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  1. What do you think of The Rock's new tattoo?
  2. The Lord of Darkness vs The Clown Prince of Crime. Who wins? nd a BQ?
  3. why do you guys support LP23 when you know hes gay?
  4. Where can I watch WWE ' Money in the Bank ' wrestling live online?
  5. who do you think is the new general manager of raw?
  6. Now that CM PUNK is unmasked, will everyone sleep better tonight,now knowing what he looks
  7. How much would you like or dislike WWE, if John Cena was entered in the MITB match and won ?
  8. edge better as a face? face means good guy?
  9. Do you think that wwe in 2006 was one of the best years for wwe?
  10. Vickie is looking very HOT , or is it just me ?
  11. can anyone give me a video of buddy rogers vs bruno sammartino?
  12. guess the wrestler,hints inside?
  13. WWE Entrance Theme Tournament?
  14. why did wwf change to wwe?
  15. Who won the most wwe championships?
  16. why did stone cold quit wwe?
  17. who won the most royal rumbles?
  18. who invented the ddt?
  19. Money in the Bank Predictions?
  20. Steel Cage match: Dick Chaney and George W Bush, vs Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew, who wins?
  21. How to watch WWE events live online?
  22. Why did the rock quit wwe?
  23. who should end undertakers streak?
  24. When was the last time Undertaker was pinned clean in a Singles match?
  25. What is this Diva poll voting Cody Rhodes as most handsome?
  26. Since Rosa Mendes made Layla lose the match?
  27. Who wants either Christian or Matt Hardy to win the Smackdown Money in the Bank?
  28. Who Is Your Favorite NXT Wrestler?
  29. What happened to the Undertaker on WWE?
  30. Is Kofi Kingston going to be the star of MITB?
  31. 5 Questions with Qwerty (nWo) and don't forget to STAR!?
  32. For those who think Chris Jericho is leaving WWE in September?
  33. Make Up TNA Story Lines For Me Please?
  34. Did WWE make Kofi Kingston look like a weak champ?
  35. What channel is WWE on in DirecTV?
  36. who thinks this will happen at MITB?
  37. Did you watch that new wrestling show that was on mtv2 tonight?
  38. whitch Christian/christian Cage theme is better?
  39. what if at the royal rumble everybody is expecting HHH return but instead at numer 30 you hear this
  40. Was the Attitude Era overrated?
  41. Why wasn't Michelle McCool on WWE tv this week?
  42. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  43. am i the only one that see's a heel turn coming for John Cena real soon?
  44. What do you think about chavo in the WWE now?
  45. Why were there never a match between Goldberg and The undertaker?
  46. WWE Raw Predictions for 7/19/10?
  47. What wrestlers head and face inspired the Shrek character?
  48. Who would you shock you the most to be the last spot in the Raw MITB Match: Booker T or...
  49. Why do people think that Hardcore = Better?(BQ)?
  50. Do you think the Bella Twins should get a push?
  51. Who is the most charismatic superstar/diva?
  54. Who is this Alberto guy who randomly appears during WWE shows?
  55. when HHH returns we r all waiting to see triple H and i like him very much.?
  57. Do any of you have parents who watched wrestling?
  58. Who will win the 2010 WWE Money in the Bank?
  59. Do you think that Vince McMahon is a thief of ideas?
  60. will torrie wilson ever be back in the WWE?
  61. Tell me the reasons why Vince McMahon is kill ECW?
  62. TNA vs MMA vs WWE vs WWF vs WCW vs BYR?
  63. who is alberto is he a good wrestler?
  64. Who has seen punk bold yet?
  65. What match that your favorite wrestler had that you wanted him/her to lose?
  66. What would you do if.......?
  67. Which finisher would you like to see off a ladder in the SD! MITB?
  68. Which finisher would you most like to see off the ladder in the RAW MITB?
  69. With SmackDown! moving to SyFy in October?
  70. Was CM Punk's title reign underated?
  71. How long is Beth Phoenix going to be out?
  72. That Ladder Was Sexy Wasnt it?
  73. is triple H Jeff Hardy ever qonna come back on WWE Smack Down?
  74. Do you think Jillian Hall is attractive?
  75. IYO, has Hell In A Cell lost its luster (just like Wrestlemania)? Why?
  76. Do u consider the idea of HHH vs Taker at WM 27 in Career vs Streak as HBK vs Taker at WM...
  77. Why do a lot of people fancy the idea of Triple H vs Undertaker at WM 27?
  78. When did the last time Mark Henry put a legendary match?
  79. What's so entertaining about watching muscular sweaty men groping and pretending to hurt each other?
  80. Do you think this is possible at the MITB ppv?
  81. What would be your reaction if?
  82. Why do you continue to watch the WWE when YOU KNOW they are pretending to hurt each other?
  83. Which tna/wwe superstar/knockout/diva is hotter?
  84. Do you think Undertaker will return AT SummerSlam or?
  85. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY?
  86. Pick the Winner of The Royal Rumble Match?
  87. How do you feel about the nutty 8000 point undertaker fan, The Lord of Darkness dieing?
  88. User vs User: The Clown Prince of Crime vs The Lord of Darkness?
  89. R.I.P The Lord of Darkness. How do you feel about his passing?
  90. Whos better Jeffhardy Matt hardy Nexus or Johncena?
  91. Please ? if you think The Lord of Darkness shouldnt have comitted suicide?
  92. which wwe superstar do you think?
  93. Truly Phenomenal told me Clown Prince of Crim from Jakarta and name is Omar Rasya! BROWN PRINCE OF..
  94. Did Sandman die? and if he did what year did he die?
  95. Create your own ECW Invasion Storyline?
  96. Who is watching the Lucha Libre wrestling tonite?
  97. My WCW Monday Night Nitro episode # 14 ( If you rate the show I will choose Best Answer)?
  98. Are you excited about this ECW invasion thing?
  99. What do you think of my Fantasy PPV Card?
  100. My WCW Thunder Episode # 2 ( I'll pick Best Answer if you rate my show)?
  101. Does anyone think Santino should become a heel?
  102. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling on the internet?
  103. Scavenger Hunt of WWE?
  104. How can I watch WWE ' Money in the Bank' live online?
  105. Hot Video of Maryse!!!?
  106. Why are ppl so obsessed w/ the Attitude Era?
  107. Is this a good ending to this match?
  108. Is it me or does Rosa Mendes finally look good in her new gimmick?
  109. Would you ever sing along to the sound of a human death rattle as they take their last breath?
  110. Cena is the Face of the WWE in general?
  111. Should they make the Unified Tag Team Championships be seperate again? + (Bonus Q's inside) BA
  113. Is Mark Henry going to be in the MITB?
  114. Holy Cow what is going on on TNA?
  115. the king returns ...............?
  116. What do you think of my Fantasy and Custom PPV Card?
  117. Cody Rhodes act like young Randy Orton?
  118. Big Update on the return of Triple H and Undertaker?
  119. My TNA vs ECW vs WWE vs NXT PPV; Who Wins?
  120. OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR SVR 2011. Can someone plz tell me about it in simple terms and maybe give...
  121. If you were a wrestler then...?
  122. exclusive for you my friends CD punk unmasked today's SD?
  123. Do you think WWE is getting more unrealistic?
  124. The Radio wants to know: What could WWE/pro wrestling do to get the 'respect' of mainstream media?
  125. The Radio wants to know: What would it be like if WWE merged with TNA, ROH, NJPW, DGUSA, CMLL,
  126. The Radio wants your opinion: Who is better? Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy?
  127. The Radio wants to know: Your friend tells you 'I wanna be a wrestling fan.' What match(es) do you
  128. What happened to Robert Roode?
  130. Any idea when HHH and Batista will be back?
  131. What's so special about Orton?
  132. ECW Invasion vs Nexus Invasion?
  133. The Radio wants to know your opinion: Who's the better wrestler? Chris Benoit or Kurt Angle?
  134. What does TNA have that WWE doesn't have?
  135. Has Goldberg ever put on a legendary match in his entire overrated career?
  136. Should The Undertaker be involved in a Triple Threat match at WM 27 to even the number
  137. TNA or WWE (Needs to be 20 characters long)?
  138. Who thinks that TNA ending was overrated?
  139. Based on a heels perspective?
  140. Thell me more about bWo in ecw?
  141. in full detail what happened on tonights TNA IMPACT?
  142. Best wrestlers ever tournament part 1?
  143. was that the best wrestling show of 20101 TNA! ECW! TNA! ECW!?
  144. Which Undertaker return was your favorite?
  145. What are your predictions for the MITB pay per view?
  146. Would Heidenreich vs Psycho Sid be a mismatch?
  147. Who would win this Wrestling fight?
  148. ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!! ECW!!!?
  150. If I were to take a song and make an instumental version of it like by myself, could I use it...
  151. Shelton Benjamin independent debut?
  152. WOW finally the TNA fans are taking this section over?
  153. Is/was there any wrestler in the business who remind you of Randy The Ram Robinson?
  154. In order to be a wrestler for WWE, you have to?
  155. What would you be into if wrestling never existed?
  156. I'm a little late but what did you guys think of Victory Road?
  157. I think that of all sections in Y!A, the WS has to be the most...?
  158. Does anyone else HATE RVD's TNA theme?
  159. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  160. why are wwe fans hating on todays tna show?
  161. how come some (some not all) WWE fans complain they want the attitude era back and the bash
  163. Who ended Brock Lesnar's 3rd WWE Title reign? Best Answer for the 1st person who gets it?
  164. John Cena already crushed ECW in WWE but now they are scared and have to pick on poor little TNA?
  165. Where is WWE Night of Champions being held this year and what is the date? 1st person 2...
  166. Is it true that ECW is full of old ugly fat guys?
  167. Why TNA fan crowds looks crappy and dirty and the same people.......?
  168. What do think of my tag teams?
  169. Who ended the 4th WWE Undisupted Champion's Title Reign? 1st person 2 get it will win Best Answer?
  170. Why does TNA suck so bad?
  171. Do you think the ECW Invasion could have been better?
  172. ESWF Signups anyone, please?
  173. What channel is Raw, Smackdown and TNA on in the uk and what time?
  174. WWE, TNA, Both, or None?
  175. who is the best wrestler ever?
  176. What is happening to the Beautiful People?
  177. Is TNA turning into another ECW?
  178. Who remembers Elizabeth removing her skirt at Summerslam 88?
  179. Hot Video of Maryse!!!?
  180. What should i do my mom said i cant watch Wrestling in her house Any suggestions?
  181. Are you wondering why the mystery GM uses the catchphrases of different superstars every week?
  182. Can somebody name the 5 biggest pops in wrestling history ?+ Links?
  183. Does anyone think that the mystery GM is a woman?
  184. Is it the time for the Undertaker to finally retire?
  185. Who had the best night -- WWE NXT?
  186. Candi Wrapper vs Killswitch / Unprettier?
  187. Layla or Torrie Wilsin or Kelly Kelly?
  188. Cruiserweight Championship Round 4?
  189. Are you part of Nexus or against them?+2BQ's?
  190. what x division wrestler do you think is world title material?
  191. What do you think of me as a user?
  192. Layla or Torrie Wilson or Kelly Kelly?
  193. Why do you want Nexus to be champions?
  194. Why do people complain about WWE being PG?
  195. besides trish stratus and lita who do you consider as the greatest wwe diva of all time?
  196. What is the weight of a completely set up professional wrestling ring?
  197. Update on the returns of Undertaker and Triple H?
  198. Who agree's that Jeff Hardy is the best highflyer in the game today?
  199. What Was The Best Smackdown Game You Ever Played?
  200. where can I buy the EC FN W tshirt?
  201. WWEA Raw the 16th come pick who wins?
  202. SummerSlam 2010 Match Card (Rate, pick winners, and make your own match card)?
  204. How long do you think I will be out?
  205. Why do WWE fans cry when a wrestler loses a fake belt in a fake fight?
  206. Do you guys like the Nexus?
  207. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU KNOW the fighting is FAKE?
  208. Do you think Cena can beat me in a match?
  209. Why do you watch a FAKE sport?
  210. My WCW episode # 13 ( If you rate the show I will choose Best Answer)?
  211. Why is there a One and Only Showstoppa and an HBK The Showstoppa in the wrestling section?
  212. How much do you like Nexus?
  213. What team will Shawn Michaels be remembered for being in more DX or The Rocke?
  214. What wrestler that everyone seems to like only because of there gimmick?
  215. Eliminate 1 Superstar from the Royal Rumble Match?
  216. Wrestling fans what's the point wasting your time talking about a FAKE sport all day?
  217. Does The Clown Prince of Crime know that their's another Clown Prince of Crime in the
  218. If WCW never existed would Stone Cold be as big as he was?
  219. What's your opinion on having a rookies championship title in wrestling?
  220. Do you like Smackdown's current state?
  222. Do you agree that Cena loves cock?
  223. Who was your favorite WCW TV champion?
  224. who are your top 5 wrestlers?
  225. who do you think is the most under-rated wrestler of all time?
  226. Agree of Disagree:Undertaker is and always will be the face of Smackdown?
  227. Was anyone else suprized about this on NXT?
  228. Let's turn the WS into the WWE?
  229. Clown Prince of Crime vs Lord of Darkness? Who wins? (Lord of Darkness quit because of me)?
  230. Y!A WS Award: The Lord of Darkness vs The Clown Prince of Crime?
  231. Agree or Dis Agree: Saying HBK is Good at WRESTLEMANIA is an OVERSTATEMENT?
  232. Does Bossman get a bad rep for that horrible Hell in the Cell match at WM 15?
  233. Who is the Annonomous GM of WWE Raw?
  234. How to become a WWE superstar?
  235. can you guys say none of this hurt at all?
  236. Is anyone else fed up of people saying the New GM is...?
  237. The Wrestling section Awards Who will win?
  238. A cool place to join an efed, fantasy wrestling, and chat about TNA, need new members
  239. What matches do you think will take place at TNA Bound For Glory 2010?
  240. Wouldn't you say that JIMMY is the most immortal troll ever?
  241. What are your MITB Prediction's?
  242. If you were a wrestler, what song would you use as your entrance theme?
  243. those who think wrestling is fake and gay?
  244. WWEA Presents the bash come pick who wins?
  245. Your prediction for this Sunday's ppv.?
  246. Guess this former WWE/ECW superstar?
  247. The attitude era/2003?
  248. John Cena and HHH possible heel turn?
  249. Why do most WWE fans hate John Cena?
  250. The Undertaker or Randy orton?
  251. what do you hate about your favorite wrestler?
  252. Why is the Nexus so great?
  253. What do you think we, The Nexus, will do at the Money in the Bank?
  254. Na-na-nah-na, na-na-nah-na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye LP23?
  255. What was the best/worst thing the Nexus did?
  256. Who do you think in either WWE Or TNA which wrestler is not fulfilling there potential?
  257. what is the best non rock theme song?
  258. My fantasy Show WWCE has Released............................?
  259. Do you agree that Bryan Danielson is the best wrestler in the world?
  260. why are people so keen on EVAN BOURNE but not on JOHN MORRISON?
  261. Who's better, Curt Mr. Perfect Henning (R.I.P.) or Kurt Angle?
  262. who could of been a world champ if they had a serious gimmick?
  263. In your opinion who are the top 10 greatest wrestlers ever. + Why?
  264. Who looks better Mickie james or maryse?
  265. LP23 has left Yahoo Answers for good?
  266. Amblaja amblaja amblaja?
  267. Who has more moves in the WWE?
  268. Horswoggle vs Cena who would win?
  269. Why can't Cena learn 6 moves?
  270. Can anybody name a good match Cena has done?
  271. Why is john cena the face of wwe when he sucks?
  272. Trivia question which wrestler portrayed The calgary kid?
  273. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  274. Who do you want to win these wrestling matches and why?
  275. How much better is randy orton than john cena?
  276. How to put a picture on my avatar?
  277. The Clown Prince of Crime lives in Jakarta Indonesia and name is Omar Rasya?
  278. So, now that LP23 has left, all we have to do?
  279. Which Wwe team create most disorder in Wwe?
  280. What's better REAL sports or FAKE sports?
  281. What movie is your favorite that a WWE superstar has starred in?
  282. What is the average age for a WWE Superstar or Diva to debut?
  283. Did Big Boss Man Mark Henry give bigger credibility for The Streak than Mankind Kurt Angle? Why?
  284. Does Randy Orton have the most marks in IWC?
  285. Which 1 would give The Undertaker's Streak bigger credibility: Quality matches or big name victims?
  286. guess the wrestler- sorta hard?
  287. If Orton is the new Austin, then why RAW was at its lowest last year when he was RAW's face?
  288. what wrestler am i?- easy?
  289. When did the last time Mark Henry put on a legendary feud?
  290. My*WWCE Summerslam Is it good please rate?
  291. Would Sheamus be a good follow-up for The Streak after Shawn Michaels twice (no bashing
  292. guess the wrestler again?
  293. i have to best honest about me as a user?
  294. What has been your favorite WrestleMania out of the following?
  295. what is your top 10 favorite users in the wrestling section?
  296. would you die for wwe to live?
  297. should this be Extreme V.2 (aka TNA's ECW) theme song?
  298. What's the point in watching WWE and TNA when YOU KNOW they're both FAKE and GAY !!!!!?
  299. should this be Extreme V.2's (aka TNA's ECW) theme song?
  300. Does Batista deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?
  301. What do you think of this person leading Nexus?
  302. What is your favorite WWE PPV theme song of all time?
  303. DX or Evolution plus BQ?
  304. WWE Survey Plus Wrestling question?
  305. Whos your favorite WWE Wrestler?
  306. Put these WWE Shows in order?
  307. Do you think the following would be good idea for feuds?
  308. who decides who gets in to the wwe HOF?
  309. Why is Justin Gabriel considered a highflyer?
  310. kelly kelly vs layla ?
  311. Randy Orton or Edge!?
  312. Worst Announcer Ever?
  313. Which Diva and Superstar have the worst mic skills?
  314. What wrestler do you see staying with WWE until their 60s?
  315. Which WWE Diva has the best mic skills?
  316. what are your thoughts on LP23?
  317. This IS the Greatest wrestling match ever?
  318. Your Top 5 WWE Divas?
  319. Undertaker's best Wrestlemania match?
  320. Which current WWE Superstar has the best mic skills?
  321. How come NXT is called a reality show when it's clearly just as scripted as all other WWE
  322. I want you all to answer this: Give me an honest answer that you hate me, what did I do to you...
  323. Doesn't Ric Flair have more world titles than he deserves?
  324. What's the mystery of Von Erich family?
  325. Do you think HBK has good mic skills?
  326. Who gets a rush from my questions and answers?
  327. Do you this segment was funny or scary (Sting attacked by DOGS)!!!?
  328. I am going under the Knife today, and can people email me the results of WWE shows?
  329. When did the last time Mark Henry put on a legendary performance?
  330. Which Wrestler has the biggest fanbase on YA!?
  331. Stone Cold is more popular than he deserves to be?
  332. Star if I have no life at all and I am a cheater in the wrestling section?
  333. What's the difference between Cena and Flair?
  334. Who is Your Favorite TNA Wrestler?
  335. Honestly why do you guys hate me. I love the wrestling section and WWE?
  336. Why did WWE Create What?
  337. Randy Orton isn't that great?
  338. Rated Y2J or Rated RKO?
  339. did NEXUS take out the UNDERTAKER?
  340. Is it funny or sad, that most users want LP23 gone from the Wrestling section?
  341. Who is the greatest WWE wrestler ever?
  342. whats up with all the LP23 questions in the wrestling section?
  343. why do u watch guys in their underwear hug each other?
  344. WWE Royal Rumble Part 5?
  345. Steve Austin or The Rock?
  346. Who thinks I am the best user in the Wrestling Section?
  347. Isn't it annoying when the crowd says What?
  348. What brand would you rather be on?
  349. Who is the Greatest Wrestler of All-time?
  350. tag team match.......?
  351. Would Gabe Sopolsky (sp?) be a good booker for TNA besides Heyman?
  352. is john cena going to ufc?
  353. Cruiserweight Championship Round 2?
  354. Is this the only section that talks about other members?
  355. Jack Swagger or Zack RYder?
  356. batista or Brock Lesnar?
  357. randy orton or john cena?
  358. Anyone else think Ezekiel Jackson Should Return to SmackDown!?
  359. Rey Mysterio or Evan Bourene?
  360. Do you think Sheamus will be the biggest Draft pick of 2011?
  361. edge or sheamus????!?
  362. What if Danel Bryan was Raw's mystery GM?
  363. matt hardy or jeff hardy?
  364. Did you guys know that I am a sales manager?
  365. What are some wrestling companies?
  366. Who would win, John Morrison or Bret Hart (In his prime)?
  367. Anyone else think this Hardy/Christian feud needs to happen?
  368. What wrestler has the best nicknames? +Vote for this?
  369. Nexus or Evolution?!!?
  370. I have to tell you guys something and I am proud + WQ?
  371. I have to tell you guys something and I am proud?
  372. Why can't people admit that TNA is the superior wrestling promotion + I am calling out the...
  373. Who is watching TNA thursday + BQ?
  374. Do you guys forgive for being a Jack Ass and Douche Bag who likes WWE, but now I like TNA?
  375. In all honesty, who do u see facing John Cena at Wrestlemania XXVII next year? Why?
  376. Are you tired of deserving worldchampions not getting there shots in the wwe?
  377. Is this match an underrated match?
  378. If you could release 10 WWE Superstars/Divas, who would you release?
  379. Royal rumble part 1 (eliminate3)?
  380. Who hates the crap show WWE?
  381. Who would you rather see The Undertaker face at Wrestlemania 28: Booker T or Sting,why?
  382. Which wrestler is the most underrated of all time: Sting or Booker T, Why?
  383. I want to apologize to you all and I see the bright side and Now I like TNA?
  384. What do you guys think about the new ECW Stable, and what about the failing Nexus?
  385. Why is there two LP23's copying me?
  386. If TNA decided to start a Hall of Fame next year at Bound for Glory what five people would...
  387. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  388. Has Randy orton Always Been His Viper Character?
  389. who is the hottest superstar on smackdown?
  390. Which of these moves would you most want to see executed on the top of the ladder?
  391. Who loves TNA it is the best?
  392. How dumb is it for a user to block you just because you don't agree with them on everything?
  393. what do you think about TNA bringing ECW one night stand back?
  395. (SPOILER ALERT) Woman on bike from Victory Road revealed?
  396. Tell me the quality site to watch live WWE online?
  397. fave match of 2010 so far?
  398. What do you think about TNA bringing ECW one night stand back.....MORE NEWS?
  400. Which Wwe Raw episod for 2010 do you think was the best?
  401. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown(contains spoilers)?
  402. Do you like Wwe Raw 12.07.10?
  403. Who's better,Sheamus or LP23?
  404. Can you watch live WWE for free on your PC?
  405. I'm back.............?
  406. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  407. Dream match.Who wins.AJ Styles vs John Cena vs Samoa Joe vs Bret Hart vs Sting vs...
  408. How long will WWE go on with the Nexus storyline and something every wrestling section
  409. If Mickie was the diva married to Undertaker, where would she had been at then?
  410. where to watch WWE money in the bank live online for free?
  411. Why are White Eggs better than Brown Eggs? Why are WHITE's better than INDONESIANS? Indo=...
  412. Who's power and strength was scarier?
  413. Im serious.Every Wrestling Section member needs to read this.Thank you!?
  414. if you were a wwe superstar/diva would you rather?
  415. Does anyone want to see the new Smackdown vs Raw 2011 cover?
  416. if you were a wwe storyline writer?
  417. How scary is the Death Valley?
  418. Let sing it: Nah Nah Hey Hey Goodbye LP23?
  419. We don't see many (if any) german suplexes these days in wwe?
  420. On a scale of 1 to 10 how epic was the rko counter to the shooting star press last night?
  421. What are your five favorite gimmick?
  422. How do you feel about Clown Prince of Crime hating the wrestler Shawn Michaels? Doe's he know...
  423. Why do you continue to watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and GAY !!!!?
  424. What's so entertaining about watching grown men play fighting with each other in their underwear?
  425. smackdown vs raw 2010 online?
  426. Proof Yoshi Tatsu will receive a push?
  427. Why do WWE fans cry when a wrestler loses a fake belt in a fake fight?
  428. Can having a manager or valet help a wrestler's career in terms of getting a push to main event...
  429. Why do you watch that garbage called WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE and BORING?
  430. If u watched wwe raw last night plz answer my question?
  431. Do you Like watching Shirtless Harry Men rolling around a wrestling ring in there underwear?
  432. Who should take control: Heyman or Bischoff/Hogan?
  433. Who has been the greatest Giant since Andre?
  434. wrestlemania 27 predictions?
  435. Who do you think will be Shawn Michaels' presenter into the Hall of Fame?
  436. Why Do I Watch EWW when Its GAY?
  437. Did you ever notice that Sha-moose never attacked Nexus and they never attacked him?
  438. WWE fans in this WS, why can't you get it through your heads???!!!?
  439. How Would You Fell If TNA And ROH Emerged?
  440. wrestlemania 27 predictions?
  441. who would win this epic WWE vs. TNA tag team match?
  442. Do you miss classic WCW Nitro and Pay Per Views?
  443. What are your thoughts on TNA copying WWE AGAIN(Spoilers)?
  444. Why are there so many Followers (Bandwagers) Hypocrites and Suckups in the Wrestling
  445. What is the most overrated finisher in Japanese wrestling?
  446. Serious Question: Why do ANT Farts Complain, Moan Hate WWE, Just simply don't Watch
  447. What is the most overrated finisher in the indies?
  448. What is the most overrated finisher in WWE (on both brands)?
  449. Why are all the Questions in the WS Section about LP23, But rather not Pro-Wrestling
  450. What is the most overrated finisher in TNA?
  451. Has anyone Realized ANT's Roster is like 50% of Former WWE Superstars + Didn't WCW use to take
  452. What ever happened to the user prototype?
  453. who would win these matches (full and creative finish=10 points aka best answer)?
  454. Who is a better user: The Clown Prince of Crime or HBK The Showstoppa?
  455. Who's theme song is better, Drew McIntyre's or The Miz's?
  456. Isnt it so stupid when certain users bash TNA for signing form WWE wrestlers?
  457. Why did they not show Shameus knocking on Cena's door or anything?
  458. How could I watch TNA and WWE wrestling live for free on the internet ?
  459. Who would Win in these Matches + Did you like WWE WrestleMania XXVII This Year?
  460. What are your thoughts on Raw last night,?
  461. The Clown Prince of Crime lives in Jakarta Indonesia and name is Omar Rasya?
  462. Clown Prince of Crime is a SHAWN MICHAELS HATER - proof! What do yuo think?
  463. Who has more skill; Morrison or McIntyre?
  464. Who do you think is cuter; Morrison or McIntyre?
  465. is it possible to make cena's gimmick better without changing him to heel and how?
  466. Dolph Ziggler or The Miz?
  467. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU KNOW the fighting is fake and the outcomes are
  468. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW the fighting is FAKE?
  469. Why do you continue to watch that FAKE sport called professional wrestling when YOU
  470. Who remembers in the early 90s when Repo Man in that PG era tied a rope around his defeated
  471. If Linda ends up winning Senate what does that mean for WWE?
  472. Who here thinks L P 2 3 is one of the worst user here in Wrestling Section+ should be banned?
  473. Are Nexus reurning to NXT so they can actually be on Smackdown?
  474. If you could send any 10 WWE Superstars/Divas/Tag Teams to TNA, who would you?
  475. If you could send any 10 TNA Superstars/Knockouts/Tag Teams to WWE, who would you?
  476. Is one of the nexus wrestlers gonna get fired for making Cena bleed?
  477. DAMMIT!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY!!!?
  479. i heard that the new GM is actually the wrestling ring itself?
  480. Why do people KEEP SAYING the anonymous GM is Batista or HBK when they both RETIRED?
  481. a question for John Cena and RKO are AWESOME.?
  482. Calling all TNA Fans, want to join a growing website?
  483. can anyone post the link of when Shawn Micheal stopped his wwe career? the undertaker match?
  484. Who was Doink the Clown tonight on RAW?
  485. Order these wrestlers from greatest to least in wrestling skill do you think they worth it ?
  486. Why has WWE Put Mark Henry (RAW) The Big Show (SD) Money in the Bank: Should they both Fall off a..
  487. Who though that Backstage Segment of Yoshi Tatsu getting Jumped was Funny + What in the Hell did he
  488. Well they almost killed Cena...he bleed...does that count?
  489. Lol, WWE is Showing Jeff Hardy, Is this Possibly hinting he'll return to WWE + Jeff wants...
  490. Would all of you be suprised if Cena learned 6 moves?
  491. Was that F'N Amazing, Shooting Star Press into RKO + If you like that Give me a HELL YEAH!!!?
  492. Why can't the WS Section be so Hyped Energetic like this Everyday + Did you like Randy Orton's
  493. Are we going to have matches,or Yawn Cena going to complain through out the entire RAW airtime?
  494. Amblaja amblaja amblaja?
  495. Should Randy Orton's RKO on Evan Bourne be the #1 Highlight on ESPN, If so Give me a HELL YEAH!!!?
  496. Why is it cute and funny when Yawn Cena makes fun of Sheamus's skin color ?
  497. On a scale from 1-10 how bad does John Cena suck?
  498. Why are Cena fans so worried over the Nexus v. Cena match , knowing he can defeat the entire...
  499. Are there any trolls that are top contributers?
  500. Which member of Nexus do you think will be the first to turn his back on the rest of the group?