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  1. Steel Chairs? Cena Bleeding? in TV-PG v?
  2. Why would you watch TNA?
  3. John Cena (2003-04) or The Miz (2009-10)?
  4. I'm confused now, Was I suppose to cheer for Sheamus,or was that just for tonight ?
  5. Why do people Complain Cry about WWE, If you don't like then don't Watch, Agree or Disagree?
  7. have you ever heard some one say big show is their fave wwe super star?
  8. TNA fans... they're coming.......?
  9. Why do black people wrestle?
  10. Imagine a 450 Degree Splash into an RKO + How would you Rate this RAW aside from Brady Bunch?
  11. Is Sheamus going face?
  12. What is so GREAT about Randy orton?
  13. Who is more overrated,Orton or Cena?
  14. Edge or Randy Orton?Who do you like better why?
  15. Randy killed Evan...?!!!?
  16. Am i the only one annoyed by Botch Morrison?
  17. IYO is the MIZ awesome?
  18. John Cena or Randy Orton?who do you like better?
  19. Could John Morrison team up with somebody like Evan Bourne to form the New Rockers?
  20. Is Raw and Smackdown Live a tv event?
  21. Is Nexus being on NXT tomorrow away of getting Smackdown involved in this feud?
  22. Is it just me or are the matches being rushed?
  23. Who was the better tag team Edge and Christian or The Dudleyz?
  24. what do you think about dashing cody rhodes?
  25. Why do people Complain, Hate Moan, If you don't like WWE, How about you don't Watch it
  26. Is it just me or does Randy orton sound like a Robot?
  27. Who is the better wrestler Jack Swagger or Kurt Angle?
  28. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  29. Who's watching Raw tonight?
  30. Was Cena bleeding+ and what a crappy way to build hype for your Main Event?
  31. Why does Randy Orton Gimmick overrated him?
  32. Has anyone notice that in the first hour of Raw there has only been four mintues of...
  33. WWE Raw Review 7-12-10?
  34. has anyone ever wrote to john cena?
  35. Agree or Disagree, Raw has been horrible tonight?
  36. Which Wrestler Would You Characterize Yourself As + Please State Your Reason?
  37. Who do you think the new WWE Raw general manager is?
  38. Why do haters bash TNA?
  39. Who thinks Randy Orton is overrated?
  40. Guys, this is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  41. Which wrestler do you think the user The Dragon resembles more, Ric Flair or The Undertaker+Reason?
  42. Wasn't that the worst RKO you ever seen?
  43. What are your thoughts on RVD re-gaining the TNA Title+Message?
  44. The Second Season of NXT, am I the only one who really likes Kaval, Kabal or whatever his name is?
  45. Who would win a spelling bee?Drew McIntyre, Layla, Maryse, or Sheamus?
  46. Do you think that WWE should do this?
  47. Do you think WWE will give John Morrison the world title reign he wants by the end of 2010?
  48. What channel does TNA Xplosion come on, what day, and what time?
  49. D'Lo Brown is the only person to hold both the European and Intercontinental titles...?
  50. Does the new TNA video game have Knockouts?
  51. Should WWE let Chavo Guerrero take on the Eddie Guerrero legacy?
  52. Do you think Alicia Fox will beat Eve this Sunday, then Melina appears outside the ring after the...
  53. To the user me me me me?
  54. Star, if you want the user The Lord Of Darkness leave this section once and for all?
  55. how can they shows clips of jeff?
  56. What ex WWE Superstarrs or current WWE Superstars are Married or Datingried?
  57. Airhorn incident in CZW +BQ?
  58. Is that a guarantee users who hide their QA are cheaters?
  59. Clown Prince of Crime is 'Omar Rasya' and lives in 'Jakarta Indonesia'. Thank you Truly Phenomenal?
  60. Why is LP23 and I the BEST users? Why does The Lord of Darkness and Clown Prince of
  61. What users would win these WS AWARDS?
  62. Are There Any Wrestling Schools In ..........?
  63. Agree Or Disagree+More Question Links?
  64. Agree Or Disagree+More Question Links?
  65. How To Make A WWE Ring?
  66. Do you think WWE is trying to keep EC off the same show so they won't team up?
  67. links to pro wrestlers official website? wwe plans? wwe dvd review website?
  68. Do you think this proves the next female face of the WWE is?
  69. Do you think at SummerSlam?
  70. Cena or Orton Wrestling?
  71. whats the temperature you keep it at?
  72. Will Vince sue TNA for having RVD using Undertaker's gimmick ?
  73. What is WWE's best PPV of the last decade (2000-2009)? Why?
  74. who's going to watch tna victory road on extreme this friday night?
  75. seriously-funny-kevin-hart Free online?
  76. what is an efed? ecw rise and fall and edge dvd review? michigan indy wrestling website links?
  77. anybody else starting to think Triple H's Surgery was a cover up for his big return?
  78. Swaggere or Morrison WWE?
  79. Which match would you rather want to see? And why?
  80. what do you think about this?
  81. Did you know this about John Cena and HHH?
  82. People say RVD is an AWESOME wrestler, I don't quite see it . What are you guys smoking,and...
  83. wreslting: why do u give Jimmy your attention when you know he a f@g?
  84. fav wwe star and why?
  85. and what do you think of this prety amazing?
  86. Where to watch WWE wrestling live through the internet?
  87. Time Dreamer Game Download?
  88. What do you think of Victory road so far?
  89. Who remembers this attitude era Moment LOL?
  90. Should this be randy ortons theme when he turns heel again/returns from an injury?
  91. Since Wrestlemania is in Atlanta?
  92. My 10th WWCE Smackdown is it good please rate?
  93. Where can I Watch Live WWE Events Online?
  94. WS:Whatare your thoughts on my Youtube vid i made?
  95. My WCW Monday Night Nitro episode # 11 ( I'll choose Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  96. Your thoughts on last night's TNA Victory Road (SPOILER ALERT)?
  97. Was that Mickie James or Tara?
  98. if Rated RKO reforms this year should this be there theme?
  99. in a wwe cage match, sarah palin vs lady gaga (chairs and ladders allowed), which one would win?
  100. WWE Release Savannah But Sign Alicia Fox's Sister? SAY WHAT!?
  101. Do you like Smackdown's current state?
  102. What is your prediction for tonight's 7 on 1?
  103. Is this the worst botched move by Beth Phoenix?
  104. guess the wrestler (diffuculty)?
  105. Randy Orton's RKO or Stone Cold's Stunner + Who do you like Better: The Viper or The Rattlesnake?
  106. which wrestler would you want to finisherize you?
  108. Why does LP23 have such a big crush on RANDY ORTON?
  109. Where is the footage of Bob Holly's attack on Matt Capotelli from Tough Enough?
  111. What you Think of John Cena in this Promo.?
  112. Why is WWE so much BETTER than TNA?
  113. Who won the Wrestling Championship?
  114. What does it mean to have a good professional wrestling title reign?
  115. Who thinks Kurt Angle will be at wm 27 to face Jack Swagger he only needs to lose 1 match...
  117. Wow are you all excited that Tara is back to TNA?
  118. IYO, Who Took The RKO Better?
  119. Do I bring Joy and happyness to the Wrestling Section?
  120. Who should be the title holders next in the WWE?
  121. Why do you watch TNA when YOU KNOW it SUCKS?
  122. Why is the Wrestling Section dead right now?
  123. Was Scott Steiner better in WCW or WWF/E?
  124. Is anyone else as bored of Angelina Love as I am?
  125. Can anyone name this move, with the proper name?
  126. Who do you think deserved a title, but never got one?
  127. will wwe ever do something like this again?
  128. Rate these rivalries from a scale from 1-10?
  129. What are your thoughts on TNA wanting to bring ROH star Delirious into the company?
  130. Do you think this Evan Bourne commercial from wwe paints him as a spot monkey?
  131. Who had the best week?
  132. Who is more likely to win MITB : Kane or Drew Mcintyre?
  133. What do you think about me as a user?
  134. If you can ban any user from Wrestling Section, who would it be?
  135. why do you people HATE the pg era+ bq?
  136. Christian is Mr. Money in the Bank?
  137. What are your thoughts on the Motor City Machine Guns winning the Tag Titles?
  138. What question is more stupid: Who Wins or Whos Hotter Why?
  139. Wouldn't it make more sense if the titles didn't change hands very often?
  140. Who agree's that was the worse Ultimate X ever?
  141. Do Alicia Fox really deserve that diva's champ?
  142. Agree or Diagree Question?
  143. Edge storyline.Could it lead to this world title unification/Christian rivalry?
  144. Holland lost cant believe it!!!?
  145. Rate my dream PPV.Would this be a good dream PPV?Pick winners.?
  146. Wrestling Section, who do you like better?
  147. which RANDOM stable is better and why?
  148. The Radio wants to know: If Vince McMahon claims that 'the show must go on'..?
  149. The Radio wants to know: Why did WWE decide to push Jeff Hardy over Matt Hardy?
  150. Where online can I watch WWE wrestling money in the bank live?
  151. Which finisher do you think is better, The Pedigree or Sweet Chin Music?+3BQ?
  152. who should win mitb matt hardy or christian?
  153. Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money, most exciting tag match in a long time?
  154. Lord of D_ickness and Clown Prince of C_um are the same person!?
  155. What questions you want to ask John Cena?
  156. What do you think of this crazy made up storyline?
  157. Who would win these matches?
  158. Who would you cheer for in the rap battle?
  159. Who would win the rap battle?
  160. What do you think of this made up storyline? rate from 1-10?
  161. My 10th WWCE Raw is it good please Rate?
  162. Big Breaking News: Sheamus rushed to a nearby hospital?
  163. Who do you think is the most funniest?
  164. Who would win a spelling bee?
  165. what if John Morrison and Drew McIntyre formed a tag team........?
  166. who is your least fav wrestler from each company?
  167. what year were these wrestlers at there best in terms of wrestling ability and talent?
  168. whitch undertaker biker entrance theme was the best?
  169. Do you like WWE's new PPV gimmicks?
  171. What are the chances of Evan Bourne winning MITB?
  172. Do you defend pro wrestling whenever people talk crap about it?
  173. who would win this 30 man royal rumble?
  174. how would you rank yourself as a user(more inside)?
  175. who is you fav wrestler from each company?
  176. The Reptiles (Orton Austin) vs. The Sexy Boyz (HBK JoMo) vs. USA Dream Team (Swagger
  177. Who's Entrance is Better: Randy Orton or Drew McIntyre + Who is McIntyre more Similar to:...
  178. What was the ring name used by Lawrence Beauchene?
  179. Kofi Kingston being pushed to be the top star in WWE?
  180. If one of these Two Superstars had to Win Money in the Bank, Who should Win: Dolph Ziggler...
  181. Do you think if Love and Sky reunite it will help the Knockout's division?
  182. What is TNA's suprise tonight?
  183. When Smackdown moves to SyFy what night will it be on?
  184. does the FULL film of bob backlund winning the WWWF title from Superstar Graham exist in...
  185. Who is your wrestling crush?
  186. What heavyweight champion was nicknamed Real Deal?
  187. Which will be better? + BQ?
  188. What do Raw fans think of these two storylines?
  189. What do you think of this Hardy/Christian thing?
  190. What do you think of my summerslam 2010 card?
  191. Who have/has the greatest mic skills in wrestling history?
  192. shawn michaels gives his first interview since his retirement?
  193. Who should replace R-Truth in RAW's Money in the Bank: Triple H, Justin Gabriel or Shelton Benjamin?
  194. My predictions for wwe MITB ppv and aftermath?
  195. Should WWE do this for Night of Champions 2010?Do you think they will?
  196. Do you think WWE is Planning WrestleMania XXVII to be Similar to WrestleMania X-Seven + What is
  197. Will Serena and CM Punk now be put in a relationship?
  198. Why does one of the wrestlers in the wwe money in the bank ppv commercial have a pepsi tattoo?
  199. How can I watch TNA or WWE wrestling live online?
  201. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's Fake and Gay?
  202. Who should Face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII: Triple H, John Cena or Goldberg?
  203. The Clown Prince of Crime or The Lord of Darkness+ bq?
  204. Do you these WWE Superstars are the Next or Modern Day Version (Generations) of these Superstars?
  205. Where to watch TNA Victory Road 2010 live stream online?
  206. Clown Prince of Crime and Lord of Darkness are the same person. Isn't it obvious?
  207. Which Promotion has Better Superstar Talent: WWE or TNA + Which do you think is Better Overall?
  208. With the new Elimination Chamber DVD what will happen with the 2005 Chamber, featuring
  209. Why does everybody here in the wrestling section make references to Chuck Norris?
  210. Which stars were mainly affected when WWE eliminated the Cruiserweight Division?
  212. My WCW PPV episode # 10 ( I'll pick Best Answer)?
  213. Which female wrestler is close to or has the same height and weight like yours?
  214. The Radio wants to know: Who do you truly believe is the greatest wrestler of all time?
  215. Your Top 10 All-Time Wrestling theme songs?
  216. Y!A World War 3 Battle Royal + Rules (Round 1)?
  217. is money in the bank gonna be a good PPV?
  218. Is CM Punk really Straight Edge in real life?
  219. If you could ask Randy Orton a question, what would be the question? +BQ?
  220. Beautiful Bobby Eaton hospitalized. What are your thoughts?
  221. Is Wrestlemania a holiday for Wrestling fans?
  222. i love John Morrison. What about you?
  223. What was the better gimmick or wrestler Narcissist Lex Luger or Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff?
  224. My WWE Saturday Nights Main Event.1st Saturday Nights Main Event.Is it good?
  225. Who would be a better WWE champ?
  226. does any body else think that cm punks?
  227. who else here wants to see?
  228. Which game is better, Simpsons: Hit and Run or WWE SvR 2006?
  229. is drew the new HHH and john morrison the new HBK?
  230. Who's the best wrestler in WWE right now?
  231. What if WWE bought TNA like they did with ECW and WCW?
  232. Will The Miz ever be a face?
  233. edge or randy orton and why?
  234. Watch TNA Victory Road 2010 Live Stream?
  235. The Reason Christian will never be world champion again is because vince hates him right?
  236. What is up with Tommy Dreamer,Rhyno,Stevie Richards and Raven In the crowd these past few
  237. Since Triple H Pulled Something In his leg in a movie he was in when do you think he'll return now?
  238. Do you think wwe will be releasing mark henry and the great khali soon?
  239. Can wwe Sue Jeff Hardy For Stealing The Undertaker's Demons of the night theme thing?
  240. Has Anyone Else Thought Smackdown has been boring as of late?
  241. Question for wrestling fans with GF's and BF's?
  242. Got any theories on Triple H?
  243. When will Ric Flair Just Give up and retire already?
  244. This is why WWE is PG?
  245. Is tomorrow going to be a boring night in the WS?
  246. Who do you think should've Retired Shawn Micheals at WrestleMania XXVI: John Morrison or Triple H?
  247. What Are The Chances Of John Morrison Winning The Raw money in the bank?
  248. Do you these WWE Superstars are the Next or Modern Day Version(Generations) off these Superstars?
  249. WWEA Raw the 15th come pick who wins?
  250. Does Kelly Kelly Really Deserve The Woman's Title?
  251. Triple H wants to Retire at WrestleMania XXVII, Who should End his Career: The Undertaker or...
  252. What similarities do Drew McIntyre and HHH have,Morrison and HBK have,and Swagger and Angle have?
  253. Give me a ''HELL YEAH!'' if you want SCSA as RAW GM!?
  254. What did Elijah Burke do before becoming a professional wrestler?
  255. What ring names has Alvin Burke, Jr. used?
  256. If John Morrison were to win the Raw Money in Bank do you think he is ready to main event,why?
  257. Choose your favourite former WWE wrestler ! Read ?
  258. Which powerbomb looks better?
  259. Stone Cold CAW SVR 09 Wii?
  260. Suicide CAW fo SVR 09 on the wii?
  261. Hi. I am Stone Cold 2.0. What are your most wanted answered wrestling related questions?
  262. Who would you choose to be in Fortune?
  263. Do you think YA should seperate wrestling into pro and ameteur?
  264. As a member of Nexus prefer?
  265. Do u agree wid my list of best finishers?
  266. WWE Fans : Do you love to watch all wrestling promotions or just love watching WWE?
  267. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  268. Order these wrestlers from greatest to least in wrestling skill do you think they worth it ?
  269. Do you think WWE having John Cena beat The Undertaker at WM is a good decision and right thing?
  270. What's wrong with not having blood in WWE?
  271. WrestleMania 23 or 24? Which was better?
  272. Best submission move?
  273. Agree or Disagree: The only reason Chavo Guerrero isn't being released is because of Eddie's legacy?
  274. Chris Jericho deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than ANY wrestler in WWE? + WQ?
  275. Would Taker vs HHH at WM 27 in another Streak vs Career sell as much as Taker vs HBK at WM 26?
  276. Do u still reckon Bill Goldberg as a dominant force in TODAY'S wrestling?
  277. True or Agree: Blaming John Cena for PG Era is stupid?
  278. Would Undertaker vs Goldberg at WM 27 be an all-time classic or a below decent match?
  279. The WWE Raw GM sends message to pro wrestling internet show?
  280. Who are your picks right now to win the Raw and Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Matches?
  281. Who does the Best Cold Eyed Stare; Stone Cold or Randy Orton + Who has that Serious Look:
  282. Do you think the Tag Team division is becoming more less recognized like the diva?s?
  283. Who Were the current champions in SD Vs RAW 2007?
  284. Who would Win in these Matches + Who's Your Favorite WWE Superstar Y!A User?
  285. My Expectatios on What will Happen at WWE Money in the Bank + Rate My Predictions or...
  286. LeBron James going to Miami Heat is Identical to Hulk Hogan going to nWo: Agree or Disagree?
  287. Wrestling Section Poll: Which Wrestling Promotion do you think is Better Perfer; WWE or TNA?
  288. Should M.V.P. Take this Time to Turn Heel + Interfere in the Mysterio/Swagger Match Fued
  289. What are Your Predictions for WWE Money in the Bank + Who will Retire First, Triple H or The...
  290. Which WM match since HBK's return in 2002 was the WORST?
  291. Is there any wrestler that you hate even though you know they are a good wrestler or promoist?
  292. Who do you like Better + Who's Theme is Better: Drew McIntyre or Sheamus; (Who has a
  293. does any body else here remeber?
  294. How do I get into Florida Championship Wrestling?
  295. Who were the members of the Human Oddities faction?
  296. future wwe plans? interesting wwe facts?
  297. Any one find it weird that at tna Victory Road and wwe MITB they have got steel cage matches?
  298. What was so great about Batista?
  299. Why do some of you like Jeff Hardy?
  300. What your Reaction be if John Morrison(HBK) Drew McIntyre(HHH) Both Win Money in the Bank?
  301. Who is the mysterious raw gM?
  302. Who were the members of the Tag team known asBig,Bad and Dangerous?
  303. What was the ring name for 6' 8 -300 lb. Al Polling in ECW?
  304. Does Vince McMahon really hate christian?
  305. Will wwe send more stars to smackdown?
  306. I was watching smackdown last night?
  307. Do you really think jack swagger is the next kurt angle?
  308. Will christian win the MITB?
  309. Did kane win a wwe championship before?
  310. Does anyone even watch wwe superstars anymore?
  311. Do you think it was kane who attacked the undertaker?
  312. Who is the father of the wrestler Tevita Fifita?
  313. is tripel h shaw michles come back to wwe wer?
  314. What did you think of Litas last match?
  315. Who's your favorite WWE superstar and diva on each brand?
  316. Why do wwe fans get turned on WHEN THEY SEE a GHEY wrestler LIKE JOHN CENA?
  317. What do you think of WWE?
  318. WWE vs. TNA InVasion: Choose Winners + Which Wrestling Promotion do you think is Better?
  319. Who do you think is better triple h or undertaker?
  320. is kane entertaining at all?
  321. How greatly have the Fans opinions changed from the 80's?
  322. Vote for The Undertaker as Most deserving for a Hall of Fame Induction So he has higher...
  323. Do you think WWE are getting a message across that Smaller People Can Still Achieve Greatness?
  324. During his feud with Kane in 2006, did MVP earn your respect? Yes or No? Why?
  325. Vote for The Undertaker as Most deserving for a Hall of Fame Induction so he has a
  326. Agree or Disagree: The IWC is a big factor in finding WWE Predictable?
  327. John Cena is more deserving of a Hall of Fame induction than The Undertaker?
  328. Do you think John Cena deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than The Undertaker?
  329. will the push of Younger and Smaller Wrestlers Continue in The WWE?
  330. LeBron James signed with MIAMI Heat pass the WORD bychez!?
  331. Which heels will benefit more if they turned face?
  332. Which wrestler(s) do you respect the most?
  333. Who will win SD MITB and when will they cash in plus UWA WarZone voting?
  334. Annyone Else Surprised At This?
  335. Is The Undertaker the only wrestler still wrestling today that was wrestling back in the...
  336. Who would you Consider The Better Man?
  337. Did the Japanese promotion HUSTLE go out of business?
  338. do you think money in the bank 2010 will be a good pay per view?
  339. Where to watch WWE Raw World Tour through the internet live?
  340. Where can I Watch Live WWE Events Online?
  341. a wwe fans does this video make you cry tears of joy?
  342. What is the best theme song?
  343. What do you think of Alberto Del Rio?
  344. Extreme Hardcore Wrestling sign ups! [EHW]?
  345. Which is the best time to ask questions and recieve good answers in wrestling section?
  346. wwe fake!! wwe real!!!!----PLEASE READ!?
  347. How do you usually watch wrestling shows?
  348. Why didn't Marc Mero or Johnny B Badd ever get more popular than he did?
  349. WWE fans,will you just SHUT UP and make me a SANDWICH?
  350. WWE Raw Fantasy Show for July 12, 2010?
  351. What would you think if this happened in the Nexus vs WWE storyline?(re-asking)?
  352. Can you take a look at this?
  353. Who is better Taylor Wilde or Sarita, now that they are feuding?
  354. If SmackDown was the intended All Diva's Show do you think it would've already been cancelled?
  355. Did anyone else here that member of the IWC get pwned tonight?
  356. Who was Undertakers partner when they won the tag titles at In Your House: fully Loaded in 1998?
  357. Who did you think Y2J's mystery partner would be at NoC 2009?
  358. who is a better wrestler kaval or aj styles(bonus question inside)?
  359. did any body else think that?
  360. Amblaja amblaja amblaja?
  361. Who do you guys think will win?
  362. who is your favorite female wrestler's from any promotion except wwe?
  363. How many world titles has christian won?
  364. Do you think these TNA Wrestlers would make it in WWE + Do you think 2001(WCW) is 2011?
  365. Who is better Jeff Hardy or christian?
  366. Why do WWE fans spend their friday nights watching Smackdown?
  367. How can you like Triple H, but not like Cena?
  368. Who Had The Worst Week?
  369. Who do you think will the win the Money in the bacnk for Smackdown?
  370. Why do people like Matt Hardy?
  371. when is the undertaker coming back?
  372. Will Jeff Hardy ever return to WWE Raw?
  373. When will Raw's MITB winner cash in plus UWA Return Show results?
  374. When is it a great day to whoop somebody's @zz?
  375. Which divas will definitely get into the hall of fame?
  376. Who is the better actor Hogan or Pipper?
  377. Who do you think will win the Money in the bank for Raw?
  378. What was the Undetakers original name before being shortend to just the Undertaker?
  379. Would Undertaker vs Goldberg at WM 27 be an all-time classic or a below decent match?
  380. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  381. That's it! I am offically done with TNA! WWE I have returned...?
  382. Which one of those wrestlers should face The Undertaker at WM 27 + 2 BQ?
  383. What Wrestler and Diva have the best entrance music?
  384. Who is your favorite member of Nexus?
  385. What's so great about Randy Orton?
  386. What so great about about John Morrison?
  387. Should this be WWE's Diva Roster?
  388. Is the WWE trying to make Jack Swagger like Kurt Angle?
  389. Is this not the biggest double standard in the WS?
  390. What would you think if this happened in the Nexus vs WWE storyline?
  391. Professonal Wretling Company! Show #1 +BQ= What are your thoughts on Nexus?
  392. Can you picture Nexus attacking Batista?
  393. User vs User contest!?
  394. Do you think Undertaker deserves to be Overall 98 in SmackDown vs Raw 2011? + WQ?
  395. Looking for a good way to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  396. Who was the last person to hold The Georgia Heaveyweight Title?
  397. Do you believe if fans were In The Dark about Match Result Rumors, Wrestling would be more
  398. So...Which wrestling company is better? TNA or WWE?
  399. My WCW episode # 9 ( I'll choose Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  400. which wwe game was this?
  401. Winner of RAW's MITB plus UWA Return Show and Signups?
  402. Lebron James to Miami Heat spread the Word B1tchez?
  403. What was the best year in wrestling from the 2000s?
  404. If Chris Benoit never passed away, where would EC be now?
  405. does any 1 no a good wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 4 teens?
  406. Animals, Wrestling, Music?
  407. What is your FAVORITE WWE PPV that is NOT one of the 'Big Four'?
  408. Is their any 2 Women in either WWE or TNA that could make a 60 min Iron Woman's match entertaining?
  409. Why are rated silent and punk princess fighting?
  410. A few questions regarding NXT?
  411. Where can I watch FCW?
  412. who agrees everyone in tat 6 man tag team match should be main eventers?
  413. Whatever happened to Jeff Bagwell, Big Poppa Pump and Booker T?
  414. Why isn't Angelina Love with the The Beautiful People anymore?
  415. Who was the first person EVER to perform a diving turnbuckle move in the WWE?
  416. Do you think that the WWE Diva division has gone down the drain since there are no
  417. What Diva has the best ass? BQ?
  418. what do yo think of mattel wwe 7?
  419. where can i watch the miz debut?
  420. In Wrestling ┐Tu sabes hablar espa˝ol?
  421. Now that the Triple H will be out even more months?
  422. What any match would you change the winner to make the audience angry?
  423. Jeff Hardy GUILTY in court case!?
  424. In Wrestling ┐wwe sucks!!?
  425. What's the point in watching wwe when you know you will be disapointed?
  426. what is a good wrestling site?
  427. if you were the guest referre in a match between john cena and wade barret what would you do?
  428. In SvR 2010 can you change the pin system from tap/hold to the button mashing one?
  429. Where to watch WWE Raw World Tour through the internet live?
  430. new wrestling Efed........?
  431. Did Cody Rhodes cut the worst promo in the history of the WWE, as shown in the video below?
  432. Where to watch live WWE on my computer free?
  433. i have a question about the brian kendrick?
  434. Who had the best night -- WWE Superstars?
  435. WWE quiz Try to take it?
  436. just a 'fun' wrestling quiz(not a real one)?
  438. What is the highest rating any Wrestling Show has got?
  439. who is the annoymous gm in wwe?
  440. Triple H Returning...Soon?
  441. WS I want your opinion how is my DX Avatar?
  442. This only to TNA Fans! What do you think of Sting's Character BQ?
  443. Order these wrestlers from greatest to least in wrestling skill?
  444. Whats a good name for a title?
  445. How do i import superstar themes into my Svr 2010 game?
  446. In England which channel shows RAW, SD, NXT, Superstars and the PPVs?
  447. If wwe were to make a new brand? Do you agree that it should be called SuperPG?
  448. What would be a good name for a title belt?
  449. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  450. What are you watching The Labron James thing or TNA(ANT)lol?
  451. what do you think of JEFF HARDY?
  452. Who's better and why edge or chris jericho?
  453. Guess the wrestler I love these?
  454. If you can hang out with a superstar/diva for a day...?
  455. My WCW episode # 8 ( I'll pick Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  456. YWF Lightning 4 + WQ..?
  457. Guess the wrestler # 9 ( First one to answer correctly gets Best Answer)?
  458. Who's a better, Kaval or Daniel Bryan and why?
  459. who do you think from TNA should be in the new four horsemen AKA Fourtune?
  460. Has Vince always hated Christian or was it just because he went to TNA?
  461. Plans for HHH and Undertaker, Something of a spoiler?
  462. interesting ppv in prime?
  464. is espn classic be showing classic tna impact in uk?
  465. LOL Did anyone see the Stone Old sign on TNA?
  466. Do you think if WWE used these Tag Teams, Would it help the Tag Team Division + Do you like the
  467. Triple H to Return..............?
  468. Which superstars out of these need a need gimmick bad why?
  469. Who looks better Eminem or John Morrison?
  470. Which stable is/was better?
  471. who is better miz or morrison?
  472. Would this be a good card? pick winners......?
  473. What wrestling move looks the least painful, but is actually the most painful?
  474. What 3 fueds would you like on RAW and Smackdown?
  475. Has WWE gone down the drain since HHH, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker are not currently there
  476. Did Macho agree to have jake roberts snake bite him and gnaw on his arm or was that just a
  477. when will kane and the undertaker shoot lightning bolts at each other again?
  478. who is or was the most boring wrestler ever - not exciting in the ring and dull on the mic?
  479. What do you think will happen to Jeff Hardy?
  480. Professional Wrestling Company #1 Show?
  481. Who wants to be a GM of an efed + BQ?
  482. Is there any way that I can watch WWE live online ?
  483. My WWE Monday night RAW.20th RAW.Is it good?
  484. Who is your favourite wrestler of all time. Give reasons plz ? + Star?
  485. Who will retire first - HHH or Edge?
  486. honestly when did you start to like your favorite wrestler?
  487. For which reason do you think that wwe is stop to doing storys for kids?
  488. Which wwe feud of 2006 do you think was the worst?
  489. Why doesn't Vince accept TNA's existence?
  490. Do you WWE Fans fear the TNA Fans BQ?
  491. Are you happy or sad that Triple H is planning to retire next WrestleMania?
  492. Where to watch TNA Victory Road Live online with high-quality pictures ?
  493. Looking for a good site to watch WWE wrestling live online, where ?
  494. Who will take the place of R-Truth to Money in the Bank?
  495. How about a feud between The Undertaker and John Cena ?
  496. why is owen harts wife re-sueing wwe?
  497. will we get to see this DARK MATCH?
  498. Does anyone think that Vince is hiring too many wrestlers?
  499. If you are the chairman of the WWE what would you do to bring back life to wrestling..?
  500. Is Joey Mercury the S.E.S mystery man?