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  1. Did The Rock teach Roman Reigns how to kiss butt?
  2. What Fueds would In WWE Do you want to see Long-term an Short?
  3. The Current Undertaker Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Sting Crow Gimmick In a Triple Threat Match?
  4. Are you expecting these thing to happen on raw?
  5. WRESTLING : Do you believe in CESARO?
  6. Since John Cena has to rename his 5 Knuckle Shuffle move,What should he name it?
  7. Dont you think it would be a perfect time for DAVID UTUNGA to return to action?
  8. How rough and violent can the Elimination Chamber match get?
  9. cana nyone give me some good pro wrestling matches like 5 star matches?
  10. I miss The Undertaker so much!?
  11. Sports Entertainment: When will the human wrecking ball Ryback main event WrestleMania?
  12. Can't Ambrose or Seth get the pin for once?
  13. What do you think of JBL saying when he gets the Network he will watch himself all the time?
  14. Does Michael Cole have a rythm of a drunk elephant?
  15. What do you think about Sheamus taking pilates?
  16. Does The Miz need to quit bring his parents to the arena?
  17. Do you think WWE/WWF questions should be banned from the 'sports' section of Yahoo Answers?
  18. What do you think about Zeb Coulter not talking about Christian being Canadien?
  19. Do you agree with JBL is Titus O' Neil now going to live up to his potential?
  20. Daniel Bryan is NOT better than Brock Lesnar, in real life OR in the ring?
  21. What do you think of JBL saying you can't compare Darren Young to Ron Simmons?
  22. Agree/Disagree: CM Punk Will One Day Be Back In The WWE .. !?
  23. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Juggalo Championship Wrestling's Oddball Brawl 2013?
  24. Professional Wrestling: Let's give RD the platform for Attention?
  25. Has the main event of Wrestlemania ever not been a major title match?
  26. Sports Entertainment: Can the unstoppable force of Ryback become the longest running WWE champion?
  27. Who do you like more Nikki Bella or Brie Bella?
  28. Are you looking forward to Smackdown tonight? + TCW Aftermath match cards?
  29. were eddie rey and adr the only mexican world champs in wwe?
  30. Why Can't WWE Fans Admit That Roman Reigns Is The Best Member Of The Shield .. !?
  31. WWE and TNA Elimination Game?
  32. Daniel Bryan (Baby Face) Vs Goldberg ( Unstoppable Monster Face) who will win?
  33. Looking past what he did, was Chris Benoit a good wrestler?
  34. WRESTLING : What do you think is next for SWAGGER?
  35. What are your thoughts with the wwe planning to have the HULKSTER as guest host for WM 30?
  36. What do you think was Vital Witness's reaction when Christian is going to the Elimination Chamber?
  38. What happened to Darren Young?
  39. Do you think Jack Swagger is still mad at Christian for taking his ECW title in 2009?
  40. Is Brock Lesnar Worthy Enough Of Facing The Undertaker At WrestleMania .. !?
  41. What do you think was Aksana's reaction when Cesaro Won his match?
  42. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about Vince McMahon Vs Triple H on the entire CM...
  43. Why Titus? Darren Young is like a brother to him?
  44. Professional Wrestling: Who is better CM Punk, Jessie Godderz or Christian?
  45. Why did Antonio Cesaro threw the water bottle to the ground?
  46. Did Emma trolled you by having another sign?
  47. Professional Wrestling: How many Pay-Per View was CM Punk The Main Event during his 434...
  48. Do you think an alien from Mars is watching Smackdown tonight?
  49. Professional Wrestling: Which was worse Gobbledy Gooker or The Shockmaster?
  50. EC: Will you believe in the Shield or Follow the buzzard?
  51. Wrestling: WILL people chants 'YES' If?
  52. Since Velvet Sky is now single, if you saw her, would you think about asking her out?
  53. Why hasnt Dean Ambrose defended his title? Will Christian challenge him?
  54. Wrestling: Why wwe signing STING?
  55. I hope this doesn't happen but what would TNA do if Sam Shaw did something horrific to
  56. Which breakup was nastier: Bully Ray/Brooke Tessmacher's or Chris Sabin/ Velvet Sky's?
  57. Don't you think it's really overboard that Sam Shaw has a room full of pictures of Christy Hemme?
  58. Does Christy Hemme watch TNA on TV because if she did, she'd know that Sam Shaw is creepy and scary?
  59. Why does Sam Shaw have a shrine of Christy Hemme in his home?
  60. FINALLY!! VELVET SKY IS DONE WITH CHRIS SABIN!! What are your thoughts on this?
  61. Did MVP invest in TNA with the money he earned in WWE?
  62. Do you think WWE fining Brock Lesnar $100,000 will stop him from attacking whoever he wants?
  63. Now that Velvet Sky is single, which TNA wrestlers do you think should ask her out?
  64. Since both Velvet Sky and Brooke Tessmacher are both single, if you were a TNA wrestler, who...
  65. is the we want cm punk back getting annoying to you on every WWE Post?
  66. What do you think about James Storm's daughter asking him "Why are you mad at Gunner"?
  67. What (if any) WWE wrestlers do you think you could beat up in real life?
  68. As an investor, what changes or priorities, if any, do you think MVP should make in TNA?
  69. Do you think MVP had to use the bathroom while he was hiding in his van for 2 hours on...
  70. Wow! Was anyone else surprised Magnus was booed in Scotland?
  71. Is WWE 2K14 worth getting?
  72. Should MVP ask out Velvet Sky since he has a lot of money and invested in TNA?
  73. WRESTLING : Which event has more viewers IYO : WM or SUPERBOWL?
  74. WRESTLING : Can we all play a little game "Wrestling Initials" ---->?
  75. Should The Undertaker just retire with the streak?
  76. Professional Wrestling: Raise your hand if you care about Batista's Purple Belt in Brazilian
  77. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of 'JR' Jim Ross's Thoughts on the CM Punk Situation?
  78. What matches are we most likely to witness on Monday Night Raw ( 2-3-14)?
  79. Professional Wrestling: So if Hulk Hogan Hosts Wrestlemania XXX does that mean Another Once...
  80. What matches are we most likely to witness tonight on Friday Night Smackdown?
  81. Professional Wrestling: Which match Pay-Per View was better from this list?
  82. What do you think should happen at WM30 in the world title match?
  83. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on these two Articles on the CM Punk situation?
  84. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion of Xavior Woods?
  85. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it Hilarious how TNA refuses to remove these Wrestlers from
  86. Why do people always believe that everything the WWE does is a work?
  87. Are Jojo and Justin Gabriel a real couple?
  88. Professional Wrestling: Who is better Fit Finlay, William Regal or Magnus?
  89. How did Samuel Shaw not burn his hand touching the flame?
  90. What do you think about what Kaz says James Storm watnts?
  91. How much money do you think Dixie Carter was going to write on the check to Bobby Roode?
  92. Would you had turned down Dixie Carter's money?
  93. WRESTLING : If CM PUNK was to sign in to TNA, would it have any effect on the wwe?
  94. What do you think of Bully Ray saying he would love to pile drive Mr. Anderson's wife?
  95. What do you think about Kurt Angle,Samoa Joe, and Sting regretting having Magnus in Main...
  96. Quality of the WWE merchandise?
  97. What do you think of Chris Sabin calling Madison Rayne a tramp?
  98. What do you think of MVP being the new investor of TNA?
  99. What do you think about how Gunner got his name?
  100. WS What Would Happen If Brock Lesnar Did The WOOO Or Scream Like Tarzan?
  101. WS Did You Know That Ryback Was In WWE Before CM Punk?
  102. Why couldn't Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan turn TNA into a major threat?
  103. Wrestling: Where are all my homies?
  104. Cm punk vs bully ray?
  105. Wrestling: Who should qualify to EC tonight's smackdown and why?
  106. Wrestling: wwe fans are pathetic?
  107. Why Are WWE Going To Punish Aj Lee For CM Punk Quitting .. !?
  108. How long will the yes chants last ?
  109. How do you think Punk quitting will affect AJ's status & attitude?
  110. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action: Impact Wrestling!?
  111. Who will Brock Lesnar face at EC?
  112. Wrestling: Whose ego is bigger?
  113. Who gonna be the opponent for Batista in Wrestlemania xxx as the WWEWorld Heavy Weight Champion?
  114. Who do you think will walk out of WWE Elimination Chamber as the WWE World Heavy Weight Champion?
  115. Do you think Batista ggonna win the WWE World HeavyWeight Champaionship?
  116. How do I beat Shawn Michaels in the ladder match at Wrestlemania X in WWE 2K14?
  117. What do you guys think of Mick Foley son Dewey comment on WWE and Triple H?
  118. WRESTLING : How can CM PUNK be the best in the world when BRYAN is better?
  119. Does WWE think they can just pretend that Cm Punk doesn't exist? This company is in trouble now.?
  120. Do you boo someone just because he is a heel?
  121. Who else thinks they should get Bad News Barrett to announce CM Punk's departure on RAW next week?
  122. Get ready for back to back title reigns?
  123. Sports Entertainment: Why is Christian and Cesaro in the Chamber but not Miz and Brodus Clay?
  125. Whys wwe breaking up so many tag teams?
  126. Sports Entertainment: Why isn't WWE pushing Miz and Brodus Clay to main event status?
  127. Sports Entertainment: Why isn't Brodus Clay getting a WWE World Heavyweight title shot?
  128. ROH wil be having AJ Styles and CM Punk?
  129. If the case reopening of Jimmy Snukas girlfriends death leads to Jimmy Snuka being convicted of...
  130. Are you surprise that Cena is in the midcard at Wrestlemania?
  131. So CM Punk quit and Matt Hardy got arrested?
  132. What do you love about wrestling? (PLEASE READ INSIDE)?
  133. Would it be more fair that batista?
  134. Do you think CM Punk was right to leave the way he did?
  135. Do you think Stephanie McMahon is mad Triple H was flirting with Renee Young?
  136. Sports Entertainment: Do you agree that MizTV is the greatest talk show in wwe?
  137. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Jim Cornette?
  138. If HHH pins Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania will MetLife stadium riot?
  139. Is CM Punk really leaving the WWE or is it just a rumor?
  140. Professional Wrestling: Would Sting be qualified as 'Greatest Of All Time'?
  141. Professional Wrestling: What do you think of Jim Cornette as a Professional Wrestling Promoter?
  142. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : Brock lesnar should be our wwe undisputed champion?
  143. Sports Entertainment: Is anyone else scared that CM Punk might come back to WWE?
  144. Professional Wrestling: What Storylines would you create for these World Wrestling
  145. Why Was My Question About Aj Lee's Breasts Deleted Yesterday .. !?
  146. is it true ryback will be using cm punk's knee moveż?
  147. Sports Entertainment: Who's better: Goldberg or the human wrecking ball Ryback?
  148. Does TNA really think rockstar spud will draw money lmao?
  149. Are you more excited about Christians return then you were about Batista's?
  150. Why did Bret Hart leave the WWF?
  151. Should the Wyatt Family make Funeral Arrangements and get their suits ready?
  152. WRESTLING : Did you know that BATISTA is affraid of BROCK LESANR?
  153. Professional Wrestling: What do you think about this World Wrestling Entertainment Tag-Team Idea?
  154. WWE: Is this why CM Punk left WWE?
  155. according to reports CM Punk opt to quit wwe do you think he will join the tna investor in tna?
  156. Now That CM Punk Has Quit, Should The Legend, Ryback Replace Him As A Top Star .. !?
  157. Why was El Dorito in the Royal Rumble?
  158. :( CM Punk is quitting WWE?
  159. So TNA pathetic investor arrives in a mini van?
  160. Sports Entertainment: Can The Miz finally get the spotlight now that CM Punk quit?
  161. Top 3 Wrestling news stories as of now?
  162. If John Cena's such a draw......?
  163. Will the authority be booed out of the building next raw?
  164. Will Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon ever make the WWE Hall of Fame?
  165. WRESTLING : Do you think ANTONIO CESARO really deserves a big push?
  166. Does anyone have any issues with Batista winning the Royal Rumble?
  167. Top 5 Superstars Who Need A Push?
  168. Can wwe sue CM Punk for breach of contract since he's under contract and refusing to work?
  169. Why did CM Punk leave now?!?!?
  170. Agree/Disagree: More WWE Fans Would Have Been Outraged If Daniel Bryan Had Quit Instead
  171. will the WWE go out of business because of the PG era?
  172. CM Punk Walks Out...
  173. Who do you see winning the Royal Rumble tomorrow night?
  174. Attending my 1st Royal Rumble tomorrow, 4th row floor seats, any advice on what to expect? When...
  175. which wrestler should be on the cover of wwe 2k15?
  177. Professional Wrestling: Do people honestly think Vince McMahon sent Bret Hart to WCW and Mick Foley
  179. If HHH one day own WWE (which I hope not), will he rewrite history as the best and
  180. Wwe Top 10 matches in 2013?
  181. Professional Wrestling: How is this shriekfest a Five Star Match?
  182. My gf and I are stopping by Burger King, what do you guys want?
  183. Would You Like To See Daniel Bryan In The Royal Rumble Match If It Meant .. !?
  184. Is Ryback The Modern Day Hulk Hogan .. !?
  185. What Do You Think Of CM Punk Wanting To Fight In UFC .. !?
  186. Does Anyone Else Think CM Punk Looks Like A Lesbian .. !?
  187. Can Someone Explain To Me What Is So Good About CM Punk .. !?
  188. Why do you all call me a troll?
  189. Agree/Disagree: Daniel Bryan Should End The Undertaker?s WrestleMania Streak .. !?
  190. Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who's Teeth Are The Yellowest Of Them All .. !?
  191. Who should win the Royal Rumble.?
  192. Why Is CM Punk Dating Someone 9 Years Younger Than Him .. !?
  193. Do you think Brock Lesnar should screw Batista over in the 2014 Royal Rumble?
  194. WWE- Can CM Punk fight for 1 hour?
  195. Did Joseph Parks admit he is Abyss yet?
  196. Do you know what the CM in CM Punk stands for?
  197. True or False Miz is the most underrated talent that's in WWE?
  198. Should I Stop Asking Questions About CM Punk .. !?
  199. How many WrestleManias have CM Punk main evented?
  200. Does CM Punk know that Pepsi is bad for him?
  201. Who was a better WWE champion CM Punk or The Miz?
  202. Why can't Ryback get a push?
  203. True or False Miz is much more talented than CM Punk?
  204. Wrestling: Royal Rumble?
  205. Wrestling- HOTTEST current wwe diva?
  206. Professional Wrestling: Who do you think should be the 'Half-Time' Show at Wrestlemania 30?
  207. Professional Wrestling: Would Ryback, Curtis Axel and Roman Reigns make a 'Good' Trio?
  208. Would WWE be better off without CM Punk?
  209. wwe New divas vs the attitude divas?
  210. My thought's on Renee young?
  211. What i think of Eva Marie?
  212. who would win Aj lee vs jazz?
  213. Is Trish Stratus is the best diva in WWE and Gail Kim is the best knockout in TNA?
  214. What would happen if Steph and HHH split up? Would the future of the WWE be better or worse?
  215. Do people realize that WWE is scripted?
  216. So Is WWE Going With Daniel Bryan VS Sheamus At Wrestlemania Again?
  217. Who is the better wrestler Mae Young or Mickie James?
  218. Professional Wrestling: Why do people seem to hype these Previous World Wrestling Entertainment
  219. Professional Wrestling: Which World Wrestling Entertainment match was better or had more...
  220. Professional Wrestling: Wasn't Bo Dallas technically on the Default World Wrestling...
  221. Professional Wrestling: Total Nonstop Action: Genesis part II Vs Highest Rating?
  222. Do people realize that WWE Is sports entertainment NOT professional wrestling?
  223. What do you think was Zeb Colter's reaction when Los matadores lost?
  224. Do you think Emma is Jim Crockett Promotions Fan's sister?
  225. Does Kane have nice hair?
  226. Who's better Jeff Hardy or CM Punk?
  227. What was Bill Goldbergs final win-loss ratio in WCW, NOT INCLUDING WWE?
  228. why are there only useless questions on this section?
  229. Do you think Shelton Benjamin will come back to the WWE?
  230. Who would you like to see come back for one more match?
  231. Who are you picking to win the 2014 Royal Rumble?
  232. Will the WWE let Naomi become the new Divas Champion soon?
  233. Why can't people comprehend Daniel Bryan isn't in the Royal Rumble?
  234. Should wwe have teddy long manage big e?
  235. Who is more of a joke right now kane or wad barrett?
  236. WWE Tag Team Opinion Poll?
  237. Wrestling: Who should face Lesnar at EC 2014 John or Randy?
  238. What do you think of JBL saying the horns on his limousine are Torito's grandfather's?
  239. What do you think of JBL saying he should've charged Kofi Kingston for using his chair?
  240. What do you think of JBL saying El Torito is Mister Ed's cousin?
  241. What do you think of JBL saying Cody Rhodes has lost his fricken mind?
  242. What do you think of JBL saying the New Age Outlaws left him a tab from 1998 when they went
  243. Who would win in a bra and panties match between Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon?
  244. What do you think of JBL's sources saying Naomi still can't tell the Uso's apart?
  245. Why do people keep thinking sting is going to wwe?
  246. What do you think of JBL saying The Miz has a chance to win the Royal Rumble and prove
  247. How do you think the Main Event Player Brodus Clay feels after Wade Barett called his match boring?
  248. What do you think of JBL saying he saw Josh Matthews run from a couple of girls at AJ Lee's party?
  249. Do you agree with Wade Barett is The Miz against Brodus Clay one of the worst matches ever?
  250. What did JBL do wrong to go from a war correspondent to a videogamer?
  251. Can You Say Aj Lee And The Longest WWE Divas Champion In History Without Laughing .. !?
  252. Do you agree with cm punk?
  253. Wrestling: Should wwe do the SMACKDOWN OLD SCHOOL?
  254. What do you think Sting's reaction was when he saw Kurt Angle wanted to cry when he was giving
  255. Who do you think tapped out faster Rey Mysterio or Rockstar Spud?
  256. Does anyone know who's shirt Sean Waltman is wearing in this picture?
  257. who won the battle royal after SmackDown went off the air?
  258. Will TCW destroy WWSE?
  259. What do you think is going through Sting's mind at this moment?
  260. Can WWE Fans Please Do Me A Favour .. !?
  261. Can the chant "Miz is awful" become a popular chant?
  262. WRESTLING : SO....Is it true RYBACK is going to TNA?
  263. WWE- That was a great Promo by Wade Barrett, Agree or Disagree?
  264. If tna did the wrestler vs boss story..,?
  265. What going to be the main event of the Royal Rumble PPV?
  266. The wwe diva's division need's help?
  267. The mystery investor in tna?
  268. TCW : GUYS, If you had to choose a tag team partner....who would you choose?
  270. Why doesn't Zeb Colter sue Big Show?
  271. And just like that, my night and weekend until the Royal Rumble are ruined?
  272. Do you Think The Authority is Losing Faith in Randy orton?
  273. WRESTLING : Who would you rather have as your wwe WHC : BATISTA or LESNAR?
  274. Why isn't Miz or Ryback getting a world title shot?
  275. Who was the last superstar in the ring after smackdown went off the air?
  276. Why Are So Many People Jealous Of Aj Lee .. !?
  277. How do I become a female pro wrestler?
  278. WWE- Top 5 current WWE Superstars who have bad Mic Skills?
  279. What if Good Ole Jim Ross was at commentary when Batista returned?
  280. What Is The Authority Preparing Randy Orton For?
  281. WHOA!! Look at Sam Shaw's Twitter. Should Christy Hemme call the cops?
  282. Where is my career as far as TCW goes?
  283. Are Los Matadores Undefeated In The WWE .. !?
  284. Which Finisher Is Better, CM Punk's GTS Or Luke Harper's Clothesline .. !?
  285. Would you consider Stone Cold & Undertaker to have been a Rivalry or Rivals back in the...
  286. Since Sting is no longer in TNA, do you think he will appear in the Royal Rumble match this weekend?
  287. Has Anyone Else Noticed This In The WWE .. !?
  288. Is AJ Lee still mad because no one came to her party?
  289. Would you want Scott Steiner as your Calculus Professor?
  290. Should I move to Cincinnati to join a new wrestling promotion?
  291. When bray wyatt said we've been trapped in a cage our whole lives what did he mean?
  292. WWE- That was a bad Promo by CM Punk, Agree or Dislike?
  293. If Sting goes to WWE, would the people who hated him and his wrestling all of a sudden like him?
  294. who was the real leader of the NWO? HBK or Kevin Nash?
  295. Is it true the reason why Shane Mcmahon left because Triple H?
  296. Do you think Batista will have a match on Smackdown tonight?
  297. If Undertaker vs Sting don't happen this year at Wrestlemania I'll be upset anybody else
  298. What 'surprises' do you think will happen at Royal Rumble this Sunday?
  299. If CM Punk is best in the world since day one, why did he started in ECW?
  300. Who do you think the bigger loss for TNA is AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, or Sting?
  301. How Impressive Was That From Aj Lee .. !?
  302. Does Batista try to steal Pitbull's look?
  303. Did anyone get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last night?
  304. Wrestling reporters are so dumb?
  305. So, after what happened last night, who else thinks this match will happen at WM 30?
  306. WS Besides Batista's Return was Orton getting in that random car the only exiting thing that happen
  307. Professional Wrestling: What did you think of World Wrestling Entertainment's Monday Night RAW!?
  308. what do you think the outcome of sting vs magnus will be?
  309. Professional Wrestling: How come Professional Wrestling Fans don't seem to get these few things?
  310. Who is the tna mystery investor?
  311. Was that Camara man standing there all night?
  312. What do you think of JBL saying Kofi Kingston should make a name for himself by beating Randy Orton?
  313. why does wrestling have non title matches?
  314. Who will return at the RR this year?
  315. Did Nikki Bella's car pick up Randy Orton last night?
  316. Who will win the Royal Rumble 2014?
  317. What do you think of JBL believing Randy Orton stole that car?
  318. Professional Wrestling: Isn't it weird how Pro Wrestling is called for being scripted...
  319. did you know Batista is 1-0 in mma?
  320. Will the cake incident with AJ Lee cost her the support of Tamina and the Divas Championship?
  321. Wwere you surprised John Cena wears his wrestling attire when he travels?
  322. what does the referee be telling the wrestlers?
  323. What if CM Punk ordered a pizza and the pizza guy was?
  324. WWE- Do you think that the Royal Rumble is best PPV?
  325. WRESTLING : Don't you think seeing ryback defeating lesnar or batista would set the tone for him?
  326. Do you think Kane goes to church?
  327. Can anyone take Batista serious when he's wearing skinny jeans?
  328. Are the Wyatts going to get revenge on Daniel by kidnapping brie bella?
  329. WRESTLING SURVEY : TRUE or FALSE : Size always matters?
  330. So is it 100% Batista will win the royal rumble?
  331. WS How Rude was that of Daniel Bryan stealing the spotlight from The Wyatt's and The Uso's?
  332. WRESTLING : Who do you think will be the first to defeat BATISTA?
  333. Would it be funny if Cena's father was driving the car?
  334. Which superstar of this era is comparable to Kurt Angle?
  335. why is cm punk boring?
  336. WRESTLING : TRUE or FALSE : BATISTA'S return was the most boring ever?
  337. Would you had stopped to pick up Randy Orton?
  338. Isn't it obvious that wwe will script brock lesnar to win his match at royal rumble?
  339. Would you like to see TNA and WWE fuse?
  340. WRESTLING : Which storyline do you wish was current in the wwe?
  341. I got suspened, but I'm back like Batista +WQ?
  342. Who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble 2014?
  343. What if the shield started attacking the wwe divas? lol?
  344. what is your favorite wwe flim?
  345. Professional Wrestling: In all his matches since his return, What has Brock Lesnar done?
  346. WWE- Why do you people think Bray Wyatt has great Mic Skills?
  347. Would you come to AJ Lee's party if you were invited?
  348. Is aj lee the greatest diva ever?
  349. Agree/Disagree, if Bryan becomes the face of the company everyone will hate him?
  350. Were you surprised That John Cena arrived late to Raw tonight?
  351. What did everyone think of Batista's return to WWE last night ?
  352. What do you think was Goldust's reaction when Vickie distracted Cody?
  353. What do you think was Enrique's reaction when ADR got the "no entrance"?
  354. What do you think was The Rock's reaction when his daughter was allergic to nuts?
  355. With Miz on commentary, will Smackdown be Awesome?
  356. Who is the true BITW- Chris Jericho or CM Punk?
  357. Why is Sunny in the HOF but Elizabeth isnt?
  358. Where's the best place to meet WWE superstars in Milwaukee?
  359. who win win Gene Snitsky or Ryback?
  360. Will there ever be another un-american group in the WWE?
  361. WRESTLING : Who would win : (Prime) UNDERTAKER vs (Prime) GOLDBERG?
  362. Is Vince McMahon really going to get rid of the whole face/heel thing?
  363. What do you think of Taz getting mad at Mr. Anderson for getting in his face?
  364. What do you think of Taz saying he doesn't want to hear Mike Tenay?
  365. What do you think of Taz saying Gail Kim is a beautiful machine?
  366. Would you had gotten mad if a guy backstage told you to focus on your opponent not Christy Hemme?
  367. What do you think of Kuirt Angle saying he came to TNA because of Dixie Carter?
  368. Is Magnus bad for the Wrestling and a cancer?
  369. What do you think of Madison Rayne becoming the New Knockouts champion?
  370. Can you get a rash by touching Eric Young's beard since he hasn't washed it in so long?
  371. Was it disgusting that Samuel Shaw smelled that guy's sneakers?
  372. What do you think about Velvet Sky smiling when Austin Aries said she was "extremely hot"?
  373. Do you agree with Austin Aries when he said "she is an extremely hot woman"?
  374. Why was Samuel Shaw backstage tonight if he wasn't going to have a match tonight?
  375. Why does Christy Hemme date a guy who smells sneakers... yes sneakers?
  376. Does anyone else appreciate Madison Rayne's will to not quit even if she was hurt before the match?
  377. Wrestling: what i don't get?
  378. What do you think of Taz saying Rockstar Spud's shirt is a children's small?
  379. If Sting loses next week, no AJ Styles, no Jeff Hardy, and now no Sting?
  380. Is there a hidden trend in wrestling and this section?
  381. Since Sting is older, do you think Sting still gets in his opponents head like he did in WCW?
  382. Was TNA taking a shot at WWE for having the Wolves have a tryout match?
  383. What do you think of Austin Aries saying he's a vegan but he would break it for a piece of
  384. What are your thoughts on Dixie Carter saying AJ Styles had a "lonely hillbilly" in him?
  385. Do you agree with Taz is it Austin Aries fault Velvet Sky might leave Chris Sabin?
  386. How cool was Bully's tribute to Mae Young?
  387. What happend to TNA impact?
  388. Is Sting jealous of Ethan Carter III and Magnus?
  389. Are randy savage & u warrior getting inducted into this years hof?
  390. How mad would you be if.....?
  391. would JOHN CENA fit in the ATTITUDE ERA?
  392. WWE? How do they decide who wins and loses matches and titles?
  393. What match was CM Punk involved in on Monday Night Raw 1/13/14?
  394. Which is the more lethal move, the WORM or 5 knuckle shuffle?
  395. what would you name a TAG TEAM with 1member from IRELAND the other 4rm ENGLAND?
  396. Professional Wrestling: Total Nonstop Action: What do you think of Don't Cross The Boss...
  397. could WWE of brought MUHAMMAD HASSAN back with another gimmick since his original gimmick fail?
  398. Professional Wrestling: What is so impressive about SHIMMER Women's Professional Wrestling?
  399. How would Divas Champion AJ Lee do in a Match against Mae Young in Her Prime?
  400. Professional Wrestling: What is your opinion on Total Nonstop Action: Genesis?
  401. WRESTLING : Will KANE ever be a champion just one more time throughout the rest of his carreer?
  402. what would happen if Brock Lesnar and The Big Show..........?
  403. Did you think it was funny that Austin Aries left talking to Velvet Sky as soon as he saw Chris...
  404. What do you think of Dixie Carter giving a bonus to the people that helped Magnus beat AJ Styles?
  405. What do you think Austin Aries was talking to Velvet Sky about?
  406. Was the reason Austin Aries not helping out Sting was because he was talking to Velvet Sky?
  407. What do you think of Taz saying it was a great moment when Magnus beat AJ Styles?
  408. Tna:how many shot did tna take on wwe at genisis part 1?
  409. Do you see WWE network as a good or bad thing for wrestling?
  410. Will Sting sign with the WWE after he leaves TNA next week?
  411. R.I.P Mae Young, your thoughts?
  412. Professional Wrestling: Do you think Professional Wrestling Promotions should clean up Youtube?
  413. Professional Wrestling: Why do people overhype Gail Kim?
  414. are you ready for the most exciting monday night raw ever?
  415. Who do you think is the mystery tna investor?
  416. Will it be, the wolves vs bad influence next week?
  417. WRESTLING : Is KANE ever gonna touch the ring anymore, or is it time to hang his boots?
  418. WRESTLING : Is it true that RYBACKS carreer over in the wwe?
  419. It's that time a year again?
  420. Is this the match that WWE fans are waiting for?
  421. purely speculation what new talent do you think will be on TNA tonight?
  422. Your thoughts on Roman Reigns push?
  423. WRESTLING : Did you know that most fans on twitter said RYBACK is the future ATTITUDE era?
  424. why dosent wwe try to get aj styles ?
  425. WRESTLING : If both BATISTA and LESNAR were to work for TNA, would it phase the wwe?
  426. WRESTLING : Who would you rather see get fired from wwe : LESNAR or SHEAMUS?
  427. Why is it Wrestlemania'30' when they've been going for 29 years?
  428. will cena have to turn heel like hulk did?
  429. is it safe to say aaa roh other mexican and japanese wrestlings way better then tna?
  430. since the reserection of master ps rap career should we bring back the no limit soldiers in wwe?
  431. What will happen between Daniel Bryan and The Wyatt Family?
  432. When will The Shield break up?
  433. WRESTLING : Which chant do you enjoy more : YES, YES, YES or the FEED ME MORE?
  434. ECW made the attitude era, TRUE OR FALSE and why?
  435. Possible Wrestlemania 30 (XXX) Matches?
  436. WRESTLING : Who do you think is more of a legend: ULTIMATE WARRIOR or KANE?
  437. Professional Wrestling: Do you think there is anything that can save Randy Orton Vs John Cena
  438. Professional Wrestling: Who remembers The Shaman Of Sexy/The Guru Of Greatness John Morrison?
  439. Professional Wrestling: Who deserves the WWE World Heavyweight Championship out of this list.?
  440. Is anyone excited that Batista is coming back?
  441. Who's the weak member of the Shield/Wyatt family?
  442. do you think in order to be champ you should need legit fighting skills?
  443. would you be interested in a more real, rough pro wrestling show?
  444. should samoa joe be in the wwe, is it time for the bulgarian brutes to be called up from nxt?
  445. What would you do if a 3MB member won the rumble?
  446. WWE- Best Moment in CM Punk's WWE Career?
  447. Does This Just Prove That Ryback Is Best For Business .. !?
  448. Who Do You Think Will Be The Final Two In The Royal Rumble .. !?
  449. Is Anyone Else Just Loving Ryback In WWE Right Now .. !?
  450. How Happy Are You Going To Be When CM Punk Gets Eliminated From The Royal Rumble .. !?
  451. How Awesome Would It Be If Ryback Won The Royal Rumble .. !?
  452. What Do You Think Of This WWE Joke .. !?
  453. Hypothetically, Lets Say That Ryback Turned Into A Face .. !?
  454. What do you think was El Torito's reaction when Ryback came out and walked around the ring?
  455. Professional Wrestling: What happened to this Ryback?
  456. Do You Believe That I Am A Real Fan Of Ryback .. !?
  457. who in WWE History has held the most World Championships Only?
  458. Professional Wrestling: What could Ryback do to make you a fan of his?
  459. WRESTLING SURVEY : If you were to remake a theme for the wyatts, what would it be?
  460. who will win royal rumble?
  461. Why Is A Main Eventer Like Ryback Teaming With A Jobber Like Curtis Axel .. !?
  462. What do you think was Sandow's reaction when Ryback just walked around the ring and left?
  463. What do you think was Kingston's reaction when Ryback just walked around the ring and left?
  464. What do you think was BNB's reaction when Ryback came out and walked around the ring?
  465. WRESTLING : What did you LIKE or DIS-LIKE about UMAGA a few years back?
  466. WRESTLING : OOPS, I meant DARREN YOUNG, do you think he ruined his carreer (BY)?
  467. How did El Torito change his fur color?
  468. Professional Wrestling: Whose Worse Necro Butcher (JCW) or "Sick" Nick Mando (CZW)?
  469. WRESTLING : Which member of the WYATT'S do you think has a brighter future in the wwe?
  470. Is Bill Goldberg Confirmed or not yet For Wrestlemania xXx? There's 2 months away now!?
  471. Professional Wrestling: How is World Wrestling Entertainment Misusing Ryback?
  472. Should WWE unify the IC title and the US title?
  473. WRESTLING : Who theme music do you find very annoying currently in the wwe?
  474. Should Big Show be scared that Zeb Colter might sue him?
  475. Do you read the Smackdown/Main Event spoilers?
  476. What do you think is going to be Aaliyah's reaction when Kane chokeslam CM Punk?
  477. Are you excited that Batista is coming back?
  478. Professional Wrestling: Casual Professional Wrestling fans are the worst Agree or Disagree?
  479. Should Shawn Michaels come out of retirement?
  480. Language-based problems among wrestling fans?
  481. Professional Wrestling: Do people actually believe Titus O' Neil*and Darren Young*are Decent?
  482. Who will raise Mae Youngs hand child?
  483. Is it sad for me to have WWE action figures (I am 19)?
  484. Has a dude ever been the Womens Champion in WWE?
  485. Professional Wrestling: Footage of Aksana best Match?
  486. what would it take for you to cheer john cena and like him once again?
  487. does john cena really use sick kids or people with cancer to get "over"?
  488. Will i have to pay $60 when i first order wwe netwrok?
  489. WS Who is Paige is she better then AJ Lee?
  490. Professional Wrestling: World Wrestling Entertainment Who do you remember more Kizarny or Mordecai?
  491. Who would Chris Jericho face at Wrestlemania 30 should he return?
  492. did Sting resign with TNA?
  493. AJ Lee is the Daniel Bryan of the WWE Divas Division?
  494. What do you think was Big Show's reaction when he put Zeb Colter on a wheelchair?
  495. Who's your favorite tag team?
  496. who was the most famous between FABULOUS MOOLAH or MAE YOUNG?
  497. Have you seen the Michigan State crowd chanting Daniel Bryan's YES! at the Basketball game?
  498. Who owned Attitude Era? Stoner Cold Steve Austin of The Rock?
  499. WRESTLING : Don't you think KOFI should be our undisputed Champion?
  500. WRESTLING : Who are your top 5 wrestlers you wish never left or was released from wwe?