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  1. Who will turn Heel John Cena or Triple H?
  2. Is WWE real or just acting?
  3. Do you think Stacy Keibler should've gotten a push in WWE?
  4. Does anyone else want Sheamus to retain against Orton at Summerslam?
  5. what are ur top 5 favorite WWE themes?
  6. How long until I, CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME, am better than The Dragon!!?
  7. What is your opinion on...?
  8. I havent watched last nights RAW yet, but has John Cena done anything with the Nexus band?
  9. who has held the most wwe titles and who was the longest reigning intercontinent, wwe and
  10. whats with the SUDDEN change of mind?
  11. Who are your top 5 Favorite WS users+BQ?
  12. Wrestling Section 40 Man Royal Rumble? (Round1)?
  13. Who's Gimmick Is Better?
  14. what does iwc stand for?
  15. honestly its really funny to hear ppl say i dnt like the miz?
  16. Why is Donovan T's username just a period now?
  17. what matches have been made for summerslam so far?
  18. Do you think That MIZ should have won the WWE championship on RAW July 19th 2010?
  19. do you think Kane couldve been better then undertaker if....?
  20. Who is the wrestler? First correct answer gets 10 points?
  22. Will someone PLEASE provide a link where I can watch Kane win the World Heavyweight Championship?
  23. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?
  24. How can Michelle McCool marry Undertaker when he debuted in WWE the same year she was born?
  25. My Plans for the WWE Divas?
  26. WS, Who are your favorite users?
  27. Seriously? That 7 on 7 match ruined Summerslam?
  28. *STAR* If you agree the NXT season 2 rookies are way better than Season one rookies!?
  29. Randy Orton or Sheamus?
  30. Does anyone here know the pre-sale password for the Smackdown World tour at MSG?
  31. Wouldn't have it been awesome if....(BQ)?
  32. My WCW Monday Night Nitro #19?
  33. In the history of the WWE, who was the youngest WWE European Champion?
  34. Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase Jr.?
  35. Which WWE superstar was the oldest WWE European Champion in the history of the WWE?
  36. Which three WWE superstars held the European Title and the Intercontinental Title at the same time?
  37. If you could combine 2 wrestler's move sets into one which 2 wrestlers would you choose?
  38. Who did the Dudley Boys defeat for their last ECW Tag Title on September 3, 1999?
  39. Have you ever disliked a wrestler ONLY because of his gimmick?
  40. News on Any more ECW Alumni wrestling at TNA's Hard Justice?
  41. Who was the first WWE superstar to win the WCW United States Title after the buyout in 2001?
  42. If you are a TNA fan give me 5 reasons as to why it is better then WWE?
  43. Y!A Fantasy Wrestling Episode 2?
  44. My WCW PPV Episode # 20 ( If you rate my show then I will choose Best Answer)?
  45. Randy Orton is a stud these days?
  46. Who were the eight WWE superstars in the tournament to become the first ever WWE European Champion?
  47. Whats the Most Devastating Move in Pro Wrestling History?
  48. What would your reaction of been if last night?
  49. Who took out the undertaker according to the storyline?
  50. who is better the rock or cena?
  51. How much money would someone have to pay you to make you stop watching wrestling?
  53. Who won the main event of the last edition of Velocity?
  54. What was the identity of The Halloween Phantom at Halloween Havoc 1991?
  55. Extreamly Hard Question (1st Right Answer Gets Best Answer )?
  56. How many men have joined the Grand Slam Club in the WWE by winning the WWE Title,
  57. Do wrestlers make their costumes out of coloured condoms?
  58. In what month and year did the WWWF shorten its name to the WWF?
  59. Who thinks Nasty Boyz should be Tag Team Champions?
  60. Who has held the most titles in WCW history?
  61. WWE Media Player not working i can no longer watch the old videos from 2003,2004,2005,2006,2007?
  62. lol who thought WWE Monday Night Raw was the A show?
  63. Will Justin Gabriel Be The First To Break Away From Nexus?
  64. How to watch TNA and WWE wrestling live online?
  65. If wrestling is fake, then why do people watch it?
  67. We all know that Chris Jericho was the first WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Champion. Who was the last?
  68. Order from top to bottom which black wrestler is better?
  69. Team Cena or The Nexus?
  70. Can someone please answer this?
  71. Did any1 else think John Cena was gonna turn heel and join the Nexus?
  72. Y did user The Lord of Darkness retire?
  73. Where is The Lord of Darkness? The user? Where did he go?
  74. Clown Prince of Crime is a good user isnt he.?
  76. Do you think Evan Bourne should be on the Cena team instead of Great Khali?
  77. Who is the tallest wrestler on record?
  78. Wrestling is so lame?
  79. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 18 ( If you rate the show I will choose Best Answer?
  80. best top ten finisher moves?
  81. Is Evan Bourne Mute.?
  82. What do you think about Edge and Jericho joining Cena's team?
  83. A question for edge as heel for life?
  84. wwe fans cdmnumber1fan dis likes all main eventers?
  85. Do you agree with me that...?
  86. Do you miss Black Machismo?
  87. How many times have Randy Orton and Triple H faced each other over the years?
  88. A question about the TNA World Championship?
  89. Did you like Muhammad Hassan?
  90. How come some wrestling fans like wrestlers that aren't good wrestlers?
  91. Assuming that Undertaker will return at SummerSlam?
  92. How come Ric Flair won't learn to quit?
  93. would you be happy if?
  94. Who is this wrestler? First correct answer gets best answer?
  95. How is this for a storyline?
  96. How to watch WWE live over the internet ?
  97. WWE/WWF Thinking about it.?
  98. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  99. who is the better person Martha Hart or Vickie Guerrero? + BQs?
  100. why are people saying that Triple H is turning heel?
  101. edge or hbk who do you pick The Undead Titan Y!A7 is a very bad user agree or diss agree?
  102. Should the WWE of done this?
  103. Didn't you get annoyed when R-Truth ruined The Miz's moment?
  104. Was I only only one that thought the last member of the team of Bryan Danielson?
  105. Did John Cena come to mind when....?
  106. Cena will join NEXUS but he won't be it's leader?
  107. How come people keep referencing Power Rangers?
  108. Ok Cena's Summerslam Team is pretty much The Avengers or Justice League but...?
  109. WWE Cena DREAM TEAM!!!!!?
  110. Would you be happy if Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury...?
  111. Theres a Japanese Woman Wrestler with a Large Afro, Whats her name?
  112. Theres a Japanese Woman Wrestler with a Large Afro, Whats her name?
  113. WWE Cena DREAM TEAM!!!!!?
  114. Would you be happy if Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury...?
  115. Edge and/or Jericho deserved to win the Triple Threat more than Orton?
  116. Did WWE just ruin the whole Nexus invasion with this 7-on-7 match?
  117. Wrestling Section PPV #3?
  118. Whos gonna win WWE NXT Season 2?
  119. After Summerslam, what will happen?
  120. who would win this match?
  121. Are you upset that the WWE keeps making Bret Hart look like an?
  122. Another tough Trivia Question!!?
  123. Did anyone else think that the 2nd person ever to hold the WWE, World Heavyweight and ECW Title...
  124. How is Randy Orton great in the ring?
  125. I told you all, I told you all Bret would be back?
  126. An hour without the Mac book pro, Do you approve?
  127. What if Wade Barret challenges The Miz for the Money in the Bank Contract and beats him (...
  128. Should TNA have a 5 man, hour long match for the TNA World Heavyweight championship at Bound For...
  129. Is The Miz allowed to use his MiTB on Kane or only on Sheamus ?
  130. Right now I'm saying, if you can't beat em...?
  131. Wow, Did you just see how young Undertaker looked during that Summerslam recall?
  132. Why do Wrestler's where Baby Oil?
  134. Did this section explode when Kane won the World Title?
  135. Since John Cena may turn heel, could Randy Orton take his place as the Face of the company?
  136. Did you also think the last member was Triple H?
  137. Is it me or did Jericho look stoned tonight.?
  138. Do you guys think Randy Orton is becoming Robin, Superman's (John Cena) sidekick?
  139. What is a turnbuckle?
  140. Why did Darren Young forget to dry his hair off, after he got out of the shower?
  141. Can anyone be a Wrestler?
  142. IYO are Randy Orton's matches predicatable?
  143. What does Owen Hart, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and George Steinbrenner all have in common?
  144. What would your life be without pro wrestling?
  145. Do luchadores still wear their mask all the time?
  147. If you could predict the top 10 of the Wrestling Section in one year, who would it be?
  148. How many people hate skip sheffield!!?
  149. Triple H or Randy Orton?
  150. Did you know that Wrestling is fake?
  151. If you could take any 5 wrestlers and five users out to eat who would it be?
  152. how come most people can't admit their least favorite wrestler's can wrestle?
  153. Who'd Win TNA Dream Match: Kurt Angle vs Douglas Williams?
  154. What causes this when wrestling a black person?
  155. Why Is Sheamus So God Damn Ugly?
  156. holy crap john cena just turned heel?
  157. why dont people believe in the miz?
  158. what happened to all the miz haters?
  159. what the hell is happeningggggg what should i dooooo?
  160. who's ur favorite raw heel raw face and sd heel and sd face between those?
  161. john cena forms the justice league?
  162. What was Rey Mysterio's Money In The Bank Attire Based On?
  163. Why would WWE have John Cena join the Nexus?
  164. why are you guys in the ws some of the biggest hippocrites ever? +BQ?
  165. IYO will john cena turn heel tonight +BQ?
  166. would you like if this happened next season on nxt?
  167. which would be more likely to happen tonight on raw? +BQ?
  168. why are you all so pissed that miz won MiTB?
  169. do you think matt hardy will be whc by the end of 2010?
  170. what is your favorite picture of your favorite wrestler?
  171. Do you agree on me with this? WWE and TNA.?
  172. Who will be the WHC next month?
  173. is triple h jewish??
  174. I was right!I knew Nexus would attack Jericho who else saw this coming?
  175. Why were they calling Big Show ''The Giant''?
  176. If Cena does join Nexus will it be like when Shawn Michaels was with JBL?
  177. Dammit who would have loved to see The Miz cash it in and win the WWE Championship?
  178. Is the reason Matt Hardy or Christian won't get a big push is (more inside)?
  179. Why do some people get angry if you share your opinion?
  180. With HHH and Cena turning heel do you think Jericho and Edge will turn face?
  181. Why does MVP always wear a bandaid on his nose?
  182. Agree or Disagree: TNA Knockouts Womens Tag-Team Championship is a stupid title?
  183. Does it bug you when a new wrestler debuts and suddenly in the next month or so he has a big push?
  184. What subject should i major in if i want to run my own pro wrestling business?
  185. Is anyone else getting sick of Randy Orton being in the main event?
  186. Which WWE Superstar or Diva needs to ease up on the tan?
  187. Why is everybody so happy Kanes World Heavyweight Champion?
  188. Poll:Do you think John Cena will turn heel tonight and join Nexus or not?
  189. Which would be better as a main event for RAW and SmackDown?
  190. Wrestling Section Slammy Awards?
  191. If you had to predict the top 10 in the Wrestling Section of what it would look like next...
  192. Who won the MITB ppv matches last night?
  193. should TNA total non stop action should have two shows, and which wretlers?
  194. what do u think of this summerslam card?
  195. WWEA Raw the 17th come pick who wins?
  196. Is there any good way to watch WWE wrestling live for free online ?
  197. Wrestling Section PPV #2?
  198. My WCW Monday Night Nitro episode # 17 ( I'll pick Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  199. Why do people watch this stuff?
  200. I think I may be gay and want to sleep with a hooker to test it?
  201. who else here thinks that kane?
  202. Which wrestler would you share a banana with?
  203. wouldnt it be awesome if on raw tonight?
  204. How many fingers am I holding up?
  205. John Morrison the Miz OR John Morrison r-truth?+BQ?
  206. Should Jerry Lawler be considered a legend in the business with the names of Hogan, Austin,...
  207. Which feud was/ is better, Nexus vs. John Cena or Randy Orton vs. Edge?
  208. Why do most heel wrestlers dress in like a tux or whatever?
  209. Did anybody else get sick after watching Miz win MITB?
  210. Will this really put Kofi over?
  211. Reason Miz won MITB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  212. was any one else disapointed by the MITB ppv plus BQ?
  213. If wrestling is fake then why do people watch it?
  214. if you were a a wrestler what would be your.........?
  215. Can anyone give me some knowledge? + Bonus Question?
  216. what if undertaker........?
  217. Cena takes the NXT armband...what could this mean?
  218. Surprise huh? Im not well known or popular here!?
  219. how come the undertaker never used his ECW theme?
  220. Your top 13 users in the wrestling section?
  221. who else thinks undertaker's dead man apperance should be redone?
  222. Where online can I watch WWE Raw tonight?
  223. Triple H would most likely be the one turning heel proof kinda?
  224. Did Andre make Hogan the star he is now or did Hogan give Andre the legacy that we all
  225. Why does the WWE never give what the fans want at PPV's?
  226. How can I watch WWE wrestling live online?
  227. who would win this Elimination Chamber match?
  228. your overall opinions on the fake sport of UFC?
  229. My WCW Episode # 16 is it good and please rate the show?
  230. Would it be funny if the mystery GM played this during Cena's loss ,last night ?
  231. Who will likely win the following WWE Matches if its really happen?
  232. who would you say is the better wrestler?
  233. What did Big Show say when king saidwe can't repeat what The Gaint said?
  234. Who was the first ever wrestler to have an entrance with fireworks?
  235. Who's DAM HAPPY that Kane has FINALLY WON the World Heavy Championship!?
  236. Who Had The Worst Night?
  237. how can the WWE let the miz in practically EVERY match?
  238. MitB PPV Moments! BQ! ...?
  239. how would you start a feud between ted Dibiase and the miz?
  240. Now that Kane is finally World Champion again?
  241. Wrestling Section PPV????
  242. why did Dave Batista retire why did he leave WWE?
  243. what is the point of having alberto del rio take up 25 minutes of smackdown with his boring dribble?
  244. When is Brett Diabase (Ted's brother) suppose to debut in wwe?
  245. Do you think they should replace micheal cole and matt striker with JBL and Jim Ross?
  246. Wasn't Rey Mysterio World Title a little pun intended?
  247. Just A Few wwe questions?
  248. Can Ted Dibiease Defend his $$$ title on wwe is that an official wwe title or is it just his to...
  249. Does The Miz Really deserve to have the wwe Title?
  250. Has Hating The Miz Taken some heat off of hating john cena?
  251. Do you think WWE could have a similar Kane/Edge/Lita feud over the next few weeks on RAW?
  252. Question for the CeNation.....?
  253. Were you disappointed with the money in the bank pay per view?
  254. What is the most jaw dropping wrestling statement you've ever heard from anyone this year?
  255. So far in WWE this year, what is the best and the worst PPV?
  256. Do u think Undertaker vs Kane in HIAC during the PG era would be a classic?
  257. Who here hopes Kane won't lose WHC next RAW?
  258. Do you think that WWE should let Matt Hardy and Christian have a match on Smackdown this Friday?
  259. Should we start calling Sheamus with the nickname The Celtic Road Runner?
  260. What kind of horrible commentary will Matt Striker Michael Cole provide us next year at WM 27?
  261. Don't u think Cena's continuous jobbing to Sheamus since last year has made him a believable face?
  262. So far, has Sheamus ever put on a legendary match?
  263. Has John Cena ever had a clean win against Sheamus?
  264. Why do WWE fans get so excited when their favorite wrestler wins a fake belt?
  265. are you happy that the most underrated wrestler in history Kane won the world title?
  266. Do you think WWE should turn Big Show back to the dominate heel he was back when he was ECW...
  267. If Kane were to lose his WHC to The Undertaker, where should it happen: Summerslam or Night
  268. Who did you want to win SD MiTB?
  269. What's the point in wasting your money to watch fake fighting?
  270. Is Maryse getting killed off?
  271. how was Money in the bank PPV?
  272. Changes I would have made to MITB?
  273. Nexus loves to attack world champions, right?What if?
  274. desrcibe your favorite wrestler using the letters of his/her name?
  275. Who did you want to win Raw MITB?
  276. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE?
  277. Do u realize Kane is the only man to ever hold WWE, ECW, and WHC title?
  278. lets invade the mexican football section?
  279. what channel is MITB on in the UK?
  280. The Hart Dynasty Won your thoughts?
  281. the MIZ won money in the bank!?
  282. Who else thinks that the Miz will cash in his contract at Summerslam 2010?
  283. Am I the only one who thought that cena might turn heel tonight?
  284. he is the miz and he is awsome but he also IS THE MIZ AND HE IS MR. MONEY IN THE BANK?
  285. Rey mysterio won,he beat swagger?
  286. Kane wins world heavyweight championship?
  287. Well I guess Kane finally got his revenge on Rey?What you think?
  288. Quick Thought, Awesome Idea for Swagger Kane?!?
  289. Kane new world heavyweight champion?
  291. Why in the Blue Hell didn't John Morrison win the Raw MITB Ladder Match?+BQ?
  292. Why didn't the WWE have women's MIB match?
  293. Kane, the first wrestler to hold the WWE Championship, ECW Championship and World
  294. OMG NO KANE NOOOOO!!!!!?
  295. Wrestling Section Royal Rumble Round 4?
  296. Do you even care anymore/ is 2 MiTB's too many?
  298. The ending of MITB...more deeper meaning?
  299. Who had the best night in WWE Money in the Bank?
  300. Randy Orton or Christian?
  301. Kane 1st person to hold WWE title, wwe Wold Heavyweight title n ECW World title?
  302. What are your thoughts on The Hart Dynasty retaining?
  303. What are your thoughts on Kane winning the SD MITB Match?
  304. WTF, Did the Miz just win the Raw MITB MATCH?
  305. How would you rate WWE Money in the Bank?
  306. Would you be shock if Christian and Matt Hardy ask for there release?
  308. Who Had The Worst Night-Money In The Bank?
  309. could anyone tell me what did cena do to the nexus after the steel cage match? (+BQ)?
  310. Ive been reading every1s predictions about Kane/Undertaker feud?What if it doesnt play out that way?
  311. who is better on the mic and in the ring?
  312. Have you heard anything about Mickie James returning to WWE?
  313. Who will be ?Mr. Money in the Bank? moniker in Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match?
  314. Who will be ?Mr. Money in the Bank? moniker in Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match?
  315. Can Alicia Fox steal yet another victory over Eve to retain her Divas Championship at Money...
  316. Where can i get the summerslam slurpy cup in the uk?
  317. wwe fans did you think eve put on a very good match?
  318. If the greatest Intercontinental champion and the greatest US champion faced off, who would they be?
  319. Which diva said she would never pose for Playboy?
  320. Why has it taken 4 years for Kelly Kelly to receive her first WWE title opportunity tonight?
  321. the CeNation sucks, the miz is awesome!!!?
  322. im happy for kane but what about matt hardy and christian BQ?
  323. Do you think Kane will cash in tonight?
  324. when will cena get a push?
  325. Do you think WWE ever wishes they hadnt broken up Cryme Tyme?
  326. What do you guys think of me as a user?
  327. Steel cage Match ... Ending Question?
  328. is there any place online here i can watch the life story of ricky the dragon steamboat?
  329. Do you think Omar Rasya aka THE CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME is a GOOD user or a BAD user? BQ?
  330. Is the Undertaker ok?
  332. Who else is happy that Kane won the MITB and is the new WHC ?
  333. What's so entertaining about watching muscular sweaty men groping and pretending to hurt each other?
  334. If you had to choose 1 user who will take The Dragon's place in the Wrestling Section, who...
  335. Do you think we will finally find out who the Anonymus Raw General Manager is at Money in the Bank?
  336. Why do wrestling fans get so offended when I expose the truth about professional wrestling?
  337. Why do WWE fans cry and beg their parents to order them a WWE PPV?
  338. REAL sports FAKE sports Agree or Disagree?
  339. What's the point in watching grown men play fighting with each other?
  340. Why do WWE fans cry when they're favorite wrestler loses a fake belt in a fake fight?
  341. Why han't TNA used Hamada?
  342. Who would win in an all out battle between Evolution and The Nexus?
  343. What is the average IQ of a WWE fan?
  344. why do you waste money on PPV while you can buy better things?
  347. Who wants Evan Bourne to win the Money In The Bank Match?
  348. ravishing rick rude or dashing cody rhodes?
  349. Qwerty [nWo] read!!!!!!!!! :O?
  350. who remembers McBat from like 2 years ago?
  351. who hopes tonight christian will finally get his main event push he deserves BQ?
  352. Sorry for my last question! Did you order Money In The Bank?
  353. Where on the Net can I watch the pay-per-view event Money in the Bank for free?
  354. what do you guys think of me as a user on the WS?
  355. What if the only way WWE would ever turn TV-14 again, is if The Undertaker's streak had to be
  356. Do you think ill be a Top Contributor by monday? +BQ?
  357. what is so good about randy orton?
  358. That's it! I am out of here. I am tired of that user and I just saw her today?
  359. Where can I watch WWE Money in the bank live online tonight?
  360. Is anyone else picking The Miz to win tonights Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match?
  366. Did you know Vince not only screwed Bret in the Montreal Screwjob, he screwed Ken Shamrock?
  367. how are wrestling matches fixed?
  369. Would this be the best PPV of all time (all wrestlers are in their prime)?
  370. Wrestling Section Royal Rumble Round 2 (no more entrys from others)?
  371. What is your favorite Elimination Chamber match of all time?
  372. Name 5 good Randy Orton promos since his gimmick change to The Viper?
  373. How come so many wrestling fans are hypocrites?
  374. What's the difference between a Kendo Stick and a Singapore Cane?
  375. Rick Rude,Which do you think he did better in WWF or WCW?
  376. Best way to watch WWE Money In The Bank live online?
  377. Where online can I watch WWE wrestling Money in the Bank tonight?
  378. Randy Orton is gonna be just like John Cena?
  379. Who played Jack Swagger's dad on smackdown?
  380. Do you think Triple H took Dianabol?
  381. How long do you think it will take?
  382. TNA vs. WWE tournament (round 5)?
  383. Do you think the CHIKARA video game will be a good one?
  384. Does she look hot or tough enough to become a WWE diva?
  385. Who do you think is more deserving to become a World champion Christian or Matt Hardy?
  386. what time is wwe money in the bank on in uk?
  387. IF you were a wrestler, which wrestlers would you have a real life dislike to ?
  388. Why are all of you asking if your a good user?
  389. Why do you still watch fake wrestling?
  390. User vs User: The Clown Prince of Crime vs The Lord of Darkness?
  391. Who is better: The Lord of Darkness vs The Clown Prince of Crime?
  392. Do you think Maryse gives good bl0wj0bs?
  393. Big Ran: TNAtion Is Rising!!! is a wh0re and c0ck sucker?
  394. 4. When did you start watching Indpendent Wrestling?
  395. What users are the biggest fans of these wrestlers?
  396. Let me educate all you WWE fans about something?
  397. Who Would You Say Is The Greatest Wrestler Never To Hold A World Championship?
  398. Where can I watch WWE Money In The Bank live online?
  399. Wrestling Section Royal Rumble winner faces The Dragon for the YA! Championship?
  400. Watch WWE Money In the Bank Online Free 2010?
  401. What wrestling promotion was started by Ed Farhat?
  402. What was Road Warrior Hawk's last match and what promotion was it?
  403. What tag team was Maniac Mike Davis a part of?
  404. when did wwe come to Victoria, Bc?
  405. What was the ring name of Joseph Gomez?
  406. TNA vs AAA vs NJPW vs WWE vs CZW vs WCW vs ECW vs ROH Part 4?
  407. What's up with all of these User Royal Rumble or Battle Royals?
  408. The Radio wants to know: If you were a wrestler, what would be your gimmick?
  409. Your top 5 favorite users in the ws?
  410. Wrestling Section Answer This Please?
  411. Does TNA beat WWE when it comes to the women division? +BQ?
  412. Are there any good and safe sports websites to watch WWE wrestling live on the internet ?
  413. Your top 5 favorite users in the wrestling section?
  414. If some of you hate the trolls so much, why do you answer their questions?
  415. Was Santino In FCW before he signed a contract with WWE?
  416. Do you agree with me you support any WWE Superstar ( Heel or Face ) If there from your
  417. Who do think is the most dramatic superstar/legend when falling to the ground?
  418. Which feud was better, Austin/McMahon or Hogan/Sting and why?
  419. My 12th WWCE Smackdown is it good please rate?
  420. Star if you want The Undertaker to return at Summerslam?
  421. What has been the best ending of all of the MITBs?
  422. DYK (Did You Know?): That Doplh Ziggler Triple H share the same birthday!?
  423. Which wrestler is better, CM Punk or Kurt Angle?
  424. WS User Royal Rumble Part 1?
  425. Could it be said that Bad News Brown was truly ahead of his time?
  426. wwe raw's new INTRO ( must watch )?
  427. EDDIE GUERRERO!!!!!!!!!!?
  428. How big of a joke is it that The Great Khali got a reign as World Champion?
  429. Who won the Super Bowl?
  430. WS User PPV Death Row?
  431. Do you consider The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26 to be bigger than Hogan vs The
  432. what wrestler would you like too see get a midcard push BQ?
  433. Which feud do you think put Kofi Kingston on the map?The Randy Orton feud or the Drew McIntyre feud?
  434. What do you want to happen with the WHC in the coming PPV'S (until the end of the year)?
  435. Who had the best night in WWE SmackDown!?
  436. How can I watch WWE Money In The Bank live online?
  437. Which two superstars do you think will win money in the bank matches?
  438. Why did the WWE fan CROSS the ROAD?
  439. Did RVD used to swear in ECW?
  440. What are the odds of Mark Henry winning MitB?
  441. I hate hackers... +wq?
  442. falling in love? +wq?
  443. falling in love? +wq?
  444. tired of being a good user..?
  445. why do you people miss Eddie so much?
  446. answer this question below --- easy ten pointa!?
  447. Who is the.....? 'easy ten points'?
  448. what is a superstar fan that is not taken - read details?
  449. Do you think TNA is heading in the right direction or the wrong direction?
  450. Best way to watch WWE Money In The Bank live online?
  451. Where can I watch WWE wrestling ' Money in the Bank ' live on the internet?
  452. ***STAR*** If you want Jericho to become Y2J again?+BQ?
  453. Why Eddie Kingston has gone from CZW?
  454. John Cena vs. Rey Mysterio?
  455. Who are the best The Nexus or TNA Frontline?
  456. wrestling advice please?
  457. Do you like that Triple H is out for another 2 to 4 months?
  458. Did Big Boss Man Mark Henry give bigger credibility for The Streak than Mankind Kurt Angle? Why?
  459. Whose streak was made into the bigger deal by their respective company: Goldberg's or Undertaker's?
  460. whos vince russo and why does everyone hate him?
  461. What is the best handicap match you've ever seen at Wrestlemania?
  462. An Idea for the WWE Night of Champions Pay Per View?
  463. WWE SmackDown! predictions for 7/23/10? bets explanation gets 10 points?
  464. A little WWE trivia contest?
  465. will el mesias (aka Judas Mesias) be wrestling on AAA this afternoon?
  466. in AAA when promo's come up what am i supposed to do because i dont speak spanish?
  467. who would win these matches (The Undertaker-Judas/El mesias-Kane-Abyss)?
  468. What is The Rock cooking? The smell is quite unfamiliar.?
  469. am i the only one that thinks this man should defeat the undertaker at WM and carry his legacy?
  470. When is the last time Triple H has been pinned clean in a Singles match?
  471. When is the last time someone tapped to the Walls of Jericho.....?
  472. Why is Jim Cornette so tough on the other wrestlers?
  473. What If........... Vol.1?
  474. When was the last time that someone escaped Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission hold?
  475. Who do you consider to be the current biggest star in professional wrestling?
  476. Do you think The WWE could make there shows more believable?
  477. Do you think that TNA's ECW Invasion is a good idea or a bad idea?
  478. Do you find it weird that?
  479. Is this one of pro wrestling's biggest WTF moments?
  480. Sheamus is now the first person born out of the US who has won the WWE Championship two times?
  481. what are some good current wrestlers theme songs? +BQ?
  482. Who is getting tired of WWE Raw?
  483. Where is Beth Pheonix The Undertaker on WWE?
  484. Do you like TNA better now or did you like it better before Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff got involved?
  485. What does TNA stand for?
  486. GUYSSS: Serena or Layla?
  487. Breaking news concerning Triple H's return?
  488. Do you think this wrestler is the most unliked superstar in WWE today?
  489. Who would like to see Female referees in the WWE?
  490. World Heavyweight Champion Kane?
  491. What is so good about Kofi Kingston?
  492. Wrestling Section Survivor Series Match?
  493. What is so good about Heath Slater?
  494. What do you think of these Money In The Bank predicitons?
  495. The best PPV names for a wrestling company?
  496. WWE SmackDown! predictions for 7/23/10?
  497. How to watch WWE Money In The Bank live online?
  498. Y!A WS user award contest: The Lord of Darkness vs The Clown Prince of Crime and BQ?
  499. The Lord of Darkness vs The Clown Prince of Crime: Who wins? BQ?
  500. Is The Lord of Darkness a good or bad user?