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  1. Who was actually the better wrestler Curt or Larry the Axe Henning?
  2. Can anyone held me find this womens match?
  3. Why were alot of Jeff Hardy fans crazy back in 2009?
  4. How Did You Get Into the Indy promotions?
  5. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  6. Why didnt wcw push raven for the world title.?
  7. If you could change any title reign, what would it be?
  8. WWE Smackdown... unable to watch..?
  9. who is better and who will win?
  10. Do you think The Undertaker should revive the TX symbol?
  11. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 31 ( What's next for the Nexus? Is Ultimo Dragon still WCW...
  12. What if Sting had joined the WWF after Vince bought WCW?
  13. Hey Matt Striker Fan can you unblock me?
  14. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live for free online ?
  15. Does anyone have the Smackdown spoilers from tonight(7/28/10)?
  16. Do you think the WWE needs to bring back Single Branded PPV's?
  17. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 4?
  18. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU already KNOW the fighting is FAKE?
  19. what happen to undertaker and his ex?
  20. Paul London vs. Shelton Benjamen vs. Alex Shelly vs. Petey Williams ?
  21. Is Triple H's torn bicep kayfabe or shoot?
  22. What Wrestler am I (10 pts For 1st answer ! ! ! )?
  23. Hey Guys, It's me WWE HD (yWa). Please read for info about my PPV's?
  24. Who is your favorite wrestler?
  25. If LayCool do break up?
  26. Who r ur top 10 favorite WWE superstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  27. Who would win, Randy Orton, Stone Cold (prime), The Rock (prime), or The Miz?
  28. What has been your favourite wrestler's logo?
  29. What summer slam slurpee cup did you get + BQ?
  30. What's so entertaining about watching muscular sweaty men groping and pretending to hurt each other?
  31. What are some major mistakes the WWE has made?
  32. Do you think the fans need to stop chanting What!??
  33. Wrestling Fill in the blanks?
  34. How come the SPOILERS for next week's Raw have already been revealed?
  35. Who do you like better overall, Stone Cold or The Rock?
  36. who are your top favorite users in the wrestling section?
  37. what if the Rock was the one?
  38. IYO what is the BEST WORST Wrestlemania?
  39. Does anybody hate Randy Orton?+BQ?
  40. WE WANT PAUL HEYMAN IN TNA!!!who else agrees?
  41. 10 points to who gets this right! who was doug dellinger in wcw and what was his roll?
  42. Whatever happened to somoa joe's abduction storyline?
  43. Why Does Mr. McMahon Hate Christian so much?
  44. My WCW Pay-Per-View EP.30 ( Will the suprise continue? Will Ultimo Dragon retain?)?
  45. Where did Triple H/Hunter Hearst Helmsley get the name ?Pedigree? from?
  46. I Need Ur Opinion If Ur Lazy Dont Read?
  47. Why haven't they had a World Championship match in WWE lately?
  48. Do you think that Jeff Hardy is the reason why Matt is not Champion?
  49. Raw vs Smackdown elimination tornado team match?
  50. TNA Vs WWE best of 5 series Survivor Series?
  51. Wasn't John Cena sup-post to be in a new movie called legandary or something?
  52. Are there any spots available in any WS Group?
  53. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 3 TIEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  54. What do you think will happen after this season of NXT + BQ?
  55. When Jericho's contract is about to expire, should he sign on to continue, is he still going to job?
  56. Do you think the WWE is actually looking at the universes' votes relating to NXT?
  57. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT(Recount)?
  58. Was the Ultimate Warrior's theme tune an actual song with lyrics?
  59. Do people train wwe wrestlers how to land?
  60. Royal rumble part 6(20 Characters)?
  61. Does Michael Cole seem happier to you on NXT?
  62. Who is the ''girl on the motorbike'' in TNA?
  63. Do you think the US Title The Intercontinental Title are defended enough?
  64. where can i watch tna in uk?
  65. Who do you go for at Summerslam? Nexus vs Justice League?
  66. What WWE Theme Songs Are You Obsessed With?
  67. what is your favorite WWE finisher now and why?
  68. who does the Chokeslam best?
  69. What if the Miz waits until the Royal Rumble before cashing in MIB?
  70. why is Big Show the only one who can do a KO puch?
  71. What is the ban of HBK about in the WWE?
  72. who is the most dominate WWE superstar now!?
  73. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear the Pros instigating on NXT?
  74. John Cena bashing Percy Watson, and telling him how he should wrestle, will only get...
  75. is it me or is the abyss and janice angle alot like the perry saturn and moppy angle?
  76. Raw vs Smackdown elimination tornado team match?
  77. Besides His Name, what is wrong with Michael McGillicutty?
  78. What's the point in watching grown men play fight with each other in their underwear?
  79. **SPOILER** Does it make The Undertaker seem weak that Rey Mysterio was his attacker?
  80. Does Anyone Else Find Laycool to be extremely annoying?
  81. What do you have to do to be in a WS group?
  82. Does anyone here remember, when the Main Event Mafia took over TNA iMPACT?
  83. Who has the brighter future: Jimmy Uso or Jey Uso? + (BQ)?
  84. so who the new GM of raw? Triple H or shawn micheals?
  85. What are the benefits of joining a WS group?
  86. What Wrestler Am I (10 points! ! !)?
  87. Which gimmick did you like better questions inside?
  88. Which wrestling promotion do you want Bryan Danielson to go to now....?
  89. How come people want Nexus to lose at SummerSlam?
  90. Try to make the worst list of champions you can.....?
  92. Which type of superstars do you perfer.....?
  93. Hey everyone, hows it going?
  95. i have nothing but respect for the undertaker but do you think its time he stop winning...
  96. Currently is Randy Orton a heel or a face right now?
  97. The Radio wants to know: Who do you believe are the top 10 best wrestlers of all time?
  99. ?I Love ? ?The? ?Glamazon?? IS OBSSESED WITH BETH PHOENIX!+BQ?
  100. WWE's Summer Couple Elimanation Game? ROUND 12?
  101. Is Ric flair even in Fortune?
  103. Is Husky Harris going home on the next NXT elimination?
  104. Which entrance do you like better: Melina's entrance or The Beautiful People's Entrance?
  105. Name ALL the ECW wrestlers you think will appear at TNA Hardcore Justice: The Last Stand + BQ?
  106. My TNA Hardcore Justice Card: Pick Winners, Rate Card + Give Opinions?
  107. Besides, Husky Harris who should be eliminated next on NXT + BQ?
  108. Why does WWE push people based on mic skills (The Miz David Otunga) over people who can
  109. Do you think Melina's split entrance is too much for the kids of the WWE Universe?
  110. Are there any online pro wrestling fantasy leagues that are currently taking new superstars.?
  111. If Daniel Bryan didn't get release from the WWE who do you think...?
  112. Do you agree that this season's NXT will have a more competitive finish to it than season 1?
  113. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 3?
  114. Any good way to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  115. Who do you think can be the future face of WWE?
  116. Agree or Disagree: Stone Cold Steve Austin was a rip-off of ECW's Sandman?
  117. Who Had The Worst Night-NXT?
  118. How long do you expect NXT to go on as a Break out star Competition show before it becomes?
  119. LOL!!! Did you hear the pros instigating?
  120. If you have a trampoline wrestling ring. . .?
  121. Something people don't really ask much but who is your Favorite FEMALE wrestler??...
  122. TNA SPOILERS FOR *NEXT WEEK*!!(only the good stuff inside,no boring matches) *PLUS A BIG
  123. who would win in this giants battle:Big Show vs The Great Khali vs Mark Henry?
  124. Do you like AJ styles better when he's heel or face?
  125. Breaking News about WWE (+8BQ)?
  126. what do you people think of this video?
  127. Royal rumble part 5(20 Characters)?
  128. How come pro wrestling can be inconsistent?
  129. what if beth Phoenix was the WWE divas champion and she had a mystery opponent for the title at...
  130. Was this William Regal's last win?
  131. am i the only one thinking john morrison is fixing to turn heel or get a gimmick change or both?
  132. am i the only one that wants hardcore wrestling?
  133. Who Thinks That Evan Bourne Deserves To Have The U.S. Title not the miz?
  134. Most underated in WWE........?
  135. Should Mark Henry be called the World's Weakest Man instead?
  136. WWE's Summer Couple Elimanation Game? ROUND 10?
  137. Does anyone else besides me HATE Cena -_-?
  138. what would you guys think of a little tna vs wwe battle?
  139. Who is/was better The Rock or Stone Cold?
  140. Isn't Skip Sheffield's finisher a clothesline from hell?
  141. Do you like WWF wrestling?
  142. On a scale from 1-10 how FAKE is WWE?
  143. Whats your least favorite WWE finisher?
  144. When will Jeff Hardy be TNA Champ?
  145. Are you shocked that The Undertakers attacker was Rey Mysterio!?
  146. If you can meet any Diva/superstar?
  147. Which move is better?
  148. Who else thinks Vader was one of the best Big Men to Wrestle?
  149. who you think gonna leave NXT tonight?
  150. Which Sweet Chin Music looked like it hurt the worst?
  151. who was the last black WWE champion?
  152. Why dont they use more mud to wrestle in - in the WWE?
  153. is it just me? or is the wwe tag team division dead?
  154. This is one of the best finishers?
  155. last night raw was bored to death agree or disagree?
  156. What do you think about this Pedigree?
  157. Should Rey Mysterio change his gimmick?
  158. Do you think Eddie Guerrero would be proud of Vickie today?
  159. In your opinion, why did ECW have such a loyal fan base?
  160. Rate the following wrestling announcers out of ten?
  161. How many PPV's do you order a year?
  163. Wrestlemania 26 Estimated Card! Comment and Rate!?
  165. Bengals plan big on T.O.ís diva trio
  166. Hi Guys Can U Help Me With A SvR 10?
  167. what is a hot 2 girl session in mixed wrestling?
  168. Wrestlemania 27 Match Listing who would win?
  169. At what stage would you classify The Rock sold out? If already, what stage did you classify
  170. WWE Royal Rumble Part 10 (Eliminate 2)?
  171. What are TWO POSITIVE things you can say about Vince Russo?
  172. Is Randy Orton now on The Rock and Stone Cold level?
  173. Who would make good tag team partners for the Nexus?
  174. Are there any WS users with a Facebook account and would like to add me?
  175. SUMMERSLAM POLL: Where do you see The Undertaker fitting into the Summerslam PPV?
  176. Where would you rank ECW Legend Jerry Lynn on a scale from 1-100 in the best ECW Wrestlers...
  177. Do you think Nexus is a rip-off of the nWo + BQ?
  178. Attitude Era Or Ruthless Agression Era?
  179. Who would you rather see get a main event push: Christian, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, or John...
  180. Wrestling Fans!!! Tell me your dream matches!!(youtube)?
  181. Agree or Disagree: Wrestling should be an Olympic sport?
  182. Watch Chris Jericho pwn a fan?
  183. Does TNA Shop Take Visa Plus Or Interac?
  184. How do people know that Wrestlemania 27 is going to be WCW themed?
  185. Would The Rock be able to have a good argument with another wrestler in this PG era?
  186. Who do you want to get inducted into the WWE hall of fame this year?
  187. Did anyone else see Orton lose it last night?
  188. Have you ever attended a WWE show before?
  189. Who do you think will leave the nexus first?
  190. Do you agree with this top 20 wrestlers of all time list?
  191. Who do you think that Abyss means when he says They?
  192. Who do you think will win NXT?
  193. does this make you love christian?
  194. What do you think about WWE Banning HBK?
  195. Evan Bourne title push?
  196. Wrestling fans, have you noticed...?
  197. Would there be to much pressure on The Rock to be GM?
  198. Do you think darren young looks like a troll doll?
  199. what was your favorite year in wwe/f?
  200. If you could meet 5 wrestlers in real life and have dinner with them who would they be and were?
  201. Who is Abyss talking about when he says ?they/them??
  202. Who has a better chance of winning NXT Season 2: Michael McGillicutty or Alex Riley + 2 BQ's?
  203. The Miz Or John Cena?
  205. Do you think Jillian Hall could help improve the Diva's division if used properly + BQ?
  206. wwe 58 man Royal Rumble part 2?
  207. IMPORTANT Question about SVR 2007 options! Please help. Best answer gets full points?
  208. Kelly Kelly Or Maryse?
  210. Do you think the team of Santino Koslov will win the Tag Championships before the end of the year?
  211. Who did/are you voted/vote for in WWE NXT?
  212. why do you guys get mad at wrestler who wear underwears?
  213. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  214. Any good way to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  215. What site do I use to watch WWE or TNA wrestling online?
  216. with way the gm, talks, dont you think it is TRIPLE H? ACTING AS GM?
  217. Who is the Raw GM, I'm just guessing, HBK?
  218. If you knew Triple H, what would you get him for his birthday + 2 BQ's?
  219. Why does WWE disable comments on there YouTube videos?
  220. Do you think Team Nexus vs Team Cena would better fit Survivor Series + BQ?
  221. Which is MOST likely to happen before Wrestlemania XXVII: John Morrison turning HEEL or The...
  222. What would be a good Tag Team name for the team of Kofi Kingston Rey Mysterio?
  223. Wrestling Fans!!! Tell me your dream matches!!(YOUTUBE)?
  224. True or False: The Rock is the RAW GM?
  225. Wrestling Fans!!! Tell Me Your Dream matches!!(YouTube)?
  226. First ever show of WWE: Wrestling Elite: Raw (Rate the show, Only if your going to rate) +...
  227. What do you think of this card? Fantasy WM27?
  228. Ladies...rate the following superstars?
  229. We all know that at summerslam..?
  230. wer u impressed by the nexus 2nite against team raw?
  231. its defentiley HHH he said it today on raw quoted *if you cant deel with it two words for ya* he
  232. Which is more likely to happen at Summerslam?
  233. Has there ever been a wrestler that stayed a face his entire career?
  234. In your opinion, who had the worst gimmick in professional wrestling history?
  235. Why was ECW One Night Stand 2005 PPV was so successful?
  236. where can i watch last nights wwe raw?
  237. Best WWE Superstar Contest ROUND 4. ELIMINATE 5 SUPERSTARS?
  238. Is Chris Jericho the best in the world at what he does?
  239. Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?
  240. To all wrestling fans..?
  241. Do you think that any wrestler from Raw and Smackdown...?
  242. Im 12 and from england (gravesend) how can i become a wwe star when old enough?
  243. STAR if you agree that The Miz is ready to be World Champion?
  244. Here's another tough Old School question for you wrestling fans.?
  245. WWE Royal Rumble Part 9 (Eliminate 3)?
  246. How would you react if Bret Hart joined NeXus?
  247. Which wrestlers current gimmick would've been better suited for the attitude era?
  248. How will SuperCena keep the Justice League together, with egos clashing within the ranks ?
  249. In your opinion, who is the greatest technical wrestler that ever lived?
  250. Create your own best Wrestling Card using free agent wrestlers?
  251. Why did the NeXus give Apache Chief a free pass ?
  252. Who do you want to win at Summerslam?
  253. If John Cena was a highflyer will older fans like him?
  254. Why Should Cena Turn Heel?
  255. Would it be possible to weaken SuperCena by putting red lenses on the spot lights?
  256. Are you A Jeff Hardy Fan?
  257. First Stone Cold, then Roddy Piper, now DX?
  258. If you could bring back one wrestler from the past in his/her prime who would you bring back?
  259. Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton?
  260. have you heard Vince's latest crazy ban?
  261. How do you debate the most infamous pro wrestling debate...?
  262. What would happen if....?
  263. Did no one else notice this about Orton tonight?
  264. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 1 TIEBREAKER!!!?
  265. Was anybody else hoping Edge beat Khali tonight?
  266. Wrestling section,DO YOU THINK ITS UNFAIR?
  267. What can WWE do to have us looking forward to Summerslam?
  269. What day is AJPW (All Japan Professional Wrestling) on, and on what channel for a Bell subscription?
  270. Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) As the new GM?
  271. Why is Ed Hardy clothing so popular?
  272. WWE Royal Rumble part 8 (eliminate 3)?
  274. So I guess now Randy Orton has five moves of doom?
  275. Who Had The Worst Night-Raw?
  276. What are you expecting to happen on Raw tonight?
  277. What do you think the ego clashes between Cena's 'team members' ...?
  278. *Spoiler Alert* Tapings for Next Week's RAW? also Another Alberto Del Rio promo on RAW!!?
  279. Do you think it will be Edge vs Khali later tonight?
  280. Which wwe superstar is the reason you watch the wwe?
  281. Can WWE drop it with the quote thing +bq?
  282. Is Jerry the king lawler really wrestling?
  283. TNA Vs WWE Royal Rumble 1 Entrants?
  284. AmI the only one that has heard Micheal Cole mess up 30 times tonight?
  285. Why does everyone think Randy Orton is becoming the next John Cena? + BQ?
  286. If you could go back in time and change one significant moment in wrestling history. what
  287. How to become Top Contributor?
  288. whats your favorite feud / storyline in the wwe?
  289. How can I watch WWE or TNA wrestling online?
  290. What would you describe about John Cena?
  291. rate between the rock and john cena from 1 to 10?
  292. WS,How to do rANDY oRTON'SRKO?
  293. WS,How to do Sweet Chin Music?
  294. The return of the straight edge saviour?
  295. WWE Royal Rumble part 7 (eliminate 3)?
  296. can nexus sing????????
  297. wwe wrestlers today??
  298. When will Tyler Reks debut on SD!?
  299. what time,channel,and day of weekend is tna on?
  300. Are you excitied about Alberto Del Rios WWE debut?
  301. Who thinks Chris Jericho and Edge will team up tonight?
  302. Any predictions for RAW tonight ?
  303. Is the WWE building up Justin Gabriel as the most dominant member of the Nexus?
  304. True Wrestling Fans!! Open this, you wont regret it, i hav a good offer!(Dream Matches)?
  305. Wrestlemania XXVII Wrestlemania XXVII Wrestlemania XXVII Wrestlemania XXVII Would you buy this
  306. Does Skip Sheffield's clothesline remind you of....?
  307. BREAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEWS!!?
  308. who is the guest host on Monday night Raw?
  309. Shouldn't Rey Mysterio have had an automatic rematch for the World Heavyweight Title?
  310. WWE Royal Rumble part 6 (eliminate 3)?
  311. Did Kane and The Undertaker ever performed a Tombstone piledriver on a woman?
  312. Don't bealive the glove ban from wwe?
  313. Are you allowed to gouge eyes in Wrestling?
  314. Why do fat wrestlers wear skin tight outfits?
  315. What is the difference between a no DQ and a No Holds Barred match?
  316. Wrestling section what should my entrance theme be?
  317. IMPORTANT Question about SVR 2007 options! Please help. Best answer gets full points?
  318. Has anyone seen this WWE parody?
  319. Best Best WWE Superstar Contest ROUND 3 TIEBREAKER. ELIMINATE 2 SUPERSTARS?
  320. You think SVR2011 should add Tiny Cheer Big Cheer Tiny Boo Big Boo?
  321. WWE's Summer Couples Elimination Game? ROUND 1?
  322. Why does the IWC feelIf you don't watch Indy's or TNA your not a reak fan?
  323. WWE's Summer Couple Elimanation Game? Round 2?
  324. Was William Regal Born Naughty?
  325. If you think Undertaker married a younger women you should see this?
  326. Why won't WWE let Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy wrestle like they want to. READ DESCRIPTION?
  327. Is wwe all stars gonna be any good?
  328. do all the craby old people come to the wrestling section at night lol?
  329. I am now level 3! + WQ?
  330. WS,Who is in the team X9????????
  331. What is a good site to watch WWE Raw on the internet?
  332. pg era attitude era agree or disagree?
  333. Rate my caws? all answers appreciated.?
  334. Am i the only one that thinks goldust deserves a push?
  335. when will rvd lose the tna world championship and to who?
  336. Do you think Shawn Michaels has the power to convince Vince to rehire Bryan Danielson?
  337. If you could choose 2 current wrestlers to be a commentary team when they retire which 2...
  338. My WCW Monday Night Nitro EP. 28 ( Possible Invasion in the up coming weeks)?
  339. Iron Sheik brutally assaulted the Ultiamte Warrior?
  340. I'm hungry..........................................?
  341. Who has better mic skills: The Miz, Chris Jericho, or John Cena?
  342. is there any dvds about sabu?
  343. Fillin the blanks: Cena Batista winning titles at WM 21 is like ........ ..........
  344. Is downloading raw episodes legal ?
  345. Best WWE Superstar Contest ROUND 3. ELIMINATE 5 SUPERSTARS?
  346. Why does the Ref always have his back turned when something illegal happens?
  347. are you sick of jack swagger being main event each smackdown?bq?
  348. Watch WWE Raw live on the internet, what site is best?
  349. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  350. why do people make fun of matt because his apendics exploded?
  351. Did you think TNA made a good idea or bad idea by crowning AJ Styles the new Global Champion?
  352. Which 3 Superstars should TNA push strongly?
  353. TNA homegrown and bought superstars?
  354. What was the worst decision WWE TNA has made so far this year?
  355. YCW Signups great new efed?
  356. What will TNA decide to do with the newest free agents?
  357. What are the worst Accidents/Injuries you've seen in the WWE?
  358. Who do you think is more overrated, John Cena or Randy Orton, explain your answer?
  359. who are your top 1O favorite wwe divas?
  360. What do you think of this dream match coming true in the PG era of WWE?
  361. What is Darren Youngs Finisher?
  362. The Rock v Stone Cold v Mankind v Undertaker v HHH v AJ Styles v DDP v Sting v RVD v Sabu who wins?
  363. WWE Royal Rumble Part 5 (eliminate 3)?
  364. How will Kane Lose his new WHC title ?
  365. Does Sheamus seem like a legit top guy to you yet?
  366. Where is Shark Boy is he?
  367. Jack Swagger looked huge compared to Josh Mathews on Smackdown?
  368. Have TNA totally messed up the ECW invasion angle?
  369. Where do you see Joey Mercury's career going after he got unmasked?
  370. How good were The Rockers in your opinion a tag team consisted of Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty?
  372. WS6 update plus BQ's for non members?
  373. Message for The Wrestling Wiz Kid + WQ?
  374. 'Ravishing' Rick Rude v 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes, Who wins?
  375. Who will be the next Heel Face Change in the WWE?
  376. WS, what is your favorite wwe game?
  377. wwe fans who else misses Jimmy Wang Yang?
  378. Do you like a wrestler/diva because of talent or looks?
  379. reason Matt Hardy got fat!?
  380. every body lest's go to poll and surveys and ask who their fav wwe super is over and over again?
  381. omfg wwe news top secret until now?
  382. Who is your best friend in the WS?
  383. Can you guys help me call THQ about SMACKDOWN VS RAW 2011..?
  384. Who were the members of the Tag Team known as the Black Hearts?
  385. Should SVR11 add Kick-Out Ability and I Quit match.?
  386. Do you think one guy who could take Big Show in a legit fight is powerlifter Scott Mendelson?
  387. Can you see the WWE hiring Petey Williams?
  388. Why is Smackdown moving to SyFy?
  389. WWE Royal Rumble part 4 (eliminate 3)?
  390. Do you think the Intercontinental title of the 90s had more prestige to it than the current WHC
  391. Is there a new wrestling promotion being made?
  392. Constructive criticism?
  393. YCW Signups, please, anyone?
  394. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  395. Agree or Disagree: Cena approving a Danielson return is a ruse to gain older fans?
  396. Who should be the first to be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame?
  397. Do you want WWE to bring back the triple cage match?
  398. 2nd Annual Wrestling Section Slammy Awards Results?
  399. Will Matt Hardy EVER be able to come from under his baby brothers shadow and be allowed
  400. The wrestler with the worst...?
  401. Do you think wwe has made undertakers attacker too obvious?
  402. Who would win these matches?
  403. was ecw in the 90's real.?
  404. WWE Royal Rumble (eliminate 3) part 3?
  405. What Would Your Reaction Be If...?
  406. Do you think giving Cena back the rapper gimmick is a bad move because he's outgrown it?
  407. Can WWE be considered a sport?
  408. Is this Del Rio guy a good wrestler?
  409. Why do people think SmackDown needs The Undertaker to be good?
  410. Does anyone actually know the name of Wade Barrett's finisher?
  411. Why do so many people like Matt Hardy?
  412. What is the worst gimmick of all time?
  413. Why do so many people like Kane?
  414. Why can't people realize how boring Randy Orton is?
  415. Who's more over with the fans?
  416. WWE Royal Rumble part 2 (eliminate 3)?
  417. Why do people hate John Cena so much?
  418. How do you think Undertaker's Farewell from WWE will be like?
  419. YCW Sigups, great efed, please?
  420. when is joey mercury going to come unmasked and leave the straightedge society?
  421. Which does TNA need to do the MOST: Create another Brand, Go LIVE,or Leave the iMPACT! Zone?
  422. Do yew theenk Undertaker should retyre alreddy?
  423. Who is the worst wrestler ever known to man?
  424. Isn't John Cena the best wrestler to have ever existed in the history of man-kind?
  425. Who's the hottest diva that ever wrestled/wrestles?
  426. What is a eFed (I hear lots of talk about them)?
  427. Dawn Marie's embezzling from Wrestler's Rescue? +BQ?
  428. should this be John Cena's heel theme IF he turns heel at summer slam?
  429. RAW has too many big heels?
  430. this is NOT TROLLISH but do you think undertaker would get a face reaction if he chokeslammed...
  431. what was the name of the song John Morrison comes out to in this video?
  432. wrestling ppv a dream one in my opinion?
  433. If you were a WWE Superstar which of these wrestlers would you be most afraid to wrestle against?
  434. Who'd Win Bryan Danielson vs The Undertaker?
  435. Mickie James joined WWC?
  436. What was Black Saturday and why was it named like that?
  437. Who was the best female heel in WWE?
  438. Who's better,The ecw' F.B.I. or ecw' the B.W.O?
  439. How is the miz like Bill Clinton?
  440. Why does everyone hate Trish Stratus?
  441. Best WWE Superstar Contest ROUND 2. ELIMINATE 5 SUPERSTARS?
  442. My WCW Monday Night Nitro EP. 27 ( If you rate the show then you might get Best Answer)?
  443. What are the worst PPV Main Events?
  444. Why did Bret Hart never signed with ECW after The Montreal Screwjob why and why not?
  445. If you were The Miz would you wait to cash it in at?
  446. bryan danielson, the miz, micheal cole?
  447. what if alicia fox had to defend divas championship and she had a mystery opponet for...
  448. Who was the fake nWo Sting?
  449. who do you think is respected more backstage?
  450. Do you think the dashing Cody Rhodes is really dashing?
  451. would you like to see this at summerslam?
  452. Why is it that some people can't just enjoy both WWETNA?
  453. Qwerty (nWo) or The Hitman (nWo) asks: John Cena or Santino? + *STAR* if you are part of nWo!?
  454. Are you a Professional Wrestling fan or just a wwe fan or tna fan or other?
  455. Was there anyone who actually liked the WM 25 main event?
  456. Can you find the answer to this WWE trivia question?
  457. When is the last time Triple H has been in a good PPV match that didn't involve HBK?
  458. Why do people like Triple H?
  459. Do you think the wrestling section was better in 2009 or 2010?
  461. How come people hate on Cena so much?
  462. Who is a better wrestler? RVD or Jeff Hardy?
  463. Is this a good card for Survivor Series?
  464. What do you think of Bryan Danielson winning IWA Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship?
  465. is tna going to have an extreme impact next week or is hardcore justice going to be the
  466. WWE Superstars Salaries?
  467. John Cena heel turn?
  468. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode #26?
  469. Who put over the following superstars?
  470. What would be the best wrestlemania main event ever + TWF Signups?
  471. Do you consider WWE In Your House: Canadian Stampede 1997 as one of the best PPVs of...
  472. Do you think SummerSlams Team Cena Vs Nexus might be Cena's heel turn?
  473. who are some legit wrestling stars you know that are on facebook?
  474. WWE Royal Rumble Part 1 (eliminate 3)?
  475. Name One Match ever that got you up your seat and gave you chills?
  476. Joe Henning has a sister?
  477. Why do pro wrestlers always grease themselves up with baby oil before a match?
  478. Best WWE Superstar Contest. ROUND 1 TIEBREAKER; ELIMINATE 1?
  479. how much longer do you give the undertaker?
  480. Did you know this was the first EVER PG RAW?
  481. YCW Signups anyone, plz?
  482. What is the size of John Cena's biceps?
  483. In a 7 on 7 Tag Match: Who would win in a Nexus vs ECW Legends match?
  484. would you be pissed or cool with this man being revealed as the leader of nexus?
  485. When are they gonna end this nexus thing it's getting really boring?
  486. if you whent up to a kid and asked them what they think of Raven do you think this
  487. What wrestler did Stephanie manage to go up against her husband Triple H? What was the
  488. Royal Rumble part 8 Eliminate 1?
  489. Evan Bourne vs. The Miz vs. R-Truth United States Title at summeslam? what do you think? i...
  490. Who defeated Don Leo Jonathon for the NWA Texas Heavyweight title in August of 1957?
  491. who misses this chris jericho?
  492. When WCW was around in the late 90s did you ever have a Nitro party?
  493. What date was worse in wrestling history out of these two infamous dates?
  494. Even though the WWE is critiqued for being really bad in 1994 and 1995 what did that little
  495. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  496. What are your top 5 favorite storylines in wrestling history?
  497. was daniel bryan really eliminated read discription please?
  498. Has this ever happened to you?
  499. does john cena use steriods now in 2010?
  500. Why was WCW so crappy compared to WWF?