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  1. What is the next racial stereotype gimmick in WWE?
  2. Do you agree the NXT storyline is not working not because the storyline itself isn't
  3. Ladies have you ever been Heidenraped?
  4. Have you ever purposely not watched a wrestling program just because you didn't feel like it?
  5. Guess this wrestler???????????????????????????
  6. Who are some female users here you find annoying?
  7. do u think Michelle will use the McCool name still in WWE?
  8. Which road to wrestlemania was the worst from 2005 to 2010?
  9. If you could bring back one simplistic basic finishing move what would it be?
  10. Will Smackdown invade Raw tonight?
  11. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  12. Sting or the Undertaker?
  13. TNA iMPACT! Spoilers 7/1 (LOOK IF YOU WANT TO)?
  14. do you think if WWE did a student of the game storyline with HHH and Drew McIntyre this...
  15. are you mad that they have former champions in the money in the bank?
  16. Would you like if this happened in the WWE's NXT Invasion storyline?
  17. Guess this Wrestler??????
  18. OMG The Zoo Keeper is doing a lame job???/?
  19. Who else thinks Michael Cole is the leader of The Nexus AND the new Raw General Manager?
  20. I think I have put together the most expansive wrestling tournament ever?
  21. wtf just happened with khali's manager?
  22. Plz answer: Efed Signups?
  23. Guess the wrestler? REALLY impossible!?????
  24. Now that Undertaker and Michelle McCool are married do you think?
  25. does anyone think that christian will be?
  26. Guess the wrestler? ANOTHER impossible!?????
  27. who thinks that christian will be?
  28. Do you think Nexus should invade the iMPACT zone and take out Hogan, Bischoff and Flair?
  29. I have the poopies. This sux?
  30. who else wishes WWE would go back to having RAW and SMACKDOWN compete for ratings again and they...
  31. July is coming, Shelton's 90 Day Clause is ending: Put Benjamin in the Money in the Bank...
  32. Should Bob Backlund and Bruno Sammartino be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  33. How do you see the NXT rankings on Tuesday?
  34. Why do they lower the cage if they're not having a match?
  35. Who are the ten best wrestlers alive and in their prime? *Any Promotion*?
  36. How epic would these WWE vs TNA matches be on a scale of 1-10?
  37. Do you agree with this about the IWC(please answer and starr)?
  38. Should NXT Season II join NeXus so it can really be a War in the WWE: It would be 17
  39. where can i watch raw online?
  40. Randy Orton will win the Mon Night Raw - Money In The Bank Ladder Match - Agree or Disagree ?
  41. What WCW Rey Mysterio match is recommended for me to watch?
  42. Who is this They that abyss is talking about in TNA lately?
  43. Which Money in the Bank Ladder Match is Better Choose Winners: Do you think WWE MITB is going
  44. Guess the wrestler, very hard?
  45. WWE Money in the Bank: Rate Card Choose Winners (Who will be Mr. Money in the Bank)?
  46. What are your thoughts on this footage of Velvet Sky slapping a DJ in the face?
  47. Guess the wrestler??????????????????????????
  48. who is the new gm of raw?
  49. Name this wrestler (if you can call him that)?
  50. Will you be purchasing the Ricky Steamboat DVD?
  51. What do you think will happen if Nexus Attacked the Divas while their match?
  52. who is your favorite member of nexus?
  53. the raw guest host for july 5 is?
  54. who else hopes Nexus is in svr 2011?
  55. It's obvious to me now?
  56. Agree or disagree ROH has better wrestling then TNA and WWE?
  57. Batista is the NEW GM of Raw and Leader of NXT ? Agree or Disagree and why?
  58. who is better.... Orton or Edge?
  59. WWE Guess the Wrestler (Difficult)?
  60. We all know WWE is Pushing Younger Talent: So who do you think be the Two Mr. Money in the Bank's?
  61. did anyone notice justin gabriel feel remorse for ricky the dragon steamboat?
  62. Chris Jericho , The Miz or Mr Anderson , who had the best Mic Skills ?
  63. Bryan Danielson to be face of WWE?
  64. From the Following,who d u think will be the New GM of Raw?
  65. Who was your favorite jobber wrestler in the 1980s and early 90s?
  66. is john cena sick of the WWE?
  67. which 5 wwe/wwf superstars you like most?
  68. book the push. how would you book to push any superstar in wwe or tna?
  69. Bryan Danielson should go to TNA Wrestling?
  70. WRESTLING FANS! are These Wrestlers better........?
  71. Will it surprise you if Sheamus becomes MMA fighter in the next few years?
  72. Would you Buy this WrestleMania Could it be One of the Best in Recent History?
  73. If Kane and The Undertaker feuds at WWE Summerslam 2010, will it be for WHC?
  74. Why is THE RICHARD so popular?
  75. Should WWE do this for SummerSlam?
  76. Should the Rad Radford grunge gimmick make a comeback in WWE? BQ?
  77. Who's a better high flyer____(MORE INSIDE)?
  78. What does TNA need to do to get buzz and get talked about?
  79. After last nights RAW,I had a thought.What if Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho became a team?
  80. WWE did 2 things wrong with Fatal 4 way and last nights RAW.Do you agree with me?
  81. some ppl are stupid right?
  82. TNA fans, could you tell me a better match in TNA than AJ's win at Turning Point 09?
  83. who watched RAW tonight?
  84. So Bret Hart is gone on television forever?
  85. Question about TNA's new video game?
  86. TNA RLD: iMPACT! 52 (Last show before Bound For Glory, Rate the show)?
  87. In high school wrestling, can one use other forms of martial arts?
  88. who do you think is the best 3 wwe superstars?
  89. which wrestler today if he was part of the attitude era?
  90. Which 1 Looks Better TNA World Heavyweight Championship VS WWE Championship?
  91. What are your thoughts on Downfall, the game show hosted by Chris Jericho?
  92. What would your reaction be if HHH spit on you during his entrance?
  93. How old are the people in this section, on average?
  94. Anyone else think the New GM is this Guy?
  95. Do you think it is easy shutting up marks?
  96. Jack Swagger or CM Punk or both?
  97. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Rate Card Give Opinions?
  98. Wrestling singlet help?
  99. Agree or disagree: The Great Khali should retire the Undertaker at WM 27?
  100. Wrestling singlet help?
  101. Agree or disagree: The Great Khali should be next WWE Champion?
  102. When does Triple H use his second theme song?(bow down to the king. or something like that)?
  103. whos bret michels what does he do?????????????
  104. A question for all the attitude era haters?
  105. What happened to Stevey Richards?
  106. Is Randy Orton getting fat?
  107. Can the WWE use the nWo name for nXt?
  108. So is the last we will see of Bret?
  109. Was Bob Marley ever a wrestler?
  110. why is raw coming to UK on a tuesday in November?
  111. who do you think is the new general manager of raw?
  113. how many times did steve austin go away and returned?
  114. Do you think this Bryan Danielson firing thing is real/Could he be the new Raw GM?
  115. As a Wrestling Fan: Do you read Spoilers on Wrestling Sources/Site OR Just Watch it Be Suprised
  116. What wrestler would you take a bulllet for?
  117. how do you join the wwe and.........?
  118. Who would Win in these Money in the Bank Ladder Matches for WWE WHC Championship Shots?
  119. What was your favorite WWE pay-per-view match of 2009 besides Taker-Michaels at WM 25?
  120. Who do you guys WISH was the new General Manager of Raw?
  121. Is there a good place online to watch WWE or TNA wrestling?
  122. Which version of Scott Hall did you like better, Razor Ramon or nWo Scott Hall?
  123. Who would Win in these Past vs. Present Matches: NOTE: Several Matches Listed Below; Example is...
  124. If WWE gave you the mic and let you address Raw what would you say?
  125. Do you think John Cena vs. The Undertaker MUST happen at WrestleMania XXVII in a
  126. In September 2010, Do you see Bryan Danielson back in WWE or Independent Wrestling:His Dream is to
  127. Rank the NXT Season II Rookies from Best to Worst: Kaval, Alex Riley Joe Hennig: Who will...
  128. Two Man Power Trip: Stone Cold Triple H (w/Stephanie) vs. Randy Orton Drew McIntyre...
  129. Shelton Benjamin's 90-Day Contract Clause ends in July, Would like to see him in WWE Fued
  130. Do you think Rey Mysterio has been Underrated to become Overrated?
  131. Why is the wrestling section so dead?
  132. Why did WWE Never Book John Morrison vs. Shawn Micheals Fued: If this Happened would you want to
  133. Good websites to watch WWE wrestling events live through the internet?
  134. Did Anyone Else notice this on RAW?
  135. What are your thoughts on Martha Hart (Owen Harts Wife) Suing WWE?
  137. Which Tag Team is Better: Edge Heath Slater OR Evan Bourne Justin Gabriel?
  138. 3 wrestling questions inside?
  139. Who was in the wrong? Kennedy or Orton?
  140. SvR 2011 undertaker entrance ?
  141. Do you like my Summerslam 2010 card?
  142. does the normal crowds threw the beer at austin?
  143. Since yahoo ruined my last question lets try this again?
  144. Why do a lot of wrestlers and MMA fighters have those nasty cauliflower ears?
  145. Whats a Jimbrone as John Cena says?
  146. Don't you guys think Raw is boring when Randy Orton is champion?
  148. Anyone else think the New GM is another returning legend?
  149. Did you have a negative reaction when Rey Mysterio won?
  150. NXT gone Way to far!!!!?
  151. Is Michelle McCool(More inside)?
  152. Who will be new raw gm?
  153. Who else heard the N-X-T Chants on RAW?
  154. Conneticut could be the livest crowd of WWE Fans?
  155. Place Your Votes Here!! John Cena Or Sheamus WWE Championship On RAW?
  156. The new ''anonymous'' RAW GM is The Rock right?...Am I right?...Is he?...Oh please let it be him!?
  157. Do You Think Bret Hart Is Really No Longer The General Manager Of Monday Night Raw?
  158. What do people think of raw so far?
  159. Do You Think Triple H Has An Advantage In The WWE Because He's Married To Stephanie McMahon?
  160. Who would like to join the best efed in the world?
  161. Would the NXT Invasion be better suited if WWE was a TV-14?
  162. Is John Morrison becoming a jobber like Chavo Guerreo on SmackDown!?
  163. Do You Think In The Future Shawn Michaels Will Make Appearances On Monday Night Raw?
  164. What are your thoughts on WWE releasing a DVD profiling Bobby The Brain Heenan?
  165. Where can I watch replays of WWE Raw?
  166. Guess The Lyrics Of WWE Superstars?
  167. TNAWWE....................................?
  168. When will the new TNA Action figures be in stores?
  169. where can i buy the first edition of wwe comic?
  170. What are your thoughts on this video clip of Jeff Hardy?
  171. Who would win this match???
  172. What do you think about the current small WWE stars that supposedly will replace the
  173. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  174. wrestling poll(for the older wrestling fans)?
  175. Backyard wrestling script?
  176. TRIVIA: When did Wade Barrett first appear on WWE Television?
  177. Did Maryse beat up Lita in a real fight recently at a club? Anyone have details?
  178. for WWE fans answer this????
  179. I can see WWE turning TV14 again?
  180. who won the fatal four way match?
  181. Who will be the GM, HHH or The Rock?
  182. anyone else looking forward to SmackDown! from now on?
  183. What Title Do you prefer? WWE Undisputed Title Or WWE Spinner Title?
  184. What type of guy do you consider more of a breakout star?
  185. Top 10 WWE Matches of All Time?
  186. did anyone see what happened to john cena and vince?
  187. SmackDown! Mid-Carders vs. Raw Mid-Carders?
  188. Is the WWE making all the Diva's managers?
  189. What was with that limo segment on Raw?
  190. Why is there Racial Discrimination on this Section?
  191. What is the deal with TNA??
  192. Is WWE Superstar Sheamus an inspiration for all redheads?
  193. Why is Angelina Love so upset?
  194. Okay, i thought Fatel Four Way was great (except the finshes) but WTF is everyones problem?
  195. I thought the top 10 TNA ranking system was supposed to be decided by the fans?
  196. How would John Cena turning heel hurt WWE?s business?
  197. What do you think about Michael McGilicuddy, aka Joe Hennig?
  198. The most overrated superstar in either TNA or WWE is?
  199. Who are you rooting for to win NXT season 2?
  200. Do you think Dean Malenko would have been noticed by a major promotion nowadays?
  201. Batista fighting for Strikeforce MMA.... Really... What are your thoughts?
  202. Do you think that some people hate John Cena because of his orange shirt?
  203. Triple H vs Sheamus rematch (Three Stages of Hell)?
  204. How come Smackdown has so many Bald Guys?
  205. Wrestlemania in Dallas, Texas?
  206. what did you think of wwe fatal 4 way pay-per-view?
  207. **WHY DID WWE RUIN DDP**?
  208. How would The Rock and Stone Cold fit in the PG Era?
  209. Why do John Cena try and even compete with The Great One?
  210. I know wwe is scripted, but how do they decide who wins? Flip a coin, or vote on it?
  211. Would you want The Rock to return as Raw GM?
  212. How would you React if the New RAW GM is.....?
  213. Lets go Cena, CENA SUX ,Chants At Raw Lmao?
  214. Soooo, what really happened to the Undertaker and where is he at?
  215. Will Evan Bourne be the man to beat Sheamus for the WWE title?
  216. How many of you think Kane was the one who attacked The Undertaker?
  217. Shouldnt WWE get more tag teams that actually have tag team finishers/moves?
  218. Im Starting to Believe that Michael Cole is the Leader of NXT Faction?
  219. My WWE Monday night RAW.18th RAW.Is it good?
  220. Should Randy Orton had been WWE champion last night?
  221. I have a new idea for a killer team WWE could make.Would they be good?
  222. 2 matches at SummerSlam that probably will happen.?
  223. Question about Rey Mysterio?
  224. Why does WWE seem to not care about Gail Kim and Christian?
  225. Is SvR 2006 better than SvR 2010?
  226. we never going to see The Miz and Morrison together again?
  227. What happened on the last hour on TNA (THE ONE THAT STARTED OF WITH Ink. Inc vs the other team)?
  228. Who is sexier Eve or Maryse + EHW Signups?
  229. who won the wrestling titles?
  230. is shelton gonna join with TNA?
  231. Would it kill Raw to have a main event where somebody actually wins?
  232. C'mon, Alicia Fox as Divas ridiculous?
  233. cena haters look at this?
  234. Which Diva's fit in these catergories?
  235. Are you a Sheamus fan?
  236. The WWE Champ title belt has Cena's name on it right now?
  237. Batista to fight with MMA Company,Strikeforce?
  238. haha batistas new job?
  239. TNA RLD: iMPACT! 51 (Rate the show)?
  240. Did you know if you type in in the adress bar, it takes you to
  241. What would you rate the following Diva's?
  242. Would you feel betrayed if Shawn Michaels ended up being GM?
  243. Who Is Surprised Cena Didn't Retain At Fatal Four Way?
  244. Worst finishing and/or signature moves?
  245. Who would u rather see retiring this year: Mark Henry or Chris Jericho?
  246. Will Sheamus end up following Lesnar's step?
  247. Will Sheamus end up following Brock Lesnar's step?
  248. Will it surprise u if Bourne wins the MITB?
  250. How many people in this section are pissed with Rey winning WHC?
  253. should WWE make these stables, yes or no and why or why not?
  254. what time is raw on tv in uk?
  255. My WWE Raw/ Impact Episode ( I will choose best answer if you rate the show)?
  256. What wrestler I am talking about?
  257. Why does the Wrestling fans looks like a rat?
  258. Is it just me or does everyone who feuds with Michelle McCool gets injured?
  259. WWE fans,does Sheamus have a crush on Miley Cyrus?
  260. Who will take the WWE Belt from Sheamus.?
  261. Who is your # 1 , all time favorite Wrestler?
  262. What The Heck NXT!! Cena Sheamus New Champ?!?!?!?
  263. Does the WWE have the Diva division to get a female audience?
  264. WWE Money in the Bank Predictions?
  265. Out of concern and curiosity when will Melina return?
  266. In Your Honest Opinion Which Wrestlemania Match Between Undertaker and Shawn Micheals Was Better?
  267. Where online can I watch WWE Raw wrestling?
  268. Who thought The Miz's rap was better than R-Truth's?
  269. Ireland once again has a World champion?
  270. What's the point of watching WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  271. Who was the face of WWE during the Ruthless Agression Era?
  272. Do you thinkcopying gimmicksin wrestling in overrated?
  273. why does the wrestling fans looks like a rat?
  274. Who are the best unrecognized wrestlers?
  275. what trainers does john cena wear?
  276. What usually happens at a TNA Taping?
  277. what shamuse did last night was more edge than shamuse edge should have won?
  278. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being highest), rate these tag teams?
  280. What is bigger for your WWE career?
  281. i would just like to thank shamuse for a very bad ending to the ppv thanks man?
  282. why can't TNA be original?? (read details)?
  283. i have been looking at the bad shamuse wining the belt time to look at the good go...
  284. why is Mysterio constantly treated as a heavyweight?
  285. Do You Think Swagger was a Good Champion?
  286. Who Had The Worst Night?
  287. matt hardy 10 yaers in wwe no main title shamuse one year to main titles why?
  288. I missed fatal four way. Could someone give me a recap?
  289. If everyone hates Cena why...?
  290. Who thinks WWE should have did this with the streak of Undertaker at WM?
  291. Where has the Pope (Deangelo Dinero) been?
  292. I missed the WWE Fatal 4 Way because i was busy. Does anyone know where I can watch it?
  293. Does anyone else kinda want chris jericho to .. ?
  294. First one to answer gets BA?
  295. How would you run WWE or TNA?
  297. Alicia Fox is our new Diva's Champion?
  298. Intresting news from fatal four way?
  299. Why the figure of the manager in the WWE has disappeared completely or almost?
  300. Cody Rhodes to join the SES group?
  301. What has happen to the great days of WWF/E/?
  302. Do you want to see WWE TV 14 again?
  303. what superstars are in the road to wrestlemania in svr 2011?
  304. WWE 2010 Best to Worst PPV's?
  305. Sheamus new wwe champion?
  306. Where can I watch Fatal Four Way?
  307. Was I the only person hoping for CM Punk to win the World Heavyweight Title?
  312. what do you think is worse the womens division or the tag team division(bonus question inside)?
  313. What rating do you give F4W?
  315. wwe title main event already. something is going down?
  316. If Ric Flair had been given 1 more title reign...?
  317. where do you see evan bournes storyline going?
  318. Predict how long before R-truth is released from WWE. I'll say 1 month.?
  319. Good websites to watch live WWE events through the internet?
  320. Your favorite wrestling gimmicks?
  321. Is Anyone Glad Alicia Fox Won The Divas Title?
  322. What if John Cena tripped as he ran down the ramp for WrestleMania?
  323. star if you want christian to get a push?
  324. WWE fans do you like you're new World Champions?
  325. For how long, has Samoa produced excellent Wrestlers?
  326. What was your most Memorable ever moment during the Attitude Era?
  327. Who would win in a match, Undertaker or Abyss?
  328. Who on this section, remembers Mr Fuji?
  329. What was the difference in how Vince Sr. did the WWWF promotion and how Vince Jr. runs WWF/WWE?
  330. Who thinks they are faking the Undertakers death on Friday Night Smackdown?
  331. What trainers do John Cena wear?
  332. Daniel Bryan got chanted when even guys like Big Show, King Kong Bundy, and Mark Henry never got?
  333. Which WWE Wrestlers would have a chance against Nathan Jones in an Arm Wrestle?
  334. What are your overall thoughts on Fatal Four Way Rate the Show?
  335. how was the Fatal 4 Way ppv?
  336. did you like cm punks new design on his mask?
  337. Rey is the new champion your thoughts?
  338. Do you think Edge will win tonight ( plus bonus question )?
  339. What does IWC stand for?
  340. If you could give one person in WWE or TNA a push how would you push them?
  342. Who's More Overrated User: The Dragon or Chicago Night, Why?
  343. How are spoilers leaked onto wrestling sites?
  344. Who remembers this funny segment+BQ?
  345. WWF what kinds of organization?
  346. Was Jeff hardy On DX or LEGACY? click here... MY COUSIN IS KILLING ME...?
  347. If you guys think Mysterio is boring than you must think that Randy Orton is more boring?
  348. is Trent Acid dead he was great?
  349. This is how I would've booked F4W, what do you think?
  350. How do you stack 2 tables on top of each other in svr 2006?
  351. What is the exact start time of the fatal four way ppv?
  352. Summerslam 2001 or Royal Rumble 2001?
  353. Any one else happy with Alicia?
  354. Is the WWE serious,REALLY?
  355. Alicia Fox REALLY??????
  356. Why does everyone hate Rey Mysterio?
  357. WHY???????????????????
  358. TNA RLD: 50th Show (Extended Card Rate the show)?
  359. hey wrestling section if there was a fight between myself vs. JIMMY who would win?
  360. Updated Card to Fatal 4 Way?
  361. Who does the best Hadouken, Ken, Ryu or Kenny Omega?
  362. What if John Cena wins the WWE championship Fatal 4 way?
  363. How to hang up WWE championship belts on the walls?
  364. Question about the Survivor Series..?
  365. How can I switch strong grapple positions in SmackDown! vs RAW 2010 for PS3?
  366. How many Yahoo users in the Wrestling Section know they can write better then WWE Storyline writers?
  367. where are the actual spoilers for fatal 4 way?
  368. how would you feel if dixie carter announced tna has joined forces with roh and dragon gate to
  369. Do you think John Morrison should.....?
  370. FINAL predictions for WWE F4W......?
  371. good ol jr teases two suprises for fatal four way?
  372. What do you think of my Fatal 4 way predictions for all the matches tonight?
  373. which would you like to see more tonight at F4W?
  374. The name of the NXT Season 1 Rookies?
  375. What is on UFC's Matt Hamill's back?
  376. Who is the best WWE ring announcer of all time?
  377. Hey what do you think about these two predictions for tonight's PPV?
  378. Dixie Carter, TNA, how many wrestlers that have been in TNA do you think have?
  379. Do any of you want Beth Phoenix back?
  380. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling matches online?
  381. OMG! Daniel Brian Resigned!!!!!?
  382. What's all this talk about The Rock coming back to WWE?
  383. Who was the World Heavyweight champion before Chris Jericho won it at Wrestlmania 26?
  384. Why does everyone here want Triple H to be heel again!?
  385. Fetal Four Way Question?
  386. Fatal 4-Way Main Event?
  387. Chris Jericho WWE rumors.. is it true?
  388. Which hospital did 1PW visit...?
  389. Does MVP deserves a push to be WWE Champion?
  390. Is Drew McIntyre having more promos than matches?
  391. Was RoH Death Before Dishonor VIII the best iPPV / PPV of the year or what?
  392. Compare the Season One rookies to the Season 2 rookies?
  393. Anyone else think the World Heavyweight Title match on Sunday will be the best on the card?
  394. anyone watch that half pint brawlers show?
  396. Is there a good site to watch WWE and TNA wrestling on the internet?
  397. Do you wish Chris Benoit was still around? or no?
  398. Can you imagine the reaction if Cena won at One Night Stand 2006?
  399. Who were the 6 wrestling brothers that were billed as the stongest brothers in the world?
  400. Who would win this match? Orlando Jordan vs Kwee Wee from WCW?
  401. What is your reaction to the Crowd Pop Difference for The Undertaker and John Cena (inside)?
  402. You guys realize the GMs have no actual power right?
  403. You Have To Read This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  404. What User (S) would You like to hang out with in real life?
  405. What are your thoughts on Abyss taking on Hulk Hogan at this years Bound For Glory?
  406. What do you think the public image of John Cena will be in 5 years?
  407. Would you complain if Daniel Bryan became WWE Champ this Sunday?
  408. tna has way too many changes?
  409. why in the bleep did espn classic take off awa again? are they a stupid chanel?
  410. tna impact the worst ever last week?
  411. TNA RLD: Bound for Glory PPV Details?
  412. U'r fatal four way predictions?
  413. What is your favourite Fatal 4-Way match of all time?
  414. At WWF In Your House: It's Time In 1996 Was Triple H Victorious Against Marc Mero?
  415. what was shawn micheals and undertakers best match in their career?
  416. Was it Justin Roberts' overselling that got Bryan Danielson fired and not Bryan Danielson himself?
  417. Should Bryan Danielson sign with TNA or SmackDown! (If he joins WWE?)?
  418. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian?
  419. Is Christian the MOST underrated superstar on SmackDown! right now?
  420. who do you think had the best execution of a powerbomb?
  421. Who do you think will win if WWE and TNA put a PPV match called INVASION?
  422. Should Lady GaGa and John Cena be a couple?
  423. Why do people like Orton more than Cena...?
  424. Who will win this match?
  425. Does anybody know where Mike Knox is?
  426. Who would like to see these TNA Superstars back in the WWE?
  427. Has anyone noticed that the...?
  428. Who sees this happening at Fatal 4-Way?
  429. First one to answer correctly gets 10 points!!?
  430. First one to answer correctly gets 10 points!!+BQ?
  431. Who agrees with me that Paul London should return to the WWE?
  433. How'd you reckon WWE Fatal 4 Way will turn out?
  434. Tna is starting to get boring?
  435. Hunter Hearst Helmsley Faced Marc Mero In 1996 At In Your House: Beware Of Dog, Who Won?
  436. November 17th, 1996 Survivor Series, Did Triple H's Team Survive?
  437. Triple H Faced Steve Austin At In Your House: Buried Alive, Who Won?
  438. Do you think TNA Wrestling?
  440. In 1996 Triple H Faced Duke ''The Dumpster'' Droese At In Your House 6, Who Won?
  441. If Paul Heyman bought CZW Wrestling?
  442. Do you think Balls Mahoney should go to TNA?
  443. Why has Mr Anderson not used the Greenbay Plunge in TNA??? + BQ?
  444. Next Generation Wrestling's tag team division. What do you think??? + BQ?
  445. Where do you think they are going with Abyss' heel turn? + BQ?
  446. Am i the only person who thinks TNA wasted the Samoa Joe / TAZ association??? + BQs?
  447. Watch WWE Fatal 4 Way Online Free Stream?
  449. WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 Any News???
  450. why does bryan D suck so much + BQ?
  451. who was a better wrestler, chris benoit or kurt angle in there prime(bonus question inside)?
  452. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  453. Jimmy??????????????????????
  454. RAW vs. The 'N' Faction (RAW'S CHAMPIONSHIP ON THE LINE)?
  455. Santino Marella real voice?
  456. who would win this face of the company match and who would you cheer for?
  457. What was the Golden Year for Professional Wrestling?
  458. When was ECW at the peak of Hardcore Wrestling?
  459. Was WWE / WWF RAW once a TV-MA?
  460. how long do you think big show is going to last as a face?
  461. Can you believe that it has been almost...?
  462. Who will be watching the Fatal 4 Way PPV tomorrow?
  463. Fantasy Wrestling Question. If you want 10 points answer a good answer FIRST?
  464. What do you mean by a technical match in wrestling?
  465. Which Wrestlemania 25 or 26 do you prefer Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels?
  466. What do you all think about the Drew Mcintyre VS. Teddy Long Match?
  467. Who had the best night -- WWE Smackdown?
  468. Is a GM even necessary for Raw or any other pro wrestling show?
  469. In 1995, Triple H teamed with Lawler, Yankem, and Mabel at Survivor Series, Did Their Team Survive?
  470. How do you define the term good match?
  471. Is that WWE actually WGE? World Gay Entertainment?
  472. What is your top five greatest WWE/F feud ever.?
  473. Should WWE Pay Per View be free?
  474. Do you think Shawn Michaels will have any power to get Daniel Bryan back in WWE?
  475. What match do you consider to be the best technical match in WWE History?
  476. What's The Rock Mentioning about Guest Host Of Raw?
  477. Is the only way for WWE to be productive, to be for it to disappear from the face of the earth?
  478. Hey it's me again! Some questions?
  479. In 5 years, will you remember Jamie Noble?
  480. does brass knuckles belt buckles work the same as real brass knuckles?
  481. what's the criteria to get into the (unofficial) wrestling section hall of fame?
  482. Who els Gets annoyed When WWE fans..?
  483. WWE RAW SD Theme Songs?
  484. Is the WWE working to make Kofi Kingston one of the top superstars in the WWE?
  485. Are you ready for SmackDown's move to SyFy?
  486. i like wwe pg what i dont like is bad story lines?
  487. Does Cody Rhodes have his nose pierced?
  488. Is WWE and TNA the same?
  489. what the hell is going on TNA beauty and the beast storyline?
  490. Could Shawn Michaels be responsible for The Undertakers vegetative state?
  491. Please give me a wrestling finisher idea!!!?
  492. Who is worse as an entertainer, John Cena or The Miz?
  493. Sorry for trolling..................?
  494. TNA RLD: iMPACT! 49 (New Extreme Change in TNA)?
  495. Does Anadrol work? Needs tips on how to use it.?
  496. What would happen if i stole just ONE piece of crispy chicken out of Mark Henry's KFC bucket?
  497. Who else thinks that attiude era was overrated?
  498. Why don't independent promotions get the respect they deserve?
  499. if u were an NXT rookie who would u choose to be as ur pro?
  500. Anyone else thinks The Miz is overrated by the IWC?