last night,WWE is in a new era,but not Golden,Attitude,or even PG.What is it?
  219. did matt hardy and Teddy long had they revenge from drew macentyre?
  220. what kane gonna do if this rookies who attacked the undertaker?
  221. What was the NXT angle?
  222. This Friday on Smackdown,should this happen?
  223. Wasn't the NXT attack the best thing on Raw in a while?
  224. How do you feel about this?
  225. why they attacked jery lawler he done nothing to them?
  226. did u saw what happen tonight for cena guys hahaha?
  227. Did the Miami Arena Get A Flood?
  228. do u like what matt hardy done to drew?
  229. Raw 15th Anniversary.....Where can I find this video clip?
  230. what u think gonna happen to the rookies?
  231. Why do wrestling fan morons ask me questions, and then block me, thereby disallowing messaging back?
  232. Alright...let me ask you this. NXT Alliance....?
  233. do u think cena get injured ?
  234. When Owen Hart fell and died for real, did he inadvertently break the rule of kayfabe?
  235. Riddle me this: what moron watches a scripted/fake sport about men in speedos, who's not a
  236. NXT Rules Wohooooooooooooo?
  237. How should I name my finishing move?
  238. What if we fans voted for Orton and Edge to have a debate instead (Be creative!)?
  239. John Cena, CM Punk, and others injured by NXT?
  240. WWE might be slowly shifting out of the pg-era?
  241. VIEWER'S CHOICE: from 1 to 10 scale How would you rate it .....?
  242. Was That The Most Realistic Thing You've Seen In Sports Entertainment History?
  243. RAW what was the best match tonight?
  244. Oh Hell no NXT Rookies. Your in Trouble now?
  245. Who on Here feels so Damn Good Right Now: Maybe a New Era, Maybe a New Face, Maybe a New Change,...
  246. When will WWE make Randy Orton be the Face of the Company because they don't REALIZE Cena...
  247. Watch how many TNA Fans become Hypocrites?
  248. Should NXT Season 2 join NXT Season 1 and Destory Make a New Era and CHANGE?
  249. Was the NXT Invasion the Most REALIST thing You've seen since The Montreal Screwjob?
  250. No Bashing:Should TNA Fans become Hypocrites Watch RAW or Just Watch TNA (Does it even
  251. Who all LOVES this NXT INVASION?
  252. Attitude Era: THANK GOD for NXT?
  253. So, after last nights RAW?
  254. Maybe not Attitude Era but Next Generation Era TV-14: Agree or Disagree?
  255. Should NXT make an Alliance with NXT Season II and Attack (Invade) SmackDown?
  256. Agree or Disagree: WWE NXT is better than TNA: Message: Watch how TNA Fans become Hypocrites,...
  257. Monday Night Raw Viewer's Choice What's Your Opnion Of The Show?
  258. NEW Era, Maybe a Change, Maybe a New Face: Who all thinks this is just simply AMAZING!?
  259. It's Funny how People We're Bashing RAW Saying this Sucks but Now everything Changes; WHY?
  260. Who all LOVED when Bryan Danielson told Cena You're not Better than Me,Spit in his Face, Kicked...
  261. I BET all the people who said their not watching RAW are feeling like Hypocrites: TV-14 Attitude
  262. Who all HOPES NXT attacked The Undertaker: Do you feel Happy: New Face (Orton), New Era, Change has
  263. I smell a New Face of the Company New ERA in the WWE?
  264. Who's all Happy: WWE NXT Season I Invaded RAW Attacked John Cena?
  265. I feel so sad that the Undertaker is gone and I feel so sorry for his poor real life brother...
  266. What is the best wrestling match you have ever seen??
  267. Do you think TNA Fans or Other Wrestling Fans who all said RAW SUCKS, I'm not watching WWE, Feel
  268. What effect do you think the NXT invasion will have on next week's episode of Raw?
  269. Who put Taker into a vegetative state?
  270. Guesses on RAW's Ratings for Tonight?
  271. Do you think that Wade Barrett will take Randy Orton's spot in the Fatal 4-Way WWE
  272. What is wrong with some wwe fans?
  273. How likely is a Chris Jericho babyface turn in the near future?
  274. Did the WWE forget not all there fans are 4 years old?
  275. Will Drew McIntyre go crying to Vince McMahon to get Matt Hardy fired?
  276. Does RAWS ending make you mad?
  277. Cena-Haters.......dont you realize?
  278. Where was the RAW pride?
  279. Why is the WWE becoming like a Disney show?
  280. Are you kidding me? Hornswoggle and Khali vs. Hart Dynasty?
  281. What were the results for 1PW's Deadly Intentions?
  282. Do you see a 8 on 8 tag match in the future?
  283. Do you think that Mickie James getting fired is the modern day screw job?
  284. Would you say that the NXT Rookies were mega push?
  285. Where The NXT Rookies the ones that took out Undertaker?
  286. Why were ECW fans chanting '' I've Cena nuff'' to Cena?
  287. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  288. WWE TV PG no more, you cant let your family see that and Damn has been mentioned twice
  289. Anyone Got A Direct Link To Raw Live Stream?
  290. I might not lik NXT but i lik what there doin to cena?
  291. Tonight on RAW,will instead of the voting being held on WWE.COM,they?
  292. awful raw tonight, thoughts?
  293. What is your opinion of NXT's complete annihilation of Monday Night Raw?
  294. Who is a better dancer, Santino Marella or Vladimir Koslov?
  295. When was the last time that a TNA Impact TV taping had more ratings than an episode of...
  296. Why did King leave the announce table?
  297. A body slam challenge? Really?
  298. Who else wants to see Santino Koslov in a dance-off?
  299. What was the point of that A-Team segment that just happened on Raw?
  300. When is the Voting on Raw going to open?
  301. Are you glad Kane will be in the World Title Scene soon?
  302. If you really think about it, even if TNA was still on Monday Night vs. Viewer's Choice: WWE...
  303. Simple as this: If you don't like then Don't Watch: Stick to Your Company that you Like...
  304. Just a Saying but Aren't all Wrestling Fans suppose to Stick with their Company threw Good Times ...
  305. To all People Who are gonna Stop Watching RAW just off Tonight: Don't try to Watch it since you...
  306. Why do people say their going to Stop Watching WWE They still Watch it: Somehow they
  307. if Survivor series was the next PPV what matches would put?
  308. if Tables ,Ladders and Chairs was the next PPV what matches would you put?
  309. I may sound like a Hypocrite but TNA: PLEASE GET MORE ATTENTION POPULAR so WWE can stop...
  310. WWE needs to return Batista for some Attitude Make Orton the Face of the Company?
  311. Bonjour! I'm French but i love WWE and American people?
  312. WWE Fans: Who all thinks SmackDown should be LIVE until RAW ENDS this?
  313. Please Rate my predictions for the biggest party of the Summer ,Slammer Slam!?
  314. Do You Think These Matches Would be 10/10 Please Rate?
  315. I HATE to say this but TNA must get Popular so WWE can turn back TV-14?
  316. Which Nickname is Better: Mr. Spotlight Batista or Silent-Assasin Randy Orton?
  317. Why doesn't Winnie the Pooh ever get stung by the bees he messes with?
  318. What would you think about re-branding Ted DiBiase Jr. as The Billion Dollar Man?
  319. What do you think the match choices and stipulations will be for tonight?
  320. What wrestler used the name Jay Youngblood?
  321. Do you people think this would be a great new theme song for alicia fox please rate it?
  322. To John Cena Haters.?
  323. I'm joining wrestling next year and need to know more.?
  324. how do you feel about kane finally getting the long over due push that he deserves?
  325. What match do you want to see on tonights viewers choice RAW?
  326. Who's hotter: Kim Kardashian or Eve Torres?
  327. My Money in the Bank PPV Card (So Far) Rate Please?
  328. What do you think of AJ Styles' current gimick?
  329. TNA: AJ Styles vs. Kaz?
  330. Possible Match at Money in the Bank PPV?
  331. Rank your TNA Top 10 Contenders?
  332. Where to watch WWE Raw wrestlling on the internet?
  333. Dream Match: Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Bryan. Who wins?
  334. Who will be the Daniel Bryan of NXT Season 2?
  335. Who will stop Sting's rant in TNA?
  336. Should Hornswoggle just go to Half Pint Brawlers?
  337. You know what I hate about the WWE...?
  338. Possible Match at Money in the Bank?
  339. Any good way to watch WWE wrestling through the internet live ?
  340. when will friday night smackdown be in charlotte, NC?
  341. Why do people hate wrestling and its fans?
  342. Do you agree with the thought of 'If you've seen one match, you've seen them all'?
  343. Who would Win in these Matches: Rate Give Opinions?
  344. what are your prediction for Money in the bank?
  345. Will Kane be on Raw tonight?
  346. what happend to wwe paul loundon?
  347. Will Kelly Kelly win the WWE Womens Championship against Lay-Cool?
  348. Pick the winners of these tag team matches?
  349. Question about house shows.?
  350. When will Bryan Danielson 'Officially' be added to the roster? + BQ?
  351. What is the worst wrestling gimmick in history?
  352. what is your Summer slam card + BQ ?
  353. What was your favorite CM Punk promo on Jeff Hardy?
  354. Can you rate my Summer slam 2010 card ?
  355. Did WWE ever officially sign Goldberg?
  356. Question about Eli Cottonwood..?
  357. who would win i love money(wwe)?
  358. Has Big Show ever gotten choke-slammed?
  359. is JBL undertakers attacker?
  360. is john cena ruining wwe?
  361. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  362. Best Wrestler Tournament Round 2?
  363. Are these the best characters in WWE and TNA today?
  364. Do WWE fans hate me because I'm dating Maryse?
  366. What if Kelly Kelly was 50 feet tall, and had a supersized booty?
  367. whats there to like in wwe and tna?
  368. could curt hawkins and vance archer have attacked the undertaker?
  369. What are your thoughts on The Miz?
  370. Are These the Best Women Wrestlers in WWE history in the Following Categories?
  371. who are the top 5 wwe superstars in the wwe at the moment?
  372. Why do wrestlers have puffy looking ears?
  373. Do you think these people could have attacked taker?
  374. WWE NXT Season II: Alex Riley or Kaval (Low-Ki)?
  375. WWE Money in the Bank: Rate Card Give Opinions; Also Should the WWE Drop this PPV Now?
  376. TNA uses Plants as Fans to Attract More Fans: More Below?
  377. Should WWE make a New Evolution: Randy Orton, Triple H, Sheamus Drew McIntyre?
  378. When do we get to vote for the Raw viewers choice?
  379. Have you noticed Christian, Kane Matt Hardy's Brother's have all had Better Careers ...
  380. Which divas match would be the Best?
  381. Do you think the Uso's could of attacked Undertaker?
  382. Should the WWE Sign Bryan Danielson, Justin Gabriel Heath Slater?
  383. Since McMahon called McIntyre Chosen One; We might see a McMahon-McIntyre Faction with...
  384. Would this WrestleMania Be New Unpredictable: Would You Buy This?
  385. Since WWE wants to Push a Black Star: Push Kofi Kingston, Turn M.V.P. Heel Mr. MITB, Return
  386. Could Randy Orton come up with a Catchphrase: like Orton:360 just Punted your Skull In?
  387. Who would Win in these Matches?
  388. Who all Agrees that 2001-2004 were the Best Most Memorable Years in the WWE History?
  389. What would you rather have happen (poll)?
  390. I haven't watched WWE in a while. Who won and lost last week and the week before?
  391. Which NXT series 1 rookies can you see on the main roster in the future?
  392. Do you think they will ever make John Cena, Triple H, Undertaker or Randy Orton NXT pros...? +BQ?
  393. Why do you take the W!S so seriously?
  394. Will Scott Steiner ever go back to TNA?
  395. Isn't it not good that Taz is not aware that Orlando Jordan is bi-sexual?
  396. What matches can we expect on Raw?
  397. Has Mick Foley left TNA?
  398. What is the next PPV after Fatal 4 Way?
  399. Should I join the NWO?
  400. Are WWE doing Night of Champions this year?
  401. what do people think about MVP?
  402. What do you think the Referee felt like and thought after he did the 3 count that ended HBK's...
  403. Based on last weeks SmackDown!?
  404. Where to watch wwe Online for Free in HQ?
  405. Diamond Dallas Page was trained By _______________?
  406. Cena Haters!!!! Wat would u say about THIS pic?
  407. Can you come up with funny insults for the letters WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, ROH NWA?
  408. The Best Wrestlers Tournament (Round 5)?
  409. Summerslam match card predictions?
  410. Wrestling fans why do you watch the wwe but knowing is corrupted?
  411. do you think tna is trying too hard?
  412. Wrestling fans serious question why do you get upset when people are helping you?
  413. Why do they put holes in crackers?
  414. what are your Slammer slam Predictions +BQ?
  415. Do you laugh when you hear people going around asking did The Undertaker really die?
  416. do you think smackdown gets screwed in the wwe draft?
  417. Do you think wwe has given up on matt hardy?
  418. In your opinion who is the prettiest female wrestler of all time?
  419. What WWE championship do u think Wade Barret should challenge for?
  421. What if we dont find out who attacked the Undertaker for about a year or so even after
  422. Any good way to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  423. am i a popular user in this section?
  424. Triple H the best of the Elimination Chamber?
  425. When do you think Shawn Michaels will be inducted into the HoF?
  426. Possible Fatal Four Way Match?
  427. Where to watch TNA and WWE wrestlling on the internet?
  428. Early Fatal Four Way Predictions?
  429. Rate the Elimination Chambers?
  430. What's your favorite WrestleMania main event ever?
  431. What was your favorite Elimination Chamber Match?
  432. Would it be wise for TNA to get rid of Hogan and Flair from appearing on TV.....?
  433. What was your favorite TLC Match?
  434. Battle of the Twins: John Cena Darren Young vs. The Miz Alex Riley: Who Wins?
  435. batista was such a good heel. he had so much emotions and stuff. what is he doing now?
  436. Should WWE do a Storyline with John Cena Darren Young?
  437. wwe is so stupid...........?
  438. How many of you guys hate that fat*** Jimmy that is criticizing WWE?
  439. Why are WWE fans violent?
  440. Favourite Wrestlemania and why?
  441. the truth, jimmy and the prince of trolls, all have to leave the wrestling section.?
  442. what matches do you want to see?
  443. Why don't people realize Justin Gabriel potential to be a mega star?
  444. Does anyone else think WWE is improving again?
  445. Who would you aspire to be in Wrestling?
  446. What did you watch during Monday Night Wars: WCW OR WWF?
  447. If you could pick one TNA superstar to go back to the independents. Who will it be and why?
  448. Should Kaval ..............?
  449. Star if you think Hulk Hogan is a promotion destroyer?
  450. John Cena. Epic Fail or Big Success?
  451. What Match would be Better at WrestleMania XXVII: Batista vs. Randy Orton or John Cena or Randy
  452. WWE Survivor Series 2010: Choose Winners Rate Card?
  453. What would be a Better Match for The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII: Chris Jericho or John...
  454. What are some WrestleMania Matches that Could've Happened but Never Happened?
  455. When did the Rock and Trish have their mini romance angle with the Rock saving Trish from Vince?
  456. Could this be a Possible WrestleMania Card: Would You Buy This?
  457. Should The Miz return his Finishing Move Mic-Check instead of using Skull-Crushing Finale?
  458. Did you like Batista's Promo's as a Heel?
  459. What was the date of Dustin Rhodes' debut as Seven in WCW?
  460. Why do people call Trish overrated when Lita when overrated also (sorry if it's long)?
  461. Let's be honest. Who really wanted Kane to win the Battle Royal yesterday?
  462. should ric flair just call it quits?
  463. How would you feel if JIMMY guest hosted WWE Raw?
  464. Is 100% of WWE fake seriously?
  465. With HBK gone who do you think will have match of the year in 2011?
  466. Why did WWE even bothering Khali..?
  467. Why did My Lord want for Batista to say I Quit ?
  468. Do you see Sheamus winning at the Fatal 4 Way PPV?
  469. who agrees with me if we could we would trade justin bieber for owen hart star if you agree?
  470. What does Vince care more about.. Ratings or money?
  471. How many JIMMY'S are there in this section?
  472. Stone Cold or Rock...?
  473. Do you know what my STF finisher name stands for?
  474. What Diva Deserves a DVD?
  475. Would this WrestleMania be Good New: Rate the Card?
  476. Who all would like to see Shelton Benjamin Return to WWE Defeat Jack Swagger for WHC?
  477. Early Predictions for NXT Season 2?
  478. WrestleMania XXVII Early Predictions: Give Opinions Thoughs?
  479. Do you think they'll be a MITB Match at WrestleMania?
  480. Randy Orton Stone Cold vs. John Morrison Shawn Micheals: Who Wins in this Tag Team Match?
  481. Rank the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches at WrestleMania (21-26) from Best to Worst?
  482. What do you think of the WWE having all gimick PPVs?
  483. Do you know the user RamY cheats?
  484. where do i go to do wwe viewers choice on
  485. Rank the WrestleMania's from Best to Worst: WM X7, WM 19, WM 21, WM 23, WM 24, WM XXVI(26)?
  486. Money in the Bank and Edge?
  487. What do you wrestling fans think of this video?
  488. why is this now the jimmy section?
  489. My WrestleMania XXVII Card: Rate and choose winners?
  490. Make Your Own WWE PPV?
  491. Did WWEFanNation get hacked or something? What's going on?
  492. Who would Win in these Matches?
  493. I Hate to say this But: Is Jeff Hardy Overrated OR Spot-Monkey?
  494. What are the Top-5 WrestleMania's in Your Opinion?
  495. The Best Wrestlers Tournament (Round 4)?
  496. Jeff Hardy Justin Gabriel vs. Edge Heath Slater?
  497. Any1 notice this about Hornswoggle and the Guerreros?
  498. what age group does wwe target?
  499. When do you think Kofi Kingston will win the World Heavyweight title?
  500. Who do you think Jack Swagger is More Similar to: Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar?