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  1. this is a question that i would like to ask about nxt season 2...?
  2. Why is Dolph Ziggler dressed like this on Smackdown?
  3. How to watch WWE Fatal Four Way live online?
  4. Good websites to watch live WWE events through the internet?
  5. How can I watch WWE Fatal Four Way live stream online?
  6. Are there any websites to watch WWE wrestling live online ?
  7. Do you believe the Attitude Era was overrated?
  8. What are you thoughts on Bret Hart as gm?
  9. Should Owen Hart be inducted in WWE hall of fame?
  10. Which WWE guy or girl that is retired, u really want 2 come back?
  12. If you could SWAP storylines between two wrestlers, what would you do?
  13. Old Ecw or TNA's Version of ECW?
  14. Should the Ultimate Warrior be inducted in WWE hall of fame?
  15. How to watch WWE wrestling through the internet live with high-quality pictures ?
  16. Green mist / asian mist questions?
  17. How many Raw fans would like to See Lady GaGa and John Cena in a promo?
  18. How many Raw fans want Lady GaGa to guest host Raw?
  19. Do you think Jericho will leave?
  20. wrestling question regarding the undertaker?
  21. Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Paint tool hack allowed?
  22. Can you rate the Match which Match your like best and Who wins?
  24. what was that between jay lethal and ric flair?
  25. The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  26. whats faker than wwe and tna?
  27. Do you think New Jack should return to TNA Wrestling?
  28. What do you think about this Divas match?
  29. Will Teddy Long Show Up?
  30. I'm sitting here thinking to myself and wondering?
  31. Superstars and divas finshers?
  32. Who remembers th Kerwin White angle with chavo?
  33. Whats the name of the move rey mysterio does...?
  34. Bryan Danielson release a work?
  35. Iam going to Madison Square Garden tommorow for WWE House Show i have questions!?
  36. Bryan Danielson WWE return?
  37. Is Beth Phoenix The Glamazon The Queen of the..?
  38. Do they televise Florida Championship Wrestling?
  39. Do u agree with this?
  40. I'm not a vegetable, nor a mineral, but a rat-like creature who enjoys watching pro
  41. Does The Undertaker have telekinesis powers?
  42. Layla looks alot like Jazz tonight?
  43. who would win these matches part 2?
  44. What time is FCW on and when?
  45. Did you like how WWE sent off JBL and Batista?
  46. Does Daniel Bryan have a Biblical name?
  47. does anybody care about this stupid women's division?
  48. who else feels that chris masters should atleast win a title once?
  49. who is the guest host for wwe raw on June 21st?
  50. Who would win these matches?
  51. Who was the biggest joke Eugene or Rikishi?
  52. Will Someone take over my IWC efed im making a new 1?
  53. who do u think attacked the undertaker?
  54. who else wants to see booker t back into wrestling?
  55. Name one word you would use to describe Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  56. long time since kane used the tombstone and why he did it to rey why he didnt chockslam
  57. How do you want Bryan Danielson to return to the WWE?
  58. What site do I use to watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  59. When people talk about the greatest high flying wrestlers of all time why is Sabu almost...
  60. Can you get discovered or get to work with wwe if you live in UK?
  61. The Monster is back! Your thoughts on Abyss turning heel?
  62. What Do You Do It's Not Working?
  63. TNA RLD: Presents No Surrender (Rate the Pay- Per View)?
  64. So is there gonna be an Abyss/Hogan feud on TNA?
  65. Doesn't Vladimir Kozlov look like he's an ex Spetsnaz agent?
  66. Who misses RAW IS WAR as much as I do?
  67. What was the most embarrassing moment for all Wrestling Fans?
  68. What do you like better:House shows or Live events?
  69. Who do you want to Win the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship at F4W?
  70. Who is more likely to be the next Triple H: Sheamus or Drew McIntyre?
  71. Who thinks General Manger mode should return in Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  72. Sign this petition...?
  73. Is Smackdown getting some more ratings because of the Undertaker storyline?
  74. What match do you consider to be more emotional: HBK vs Taker WM 26 or HBK vs Ric Flair
  75. Who had the best night -- WWE Superstars?
  76. Who had the best night -- WWE NXT?
  77. Is Michael Cole a heel?
  78. What do you think of the New NXT Rookie Lucky Cannon..?
  79. Who are the top 3 most dangerous men in real life?
  80. WWF what kinds of organization?
  81. TNA RLD: iMPACT! 48 (Rate the show)?
  82. A change in the card?
  83. what do u think of this match at wresltemania 27?
  84. agree or disagree with my opinions?
  85. Agree or Disagree Batista is better then The Undertaker,Brain Danielson,Chris Jeircho?
  86. Would you agree TNA wasnt that good yesterday?
  87. What Would Be Your Reaction If These Happened?
  88. i love wwe bakclash 2007 theme song does anyone know when i can download it?
  89. Was there every a time in history that Pro wrestling matches weren't pre deterimed?
  90. Who do you want The Undertaker's Attacker to be: Kane or NXT 7 OR Suprise Attacker?
  91. Who thinks Muhammad Hassan should come back to The WWE?
  92. Anyone else hoping for Alicia to win this Sunday?
  93. Who would Win: Randy Orton vs. CM Punk Ladder Match for WWE Championship: John Morrison vs
  94. Who is Better Overall (Mic Skills Wrestling Ability): The Miz (I'M AWESOME) OR Mr....
  95. Which Tag Team would be Better: Team Perfect (Dolph Ziggler Joe Hennig) OR Justin Gabriel ...
  96. Who is Bryan Danielson more Similar to: Chris Benoit or William Regal?
  97. If WWE Pushed a Superstar to be a Main Eventer: Who Should it Be: John Morrison or Evan Bourne?
  98. If Shawn Micheals came back for One More Match Who would you want him to put Over?
  99. do you think drew mcintyre will be a one hit wonder?
  100. Would you like to see Kane become WHC at F4W Who deserves to be WHC: Christian or Matt Hardy?
  101. is the joey mercury Armageddon accident fake?
  102. Which wrestler(s) do you feel are overrated by the IWC?
  103. Which Nickname is better for Randy Orton: The Blue Eyed Killer OR The Silent Assasin?
  104. Random Question: Do you think the pyro guys have something against The Undertaker? +BQ?
  105. Who is better on The Mic Raven, CM Punk, Or Chris Jericho?
  106. Who is the better all around wrestler: Chris Jericho or The Undertaker?
  107. Who would you be more shocked that won a world championship?
  108. Why did the Attitude Era end?
  109. Who has the better WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jay Lethal or Ric Flair?
  110. How come the top answerers never be in the WS?
  111. Who thinks Breaking up Cryme Tyme was a waste?
  112. Who has better mic skills: The Rock or John Cena Why?
  113. Where online can I watch WWE Smackdown?
  114. What do you think is the worst year in wrestling in the WWE and Tna?
  115. Who is the best Dudebuster?
  116. Am I the only one who hates Abyss no matter what gimmick he has?
  117. why did bella kiss jacob in eclipse?
  118. Are you an......A$$Hole?
  119. What is the best HHH - Steve Austin match?
  120. In that special 10 year anniversary of Smackdown DVD is there any mention of The British Bulldog?
  121. What Match would be Better for WM: Eddie Guerrero vs. Shawn Micheals OR Chris Benoit vs. The
  122. Who would u like to see make a video game debut in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011?
  123. Looking for a good way to watch live WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  124. Has HBK ever fought The Rock?
  125. TNA RLD: iMPACT! 47 (rate the show)?
  126. Did you guys know that the next WWE champion will be the 100th who do you think it will be?
  127. who is your favriote wrestler?
  128. Did Dolph Ziggler Just Describe At The 100 To The Owners Of Many Wrestling Internet Forums?
  129. How many SCSA DVDs were released?
  130. Was their a time where a fan got involve in a wrestling match?
  131. Who are the Top 5 Heels and Faces in TNA and WWE + BQ?
  132. Who is the sexiest guy in wrestling?
  133. Wrestling section: This is the dress code for me jimmy wedding.?
  134. Do you think if Batista NEVER got injured in 2006, He would've be Bigger Better than John Cena?
  135. is this a good fatal 4 way match?
  136. Hi im new! So ...??????????
  138. What are your thoughts on the HUGE summerslam Match (SPOILERS)?
  140. Guest That Wrestler (1st Challenge)?
  141. Why do people think Batista is better than John Cena?
  142. What is your favorite match stipulation (match type)?
  143. If you could make one young talent the face of WWE who would it be? Bq: Inside?
  144. Is anyone else going to watch that new show that chris Jericho is hosting?
  145. Real TNA fans, How has Hogan impacted you on watching TNA?
  146. XCW Signups + BQ????????
  147. Were can i watch Smackdown live 18/6/10 ?
  148. Has there ever been a more overrated WWE wrestler than John Cena?
  149. When it is Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2010 what matches do you think will happen?
  150. Does anyone here watch half pint brawlers?
  151. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Attitude Era?
  152. TNA Wrestling change?
  153. Do EDGE fans give the same support as CeNation gives CENA?
  154. Davey Richards to retire from wrestling at the end of the year...?
  155. Which superstar should leave WWE?
  156. When will Daniel Bryan return to WWE?
  157. Is Bret Hart the best general manager of all time?
  158. Why do people boo John Cena?
  159. Will Ric Flair ever leave wrestling?
  161. Is Chris Jericho truly the best in the world at what he does?
  162. If the season 1 NXT rooks are lacking in personality, is the any hope for season 2?
  163. New Jack in TNA Wrestling again?
  164. this is who i think is going to win nxt season 2?
  165. Which championship has more of a chance changing hands at Fatal Four Way?
  166. Do you want to see tna wrestling changes?
  167. Do you want to see Tracy Smothers in TNA Wrestling?
  168. Where online can I watch TNA wrestling?
  169. Is my WWE/ TNA episode good?
  170. Bryan Danielson set to return to the Independent scene? + Another Miracle Question?
  171. Has Raw got better or worse?
  172. Can you watch this and not laugh?
  173. Which Theme Is WORST Out Of The Following?
  174. who else expected more from tommy dreamer than they got?
  175. I know someone who just lost their TC badge? why?
  176. What are all the current feuds and storylines going on in TNA right now?
  177. what was your reaction to evan born kicking out of the code breaker?
  178. Was Daniel Bryan Really Released?
  179. What are your thoughs on The Undertaker return storyline + Dolph Ziggler?
  180. Does John Cena make a mockery of himself every Monday Night?
  181. Does it take more Luck than Skill to be a Wrestler?
  182. which miz theme and gimmick did you like better?
  183. Why do people in this section thinks Cena can't wrestle?
  184. Interesting new: Could Bryan now be brought back??
  185. How do you think AJ Styles feels when?
  186. Wrestling Fans, I have proof that the user The Prototype cheats?
  187. Are you afraid of getting thumbs down in any wrestling question?
  188. heel, face or tweener?
  189. Jakks wrestling figure?
  190. How many times has Truly Phenomenal 'retired'?
  191. What happened to Scott Hall on TNA?
  192. Who wants to see john cena get fired?
  193. What are your thoughts on NXT Rookie Alex Riley?
  194. TNA RLD: iMPACT! #46 (Rate the Show)?
  195. On a scale of 1-10 where would you put me as a user?
  196. The Rock or The Undertaker + A Message to all of Superior Quality's accounts?
  197. Who thinks it's about time that Evan Bourne got a good push on RAW?
  198. What has been your favorite matches for these supertars?
  199. Agree or Disagree-- WWE needs competition?
  200. TNA iMPACT! tonight-- Are you tuning in?
  201. John Cena got Bryan Danielson fired!?!?!?
  202. TNA iMPACT! in 30 minutes-- Are you tuning in?
  203. Which is your favorite MITB match?
  204. who do you think will be tna next break out star?
  205. Which NXT 2 rookie do you think is the worst.?
  206. Who else agrees that Smackdown is better then RAW?
  207. Being old school wrestling fans, what make you still having desire to watch today's wrestling?
  208. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars(Contains Spoilers)?
  209. Are these good finishers?
  210. Can you Trademark a Wrestling Move?
  211. Serena = The Cancer Lady?
  212. Which WWE Diva Finisher is the best?
  213. Who is the most agile wrestler in history?
  214. Can CM Punk become the face of WWE?
  215. John Cena puts Evan Bourne over MORE in an radio interview?
  216. why is Big Ran such a great user?
  217. When Danielson choked out Roberts, Did anyone honestly think....(Bq)?
  218. Latest episode now up?
  219. Watch TNA and WWE wrestling online, what site do I use?
  220. Who is your favorite Non-American superstar? +SCW Fed/Forums?
  221. WWE Money In the Back PPV Predictions?
  222. World Heavyweight Champion Kane?
  223. Which matches are on The Undertaker's deadliest matches DVD?
  224. Which mid-card wrestler on smackdown do you see becoming a main eventer?
  225. Was there a The Undertaker Match at Wrestlemania that you thought he was gonna lose?
  226. Why did Owen Hart attack HBK after his match with Ken Shamrock at Fully Loaded 19?
  227. Was the hart Dungeon evil?
  228. Would the very much overrated Chyna been as successful as she was if she hadn't wrestle men?
  229. what do you see being the main event for tna bound for glory this year?
  230. How did the HHH - HBK feud start and y?
  231. Why does everyone like Maryse so much?
  232. Take it from me I have the chocks to huddle up the f'shizzle?
  233. John Cena has a nice kock don't you think?
  234. Do you think that John 'de bear' loopy will go on top against randy 'the moose' mooselfburger?
  235. Smackdown vs. RAW 2011 (Video)?
  236. I take it all those muscle bound freaks are still doing a 'Chris Benoit' and that wrestling
  237. Can you guys tell me whats so great about The Dragon?
  238. What will you do if Cena wins? +BQ?
  239. John Cena is.........hmmm....what?
  240. Edge vs Randy Orton ?
  241. Tennessee wrestling fans: Have you seen Ric Flair in that commercial?
  242. Whats your thoughts on Kaval + EIE signups?
  243. Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBIase?
  244. What wrestler's move would you re-name?
  245. Wrestling section: Me and Jimmy are getting marry this sunday?
  246. Why is the WWE getting boring like TNA?
  247. Why Does My Computer's Spell Check Not Recognize The Word ''Cena''?
  248. In 1995 Triple H Made His Pay Per View Debut At Summerslam Against What WWF Superstar?
  249. Another question to KNOW UR ROLE?
  250. Can Anyone Tell Me What Happened With Triple H At The 1996 Royal Rumble?
  251. What would your reaction be if (WWE)?
  252. Who Agrees That Paul Burchill's Pirate Gimmick Was Underrated?
  253. I'm sorry KNOW UR ROLE, but I have one more question for you?
  254. what happened on Raw?! after the tag match with cena and sheamus?
  255. You guys lack grizzly bears?
  256. Should Mike Tyson get inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame?
  257. A question to KNOW UR ROLE?
  258. Is there anyway I can watch episodes of Superstars or Smackdown before they are aired on TV?
  259. Eve, she only does a jump kick.?
  260. Is Stone Cold Over-rated?
  261. Why do people say that John Cena is over-rated?
  262. John Cena Talks UFC: He Appreciates What They Have Done, But Doesn?t Like it?
  263. CZW but makes the weekly show?
  264. WWE fanboys / fangirls, I just wanted to let you know...?
  265. guys my ring name is Austin Amazing any better ideas for last name?
  266. if you saw a young fan of wwe that believes it would you tell them about kayfabe?..more inside?
  267. whould you consider the punt a finisher?
  268. Would you be able to watch wrestling on TV without commentators, just the live arena noise?
  269. Star if you want Bryan Danielson Back?
  270. Is anyone getting pes 2011?
  271. How can I watch WWE wrestling live online?
  272. Which is your favorite lower card wrestler that is more than likely never going to be a main
  273. Legends of Wresltemania??????????
  274. TNA Bound For Glory Predictions/Rate Card/Choose Winners?
  275. Which One Is Better out of the following?
  276. Why are they booing Edge, why????
  277. Super Kick or Super Cena?
  278. If you saw Batista what would you say to him?
  279. Should CM Punk Unmask?
  280. on a scale of 1-10, how real is WWE?
  281. Do you think Hogan was really that bad?
  282. Doesn't Husky Harris remind you of Roy Nelson?
  283. Is it offical that Undertaker and Michelle McCool are getting married?
  284. Its funny how people say Trish was overrated when she is the only female to be in most hardcore
  285. What exactly is a technical wrestler?
  286. Who is missed more, The Rock or Shawn Michaels+Another Troll?
  287. Silly as it was, why can't I stop laughing whenever I think of Buckle up, Teddy!?
  288. Who else remembers the user King Kjors in Wrestling Section?
  289. Who do you consider is the biggest heel user ever in this Wrestling Section?
  290. do you think CZW should get TV time?
  291. why was scoot hall released from TNA??BQ?
  292. paul heyman is signing with TNA?
  293. Isn't it eerie how similar Joe Henning looks like his father?
  294. Did anyone besides me find it predictable that....?
  295. who is your fav manager?
  296. what is your fav in your house ppv?
  297. I might be done with the WWE...?
  298. I am now officially retired from the wrestling section.... Any last thoughts?
  299. Do You All Think that the NXT Wrestlers Season One Who Attacked The Undertaker?
  300. Hey Wrestling Section...anyone tuning in the FIFA world cup? + WQ?
  301. Why does The Lord Of Darkness not have any fans?
  302. Share with my dear friends the successful experiences to part-time job
  303. Do you think the younger fans of today see Bret Hart as a horrible wrestler?
  304. Can you do The Undertaker's eye roll?
  306. who know this battle royal?
  307. So I guess there was no winner on RAW for the tag team main event?
  308. is there gonna be king of the ring this year?
  309. Efed owners- EIE, THW, REW, RAWF, DCW, EWS, EWF, XCW, YWWA and ICW please read and WQ!?
  310. what will be the best match of the WWE Summerslam for you?
  311. Whats your favorite D@MN moment?
  312. Why did Bret Hart ask out all the WWE RAW Roster?
  313. 5 top??????????????????????????????
  314. who is better and the best HBK or HHH?
  315. Is The WWE Ready To Give Randy orton Another Stable?
  316. Where is a nearby wrestling school?
  317. Should Triple H Have a Another Stable Before He Retires?
  318. when will Triple H return?
  319. Who was the better announcer: Vince Mcmahon or Gordon Solie?
  320. What 5 matches do you like the most and come up with a name for Raw PPV and Smackdown PPV?
  321. If Eli Cottonwood paired with The Great Khali as a tag team, what would they be called?
  322. Anyone Upset Kaval Lost?
  323. if batista never got injured back in 06 and gave up the title?
  324. Who will come to the wedding of me and my life partner Jimmy?
  325. **TNA Spoiler** (Don't read if u don't want to be spoiled)?
  326. was rey mysterio actually suppose to win the royal rumble 2006.BQ?
  327. Would you agree with me that WWE makes up lame storylines?
  328. So who likes my video tell me what you think?
  329. When Can We Expect Triple H Back From Injury?
  332. What is your opinion on Earnest The Cat Miller?
  333. what will happen on this weeks friday night smackdown?
  334. Tony Schiavone or Michael Cole?
  335. do you think looks have a little something to do with the superstars getting pushed?
  336. is jbl really coming to tna?
  337. What commentator do you like better in TNA Tazz or Don West?
  338. what will happen tomorrow night on wwe superstars?
  339. what will happen tomorrow night on tna impact?
  340. Kaval's voice, doesn't it sound strange on him?
  341. have you noticed that people look down on wrestling fans?
  342. Who will be revealed as the secret driver and why BQ?
  343. whats the point of watching wwe and tna?
  344. What was/is your favorite wrestling return?+BQ +SCW E-fed/Forums?
  345. Best WWE Or WWF Moment??? List It Here?
  346. Michael Cole Cursed On NXT!?
  347. Does anyone know the release date for the WWE Allstars and what do you think about the game?
  348. What is the best Undertaker DVD to get?
  349. what happend to undertaker i missed that episode of smackdown?
  350. Is there any site where I can watch live WWE events as they are occurring live?
  351. Why didn't HBK ever wrestle when he was a member of the NWO?
  352. Which WWE superstar has the best ring attire?
  353. who agrees that Kaval will win NXT2?
  354. What are your 5 fave matches on these cards and can you give me a name for the Smackdown
  355. Hey WHO IS IT????????????
  356. Who do you want to win NXT?
  357. LOL did you notice on NXT!!?
  358. Wrestling Section I Need Your Help?
  359. Who's really more talented? Kaval or Alex Riley?
  360. List these Divas/Knockouts from hottest to ugliest...?
  361. TNA just released Roxxi...your thoughts on that and should WWE pursue Roxxi and possibly get...
  362. What kind of impact would a clean Scott Hall have had on Professional Wrestling?
  363. How much longer do you think the Straight Edge Society will last?
  364. How did Luke Gallows even make it to the WWE?
  365. ok Wrestling Section, I have to know?
  366. Why are WWE fans offended so easily?
  367. Episode 6 of my fantasy wrestling now up?
  368. Are Lay-Cool faces on NXT?
  369. Do I get 5 points for asking a question+ BQ?
  370. Who else thinks that John Morrison should use the Sweet Chin Music as his finisher?
  371. Which WWE wrestlers have you met in real life?
  372. Who's a better wrestler and on the mic?
  373. Which finishing move is better?
  374. why nxt season 1 rookies attack raw and didnt attack SD or nxt?
  375. since bret hart is raw new gm raw is getting better?
  376. who have undefeated streak at summer slam?
  377. PLEASE HELP should I talkt o him?
  378. are you still straight edge if you take medicine tablets?
  379. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(Contains spoilers)?
  380. Did anyone of you pro-wrestling fanatics wrestle in High School or College?
  381. should WWE do a cross promotion like they did ECW?
  382. Where are all the big stars this sunday?
  383. does anybody miss ashley massaro and why?
  384. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  385. When do you think it will occur to the makers of SvR?
  386. whats more impressive to you, the undertakers streak or kurt angle winning every single
  387. Would this be a better decision for the wwe?
  388. Who do you want to win these wrestling matches and why?
  389. what is the first pay per view you rember watching?
  390. who is a better wrestler, kurt angle or aj styles?
  391. I think its safe to say the Divas Division is officially better than the Knockouts !!?
  392. Are these good possibilities for Dixie Carter announcement?
  393. You know what we should do wrestling section? We should all come together as a unit and fight...
  394. name all the NXT rookies and their age?
  395. Anybody agree that Bryan Danielson should never go back to the WWE?
  396. STAR If You Want GAIL KIM To Win The Divas Title On Sunday @ Fatal4Way?
  397. If you want to be a wrestler, what would be your attire?
  398. What was the insane reason as to why New Jack tried to kill Vic Grimes as shown in the video below?
  399. A dvd that covers HBKs full career. Heartbreak and Triumph or My Journey?
  400. Is the Self Destruction DVD of Ultimate Warrior full of BS?
  401. Who was the better announcer: Jim Ross or Gorrilla Monsoon?
  402. is that mickie james ????????????????? ?
  403. Do You like these matches can you rate all the matches?
  404. Who do you think Evan Bourne should feud with out of these superstars?
  405. Gail Kim OWNS Kaval ! ! ! ! !?
  406. What was your reaction when this happened?
  407. Which superstar would u guess (more inside)?
  408. Should Gail Kim Christian go back to TNA?
  409. Why does Sting keep wrestling w/ a T-Shirt on?
  410. Who do u think is the LEAST likely to........?
  411. Name the people that are undefeated at these PPV's?
  412. if you like stone cold give me a hell yeah!?
  413. WS: please try :( + wq?
  414. Who else is Straight Edge in this section?
  415. What do you think Cena and Hornswoggle did after their date at Whataburger *PIC*?
  416. oh no not the losing streak again?
  417. Im i a heel or face????
  418. what do you guys think of a jbl dvd?
  419. Last night I was watching FIFA World Cup 2010 and...?
  420. NXT Season 1 rookies: New Evolution?
  421. Why do some people even have to cheat to earn BA?
  422. Who else remember Zack Gowen beating Big Show?
  423. Who should get a WWE contract, from NXT Season 1, this sunday at Fatal 4-Way?
  424. TNA RLD iMPACT! #45 : Rate the show and Comment?
  425. Wrestling section: Me and Jimmy are gettin marry?
  426. Who else thought last nights Raw was pretty good?
  427. Will you sign this petition?
  428. What happened on RAW last night??? Especially in relation to the NXT punks?
  429. Which wrestler's theme song do you like?
  430. Is Chris Jericho behind the NXT attacks?
  431. What other matches will be on fatal 4 way this sunday?
  432. Who do you want to be behind the NXT Invasion.?
  433. Who is the guest host next week?
  434. Which finisher from John Morrison was better?(BQ)?
  435. Why did they clear the arena when Chris Benoit died?
  436. Didn't AJ styles own Batista here?
  437. Are you somewhat excited for...?
  438. If EDGE doesn't have the best theme who does?
  439. who else remembers this awsome match?
  440. A question about what might be a scar on the shoulder of Sheamus?
  441. who else wants this storyline to be rebuted?
  442. Will you be watching NXT tonight?
  443. Would MVP be a great World Heavyweight Champion?
  444. Will TNA ever give Jeff Hardy the world title?
  445. Could someone supply me with wwe sprites from wrestling games on the snes?
  446. Who remembers Grizzly Smith?
  447. Do You Hate John Cena?
  448. Wrestling trivia.BA for the first one who get the correct answer?
  449. Who else thought Virgil getting body slammed by The Big show was hilarious?
  450. Why don't people see Daniel Bryan's true potential.?
  451. Will Eve Torres ever make it through a match without botching something?
  452. Is this the end of Virgil - Ted Dibiase Jr. Storyline?
  453. Who will watch the Royal Pains episode next Thursday with the Big Show?
  454. So the entire WWE superstars/wrestlers are faces now?!?
  455. Have they tested John Cena?
  456. what happened in the first hour of raw?
  457. Is Wade Barrett really fired or what?
  458. Why is it so hard to get tickents?
  459. When WCW went out of buisness and was bought by WWE, did they adopt the titles too?
  460. What the hell??!!! Why this now?
  461. Did u c that? IT WAS AWESOME!!?
  462. who is the most over wrestler of all time?
  463. Will we ever get to see R-Truth vs John Cena??? +BQ?
  464. Bret Hitman Hart botches?
  465. What do you think of Wade Barrett's explanation of Daniel Bryan on Raw?
  466. Did you hear the pop from the crowd during the NXT v Raw Brawl!!?
  467. Question about TNA (spoiler) does anyone else feel the same way?
  468. why would WWE give rey a title shot when he's the one who injured taker?
  469. Why does Bret Hart keep saying WWF?
  470. Where is the story line of the undertaker bar fight?
  471. Can You Make Your Own PPV with a gimmick and ten or more Matches?
  472. Justin Gabriel question?
  473. I need your opinion on something?
  474. My alternate Raw ending?
  475. The Rock return at Summerslam 2010?
  476. Who thinks that Bret Hart will offer NXT Season 1 rookies WWE contracts?
  477. Who else wants CM Punk to trim his beard down?
  478. Who would you have as your NXT Pro?
  479. Mr Kennedy.....Kennedy or Mr Anderson.......Anderson?
  480. CM Punk to become a 4-time Straight Edge WHC this Sunday?
  481. If Cena wins at Fatal 4-Way...?
  482. THis idea?????????????????????..?
  483. will it be much better to have Jericho in the fatal 4 way match for WWE Championship?
  484. Will it be a good idea to have a PPV just for NXT Rookies?
  485. Do you think they should have save this match for Fatal Four Way?
  486. What wrestler used these ring names?
  487. I wuz jus wonderin, can i ha ur numba?
  488. Are there any NJPW fans here?
  489. Hey wrestling fans HELP?
  490. MVP or Rey Mysterio? + Message to Truly Phenomenal..?
  491. what will happen now that bret hart has got the whole raw roster to protect John cena
  492. Did anyone else here the little pop Sheamus got +BQ?
  493. Where can I watch WWE wrestling live on the internet?
  494. Thank god for the WWE NXT Rookies.?
  495. How many WWE fans are being strong like CM Punk and not coming into temptation?
  496. Is anyone else wishing that WWE had NOT gone with the NXT attacks?
  497. Anybody find it funny how Mark Henry was running with the NXT rookies not even trying to...
  498. No Womens title match @ Fatal 4 Way?
  499. Do you think the Diva's title is now gonna be defended at ppv's more?
  500. who was in and who won the first ever WWWF (aka WWF aka WWE) match?