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  1. Sheamus Has The Best Wwe Theme Song?
  2. Did you now about David Otunga....?
  3. which superstar/diva has the best...(just for fun)?
  4. Can you think of any other person who didn't debut without a Generic setup/look other than CM Punk?
  5. Who is considered to be the shortest midget wrestler of the past?
  6. What rich dude decides who is going to be the next WWE champion?
  7. Join My E-Fed PWC!!!!!!?
  8. Trish statrus or Layla...whos hotter?
  9. i didnt watched wrestling since 2006 so i need to know?
  10. Regarding FINISHING MOVES?
  11. If Undertaker never got injured who would of won at Fatal 4 Way?
  12. who i am ....... best answer for the first one know?
  13. IYO is Randy Orton Overrated?
  14. Are there still any hopes of a Bryan Danielson return?
  15. Is Jerry The King Lawler underrated +BQ?
  16. Is Kaval going to be the Bryan Danielson of NXT?
  17. WWE House Show ticket purchase question +BQ?
  18. How can I watch TNA wrestling on line?
  19. Who is Most overrated wrestler/diva of all time?
  20. which game was better svr 09 or 10?
  21. which gm is the best one wwe has right now?
  22. is kurt angle going to retire?
  23. Do you guys miss Batista HBK?
  24. Benoit or Eddie Guerrero?
  25. Has there ever been a wrestler that lived up to his hype?
  26. who was the chairman of wwe b4 vince?
  27. why do so many people want to see John Cena vs. Undertaker at wrestlemanaia?
  28. Why doesn't anybody complain about Randy Orton having superpowers?
  29. What would WWE's rating be, if they did something like this?
  30. Was there any wrestler that you loved when you started watching, but started to hate as...
  31. who will retire first - HHH or Kurt Angle?
  32. who has the cooler face paint: sting or jeff hardy?
  33. Where can I watch the y2j vs jbl match where y2j almost hit jbl with a chair?
  34. do you think cm punk is i do?
  35. what are some svr storylines you would recommend?
  36. do you think the raw gm is stone cold?
  37. what was the wwe feud of 2008?
  38. what is the name of the raw ring announcer?
  39. what do you think Of the wWe all-star Vidoe game?
  40. do you think ted dibiase should be paired with that skank maryse?
  41. who will be inducted to the 2011 hall of fame?
  42. who is the hottest wwe diva of all time?
  43. wrestling fans, look at how much Evan Bourne/Matt Sydal has improved!?
  44. Who would win these fantastic matches?
  45. Where to watch live WWE wrestling on my computer free?
  46. What year of wrestling had the greatest tag teams?
  47. how long do you think rey mysterio will hold the world championship?
  48. who has the best WWE TheMe sonG right now?
  49. Do you WWE fans get turned on watching grown men groping and pretending to hurt each other in...
  50. Who is better in your opinion , John Morrison or Evan Bourne?
  51. What was the last WWE PPV that was not PG?
  52. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  53. What unique pay-per-view achievement is shared by these seven superstars??? TRIVIA !?
  54. Which 5 WWE Superstars Would You Give A Push To And Why?
  55. Do you think Bret Hart should go to Stroke Victim's R Us?
  56. what are 5 wwe counterparts of past and present?
  57. wwe: who hates the whole sheamus conspiracy thing with triple h being his best friend?
  58. legacy vs edge, hawkins, ryder who would win?
  59. who will win the money in the bank ladder matches?
  60. Does anyone know the lyrics to this WWE theme song?
  61. wwe: drew mcintyre the worst at mic skills?
  62. who is the third greatest wwe announcer if jr and king are the first?
  63. wwe: edge or randy orton who is more evil?
  64. cody rhodes or ted dibiase?
  65. What was your opinion of this legendary wrestling angle?
  66. who was the better man: stone cold or the rock?
  67. raw or smackdown which is the better show?
  68. Can you think of people who because they were in the WWF/WWE that there characters in other...
  69. What was the best wrestling PPV that you have seen?
  70. How come people complain more about this PG era than the 80's-early 90's PG era?
  71. What's the point in watching two grown up men rolling around in their underwear pretending to fight?
  72. wwe: who is the funniest superstar?
  73. who should guest host raw next?
  74. who else thinks this song would make sense for undertaker's return?
  75. what if randy orton (heel) faces undertaker (face) again at wrestlemania 27 and comes out to this
  76. How many WWE fans like the Mid-Card wrestlers on SmackDown!?
  77. would you like to see randy face undertaker at wrestlemania 27?
  78. Which are tougher wrestlers or boxers?
  79. How many WWE fans think Kaval should come to SmackDown!?
  80. I have a question about wrestling?
  81. Beer Money or New Age Outlaws?
  82. Which Wwe feud was the most worst this year?
  83. How would you book Undertaker's return?
  84. what is wwe money in the bank?
  85. If you can pick one celebrity to host RAW..?
  86. WRESTLING SECTION....................?
  87. Why do people get the looks of two wrestlers and wrestling ability's mixed up?
  88. Which current WWE superstar has the most potential, why?
  89. Is the only reason we have respect for The Undertaker is for his gimmick Wrestlemania Streak?
  90. What wrestlers would be jobbers without there gimmick,why?
  91. Who's Gimmick Overrates Them More: Randy Orton or The Undertaker,Why?
  92. Where can I Watch WWE Wrestling Live Online?
  93. what would be a good wrestling entrance theme?
  94. What wrestler is everyone beginning to like, that you don't see anything special in them,Why?
  95. What are the wrestling groups on here?
  96. Dolph Zigger vs MVP vs Chavo Guerrero (Spoiler Correction)?
  97. what former diva do you want to host RAW?
  98. In your opinion is LP23 like John Cena?
  99. Did you think Ken Shamrock was good in the WWF?
  100. If you could ask Dino Bravo one question what would it be?
  101. What Hardcore match would you say is the best!?
  102. Was Bryan Clark UnderRated? Was he a bust in WWE?
  103. WWE theme song, can someone tell me what it is?
  105. Never Ever Give Up, dont you agree?
  106. Please arrange Vince McMahon's feuds of the best,to the worst?
  107. Which team reunited version vas better?
  108. Where can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling online?
  109. What do you think was the best feuds of those years?
  110. Is WWE trying to make Sheamus the new Brock Lesnar?
  111. Would you be For or Against The Undertaker vs Triple H rematch at WrestleMania 27?
  112. The WWE are not happy with The Undertaker?
  113. Do you think Kane could retire at SummerSlam if he is the attacker? + WQ?
  114. How do you feel about sources saying Undertaker wants his Streak to end?
  115. WWE question (about diva)?
  116. so Lebron James going to steal TNA ratings for tomorrow night ?
  117. How would you feel about Goldberg ending The Streak?
  118. Can you people please tell me what exactly is wrong with LP23?
  119. Who is the ___________ of today's WWE?
  120. Which version of Mankind did you like better the sick and twisted version or the comedic version?
  121. Reason why Jack swagger uses the ankle lock?
  122. When will the WWE stop making the general public suffer?
  123. What would you rate these WWE wrestlers mic skills on a scale from 1-10?
  124. Up and comers in Puroresu.?
  125. Have any of these Wrestlers ever been a heel?
  126. Why do people like Ted DiBiase Jr.?
  127. What city was home to the NWA before 1952?
  128. Why was Ric Flair stripped of his NWA title in September of 1991?
  129. told my sister this and she said she did not believe me but I got it from a very reliable source?
  130. Did you quys know that?
  131. What do Dusty Rhodes, Dick Murdoch, Tully Blanchard, Tito Santana have in common?
  132. Why do bltches get scared when n1ggas start fightin' in the club?
  133. Heat Shrink Tubing
  134. Would Candice Michelle be Women's Champ if she was still w/ WWE?
  135. When Alex Riley goes to SD! or RAW, who should he feud with?
  136. How do you fight rabid pitbulls?
  137. Do u think Stone Cold is really the GM...?
  138. is wwe still gay or did it get better?
  139. Do you all remember Maven? From the first Tough Enough.?
  140. WWE Worst Diva Tournament?
  141. Unscrabble the wrestling names?
  142. What are some Y!A Wrestling Alliances I can join?
  143. What if these were the WWE Shows theme songs?
  144. What is your SvR 2010 Storyline that you created?
  145. Why do you wrestling fans get so excited over 2 points?
  146. top 10 reasons why your favorites out of mitb ladder match should win?
  147. who is the new general manager for raw?
  148. What is the relationship between Rufus R Jones and Slick?
  149. What is the 1 or 2 Guy(s) you must keep as WWE and/or World Champions on your SvR games?
  150. how far do you think this whole cm punk thing is going to go?
  151. I know most of you are going to laught at this and..?
  152. Has anyone ever thought of this?
  153. What's so entertaining about watching FAKE fighting?
  154. EASY TRIVIA QUESTION : Who is the 3RD LONGEST employed WRESTLER in the WWE at present?
  155. Which one of these can be the GM of Raw?
  157. Part 7 WWF of one of the most expansive Wrestling tournaments ever?
  159. who got voted out of NXT?
  160. A error in one of these websites about the MITB?
  161. should this be the TNAECW's alliance theme song?
  162. Guess The Wrestler!!!!!!!!!! 2?
  163. not sure if men noticed this too, but...?
  164. Do you smoke marijuana?
  165. What if Kelly Kelly and Tiffany started a feud?
  166. WHAT ARE YOUR PREDICTONS FOR WM27!!!!!!!!!!!?
  167. Pick a Superstar for my UWO E-Fed + Promo ( BQ's inside)?
  168. WWE Money in the Bank: Rate Card Give Opinions?
  169. why are there so many retared questions that arent of wrestling in the wrestling section+BQ?
  170. What is the Nexus going to do on NXT next week?
  171. Where can I watch WWE wrestling live on the internet?
  172. If Awesome Kong went to WWE would it be a good thing ?
  173. Does The Undertaker deserve a 6 week vacation?
  174. Who was the greatest WWE European Champion and why?
  176. Would you like to see Sheamus as a Face? Yes or No? Why?
  177. Who's your Favorite WWE Superstar Right Now + Do you like Facebook MySpace (Website for...
  178. Can you give me a reason to hate Kelly Kelly?
  179. Who would you rather want in RAW's Money in the Bank: Justin Gabriel(450°Splash) or Triple H?
  180. what happens if wwe releases john cena and then he signs a contract with tna (+BQ)?
  181. Which NEW pay-per-views would you remove from WWE and what would you replace them with?
  182. Agree or Disagree, Sheamus vs John Cena @MITB will get stop for blood, and ruin the whole match?
  183. Do you wrestling fans get turned on by watching muscular sweaty men groping each other in their
  184. Tell me this doesnt send chills down your spine?
  185. Alex Riley the best on the mic?
  186. WWE is FAKE !!!!!!!!!?
  187. It probably isnt your dream, but what if?
  188. could this be possible?
  189. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  190. hey girls do u think randy orton was hotter when he was younger or now?
  191. why was r truth takin out of mitb?
  192. Is there a wrestler that really grinds your gears,why?
  193. is stone cold the new gm?
  194. WWE FANS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  195. guess the wrestler (diffuculty)?
  196. Would you like Justin Gabriel in RAW's Money in the Bank to do 450°Splash on Top off the Ladder?
  197. On a scale from 1-10 how FAKE is WWE?
  198. is Maryse blind??????????????
  199. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  200. Is Kaval Black or Mixed?
  201. Who is your favorite from NXT season 2?
  202. which wrestler would you like to see destroy Justin Bieber?
  203. WS Sections (PLEASE Join this Social Website for Wrestling Fans around the World) You all
  204. Every User in Y!A WS Section: Please Read Below about the NEW Wrestling Social Website
  205. WS Section Please Read Below about a New Wrestling Website + Can you Please Join, It's
  206. Who is the User by the Name of Koumidiator + Do you think WWE should Buy TNA?
  207. Who is the User by the Name Hannah Hardy + Who is the Greatest WWE Superstar in History?
  208. Out of these Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, Which One is Better + Should've WWE kept
  209. Who will be the Final Two SmackDown Superstars in MITB: Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler or M.V.P.?
  210. Who is the User by the Name of King Kjors + Who is the Greatest Heel in WWE History?
  211. D-Generation X (Triple H Shawn Micheals) vs. Drew McIntyre John Morrison?
  212. Do you think either matt hardy or christian will win the MITB?
  213. WWE PG is not horrible without the violence?
  214. Who is your favorite wrestler/superstar from WWE or TNA?
  215. Past vs. Present Matches (Choose Winners) + Are you Watching Monday Night RAW Tonight?
  216. Who do you like more Maryse or Alissa Flash and why?
  217. Does WWE's youtube channel only features trailers? i thought it has episodes too?
  218. anyone else think this is a good way to bring ECW back to life?
  219. Who do you like more Maryse or Eve Torres and why?
  220. Any good way to watch WWE Monday Raw live online?
  221. What does it mean when someone is called a heel?
  222. Who is Best John Cena, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Edge, Triple H and Shaun Michaels?
  223. Watch WWE Raw wrestling online tonight, what site do I use?
  224. What do you think about this(WWE vs TNA)?
  225. How can I watch WWE Raw wrestling on the internet?
  226. What Superstars Will Beat Every Current WWE Champion?
  227. Point out the biggest flaw with each of these WWE Divas?
  228. What Attire Do You Think These Superstars Will Wear Next?
  229. Rate the Most Likely to Win the Money in the Bank to the Most Unlikely?
  230. just a fun wrestling poll?
  231. Wrestling Trivia: What was the first ever match on RAW?
  232. So, does Randy Orton have less moves than John Cena?
  233. Today, is WrestleMania just another mediocre PPV?
  234. Wrestling Trivia: Who is the youngest title holder in WWE history?
  235. How many moves of Randy Orton can you name?
  236. Will WrestleMania XXVII disappoint, much like XXV and XXVI?
  237. Who was Shirley Crabtree?
  238. When will Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair retire?
  239. Good websites to watch WWE RAW live through the internet?
  240. What do you guys think of this?? + BQ's?
  241. Is there any site where I can watch live WWE events live online?
  242. What is the funniest ring name you have ever heard?
  243. Which Randy Orton do you prefer: Legend Killer or Viper?
  244. What are some things you like about a wrestler you dislike?
  245. IYO is Trish Stratus Overrated?
  246. Battle of the brothers?
  247. BCW Sign ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  248. Suicide or Rey Mysterio?
  249. Did You Know that Panda Energy has more money than WWE?
  250. Are you a Randy Orton fan?
  251. Who do you like more Torrie Wilson or Eve Torres and why?
  252. Do I look like Maria Kanellis?
  253. Do you think Justin Gabriel will turn face?
  254. Wrestling question YWF efed..?
  255. Since the Women's Championship already lost prestige?
  256. Who do you want to win these wrestling matches and why?
  257. Is Trish Stratus a you know... pr0nstrr?
  258. yo yo yo yo Shad Gaspard and JTG its Cryme Tyme?
  259. Is Trish Stratus a you know... pr0nstrr?
  260. Do you think Vince McMahon gets a bad rap?
  261. Here is My Dream Wrestlemania Card Rate and Pick Winners?
  262. Is wrestling your #1 Hobby?
  263. Wrestling : Who is your favorite heel?
  264. Will JBL ever return to wwe?
  265. Wrestling : Who is your favorite face?
  266. What is your favorite feud of all time?
  267. should i stop watching WWE?
  268. Bound For Glory (2010): Rate Card Give Opinions?
  269. Who do you think will Win the Ultimate X/Submission Match at VR: Douglas Williams(c) OR Brian...
  270. Who's Better Volume 90(4th of July edition)?
  271. What would your reaction be if at Money In The Bank?
  272. Do you think The Monster Abyss Will Win the TNA Championship at Victory Road?
  273. Any one can give me some suggestion to watch live WWE online?
  274. Which would be a better Bound For Glory 2010 Main Event: RVD(c) vs Kurt Angle OR Jeff
  275. New Taker and McCool wedding pic leaked?
  276. Where was Ed Farhat born?
  277. Who would you of had Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 10 and 16?
  278. what wrestlers should feud in the future?
  279. 1)Why are they putting Randy OrtonEdge In The MITB. This is suppost to be for mid-carders?
  280. Explain to me how John Cena is the next The Rock?
  281. What are the 5 best promos in WWE History besides Austin-Rock WM 17, Invasion HBK-Taker 2?
  282. My SvR 2010 Create a Story Mode WrestleMania matches?
  283. What do you think of my SvR 2010 Create a Story Mode WRESTLEMANIA Event. Rate the Event and matches?
  284. List the WWE Diva with the nicest rack and the one with the nicest a**?
  285. List Your Top 5 Most Hated WWE Superstars and Divas?
  286. List which WWE Diva you would bone from first to last out of the ones listed?
  287. What would make the best RAW vs SmackDown! vs ECW match?
  288. Should The Undertaker return American Badass + Are you Happy for The Undertaker McCool
  289. Do you want Kane to win the World Heavyweight title?
  290. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Rate Card Give Opinions + Could this Possibly be the Best WrestleMania?
  291. Did you know Chris Jericho has his own Game Show called Downfall?
  292. who will join my fantasy wrestling company?
  293. IYO, which of these 3 superstar is likely to get a world title first?
  294. What exactly is so so bad about the 'PG' WWE?
  295. If Shelton Benjamin had a totally different gimmick do you think..? BQ.?
  296. How many of you watch both WWE and TNA or do you?
  297. Do you think CM Punk will work his way into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  298. Do you think Jack Swagger will ever be as good and popular as Kurt Angle?
  299. What do you hear when you step outside?
  300. My Wrestlemania 27 Match Card and Storylines ? Plz..... rate it and tell me that u like it or
  301. CALLING all girls/women who watch wrestling, is it ok to...?
  302. why is wwe playing so much mind games?
  303. whose better at stealing the show?
  304. Rank these 10 years from wwe?
  305. John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker vs The Big Show?
  306. Is Evan Bourne the next rey mysterio?
  307. Do you think this is the Real Reason behind Drew McIntyre's Huge Push in 2009 + Why he's the Chosen
  308. Who is the Modern Day Stone Cold Rock of this Generation or Era?
  309. Who really needs a Heel Turn: Christian or M.V.P.?
  310. Which Match is Better: Kaval vs. Rey Mysterio or Daniel Bryan vs. Jack Swagger?
  311. Agree or Disagree: Bischoff Can Stay, but Hogan needs to go?
  312. if i where to get any old wwe (wwf) dvd what would it be?
  313. Question about the chop bann?
  314. What are your thoughts on this about TNA?
  315. TLC Match: Edge Christian vs. The Hart Dynasty vs. Evan Bourne Justin Gabriel?
  316. What if Kaval Wins NXT Season II Defeats Rey Mysterio to become New World Heavyweight Champion?
  317. The All-American American Jack Swagger vs. The American Dragon Daniel Bryan?
  318. Tommorrow's WWE Champions: The Future is Now (Rank these Superstars from Best to Worst)?
  319. Is there any real type of professional wrestling?
  320. what do you think if The Rock return to WWE and lay the smackdown Nexus's@sses?
  321. Why is everyone saying that BATISTA should not have chosen MMA?
  322. Why doesn't WWE Release some of these Superstars Below to Save some Room + Agree or Disagree?
  323. Who is your favorite patriotic wrestler?
  324. Who do you want to Return Back to WWE: Shelton Benjamin or Daniel Bryan?
  325. Which Type of Wrestling do you like Better: Technical Wrestling or Amateur Wrestling (Mat...
  326. Was John Cena hated as a rookie?
  327. Who do you think fits these gimmicks backstage at the WWE?
  328. What would be the pros and cons if matches were determined by weight class?
  329. Vince McMahon Bans A Popular Wrestling Move? Can I get Your Thoughts?
  330. I am playing Smackdown vs Raw 2010, what type of match should i do?
  331. Who all thinks at WrestleMania XXVII: John Cena vs. The Undertaker MUST HAPPEN WWE can't try to...
  332. Out of these WWE Superstars, Who should Win the Royal Rumble 2011: John Morrison, CM Punk...
  333. Do you think Randy Orton (RKO) vs. CM Punk (GTS) could Headline WrestleMania XXVII Next Year (YES...
  334. WWE WrestleMania XXVII: Rate Card Give Opinions + What are you thoughs if this Card actually
  335. Which Main Event would be Better for WM: Orton vs. Jericho, Orton vs. Edge OR Orton vs....
  336. My WCW episode # 6 ( I'll pick Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  337. Is there any way that I can watch live WWE events online ?
  338. What WWE Superstar can Main Event WrestleMania XXVII with Randy Orton besides John Cena?
  339. Universal Wrestling Organization: Friday Night Fuson Results + Promo if you are a member?
  340. Should TNA have some of their events held in other arenas (BQ's inside)?
  341. WWE Summerslam 2010 Poster + Predict the matches for it too?
  342. Is Undertaker really Married to Michelle McCool?
  343. can you hurt your career or burn birdges by fist fighting people that pick on you?
  344. my friend can't stand wwe but he liked wwf and wcw, any advise for him? he wants to wrestle.?
  345. what if Daniel Brian went to tna?
  346. Which verison of Worst Week did you like better?
  347. Who would like to join my version of the Brood?
  349. RAW's Money in the Bank is going to be Entertaining Spectacular (Agree or Disagree) + Who
  350. Who all thinks somehow Edge will become Mr. Money in the Bank or World Champion at WWE...
  351. Do you think NeXus needs to Start Invading SmackDown + Below Choose Which One could be the...
  352. Which Superstar MUST Win Money in the Bank Become First Time World Champion: Matt Hardy or...
  353. Who will Most Likely Return to WWE Who does WWE REALLY Need the Most: Shelton Benjamin or Daniel...
  354. Do you think Randy Orton is going to become Face of WWE Soon (He's on Fire Getting to Popular Now)?
  355. Did Sheamus Grow on You Just came out of Nowhere (At First I use to Hate Sheamus, I wanted...
  356. Was there Ever Any WWE Superstars that was ever Overrated Underrated at the Same Time?
  357. wrestling section Who's your pick for MITB, how should/would they be booked after they do?
  358. Who is the most talented WWE Diva?
  359. Why did the WWE put The Big Show in the Money in the Bank + Who will fill in the Last Two Spots?
  360. What is the Worst Beating a Man has Ever Give to a Woman in the wwe?
  361. Who would Win: Randy Orton Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes vs. Edge Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder?
  362. Please arrange wwe's roads to wrestlemania betweene 2005-2010,of the best to the worst,and why?
  363. Do you think that Edge vs Chris Jericho feud this year should be more good?
  364. R-Truth's entrance theme video critique? + BQ?
  365. Doesn't Cody Rhodes remind you of Eric from That 70s Show?
  366. am i underrated in WS?? +BQ2?
  367. Who are all of the former WWE Superstars that are now on TNA?
  368. who was the first person to wrestle for WWE/F, WCW and ECW?
  369. who do you think is the most talented diva currently...?
  370. What year did you start watching WWF/WWE?
  371. Who is your favorite WWE Diva?
  372. Who would like to see this match main event Wretlemania 27?
  373. Who is the prettiest WWE Diva?
  374. even though brock lesnar won he still got rocked badly by carwin?
  375. SheamusJohn Cena?
  376. Which WWE Diva has the best moves?
  377. is rey mysterio the only cruiser-weight wwe heavily pushed?
  378. First one to answer correctly gets 10 points!!?
  379. last good answer gets ba WS?
  380. The only good year for the Attitude Era was 2000?
  381. Who is the suckiest WWE Diva?
  382. brock lesnar vs shane carwin is coming up who are you going for?
  383. The Great Khali and Hornswoggle should get realeased, yes or no?
  384. Is MVP in the MITB ladder match?
  385. Wrestlemania XXVII main events?
  386. When will the mystery masked man on SD! be revealed?
  387. Who else thinks that John Morrison should use the Sweet Chin Music as his finisher?
  388. What do you think of this WWE Match so far?
  389. Where do you prefer Ric Flair, WWE or TNA?
  390. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin thoughts?
  391. Would you like to see Daniel Bryan in WWE, TNA, or the Indys?
  392. who wants stone cold to wrestle one more match?
  393. who is the wwe group that attacked john cena,brett hart, and the wwe legends?
  394. Would you pay money to see these matches?
  395. What would be your WWE SummerSlam 2010 card?
  396. I just got out of jail. When is NWA World Championship Wrestling on?
  397. Who remembers Muhammad Hassan?
  398. Trivia.Who was the first and last WCW women's champion?
  399. Jim Cornette.Was he an overrated or underrated manager in the wrestling industry?
  400. What Do You Guys Think Of All The Remix Entrances?
  401. Top 5 Most Overrated Users In The WS!!! Top 5 Most Underated Users In The WS!?
  402. Man is it just me or Do you miss The Dragons Answers.. Star If You Want Dragon Back?
  403. Part 5 of one of the most expansive wrestling tournaments ever?
  404. Everybody Try To Answer.. Where will John Morrison and Kofi Kingston be in 10 Years?
  405. What's your favorite wrestlers entrance?
  406. If Kane turns out to be The Undertaker's attacker, what match would you want them to have at...
  407. What is so great about John Morrison?
  408. Who had the best night -- WWE SmackDown!?
  409. What really happen to Raven why did he team up with Tommy Dreamer?
  410. Which wrestler's gimmick/character has changed the most..?
  411. Smackdown vs Raw 2008 has horrible 24/7 storylies, how would you create a 24/7 if you made the game?
  412. Where online can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling?
  413. Besides The Undertaker and Michaels matches, what was the greatest Wrestlemania match?
  414. my friend is taking wrestling lessons but thinks the students gossip too much?
  415. What time does the lesner fight really precisely start?
  416. What is the name of the Diva that Matt Hardy has a purely platonicfriendship with?
  417. If Sarah Palin and Brock Lesnar got in a fight, who would win?
  418. What will be the most Shocking Moment at WWE Money In The Bank?
  419. Agree or Disagree This should be Randy Orton's Tweener Tiantron?
  420. would you buy a playboy magazine if it had your favorite wrestler?
  421. If you headlined Wrestlemania who would you face?
  422. Which TNA stars would benfit in WWE?
  423. Which Theme is Better for the USA Dream Team (Jack Swagger Kurt Angle)?
  424. STAR if you think this should be Randy Orton's New Titantron Theme (I think you all will like it)?
  425. STAR if you would like this to be Randy Orton's Special Viper Entrance at WM (Everyone will...
  426. Who should be Face of WWE Right Now: John Cena ERA is officially Ending Now (Randy Orton or John...
  427. Which Finishing Move just gets You all Excited Hyped Up: Randy Orton's RKO or Stone Cold's Stunner?
  428. In your Opinion (Be Honest) Who's the Most Overrated, Underrated Best User in the WS
  429. As I already said before (STAR if you want the WS Section to Change Forever) Make it Fun (IGNORE...
  430. July 3 2010: Marks the New Era in the Wrestling Section: Now what should the Era be called or Named?
  431. What Wrestler is Similar to your Personality (Just like You) Who's your Favorite...
  432. who do you think would win this elimination chamber?
  433. Who do you like better as a wrestler John Morrison or Cm Punk?
  434. Who's better: Christian or Matt Hardy?
  435. Who do you think is the Most Popular WWE Superstar in Y!A Most Hated?
  436. Should Jack Swagger New Finisher Move Names be: Swagger Lock All-American Bomb!: Maybe a
  437. Who all wants to see John Cena vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII: I Quit or Submission Match?
  438. Orton 360° just Punted Your Skill In You just got RKOwned: Which one is a Better Catchphrase for
  439. Would you like to see The Undertaker vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania XXVII: YES OR NO?
  440. What wrestling family has had the most impact on professional wrestling?
  441. Where are all this rumors of Sheamus vs Goldberg at WM27 coming from?
  442. Part 4 WWF of one of the most expansive wrestling touraments ever?
  443. Storyline on how Jeff Hardy could return to WWE At WM 27 it could be Jeff/Matt/Edge/Christian...
  444. The Perfect Americans: Jack Swagger Dolph Ziggler (Both Amateur Wrestling Background): YES or NO?
  445. After Season II of NXT is over should they join NeXus Really make it a WAR in WWE and...
  446. Who's First Reign as World Champion was Better More Interesting: Jack Swagger or Sheamus?
  447. McMahon-Hemsley-McIntyre Era: HHH (WWE Champion), McIntyre (IC Champion): Would you like to see
  448. NXT Season I (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel Heath Slater) vs. NXT Season 2 (Kaval, Joe Hennig ...
  449. One More Match: HBK must Put Over: Jack Swagger, John Morrison, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler or Drew
  450. Who would Win: Ladder Match for VACANT World Heavyweight Championship: Christian vs. Matt Hardy?
  451. Who needs to be Used More in WWE: Yoshi Tatsu or Chavo Guerrero?
  452. Who should be WWE Intercontinetal Champion on SD: Mr. Perfection Dolph Ziggler OR Dashing...
  453. What would you rather be: The Great One or The Chosen One (Which Nickname has a better
  454. Pat Tanaka.Was he under rated or over rated?What about his team Orient Express?
  455. The Viper Randy Orton vs. The Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold?
  456. What was your favorite Danger Zone segment from the NWA/WCW?
  457. Is AJ Styles the next showstopper?
  458. Getting into the WWE - READ DETAILS?
  459. Who's Better Overall: (Gimmick, Wrestling Ability Mic Skills) Dashing Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase?
  460. 10 Year Irony: What if WWE Buys ANT in March of 2011 just like they did WCW in March of 2001?
  461. Do you think WWE is Planning Orton/Cena at WM 27 Since they are WWE's Two Biggest Stars
  462. Would you Buy this WrestleMania XXVII Card Do you think it will be Unpredictable (Rate Card
  463. Do you think WWE will try to Recreate History at WrestleMania XXVII, Similar to WrestleMania
  464. Since The Big Show is in the MITB Ladder Match, should he fall on a Ladder (Similar to Benjamin
  465. Should WWE start a Chant for Jack Swagger Entrance (SWAG SUCKS) Do you like Dashing Cody Rhodes?
  466. Two Man Power Trip: Stone Cold Triple H vs. Rated RKO: Randy Orton Edge?
  467. What Match Must Happen at WrestleMania XXVII: The Undertaker vs. JC (John Cena) or CJ (Chris...
  468. Triple Threat Match: Randy Orton (RKO) vs. Edge (SPEAR) vs. Chris Jericho (Codebreaker)?
  469. what was the most predictable mitb match ever BQ?
  470. How would you react if this happened at WWE Money in the Bank:?
  471. What if the USA Dream Team (Jack Swagger Kurt Angle) were a Tag Team in WWE Rate Song Below?
  472. You Book 4 Big Main Events that will make WrestleMania XXVII 1,000,000 Buys?
  473. Do you think WWE is building Jack Swagger into the Next Kurt Angle: Are you okay (w/him)
  474. Who is the Next Great Technical High-Flying Wrestler: John Morrison or A.J. Styles?
  475. What if this was Randy Orton's Special Viper Entrance at WrestleMania XXVII:?
  476. Instead of Kane as the Attacker should WWE Suprise Us, Like Goldberg, John Cena or even Sting (Lol)?
  477. Who is Abyss more Similar to or the Succesor to: Kane or Mankind?
  478. Who Deserves it Really Needs to Win Money in the Bank: Christian OR Matt Hardy?
  479. Out of these 3 SmackDown Superstars: (Who will be the Last 2 in the MITB) Drew McIntyre, Dolph...
  480. WWE is Pushing Younger Talent: Who will win RAW's MITB: John Morrison, Evan Bourne, The Miz or
  481. Reptiles: Orton Austin vs. Shamen of Sexy's: HBK John Morrison vs. USA Dream Team (Swagger
  482. What site is best to watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  483. What wrestler(not Dean Malenko) was known as the Man of a 1000 holds?
  484. What would your reaction be if Raw changed their theme to the 1st WCW theme?
  485. wrestling section: did u ever seen a barbie doll without the clothes on?
  486. Does anyone know how and when John cena became a face (good guy)?
  487. Anyone else sick of hearing about?
  488. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  489. Can you describe Ricky Steamboat in one word?
  490. Could Jack Swagger make a similar stable like Team Angle except it can be Team Swagger?
  491. The Undertaker vs John Cena I Quit Match Wrestlemania 27?
  492. Who Had The Worst Week?
  493. Was Tito Santana underrated or overrated in the WWF?Do you think he should of had 1 world...
  494. Who would you choose to have round the dinner table from the WWE and why? Choose up 2 10/11...
  495. WCW Scott Norton.Was he overrated,underrated,or just a bust?
  496. Who truly deserves to win the SD! MITB match more: Christian or Matt Hardy?
  497. How many WWE fans agree that this man is one of the all time greatest heels?
  498. How many WWE fans liked the Christian and Matt Hardy promo?
  499. Anyone else think the last Two SmackDown! MITB wrestlers are?
  500. Okay I have to ask this question?