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  1. Do you think Kane is getting the kind of push that his talent deserves?
  2. Two VERY famous people credited Gorgeous George's influence being directly responsible for their...
  3. Does everyone understand that TNA isnt doing a Invasion Storyline?
  4. WWE SmackDown! Predictions for 7/30/10?
  5. WWE Raw Predictions for 7/26/10?
  6. Omar Rasya wipes his A.SS with his HAND? is that whys his SKIN BROWN?
  7. OMAR RAASYAS MOTHER was on my ***** all night?
  8. Seriously, What Is The Point Of These Groups?
  10. is Angelina Love the hottest?
  11. whose really the best in UFC?
  12. How much chances Randy Orton has of winning WWE Championship at Summerslam from Sheamus?
  13. Did Bob Roop go too far in breaking that guys arm in the footage shown on WWE 24/7?
  14. How lucky was McMahon that Bischoff's Fusient deal to buy WCW fell through?? BQ?
  15. What match would you like to see more?
  16. If John Cena does turn heel at SummerSlam, how could WWE explain the heel turn?
  17. What happend to Ted Diabase jr?
  18. Dixie carter has no buissness on tv,and doesnt need to be on there,who else agrees?
  19. Who Is More Annoying?
  20. who is a better wrestler, christian or edge?
  21. User sv User, Pick who is better?
  22. Does John Cena deserves to go one on one with The Great One?
  23. How much do a wrestler's Mic skills Wrestling ability mean to you?
  24. Do you predict Kane vs The Undertaker HIAC will happen at WWE HIAC 2010+BQ?
  25. (i no im probably the only one that thinks this) does anyone else think TNA should have......?
  26. Why does Stone Cold Steve Austin hates Hulk Hogan?
  27. Will Triple H wrestle at WWE Hell in a Cell 2010, if not who's gonna wrestle for WWE
  28. Agree or Disagree: Top Level superstars should not interfere in pushed/rookie/upcoming
  29. Can you find the answer to this pro wrestling trivia question?
  30. A question about Jack Swagger?
  31. in the TNA invasion angle, why did the TNA roster attack the ECW guys if they were saving
  32. are you expecting these 2 wrestlers to fight each other at hardcore justice or these 2?
  33. What did you picture NXT to be like before the first episode premiered?
  34. Why does everyone say that WWE wrestlers work almost every day?
  35. Royal rumble part 1(20 Characters)?
  36. Can you find the answer to this WWE trivia question?
  37. What does Viva La'Raza mean?
  38. What thing in WWE is making you keep watching?
  39. Few Questions about SVR2007? Best answer gets full points?
  40. What would you rate my HardCORE Justice: The Last Stand card + Give opinions Pick Winners?
  41. If hogan turned heel,what would you want to see?
  42. Which hurts more The Great Khali's chop to a guy's head or The Big Show's overhand chop to a
  44. How to watch TNA Laporte live online?
  45. If wrestling is fake then why do people watch it?
  46. Who was the better wrestler in their prime.. Sting or Bret Hart?
  47. Best WWE Superstar Contest. ELIMINATE 5 SUPERSTARS?
  48. Should Jack Swagger apologize for his recent comments about Eddie Guerrero?
  50. Who portrays Rellik in Lucha Libre USA?
  51. is The Great Muta the greatest Japanese wrestler of all time?
  52. Questions about the ECW FTW Heavyweight Championship?
  53. do you want me hit jimmy from the back or smack him?
  54. Who is the Shawn Michaels and Marty Jennety out of Miz and Morrison?
  55. What if the WWE countered the TNA bringing back ECW angle with this?
  56. Who won the NWA (Florida) Southern Heavyweight title in 1963?
  57. if the legacy was still 2gether, what do u think they would b up 2 now?
  58. Edge face turn? Jericho back to Y2J? +HHH 'Taker return at SummerSlam?
  59. if Goldberg came back, would you rather see him in TNA or WWE?
  60. WWE 30-man Royal Rumble (Part 5)?
  61. What John Cena was the one who attacked Taker?
  62. In 5 weeks time Raw celebrates it's 900th Episode (More details inside)?
  63. My WCW PPV Episode # 25?
  64. Kane vs Rey Nysterio AT SummerSlam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  65. Do you think Nexus will win the unified tag team titles sometime?
  66. Do u think Jeff Hardy and Shawn Micheals will ever return to WWE?
  67. Who do you admire the most? Faces or Heels? Why? +BQ?
  68. Before you find out they were jobbers what was your name for the jobbers of the WWF 80s - mid 90s?
  69. 30 Man WS User Royal Rumble Winner!!?
  70. Did you like the 'Brock Lock' finisher Brock used in the last few months of his WWE run?
  71. 30 Man WS User Royal Rumble Part 10?
  72. Is this a great idea for summerslam?
  73. Any good way to watch WWE events live online?
  74. WWE Raw Past Event??????????????
  75. Dynamite Kid address?
  76. Could these guys in a stable together and what do you think their gimmick name would be?
  77. Are you a fan of John Cena?
  78. Who Had The Worst Week?
  79. Who is better? Pick your favorite?
  80. What are the chances of Bryan Danielson being revealed as the Anonymous RAW GM + 2 SummerSlam BQ's?
  81. can you watch a match on smack down vs raw 2010 and get into it like a real match why or why not?
  82. Is this a good feud for Kane?
  83. What do you think of my Smackdown vs. RAW 2010 champions?
  84. Did you feel like this at WrestleMania 26...?
  85. No Mercy (ppv 4)!!!!?
  86. wwe fans and tna fans say something your avatar would say?
  87. Do you think somehow Wade Barrett will be WWE Champion by the end of the year?
  88. deos maryse turn u on?
  89. Is Randy Orton a nice guy?
  90. Who would win in a staring contest: Randy Orton or Drew MacIntyre?
  91. highschool wrestling?
  92. Is fortune going to consist of 4 members?
  93. Which Pay-Per-View was better, Money In The Bank or Fatal Four Way?
  94. What WWE Superstars/Divas do you think would be perfect for TV - 14?
  95. Am i the only one excited for Alberto Del Rio coming to smackdown?
  96. What is your favourite catch phrase from a wrestler?
  97. Is a Row F section 4 a good seat at a TNA event in the gym?
  98. What is this? Invasion storyline year? WWE with Nexus TNA with Ol'ECW?
  99. which are you more excited for hardcore justice or summerslam?
  100. Will Shannon Moore and Jeff hardy sign autographs in their home state this month on TNA?
  101. WWE Hell In A Cell PPV is going to be boring?
  102. Who won the NWA Mid Atlantic Brass Knuckles title defeating Black Bart (January 17, 1986)?
  103. IS anyone else liking the Dashing Cody Rhodes gimmick?
  104. Rate on Diva Hottness?
  105. Where Do I Find Wwe Melina Perez Nude?
  106. Who would win in a battle in these 80's cartoon fights?
  107. Who's better WHY...?
  108. what do you think of Johnny Mercury coming back?
  110. When will Beth Phoenix be back?
  111. Random match card what do you think?
  112. Who IYO is the best GIANT ever?
  113. i was just watching Wrestlemania 24 and i was show vs mayweather and one of his handlers was
  114. How would you feel about Tiffany winning the Womens title next week?
  115. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  116. WWE 30-man Royal Rumble (Part 4)?
  117. Does WWE Smackdown Suck Now?
  118. Royal rumble you chose 4 my svr 2010 game eliminate 5?
  119. Who was better back then Rocky Maivia or Hunter Hearst Helmsley and why also what
  120. Who had the best night in WWE Superstars?
  121. agree or disagree 2010 the year of pushing?
  122. Kane vs. Undertaker WM27 for the World Heavyweight Championship?
  123. What do you think of WWE's Defining Moments figures at Comic Con?
  124. When Kane loses the World Heavyweight Championship, do you think he will regain the title?
  125. So kane is the new Champion and its looking more and more likely that...........?
  126. What other matches do you belive will be annouced for summerslam?
  127. read the details....?
  128. Is there still going to be an ecw stable after hard justice?
  129. Who is better in wwe ?
  130. WWE 30-man Royal Rumble (Part 3)?
  131. whats your TOP 5 current favorite superstars?
  132. Has anyone here ever Taken the TNA wrestling internship?
  133. Is it true that the original / black white nWo theme song is from a porn video?
  134. what wwe wrestler am i?
  135. I'm getting really sick and tired of seeing people b*tch about TNA?
  136. Who else thinks The Miz is overrated and is starting to become the next John Cena?
  137. Can someone actually answer the question?
  138. What are your 3 favorite WWE wrestlers?
  140. Guess one of the most forgotten WWE wrestler of all time (Hints)?
  141. Do you miss the days when a wrestler had to be over BEFORE they won the world title?
  142. Who is better undertaker or kane?
  143. Are you happy that aj styles is the global champion or at least him and kazarian are in fortune?
  144. Who is better jeff hardy or john cena?
  145. what matches do you think we will see at hardcore justice?
  146. Hows my TNA VS WWE EVENT?
  147. Which is better the main event mafia or evolution?
  148. Do you think Matt Morgan will ever win the world title?
  149. Have you ever been slammed on a ring mat?
  150. How come in the WWE they don't let the new guys get beat up by the veterans?
  151. Who would win the Tag Team Dream Match?
  152. Melina or Maryse who is hotter?
  153. How can TNA draw more ratings?
  154. What is (X9) and Yahoo Answers! Mafia + WQ?
  155. who the heck is EC!!!!!!?
  156. Who has an better future, Cody Rhodes or Ted Dibiase Jr?
  157. What one word would you use to summarize the WWF Attitude Era,Why?
  158. why shawn michaels is the best in the world?
  159. Star this if you think cena sucks?
  160. Do you think Bret Hart should've been called out as the Guest Referee? Who do you think
  161. whats your dream pay per view?
  162. I've got a few questions about indy wrestling and chikara.?
  163. Any good way to watch Bloomington TNA wrestling live online?
  164. Why is it when a WWE wrestler returns from a injury he is given a reward?
  165. How can I watch WWE wrestling live online?
  166. My stand on WWE and TNA?
  167. Why doesnt cm punk where a mask anymore?
  168. Will SummerSlam really be the biggest blockbuster of the summer?
  169. Why do Wrestlers get away with using PED's?
  170. do you think TNA should book Hardcore Justice in the old ECW arena?
  171. Why do WWE fanboys/girls pay more attention to TNA than the WWE?
  172. What rookie are you going to vote for in the nxt poll?
  173. Would Ezekial Jackson Shad Gaspard be a good tag team?
  174. Why does TNA Cram in alot of things in only a 2 hour show (minus 30 minutes of advertisment)?
  176. did u ever think the miz would get 2 where he is 2day?
  177. How can I watch WWE smackdown on the internet tonight?
  178. Do you think TNA's new pay-per-view Hardcore Justice will be better than Extreme Rules + BQ and
  179. Do you think Paul Bearer will return in this Undertaker Vegatative State storyline?
  180. who else besides me likes WWE?
  181. do black people have a difficult time learning and trying to concept wrestling?
  183. EVERYONE ANSWER. Who is your favorite wrestler EVER?? And why?
  184. how come that new rich guy on smackdown does not have to go to nxt?
  185. how od I order that on demand wwe flashback?? who provides it?
  186. am i the only one who really in joyed tommy dreamers promo on tna last night?
  187. how tall is yoshit tatsu ??? BQ are there a lot of superstars under 6 feet? who are
  188. was the ministry of darkness a rip off of Raven's nest/the flock?
  189. Another TNA Question???? (BQ Inside)?
  190. where is Triple H?why isnt he coming on raw?
  191. What are some common beliefs about wrestling/sports that's false but some people still think
  192. Is Triple H a snob in person?
  193. what do u think of the nexus?
  194. So how does TNA get away with.....?
  195. the big show finally unmask joey mercury?
  196. nexus or ECW invasion wich one do you like more?
  197. When Kaz entered the ring last night did he look a little like Rick Martel?
  198. would you like Dolph Ziggler face?
  199. Do you think Jeff Hardy deserved to have a World title reign before his brother Matt?
  200. Do you think Angelina Love Velvet Sky Might go back to being a tag team again?
  201. who do you think is the best wrestler 45 or older that can still put on good matches?
  202. pick one wwe star to go face and one wwe star to go heel and why?
  203. Do you think a John Cena heel turn would be good or bad for the WWE.......+BQ's?
  204. What do the letters in STF stand for?
  205. what wwe superstar am i?
  206. what wwe wrestler am i?
  207. Doesn't it seem Morrison is getting a big push now?
  208. whos the next unified tag team champions?
  209. wwe fill in the blank?
  210. Wrestling Section PPV #5 Y!A7 vs X9?
  211. What/How has Pro Wrestling taught/helped/inspired you in life?
  212. BCW King of the ring wrestling show 12 wrestlers on roster are in it plus a new face debuts.?
  213. If Sting ever came to WWE, would he have to use his Crow theme?
  214. does anyone have a link to watch tomorow nights smackdown?
  215. What two things would you do to improve WWE TNA?
  216. Is Booker T an underrated wrestler?
  217. who was a better inverview?
  218. I used to be a wrestling fan. Before it became PG. Now it just sucks.?
  219. When Chris Jericho retires......?
  220. Where did really good wrestling go? Plus BQ?
  221. If John Cena had never joined the business....?
  222. Would you want ECW to come back if had the ECW Originals?
  223. wrestling section: how would you feel if?
  224. That was REAL talk that ECW Originals had with Dixie!?
  226. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock at Wrestlemania?
  227. What's with all the Morrison hate as of late?
  228. What matches do you want to see happen at TNA (ECW) Hard Justice: One Last Stand?
  229. Do you think Kurt Angle will will lose on TNA,and go back to the WWE?
  230. Can someone tell me in FULL detail what happened on TNA iMPACT?
  231. are you glad that hard justice is going to be all ECW and no TNA?
  232. I think Madison Rayne is the hottest chick in Wrestling!!?
  234. John Cena and Randy Orton vs. Superman and Batman+BQ?
  235. is the nxt voting on real can someone explain to me if we really decide who wins nxt?
  236. who do you want to guesthost RAW next?
  237. inferno match question?
  238. Kane vs. Superman? who would win+BQ?
  239. What are your thoughts on Impact tonight?
  240. TNA or WWE and why? (+BQ)?
  241. Do you feel the WWE title belt is worth winning nowadays?
  242. Is WWE Wrestling real?
  243. Does Hogan look any different now than 10-15 years ago?
  244. How come when you order a replica belt, the leather straps dont flop around like it does on T.V?
  245. What are some reasons Paul Heyman would be great for TNA?
  246. What do you think of The British Bulldog's last run in WWE also a message to Rated Silent?
  247. WS6 Update + X9 spot open BQ:?
  248. According to your wisdom, what makes Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels feud both at WM 25 26
  249. should Brooke Hogan join wwe?
  250. Did you know that TNA still markets Christian Cage Merchandise (in link you will see)?
  251. How do you feel about the WWE no longer marketing Shawn Michaels?
  252. Would that be good or bad for the WWE if John Cena was to turn heel at Summer Slam and join Nexus?
  253. How long has this whole rematch clause been around for?
  254. An interesting, possible reason why chair shots to the head are now banned (not b/c of PG rating)?
  255. Do you ever think that the announcers overhype big matches or big events?
  256. Who Madison Rayne's mystery woman on the motorcycle?
  257. There is one more place left for the group X9?
  258. Is this Kane/Undertaker rivalry be Kane's final rivalry before retiring?
  259. Who else thinks that Triple H's injury is Kayfabe?
  260. Will this match happen at Wrestlemania 30?
  261. Who is the best Face, Heel and Tweener in the history of the WWE?
  262. Why do so many people on here like Randy Orton?
  263. Is John Morrison's finisher the lamest finisher in the WWE?
  264. Is there a auto insurance i can get for a low cost?
  265. WS,How many of you wants to be a wrestling columnist?
  266. What Native American wrestler defeated Gorgeous George for the AWA World title in 1950?
  267. What would you rate this match? Jericho vs Edge vs Shawn Michaels?
  268. What Canadian wrestler used Big Train as part of his ring name?
  269. TNA iMPACT! on in 4 minutes-- Are you tuning in?
  270. WS,Outdoor Or Indoor Wrestlemania + a Message to ?M?tt? ?WWE? ?F????
  271. Which stable do you like more: Nexus or Extreme Volume 2 (EV2) in TNA?
  272. What are your thoughts on TNA's newest pay-per-view Hardcore Justice?
  273. What are the Pro's and Cons of WWE TNA right now?
  274. Should the Jersey Shore cast Guest Host RAW?
  275. What two wrestlers did Ted Dibiase consecutively eliminate at Royal Rumble 1990 (entrants two
  276. What was the real point of wwe taking kanes mask off?
  277. Who did Edge defeat to become the Intercontinental Champion for the first time?
  278. Is it me or did Stone Cold not age?
  279. Who reminds you more of Rick Rude: John Morrison or Dashing Cody Rhodes?
  280. TNA iMPACT! on tonight-- Are you tuning in?
  281. How many consecutive weeks did Nitro beat Raw in the ratings?
  282. what channel and time does TNA Xplosion come on?
  283. Who would win these matches?
  284. who is your all time superstar in wwe and why? (try more than 100 answers and over 70 stars)...
  285. If WWE all of a sudden signed AJ Styles (Would Vince use him Properly or Ruin Him)?
  286. The Nexus got there WWE contracts so what do they want now?
  287. Should WWE have been sued for Gillberg?
  288. Wrestlemania 27 Dream Card (Detailed) (Rate and Pick Your Winners)?
  289. Can people stop with all these stupid groups in the wrestling section + WQ?
  290. WWE Universe are you Nexus or against us ?
  292. Why do wrestling fans of today have no respect for legends?
  293. is any one else tired of bret hart on RAW?
  297. WWE Diva Maria Kanellis On YouShoot? Plus Comments On Interview!?
  298. SummerSlam: The History Repeat?
  299. TNA Fans. Just a Question!?
  302. Franks hot sauce and Hell raiser i unblocked you.?
  303. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode #22 ( Just Matches for this episode)?
  304. TNA vs AAA vs NJPW vs WWE vs CZW vs WCW vs ECW vs ROH Part 7?
  305. Are some of the wwe championships becoming almost worthless?
  306. is hornswoggle fired or what happen to him?
  307. Why does this WS suck lately.?
  308. Please, Vote for Kaval! I just voted for him?
  309. What do you think would make WWE more entertaining?
  310. How can I watch TNA wrestling on the internet?
  311. What will be your reaction when you hear these four theme songs?
  312. Adressing the X9 and (Y!A7)?
  313. How much would you pay at an auction for Reverend D'Von's collection box?
  314. What was the main event program in WCW in February of 2000?
  315. Whats up with people creating stables?
  316. Why did Hennig put over Matt Hardy cleanly on Heat in his last WWE match?
  317. At what time do the most popular users get in the WS?
  318. Do you think Matt Hardy will ever be a World champion like his brother Jeff?
  319. Edge or CM Punk (1st to 10 wins)?
  320. Who's your favorite TNA Knockout (past and present)?
  321. Who would win this match?
  322. Where's WWE Superstar and FCW Talent, Tyler Reks?
  323. What if Undertaker returned with his American Bad Ass gimmick?
  324. Who is your favorite member of Nexus............+BQ's?
  325. Which group in the WS is the best and why? plus BQ's?
  326. Why is Everyone Bashing R-Truth?
  327. whos better on the mic? JERICHO, ROCK, MiZ, or CM PUNK?
  328. hey wwe fans i think i love her?
  329. is the wrestlemania anthology complete set worth the buy?
  330. Who would win in a tag-team match, Hulk Hogan Macho Man vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
  331. What if Randy Came out to this?
  332. Is the ECW Invasion hurting TNA? (spoilers inside)?
  333. Who is happy with the victory of Kane The Big Red Machine to Money in The Bank?
  334. YES! WWE I LOVE YOU!?
  335. Who is your favorite wrestler that has no killer abs?
  336. What match made you hooked to pro wrestling?
  337. Orton Explains (+ BQ)?
  338. WS,How many of you smells the coffee?
  339. WS,Are you Red or Blue?
  340. WS,Have you ever had a Wrestling Dream?
  341. Add Me To Your Contacts + WQ (Wrestling Question) + BQ (Bonus Question)?
  342. Why do men date women when they KNOW they're FAKE?
  343. Do you think this is the reason why Kane won the World title?
  344. Who do you want to win the 2nd NXT?
  345. WS,When did you realize that Pro Wrestling is scripted?
  347. How to do Frog Splash?
  348. How to become a pro wrestler?
  349. Who in TNA came up with the idea for the ECW storyline concept?
  350. wrestling section do you like this song + wrestling question?
  351. If WWE were still TV14 would they crush TNA?
  352. Which wrestler is better overall, The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels (prime) or Hulk Hogan (prime)?
  353. wwe divas slips......?
  355. You guys know Sting is older than the Undertaker?
  357. Why do so many of you guys say BLUE HELL?
  358. who's #1 in the wrestling section?
  359. IYO, Who should be the final three NXT rookies, Why?
  360. Why is TNA signing so much ECW alumni?
  361. So, if the WWE follows the time honored tradition of teams and has one member of?
  362. when GTA V will come out?
  363. TNA vs AAA vs NJPW vs WWE vs CZW vs WCW vs ECW vs ROH Part 6?
  364. WWCA:Revenge Show 1 + Please rate and Vote for winners?
  365. What gimmicks in history get crapped on for being bad gimmicks when you actually liked them?
  366. Who was the youngest WWE Hardcore Champion in the history of the title?
  367. What is wrong with Michael Cole?
  368. Wrestling Section 40 Man Royal Rumble? (Round 3)?
  369. why is john cena always the face of the WWE?
  370. Do you like AJ Styles as a Heel or Face more?
  371. The Nexus or Main Event Mafia?
  372. Who is your favorite highflyer?
  373. Who has the better chokeslam Undertaker, Big Show, or Kane?
  374. What wrestler do you Hate the most and why?
  375. Better in ring competitor Edge or Jericho?
  376. Why does everyone think its gonna be John Cena vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania?
  377. TNA VS WWE who would win?
  378. Who was the best announcer ever? +BQ?
  379. why do lots of guys say john morrison is GAY?
  383. Is WWE starting to go a little far with watering down move-sets?
  385. Has a wwe title ever changed hands at a untelevised house show?
  386. Is WWE good at making superstars?
  387. Who would win this over the top rope battle royale?
  388. Wrestling fans: Which user you see in this section eveytime you came here?
  389. tna vs wwe who is better and who will win these matches?
  390. what is ur #1 favorite storyline in pro wrestling history?
  391. hey people hope u wiil enjoy this wrestling question?
  392. wwe newest face of wwe is....?
  393. who is better Yoshi Tatsu or Kofi Kingston.?
  394. ECW vs. WCW vs. TNA vs. ROH vs. WWE vs. CZW vs. AAA?
  395. Ravishing Rick Rude vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley (pre World Title). Who wins?
  396. Rapping cena vs. F@G Cena (oooooops i mean Super Cena)?
  397. kofi kingston or cena?
  398. Who were the members of the tag team known as Devils Rejects?
  399. Why was Big Show bullying CM Punk?
  400. A year later, who's the bigger star, John Morrison or The Miz?
  401. Ravishing Rick Rude (prime) vs. John Morrison. Who wins?
  402. Guessing Game: Who was the first ever wrestler I saw on TV? Guess!?
  403. kofi kingston or r truth?
  404. Who is hotter Ashley Massaro or Maryse?
  405. Andre the giant vs. Youkuzana vs. Big John Stud vs. Big Boss Man vs. King Kong Bundy vs. the big
  406. Who would win these matches?
  407. who do you like more goku or the rock?
  408. would it be cool if on smack down miz cashed in on kane and won the belt?
  409. Full Throttle Wrestling Genocide Ep1 + BQ:?
  410. who has a bigger *****?
  412. What wrestlers would you want to go from TNA to WWE?
  413. how was kerry von erich able to keep wrestling in the late 80s and early 90s? when he lost his...
  414. name some wrestlers who were under 6 foot that got a major push and stardom.?
  415. when exactly is summerslam? and are tickets sold out yet?
  416. did anyone else think the nxt tshirts looked stupid? also do you like nxt rookies on
  417. In wrestling, who ever is taller is stronger no matter what?
  418. How to watch Bloomington TNA wrestling live online?
  419. How to watch TNA and WWE wrestling live online?
  420. should wwe trade hornswoggle with the most famous mini-lucha?
  421. could wwe ever come back as pg-14?BQ?
  422. what does jerry the king lawler do on raw? is he on often?
  424. What if John Cena was able to be a wrestler, instead of Superman?
  425. True or False, WWE Wrestlemania was a ripoff of WCW's Starrcade?
  426. who do u want 2 b revealed as the leader of The Nexus?
  427. Do you like the WWE vs TNA war in this section?
  428. What did Jim Ross do to Vince Mcmahon to deserve such treatment?
  429. What do you think is in the MITB Briefcase? Does it even open?
  430. The Nexus or Evolution?
  431. In Your Opinion, who has the best wrestler skills in WWE,besides Edge,Y2J,and Taker,Why?
  432. Pro Wrestling Diet Info Please?
  433. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 21?
  434. Should the Undertaker Retire?
  435. do you get mad when people state facts like these?
  436. If you could predict the top 10 of this section in one year time, who would it be?
  437. Will NXT Season 2 form a Nexus-like group?
  438. TNA vs AAA vs NJPW vs WWE vs CZW vs WCW vs ECW vs ROH Part 5?
  439. did you ever notice this?
  440. who think this season of NXT is better then last season?
  441. What is the loudest boo you have ever heard a face being given +BQ?
  442. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  443. what if you found out that you were related to one of the trolls in the wrestling section?
  444. WWE Scavenger Hunt #3?
  445. does WWE have their own security or do they use the security in the state their in that week?
  446. Another reason Michael Cole sucks?
  447. The future of the WWE, a possible big change?
  448. Who eles hates Santino Marella?
  449. who else thinks that edge and y2j are going to turn on cena at summerslam?(+BQ)(+very...
  450. When is the WS most active?
  451. why do some many people like TNgAy?
  452. The Radio has an interesting discovery: FINALLY!! THE ROCK!! WILL COME BACK!! ON AUGUST...
  453. 10 POINTS!! TED OR CODY?
  454. 10 POINTS!! RAW OR SD?
  456. If you was a wwe supestar, what would you entrance theme be?
  457. Any Made Up WWE Storyliness?
  458. What do you think of these michael cole botches?
  459. Wrestling Section 40 Man Royal Rumble? (Round2)?
  460. Who held the WWE Hardcore Championship the most?
  461. What would you rather see?
  462. I used to be a wrestling fan. Before it became PG. Now it just sucks.?
  463. To the Wrestling Section.............?
  465. Wrestling Section Users?
  466. Join TTO Troll Take Out?
  467. Wrestling Fans I Have A Question For You?
  468. What exactly happened to the undertaker?
  469. Okay are there anymore political pro wrestlers.wrestling section.?
  470. Wrestling Section Royal Rumble FINAL ROUND?
  471. Any Edgeheads out there?
  472. The glamazon or Michelle McCool?
  473. When will WWE release new shirts for superstars?
  474. What are some pros and cons of WWE turning John Cena heel?
  475. What else happened of NXT?
  476. If you had to predict the top 10 in the wrestling section next year, who would it be?
  477. Who would you want in the season 3 of NXT?
  478. Why is Michael Cole such a fail?
  479. Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA).What was your opinion on this sort run stable?
  480. How predictable was it that Kane was going to cash in his MITB briefcase after the Swagger and
  481. What is kofi kingston best match?
  482. What is your opinon on Downfall and how well do you think Chris Jericho is doing as a host?
  483. Who had the longest reign as WWF Hardcore Champion? Who held it for the most days combined?
  484. What do you think would make the wwe better ?
  485. Nexus Leader Theory - What do you think?
  486. Do you think Eve Torres will team up with John Morrison to go against Ted DiBiase and Maryse?
  487. Since Kane won the WHC at MITB, do you now see him facing a returning Undertaker at Summerslam?
  488. who do you think deserves a push?
  489. Why does WWE make NXT unwatchable?
  490. IYO, what is the greatest wrestling match off all time,Why?
  491. Do you think one of the greatest matches to never happen was?
  492. In your opinion, What years were the best to be a wrestling fan,Why?
  493. Do you think that Edge vs Orton feud was cool but he hav to continues?
  494. Is the majority of TNA's fans the IWC?
  495. I'v missed the last month of WWE, can someone give me breif details of the main storylines thats...
  496. Stone Cold Steve Austin or Randy Orton?
  497. Why are WWE crowds so dead now a days?
  498. Did Chris Jericho turn Fan-Favorite (Face) last night at RAW?
  499. this is a very important matter about bret hart plz read(+smackdown spoilers)?
  500. Who came up with the rule that the WWE Hardcore Title will be defended 24 hours a day and 7 days