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  1. Are you Nexus or against them?
  2. wrestling fans eliminate 1 rookie?
  4. How Many Fans Do You Think WWE Has Worldwide?
  5. Does anybody else think that the user Tis a stupid user?
  9. Who do you think is the new WWE RAW GM?
  10. Biggest disappointment in the history of WWE?
  11. Who was your favourite General Manager?
  13. Do you think Randy Orton has Lady Gaga posters in his bedroom?
  14. WWE fans,what should my new gimmick be?
  15. Michael Tarver and David Otunga Racist
  16. How was Hardcore Justice ?
  17. What do you think about John Morrison's beard?
  18. WWE fans,how tall are you?
  19. wwe; who dou u liek beterr? star pleseas?
  20. who dou u liek beterr? star pleseas?
  21. Who's better,JUSTIN BIEBER or SHEAMUS?
  22. How do you think the WWE will use such great talent as Tyler Black?
  23. Liar, liar, pants on fire?
  24. who dou u liek beterr?
  25. What do you think of Teddy Hart after this video?
  26. Cole said that Kaval/Low-Ki was a 10 year Vet?
  27. What a Botch of a match Melina Vs Alicia Fox?
  28. slipknot,ac/dc,billy idol,billy squire,billy joel,scorpions,def leppard,sweet,+a million more but...
  29. is R-Truth Underrated or overrated?
  30. Do you wrestling fans think I'm a genius?
  31. What do you think the future holds for Tyler Black in the WWE?
  32. Hardcore Justice question?
  33. Was anybody else thinking that The Hart Dynasty would be Edge and Chris Jericho's replacements?
  34. What do you think of Wade Barrett?
  35. Hottest WWE Diva Past Present Round 2?
  36. diva photo quality?
  37. Why do you think the Undisputed Championship went to Jericho rather than SCSA or The Rock?
  38. To be the man, you gotta beat the man! Who did your fav wrestler beat when he was seen as a...
  39. Were Ken Shamrock's best days spent fighting or wrestling? Why?
  40. What did you think of the WWE Diva Maria?
  41. Should WWE just introduce a new Tag Team Title?
  42. Why do you think WWE's ECW failed?
  43. Agree or Disagree: Chris Jericho is one of the best Technical Wrestlers ever?
  45. Sabu vs. The Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer?
  46. Ready for another wrestling poll?
  47. If The Undertaker were to win WHC this year, where would it be better : Night Of...
  48. What Is Your Favriote Song + Wrestling Question?
  49. What is the big deal about Randy Orton?
  50. wrestling fans eliminate 2 rookies?
  51. WHY is your favorite wrestler your favorite?
  52. Agree or Disagree: Randy Orton is one of the best wrestlers right now?
  53. Who do you think are WWE's real top 7 superstars...........+BQ's!?
  54. Wrestling Questions with Gold Medalist?
  55. What channel, day, time is SMACKDOWN on in AUSTIN, TX?
  56. Do you think Matt Morgan belongs in the WWE?
  57. Don't you think that KNOW YOUR ROLE is trying to copy?
  58. do you think trish stratus was a good wrestler or not?
  59. why do people still watch wwe?
  60. This week in the WWF Attitude Era Moments, thoughts?
  61. Who remembers this moment from WWF?
  62. how would you react if?
  63. Any good way to watch WWE Monday Raw live online?
  64. Can you answer this question for those of you that went to WM 26?
  65. Is the Y!A Mafia the dumbest thing ever?
  66. Do you think Jack Swagger is attractive?
  67. Is 21 A Little to Late To Wanting to be a Wrestler?
  68. Agree or Disagree, Smackdown is The Rock's show rather then The Undertaker?
  69. Agree or Disagree: Gregory Helms was one of the best Cruserweights in the WWE?
  70. New Efed..And Its Gonna Be Great...Join Now! This Is Different!?
  71. has the wwe phased out the gm gimmick?
  72. How to change my avatar?
  73. What do you like and or dislike about the miz?
  74. What is N-6,Y!A Mafia,X9 FWSL15?
  75. Trivia: Who is the wrestler that debuted in the WWF today in 1999? 2 Hints Inside!!?
  76. Which state is the best/loudest WWE crowd?
  77. could the divas division be revitalized or is there no saving it?
  78. Agree or Disagree: Wrestling Deaths Shouldn't Be Blamed On The Promotion + 2 BQ's?
  79. Who is the leader of N-6,Y!A Mafia,FWSL15 X9?
  80. The Marine or 12 Rounds ?
  81. Is MVP worthy of being a World Champion?
  82. why do people say the miz is overrated?
  83. Do you like John Morrison?
  84. My WCW Monday Night Nitro Episode # 43 Please Rate the Show?
  85. Would you consider HardCORE Justice just as enjoyable and successful as ECW One Night Stand '05?...
  86. Agree or Disagree: Wrestling fans are NEVER satisfied with anything?
  87. who should be the #1 contenders for the tag team titles(wwe)?
  88. WWE : What happened to Charlie Haas?
  89. Would the Undertaker be as popular without his gimmick?
  90. Thursday Night SmackDown! Episode 10 (Rate the Show)?
  91. Which titles should count when numbering World Championships?
  92. who will be on the svr 2011 roster?
  93. Do you think Chris Benoit could have been the one to end the Undertaker's Wrestlemania Streak?
  94. do you think the miz could win the world champion belt?
  96. Were you surprised that the ECW Guys worked a decent show?
  97. is it just me or would sabu break his leg and still atempt to finish a match?
  98. What would you like to asWhat would you ITS TIME FOR THE WWE POLL ROUND 4?
  100. Why are so many wrestling fans brainwashed by Vince McMahon?
  101. Is Sable really a b*tch?
  102. Have you ever seen any WWE Diva in yobyalP (READ BACKWARDS)?
  103. who is a better user?+bq?
  104. If Cena wasn't a wrestler would you like him?
  105. how come nick hogan got out of jail so quick?
  106. From a scale of 1-10: How AWESOME was HardCORE Justice tonight?
  107. WS who is a better user here?+bq?
  108. If WWE never went PG a couple years ago, who would've been next to pose for yobyalP (READ...
  109. would you rather...(wwe poll)?
  110. (WS) Which Were The Overrated Underrated Wrestlers Past Present?
  111. Your Thoughts on Hardcore justice?
  112. would terry crews be a good wrestler?
  113. Who do you think was the biggest star of the 90s?
  114. Where do you see the WWE within the next 3 years..Do You?
  115. Who do you think will win Bret Hart John Cena or Edge Chris Jericho?
  116. A REAL question for Lizacod, no nasty pics like that one dude?
  117. Evan Bourne RTWM Help?
  118. what ever happened to the mexicools?
  119. John Cena Randy Orton Really Do Love Each Other?
  120. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling live online?
  121. Was this one of the most embarrassing things to happen in the WWE in the last few years?
  122. Who Is The Chairman Of The WWE?
  123. How is hardcore justice?
  124. how has the tna ppv been so far?
  125. HELP I can't get him off my mind?
  126. Agree or Disagree: Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest wrestlers ever?
  127. Is Chris Jericho gay?
  128. A question to Lizacod?
  129. Question to KNOW YOUR ROLE + WQ?
  130. Who's excited for tomorrow's Monday Night RAW?
  131. who was the wrestler that's always mistaken for Virgil?
  132. If the WWE let wrestlers compete without a pre-determined winner, Who would've won these matches?
  133. TYLER BLACK JUST SIGNED WITH WWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  134. If you're in Mr McMahon possition what would you change in WWE?+Message to The Lord of Darkness?
  135. Wrestling Section Stable!?
  136. Who would win these matches Wrestlers vs Celebrities?
  137. what is a leather and lace match?
  138. What if John Cena did this?
  140. who is more likely to return to the wwe from tna?
  141. What hapends whit Edge vs Orton Feud?
  142. Why does Linda tell Vince to change things?
  143. Are you agree whit me?
  144. Who else thinks TNA are using there talent wrong?
  145. Why are WWE Fanboys already bashing TNA PPV?
  146. Did anyone else think RVD vs Sabu ended right before it got good?
  147. Did anyone else love the chants at Vince McMahon?
  148. How did Rated Silents account get suspended.?
  149. What heel from wwe should turn face and what face should turn heel?
  150. How stupid would it be for people to judge TNA on HardCORE Justice.?
  151. WWE Anagrams + BQ???????????
  152. Raw Episode 10 (Rate the show)?
  153. Update on Hardcore Justice main event?
  154. What was your favourite Matt Hardy fued?
  155. A question which has been playing on my mind since i started watching wwe?
  156. Is this the Too Cold Scorpio we will be seeing tonight?
  157. Which is the most difficult or most exciting type of match +BQ?
  158. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! Episode # 42 Please rate the show?
  159. Who would win, Bret Hart (Prime) or Undertaker (Prime)?
  160. Which wrestler is better overall, Shawn Michaels (Prime) or Chris Jericho (Prime)?
  161. Which stable is better overall, Ministry of Darkness or Straight Edge Society?
  162. Agree or Disagree: The Miz has great Mic Skills?
  163. Which finisher is more effective, The Tiger Bomb or The Pedigree?
  164. Which match is better, Hardcore Match or Steel Cage Match?
  165. Should WWE make these following tag teams and stable (More Inside)?
  166. Hottest WWE Diva Past Present Round 1 (Every Diva is in their Primes)?
  167. Raw Episode 9 (Rate the show)?
  168. Agree or Disagree: The Nexus are the best WWE stable in WWE right now?
  169. Can anybody give me some links of Generation Next matches in Ring of Honor?
  170. Thursday Night SmackDown! Episode 9 (Rate the Show)?
  171. Royal rumble part 23(20 Characters)?
  172. Would you rather (WWE Game Version 2)?
  173. Do you think The Undertaker's Streak is the last Great thing about WrestleMania?
  174. im the one who got rid of Lp3 i admit it!!?
  175. Do you think horrible efforts at WrestleMania sould be punished?
  176. Ruthless Aggression or Attitude Era,which do you like better?
  177. Favorite Girl and Boy in WWE?
  178. Which is MOST important: PPV Buyrates, Merchandise Sales, or TV Ratings + BQ?
  179. Possible Spoiler On Lynn's Replacement At TNA PPV Tonight.What your opinion on the replacements?
  180. If WWE RAW TNA iMPACT switched networks, what would the ratings look like for both shows?
  181. Who else has enjoyed these weeks without The Undertaker on Smackdown?
  182. Fact or fiction.After RVD and Jeff Hardy are done with TNA they will retire from...
  183. What is the difference between john cena and randy orton +BQ?
  184. With No HBK vs Taker match; What will save Wrestlemania XXVII next year?
  185. What was your first wrestling video game?
  186. why wwe hasn't presented a televised show here in my city since 1999?
  187. how do you think the raw match will effect summer slam?
  188. (Wrestling Section) Do you have a new found respect for Cena Orton now?
  189. Do you think Vince McMahon even cares what's entertaining anymore?
  190. When did you start watching wrestling and what was the company? **STAR**?
  191. What Are Way TNA And WWE Can Change?
  192. Royal rumble part 22(20 Characters)?
  193. What Are Your Reason Why WWE Should Go Back To TV-14?
  194. Do You Want The Attitude Era Back?
  195. Does Vince Mcmahon own TNA?
  196. Will this be the crowd reaction come Summer Slam?When the 7 on 7 match is doen?
  197. Do you like the mystery partners and opponents concept in wrestling typically?
  198. My ECW Episode # 6 please rate the show?
  199. Thursday Night SmackDown! Episode 8 (Rate the show)?
  200. Who was the better Big Man in wrestling Bam Bam Bigelow vs Vader?
  201. Rosie vs Awesome Kong, who would win?
  202. Will 10 of you please download my toolbar? + WQ's?
  203. This is for WWF ATTITUDE (X9) +WQ?
  204. A John Cena Heel Turn at Summerslam?
  205. How can I watch WWE and TNA wrestling matches on the internet?
  206. Who is your favorite WWE Couple?
  207. Has The Rock hosted WWE Raw yet?
  208. Who'd Win Randy orton vs Mr. Anderson?
  209. Which PPVVVVVVVVVV. Thanks.?
  210. Why do people try to dictate what their favorite wrestler does with their life?
  211. what do you think is the most needed wwe dvd?
  212. Is Jack Swagger top dog on Smackdown since EDGE and Taker isn't there for now?
  213. Which wrestler is better overall, Undertaker (Prime) or Ric Flair (Prime)?
  214. Who is the best wrestler ever on the microphone?
  215. WWE Summerslam Axxess HELP!?
  216. If Smackdown were live would it get more viewers then Raw?
  217. What era of Pro Wrestling was the best and worst in your opinion?
  218. Do you let your child or children watch wrestling?
  219. Who Else Enjoyed This WWF Moment?
  220. Shelton Benjamin wins the world title of Puerto Rico?
  221. Does anyone know the exact date on Raw in 2003 when Shane Mcmahon kicked Kane into A...
  222. Are you dis-appointed that Jerry Lynn vs. RVD is off?
  223. What do you think of Jeff Hardy's announcement?
  224. (Wrestling Section) if you think im a good user in WS can I join a group?
  225. Why do some people don't like John Cena?
  226. How Do U Get The We Hate Cena T-shirts the easy way?
  227. What is a good popular wrestling efed at
  228. My Custom NXT Roster?
  229. Former WWE Diva Mickie James MIGHT go to TNA; Your Thoughts + BQ?
  230. Who who the better Wrestler? Rick or Scott Steiner?
  231. WWE Diva Melina is back!!!!!!!!?
  232. Who would win this match in a Triple Threat?
  233. Can someone remind me who the leader of X9 is?
  234. worst WWE superstar gimmick?
  235. Would Matt Striker, Jerry Lawler (Heel), JBL (If he ever returns) be a good commentary team?
  236. rate these wrestlers in three different catagories?
  237. Who would win, Christian or Amazing Red?
  238. Brett Farve is coming to TNA this Thursday?Whats your opinion?
  239. Who would win in a match between Sting (in prime) and The Undertaker (in prime)?
  240. Who wants these four Divas back in the WWE, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Stacy Kiebler, Maria?
  241. Would you support ROH and TNA to come together for a series of SuperClash shows maybe once
  242. Which wrestler is better, RVD or Sabu?
  243. If you were a wrestler, which title would you rather hold, US or IC championship and why?
  244. Is Cena in the same spot that the Rock was in just prior to the Rock droping the his gimmick to
  245. Johnny Nitro or John Morrison which name do you like better?
  246. Would you want (WWE Game)?
  247. what happened on smackdown last night?
  248. Was the finish to the Intercontinental Championship one of the worst ever?
  249. How often did Taz and RVD wrestle in ECW and was it usually a good match?
  250. Which two Superstars Divas would you want to return to WWE and why?
  251. Who would win in a match between AJ Styles and Shawn Michaels?
  252. Michael Bolton vs Rick Astley in a hell in the cell match?
  253. Who is better? Hulk Hogan or John Cena? **STAR PLEASE** + 2 BQs?
  254. Has the wrestling section become a shell of it's past?
  255. What made WWF change into WWE?
  256. does anyone know any new WWE DVD's coming out?
  257. So say goodbye, what is yours, now is mine ----- agree or disagree?
  258. A question for ?????? ?r??c? ?ír??? {X9}?
  259. Has anyone else had it with people calling each other marks and smarks?
  260. Will you be glad like I am when HHH possibly returns at Summer Slam on 08/15/10?
  261. Did you know that Wrestle Mania 26 rerun is on starting right now on NBC?
  262. Should the WWE have left CM punk how he was....?
  264. When will Shawn Michaels return to WWE because I do not think that he totally retired yet?
  265. What wrestling catchphrase gets to you the most?
  266. The Rock 2 Ever Return? WWE?
  267. How to watch TNA Hardcore Justice 2010 live online?
  268. Who thinks layla's brithish accent is hot?
  269. Royal rumble part 21(20 Characters)?
  270. How many differences of a Face and a Heel can you name?
  271. Was Randy Ortons Punt Kick real to Mr.Mcmahon?
  272. Do you think they should just end the Mystery General Manager storyline and just reveal the new GM?
  273. Name your favorite promo TNA/WWE?
  274. Who's better,THE ROCK or RANDY ORTON?
  275. Will the Anonymous GM be revealed on the 900th episode of Raw?
  276. Top 3 Moments that made you say ' Oh My God, How Obviously Fake Was That?
  277. Should Christian Drew McIntyre enter Main Event level right now?
  278. Can you give me links to interviews of WWE superstars talking about other WWE superstars?
  279. Which wrestler is better overall, Randy Orton or Mr. Anderson?
  280. Is everything okay in Randy Orton's head?
  281. Raw Presents: Taboo Tuesday (Rate the PPV)?
  282. if you can bring back any ppv which one would u bring back?
  283. Royal rumble part 20(20 Characters)?
  284. Can you guess this wrestler?
  285. What has this section come to?+WQ?
  286. If The Undertaker or HHH were to botch a move during a match with Randy Orton, do you think...?
  287. Why is it John Cena only seems to get hate for having many World Title Reigns?
  288. OFFICIAL WINNERS of 2010 Summer WS Awards? +WQ?
  289. Why is it okay for The Undertaker to return every year and win the world title?
  290. My WCW Monday Night Nitro! EP.41 please rate the show?
  291. Biggest Wrestlemania crowd EVER? Or wwe Biggest..?
  292. What superstar/diva do you dislike that many like?
  293. who is more robust?maryse or kelly?
  294. How can I watch TNA Hardcore Justice 2010 live online?
  295. What channel is Extreme Sports TV on in the UK?
  296. Who's a better wrestler, CM Punk or AJ Styles?
  297. Why did WWF end and turn into WWE?
  298. Why is Fake WWF in the wrestling category?
  299. What effect will The Undertaker's retirement or death have on WWE?
  300. wanna try this WWE poll?
  301. If______________ would be fired I would cry out of happiness?
  302. Will Joel Gertner be apart of the broadcast team for Hardcore Justice or should he be the
  303. Which WWE game had the best Unlockable Wrestlers?
  304. How many Shieks have their been in wrestling?
  305. Thursday Night SmackDown! (Rate the show)?
  306. Are you excited about the new wolfpac stable?
  307. Will The WWE Give The Divas The Light They Use To Have 7,8 Years Ago?
  308. Who was the most controversial wrestler, in ring or out?
  309. will hbk ever come out of retirement?
  310. IYO is Randy Orton unprofessional?
  311. in smackdown vs, raw 2008 ...?
  312. How would you rate RVD's championship reign so far in TNA?
  313. Wanna to watch WWE wrestling live over the internet, How and where ?
  314. I have just had a very genious invitation to join a group in the WS but....?
  315. What is the best way to watch WWE wrestling live over the internet ?
  316. Agree or Disagree: The WWE Hall of Fame should be taken more seriously? If so, how?
  317. will undertaker come back in 2010?
  318. Hurry and answer for 10point before this question gets removed.?
  319. Do any of you know who the leader of Nexus is?
  320. 1 word to describe the Undertaker?
  321. Attitude Era fans only.....?
  322. Could you imagine the Attitude Era in HD?
  323. OFFICIAL Nominees for 2010 Summer Wrestling Section Awards? +WQ inside?
  324. What if Cena betrays the WWE and join the Nexus, do you think a new era will start in WWE?
  325. OFFICIAL WINNERS of the 2010 Summer Wrestling Section Awards? +WQ?
  326. Would this help Santino Marella to turn heel again change his gimmick by...?
  327. Who would win at Night of Champions? +BQ?
  328. What are your opinions on Wrestlemania 18?
  329. Why do Randy Orton fanboys and fangirls report you when you say he is overrated?
  330. Don't you think this is a great entrance song for a wrestler...+BQ?
  331. Message to Wrestling Section? BQ Inside?
  332. What's The WWE E-mail Address?
  333. Did Beulah McGillicutty appear WWE One Night Stand 2005?
  334. Can you smell what JIMMY is cookin'?
  335. Do you think the Nexus Storyline is a good idea?
  336. Which Finisher is better, Stone Cold Stunner or The Rock Bottom?
  337. Dashing Cody Rhodes do you like the gimmick, will he be a future WWE Champion?
  338. Who do you like better Jeff Jarrett or Triple H?
  339. Which wrestler has the better finisher, Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho?
  340. Are Rhodes or Dibiase future champs?
  341. Who's your favorite WWE Diva right now All-Time and why?
  342. Who do you think attack The Undertaker?
  343. kane attacekd taker ?
  344. after kofi kingston vs dolph ziggler match?
  345. Drew accuses Rey Mysterio Guilty?
  346. Why do you think WWE Films failed?
  347. Who's Gimmick is better right now, Cody Rhodes or Ted DiBiase Jr.?
  348. Who should be the next US champion?
  349. WWE vs TNA......................?
  350. Which wrestler do you have the least respect for?
  351. Agree or Disagree, Wrestlemania XXVI TNA Lockdown were the best WWE TNA PPV so far this year?
  352. Who did MVP p^ss off to job to a regular big boot?
  353. Me and Mark Henry in a Beef Cake match!?
  354. The Wrestling Section {? ?í? ??? Q?í?} PPV...?
  355. Do you think these are good matches for tonight's SD!?
  356. Random Tag Tournament part 3?
  357. Anyone's opinion change from bad to good, good to bad or stay the same for hardcore justice now?
  358. What do you think of these WWE signings?
  359. A hint that Rey might win the SS match vs. Kane?
  360. Good websites to watch WWE live through the internet?
  361. Smackdown vs. Raw Showdown?
  362. Will South Park ever air another wrestling episode?
  363. This is for u. Thanks.?
  364. What would be some changes you would make to WWE and TNA?
  365. Does Dolph Ziggler remind anyone else of Mr. Perfect?
  366. IYO, which three WWE Superstars have the best theme songs?
  367. What are your opinions on Tiffany? +BQ?
  368. Ok who agrees with me that Dashing Cody Rhodes is so...?
  369. Describe in one word, what you think about the WWE?
  370. Lets see how many Wrestlers we can name till no one is left!?
  371. Are you interested in becoming a wrestler?
  372. Do you think TNA is giving WWE viewers by frequently mentioning them?
  373. This Is Your Chance To Wrestle......?
  374. W#O be yo favz wrassler that b wearin blue?
  375. Your Chance To Wrestle.......?
  376. How well do you think the faces of Raw would fare against a Cena and Hunter fueled Nexus group?
  377. thanks to all of you and my cousin benny i have took the time to watch i am am retiring trollness?
  378. Thursday Night SmackDown! Episode 6 (Rate the Show) + HD sets are stupid Agree or disagree?
  379. Christian vs Drew McIntyre last week ?
  380. What if the Big Angle WWE is talking about for Raw is Cena actually doing his heel turn then?
  381. I have a Youtube Question + WQ?
  382. My WCW Greed PPV Episode # 40 please rate the show?
  383. This is your chance, to become a wrestler.....?
  384. Did the rivalry between Rock and Austin equal to the rivalry between Ali and Frazier?
  385. Agree or Disagree: If Eric Bischoff NEVER went to TNA he could've been inducted into the WWE Hall...
  386. My ECW Guilty as Charged PPV Episode # 5?
  387. Monday Night Raw Episode 7 (Rate the Show)?
  388. What was your favorite to watch during the late 90s? WWF (Attitude era), Wcw/NwO or ECW?
  389. Royal rumble part 19(20 Characters)?
  390. where can i watch raw vs big show?
  391. Who had the better hardcore division WCW or WWE?
  392. If WWE were real, not scripted...?
  393. What weight to you have to be under to be considered a cruiserweight/light-heavyweight?
  394. Just thought I'd say; can we really say it's Hogan's fault?
  395. What do you think of my faviourite wrestler ,Homicide?
  396. If Kane didn't lose his mask but still jobbed recently, would people still refer to him as a Legend?
  397. Can you name me a site that gives RAW,Nxt,Superstars,SD! ?MPACT! ratings?
  398. Wrestling Section! Who do you think should be in NXT season 3?
  399. Is Matt Hardy leaving the WWE and going to TNA?
  400. Who's hotter better wrestler, Torrie Wilson or Michelle McCool?
  401. Do you think that Undertaker is going to interfere in...?
  402. If Torrie Wilson (Prime) was at your door what would you do?
  403. Do you guys agree with me?
  404. Did anybody else mark out last night when Sting came to the ring wearing red black facepaint?
  405. Which wrestler is better in Wrestling Skills, Randy Orton or Edge?
  406. Who here feel disappointed that Ric Flair has disrespected his WWE retirement by coming back and
  407. In your opinion, why is Kane underrated?
  408. Michael Jackson vs The Undertaker..?
  409. wwe poll: who is a more talented wrestler?
  410. Dolph finally won! Anyone else happy?
  411. From this list: Who is MOST likely to turn HEEL before the year 2011?
  412. Hardcore Justice; ECW and TNA working together?
  413. Who Had The Worst Week?
  414. OFFICIAL Nominees for 2010 Summer Wrestling Section Awards? +WQ inside?
  415. What Raw Superstars would you like to see branded to SmackDown when they move to Syfy?
  416. Would you rather WRESTLE(wwe version)?
  417. Name one wrestler tat deserves more world championships than ric flair?
  418. Message to the WS +WQ?
  419. Would you rather ( WWE Game)........?
  420. Do you think if RVD returned to WWE he wouldn't be treated correctly on Raw? What about SmackDown?
  421. Do you think The Undertaker returning at Night of Champions will bring in PPV buys? + BQ?
  422. Would Booker T's 2006 World Championship run have been better if he was Booker T?
  423. Agree or Disagree: The time for Great WrestleMania's has passed?
  424. Wrestling Tryouts.......?
  425. IYO, What would be the most underrated match of all time?
  426. Thursday Night SmackDown! Episode 5 (Rate the Show)?
  427. How can I watch WWE Smackdown wrestling online?
  428. Who do you think is going to accept Jeff Hardy's open challenge at HardCORE Justice?
  429. where can i watch replays of smackdown or raw?
  430. Do You Think WWE Should Make WCW Into A Brand?
  431. If this was a NXT season who would win?
  432. Of all the current Mid Carders, who is most deserving of a push to the World Championship...
  433. Who do you think...? + BQ?
  434. TNA iMPACT! on in 8 minutes-- Are you tuning in + info on tonights show?
  435. How would you feel if WWE...?
  436. Who should be inducted into WWE HOF first Undertaker or Shawn Michaels?
  437. Which WWE superstar/diva do you think you will enemies with if you meet in real life?
  438. did you see what orlando jordan did?
  439. WHAT WRESTLER AM I??????????
  440. What would you consider the best promo of professional wretling?
  441. Who's a better High Flyer, AJ Styles or Evan Bourne?
  442. Who do you think the new TNA wrestler is +BQ?
  443. If Vince Mcmahon bought out TNA, what does that mean for TNA?
  444. Guess who is my best wrestler !?
  445. What do you think of Alberto Del Rio?
  446. Who's the better wrestler, Shawn Michaels (Prime) or Bret Hart (Prime)?
  447. what happened on TNA so far?????????
  448. What do WWE superstars/divas do when they retire?
  449. The TNA Television championship...?
  450. Wrestling Tryouts............?
  451. Would The Gold Standard have been a better gimmick...?
  452. How about we compare Undertaker's best Wrestlemania matches with his best Survivor Series matches?
  453. Best way to watch WWE live online?
  455. What do you think will happen on the 900th episode of RAW?
  456. What question would you like to ask Maryse?
  457. Is Melina returning as a heel?
  458. Was John Cena fired from WWE?
  459. What are some of the worst wrestling PPV's you've ever seen?
  460. How would you react if The Miz?
  461. nWo Hollywood or nWo Wolfpack?
  462. What superstar/diva would benefit most in TNA?
  463. Are you gonna watch The Whole F'n Show on TNA next week?
  464. What did you think of Alex Wright in WCW?
  465. So other than RVD/Lynn and Dreamer/Raven, have anymore matches been announced for this Sunday?
  466. Which wrestler is similar to you?
  467. what are your opinions about Layla+BQ?
  468. Proof that Batista's going to return?
  469. If Kane didn't attack Undertaker who would you want to have done it?
  470. How long do you give TNA before it's gone?
  471. Random, but I wanted you guys to read this article/WQ?
  472. Why was Nathan Jones removed from the WM19 match with him and UT vs A-Train and Big Show?
  473. When the NOA pushed mick foley and terry funk pushed them off the stage in a dumpster was...
  474. Who'd Win Shelton Benjamin vs Jay Lethal?
  475. Is WWE trying to make the dudebusters in to something like 2 cool?
  476. Who likes the Miz ?(+BQ)?
  477. My ECW Episode # 4 please rate the show?
  478. I need two show names, choose your favourite two, or other suggestions.?
  479. Let's Go Cena or Cena Sucks?
  480. When did skirts get allowed back into the WWE ?
  481. Will there still be EV2.0 after Hardcore justice:The last stand?
  482. My WCW Monday Night NItro! Episode # 39 please rate the show?
  483. do they allow visitors into the wwe headquarters?
  484. What is with all the sudden, Emergence of WS Groups and WQ?
  485. Don't you think that Alter bridge sound like Edge ?
  486. The rock in his prime vs brock lesnar in his wwe debut in a fair one on one match?
  487. did u notice this about nexus?(BQ)?
  488. Who do u guys think can be the leader of NEXUS?
  489. how many times did people in wcw just lie down and take the pin?
  490. Last but most important, Nominations for Most Valuable User in the wrestling section?
  491. wrestling question survey?
  492. Is Ric Flair currently taking a dump on his legacy?
  493. What was the first wrestling promotion in the United States?
  494. In Your Opinion, what made the Attitude Era better then the Ruthless Aggression + BQ?
  495. Whats this I just heard about NBC and Wrestle Mania?
  496. TNA iMPACT! on tonight-- Are you tuning in?
  497. Who do you think is going to take up Jeff Hardy's Challenge? BQ inside also?
  498. Randy Orton is_______________?
  499. Michael Cole is_________?
  500. Who was the last main event level wrestler to hold either the United States or the...