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  1. Who thinks that the Miz will cash his Money In The Bank Contract at Summerslam?
  2. Would you want to see The Rock or Shawn Michaels back in the WWE?
  3. Welcome to a WWE game!?
  4. Do you agree with WWE's list of the top 25 Submission Holds of All Time?
  5. Is Edge moving back to Smackdown?
  6. Melina is finally back to save the Diva's division!!!! What do u say?
  7. And to think I actualy was starting to think that TNA was doing better?
  8. Who was the first person to start professional wrestling?
  9. Does R-Truth remind you of Booker T?
  10. Do you think Sheamus will turn out to be like The Great Khali?
  11. Who's the best Technical Wrestler of all time?
  12. Which would be more annoying to you?
  13. Besides Wade barett what other nexus member do you like?
  14. Why on Earth didn't I get Best Answer for this?+WQ?
  15. Would you rather MARRY(WWE version)?
  16. EVOLVE News: New Talent For 9/11 Event With Bryan Danielson.Is Evolve a good wrestling company?
  17. Any chance the raw gm might be Eugene or Daniel Bryan?
  18. Do you think most of the wrestlers never really was afraid of Jakes snakes Damian and Lucifier?
  19. what would happen if?
  20. My ECW Episode # 3 ( Please rate the show if your going to rate it and please no rude comments)?
  21. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling matches online?
  22. Who do think would have been the icon of the WWF if Hogan never went to the WWF in the first place?
  23. Are wrestling contracts guarantee contracts in the WWE typically?
  24. Name all the BLACK current WWE Superstars (10 points)?
  25. Should John Morrison win the WWE Championship this year or not?
  26. Can Someone Tell Me, CZW Is Rated What?
  27. Where Do I Find Wwe Melina Perez Nude?
  28. Who should Alberto Del Rio feud with when he makes his SmackDown! debut?
  29. future WWE Alumni members?
  30. Its this is really Chris Jericho's phone number?
  31. What do you think about Undertaker vs McMahon at WM 27?
  32. What do see as my Y!A Pic? Plus Wrestling Questions?
  33. When Beth Phenoix comes back who will she feud with?
  34. Where should my friend go for wrestling?
  35. Melina,Mickie James or Trish Stratus why?
  36. What's up with this WWE fan's head?
  37. Announcement to the people in the WS who know me + Wrestling Question?
  38. Do you agree with Jericho about TNA?
  39. Do you think Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury should become Unified Tag Team Champions?
  40. What do WWE fans think of this feud?
  41. Rate the Wrestler 3: On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate Sheamus? Why?
  42. Which wrestler has better Mic Skills, Mr.Anderson or The Miz?
  43. Will Bryan Danielson ever wrestle in the WWE again?
  44. Its true that Chris Jericho is leaving WWE this november?
  45. D0N'T Y00H HAT33 P3OPL33 HUU TYP33 LiiK3 Di55SS?
  46. Is Chris Jericho going to turn face again?
  47. This is how I'd end Taker's WM streak. Give me your opinion?
  48. battle of the sexes: who do you prefer?
  49. Who's going to be a bigger superstar in 10 years Jack Swagger or Evan Bourne Why?
  50. Who is hotter Velvet Sky or The Bella Twins?
  51. Did you always like Sheamus?
  52. Sheamus vs HHH cage mach?
  53. Why is this section dead tonight?
  54. What Happen To Cody Deaner?
  55. do you think Alica Fox Disgraces Booker T's Scissor Kick?
  56. Svr 2010 Judgment Day Help?
  57. What do you think of PWI top 10 this year and do you agree?
  58. who is gonna take the belt away from gingerbread pale man?
  59. Age requirement to attend a WWE show?
  60. Who wants to join the most dominant group in wrestling section history? if interested Email me.?
  61. Who do you think Christian was going to side with in TNA during MainEvent Mafia Storyline?
  62. Do you think it's out of the question to see a Midcarder vs Midcarder for a World title
  63. dose anyone know if randy orton will come to chicago?
  64. results for tonight's monday night raw?
  65. Why Did They Get Rid Of Edges Fireworks?
  66. (Spoilers) WWE Raw Taping Results For Tonight (August 2nd).What your opinon?
  67. do you still like Jeff Hardy even tho he's in TNA?
  68. Which one of these Brands would be your favorite?
  69. does anyone miss Scott Steiner?
  70. What would happen if TNA had a PPV in MSG?
  71. do you think that what gonna happen to lay-cool next week on smackdown?
  72. What was your favorite summerslam moment that has happened since it began?
  73. Where can I find this Diva event?
  74. Who Wins: Team 3D vs Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money in a (TLB)Tables, Ladders, and Beer
  75. Non-Spoiler Preview For Tonight's ROH on HDNet Show.What is your opinion on the line up?
  76. Do you think RAW Main Event matches shouldn't necessarily involve main event superstars?
  77. WWF Event 1992 roster. Please rate.?
  78. **SPOILER** Do you think that Jericho shouldn't have lost to Cena yet again?
  79. Would you be in favor of having the Royal Rumble decide the champion?Why or why not?
  80. Where are the RAW guest hosts?
  82. what is more to happen?
  83. Whoelse thinks John Cena is going to turn heel at SummerSlam? (Spoiler Alert)?
  84. Which wrestler is better overall, Triple H or Chris Jericho?
  85. Long time away, but how do you feel about this Wrestlemania main event?
  86. who would win between Verne Gagne and Randy Savage?
  87. Agree or Disagree: WWE's ECW Should Have Been Repackaged, Not Replaced By NXT + BQ?
  88. What wrestler is in serious need of a new gimmick?
  89. Hey guys quick question about john cena?
  90. Age requirement to go to wwe show?
  91. whose better hhh or shawn micheals?
  92. I think they should make Sheamus Whiter then he already is.?
  93. Who agrees the IWC is pissed?
  94. do people really like sheamus?
  95. How to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  96. Was the move to TNN a bad thing for ECW in hindsight or would they of went under anyways?
  97. Do the wrestlers of TNA follow what's happening with the wrestlers in WWE?
  98. Does Randy Orton deserve to be the new WWE champion?
  99. Who'd Win Cm Punk vs Jack Swagger?
  100. My Real User Identity Is On This List? WHAT?
  101. The Miz WWE Most Overrated wrestler?
  102. What do you think of Michelle Mccool and Undertaker's marriage?
  103. Devastator or Full Throttle?
  104. Tombstone piledriver or tommy dreamers piledrivr on RVD?
  105. How do you feel about this match?
  106. What would do if you were in charge of the wrestling section!?
  107. I want to get my girlfriend to wrestle, but I don't know how to confront her.?
  108. My WCW Monday NIght Nitro! Episode # 35 ( I'll choose Best Answer if you rate my show)?
  109. What Is Shannon Moore's Book Called?
  110. Who made The smartest retirement choice?Who made the Dumbest retirement choice?
  111. Is going to a wwe ppv for a front row seat worth it?
  112. Kelly Kelly Maryse OR Tiffany?
  113. What happens if you rip your tights during a match?
  114. Do you agree with this video?
  115. Does anyone miss when TNA had it's 1 hour time slots on Saturday Nights?
  116. Do you think TNA reunion shows have been over done?
  117. what are your three best mark out moments this year in wrestling?
  118. If Cena turns heel at SummerSlam do you think that?
  119. Would you french kiss Maryse for a million dollars?
  120. Do you think Nexus will become Tag Team champions under the freebird rule?
  121. Do you think WWE should make a brand called WWE Divas and can Superstars?
  122. top ten most respected wrestlers in the lockerroom from 1995 to 2002?
  123. Guys: Would you bang John Morrison or that big b*tch Rosie from TNA?
  124. Watch WWE live on the internet, what site is best?
  125. where can i watch just jordan online free?
  126. who is your favorite wwe diva and TNA girl?
  127. top 5 best attitude era storylines?
  128. Who do you want to win these wrestling matches and why?
  129. What is your most favourite promo of all time?
  130. Who are you rooting for in NXT Season 2?+BQ?
  131. the mystery of Raw's GM is annoying me?
  132. Do you think WWE will make Kane vs. Rey Mysterio at SS a casket match?
  133. who's the best female wrestler of all time?
  134. whats with Undertaker is he really brain dead?
  135. can some1 give me a good explanation on what an e-fed is?
  136. Do GMs have any creative control, or are they just on-air personalities?
  137. Do you think that one day Jeff hardy would end up like Owen hart ?
  138. Eddie Gurrero or Kurt Angle?
  139. True or False: WWE is changing their logo to become more kid-friendly + BQ?
  140. Would Desmond Wolfe Have Been Better Off In WWE?
  141. What is the WORST thing WWE has done in the 21st century + 3 BQ's?
  142. What would be a funny wrestling-related rhetorical question for the Geico guy to ask?
  143. Do you think Maryse will be a 'face' anytime soon?
  144. When did you stop liking/hating wrestlers based on crowd reactions?
  145. BREAKING NEWS: The Undertaker vs Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania XXVII; Your Thoughts?
  146. Does anyone agree with me when i say Jeff Hrdy needs to go heel?
  147. Back in the day,Were the WWF fans and WCW fans at war like the TNA fans and WWE fans are today?
  148. What would be a better underated match at Wrestlemania -- Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Kidd or
  149. How many WWE shops are there?+BQ?
  150. Who was the best tag team in ECW and what was your opinion on its tag division?
  151. Is it true that John Cena, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe...?
  152. Is the wwe hall of fame inductees speech scripted?
  153. IYO Is WWE or TNA better and why?
  154. Is it true HBK is really done with wrestling???? He should go out with a bang if true?
  155. Is Rosa Mendes face or heel?
  156. Do any of you care about Rosa Mendes?
  157. World Wrestling Entertainment/World Wrestling Federation/Total Nonstop Action Survey?
  158. Couple of ways TNA can use Homicide(choose best option)?
  159. Which wrestler is better, Ric Flair (Prime), Ricky Steamboat (Prime), or Sting (Prime)?
  160. How dare Micheal Tarver of NXT1 made me feel sorry when eliminated saying he sleeps in a Van/cant...
  161. Why won't some WWE fans give TNA a chance?
  162. Any good way to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  163. How can I watch WWE wrestling live online stream?
  164. How to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  165. What company will a woman win the men's World championship first TNA ,ROH,WWE?
  166. Did you like Michelle McCool's teacher gimmick?
  167. what is ur fave: wwe dvd, least fave wwe dvd, must get wwe dvd, AND HOW DO U ORGANIZE
  168. Why do people like wrestling when they know it's fake and gay?
  169. What does it mean usually when they say a particular wrestler is hard to work with?
  170. CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston feud?
  171. Who's career was tarnished more by their behavior in your opinion OJ Simpson or Chris Benoit?
  172. Royal rumble part 12(20 Characters)?
  173. Did anyone here ever like Micheal Cole? even in his old days?Vintage cena!!?
  174. Why do you think some wrestlers never quit?
  175. Who do you think sings better?
  176. Will the WWE ever have an eating contest?
  177. I have a quick question about WWE and and social networking?
  178. What Would Be a Great Mid Card Fatal Four Way Match?
  179. Where can i download ''Dashing'' Cody Rhodes' new theme ''Smoke And Mirrors''?
  180. Will WWE ever induct Chris Benoit into the Hall of Fame?
  181. TNA Hardcore Justice?
  182. How many WWE superstars smoke?
  183. Is the WWE bringing back the Diva Search?
  184. WWE Double Main Event?
  185. Will Brock Lesnar ever return to the WWE?
  186. what do you think about?
  187. Can anyone give me a link for this Match?
  188. fave wwe dvd fave wwe book must have wwe dvd top ten fave wwe dvds rarest wwe dvd best tna dvd
  189. what should i do if i need assistance?
  190. If you have read the raw spoilers answer this?
  191. Does anybody think Cody Rhodes should have a singles title reign?
  192. What could be done to make WWE Better ?
  193. Wrestling Efed Signups for YWSA?
  194. What do you think about WWE SmackDown 30.07.10?
  195. Do you think that Cody Rhodes will has his current theme on SvR2011? +BQ?
  196. ThE Giant WWE elimination! part 4?
  197. Who would win this match ?
  198. Why is it that no matter how much fans want the PG Era to end, Vince won't stop it?
  199. Was Kevin Nash better in WCW or WWF/E?
  200. who is your most hated wrestler and why?
  201. cm punk or kofi based on wrestling skill?
  202. Question about The Undertaker storyline?
  203. Can I watch WWE Raw World Tour live stream online?
  205. Is there any way to watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  206. does anybody else here backyard wrestle?
  207. Who do you think has the better future in the WWE?+BQ?
  208. Who do you think would win?
  209. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 7 TIEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  210. If Smackdown moves back to thursday's what night would TNA move to?
  211. Wanna see Hardy in TNA or remain in WWE?
  212. The Rock OR Stone Cold Steve Austin?
  213. I'm sorry for getting mad?
  215. Why are ppl giving me names of intercontinental champions when i asked for matches!?
  216. shawn vs razor, which of dere 2 ladder matches was better?
  217. Wrestling people lol call u read this?
  218. Why are there no smarks here?
  219. Wrestling people lol call u read this and try not to report it lol?
  220. what were the top 10 intercontinental matches of all time!?
  221. How can I watch live WWE online free?
  222. What exactly did Randy Orton do to his father?
  223. When is Triple h coming back?
  224. Svr 2010 Backlash PPV u chose who u think should win?
  225. wrestling fans do you agree with this?
  226. what does B.Q. mean when sumone asks a qeustion?
  227. what do u think about CM PUNK ?
  228. Did anyone ever figure out why Orton was upset with Miz on Monday Night Raw?
  229. What is the most effective finisher in Pro Wrestling History?
  230. Does Florida Championship Wrestling have a Canadian broadcast?
  231. Who's the hottest wrestler/diva in your opinion?
  232. i have a professional wrestling 16x16,how do you recomend i cover this up at night?
  233. How to watch WWE wrestling live online?
  234. What do you think about CM Punk look?
  235. Agree or Disagree: With only 12+ members do you think TNA's ECW stable will succeed or fail?
  236. Do you think Kurt Angle is better in WWE or TNA? Explain why? + WQ?
  237. Why would TNA getting Paul Heyman change the ratings so much?
  238. Would This Make A Good Main Event For Wm27?
  239. Agree or Disagree: If given the right opponent, Undertaker's streak will be bigger than
  240. Royal rumble part 11(20 Characters)?
  241. did Big Show and John Cena ever teamed up?
  242. Where can i find freaky/disturbing gifs? etc?
  243. what are your favorite WWE superstars NOW? and why?
  244. Do you think TNA is better than WWE?
  245. On the Examiner, it says that Doink the Clown (played by Steve Lombardi) will be a new Raw
  246. WWE Raw #2 please rate and give your opinion?
  247. whats happened to Stephanie McMahon?
  248. Has there been any spoilers on who the Anonymous GM is?
  249. Who in your opinion,perfects highflying manuevers the most?
  250. How do you unlock dusty rhodes in smackdown vs Raw 2010?
  251. On a scale of 1-10: How EPIC was the Beer Money vs MCMG Cage match on iMPACT last thursday?
  252. Rated R Reunion SVR2010 Help?
  253. Goldberg spear or GORE?And why?
  254. Do you think vladimir kozlov could have been the next brock lesnar?
  255. are you tired of all these who is the RAW gm questions?
  256. If Goldberg return to The WWE This Year what will Happen to The Nexus? And The Script?
  257. Do you guys honestly believe Randy Orton is the best wrestler in this business?
  258. would you ____________ if it meant____________?
  259. True or False: This is REALLY the reason TNA can't get a 2.0 rating?
  260. KOFI KINGSTON SPOILER: Don't read if you want to wait till Friday and see?
  261. Royal rumble part 10(20 Characters)?
  262. Poll: CM Punk or Chris Jericho?
  263. So there IS going to be a NXT season 3?
  264. WWe 58 man Royal Rumble part 7?
  265. what would you think if goldberg quit bullrun and acting to come back to wrestling?
  266. If you had to spend a day with these WWE Divas, what would you do?
  267. If The Rock is the mystery GM, how do you think WWE will announce that it is him?
  268. who left from wcw in the wwe right now ?
  269. Which Ted DiBiase T-Shirt do you like better?
  270. Which Jack Swagger T-Shirt do you like better?
  271. Was I the only one that was happy The Colons won the Tag Titles last year?
  272. A question for R-K-Orton?
  273. How come Randy Orton and HHH have more fans than....?
  274. A question for people that don't like Randy Orton?
  275. Do you want WWE PPVs to be Brand Exclusive again?
  276. Is there anyone out there that thinks Matt Hardy is better than Jeff?
  277. A question for all HHH and Orton fans?
  278. What do you think of my idea concerning WWE?
  279. Do you think that Primo should be released + BQ?
  280. Your thoughts on Tiffany(The WWE Diva)?
  281. Who Had The Worst Night-SmackDown(Contains spoilers for Friday)?
  282. How did everybody find out Joey Mercury was the SES Masked man?`?
  283. Why do people call Cena overrated?
  284. Anyone like to see Goldberg or Lesnar come back to wrestling?
  285. Spirit Squad vs The Nexus. Who would win?
  286. who is Raw's GM? is it triple H or sean micheals?
  287. If WCW was still around today, would TNA even exist?
  288. Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?
  289. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 34?
  290. Kofi Kingston Main Event push returning?
  291. Which Match at Wrestlemania 27 could possibly be the best?
  292. So is LP23 back now? If he is...?
  293. What was your favorite tag team from the Attitude Era?
  294. Can anybody else my My TV?
  295. Are both Raw and Smackdown in Australia next week?
  296. What is your favorite match in WWE/TNA/WCW/ECW history?
  297. Why don't people like Ryan Clark?
  298. Whats the point of reading spoilers if the reporter is goiung to lie?
  299. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 6?
  300. Who Had The Worst Week?
  301. Is the Kane/Rey Mysterio/Undertaker thing kind of ridiculous?
  302. Who has been the worst WWE Women's Champion in WWE history?
  303. If you could create a fourth brand what would it be called?
  304. smackdown better than raw agree disagree?
  305. A question for Mr. Perfect?
  306. How come more people hate John Cena than they hate Kevin Nash?
  307. If Stone Cold had the mic skills of Rey Mysterio, would he still be as popular as he is?
  308. What is your opinion on former ECW manager of champions Bill Alfonzo?
  309. How come pro wrestling can be inconsistent?
  310. Is getting over in wrestling a mixture in good luck and good timing?
  311. what do you think of these WWE matches? and please pick winners?
  312. what do u think when John Morrison takes his shirt off?
  313. Do you think Laycool should be moved to Raw?
  314. Why do you think Justin Credible never did as much in the WWE as he accomplished in ECW?
  315. Do you like the way Drew McIntyre pins his opponents?
  316. Big Show vs Sheamus if these 2 strong WWE superstar face each other,who will win?
  317. What do u think about John Morrison ?
  318. Why can't people truly realize how boring Randy Orton is?
  319. Join my E-fed XCW Signup Quick and Easy + BQ?
  320. Whos your Favorite Stable (All-time)?
  321. Tna battle royal part 2?
  322. TNA Battle Royal Part 1?
  323. If you were a wrestler and had a feud with someone who would it be? BQ?
  324. Summerslam Predictions?
  325. Give me 5 good Wrestler names?
  326. Should i go to Night of Champions?
  327. Which Mike Adamle botch was worst?
  328. Tell me a WWE/TNA Live Experiance of yours?
  329. Wrestlemania Dream Match?
  330. Whats your favorite match type?
  331. Favorite Catchphrase?
  332. I don't get it!! What's so interesting about wrestling? I was trying to become a fan but wrestling
  333. The Rock or Stone Cold?
  334. Who is the current best tag team?
  335. What is your Favorite Nickname?
  336. Give me 5 Good PPV names?
  337. By the way, who is the most dominant force in the entire show?
  338. HBK or Ric Flair Whos better?
  339. When did the US or IC title start losing it prestige in wrestling?
  340. Does it ever amaze you how well-educated Kane is as a person?
  341. Who Had The Worst Night-Smackdown?
  342. Who has the best theme song?
  343. Which Return do u want more?
  344. Who would you rather see return to WWE?
  345. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 33 ( I will pick Best Answer if you rate the show)?
  346. Which stable is more powerful, The Nexus or EV 2.0?
  347. Who should Sting wrestle in his last match?
  348. Did you guys hear Matt Striker singing Michelle McCool's theme on SmackDown?
  349. Which wrestler needs to turn heel the most?
  350. Do you like The Best Of Backyard Wrestling DVD's?
  351. Which Wrestler Do You Want To See THE NEXUS Destroy And Throw In The Gulf Of Mexico? and Never To...
  352. The Best of Backyard Wrestling?
  353. ThE Giant WWE elimination! part 2?
  354. When Will Goldberg Return?
  355. Why do you WWE fans think you know about MMA?
  356. Royal rumble part 8(20 Characters)?
  357. Did rikishi take out the undertaker for rey mysterio?
  358. Do you smell what the rock is cooking?
  359. Who do you think is more overrated, John Cena or Randy Orton, explain your answer?
  360. TNA is having and ECW tribute show or whatever. Thas ironic remember when rhino said this on impact?
  361. Who do you like better?
  362. BREAKING NEWS!!345678?
  363. Which one of these wrestlers sucks most Hornswoggle, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, or John Cena?
  364. I'm Backkkkkkkkkkk!!+BQ?
  365. Which wrestler do you want to throw in the Gulf of Mexico, never to come back?
  366. Agree or Disagree: The Ministry of Darkness wouldn't work in the PG Era? Why? + WQ?
  367. Who was/is more talked about at the time: Daniel Bryan during NXT 1 or Kaval during NXT 2?
  368. If you were able to...+ BQ?
  369. I am making a group called SL6? If you are interested please read ahead...?
  370. Would you be For or Against an Undertaker vs Kofi Kingston return feud?
  371. what be more surprising in wwe raw?
  372. Did anyone else watch Lucha Libre USA tonight?
  374. Royal rumble part 8(20 Characters)?
  375. which wwe wrestler would you?
  376. sheamus in wwe attitude era?
  377. do you think nexus should fude with raw until wm?
  378. Summerslam 2010!!!, Please rate card and give your opinoins?
  379. How come Fred Flintstone was removed from the World Heavyweight Championship Hell In A Cell Match?
  380. are you nexus are against us?
  381. Do you think the WWE is about to continue Kofi Kingston push?
  382. Want to know why TNA has low viewership and low PPV buyrates?
  383. Does anyone want to see CM Punk win the World title?
  384. just a fun wrestling survey?
  385. WWE Royal Rumble (Last Part)?
  386. Do you think its awsome that Raven turned on tommy dreamer last night?
  387. if you were a wrestler what would be your theme...?
  388. Sheamus might turn Face? Agruing with The Miz, Heel vs Heel, may turn into Face Vs Heel?
  389. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 5 TIEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  390. TNA Global Title is now the TNA Television Title?
  391. Who do you want to win NXT season 2?
  392. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! EP.32 ( If you rate the show you might get Best Answer)?
  393. What do you think about kane being the one who attacked taker?
  394. NXT last Tuesday ... ?
  395. Who is your favorite rookie in NXT +New E-Fed?
  396. who has been impressing you and disappointing you right now in tna and wwe?
  397. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  398. ?Spoilers? regarding the Beer Money v Machine Guns best of 5 series?
  399. What the hell is wrong with Orlando Jordan?
  400. TNA vs. WWE dream match?
  401. Which Cena Theme do you like best?
  402. And the two winners for the WWE's Summer Couple Game is...?
  403. TNA Fans that have attended a show!?
  404. wrestlers: how do you get used to high flying hight risk without harming your joints?
  405. orlando jordan would be better off comming out in drag?
  406. What happened to Hornswoggle?
  407. is dicie carter just looking for reasons to fire tna stars to make room for new ecw/wwe?+ bq?
  408. why do I find wcw, awa, and wwf more appealing than wwe and tna?
  409. first tna match rediculous!?
  410. What was the more heart warming moment?
  411. What do you think of my custom WWE tag teams/stables?
  412. ThE Giant WWE elimination! part 1?
  413. What sounds the better?
  414. who is the light skinned black in the middle of security?? on tna?
  415. How would you react if Triple H was in Tokyo and a small ninja chick beat him up so bad that he
  416. so......any tna fans out there that felt it died in 09 ? Q for you here?
  417. Do you think David Outanga is a future World Champion?
  418. Could only The Great Khali and John cena take every member of The Nexus?
  419. WWE SmackDown #1 please rate the show?
  420. shouldn't everyone love wrestling stables?
  421. WWE RAW #1, please rate the show?
  422. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 5?
  423. The main event mafia or The Nexus?
  424. FIFA 2010 game is way better than the Smackdown vs Raw 2010?
  425. Eazy-E is better than Randy Orton?
  426. Why is Ice Cube more better than Dolph Ziggler?
  427. Does anyone think that Jay Uso look similar to The Rock in his early days?
  428. The Rock is a horrible actor?
  429. does anyone have a pic of Kanes RL wife?
  430. Is it just me or does that ''security guard Murphy'' look like Kevin Thorn?
  431. if a person is afraid to get hit with a light tube or get thrown to barbed wires, will
  432. Evan Bourne or Low Ki/R Truth?
  433. Nexus or Spirit Squad?
  434. Randy Orton or Undertaker?
  435. This would be a good site if?
  436. did maryse beat up trish stratus? i keep hearing the internet buzz everywhere, came here to check...
  437. Chris Jericho or Owen Hart?
  438. Can someone give me a list of all the past WWE names? + 2 BQs?
  439. In wrestling everyone has diff opinions,but i Wanna know,what do you use to determine your opinions?
  440. Did Maryse beat Trish Stratus in a real MMA style fight by knockout a few weeks ago at Trish's Gym?
  441. evan bourne wwe interview?
  443. If all the WWE Divas fought in real fights in a tournament, who would be the sole winner?
  444. Did Kaz just take a shot at Nexus?
  445. john cena or hulk hogan?
  446. Who is your favorite WWE superstar?
  447. Where can I Watch Live WWE Online?
  448. what is the katie vick storyline?
  449. Has the WWE's Drew McIntyre FINALLY showed signs of being a future face of the company as of late?
  450. is it possible to do the peoples elbow in a real fight?
  451. Who do you find funny or charismatic on WWE?
  452. WWE 58 man Royal Rumble part 4 TIEBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  453. Who Had The Worst Night-Superstars?
  454. Stephanie McMahon makes me hott?
  455. Do you think Bret Hart stayed around to long after Wrestlemania?
  456. What WWE Diva porn would you rather see?
  457. Why are the Usos already jobbing?
  458. Team Raw vs. Nexus WWE SummerSlam scenario!?
  459. ?Spoilers? regarding the Team Raw vs. Nexus WWE SummerSlam Main Event?
  460. WWE Smackdown Spoilers for 30 July and 6 August. WARNING: IF YOU DONT WANT TO BE
  461. Who had the best night in WWE NXT?
  462. Who is the Houdini of Hardcore?
  463. Who else thinks the same???
  464. What is happening on TNA?
  465. Who is your current favorite wrestler on Smackdown and Raw?+BQ?
  466. What is the irony in the feud between DDP and the Outsiders?
  467. Royal rumble part 7(20 Characters)?
  468. Do you give Lacey Von Eric a pass simply because she is from a great wrestling family?
  469. WWE 7vs7 match round 2?
  470. eli cottonwood seriously wierd?
  471. From now on, everyone give Larry thumbs down on his answers. Star if you will.?
  472. The Rock or John Cena !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  473. TNA's , The Beautiful People .?
  474. What's the point in watching the WWE when YOU already KNOW the FIGHTING is FAKE?
  475. Why do WWE fans cry when their favorite wrestler loses a fake belt in a fake belt?
  476. Why do you watch the WWE when YOU KNOW it's FAKE?
  477. Why don't you fags man up and stop watching that FAKE soap opera called WWE and watch REAL sports?
  478. WOW does anybody else agree that John Cena is such a hypocrite?
  479. On a scale from 1-10 how FAKE is WWE?
  480. Value Chris Benoit DVD?
  481. Shawn Michaels in the HOF?
  482. In your opinion Who Do you believe is the best Wrestler Of All Time?
  483. Does Anyone Besides Me Miss Shawn Micheals in wwe?
  485. what is smackdown first match ever?
  486. If the Rock signed a deal with WWE Films...?
  487. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling online?
  488. Do you think Kofi Kingston is overrated?
  489. Compare past to present WWE superstars?
  490. Creating a Group called YAWS Alliance to make the Wrestling section a better place? (READ DETAIL)?
  491. BREAKING WWE NEWS!: Rey Mysterio is the mysterious attacker of the Undertaker! Click link ...
  492. should vampiro go to wwe?
  493. ?Spoilers? regarding the Beer Money v Machine Guns best of 5 series?
  494. SPOILER: Kofi Kingston will lose the IC title to Dolph Ziggler on August 6?
  495. Who was/is your favorite General Manager of all time? +UWEntertainment Sign Ups?
  496. What happen to The Animalistic Viper LP23?
  497. What Do you think was The worst Finisher in wwe/wwf?
  499. Where can I find a wrestling singlet with the mexican flag?