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  1. Was Jesse Ventura the better wrestler, commentator or politician?
  2. aren't u tired of seeing.......?
  3. what are you're two superstar picks for Money In The Bank?
  4. what happened to Shelton Benjamen Jesse (Fustus partner) Mercury (John Nitro/John Morisson old...
  5. Okay this is a really hard wrestling question to anwser?
  6. Friday Night Smack Down Ep 13?
  7. What Is Your Opinion About Bret Hart's Response To Martha Hart's Lawsuit?
  8. What is your general opinion of Jay Lethal?
  9. TNA- Abyss. I Knw Who They Is.?
  10. How good of a promo was that by Cody Rhodes?
  11. I need some help on who I should make on svr 09?
  12. Is it just me or is Christian and Matt Hardy getting booed?
  13. What was the relationship of Rey Mysterio Sr and Rey Mysterio Jr?
  14. Who were the most importent Lucha Libre wrestlers in history?
  15. Who is better in your opinion , Kazarian or AJ Styles ? + BQ?
  16. What was the point behind JR's disgruntled employee gimmick in 1999?
  17. lita or kelly kelly, whos hotter+ whats ur favorite superstars entrance?
  18. i just saw the 14+ sign in the corner of the tv while watching smackdown?
  19. Why was Eric Escobar not given a fair shake in WWE?
  20. whos hotter: layla or kelly kelly?
  21. What is your faveurite pro wrestling biography or audobiography?
  22. Does anybody no the name of the music used in wwe when undertakers hooded assitances come out...
  23. WWE: Main Event tonight on Smackdown! ?
  24. When Bill Goldberg had his first WCW TV loss to Kevin Nash was it the right time to end the...
  25. Which One Looks More ...?
  26. whats gonna happen to the s.e.s and serena now?
  27. Do you feel Chavo Guerrero Should just quit?
  28. Who would win these matches?
  29. whats your favorite superstar's entrance?
  30. How would you react if Stone cold signed with TNGay?
  31. Who should be the other two participants in the SD MITB match?
  32. Question about Khali and his translator?
  33. What are you thoughs on the Swag Lock Do you think Jack Swagger was robbed out of the
  34. Who wants Shelton Benjamin to return to the WWE?
  35. Do you like Dashing Cody Rhodes New SmackDown Superstar Alberto Del Rio?
  36. What has been the best year in the WWE since 2000? Why?
  37. Does Rosa Mendes have a fitness trainer gimmick now?
  38. Dolph Ziggler M.V.P. will be the Final Two Superstars in SmackDown's Money in the Bank: Agree
  39. Who are you going for in the nxt season 2?
  40. Is this Serena and Punk thing going to turn into a love storyline?
  41. Wrestling Section Who's gonna win tomorrow night Lesnar or Carwin?
  42. Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio. Greatest Latino Wrestler of all-time?
  43. Who really needs to Deserves to Win SmackDown's Money in the Bank: Matt Hardy or Christian?
  44. Which do you prefer, WWE or TNGay?
  45. Who do you think ATTACKED The UNDERTAKER?
  46. When was the last time a Piledriver was executed in WWE?
  47. Are YOU a fan of the Celtic Warrior SHEAMUS?
  48. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  49. Do you enjoy of Wwe Smackdown 02.07.10?
  50. Undertaker vs. Sting: Who would win?
  51. Which wrestler from an indy promotion would you like to see join WWE or TNA? BQ?
  52. If you could create a tag team of one wrestler from ROH and one wrestler from WWE.....?
  53. Is it time for Christian to win MITB and finally get that push into the main events?
  54. Do you like the straight edge society? BQ?
  55. WWE This or That???????????
  56. If Edge Christian reformed, which persona would you like each member to have?
  57. WWE Comments - Agree or Disagree?
  58. Who were the most entertaining Tag-Team?
  59. Do you consider the Undertaker to be the greatest wrestler of all time, or?
  60. Should The Undertaker have a Triple Threat match at WrestleMania XXVII?
  61. Who do you see winning the RAW Money in the Bank match?
  62. Do you think Jack Swagger is now, more then ever, Kurt Angle v2?
  63. Which Edge did you prefer: SmackDown Heel (2008) or Raw Heel (2006) + WQ?
  64. Is Y!A WS Busier on Friday's or Monday's?
  65. Do you think these official SmackDown vs Raw 2011 overalls are correct? (Inside)?
  66. Would this improve WWE's Schedual make it Easier on Them?
  67. Who had the best night -- WWE Superstars?
  68. Do you think Ricky Steamboat's aneurysm is related to this week's RAW? +BQs?
  69. Is Candice Michelle the most Sensual, Sexiest, Provactaive Diva in WWE History?
  70. Which would feud do you think would be the best?
  71. How many wrestling fans want this summer to be the summer of Hardy?
  72. Do you think Randy Orton is the odds on favorite to win Raw's MITB?
  73. Would you like if the WWE did this?
  74. Which Team is better, Lay-Cool or The Beautiful People?
  75. More Random Questions About WWE?
  76. Question about Kaval?
  77. What WWE Hall of Famer is a cousin to the Hart family?
  78. What annoys you most about the IWC?
  79. Pro Wrestling Illustrated or Wrestling Observer Newsletter?
  80. Could this be a Future WrestleMania Main Event: John Morrison (HBK) vs. Dolph Ziggler (Mr. Perfect)?
  81. If Chris Jericho had his Last Match in WWE, Who should he Pass the Torch to: John Morrison or...
  82. Triple Threat Match: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Micheals vs. Kenta Kobashi?
  83. WCW ppv Uncensored.Was it a over rated or under rated ppv?
  84. Who could you see Winning the WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Headlinig WM 27: John Morrison or The Miz?
  85. Vince McMahon Bans Ric Flair-Type Chest Chops! What are your thoughts?
  86. MPWWE first show? Rate and pick winners?
  87. WCW Halloween Havoc ppv.Was it an over rated ppv or under rated?
  88. Is It true that TNA wrestlers (every) will sign autographs 1,2, or 3 hours before TNA...
  89. Best Intercontinatel Champion Tournement Round 5 ( Final )?
  90. What are the dimensions of a professional wrestling ring?
  91. Do you see Paul Bearer returning to Taker's last match? NWBQ?
  92. What are your thoughts on WWE wrestler Goldust/Dustin Rhodes?
  93. What is the finisher of WWE NXT wrestler Husky Harris?
  94. With 2 money in the bank matches will things go awry?
  95. Where can I watch CHIKARA wrestling?
  96. Part Three WCW of one of the most expansive tournaments ever?
  97. even though sting got suspended?
  98. TNA: Jeff Hardy vs Abyss: your thoughts ?
  99. My WCW PPV episode # 5 ( I'll pick Best Answer)?
  100. Do you think it is that(More inside)?
  101. Who would win, R- Truth or Booker T?
  102. What is your WWE SummerSlam 2010 Card?
  103. Would you like to see Batista vs. Bobby Lashley in a MMA Fight?
  104. Where can I watch WWE Smackdown on the internet?
  105. Do you think we will ever see Undertaker vs Wade Barret?
  106. wwe fans why do you like wwe more tna fans why so you like tna more?
  107. Which show was better, WCW Monday Night Nitro or WWF Raw Is War?
  108. Is Hornswoggle on the show Half Pint Brawlers?
  109. Part 2 ECW of one of the most expansive wrestling torunaments ever?
  110. do you think wwe storylines like?
  111. What any wrestling match do you remember so well?
  112. Do you think that Sting will be in the WWE by this year or next?
  113. how would you rate last night tna impact?
  114. Expectations for Moves to be Executed in WWE's Money in the Bank: Tell me which One's could Happen?
  115. Would this be a Good Way for M.V.P. to Turn Heel Recieve a Hue Push in the WWE?
  116. Would you like to see Sting be in the WWE for One Week for WrestleMania XXVII More Below?
  117. Who will more likely Return to WWE: Shelton Benjamin (July) or Daniel Bryan (September)?
  118. Who is The Miz going to be the Next: Chris Jericho or Mr. Kennedy?
  119. can u give me a link to geminin686's original utube wwe dvd collection video?
  120. What are you Opinions on SmackDown's Money in the Bank for WHC, Who will feel the Last Two Spots?
  121. wwe fans joke whats 9 times 12 times cena times 8 times 2?
  122. If these Superstars Won MITB, Who should Win: (RAW) John Morrison or The Miz: (SD) Christian or
  123. Anyone else think TNA isnt as good?
  124. where do u get your wwe dvds?
  125. Make your own WWE PPV?
  126. MITB PPV smackdown choices?
  127. Summerslam Main Events?
  128. Worst and Best WWE PPV of 2010 so far?
  129. Who is this Raw Guest Host, please?
  130. What happened Whit Jimm Ross?
  131. if you can wish for one thing that has to do with wrestling what would it be?
  132. What happened on TNA last night since I didn't watch it?
  133. Make up your own Elimination Match?
  134. Who here is a TNA fan?
  135. Kofi Kingston: Jamaican or African?!?!?
  136. What is the best triple tag team match ever ?
  137. Wrestling ......fake or not ?
  138. Who is better ??and why?
  139. In your point of view ,,who are the two wrestlers if they make a tag team they will rock the WWe?
  140. what are the best three tag team ever ?
  141. who is the best in the wwe roster ?
  142. Why is it so hard for Vince to convince The Rock (hate to call him Dwayne) for one last match
  143. what are some of your favorite wrestlers in the lucha libre genre?
  144. Hey WWE marks and especially you LP23?
  145. wrestling question batista?
  146. ??? Guess This Wrestler ????
  147. Ok Why would a troll send me this...+ Wreslting Question?
  148. EVERYONE PLEASE ANSWER: Ok, which stable is better?
  149. plz go to my wrestling chat site :)?
  150. Jack Swagger or John Morrison?
  151. Does anyone agree that... (BQ's inside)?
  152. why did sarita attack taylor wilde?
  153. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  154. ayy what happened tonight on impact?
  155. Greatest Wrestler Ever Tournament Round 2?
  156. What night do u find the most boring in the WS?
  157. wwe fans how do i get my hair like darren young?
  158. In your opinion who are the top 10 greatest ever superstars.?
  159. If you are a WWE mark?
  160. Why does So Cal Val still have a job?
  161. Guess the wrestler.................................?
  162. If the autograph lines were all the way to the outside of the venues for guys like Hogan
  163. Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart ?
  164. how much is all six ECW magazines worth..........?
  165. Chris Jericho vs Triple H Wrestlemania X8 extremely underrated?
  166. Wayde Barret and Drew McIntyre return to The United States?
  167. True or False Question?
  168. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  169. When do you think RAW's mystery GM will be revealed and who do you think it will be?
  170. what do you think of these wrestling comparisons?
  171. why do people call TNA ANT?
  172. should john cena turn heel?
  173. pro wrestling is pretty f-in cool thanks to tna?
  174. What do you think was the best wwe feuds of the eras?
  175. When you see these Official WWE PPV Posters, what do you think?
  176. How many wrestlers have their own internet show?
  177. Who is your favorit celebrity that became a wrestler?
  178. Eric Bischoff vs. Paul Heyman vs. Vince Russo?
  179. What WWE title means the least to have?
  180. Why in the hell are the NXT Rookies OLDER than the NXT PROS?
  181. Who in WWE has the worsst attire?
  182. omg is anyone seeing smackdown 2morrow?
  183. WWE Matt Jeff THE HARDY BOYZ?
  184. whats ur favorite wwe theme song???and why?
  185. How many people think that Brett Hart could STILL be the GM of RAW, only he is wanting to keep
  186. Kurt Angle or Triple H?+WZF Match Card...?
  187. How does this fight to the death go down?
  188. martha hart sueing wwe?
  189. ??? Guess This Wrestler ????
  190. Do you agree with this statement about Cena and Undertaker?
  191. am i the only one who thinks this section needs more pokemon?
  192. Six Man Hell in a Cell Match: Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. The Undertaker vs. HHH vs. Jack
  193. hey wwe fans join the (yWa)?
  194. thanks my (yWa) who would win ash vs cena?
  195. Friday Night Smack Down episode 11?
  196. When are they turning mvp or kofi heel?
  197. Rank the Members of Radicalz from Best to Worst: Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko
  198. how much would a magazine page of bret and owen hart signed by both of them be worth?
  199. wwe fans do you like me as a user bq inside?
  200. One More Match(2010): The Silent Assasin Randy Orton (Face) vs. The Cerebral Assasin Triple H...
  201. WrestleMania 31: John Morrison vs. Jack Swagger (Who Wins) vs. WrestleMania 21: Shawn Micheals
  202. Do you think Drew McIntyre is the Next Big-Time Heel Main Eventer in WWE for Years to Come:He...
  203. Houston We Have a Problem: The Undertaker vs. Triple H at WM 17 OR The Undertaker vs....
  204. Shooting Star Press vs. 450 Degree Splash: Which one is Better Which one Looks Cooler?
  205. Is The Undertaker overrated or underrated?
  206. Stone Cold Steve Austin Says I Killed Owen Hart?
  207. Randy Orton's RKO vs. Diamond Dallas Page's Diamond Cutter vs. Stone Cold's Stunner: Which is...
  208. Who is the most famous WWF/ECW wrestler of all time?
  209. wich wrestler would u pick?
  210. Will We Ever See The Undertaker Up Against 2 Opponents At The WMs Left In Him?
  211. Question about the monday night wars?
  212. Which wrestler do u wish got fired and why?
  213. do you think micheal cole?
  214. Join my new E-Fed (Pick a wrestler) + Can Paul Heyman save TNA from Hulk Hogan?
  215. things that are wrong with wwe and wrestlers?
  216. With everything going crazy on all the WWE Brands with Kane crazy on Smackdown, and the NXT
  217. The best WWE entrance music?
  218. how old is undertaker?
  219. WWE Shocker: Michelle McCools new husband: THE UNDERTAKER!!!!?
  220. Do you think WWE should make a #1 Contender's Concept PPV heading into WWE Night of Champions: Yes
  221. Should Y2J Pass the Torch to John Morrson since HBK passed it to Y2J Should HHH pass the Torch...
  222. Do you think WWE is Booking at WM 27: Randy Orton vs. John Cena because 10 Years Ago at...
  223. Do you think Every Match Batista The Undertaker had Together we're Classics: (What was your
  224. Since the MITB Ladder Match will not be at WM anymore, Rank the MITB Matches from Best to
  225. Which Name is Better for Fatal 4 Way Concept: 4 Way Finale or WWE Fantastic 4?
  226. Mickie James Melina vs. Trish Stratus Lita AND Randy Orton John Cena vs. Stone Cold The Rock?
  227. Which Name is Better for HIAC Concept: WWE Highway to Hell or WWE No Escape?
  228. Should the WWE Return the WWE Cruiserweight WWE European Championship for Deserving Superstars?
  229. Who will get eliminated in NXT in what order?
  230. Would you like WWE to end PG Programming, Guest Host Release Santino, Hornyswallow Kozlov...
  231. Why is jeff hardy copying undertakers creatures of the night gimmick?
  232. Please rate and tell me what you think of wwe summerslam card for 2010?
  233. What are the chances of Paul Heyman signing with TNA now?
  234. What is going on with the yWa group?
  235. is Ranjin Singh heel?
  236. Fatal 4 Way Match: Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho (Choose Winner)?
  237. Who currently has the best physique in WWE?
  238. Could Drew McIntyre John Morrison form a team similar to DX?
  239. Why did ?The Animalistic-Viper°LP23©? blocked me?
  240. Who would win these matches?
  241. wwe LAYCOOL Michelle McCool and Layla?
  242. Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins?
  243. if wwe brings back attitude era would the make it look bad.?
  244. What would your thoughts be if at SummerSlam?
  245. Guess That Superstar?
  246. WWE The Hart Dynasty David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya?
  247. Does anyone know who really owns TNA?
  248. Who Is Stronger Out Of These Wrestlers?
  249. Who does a better Shooting Star Press Billy Kidman or Evan Bourne or Big Show or Paul
  250. Who is your favorite wrestler first person to answer gets BA?
  251. Whats your favorite wrestling promotion first person to answer gets BA?
  252. what was inside of the URN of the Undertaker which Paul Bearer usually had?
  253. Which do you think was the sick storyline of these?
  254. Why do people believe that it's John Cena's fault that wwe are in the pg era?+ BQ?
  255. Do you rather watch men wrestle or women at a strip-club?
  256. This is my final question of the night so be ready..Best wrestler in the world is? FIRST TO
  257. Lately several people claim to be the best at what they do?
  258. So what exactly is the reason why Ricky Steamboat left WWF?
  259. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  260. Match For Superstar Finals?
  261. anyone else find Evan Bourne's matches boring?
  262. Who's better looking?
  263. Who does the best chops in the business?
  264. kurt angle or bret hart?
  265. Who would win in these match's ?
  266. Does anyone wanna join the best fed in the world? WE are great and give everyone oppurtunities.?
  267. Guess the former WWE wrestler?
  268. To The Cena Haters, CeNations Got 2 Words For Ya... Suck It?
  269. Do you think WWE is Planning at WM 27, John Cena vs. Randy Orton because 10 Years Ago
  270. Which Fued was Better, Which Matches we're Better: John Cena vs. Edge OR John Cena vs. Randy Orton?
  271. Which Match do you like Better: Elimination Chamber or Hell in a Cell?
  272. Who has had more Matches with John Cena: Edge or Randy Orton?
  273. Who's Better: Triple H or Drew McIntyre: Who's Hotter: Stephanie OR Tiffany (Who do you
  274. How many wwe wrestlers died due to injuries they got in the ring ?
  275. Who would Win in these Matches?
  276. What wrestler do you consider the future of Pro wrestling,why?
  277. If you could take users from the Wrestling Section to Wrestlemania, what users would you take?
  278. August 13, 2001 who has The Rock Chris Jericho making fun of Stephanie Mcmahon full segment?
  279. Greatest Wrestler Ever Tournament Round 2?
  280. Does WWE, as their employer, share in the blame for Drew McIntyre and Wade Barrett's visa issues?
  281. Stupid or funny? Kofi's WWE theme w/misheard lyrics from YouTube?
  282. hey (yWa) brothers why dont we rename ourselfs to?
  283. is Jillian Micheal's related to Bret Micheal?
  284. Unjumble The Finishers Part 2?
  285. Do you think that wrestler like jhon cena and undertaker?
  286. If The Kliq incident never occured.........?
  287. is michel cole heel now he has been getting alot of boos now i hate him but is he heel?
  288. Why doesn't our friend Superior Quality 85 go to college?
  289. Why doesn't our friend Superior Quality 85 get proper sleep?
  290. Can you please from the kindness of your heart urge our friend Superior Quality 85 to do
  291. wouldn't this be funny since there is three mitb winners in a year.BQ?
  292. I love you all (each and every one of you). Can we all show some love to a friend?
  293. Guess the wrestler???+ to LP23?
  294. Who had a better rivalry: Undertaker - Kane or Undertaker - HBK?
  295. Which one of you b*stards voted for Alex Riley?
  296. What is your favorite Wrestlemania Moments?
  297. One of the most painful wrestling promos to watch?
  298. How many of us following the episodes of TNA IMPACT?
  299. ??? Guess This Wrestler ????
  300. Match the Finishers to the Wrestlers. ??
  301. Have you been impressed with the WWE lately?
  302. Questions About The Wrestling Section?
  303. When do you think Hogan will release Samoa Joe + Join my efed 5 BQ?
  304. Hopfully Fun Question?
  305. Who are your top 3 favorites to win NXT?
  306. Pick a Wrestler for my E-Fed + Shelton Benjamin should he go to Ring of Honor instead of TNA?
  307. Who is Better Overall: Shawn Micheals or Kurt Angle (Also Why is there an Imposter...
  308. How many times have you been fired?
  309. Random WWE Questions?
  310. How Do You Become A Top Contributor?
  311. Anyone else upset Titus O'Neil was eliminated? Should Husky Harris been eliminated instead?
  312. Do you like these Money in the Bank Ladder Matches: Tell Which One is Better Choose Winners?
  313. If One of these Superstars Won MITB: Who should it be: (RAW) Morrison or Bourne; (SD)...
  314. Who is the Overall Better Heel: Randy Orton, Edge or Chris Jericho?
  315. When is Goldberg coming back to the WWE?
  316. Why did Michelle McCool look sad last night?
  317. TNA Knockouts divison or WWE Divas division?
  318. do u think this guy's should be champ ?
  319. Rank them from Best to Worst on Mic Skills: John Cena, Chris Jericho, The Miz, CM Punk Edge?
  320. Would you like too see John Morrison to Pay Tribute to HBK by Using Nitro Blast (Sweet Chin Music)?
  321. WrestleMania XXVII: Jack Swagger (Kurt Angle) vs. Daniel Bryan (Chris Benoit): (Swag Lock vs.
  322. Who will Steal the Show at WWE Money in the Bank: Evan Bourne or John Morrison?
  323. Click here to check that who is in the yWa Group in the WS?
  324. Go to this wrestling website?
  325. Who was the first Native American to win an NCAA Wrestling Championship?
  326. What do you like or hate about john cena?
  327. We all know WWE is Pushing Younger Talent: So who will be the Winner of RAW's Money in the Bank?
  328. Who is the Hottest Diva in the WWE: Maryse OR Melina?
  329. The Undertaker's Deadman Gimmick is Dead, but not American Badass, He returns as ABA Reunites...
  330. Who would you like to be New Face of WWE Right Now: Randy Orton (Stone Cold) or John Morrison
  331. Should WWE save the Randy Orton/Edge Fued for WrestleMania XXVII or let it just Continue Now?
  332. Which Finisher Name is Better for Jack Swagger: Swag Lock or All-American Lock?
  333. Who all hopes that Linda McMahon loses in the Senate Race so WWE could return to TV-14 Remove
  334. By WrestleMania XXVII Time, Randy Orton's Popularity is going to be so High: He'll be Face of
  335. Out of these Choices Below, Who do you think is the Anonymous General Manager of RAW?
  336. Who were the very first WWWF Tag Team Champions?
  337. money in the bank predictions?
  338. WWE Superstar Tournament Round 4 (Semi - Finals)?
  339. Who do you think is the hottest wwe superstar?
  340. Who is the Best Heel in WWE History: Triple H or Edge?
  341. What would your reaction be if?
  342. who watches WWE or TNA wrestling. if you do who are your favorite superstars or divas?
  343. UWO EFED: Sign up (Need 13 spots for debut show) + Shelton Benjamin to TNA or Ring of Honor?
  344. Which match at WWE Money In the Bank will steal the show,why?
  345. These are fun, so : Guess the wrestler?
  346. Wrestling Section can you Join my new E-Fed?
  347. ??? Guess This Wrestler ????
  348. Pick who has better mic skills?
  349. John Morrison's Road to WrestleMania Storyline Mania Boy Hood Dream Moment and Huge Push...
  350. WWE Money in the Bank: Rate Card Choose Winners (Will this be the Best WWE PPV of 2010)?
  351. Shelton Benjamin's 90 Day Contract Clause Ends in July, How about return him in SmackDown's...
  352. Are you expect some Moves like this to be Executed for RAW's Money in the Bank Ladder Match:...
  353. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  354. Batista going to MMA and not TNA or WWE?
  355. Anybody like the arguments michael cole and josh mathews have?
  356. do any wrestling fans miss?
  357. Which Money in the Bank Match is Better Choose Winners?
  359. If TNA make an New Roster Maybe ECW or something what superstars do you think will be put on...
  360. Doesn't the pg era suck, now we can't watch things like this?
  361. Suspend JIMMY now get 10 points for free..!!?
  362. tell me names of companies usa wrestling?
  363. Would it have been interesting to you if John Cena and Sheamus had joined together to take on NEXUS?
  364. Do you have any wrestling theme's on your ipod?
  365. Who is the better wrestler: Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle?
  366. Who is your LEAST favorite WWE and TNA wrestler? Give your reasons on why you dislike them.?
  367. What are some things that have survived from the Attitude Era (and before) until now, the PG Era?
  368. who is this wrestler.....................?
  369. was my ears deceiving me?
  370. Would You Say Kurt Angle Is The Greatest Professional Wrestler On This Planet?
  371. Who is your favorite masked/face painted wrestler of all time?
  372. Which Wrestlemania had the better matches, WM 21 or WM 24?
  373. Who is JIMMY in thge wrestling section?
  374. Who would want to join this group?
  375. Geuss the Wrestler: First right = best answer. ?
  376. Who agrees that John Cena Orange t-shirt is getting stale now and he should design a new one?
  377. What would be your reaction if this were to happen on Monday Night Raw!?
  378. What if Brock Lesnar returned to Smackdown?
  379. Why did Jeff Hardy go to jail?
  380. Who do you think would win?
  381. What's your favorite decade of WWE?
  382. just a fun wrestling poll?
  383. hey wwe fans frist person to tell me where i got this from gets best answer?
  384. Was Ricky Steamboat really injured?
  385. Do You Think Bret Hart Blames The WWE For What Happened To His Brother Owen?
  386. Are anyone else's favorite wrestlers all heels?
  387. Showtime Percy Watson: The RuPaul of Wrestling?
  388. Guess The Wrestler 3?
  389. Does anyone here watch AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic?
  390. Where to watch live WWE events online?
  391. Part 1 of one of the most expansive Wrestling Tournament ever?
  392. Can you answer my questions?
  393. WWE Superstar Tournament Round 3?
  394. Dixie thinks that Sting is a cancer for TNA + (BQ inside)?
  395. Possible SPOILERS on Anonymous RAW General Manager Plans?
  396. What are your opinions on Rey Mysterio being World Champion?
  397. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  398. Monday Night Raw June 27,2010 what did John Cena say his email was?
  399. Why do WWE RAW's ratings keep decreasing?
  400. What were you thoughts on NXT 2 night?
  401. wwe Ultimate Warriors confession?
  402. Was the IWC proved wrong tonight?
  403. Do u see Kurt Angle as a bigger staple than Sting or Undertaker in sports entertainment? Why?
  404. Guess the wrestler born in 1969?
  405. Is anyone else bored with Vickie Guerrero?
  406. kelly kelly or maryse?
  407. My Money in the Bank predictions! BQ!?
  408. Who else would like The Rock to be the GM?
  409. what woud you do if this happened?
  410. I think I know who the GM is!?
  411. Rate/Pick winners My Summerslam Card?
  412. Who are you voting for on NXT?
  413. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  414. how much would 8x10 posters of ECW superstars signed be worth?
  415. how much would a ecw magazine with RVD on the cover signed by him be worth?
  416. How many tables have been broken over the years in pro wrestling?
  417. What kind of gimmick match would you like to see for?
  418. where is the wwe divas?
  419. How would you debut them in TNA?
  420. what do u think about chris master?
  421. Who wants to play a game? Name as many wrestlers as you can that have wore face paint?
  422. What two WWE stars would you like to see team up?
  423. were you watching raw when this happened?BQ?
  424. Should WWE/THQ make a lego Smackdown vs RAW videogame?
  425. At MITB there will be a Steel Cage match between John Cena and Sheamus.Is it so?
  426. What two TNA stars would you like to see team up?
  427. WWE,WWF Wrestling. Want to take son to watch?
  428. Are the trolls here the wrestling sections version of WWEs Nexus?
  429. 10 Question WWE Poll?
  430. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  431. Who had the best night -- WWE RAW?
  432. What do you think of Smackdown's Money in the Bank match? *Spoiler inside?
  433. guess the 2 wrestlers (1st ever to get the right answer will get best answer)?
  434. guess the 2 wrestlers?
  435. Is anyone tired of the stupid sound they play when Cole gets emails?
  436. Which do you prefer of Hogan's gimmick: Hulkamania, N.W.O.?
  437. Reactions on Randy Orton winning MITB on RAW?
  438. WWE/TNA Storyline / Dream Match: Read: ???
  439. Guess the wrestler (Difficult)?
  440. taker and kane at summerslam (possible spoiler) opinion?
  441. if Michael Cole is gm will you be mad?
  442. What kind of design would you make for a new WHC belt(not just for WWE)?
  443. Why do people boo John Cena?
  444. Would this be a cool entrance theme/titiantron for Undertaker?
  445. Now that WWE admitted Triple H and Stephanie are married?
  446. what if he is the new GM of raw?
  447. Guess the wrestler (medium)?
  448. Which Diva in the WWE is most over with the WWE audience?
  449. Guess the wrestler (Hard)?
  450. Guess The Wrestler 2?
  451. What is the formula for Justin Bieber on SmackDown vs. Raw 2010?
  452. Could Rated Rko Reform as faces And be the?
  453. Which one of these wrestlers have never wrestled for WWE?
  454. So is anybody happy they get to see Hogan or Bischoff every week?
  455. Hulk Hogan should be take of Air time gree or Disagree?
  456. What does Shawn Michaels do after 3pm?
  457. Is the popularity of RAW suffering because of the BS surrounding Nexus?
  458. If you were the mystery GM of RAW, what actions would you take against the NEXUS for their attacks?
  459. Part 1 of one of the most expansive Wrestling Tournament ever?
  460. New E-fed for ya to look at + WQ?
  461. Who would you like to see be named the anonymous GM (more inside)+message to WS?
  462. WWE Superstar Tournament Round 2?
  463. Does anyone else surprised with Superior Quality 85? (PTSF)'s ability to get over 4-25 votes...
  464. Is it true that Superior Quality is a cheater?
  465. Guys! Look what I found, Superior Quality 85? (PTSF) created a new ACCOUNT!!! More inside!
  466. Is there any Superstar that everyone loves that you HATE?
  467. WOW nexus is losing members fast?
  468. My WCW episode # 3 ( I'll pick Best Answer)?
  469. and the new gm is............?
  470. what happened yesterday on wwe raw like what did john cena do n shemus deets plz!!?
  471. Where online can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling?
  472. who does alicia fox remind you more of?
  473. WWE Money in the Bank: Choose Winners Rate Card (Who will be Mr. Money in the Bank)?
  474. hold up where is wade barret i didnt see him with nxt yesterday?
  475. how would you thiink kurt angle career would have went if he never injured his neck?
  476. What wrestling spoiler and news websites do you use?
  477. Guess this hardcore wrestler?
  478. Guess this former wrestler? (Very Hard)?
  479. Can you guess who this wrestler is?
  480. Who is this wrestler?
  481. What are the current WWE backstage Kliqs?
  482. Do you think Scott Steiner or the Steiner bro's will be in the hall of fame?
  483. Who is this wrestler? (Hard)?
  484. Guess The Wrestler (Hard)?
  485. In what way would you like KING YAMSTER to Be killed in?
  486. RAW guest hosts................?
  487. What WWE Superstar do you think is the best looking?
  488. WWE Guess the Wrestler (Difficult)?
  489. if WWE did a student of the game storyline with Drew McIntyre do you think would be a...
  490. Do you think if WWE did a student of the game storyline with HHH and Drew McIntyre this...
  491. Guess who this person is?
  492. Name The Wrestlers:this is a tough one. ??
  493. I remember one time Jim Ross was talking about Ric Flair limousine riding, jet flying.....?
  494. TNA/WCW Question: Do you prefer Sting in classic apperal or Red and Black?
  495. Geuss The Wrestler: IMPOSSIBLE !!!!! ?
  496. Why does AAA get classified as an Indy wrestling promotion? Also I have an Imitator Hahahahaha?
  497. Y!A7 : wich one of you can get this quickest ... ??? lol all in good fun?
  498. The heel team on the raw main event right now should be a faction!?
  499. After Edge wins Money In The Bank, when do you think he will cash it in?
  500. Who things the site Wrestlecrap is the best wrestling site around? BQ?